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Transcribed by Liz Patton





And hello everybody. Yore live; its Monday, January 5th, 2009. Itís finally here; the year from Hell. Iíve been warning about this year for years and its now upon us. So fitting. I told you earlier that I spend every first day of the year...I just talk to the Lord. Itís not like He really recognizes our New Year, but kindof been a tradition between me and Him. I just talk to Him and get a word for the year. I posted it on my websites in that little frame box at the sites. You can read it at SherryTalkRadio.com or TheWatcherFiles.com or SherryShriner.com.


 Iím going to read it tonight for those of you who donít have access to a computer and get my show. A lot of people download my shows on CDís and hand them out to people who donít have access to computers. So Iím going to go through it tonight and read it. First I want to talk about a few things.


One of the most important things especially for this month...it started last month; is a heads up I gave to the navy. Thereís a renegade what you would call military faction around the world of different countries that work together that are anti-New World Order. They were over there trying to close a gateway in the Gulf of Eden (they call it the Gulf of Aden). I call it the Gulf of Eden. The best way....and I gave them a heads up, is to get that with Orgone Blaster pipes. I have the directions at OrgoneBlasters.com.


These Orgone pipes; you get them in the water. Stick them on land. It is just a great power source for Orgone. This Orgone is what will annihilate and kill dimensional beings. Conventional weapons....trying to just kill these dimensional beings with conventional weapons...youíre gong to have minimal results. What I have found with the Orgone; from the first time I put up a pail blaster. I put a pipe blaster in a pail, stuck it in my yard; it has immediate affects. It assimilates not only immediately into the atmosphere, but into the dimensions.


So itís the Orgone that is a non-conventional weapon that is a multi-dimensional weapon that will take out these dimensional beings. It kills them en masse. When you try to use conventional weapons against them, itís like bombing their base or something; itís going to have that initial shock and then destruction. With Orgone, they never see it coming. Itís just very toxic to them. It gets in the water. It gets in the air.


 It is very toxic to them in both dimensions and assimilates not only in our dimension, the third dimension, but also in the fourth dimension. So Orgone is what you need to be using to fight against this alien agenda; these ascended master gurus; these underground cities; the portals and gateways. If you get them at these portals and gateways, itíll burn them on the way through them. So do a lot of destruction that way.


What weíre going to see next is very interesting. The Lord mentioned this in the message that He gave me for this year. Iíve been seeing it in the codes quite a bit. I usually wait for Him to confirm things. Iíve been talking about this obnoxious satellite that Maitreya has up in the sky. He uses that for intel, reconnaissance, spying...whatever you want to call it. I know heís taking video of me making Orgone so they can have their little proof, ďLook, sheís making Orgone in this one-car garage.Ē Yeah....whatever.


Well, heís had this obnoxious satellite hanging above my house since about September. So that was my initial motivation for coming up with this pail blaster. This 5 foot copper pipe I put it in an aluminum metal pail. The instructions are on my website too. You guys can do all the stuff on your own. I immediately started noticing that it started assimilating into the atmosphere. All of this Orgone thatís been assimilating into the atmosphere. I also have a pipe blaster, which is a 5 foot pipe that I use. Itís about 2 Ĺ - 3 inches round and 5 foot long. I point them at Maitreyaís satellite. I was just pissing them off. I had no idea it was actually going to pull that thing out of the sky.


So itís been quite the joy to see it in the Bible codes and get a confirmation from the Lord that Maitreyaís little satellite is going to crash to Earth. Theyíve been abandoning it. I donít know if theyíve done it already, but I see them abandoning it because the Orgone has just saturated in the atmosphere and is burning them too much. Itís miserable for them. So theyíve been abandoning that. I donít know what you want to call it, a satellite, a star, a planet? Whatever it is, itís actually a temple as well. A habitation for Maitreya and those who work with him; his little forces I guess you could call it.  This thing is going to come crashing out of the sky. When it does....I donít how much of the whole world is going to see it. Iím sure the whole world will see it. Itís so huge and above the Earths horizon at about 33 degrees, if not lower. This thing is just massive.


 This thing is going to be lightening. Youíre going to see lightening and thereís going to be a huge boom. A huge thunderous boom when this thing comes down. I donít know where itís going to come down yet. Iíve been trying to figure that one out; where exactly....because when this thing comes down, you would think itís going to cause a lot of destruction wherever it hits. Iím not sure exactly where itís going to come down. Iím still digging in the codes trying to find it. The Lord isnít revealing it yet, or Iím just not seeing it, but its going to come down soon. I look sometime within the next five months for this obnoxious satellite of his to come down. It could be this month. It could be February. It could be March or May. I happen to think itíll probably be part of Obamaís crisis at the end of this month. 


You know, Maitreya is his little buddy. Obama getting into office is no accident. Heís aligned with Maitreya and this New Age agenda. I had a lot of people sending me emails because last week I had talked about how he was going to support the New Age agenda; the Watchers agenda, this giant agenda. Heís going to double-cross the lizards, folks. He is a lizard. Make no doubt about it. The Bible codes calls him a lizard. Calls him a creature. Talks about his scales.


He is one of these beings that literally has human skin over his reptile body. Heís going to double-cross the lizards. Heís going to support this New Age/alien agenda.  Iíve been warning about that forever that he is aligned with this agenda and this Maitreya. Of course these beings can double-cross. There are double agents and double-crossing. They just donít do that here on earth...humans, but amongst the aliens themselves. There are so many groups and factions among the aliens and Satanís kingdom.


When you grow up in the churches, you just get this one dimensional view of Hell. When you start to realize the vastness and how great Satanís kingdom is....how big it is. Not great as in fantastic; theyíre all scumbags from Hell. When you realize how big it is, itís mind-blowing. Thatís part of the whole process of waking up to what the truth is....really learning exactly who he is, what he is and what his kingdom is. The Lord will take you through that. Itís eye-opening. You realize that George Lucas and Star Wars....the truth is often stranger than fiction. Even though a lot of truths are presented in a science fiction format, thereís a lot of truth in it. Just pay more and more attention to what they are showing you on television minus some of the drama queen stuff. They do throw in some drama for entertainment purposes and things, but they do reveal a lot of truths in those movies as well; especially a lot of them coming out. They will tell you their plans up front so that theyíre held without blame. They can say, ďWell, we warned them. We came out with this movie. We warned them. Itís not our fault they took it as science fiction.Ē Everything has to be laid out ahead of time, no matter what format you lay it out in. I guess thatís part of the rules.


I donít do anything in the dark. Everything I do, I do in the light. Everything the Lord tells me to say, I say. Everything Iím doing, I talk about. I certainly donít hide anything. So....fair warning to Maitreya and the scum up in the satellite. Your little temple is going to crash, and Iím going to be the first one to recognize it and start laughing. I can tell you that much. Their whole kingdom; their strongholds.


Weíre going to have a tribulation period with Satan on the Earth ruling as the Antichrist, acting like heís God. But that doesnít mean that it has to be everything he thought it was going to be. Weíre going to make it as miserable for him as possible. And taking out a lot of his forces is part of that. Weíre set here on Earth as the Lordís people. So how could anybody that says they love the Lord; they love the Most High, sit on their butts and do nothing as Satan conquers the Earth as he is doing? I mean, heís conquering it in our churches, our government, our entertainment and a lot of people just sit back and do nothing about it. They do nothing. How can you say you love the Lord and do nothing? Youíre not offended? Youíre not grossed out. I am. I donít want those scumbags here, so I do something about it. So when we prayed and asked the Lord, ďHow to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order?Ē He led us to Orgone. Thatís what Iíve been doing since.


I know there were a lot of people sent to be with me in the last days for this war against Satan that ended up failing. The Lord mentions that in this message that He gave to me. Itís something that weíve kindof talked about back and forth throughout the years. But even without the support of the people that were sent here to support me in the last days so we could get this done, we did it. We succeeded. We managed to just do it.


Itís amazing what you can do when you really love the Lord and stop using excuses to stand in your way. I donít want to hear peopleís excuses. I donít have money. I have four kids. I have 18 websites. I have a radio show. I make Orgone. Half the time I donít know if Iím coming or going, but when the Lord asks me to do something, I donít have an excuse...I do it. Thatís why He asks me; because Iíll do it. If He knows that youíre not going to be a go to person for Him, Heís not going to use you. So many people....they want to know what the Lord wants them to do. He knows if He told them what He wants them to do, they wouldnít do it. They really donít want to know because theyíre not seeking Him enough on it. You ask Him one time a year? Ask Him everyday. Show Him and bug Him that you really want to know. A lot of people are just already doing the things that He wants them to do and donít realize it. Usually thatís the way He works. He leads you into something and then youíre already just doing what He wants you to do. He works in many different ways.


Iíve heard from people about areas that need targeted for Orgone. A target list. Folks, we need areas done in the Middle East. Especially Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Africa. Weíve gotten a lot in Africa over the years, but we need a lot more. Especially Ghana. Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt. All of those nations that are on the coastlines of Africa need done. Also in Jordan. Some of these Arab countries are very hard to get into if youíre not some kind of Arab....a wealthy Arab. I know there are some cities people just arenít allowed in; like Dubai. Commoners arenít allowed in those cities. Theyíre just set aside for the elite. We need places like that. We need the wealthy Believers in the Most High to stand up and get those areas.  Mecca and Dubai and Jordan. And that gulf; The Gulf of Aden. We need some good pipe blasters in the Gulf of Aden. Just stick them right in the sand. Let them boom up into the atmosphere. We have done a lot of work in Israel, but we could always use more. If anybody feels led to get Israel, go ahead and do that. Not a whole lot of time left.


Of course, here in America and Canada, Australia and Europe and all these other nations Ė get your own neighborhoods. Get your schools; protect your kids. And driving routes; wherever you shop for food and things; get those areas. And get the highways. I spent a lot of time two years ago, criss-crossing America getting highways. Because when the giants are here, thereís going to be no transportation. Its going to shut down and truckers and companies wonít be able to transport their goods to your grocery stores. The giants are going to be all over those highways, and not letting them pass. Get the highways, so the giants wonít go near them and theyíll be protected and the stores can be stocked up.


Itís hard to grasp the whole giant thing, but once theyíre here, youíre gonna know theyíre here. Theyíre taller than ranch homes. Theyíre 14 Ė 15 feet high.  Theyíre huge mammoth beings; 1,500 Ė 2,000 pounds. These are huge giants that are coming, folks. And when the Lord comes back in the real Second Coming of Christ, thereís going to be more of them than humans on Earth. We need to get busy; theses not a whole lot of time left. These are the same beings and the same agenda that these ascended master idiots from the New Age camp and that Obama is aligned with. Itís quite a different agenda coming, all out of the same alien agenda.


Anyway, a couple of heads up; watch for a blue star coming out of Orion. That should be Sananda/Jesusí star. Youíll hear the New Agerís talk about how thereís going to be a star. Iíve told you Jupiter is one of them. They were going to burn up Jupiter and have it burn valiantly. Iíve seen that in the codes. William Cooper warned about it. But thereís also another one; itís called the blue star. That will come out of Orionís Belt.  I have a feeling that itís this star coming closer to Earth thatís causing all the earthquake eruptions around the Earth. So watch for a blue star coming out of the belt of Orion. Itís the largest constellation in the sky right now. If you donít know what it looks like; look it up at Wikipedia or Google it. Once you see a picture of it, you can go outside and easily pick it out. The belt has three stars across the center of it. Thatís where this blue star is going to come out of and probably the thing thatís causing all the eruptions. Keep an eye out on that. Thatís Sanandaís star.


Another heads up; theyíve been leaving this planet Niburu. I call it Rahab. Theyíve been leaving it and theyíve been going to these underground bases. There is a base under the sea. I have a feeling that itís tied in with this whole Gulf of Aden thing. Theyíve been going there. Some kind of portal where somehow they can get from Niburu to these portal bases. Thatís whatís been going on. The Lord told me that theyíve been coming; that theyíve been here. Theyíre just going to be coming more and more and more in numbers. Once Maitreya rears his ugly head and this Sananda/Jesus. Then weíll have the giants...theyíll come out of their bases. Everything is going to hit very quickly once this Maitreya rears his head. Just look for that.


Iíve seen something interesting; Obama is going to be howling come the end of this month. Heís going to be humiliated and itís going to be hysterical. Heís not going to be able to take Washington D.C. We orgoned it very well, years ago. Several different warriors have stood up at different times to Orgone Washington D.C. Itís uninhabitable right now. It burns them. Bush hardly spent anytime in the White House in the past two years. He would be at his ranch. When they need him, theyíd fly him in, heíd give a press conference and theyíd fly him back out. He didnít stay in the White House. Obama is going to have the same problem. Itís going to be very interesting. Heís going to have a worse problem because he is pure lizard. Where George Bush was a pawn with MPD; multiple personalities that they could control, Obama is pure lizard. It would be interesting to see how he enjoys his stay at the White House.


Another thing I thought was interesting; seeing in the Bible codes how Benny Hinn....heís either going to be panicking over this massive outbreak of leprosy, or he gets it. Thatís going to be very interesting. He either gets it or heís just panicking.  Iíve warned about that Ė that leprosy was going to be on the rise. Right now there are already 15 million cases around the world. Theyíre being very hush-hush about it, but sooner or later the numbers are going to get too huge. Itís not going to affect the Lords people; those who are in the Lord will not be affected by it. Itís going to be interesting to see all these false shepherds falling like dominoes one by one.


Another interesting thing; and I wasnít going to mention anything about it until I had more information on it, but I though Iím never going to get any more information on it. I donít know how Iíd do that. Maybe somebody out there knows, you can share it with me and then Iíll share it with my audience. Iím starting to think that the White House is a replica of Solomonís Temple. If anybody has any information on exactly what Solomonís Temple looked like. I could be right. I could be wrong on this. It was a thought. So somebody, either prove me right or prove me wrong and I can clear up this White House issue. Iím really starting to think it probably is some kind of a replica of Solomonís Temple. That would be interesting if it is. If somebody knows info, get back to me on it.


Until then over the next couple of weeks, the one thing we can be watching for besides s total collapse of our economy. The government will totally collapse probably within 9 months, 10 months. For right now, weíre continuing on an economic slide into oblivion. Itís never going to correct itself. Itís never going to get better. So prepare as you can. Ask the Lord what you should do. I know Iíve been asking the Lord, if Iím going to be here much longer, Iím going to need a more secure place to live. Someplace I could own, because I rent this house. Someplace I can work out of because Iím limited in an unheated one-car garage with all the Orgone I need to be making. I need a place to store supplies and things like that. Just ask the Lord what it is you need. Maybe heíll point you in the direction.


The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting. Watch for this lightening in the sky and this BOOM! That will be Maitreyaís Temple crashing. His little skylight, satellite, planet, orb, star. This huge light obnoxious in the sky every night. Thatís Maitreya. Donít confuse it with Jupiter and Venus. Itís lower than them even. You canít miss it. Itís this white obnoxious star looking satellite type thing. Next couple of weeks; if you hear a big boom...itís kindof like a universal thing where everybody hears it, thatís it. I canít wait for that one.  


I think Iíll read something else first. Its something the Lord gave me a couple of years ago. I posted it to my lists this week. I Am Coming for a A Bride.


I want you to pay attention to how He describes His Bride. Much different than what the church does.





I Am Coming For A Bride...

    I am coming for a bride that is found without guile. In Me they are spotless and blameless because they walk in ME and desire daily to be in ME and get to know Me.

    They don't follow Me with their lips, they follow Me with their hearts.

    Many will be left behind to their own devices. They say they know Me but they don't. They seek truth as it is in man and not as it is in Me.

    Many claim My Name and don't know Me intimately. Have not I said, "My sheep hear my voice and they know Me, and they follow Me"?

   I am coming for MY sheep. And these sheep will transform the world in the dark and evil days ahead when Satan takes complete rule of the earth.

   Many victories will be won for Me in the dark and evil days and My sheep will lead the way in the calling of righteousness and repentance.

   My child do not fear the things that you see or hear that are coming. Stay in Me. You know there is no fear in Me. So draw close to Me and stay there even at the darkest hours, for I am your Light.

   I am coming soon for My sheep, you will hear My calling and see Me face to face. I love you child.  Thus saith the Lord your God.


Pretty much the same things that Heís been telling me for years. The whole thing about having a relationship with the Lord; is building one with Him so that its a daily thing. Itís not a weekly Sunday thing. You donít become a Sunday Christian; a sun-god Christian. Every Sunday you spend time with the Lord snoring and sleeping in the churches with the false prophets. Itís a daily walk with Him. You donít follow Him with your lips; you follow Him with your heart. Itís like the Lord had told me a couple of days ago. He said, they talk about Me. They donít know Me, they just talk about Me. Heís talking about the people in the churches today.

Another thing is theyíre found without guile. Guile is witchcraft. Youíll see this whole boom, I guess you can call it....increase of all these Pentecostal false preachers. They just have tens of thousands of followers on television and in their huge ministries across the country. Joel Osteen, Benny Hinn, Copeland. All these false prophets speaking in tongues and their false visions. Thatís guile. Thatís guile. You need to get away from all that crap. I have an article on what the Lord told me about tongues at my website. Just look in the article section. They are not of Him.

Another thing; in being spotless and blameless. Itís not because theyíre not sinners and not sinning. They are spotless and blameless because they walk in Him and desire to be in Him and they get to know Him. To Him, thatís being spotless and blameless. In the Bible codes youíll see it as ďperfect.Ē Youíll see someone listed as ďperfectĒ. Youíre thinking, none of us are perfect. Well we donít see things the same way as the Lord does. Heís already forgiven us for our sins. Sin has always been a tool of Satanís to pound people over the head and make them feel like theyíre ineffective for the Lord because they have sin in their lives. To be spotless and blameless before the Lord; it doesnít have a thing to do with how perfect you are; if youíre sinning or not. Itís because youíre walking in Him. You desire daily to be in Him and get to know Him. Itís that daily walk where you are following Him with your heart and not you lips. Youíre not just talking about Him on Sundayís. Not just one or two days a week. Itís a daily walk that you have with Him. Heís your priority. That is what He considers to have someone spotless and blameless in Him. So very interesting, because we know that we donít always see things the way He sees things. He doesnít see things the way we do. Itís very different. Thatís what He considers to be spotless and blameless before Him.


I thought that was interesting. Things Heís revealed to me throughout the years.  He never really tells me anything new; He just confirms something He has already told me before. So itís very interesting.

On the first of this year He gave me a message. Iím going to read it over and I maybe have a few comments. Itís a pretty long message.

I asked Him what was going to happen this year and He answered me; this is the year for destruction.


Child this is the Year for Destruction. ..


The time is now for everything done in the darkness to come to the light and all will be revealed.


Nations will shake and tremble at My wrath. None can stand against the forces of Satan and My wrath is against them all. Only those hidden in Me will be safe.


You have stood when others have failed. You have stood when others have mocked you, you have always stood for Me child, and now I will stand for you. I am with you, and I will stand for you and by you as they seek to come against you even moreso.


Many have failed you, and they have failed Me, do not look to man but to Me..it is I who is leading and carrying you child. I blessed many to bless you and they failed, now I have taken their finances and possessions and will continue to do so, I have allowed the countries to crumble and their money to fail, I have allowed this and I have done this to judge those who think they can mock Me with their greed and stubbornness. They worship Ammon and Molech and think I'm not looking, that I'm not aware of the things they are doing. My judgment is on them.


Many call My Name and they are not Mine. I have not chosen them, I have not stood them up and I have not stood by them. They are deceived by their own vices and devices and I have had enough of their mockery of My Name. When they are suffering and calling to Me I will not hear them. My judgment is on them.


The Giants are here, they are coming moreso, the evil ones think they can disrupt plans and double-cross each other and forfeit agendas for other ones. I laugh at their derision.

The rich will suffer with the poor and none will be spared. None. Their towers and high places will fall and not serve their purposes, their hideouts will be destroyed and they will suffer with plagues not seen before by mankind. Many plagues coming and my Judgment is on them all.


The wicked will be destroyed with the righteous. Many will be tested and brought through the fires of refinement. Those who stay steadfast in Me will enter My glory in heaven, many will turn away and be deceived by the things that are coming and they will be turned away from Me child, and lost to Satan.

Satan's influence is dominant in everything and most leaders. The shepherds don't look to Me they...(they just) talk about Me. They are deceived in their own pride and arrogance and don't even know Me. They will lead many to the destruction of their souls and the fires of hell and it is the fault of those who listen to them and support them. There are very few that I have stood up that have stayed faithful to Me. Most are not even in the churches today for I have led them out.


The deceived and the blind are going to go hand in hand into the fires of hell. I have reached and they have turned Me away, Those I have stood up, they have mocked and ridiculed, and those who are coming who want to destroy them, they will listen to and follow. It is Satan's war against My people and those he already has as his own.


The earth will shake and tremble, much destruction coming by My hand and at Satan's own hand. Tell My people to stand in Me and stand for Me and they will enter into the gates of Heaven.


Your war against Satan has come at a great price, he is with great anger and wrath, and will leave no rock unturned to find My people. His time is short and he knows now that his futile attempts to be worshipped as Me, are and were in vain. Many of his own forces are wroth...as he did before as he has done again, he deceived his own...just as he deceives My people he deceives his own people and forces. He is the father of all evil, and lies.


Tell them child, tell them they have been deceived by their own master and to turn away from him...tell them no wicked deed goes unpunished, no matter how big or small..to turn away from evil.


Satan will fall like lightening from the sky...you've already seen his forces crashing and falling from the sky..he's next.


Your victories in Me will be obvious for those with eyes to see.


You have led My people well child, and you have taught them much in Me. Continue to lead as I lead you, and reveal what I tell you to. You're my voice on earth, I will lift you up for even the blind to see. They will have no excuse, but only a short time left to repent of their rebelliousness against Me and turn to Me for salvation and forgiveness of their sins against Me.


It's soon child. They fear you. They know My hand is on you. They know you are My anointed one on earth and they can't defeat or distract you. Only if I should ever lift My hand would they ever overcome you child. You will know what is of Me and what isn't.


I love you. You are so strong for Me, just like your ancient grandfather, you have stood against the giants and continue to do so. You shake the gates of Hell. The War is coming against My people. Prepare them for this. It will be brutal and none will escape without My protection. They will be tested and tried and I will allow it.


Tell them to seek Me as their refuge and strength even when they think all hope is lost for them and their lives.


I know you want more specifics but child I have already shown you much, you know what is coming. Don't doubt what I have shown you already. It was of Me. I know you want more confirmations but I have given you many already.


Prepare My people for terror, horror, but to stand strong in Me.


Your time is short. Soon all will come to pass that you have feared. I know you fear for those on the Earth.


Just stay in Me and find your comfort and strength in Me.


Soon child....Soon. ...I will see you Soon. I love you.




 This is a message that the Lord gave me on January 1st. Passing on a couple of comments. Especially some of the things Heís already said:


The time is now for everything done in the darkness to come to the light and all will be revealed.


Watch for a lot of disclosure from the government, from the militaries. A lot of things coming out from the New World Order crowd about how evil and wicked they are. Things theyíve been hiding from the public for umpteen years. All the deceptions and trickery and things that have been going on. Watch for all these things to come out. Itíll be interesting. He says everything is going to come out. Just the mere fact that our government itself has been the biggest drug lords on the Earth and their ďwar on drugsĒ was a war for drugs. It should be interesting seeing all this come to light. Everything that people have branded as conspiracies; when they finally see everything for the truth that it is, are going to be quite shocked.


Another thing is the fact that He is warning Satanís forces themselves to turn away from evil. Satan has lied to all of them. I started wondering last year, just reading a lot of their stuff. They really tend to believe a lot of the garbage theyíre spewing. You can get into email arguments with these beings because they really believe what theyíre saying...or theyíre just really good con artists. We know itís that too. Theyíre just liars. But the Lord has kindof confirmed they have been deceived by Satan himself. So once these beings...and Iím talking about these fourth dimensional beings in his kingdom now; all of these alien races that are following Satan and are being deceived by him. The Lord is warning you to turn away from evil because no wicked deed goes unpunished, no matter how big or smallTo all these forces surrounding Satan and following him; you need to turn away from evil because you will stand in judgment before the Lord. Just as humans will, so will these spirit and alien beings from the fourth dimension; they will stand before Him in judgment as well. So He is warning you to turn away from evil.


Another thing He stated again and something He told me weeks ago; the giants are here already and are just coming more and more and more. Like I said, and He confirmed it in His message. He said weíve seen his forces crashing. Iíve talked about how these light flashes and booms all over the world and theyíre saying itís a meteor or whatever. Itís actually Satanís UFOs crashing all over the place because of the orgoned atmosphere. Satan is next. He said weíve seen his forces crashing and the next thing weíre going to see is going to be Satan himself crashing. Thatís why Iíve been warning about this obnoxious satellite that Maitreya has. Itís going to boom and crash to Earth. Its going to be funny....and itís next...one of these things thatís next. Usually when I see ďnextĒ in the Bible codes, it can be one day...it can be one year. So I donít think we have a whole year. In fact, anything Iím seeing in the codes right now is from now until May. These early spring months are going to be very dominant. Even just January and February as Obama takes office.


Watch the Earth start rebelling. The Bible even talks about how the Earth itself moans and groans. The Earth is a living spirit. Obviously, as more wicked gets on it, itís going to rebel. So taking a lizard as a president; leading the once greatest nation on Earth...now its just going to crumble and fall and be a has been.


Thatís what Iím trying to prepare you guys for. Nothing is going back to the way it used to be. Heís warnings still and wanting me to warn people about the persecution thatís coming. Iíve talked about this Orgone war that we instigated several years ago...I think back in 2004. The Lord says Your war against Satan has come at a great price, he is with great anger and wrath, and will leave no rock unturned to find My people.


Heís going to seek vengeance. Just as weíve crashed his temple to Earth...whatever you want to call it; a star, a satellite, a temple...and weíve crashed that to Earth. And all of his forces. And have been annihilating him in both dimensions for the past several years. When he arrives to Earth, heís very angry and heís going to seek vengeance and come after the Bride. Heís going to come after the Orgone Warriors and heís going to come after the church when he canít find the Orgone Warriors. I really believe at that time is when the Lord will take the Orgone Warriors home and the other warriors that He has....144,000; a mixture of different types of warriors. Heís going to take them home and Satan canít find them on Earth. Heís going to go after the church; the Bride. You can read in Revelation where he blasphemes the tabernacle of Heaven and he blasphemes those in Heaven because when he came after us, he couldnít find us. I really do think then that before he can even get a hold of any of us, the Lord is just going to take us home. Thatís why heís so mad. It really makes me laugh.


Anyway, the Lord says, The wicked will be destroyed with the righteous.

Thatís another ting Iíve been saying for years; how the whole thing with the New World Order and all these secret societies and how these groups run and how theyíll all promised that when the crap hits the fan, them and their families will be protected. Itís all hogwash. Itís hogwash. These wicked people that have been listening to Satanís lies all these years and doing his bidding on Earth and getting the whole one world order thing together; theyíre going to be destroyed with everybody else.  Satan has no favorites. Heís not going to share his kingdom with anyone. Whatever kingdom you want to call that he has; heís not going to share it. He feeds them lies. Whatever they want to hear; power, wealth, rank in his kingdom.  Then they die and go to Hell, or he kills them and takes them to Hell and gives them their kingdom which is a little pit of fire or something even worse. Yeah, thatís what they have to look forward to for believing his lies all these years. Iíd rather be a poor Christian, than a rich wicked person.


This economic collapse isnít sparing anybody. Youíre going to see the wealthy lose everything they have, along with the poor. Itís not like theyíve been told; that theyíve imagined it. Like theyíll be some wealthy class and the poor class so they can feel like theyíre hotshots over the poor class. The Lord says theyíre going to be destroyed along with the poor. Itís not going to be anything like theyíve imagined. Itís good to hear that. Iíve never really handled the human aspect of this war on Earth; Iíve always handled the inner-dimensional aspect. My war has been against Satan per say. Straight on, up against him and his forces. Everything else has been left up to everybody else. Its encouraging to know that not only are we defeating him on the backside where nobody can see, but on the front side with all his stupid little followers in the New World Order and these occultic circles and these secret societies, these Mormons, Scientologists and all these groups that spew his garbage under his influence. Itís going to be very interesting the next couple of weeks.


People ask me what is going to be Obamaís crisis.  Weíve got a war coming in the Middle East, folks. The Bible prophecy of Damascus being destroyed has never been fulfilled yet, so I have a feeling thatís about to come about. So thereíll be a war between Israel and Damascus.


Also look for some rouge nations like Libya. Their terrorist cell led by Maitreya himself, but heís not going to say that. Heís going to act like thereís some Al Qaeda and Libya somewhere thatís going to have a suitcase nuke and try and hit Jerusalem or whatever. Watch for the destruction of the Knesset and the Islam Dome of the Temple. Watch for the destruction of that. Destruction of Damascus....and just watch in general, Libya rising as a terrorist nation, I guess you could call it. Libya, Iran, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Lithuania. Some of these Arab countries that will be Satanís 10 nation power base; all those coming together.


The Bible says they reign together for one hour. So theyíve never been in alliance or recognized as a league of nations or power or anything. So they do rise with him for one hour. That totally throws out all the Masonic interpretations that the 10 is going to be European nations or whatever. Yeah, yeah...keep your eyes on Arabia, because everything is going to come out of there first. When you see the giants arising in Arabia, these New Age ascended teachers; this world teacher Maitreya coming out of Arabia. Eventually itís heading this way. So especially when you see that stuff happening, get the Orgone out. Get your ammo. Get your food. Get things supplied. Donít even wait until then; do that now because hings are going to hit the fan quickly when all this starts coming about.


Iím going to answer a few questions and end the show.


Question from a listener: There is a star very close to us. Itís so obvious that itís not a star. Do satellites sit still and not move? I sit and watch it every single night.


Answer: What state are you in? These fake stars are satellites. They spy. They take video. They watch everything youíre doing. They listen to my radio show up there. They do all kinds of stuff. Theyíre so low to the Earth. Theyíre too low to be stars. Theyíre like 30 - 33 degrees above our horizon. Just way too low to be an actual star or planet, so you know theyíre satellites. I like the pretty ones that have the blue or red lights. The white ones....eh.


Question from a listener: How do you think or know if Yahweh told you how the Neanderthals, mammoths or dinosaurs fit into creation? Would Neanderthals be the failed attempts of Satan to create man? Is the missing link the breath of life?


Answer; Yes, Iíve already stated all that. That is my explanation. Thatís what Iíve been saying since day one. Neanderthals were his creation. The missing link between his creations and a human is the breath of life.


Question: I received your group message from Yahweh and was wondering why He mentioned a lot of us would be going through trials from Satan and Yah that are allowed.


Answer: I think He is specifically talking about the coming martial law, where theyíll be rounded up and sent off to their deaths in these camps. Iím sure Heís talking about just trials now as well, because Heís talked about how Heís taking their money and their finances because they wouldnít listen to Him and what He has told them to do with it. So Heís taking it away from them. He told me a year ago that He was going to do that. No surprise that itís happening now that youíre seeing a lot of wealthy people lose their money.  I know myself that there were some very wealthy people to be here in the last days with me to help with this Orgone ministry and they turned their backs on the whole thing and theyíre supporting some false prophet somewhere else. Instead of supporting the Lords true people; theyíre off supporting the false prophets. Thatís why the Lord says donít call on Me and expect Me to listen when youíre suffering. Heís not going to listen to them. Heís going to allow them to go through trials and testing. It angers Him. Thereís going to be a lot of trials and testing and people calling out, thinking, ďWhy isnít the Lord listening to me? Why isnít He answering my prayer?Ē Because youíve angered Him. Thatís why Heís not listening. Theyíre going to be allowed to go through testing and refinement. Whenever you see that word ďrefinementĒ you know its death. The whole War on the Saints; the whole martial law thatís coming; a lot of Christians being rounded up, hauled off and killed. Heís going to allow that to happen.


Comment from a listener: You know things are getting bad when satanic cults are masquerading as churches. I recently visited a Unitarian Church thinking it was Christian. These people were openly practicing witchcraft and mocking the Lord.


Sherry: Yeah, our churches are completely apostate today. The Lord pulled me out of them years ago. I canít see how anybody who really loves the Lord can still be in them today. Theyíre so not of Him. 


Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, is it just me or are you starting to notice more and more tall people in public these days? Iím in the Columbus Ohio area and am starting to see more and more like they have a base or a house around here.


Answer: You are in Columbus and they do have a base there. Iíve done work in Columbus and I know youíve done work in Columbus. They do have a base there. They have them everywhere. One thing that struck me when I was watching the Olympics last summer. I watched it everyday for 2or 3 weeks or whatever. I love watching sports. They kept saying that there would never be another Olympics like this one again. What I kept thinking was, yeah, because all the humans will be dwarfed by all the giants. Look at Michael Phelps; he was almost seven feet tall. The other athletes were 6 -7 feet tall. That gigantism defect in their DNA....in human DNA coming out.


Just imagine when the giants are here on Earth. Right now, weíre just looking at some of this gigantism DNA defect. The aliens themselves; these Nordics that are on Earth masquerading as humans and things like that. These Anaks from Mt. Shasta that do mimic humans here on Earth. When the real giants are here, theyíre even much taller than they are. Youíre not going to mistake them. 10, 12, 14, 16 feet high. The whole earth is in a mess when you see those. Right now, it just seems like parts of our society are getting very, very tall. You donít know if itís just because more and more are coming out from their underground cities and bases and assimilating with our society or just some of these people born with this DNA defect. Interesting.


Comment from a listener: (referring back to the first question asked) Oh, heís from Michigan. Iím next door in Ohio. Yeah, keep your eyes on that one. Itís going to come flying out of the sky....crashing out of the sky.


Comment from a listener: We were watching one of those Hollywood movies recently called The Happening. In the movie a plague was killing people immediately. In one scene there was a school bus that had 2010 written prominently on the hood. They paused conspicuously, so we had to concentrate on that 2010. We just turned to each other and said, ďHmmm.Ē


Sherry: Yeah, 2010. The Lord has warned there are going to be plagues that mankind has never seen. Weíve seen leprosy before and we know thatís here and going to rise. These are ghastly. So something even worse than leprosy. I was watching Animal Planet last night. This guy had gotten bit by a snake. The venom was eating his skin to the point where all you could see what bone sticking out. All you could see was the bone in his finger. He said it was something...necrosis...something. Interesting that Iím always seeing that term ďnecrosisĒ in the Bible codes. Thatís an aging. Itís a dying. I always just considered it is part of one of these plagues that are going to hit these alien and demonic beings from the Orgone Ė causes them to die and decay and stuff like that. It can also be perhaps something that hits mankind. Some kind of necrosis thing to where your flesh just starts getting eaten and all you have left is the bone. That would be really wild. Iíll have to pay more attention to that. I have looked at necrosis and cellular permutations happening. So not everything being caused by the Orgone, but also the plagues sent from the Lord Himself to affect the wicked on Earth.


No matter what happens, or what comes to Earth...the one thing He always said; the one thing that will always be a standard is to stay in Him and to seek Him. Not to be afraid at the things that are going on around us and the things that are coming. But to stand strong in Him. Just keep seeking Him, folks. Praise His Name. Thatís like Believers 101 school. When you want to feel the Lords instant presence, praise His Name. So if youíre scared; something happening and you just want to feel His instant presence, start praising His Name. Start praising His Name. Youíve got a 10 foot Goliath coming in your front yard? Start praising His Name. He says that even when it appears that all is lost and youíre going to lose your lives, to still stay in Him and seek Him. I know He can pull off some miraculous things. Iíve seen it myself on my road trips. He can hide you. He can make you invisible so they canít even see you. All kinds of fun stuff. Even when you think all is lost and youíre going to die, stay in Him. Praise His Name. Call out to Him. Do whatever He leads you to do. He says just to stay in Him...even when all is lost and you think youíre going to die.


If youíre not in Him...time to get in Him. I know a lot of people are sitting on the fence, sitting on the sidelines. Time to get off the fence and get back with the Lord. Itís not a time to be backsliding because this is going to be the year of destruction. There is going to be a lot of death....a lot of destruction. So you need to be prepared to die. You donít know when a satellite from space is going to land on top of your house. You donít know where itís going to land. Itís going to get pretty wild. And also with ICE; Homeland Security groups going out and rounding up people in the guise of rounding up illegal aliens. Theyíre going to round up Christians and Patriots and everybody else. Just get in the Lord and start building a daily relationship with Him.


Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.