Rick Joyner, Knighted By The Knights Of Malta

Research into the Knights of Malta is quite an experience. Both the Catholic church and Masonic Order have an organization called by this name. The Sovereign Military Order of Malta (Federal Association, USA) says in an internet communication, "There are dozens of organizations which use the name, symbols, and traditions of the Order of Malta in an unauthorized fashion." They list a group of thirteen such organizations but state clearly, "The organizations listed below have no affiliation with the Order of Malta and are not recognized by the Vatican."

The primary organization, called the Knights of Malta, has its headquarters in the Vatican of Rome and is clearly controlled and operated by the Catholic church. Their official website gives their name as the "Sovereign Military Order Of Malta." They state of themselves that this "is a lay religious order of the Catholic church." It was founded in Jerusalem in 1099 and it was approved formally as an order by the Pope in 1113. They also say of themselves, "The Order of Malta was admitted to the United Nations as a permanent observer on August 24, 1994." They also claim "official diplomatic relations with over eighty states and international organizations." The Order of Malta is clearly a Catholic order, controlled by the Pope and totally committed to the Pope, the Virgin Mary, and service to Roman Catholic ideas and causes. It is a powerful and massive organization.

With this background, why would Charismatic leaders have an interest in being an intimate part, being knighted, and accepting responsibility to serve the Roman church? The answer is simply that a large body of Charismatic leaders have adopted the same ultimate goals of a One World Government, a One World Religion, and the necessity of forcing this idea upon the entire world. The present Pope has met with almost every religious organization of the World and is inviting everyone to the same religious table. A One World Religion is ready to be established as soon as the "Holy" Bride of Jesus Christ has been removed out of their way. Bible-believing Christians are a thorn in their flesh, but our Bridegroom will remove that thorn at the proper moment.

In the meantime, Rick Joyner and others are excited to become a part of the harlot of Rome. It's overwhelming to listen as Rick Joyner tells the story of how he met the Austrian Baron that had just come from Kurt Waldheim's office to seek him out and conduct the knighting ceremony. Let's read some detail of that. Please note the name and things I have underlined because I want to speak of them.

"I'm sitting in the lobby (Nuremberg, Germany) with Bobby Conner and a few other people there and this guy comes walking in the lobby of the hotel who was an interesting looking guy. And Reed, who was Paul Cain's assistant, was standing behind me. And he said, 'Hey, there's Newman Peyton.' And this guy was Baron Newman Peyton, who Colonel Byrd had told me was looking for me. I said, 'Reed, do you know that man.' He said, 'Oh, yeah, we met him years ago.' And he came over, walked over to me, and said he had been looking to meet with me. And I stopped him right away. I said, 'Bobby, give me a readout on this guy.' And this guy's going, 'What's a readout?' (Laughter.) And Bobby goes, 'Sir, when you came in I just saw something, I saw that you had just come from the office of a man named Kurt Waldheim . . .' And his eyes got real big 'cause he had just come from his (Kurt Waldheim) office. And then he (Bobby Conner) said, 'I saw you or I saw him opening this briefcase and giving you something out of it.' And Bobby described the briefcase. And his eyes got real big then. He said, 'This is incredible!' He (Baron Peyton) said, 'That is the only briefcase like that in the world. I had it custom made for Kurt Waldheim.' And it was a weird thing Bobby had described." (Morning Star Ministries, Rick Joyner audio, no date given.)

It's extremely important to notice two things in this description by Rick Joyner. Upon this man Baron Newman Peyton entering the hotel lobby, Rick Joyner asked one of his companions to give him a "readout" on this man. A "readout" is another term for what they call a prophecy or better described as "fortune telling." These men are deep into sorcery as becomes clear in hearing this entire tape. Also, the man that Baron Newman Peyton had just visited and apparently represented in his approach to Rick Joyner is a notorious individual.

Kurt Waldheim is the recently retired President of Austria. He was also an officer in the Nazi army and "has been barred from entering the United States since 1987 as a suspected war criminal." (The Anti-Defamation League, 1999, A.T.L.) Kurt Waldheim was also recently knighted by the Pope, sparking the protest of many Jewish groups. Many believe he is guilty of atrocities against the Jewish people as well as British prisoners of war. The New Republic magazine stated that "the knighting (of Kurt Waldheim) also shows that the hatred of Jews is still no impediment to the esteem of the church (Catholic). Some say it was Waldheim's only qualification." (The New Republic, September 5, 1994, V211N10, p. 50.).

Connecting this visit to the archives of Nazism and the Knights of Malta and now to a Nazi war criminal that has recently been knighted by the Catholic church shows an emerging picture of anti-Semitism. But, it does not end here.

A Meeting Emerged Between Paul Cain And Saddam Hussein

If what has already been established is not enough, certainly all we need to add is the entrance of Saddam Hussein into the picture. Saddam Hussein identifies himself as the modern equivalent of Nebuchadnezzar. He is rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon where the Jews spent seventy years of exile. Also, this city is the center of Revelation chapter eighteen (18) and will be the capitol of the Antichrist during the Tribulation period. The Antichrist is called an "Assyrian" placing his origination from the general location of the country of Iraq. The ancient Assyrian nation geographically spread from Northern Iran to Lebanon, but the capitol was in Northern Iraq at Nineveh (modern Monsur). I have personally visited this ancient city.

Let's listen as Rick Joyner tells about the arrangement of this meeting. He starts at the point where we just ended in telling of the Baron from Austria being overwhelmed by the "fortune telling" expertise of a man with Rick Joyner, named Bobby Connor. Please read carefully.

"Bobby told him a little bit more about the papers and everything and it really got his attention. He was captured from then on . . . And he was a prophetic man. He was the one who prophesied to Indira Gandhi that if she did not give her heart to the Lord, she would be dead in one week . . . Five days later she was assassinated. And he is a friend with head of number of the Moslem nations, as well as other countries, and he's been a prophetic voice to them, but he had never seen the gift operate like this in such a specific way about details like that, so he was just captured. This worked out strategically in a way you wouldn't believe. It was important, but this was the guy who was key to getting Paul Cain an audience with Saddam Hussein. You may have heard us talk about that. And Paul went. Saddam Hussein, some of his guys had been in a meeting, had seen the prophetic gift operate and they were utterly convinced that Paul is a true prophet. Saddam became convinced and he wanted to meet with Paul. Okay! It all worked out. Well, Newman was the guy who worked this out. And right after he sent the fax to start this process all this fear came on him, 'What have I done . . . this could really mess up world events and things like that.' He didn't know Paul Cain that well . . . And right after that the Lord had told Bobby Conner to fax Newman Peyton and just write this that Paul Cain is my man, he's okay, don't worry about it or something like that. So, Newman sends this fax to make this connection between Paul and Saddam, to work out this thing. And he's sitting there going, 'Oh, no, what have I done?' Can't get the fax back. Another fax comes in, 'Don't worry, Paul Cain's okay.' You know, I mean, it's exactly on time. They still have the little strips of paper. He sent one out. One minute later, one comes in, this is it. So, these things happen strategically. Anyway, we went on and a bunch of us got knighted by these Knights of Malta. Okay, I did first. And I wasn't even going to do it. I thought it was a great honor and all. But, I just don't join things like that . . . Anyway, Paul Cain called me from Austria. And said, you know, 'Just tuned in on it.' And said, 'The Lord is going to give you some credentials like Paul's credentials where his Roman citizenship really was used at times . . .' And he said, 'You're really supposed to do this thing.' So, I did and then later some of the other guys, we even got Bobby Connor knighted and Steve and Leonard. Anyway, we had a big time. Bobby, we dubbed Sir Bubba and Mahesh (Chavada) became Sir Loin. We seriously polluted the Blue Blood of Europe. I mean it was bad. Ricky Skaggs, you know, country (singer). Aw man, it was a blast. We had a great time though. Anyway, we got knighted by this thing. It's a real, this somehow is real important to the Lord. He's kept this order in existence, I think, like He has Israel. It has an end times purpose and destiny . . . They went on, made me a knight commander which gave me authority to knight others and then they made me something else, where I have authority over all the knights supposedly in the U.S. . . ." (Audio by Rick Joyner Ministries, no date on tape.)

This is incredible documentation of what certain personalities in the Charismatic New Wave are willing to do to affect and prepare for the New World Order. To imagine Saddam Hussein calling a Charismatic prophet for this prophetic insight is a drawback to ancient rulers and their love for their sorcerers and fortune tellers. It also shows the affinity between Dominion Theology and the dreams of Saddam Hussein to be a world dictator. Dominion Theology, by its very design, has eliminated the prophetic future of Israel as a nation and the Jews' claim to the promises given to Abraham.

The New Wave Charismatics are absolutely in the forefront with Pope John Paul in helping prepare the stage for the false christ. It would be impossible to inaugurate a One World Order without the religious component. The political voices from the United Nations, Council of Foreign Relations Committee, varying political individuals all the way to Saddam Hussein are nurturing the religious contacts and courting every conceivable entity as they jockey for power.

When the right man, ordained for the hour appears and God the Father withdraws His hand of restraint, it will all happen with cosmic speed. The players in this article are probably insignificant, but the picture is certainly prophetic.

The rest of this story will be ready for the next edition of The End Times And Victorious Living (March/April, 1999).


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