My rebuttal to Harry Walther's claims in:



   In response to Richard Landes years of attacks against me. Why didn't I respond before? I have, but not publicly on a website, at least now people can have a reference point to go grab a link where I respond to his lies. To me Richard is just a desperate wannabe crying for attention. I refused to be bullied by Richard Landes, i.e. Pastor Harry and that is why he left the show. I think he was playing a game, he never thought I would let him walk,  that I would rush and take down my articles he didn't like, that's how arrogant a person he is, he thought he would get his way by having me eliminate articles from my website and I simply refused. I will never be bullied by any man or woman. My character speaks for itself. As does his.



Comments in bold are mine.


Sherry Shriner used her followers and abused her influence to have our
FEB 06 radio show CENSORED. (the show was never censored, none of my shows were ever censored, you can verify with Steve Melching at http://www.realityradionetwork.com  why Richard claims it was I have no idea, it's a desperate lie to make false claims against me and RRN.)


I was told by Steve Melching of www.realityradionetwork.com, that my
radio show will be cancelled unless I do the following: 1) Remove this
page about Sherry Shriner and her Nazi, "SS" Teachings, 2) Remove all
mention of Sherry Shriner on my site, 3) That I must never speak about
Sherry Shriner on my radio show, even if asked by people who call in.
I refused to give into CENSORSHIP and our initial radio show was
cancelled. Satan always makes us pay a price when we speak The Truth.
No one payed a more savage price than JESUS and his brutal death upon
The Cross. What price are you willing to pay? (please leave Yahushua out of this. Richard was fully aware that the network policy of RRN was that fellow radio hosts were not allowed to bash each other, either on the internet or during shows. Richard didn't want to comply with the policy. When Richard left my show he contacted Steve at RRN and asked if he could have his own show. Out of integrity Steve contacted me and asked me how I felt about Richard staying on the same network with me and having his own show. I told Steve I didn't care. Now does that sound like I had a bone or vendetta against Richard? No. Because I didn't. It was Richard who wouldn't comply with Steve's policy on radio hosts, and that's why he never got his show on RRN. Richard has no one to blame but himself.)


On April 10, 2005, we restarted DOOMSDAY TALK RADIO as a live, radio
show, 6 nites a week (Sunday thru Friday). This is a far better show
than we could ever have on reality radio. God's will prevailed and
Sherry Shriner failed to silence The Truth of God's Word! (the truth of God's Word will always stand. Richard's personal views and opinions of it won't)


Why I resigned as Co Host with Sherry Shriner by Pastor Harry (Walther).
From Nov 13 2004 to Jan 8 2005, I made the mistake of being Co Host
with Sherry Shriner on her Internet Radio show, sherrytalkradio.com. (Richard pestered and begged me for months  to bring him on as a co-host. I brought him on knowing full well it was going to lead to trouble, his bullying style and personality was going to clash with me sooner or later. With Richard it's "my way or no way" and with me it's "Yah's way or no way." Plain and simple.)


During the week after Christmas 04 I became aware of Sherry's teaching
on "The Serpent Seed Line of Cain". This is because Sherry moved this
page from one of her lesser known sites to her radio show page. (all my articles are on various sites. He learned of my article because I told him about it. duh..)

 In retrospect, I should have done a more complete study of all of

Sherry's beliefs before I became her Co Host. (Richard knew me quite well, it was he who begged for months to get on the show)


This "Serpent Seed" doctrine as presented by Sherry Shriner is not a
new "revelation" From GOD but an ancient teaching of Satan- himself. (I never claimed it was a new revelation of God, there is nothing new under the sun. It was a teaching HE Himself led me to and was revealing to me. Plain and simple. I've never made any claims otherwise about it. Yet Richard does more of his distortions and lies to make things seem as they weren't. If it was a teaching from Satan then why has Satan hid it from the churches for almost 1500 years via translations? Satan wants to HIDE it, and Richard is Satan's pawn)


The "Serpent Seed" Doctrine is a cunning DISTORTION OF THE BIBLE, OF
THE GENETIC LINE OF CAIN AND SETH (Gen:3-4). (See http://www.serpentseedline.com )
I tried to reason with Sherry, showing her that the Doctrine of the
"SS" seedline as presented on her site is Biblically False, Satanic
and the core belief of Nazism, Aryanism, Christian Identity, Neo
Nazis, Satanists, and the Luciferic Illuminati (all of the groups that
Sherry Shriner claims to oppose). Sherry refused to renounce or change
this Satanic Doctrine, claiming that "I dont know God, I am not open
to hear his truths" and "I am blinded to the truth". So I was forced
to resign as her co host. (Yes Richard kept calling me a Nazi, but his core anger and hatred came from the fact in the article where I brought out that the majority of Jews in Israel today are fake Jews. Richard about lost his marbles over that. Worried about something Richard? I think he's serpent seed and that's why he's so full of anger and hate and doesn't want the fake Jews exposed).


As I did a lot to help promote Sherry Shriner and her show, (did what to promote the show? The majority of my listeners were glad when he left. Richard is full of demons of Satan, like hate, anger, a bullying mentality, not the fruit of the Holy Spirit. You can't fool Yah's people Richard, enough was enough. These traits dominate who he is, during the show and even now, years later)


 I now feel compelled to set the record straight as Sherry promotes this Doctrine

of Satan and death in the name of GOD AND JESUS.


1) The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline ("SS" Doctrine) was
responsible for the Holocaust and the death of six million jews, (No, it was the Talmud Jews responsible for the holocaust. They murdered millions of Torah believing Jews so they could dominate Israel. Hitler himself was a Jew, as was Prescott Bush who helped finance the war.). World
War II and the loss of millions of more lives. This "SS" Doctrine will
also be the trigger for WW III after Antichrist, the "New" Hitler is
revealed. (They're all Talmud Jews and from related serpent bloodlines)
2) The Doctrine of The Serpent Seedline was the core belief and
motivation of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi "SS". Hitler himself  (where? Another invention of Richard's) wrote
that he was told by Lucifer (a false Angel of Light) that The Jewish
Race was the Serpent Seed" race, the offspring of "The Devil having
Sex with Eve and producing Cain" who then was also the Father of the
dark skinned races. (Hitler himself was Jewish, the Aryan race Hitler wanted to create was Anuk/Nephilim)


3) Hitler was told that when He destroys the "Serpent Seed" Race of
The Jews and the Black race, then the "ARYAN SUPER GODS" would return
to earth and set up the "Kingdom of God" and anoint Hitler as the
first human king. (again, the Anuk/Nephilim race, had nothing to do with humans other than human hybrids from the Anuks)


4) Sherry Shriner also promotes The Neo Nazi and Aryan Nations belief
that the "white, anglo saxon races" (of England, Germany, France, etc)
is the true ISRAEL, the true Chosen race of GOD. She believes that The
Jews and the Blacks are of the "SS" Seed, the "Serpent Seed" of Satan
PROPHET OF YHWH GOD. (I think I state over and over again my beliefs on who the real Israel are today. The fact that the white races descended from the 12 tribes is not my fault Richard, it's history. There are other races descended from the 12 tribes and today's gene pool is a hodgepodge of Israel and serpent seed mixed together. Today's Israel is all those who profess and follow Yahushua. Bloodlines have nothing to do with it. Yet Richard seems to be stuck on the Old Israel vs. the New Israel.)


5) Sherry Shriner writes and believes (as do Nazis, Illuminati, Aryan
nations hate groups) that "America will be judged because we support
the Satanic Nation of Israel, i.e.,"the false jews of the serpent
seed". (Even Judaism rejects Zionism as an atheistic political idealogy based on Satanism and the Talmud. Richard should spend some time studying instead of making himself look like the hateful serpent seed that he is.)

But if America turns against ISRAEL (allowing Moslems to

destroy them), then GOD WILL BLESS AMERICA!!! (I never said this, it's insane, guess Richard needs to add some more distortion and lies for publicity for himself. America needs to stop supporting Satanism yes, and that means the NWO Zionism of Israel. Even the Torah believing Jews of Israel hate the Zionists)

really Sherry???

The Bible is very clear. The Israelites (Jews) are not the white,
aryan nations today who are the descendents of Noah's Son, JAPETH. The
Hebrew Race came from Noah's Second son, SHEM, who is traced back to
Seth (Not Cain). (What's your point Richard? The 12 tribes of Israel include the white nations of today, there he goes stuck on ancient Israel again, who is the New Israel as far as Yah is concerned Richard? Do you not read the Bible enough to know that the Most High divorced ancient Israel? My ancient grandfather is King David and my family lineage has always been a white lineage, so guess you have real problems with that one don't you? I think anyone that does 5 minutes of research on Israel today will find the majority are the Kazaar fake Jews spoken of in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. Richard's arguments really aren't against me as much as they are keeping the focus off the fact that fake Jews dominate Israel today. That is the core of his anger, that the fake Jews are exposed.)
SETH'S genetic line (family) tree is traced in the Bible from Adam &
Eve to Noah, to Shem, to Abraham, to Moses, to The Prophets, to King
David, to Mary, to JESUS. The Black and Oriental races come from HAM,
Noah's Third Son. The Moslem races come from a mix of Shem and Ham. So
we are all brothers and sisters in the Flesh.
Even if Satan did have sex with Eve and Cain was born, The Jews,
Israelites, are the descendents of the third Son of Adam & Eve who is
SETH (nothing to do with Cain and his descendents).(Except for the Kazars eh Richard?)
THE BIBLE CLEARLY SAYS NO! CAIN IS NOT THE SON OF SATAN AND EVE. (Actually it clearly says otherwise, as also revealed in Enoch and many of the Dead Sea Scrolls)


There are two verses in Genesis that Satan has twisted into his "SS"
"And The Lord said to the Serpent
I will put emnity (war) between
Your Seed (offspring according to Strong's Concordance. Look it up Richard) and Her Seed (Eve).
You shall bruise his heel, but He
shall crush your head." (Gen:3:15)


Sherry and those of the "SS" doctrine claim that "The Seed of Satan
was Cain". Yet The Bible says the opposite and makes the clear
distinction between Satan's seed and the woman's "seed". (No it clearly states that the term 'seed' means offspring, the only thing clear is that Richard refuses to acknowledge the truth of what the term means.) Second, A
woman dosn't have "seed", the woman has an egg that the seed of man
fertilizes. This is the PROOF that God is speaking of spiritual not
physical "seed". (It's not proof of anything Richard because the actual term was offspring translated to 'seed', and a woman has offspring!)  

 and blah blah blah I'm tired of his distortions...let's move on to the next..

If according to Sherry Shriner, all can come to JESUS for Salvation,
even those of the "serpent seed", why teach "Serpent Seed" Doctrine at
all? Why open the Pandora's Box of Problems? Why not just preach The
Gospel and people will choose JESUS or not (Because by hiding their existence today's believers are unaware of the level of deceptions around them...the wheat and tares, the secret societies, the Serpent Seed government that is putting them in bondage and eventual martial law).


It is my hope and prayer that Sherry opens her heart to God and sees
the error of her ways. She also distorts much of what The Bible says
about The Rapture and The ESCAPE that GOD has provided for us, in
These End Times.  (It is people like Richard with his false rapture theories that are lulling the church to sleep instead of preparing for the times ahead. Yah didn't rapture Noah off the earth, He told Noah to build an Ark. The Rapture theories had their beginnings in the 1800s...obviously not a doctrine taught by the early church and the Apostles! The Apostle John teaches the church of Philadelphia will be protected from the 'hour of temptation" not the entire tribulation, but a period of time within it (when the mark of the beast is enforced). Unfortunately by then millions will have already died from the coming famine and martial law because they weren't prepared thanks to people like Richard who lull them to sleep with dreams of escape before the Tribulation starts. It's people like Richard who work Satan's agenda to deceive Yah's people and lull them to sleep)

My Final Thoughts:

The only reason Richard Landes, i.e. Pastor Harry keeps this alive after 2 years (yes it's been 2 years since he was co-host of my radio show for about 3 months) is because he wants attention. He's trying to build a ministry off of slandering mine. Who is he kidding? Yah? No.

Harry and I always had problems. I refused to acknowledge him as any kind of Bible Decoder. He had the program 3 months and was making it sound like he was an expert at it. IT takes YEARS to understand the codes and that used to irritate him that I considered him nothing more than a dangerous ammateur with something he would never understand (the codes). Harry has no discernment of the codes.  Any amateur coder could look at Harry's codes and post the truth about them, they certainly wouldn't see what Harry's posts as truth. I ran Harry's code years ago and posted it for what it was and it was hacked off my website.  He refuses to acknowledge the real terms surrounding himself in the codes. He's a slanderer, a false broadcaster, and an enemy of the Most High's.

And he has connections. I've had several people who have claimed to have investigated Richard Landes i.e. Harry Walther and claim he has an arrest record in New Philadelphia as Richard Landes for drunken disorderly and his neighbor posted on the internet that Richard has mental probs. A post on Harry's own forum that was quickly removed by Harry. It was also this former neighbor of Harry's that revealed his true name, Richard Landes.

So why is it Richard is so adamant about being called a Pastor? He used to practically demand I not call him Harry during the radio show but "Pastor Harry."  Why the attempts to deceive me and those on the internet? He also never told me Harry Walther wasn't his real name.

I believe Richard, i.e. Harry is working the Mossad agenda online and steering people away from the truth of the Serpent Seedline and Fake Jews in Israel. The same group that has harassed me for years on the internet and the reason behind Paypal giving me an ultimatum to "remove the articles about the Talmud off my websites or lose my ability to use Paypal online." It didn't take me one second of thought, I refused to be bullied by Paypal.

Am I anti-Semitic? Of course not. I'm an Israelite from the tribe of Judah. I am anti-fake Jews and anti-Serpent Seed.

see more about Edomite Jews at http://www.sherryshriner.net/edomites.htm








God Bless You
Pastor Harry
Church of Philadelphia Internet.
REVEALED, All Rights Reserved.