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Tuesday 14th October 2008


Edge Correspondent Stuart Harrison talks to Sherry Shriner about the much publicized, alien first contact that is supposed to be taking place today


This is almost a 2 hour interview. Politicians, Financial meltdown/takeover, Avian Bird Flu, Hadron Collider, The signs of prophetic events unfolding and much more.


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Losers..Fallen Angels


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New Article - The Day of the Lord -by Sherry Shriner





The Antichrist is Here...

Sananda-Jesus-Satan is here folks....heads up and be alert...he might just stay hidden until they figure out a way to present him to the world...watch for the media to slowly announce he's here...

We Stopped their "3 Days of Darkness"

We Stopped their plans of Ascension which would have been gruesome abduction and murder of the gullible!

We stopped their planned Cleansing of our World (massive murder)!

We Crashed Thousands of their Star-ships and UFOs!

You need to help support Our Ministry because they won't stop trying to destroy mankind!


Watch for the veil to be lifted ...prepare folks! The Antichrist is
already here, now his forces will join with him and it's not going to be pretty

Sananda is here...prepare folks! The Antichrist isn't coming he's ALREADY HERE!!


He is not the real Son of God he is a fake! Don't be deceived by him...remember the fake one comes first!

Chinese soldiers in their uniforms seen at Lewis-McCord...our military being 'invaded' by Chinese officers taking over ranks..

.Aliens coming by the thousands into our aerospace...get the Orgone out folks...watch them crash daily...it's Us against THEM folks...

WE are the Resistance!

This is what we've been waiting for...this is what we've spent years preparing for...

Be brave in the Most High...remember who you Serve...He has our backs! Call on Him and seek HIM..

Don't fear, don't stumble, just walk in HIM with perfect love which casts out fear!

Satan thinks it's his time? Right now it's OUR TIME, let's KSA folks!!

Support our War and Resistance against Satan and his forces...buy a book and  support Yahushua's ministry on earth through His Warrior, Servant, Prophetess, Messenger, and Mouthpiece Sherry Shriner:






They're Coming...

Maitreya as the False Prophet

Eve as Mary

"Jesus" as the Antichrist  


"And They Called His Name Immanuel, I AM Sananda.", What he really means is "I AM Satan" he's the Antichrist folks!

 Satan/Sananda is coming as the Jesus of the Bible and will lead an Islamic revolution of the world!  I have put together a page of info on Sananda at http://www.sherryshriner.com/sananda2.htm



Border Wars

Help us with our new project I'm calling Border Wars. Many DUMBS and DUABS have strategically been placed on the borders of every state and country. What we want to do is target each and every border of every country and state by putting up Orgone walls around them via their borders. In America alone, this would enable us to have a literal maze of Orgone walls throughout the country. This project will cost $ tens of thousands in supplies just to make the Orgone and to cover the travel expenses that will be required to put up the walls. Not only would this affect their underground bases, but the alien UFOs flying above us, the alien star-ships in orbit above us, and the network of HAARP and ELF towers that are everywhere including weather control weapons afflicting mankind. We can block and sabotage them on many levels by securing the borders of our states.

Click Here to see how you can help



War Against the Wicked! Taking it Back for Yah! - by Sherry Shriner


 Enslavement of Satanism - Only One Way Out! - by Sherry Shriner


Why Do We Need Orgone? by Sherry Shriner



Why Do We Need Orgone? by Sherry Shriner



Capital One disses Orgone in Radio Commercial...check out the Lady saying "Orgone" at the 4 second mark... why are the Corporate lizards dissing Orgone? Because they know it works!






A heads up...the CDC is working with the Obama administration and have developed a zombie vaccine.

The Coming Zombie Apocalypse





TELL ME THIS AINT HAPPENING: U.S. army releases "Counter-Zombie Operations" manual...



The Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency - think they're really a 'defunct' agency...?


How To Fight Against zombies?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5jYlvLtgOM


Orgoned air melts zombies and Our Orgone Water is like Acid to them... 





Look folks, forget what they're telling you...you can see it clearly in this picture taken above Lake Erie in July, 2011, there's 2 objects behind the sun and they are NOT both PX...there's the Brown Dwarf Twin Sun directly behind the Sun, and then there's PX behind that one with a red cloud of dust that trails it.  Yes there are  Star Ships coming in with PX...but  the Brown Dwarf Star is the One they're  really afraid of, because it's Yah 's planet He'll use to redeem His people off the earth with and where they'll stay for a short while. It's the Brown Dwarf Star they're afraid of...and they should be!

Article - Two Suns? Is The Dwarf Star Really Planet X? - By Sherry Shriner


Article - The Brown Dwarf Star - Is Our Redemption Near? - By Sherry Shriner


Watch the video Planet X, Brown Dwarf Star http://youtu.be/mp2DItHHXVo


see my video - YouTube- 2nd Sun - Sherry Shriner





Watch out for DRACO - MIT Scientist Develops Vaccine To "Cure All Viral Diseases"



Draco Death vaccines, causes cellular murder.. Is this the zombie virus.. DO NOT GET ANY VACCINES ESPECIALLY THIS ONE.. PLEASE WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO YOU WILL BE HORRIFIED!!



They are going to create another "revitalized H1N1" Pandemic...be prepared folks but not with their vaccines!!   They create flu pandemics to scare the public into getting the 'solution' which is more chemicals and nano-tech based vaccines for you to put in your body so they can change and even harm your DNA.  They're using vaccines to pump hundreds of tiny chips into your body, to fuse into your tissues and cells that slowly turn you into robotic zombies!! Don't listen to them folks!!

see... www.theywantyoudead.com


Draco? Kind of in-your-face now aren't they?



Electronic Skin Tattoo with RFID Technology to Facilitate Monitoring

Could also be the Mark of the Beast folks or something very similar... folks..




New Article - Two Suns? Is The Dwarf Star Really Planet X?


New Article - The Abomination of Desolation - By Sherry Shriner






The Coming of Mahdi (Islam's Savior and Sananda (Islam's Jesus) - I've been warning about Maitreya and Sananda for years based on what I've seen in the Bible Codes, now look at the Islam Scriptures that claim the exact same things!  A Must Watch!

Islam and the 7 Year Tribulation



Forget what the Churches have told you!! The Antichrist is a Moslem Beast and will Establish a Moslem Coalition to Destroy the World and Establish Global Islam!!!




Artificial Intelligence Life Forms

Nano tech robotoids, also known as Artificial Intelligence or alien robots...they have human-alien-animal features but are machines, operated via nano tech. Notice the human arms and legs on the first picture. They harvest human body parts to put on these robot/machine/aliens.  Also known as Artificial Intelligent (AI) forms or beings.  This AI faction destroys everyone in its path whether human or alien, whether good or bad. Some refer to them as "synthetic evil."  No one seems to know exactly 'who' controls them as they've been responsible for destroying other worlds inhabited by fallen angels, i.e. 'aliens'. These have now taken form on earth.





Another AI type of Alien

The creature featured in "Alien" the movie...actually exists.

This kind of AI life forms live almost as 'bee' hives do...they have the Queen and the others serve as the foot soldiers. Just as Hollywood has tried to inform people via their alien movies. There is a base of these kinds of beings just off the California coast.




New Product - Orgone Blaster Pipe Batons!!!

 A 1-Foot copper pipe 1" wide filled with our POE Orgone Blaster supplies of crystals, copper coils, aluminum shavings and resin. You can wave these in the area to saturate your area immediately with a blast of Orgone Energy and Power!  Wave them at the sky to cleanse the sky or any room or area you want to saturate with Orgone POE energy! 


Reich's Space Weapon that Could Crash Alien UFOs!



You have to listen to this...I get such incredible peace and strength just listening to this..it's very healing....

For Your Name Is Holy - Paul Wilbur






*ALERT* Alien  Microbes Land All Over A Cat! *ALERT*

The "Black Oil Virus " is Spreading


Rodney Viereck Chief, Space Weather Services Branch, NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA. Poles shifting confirmed... Listen to his ( slip ) oops.& cover..lol Entire Video (27:00 the Question) Eruptions from the Far-Side: New Global Views of the Sun





Facebook Founders exposed as Reptilians, Outted on CNN




Military Tech - UFOs or IFOs?





The X Files writers and producers are Masons...Are they trying to warn and reveal what's going to happen?

What has my eyebrows perched is the fact that a "Petrol virus" has been very dominant in the Bible Codes...and you know what?  This Petrol Virus is the same as this "Black Oil Virus" as revealed in X Files.
 The X-Files | Video Trailer | Fatal Infection |

Colonization - 2012

December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar is the date of THE FINAL ALIEN INVASION


Can we win? Is there any hope for Mankind? Yes! We can crash their UFOs out of the sky before they even arrive (as we are now) and while they are arriving (as they will come enmasse). Get Busy Folks!! http://www.orgoneblasters.com





Article - Giants, Nephilim and the Ancient Egyptians http://www.scribd.com/doc/2562003/Giants-Nephilim-and-the-ancient-Egyptians


Books of Enoch

Dead Sea Scrolls - The Book of Giants

Say NO To Vaccines and Flu Shots!  They Want You Dead!


My Video - The 2nd Sun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQZ3sf7MFW8

Are there really two suns? If there are, why are they trying to hide the 2nd sun with chemtrails, extreme clouding, and even volcanic ash? You will be amazed to find out what this second sun is and why they are in such a panic about it!


Nephilim Watchers and Giants



My  Video - How To Kill A Zombie

  The H1N1 Vaccine is causing Zombie outbreaks. So will the other vaccines that are being forced onto the population. Learn how to Protect yourself against Zombies. Having a huge outbreak of Zombie's in America isn't an "if" but a "when"!



The Twin Sun Is Here...

Taken in Southern, New York On May 5, 2010

Is this the same planet Enoch speaks of?


Enoch - Book 2 (Parables) Chapter 70:1-4

And it came to pass after this that His Name during His lifetime was raised aloft to that Son of man and the Lord of Spirits from amongst those who dwell on the Earth.
And He was raised aloft on the Chariots of Spirit and His name vanished amongst them, and he set me between the two winds,between North and the West,where the angels took to the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous,and there I saw the first fathers and the righte
ous who from the beginning dwell in that place.

The Second Sun...What Exactly Is It? http://www.sherrytalkradio.com/transcribe/2010/05-03-10


While the Twin Sun is in Babylon, Nibiru is in Jerusalem......

Video....55,000 UFOS Above Israel NOW


Chemtrails, Plagues, Alien assaults on Mankind...they are working in cahoots with our government to destroy and conquer earth....

Learn how to protect yourselves...

Watch my new Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmJzYmGuMz8


See the web page






Limited Time Only

Over 11 ounces of a Clear Crystal Power Packed Texas Size Blaster with a 1 ounce Liberty Copper Coin on top for an Extra Boost of Power!! This Packs an Incredible Orgone Power Punch!


Only $50

Buy multiple Liberty Blasters and Save on Shipping

2 Liberty Blasters for $100 shipping included in price.

Canada and International Orders click here


Orgone Water Blasting! Burn and Destroy Aliens and the coming Giants with Orgone charged water. You won't need a super-sized rifle you can't handle or that will run out of bullets...Orgoned Water will DESTROY them! Be Prepared to Protect Yourself!


Protect Yourself Folks From the Coming Giants
and Plagues! I've put up a page of several ways to
do that and things you will need







This video was taken from Canada, this is NOT Nibiru, However IT IS the SECOND SUN....


  The Second Sun is Yahuah's Planet, a "bosom' for His believers...He is bringing it toward the earth to collect His First Fruits...the Elect.  That is why "they" are trying to hide it with extreme clouding and even volcanic ashes.

Nibiru is mistakenly being called the the Second sun...when Nibiru is moreso a comet...a red planet with a tail. THEY are trying to hide who and what this Second Sun really is.




What they didn't want you to see?

Strange Phenomenon seen in Norway last week, the New Agers and "Galactic" crowd claim their Maitreya has arrived, what the media hasn't shown you, other than this one picture I was able to find, was the "crash" after the "entrance" of "something."  So if Maitreya arrived, are we to assume he's in a hospital or died in the crash? LOL...

Click on the pictures to see the larger size. The second one shows a better view of the "crash"


The New Age websites claim it was a star gate opening and that on Saturday, December 12 they "took out" 2.9 Billion people, now they'll be looking for all the usual excuses as to 'why' that didn't happen. Haven't they learned by now that their Ascended "Masters" are nothing but Pathological LIARS?

Come on New Agers Wake Up!!!!!!!!!

Yes eventually they will arrive to destroy mankind, but not on their terms but on the Most High God's terms. THEY ARE NOT "gods" or masters of anything but they are being allowed to test mankind and gather the gullible and those who don't believe in the One True God  and to take them with them to the fires of Hell on Judgment Day.  Don't be stupid enough to believe them or follow them! There is ONLY ONE GOD and Maitreya or anyone else of that crowd is NOT it!

Links to Norway story:








Listen to my interview with Joyce Riley on The Power Hour 10-22-2009 

Fast forward to about 8 minutes in....

Part 1


Part 2




The Lies of the 5th Dimension & The Coming Lies of Maitreya


What Are They Revealing Now?


Bible Codes on the H1N1 Vaccination


Bible Codes on the RFID Bracelet



BEWARE Of The Deceiver Maitreya & Sananda Esu Immanuel!!


Watch this Video - Say NO to the Swine Flu Vaccine, Nasal Spray & RFID Bracelet!



Watch this Video - Deadly Vaccines

The Swine Flu Conspiracy - Alex Jones - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG8xuhj_dEM&NR=1

The Swine Flu Conspiracy - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMqYlnAiIUU


Say NO To The Swine Flu Vaccine - Print this one page flyer off and Pass it Around folks!! I took a bit of info from several emails and websites and put it together, I'm sure they won't mind!

Or, Download the Word doc to print



http://www.nesarasucks.com - Obama begins the Beast's Economic Program Under The Disguise of Reformation



Sanctuary Cities

You need to get away from these cities and areas that have become 'sanctuary cities' for illegal aliens. If you've noticed...all the reports of "FEMA White Trains" have been seen inside or near these same cities. They know when they cut off funding and federal aide to the illegals and poor people of these cities they will RIOT and go on a rampage destroying these cities so the government can declare Martial Law and Round Everyone Up in these areas. It's a setup folks!

Washington D.C., NYC, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston,  Austin, Detroit, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Miami, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, New Haven, and more! If you live in an area with a high number of illegal aliens then get away from that area!




USA gives China Eminent Domain!

Prepare Folks!! This is what I've been Warning About! The CHINESE ARE COMING and This is Confirmation!

This is NOT a hoax despite what "snopes" says!



This is what I've been saying for years folks! We're defeating them with our Orgone! We're burning them out of the skies AND their underground bases!

Check this out from an outside source doing EVP on the 'aliens' themselves!

They're confirming everything I've been saying! YES we were at DULCE 2 years ago and as I declared we Destroyed that base! Now hear it in their own words "Dulce's finished" !!!

They're crashing out of the skies because the ORGONE is burning up the atmosphere for them! They're burning! Just as the Bible Codes says they are! Another confirmation! See Orgone and the Bible Codes at http://www.orgoneblasters.com


http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=l9bk04pxgQU&feature=related

http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=4bossnkpkrE&feature=related

These are some EVP recordings of the reptilians recently captured by Peggy Kane on what is going on with their world and themselves.

  • "The One's up blasting."
  • "It's the One."
  • "Bad, it's all falling down"
  • "All sizzles.  It's very hot, frightening. "
  • "Oh man, I'm hot.  I think I'm burning."  (Because you are!)
  • "My head hurts.  Look I'm burning."
  • "[Expletive] , there's fire."
  • "Net burns.  The ropes going down."
  • "Buckle up, intense."
  • "Dulce's finished." (yep! We did it!!!!!!!!!)
  • "An outrage.  Defeat." (HAHAHAHHA scumbags!)

http://www.evpreversespeaking. com/blog/)

with her Panasonic RRDR60 digital recorder.  This is called EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon she has also found:

  • "Have the Serpent on the run" (Yes we do!!!)
  • "They're really frightened"
  • "This is a disaster"
  • "This burn too hot"
  • "Looks like we're going to loose [lose?] everything"
  • "I'm in pain, dying"
  • "Had enough, I give up, we've had it"
  • "We're [expletive], beat the politicians we can"
  • "50 bodies"
  • "Did you burn hot"
  • "He's the last one let him burn"

They're dying folks and it's the ORGONE causing their deaths! Good Riddance with these evil scumbags!

 http://www.orgonewarriors.com join the war!!




The Coming Beasts of Revelation 13

And if the Fallen Angels "Aliens" ck their scheme...


A Beast From Hell

Listen to Benny Hinn  Hiss and Growl  





They've spent years and thousands of dollars utilizing "NSA interns" to infiltrate forum boards to criticize and try to discredit me across the Internet....

And then they come out with commercials like this used during the Super Bowl that validates the same things I've been saying for years......


Lizard Lake



Catch the guy shift into a lizard at the very end...

 This whole commercial is another twist off their lizard commercial last year but this time with effeminate looking guys (which Sobe makes them...because it's designed to tweak human DNA and make men more feminine...so it was amusing they used men actors doing ballet....) 

Stay away from the Sobe..and Lifewater..and all their Lizard human changing DNA drinks on the market...

White Powder Gold - The Mono Atomic Destruction of Mankind - By Sherry Shriner


"We're Evil and We're Proud of it" Alec Baldwin proclaims as he promotes Hulu TV...

Was it just comedy or a "in your face" reality check....they're bold because they don't care what you think....




The Change We Have Coming....where humans are soul scalped, eaten, and ruled by "Aliens" i.e. Satan's Fallen Angels...and it won't be hidden anymore! With Obama it will all come out in the open!

Welcome to Hell on Earth...

Welcome to the New Age and New World Order...





CNN has become a cheerleader for Maitreya. They have been advertising Maitreya as a World Teacher during commercials during Larry King Live and on their Headline News channel are now offering a 800# to call to learn about Maitreya....Share International is also once again, promoting his arrival http://theemergence.org/  I have warned that this is the year for HELL ON EARTH.


Maitreya is the Rider of the Black Horse (brings famine when he arrives and is a candidate as the Antichrist). Do NOT be deceived by him folks!! HE IS NOT JESUS, He is a deceiver and a liar. Those coming with him are also liars and deceivers.

There is no such thing as "friendly aliens" coming to earth to help mankind. They are coming as prophesied in the Book of Revelation to DECEIVE AND DESTROY just as their leader Satan does!

Wake up People!!




And Benny Hinn will help coordinate Satan's arrival to earth as "Jesus",


I've been warning about Maitreya for years...



 Aliens Will Overthrow America - by Sherry Shriner


The New Age Plan To Defeat Christianity - by Sherry Shriner



A Republican congressman from Georgia said Monday he fears that President-elect Obama will establish a Gestapo-like security force to impose a Marxist dictatorship.

"It may sound a bit crazy and off base, but the thing is, he's the one who proposed this national security force," Rep. Paul Broun said of Obama in an interview Monday with The Associated Press. "I'm just trying to bring attention to the fact that we may _ may not, I hope not _ but we may have a problem with that type of philosophy of
radical socialism or Marxism."

Watch The Video:

Obama has the same Marxist/Socialistic views as his buddy Maitreya who says in one of his own websites:

"Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of enlightened teachers who have for millennia guided humanity from behind the scenes. They are returning now to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems. Maitreya is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense. He has not come to create followers, but is here to inspire us to create a new era based on sharing and justice, so that all may have the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education. His open mission in the world is about to begin. As Maitreya himself has said, “Soon now, very soon, you will see My face and hear My words.” http://theemergence.org/


"Sharing" is a buzzword for Communism, Marxism, Socialism etc...it sounds "Christian" and it's designed to...but the real agenda is to enslave all mankind into hopelessness, slavery, and poverty.  It is designed to eliminate different classes of income to where only two classes exist, the rich Government and the poor enslaved people. For those of you who think this type of socialism works...look what it's done for Russia and the former Soviet Union. Why should hard working Americans and those who work hard to pay for a college education or advanced training do so only to have to hand their money over to those who refuse to work and take care of themselves at all?  And have loans to pay back to add insult to slavery?





Is Obama really Osama?

Watch This! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcxhcMyn8rU

I don't know if the video is real, but keep in mind that Osama Bin Laden's real name is Tim Osmond, former CIA agent, and is/was from Chicago.


Did CNN catch a UFO on Video? Watch the first 5 minutes of this clip..when they switch to the scene at the Washington Monument you'll see it zip by in the background. http://edition.cnn.com/video/#/video/politics/2009/01/20/inaug.blitz.gergen.obrien.cnn?iref=videosearch




http://www.nesarasucks.com - Obama's Beast Agenda Begins


Obama to Start Enforcing NESARA Agenda -
Begins with Enforced Community Service and Communism's "Sharing the Wealth"


I don't want to know what the academic community knows because they are not
qualified to tell me anything  - James Bartley


Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions


Judgment of the Tare Nations is Coming


 Shema Yisrael - The Prayer of Israel -
A Declaration of Faith and Allegiance

New Article -   

Spiritual Warfare & Frequently Asked Questions


Judgment of the Tare Nations is Coming

Shema Yisrael - The Prayer of Israel - A Declaration of Faith and Allegiance


White Powder Gold - The Mono Atomic Destruction of Mankind


Angels in The Flesh - Angels Born As Humans


Faction 4 - Orgone Warriors


Yes..George hears voices in his head...Satan-Sananda-Jesus

"Jesus" is NOT the name of the Son of God...it is Yahuashua. Knowing this, which "Jesus" are the churches worshipping today?

I don't want to know what the academic community knows because they are not
qualified to tell me anything  - James Bartley


Obama is the Black Beast - Remember last year when I warned of 4 beasts coming? The Aramaean ("Jesus"), the Arabian (Maitreya), the Black (Obama) and the Woman (Eve) Beasts.

Obama is the black beast (not the black horse that's something else).

He will merge the New Age Agenda with Islam.

The coming Anunnaki....are Eve's offspring




Watch the Video on How To Make Orgone Blasters


We Can Defeat The Alien New World Order and Their Chemtrail Program http://www.orgoneblasters.com






Shocking Menace of Spy Satellites

This is exactly what they use against me...spy satellites..I've seen it many times in the codes where "Bush" is spying on me...and "satellite" the funny thing is...what good has it done them?

LOL..they don't understand 'us' or how we operate...a spy satellite is only as good as the person who's interpreting what they're seeing.

And for all their spying all I have to say is...'eat a
blaster, We're going to destroy you and already are'


By the end of next month I suspect most of our government and military will be hiding in underground bases to get away from the Orgone that when cranked up by the Most High, will burn them, kill them, and put a huge wrench in their plans of conquering our earth for their NWO.

Get your coffins ready hybrid and alien freaks! Only 500,000?? You will need more than that!

I was told that in Beijing there were some people seen wearing space suits with inhalator oxygen masks at the airport..LOLOLOL..

Welcome to the Resistance!!



We Can Annihilate Them!

We Already Are!

UFOs are Crashing out of the skies as flashes of light!


We're Annihilating the Wicked! Our Orgone is killing Aliens and Hybrids!

The New World Order is an ALIEN Agenda. They want to destroy YOU...so stand up and do something about it! Stop singing about being a soldier in the Lord's army and actually be one!


Stop the Madness!! 

Stop the Mind Control!!

Stop the Chemtrails!

Stop The New World Order!





Satan's Hand Signals & Signs


Satan's Leaders for the Last Days

Top Row = Sanat Kumera - Maitreya - "Jesus"


Bottom row = St. Germaine, Hatonn (tall gray his actual form, to the right his "human" form, also claims to be Michael the Archangel and a host of other identities).


Babylon's  New Age Islam-Lizard




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My Interview with Rumor Mill News


They are trying to hide the second sun, twin sun, via extreme clouding, chemtrails, and even volcanic ash!! What IS the Second Sun?


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Governments in Terror over Twin Sun's Arrival --The Twin Sun has arrived into our atmosphere and the aliens and evil beings are in TERROR! They're all in a panic folks because it signals their coming demise!! Yah is HERE to take home the ELECT...the First Fruits, Firstborn here on earth...Read my article Angels in the Flesh http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/angels.htm

It's been a long time coming but LOOK UP OUR REDEMPTION IS HERE!!


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 The Second Sun - The Second Sun is Here...They are trying to hide it with volcanic ashes and extreme clouding...WHY? What exactly IS the SECOND SUN? No...it's not PX or Nibiru.


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 -   Chemtrail War on Mankind..There's a War On The Air We Breathe. Is the veil going to be lifted soon? Are the 'aliens' getting desperate and ready to invade earth?


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 Aden Stargate, Obama's War On The Saints


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   The Coming Bears, Philistines, and Buffalo


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  Nibiru is Coming...And So Is The Antichrist


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  America the "Mystery Babylon the Great" Part 2


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 America the "Mystery Babylon the Great" and Obama's Real Mission to Destroy It!


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 What's up Ahead? An Asteroid, Comet, and Zombies...


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   Yah's Coming Judgment on Mankind - 2010 A Year of Fire 


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Pushing Forward With the Political Agenda...Satan's War on the Earth and Mankind


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 Maitreya Crashing To Earth...Obama in Limbo...the New Age Agenda in Disarray


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   Obama's Purpose in Creating Loosh/Negative Energy for Satan and His "Alien" Forces to Feed Off Of...


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   Satan On The Prowl? How He Destroys Mankind...


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The Destruction of America & Upcoming Events


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 The CHIP IS 666...That's Why They Are Enforcing Vaccinations, Shots, RFID Bracelets etc...BEWARE FOLKS the Agenda Of THE BEAST!


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Listen to my interview with Joyce Riley on The Power Hour 10-22-2009 

Fast forward to about 8 minutes in....

Part 1


Part 2



We Did It! Shema's On Fire! Destroyed! So What's Next?


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  The Coming of Maitreya "The Destroyer" and His "Locust" Armies

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 666 & Chip Implanted Swine Flu Vaccinations, NasalSprays and RFID Bracelets

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  Warnings and Admonitions from the Most High against Vaccinations and Shots...Satan's Agenda Against Mankind

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  The Correlation Between the Swine Vaccine and RFID Bracelet and the Beast mark/chip of Rev. 13

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8-24-2009 -  Aliens in the Bible Part 2

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 Aliens in the Bible Part 1

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  Satan's Plan of Total Control Over Peoples Minds and The Elimination of Free Will

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   The Shema Star  is losing its brilliance, going to crash...Bible Codes on the Shema star



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The Shema Star Will CRASH, Revelation 12 and  Upcoming Events

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  UFOS and Star Ships are Crashing!  Upcoming Events

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  Ark of the Covenant? Upcoming Events

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   Yellow "Stars" ....Alien Star Ships...The Coming Economic Collapse and the Coming Locust Invasion

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 It's US against THEM Folks... 

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  A Warning from "them" they are going to shut down my websites and Radio Show.


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Sanctuary Cities...a setup for Martial Law

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 the "Dimensional" G-20 Summit and Global Awareness on the effects of our Orgone

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 The Coming "New Jerusalem" Charade 

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More on the Chinese and Current Events 

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 More on the Chinese Coming , Current Events & 2012

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 2-23-2009 - The Chinese Are Coming!

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 We're Annihilating "them" With our Orgone!

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Sherry on The Strange Frequency Radio Show


Sherry on Dr. Rebecca Carley's "What's Ailing America"


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2009 - The Year of Destruction

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Sherry Shriner on Warrior Society Radio

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Edited version -commercials and music edited out http://www.sherrytalkradio.com/archives/

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  Ron Paul, NESARA, and the Bible Codes

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Benny Hinn - A Beast From Hell

Listen to
Benny Hinn
Hiss and Growl  


Listen to More of Benny At:


Benny Hinn Reverse Speech at http://www.hiddenspeech.com/hinn/index.htm


Article: Benny Hinn

Kenneth Copeland


Do you really want this thing laying hands on you?



Paul The Liar, Deceiver and Infiltrator

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Jacob I Loved, Esau I Hated
Two Seedlines Taught in Dead Sea Scrolls
To Those Who Deny the Serpent Seedline
Guillotines in America

The Spirit of Jezebel and The Mystery of Iniquity - by Watchman X

"He who turns his ear from hearing the law,
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  To date, Bush has never renounced his membership with the Satanic Skull and Bones  club of Yale. To read about Bush and Satanic involvement read about the Bohemian Grove at infowars.com and up to date news at http://www.bushrevealed.com

Ok so who is this guy and why does he claim to be sitting on God's throne on earth?


The only throne the Pope will have is a place in hell. Look at the upside down cross blatantly obvious on the back of his "throne." 

Sanat Kumara ..
The scumbag himself..supposed pics of Lucifer

Maitreya the first Beast, the top candidate for Antichrist other than Obama himself who comes claiming he is
a World Teacher with "Jesus the Messiah," which one will it be? Sananda Maitreya

Saint Germaine


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Benny Hinn - Unmasked

     One of the remarkable things about listening to Benny Hinn in Reverse Speech is his constant references to the owl having arrived, being present, giving him the signal, etc..although I don't display them all here to save on repetition, they are numerous in RS findings with him. The owl is a reference to Satan. This reminds me of the passage in the book of Revelation chapter 13:14a  that says, "And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast:"

    You have to wonder if that doesn't start here and now with Benny Hinn getting his false power from being "in the sight of the beast."

     Hinn performs many alleged supernatural miracles and healings in his meetings and crusades but from his own mouth in reverse speech it is evident he only does so when Satan arrives and gives him the signal to do so.


 Benny's Reverse Speech


Jesus Appearing wav.. 

at beginning of wav:

forward he says, "I'm prophesying this"

backward he says, "see the owl signal"


forward he says, "I'm prophesying this"

backward he says, "Satan has the birthmark'


at the end of the wav:

forward he says, "to wake up" 

backward he says, "my devils'  


forward  he says, "I may very well come back"

backward he says, "there's my followers, put em in the ark"


Curse wav

forward he says, "and every woman"

backward he says, "remember we're women"


forward he says, "in the name of the Master Jesus,"

backward he says, "there's loosh there's hammond on the end of it"

I don't know what 'hammond' means, but interesting he's talking about loosh..if you don't
know what loosh is read my article
The Net Masters


Annointing wav 

forward he says, 'under this annointing' 

backward he says, "normally see the mark"



Hinn's prophesy Pay for an Annointing

forward he says, "thank you Lord for this"

 backward he says, "Satan's now looking in"






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