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I don't know much about roughing it in a survival mode, but what I do find that looks interesting  I'll pass on to you..


Solar LED Adjustable Directional Light

Solar LED White Adjustable Directional Light

Stand alone solar LED directional light for dark areas that need illumination without electrical hook up.

Produces more useable light than any other single solar garden light available.

Install in the ground on a riser, or on the surface-mount bracket.

Adjustable fixture head can be reversed to shine up to garden ornaments or down to pathways, steps, patios or small signs.

When placed 4 feet from a object or sign, the light will illuminate a 4' wide by 3' tall area.
All hardware included. Run Time is 20+ hours on a single days charge

Can be ground or surface mount.


Great outdoor light, set it up outside and have light every night...recharges itself up via the sun.

AIR X - Wind Turbine Generators for Residential Wind Energy



AIR X Wind Turbine

Introducing the latest evolution in small wind turbines.

The AIR-X builds upon what made AIR the world's #1 selling small wind turbine with new technology previously found only in today's state-of-the-art mega-watt-class wind turbines. 400 Watt


Roof Mount - $77.87

Air wind Generator Commercial grade..





X Power 1500 - Portable - Rechargeable - Electrical Generator














Quiet - Portable - Rechargeable
Safe For Indoor Use

This one is great for homes, apartments, camping, something conveniently mobile. Store it in your closet and roll it out when you need it.

The 1500-watt electronic generator that's easy-to-use and rechargeable:

  • Runs 115 volt AC or 12 volt DC products anywhere
  • Provides emergency power when the power goes out
  • Requires no maintenance and safe for indoor use
  • Recharge at home or from a vehicle (accessories included)
  • Rugged design rolls easily over rough terrain
  • Includes AC Charging Cable & DC Charging Cable
  • $361.43


How Long Will The XPower 1500 Electronic Generator Provide Power?

AC Powered Products Watts1 Hours2
Radio 8 60
Portable Stereo 20 23
13" TV - VCR 100 4
Refrigerator - 18 cu. ft.3 150 4
Fax Machine4 120 3
Computer with 15" Monitor 200 2
Hedge Trimmer 230 1.2
Circular Saw (12amps)5 900 .25
Microwave Oven 1000 .2
DC Powered Products Watts1 Hours2
Cellular Telephone6 6 100
Fluorescent Light 8 75
Portable Cooler 30 14
Tire Inflator 100


Solar Powered Back Pack

300 watts of portable power where ever you go.

Self Charging or can be charged from a car or 110V outlet.
Includes jumper cables, portable light source and charging adapters.

Powers computers, small tools, any electrical appliance up to 300 watts AC & 12 Volt loads up to 12 amps.



Solar Dynamics Harvester - 700 watt Electric Portable Generator

Solar Dynamics Harvester - 700 watt Electric Portable Generator

  • Delivers 750 Watts - Surge Capacity of 1500 Watts
  • 12 Amp Charge Controller w/ 2 12 VDC Lighter Sockets
  • Silent, Portable, Sets Up in Minutes
  • Fits in the Trunk of Your Car
  • Easy Plug and Play Operation
  • Ships in 3 packages
  • Base unit weighs 112 lbs
  • Assembles/Disassembles in minutes
  • Many accessories
  • Versatile design
  • Limitless applications

The Harvester can be used to power a laptop and overhead lighting.

Solar Dynamics Harvester - 700 watt Electric Portable Generator
The 'Table Top' shown here


Solar Dynamics Harvester - 700 watt Electric Portable Generator

The Harvester can also be used to power equipment like sound systems, water purifiers or credit card machines.

 Optional "snap in" solar panels and AC wall chargers can charge your battery after the sun goes down.

In order to get the most from your Harvester we recommend using energy efficient devices.




With The Table Top (Item # AH010)

  • Turn Your Harvester Into a Remote, Portable Office
  • A Table Top with Supports Installs in Less than a Minute
  • Creates a Sturdy Work Area

                    $1579  tabletop is extra $68

GE Solar Panels

Designed for optimum use in residential, commercial and battery charging applications, the GE solar module contains  crystalline silicon single-crystal cells connected in series.

Folding 20 & 30 watt Solar Panels

If you’re interested in getting more runtime from your laptop computer when you are away from the power lines, our NotePower portable solar module is just what you need.













Solar Dynamo Flashlight and Radio


The Dynamo Solar Rechargeable Flashlight with AM/FM Radio & Siren is a must have for every household. This great gadget offers a flashlight, crystal clear AM/FM radio, and emergency siren. Batteries are optional but not needed. Simply wind the Dynamo crack and you will have several hours of radio. The Dynamo is ideal for any emergency/disaster kit.


Use without batteries! Great for camping, boating and outdoor activities.

  •  A must for every Emergency/Disaster Kit!
  • Security for your Family
  • For use at Home, Office, Car, R.V or boat
  • Great Gift Idea.
Can be powered by:
  • Solar Power
  • Three AA Batteries (Not included)
  • AC/DC Adapter (Not included)
  • Dynamo Generator




The Illuminator

No Batteries! No Bulbs to replace!

Generate light anywhere, anytime.
Compact heavy-duty construction.
Three Ultra Bright LEDs

One minute wind-up provides up to 1 hour of continuous ultra bright light.

Choose from two levels of brightness with the touch of a button
Ideal for emergency, home, auto, camping, fishing & more


Ranger Joe's is a Christian company...nice people..

Large Range Bag

Large Range Bag


  These bags pack a lot of stuff and you can pre-pack everything you'd need for 3 days or so and have it ready to go at all times. They come in black too.


Utility Assault Pack


Utility Assault Pack


  Good bug out bag. Pre-pack it and be ready to go at all times. Throw it in your car or leave it in your house, you're ready to go in case you need to.



Solar Lantern
List Price: $119.00 | Your Price : $99.00 
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