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Hello folks,
I'm back from our trip...Roadrip 2008
I headed up east this time to the Pocono Mountains..only about 30 miles from the NJ/PA border.
I made my way up to NJ border for a bit to visit the Delaware Water Gap, but spent most my time in the mountains. The DWG feeds the Delaware river that runs down as a border between NJ/PA..and who knows where's a very long river..
I also got a huge loop around the Pocono area of's beautiful there..tons of lakes, rivers, and forests. Plenty of places to hide if a person needed to take a tent and run for the mountains, and it's only 2 hours from NYC.
What excites me is I got clear across to put my last few roadtrips into perspective...
Draw a line from Las Vegas, Nevada...all the way to New Jersey..and that's what I've covered with Orgone just off highways, extending over and into 17 states, with many loops/areas bordered in with Orgone. What I believe will be safe havens for people to run to/hide in when necessary and the time comes...and the time will come...
Not that I think Las Vegas will be a safe haven, I only did that place starting from the North to tick the aliens off...LOL..
I've targeted underground alien bases, military bases, government bases/mtn hideouts, heavily satanic areas, and much more..with a dual destroy "them" and protect Yah's people as much as possible.
If I wasn't targeting something to destroy them, I was targeting an area to protect for Yah's people to run to.
It's been a long journey and I couldn't have done it without the support of Yah's people...and someone in particular but I won't mention names...I pray Yah blesses those who have supported this ministry and this work for an eternity in His own special way.
He knows how I love and how I feel about His Warriors...especially those who have been by my side either directly or indirectly.
and many of you have been busy on your own connecting the dots of the states I haven't been in and getting your own areas.
not much time left folks..
Eternity...a small word, but a HUGE significance in the grand scheme of things.

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