Commander Korton of the Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation on HAARP..friends with St. Germaine


Wake up Call: Korton Dec 27, 04

 by Nancy Tate...

These are the freaks coming claiming they are our forefathers and creators..Lucifers forces...AKA The Omegans...Lucifer's Last Days Army

They claim they want to help and protect mankind, when they are the ones behind the scenes doing what they can to destroy it..don't believe their lies!!

   Theres something taking place in the atmosphere; there s a changing thatís taking place in our atmosphere, the air that we breathe and it's being done by the extraterrestrials. It s not just a cleaning up of our air but it s a transformation of it. There s something that s being added to our atmosphere that is part of the intervention process. It s an energy disruption of the efforts of the illuminati to disrupt our energies with the apparatus up at the North Pole called HARRP. They have been in the last few days sending out frequencies of disruption, and what the visitors from out there are doing is not just neutralizing them, they re sending them back from whence they came. This is causing backfiring of those low-frequency energies that were being emitted from HARRP, and the result of that is a short-circuiting of the HARRP apparatus. Anyone who is operating the equipment there, the system, is feeling the effect of it, and it is not a negative effect, for the positive energies that are being transmitted back to them are of a positive nature, of the light. For you see in there is no way that the light can transmit negative. Any overriding of negative energy from HARRP has to, by nature of the Divine, come back as love, as potential return to the light. It is still the choice of those who are receiving the energy for it is not in Heaven s idea to subvert free will. What is returned to them is pure, pure love.

   Since love is always available to everyone, for that is all there is, it is the nature of free will to choose whether or not to accept it, or override it, replacement it, cover it up with the fear that is generated from their own ideas of what life is. In this way there is being the establishment of a perfection, a perfect wave of frequency in that area. It is not an apparatus to be destroyed; that is not in the plan. The plan is to bring to perfection, Divine perfection, this apparatus so that when it is operated from this point it will be operated for the good of the planet and mankind, and the universe. You see everything, every thing that has a frequency, which is all matter,has the potential to express in the highest frequency known to exist. What effects, what determines this degree of frequency in the degree of acceptance, and since those who operate HARRP are human, and a diverse lot, there is the very real potential for the frequencies that come back through their apparatus to meet with their frequency of potential and clear all of the fear based energies that they emit. This is their free will choice, and there is no accident that those who are there are there. For they have recognized their part of this plan, for HARRP is no casual apparatus built by and operated by amateurs. It is a decisive, subjective and precise apparatus that can be programmed by the frequencies it receives to the Divine perfection.

   This is not a fact that the ones who would choose to use this apparatus in other than Divine purpose have recognized. For they recognize only the potential of this apparatus for destruction and control. What they cannot see in their limited scope and is that when they transmit a certain frequency with their intent, and that intent was met today, then the apparatus and All That Is, is programmed to shift, to disrupt the interference of that which is not real, therefore allowing the receivership of that which is real and that is love. It is not the purpose, nor the intent of the Divine to destroy. It is the purpose and the intent of the Divine to bring to perfect harmony All That Is. And this is what is taking place as we speak in that isolated location on your planet. I AM Korton of the Galactic Federation and I stand alongside St. Germain in revealing this that is taking place at this time; on your earth time on December 26, 2004 and we note that in our journals, for it marks a time in your history and the evolution of your planet and our galaxy in which a great stride, a great breaking through was accomplished. This will affect many other aspects of earth life, for those who operate that apparatus, and they will be doing that from this point, do not realize what has taken place, they do not realize the harmonic perfection that has taken place and when they operate this apparatus from this point, it will be in a Divine way, though they will not realize it. The subversion of their activities will speak itself into the realm of the fifth dimension, though it may seem to have effect on the third, it will be another dimension of the illusion. Though it may seem to those who operate it and tune into the effects of their operations, it may seem that they are joyous, that they are successful in their intent, it will be but an illusion to them. In reality it will have the opposite effect, that of love. And therefore they have split realities of the 3-D world in this endeavor. With the frequencies of planet earth and all that is having been neutralized to allow for this to take place there has been another creation of reality that those who operate within the scope of what you call the illuminati, and that is the world that they have created for themselves.

   That is not the world that you, who are able to hear this voice (note:this message was recorded; the audio can be found on this site,www.treeofthegoldenlight.com) will be living in. You will not experience that, for you who have chosen to listen to this message will have already ascended to the frequency that is above the reality that the illuminati live in, as well as those others who have chosen to remain within that reality. I would like to explain one point since we have come to this, that those who choose to remain within that reality the illuminati live in at this point, have done so at the behest of all of heaven. We have given our blessing to their choice, for on a level that they have not realized they have chosen to remain in that particular reality in order that the balance that is required at this time still would be maintained until that time at which, which you call the zero point, will have reached another dimension. For the zero point has been met in some dimensions. That is what has allowed those of you listen to this to reach this frequency in order to allow your intuition to guide you to hear this. You will have a deep understanding of what we say for that is where you are right now and you will also have a deep compassion for those who remain in the other reality that is just been created, and I say that means that Earth herself has come with you into this reality, and therefore she will not be affected by the illusionary reality that those of the illuminati frequency will remain in for this time.

    So when you find yourself unable to communicate with certain others allow yourselves the release of those ones, for they have chosen their reality. Stay steadfast where you are; keep yourself true to what you know. Follow your instincts and your intuition, your guidance, for the next few weeks are going to represent a blending of all of these realities, and as long as you remain steadfast in your love and your compassion, then you will be instrumental in carrying out the harmonic introversion that will be a turning point for all of the activities on your planet to come into full light. There will be a revealing of all the truth that will be as a small, small snowball at the top of a hill of snow, rolling down gaining momentum, growing stronger, growing bigger, until finally of its own it stops and shows itself for what it is. It bespeaks itself; it heralds itself for what is the truth of itself. And then you can see the beginning of the coming together of all of these realities have been created, and the oneness will begin to bespeak itself in the physical world.

    My dear ones on this holiday season we have seen spectacular events take place in the realms that have been created. I must say though we have seen nothing yet. We will see the full revulsion of the shadows. We will see the light reach into the darkest corners and illuminate the truth, and illuminate the fears and render them nonexistent, render them love. I share with you to be most diligent in your next few days and on into the new year, for the month of January is full of a potential to spark the light of truth to shine down upon all of you. Hold that energy of truth, hold that energy of knowledge, and hold your lanterns high so that all may see when the truth comes marching home and lights the way for all of the light to come forth.


I AM Commander Korton, and I leave you now to your beautiful lives, so rich with promise and love and for All That Is.

Thank you dear Commander Korton,

Love, Nancy Tate