Stop the Attacks! Find out if You Are Chip Implanted and Neutralize the Chip! Make it Malfunction Permanently!

What are Electronic Weapon Attacks? Sophisticated Technology designed to attack and eliminate targets, that's people like you and me, who oppose the New World Order. Common symptoms of attacks? Migraines or headaches, dehydration, feeling woozy like you're drunk or on drugs, sulfur taste in your mouth, heart rate racing for no apparent reason, hearing your heart thumping or a ringing in your ears, usually when you go to bed or when you're in front of the computer.

 If you are constantly suffering from these symptoms, get away from the house for a while, it helps! Or, you can stop it from happening for good with the products I've listed below.

 Let's make their chips and their technology useless!

God is showing His army how to defend themselves! But we've got to learn how to use the weapons! He's been leading me to certain things for over a decade now...for a long time I would just get weirded out by it but as He keeps leading I'm learning! Not everything is of Him so we have to be careful. But not everything is bad either! We're just conditioned to believe it is. Satan perverts everything! Just seek Yahweh and if these are defense mechanisms He wants you to have.


Neutralize Chips!!

 If you think or know you are already implanted with a chip from a vaccination, flu shot, dentist, surgeon (knowingly or unknowingly through their pharmaceutical supplies) then you can cause them to malfunction within 2 days with a rare earth magnet you can buy that are cheap!  I bought 10 of these magnets..the Lord showed me where to put them and I used a band aide to hold them in place. I put them as He led me to.  I started on a Friday night, on Sunday I put the last 2 on because they didn't need as many hours to fry the chips as the other ones did, by Monday morning I was cleared and had neutralized all of the chips! New chips, several years old, only need about 12-24 hours to neutralize. The ones you probably got as a kid via vaccines can take 24-36 hours. So I started on a Friday night and took them off on Monday.


1/2" x 1/4" Thick, Grade N42, Rare Earth Neodymium Disc Magnets



You need to put the North side of the magnet against your skin. Any compass can tell you what the North side is, just hold the magnet up to the compass.




for a LED digital compass - costs alot more and needs batteries to run.

Magnet Pole Detector - Identifier

Magnet Pole Detector - Identifier



Stop ELF attacks with Orgone!




**Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and this is not based on medical opinion or fact. Just some info passed down from others who were tired of being ELF'd or under Electronic Weapon Attacks and found something that deactivates chip implants!