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Case of 24 MRE Entrees
Variety Pack Case of 24 MRE Entrees. 6 different flavors. 5 year shelf life.
Case of 72 MRE Entrees
Variety Pack Case of 72 Fresh MRE Entrees. 4 to 8 Entree varieties. Minimum 5 year shelf life.
3 Day MRE Supply of food & water
Includes 9 MRE Main Dish Entrees, 3 MRE Side Dishes, 3 MRE Snacks, 3 MRE Desserts, 3 MRE Mocha Capuccino Mixes, 3 MRE Fruit Beverage Mixes, 9 4.2 oz. water pouches & 3 accessory packets.
$ 39.99
MRE Heater
Just fill packet with water and your MRE pouch and you have instant heat! Pouch heats up to over 200 degrees in 10 minutes.
$ 0.99
Each DELUXE Full Meal MRE Includes: 1 MRE Entree, 1 MRE Side Dish, 1 MRE Snack, 1 MRE Dessert, 1 MRE Fruit Drink Mix, Hard Candy, Wet Wipe, Napkin, Utensils, Salt & Pepper. Approx. 1,200 Calories/meal. 5-7 year shelf life.
$ 6.89
Single MRE Entree
Single MRE Entree. MRE main dish entree's store for a minimum of 5-7 years. No cooking or water required.
$ 2.25
MRE Entree Meal
Great for camping or emergencies! Includes 8 0z. MRE Entree, MRE Beverage Mix, MRE Mocha Capuccino Mix, Nutra-Grain Cereal Bar, Quaker Granola Bar, Austin Peanut Butter Crackers, Sugar, Matchbook, Wet Wipe, Hard Candy, Salt & Pepper, Napkin, Spork & Knife.
$ 4.99
Food Bars
3600 calorie $7.45
2400 calorie

$ 4.95
3600 Calorie Food Bar (Case of 20)
Only $6.50 each! (Reg. $7.45 each) Perfect for groups or homes!
$ 129.99
2400 Calorie Food Bars (Case of 30)
Only $3.96 each! (Reg. $4.95 each) Perfect for students, schools and your workplace!
On Sale—Save $21.25!

$ 139.99
1200 Calorie Food Bar
1200 Calorie High Energy Food Bar. Non-thirst provoking. 5-year shelf life.
Sale $2.49!

$ 2.99
Mountain House Starter Supply
30 Delicious Mountain House Gourmet Meals. A great starter kit for those just beginning their food storage or wanting to add some delicious freeze dried foods . . . Just Add Water!
Save $20!
On Sale for a Limited Time! $149.99

$ 169.99
Mountain House 45 Day Supply of 3 Meals
Delicious Mountain House Gourmet Meals for 1 Person for 45 Days. FREE Shipping!
On Sale $449.99!

$ 574.99
Mountain House Year Supply of Main Dish Entrees
Delicious Gourmet Meals in Minutes . . . Just Add Water Food Storage!
Free Shipping! Save over $330
On Sale $869.88!

$ 1199.99
Mountain House Single Serving Entrees
All the advantages of freeze-dried foods packaged for convenience. Choose from 8 great flavors!
Save 20%
On Sale $3.43!

$ 4.29
High Energy Government Survival Candy
7 oz. bag of red & yellow survival candy
$ 1.99
Case of Datrex Water Pouches
64 - 4.227 oz. water pouches
$ 25.99
Individual Water Pouches (2 Pack)
2 Emergency Water Pouches
$ 0.99
Aqua Blox water boxes - 3 pack
Aqua Blox are designed for 5 year shelf life. Each box is 8.5 oz.
$ 1.99
Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets
Treats up to 25 quarts. Makes questionable water bacteriologically suitable to drink.
$ 6.99
Potable Aqua with PA Plus
Safe drinking water without the iodine taste!
$ 11.99
Collapsible 5 gallon water container
Easy to store and heavy-duty while in use.
$ 8.99
2 Gallon Collapsible Water Bag
You can count on our Stansport 2 Gallon Water Bag!
$ 2.99
30 Gallon Water Barrel
Store the water you will need during an emergency - Food grade plastic.
$ 59.99
55 gallon water barrel
Store all the water you will need in an emergecy. Food grade plastic! (for orders of 10+ please contact us)
$ 69.99
Bung Wrench
Use this bung wrench to easily open any of your water barrels!
$ 9.95
Siphon Pump
Be able to siphon the water out of your water barrel without tipping or a garden hose.
$ 14.95

Sidewinder Cell Phone Charger

$ 24.88

SideWinder is the first battery-free pocket-sized cell phone charger.  It has a built-in super capacitor, features a voltage regulation system and requires no alternate power source. For convenience, emergencies, or just peace of mind, the SideWinder can provide all the talk time you need. To use, plug the interface cable into your phone’s charge port and crank the generator. Two minutes with the generator, yields up to six minutes of talk time and even more standby time. Crank the generator while using the phone, and talk indefinitely. It supports most popular phones from Motorola, Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung, Lucky Goldstar (LG),  Qualcomm, Kyocera, and Audiovox.

Includes a FREE Carrying Case ($2.99 value)!

The SideWinder also contains a powerful LED light that runs over 5 minutes with NO BATTERIES and only 30 seconds of charging! Comes complete with 5 cable attachments that are compatible with nearly 85% of most standard cell phones! Each package includes cables compatible with:
* SideWinder Audiovox fits: CDM4000 series, CDM4500 series, and CDM9000
* SideWinder Ericsson 2 Fits: T28z, T39m, T60c, T60d, T61c, T61d, T61lx, T61z, T68, T68i, T200, T300, A2218z, R300lx, R300d, R300z, R380 world, T28 world
* SideWinder Kyocera/Qualcomm/Samsung2 fits: Kyocera 1135, 1155, 2119, 2135, 2235, 2255, 2325, 2345, 3225, 7135 Qualcomm QCP 2035, QCP 2035a, QCP 2027; Samsung SPH-A460, SPH-N400, SPH-N240 & SPH-A500
* SideWinder Motorola V Series fits: V70, V60i, V60c, V60t, V60g, V66, 120c, 120t, 120x, C331, Timeport 270c, Timeport 280, T720, iDEN i30sx, i35s, i50sx, i55sr, i60c, i80s, i85s, i88s, i90c, i90cle, i95cl, V200 personal communicator
* SideWinder Nokia fits: 282, 252, 1260, 3000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series, 7000 series, 8000 series phones.


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