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Transcribed by Liz Patton


And hello everybody. Youíre live; itís Monday night February 2nd, 2009 . If you have a question for the show, you can send it to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking that in and out. Itís been a very tiring day for me. In fact, Iíve spent most of the day sleeping because I spent most of the night working. So I havenít seen TV at all today. The world could have crashed and I wouldnít know it. So if I missed something drastic on the news, somebody could let me know. Itís a Monday. Iíve been spending a lot of time out in the garage. In Ohio these winters are getting brutal, or Iím getting too old. I think itís a mixture of both here.


A couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. I did an interview Friday night with the Extreme Society show. The link will be posted on their website. Supposed to be sometime today...I just checked and it wasnít posted yet. Iíll let you know when itís posted. I also have two interviews this weekend. This Saturday Iím doing an interview with Dr. Rebecca Carley Ė Whatís Ailing America. Then on Sunday, Iíll be doing an interview with Strange Frequencies. Iíll post those links and send them out to my lists probably towards the weekend and give you a reminder that Iím doing those interviews.


I had a real good time Friday night with the Extreme Society Show. Kind of like a panel of people. It was fun. You know, just getting the word out is basically whatís important right now.


The mainstream media.  You know, for years....and they spend thousands of dollars on the NSA interns all over the internet in trying to discredit me and make me look like Iím a nut job. Then they go in the Super Bowl and put out a commercial - Lizard Lake . And they just verify everything Iíve been saying for years!  So I found it amusing. I donít know if a lot of you saw that, I posted the link at the WatcherFiles.com. You can also go to You Tube.com and put in ďSuper Bowl commercial Lizard Lake Ē. It was for Sobe.


Iíve warned about these drinks theyíre coming out with. Especially if you buy Sobe. I remember when it first came out. Sobe has this Pina Colada drink. I used to drink a lot of that when I was on the road because I loved the taste of that. Then you look at the bottle; it has a lizard on it. I was like, ďOh, my gosh !What is this? It has a lizard on the bottle!Ē This was back a couple of years ago, when I first got aware it was even out. Now they have out this Life Water. So I did some research on those. I wrote an article, White Powder Gold Ė The Mono Atomic Destruction of Mankind. They are using these drinks to tweak human DNA. I wrote an article about that last year.


 The interesting thing about this Super Bowl commercial was that they have these male actors look very....like men, acting very effeminate. Theyíre doing ballet and all this silly stuff. At the very end of the commercial, the man shape-shifts into a lizard. It happens very quickly. Iím just amazed that they just verify everything Iíve been talking about. Yeah, keep the discrediting campaigns going and then verify everything I say. Itís kindof funny. Really amusing.


 Like Iíve said, stay away from those drinks. Itís about the same thing when this "Jesus" comes and the kool-aid heís going to be pushing. They have this....Iíve talked about it....the Bible codes call it myrrh. I donít know. Itís some kind of white powder. You really have to be able to distinguish in the Bible codes if they are talking about this white powder or cocaine, because sometimes it just looks like cocaine....is this white powder? I definitely think itís different. If someone is a cocaine user addict, the name cocaine will straight up, come up. Iíve warned that Bush was a cocaine addict. We had Clinton . Now we have Obama. It seems like a prerequisite to be President of the United States is to have no ethic, no morals, have no true belief in the One True God and also be a drug addict. Seems to run through as main qualifications to be President of the United States .


The Lord has been showing me lately how they do things. Itís always amusing. It takes a while to soak in too; exactly how they run and control everything. Usually you just look at the opposites. Just look at the opposites because thatís the way they think; they way they work. Look at Obamaís administration. Heís putting in all these Zionists. These NeoCons that we thought we were going to get rid of when Bush finally got his butt bounced out of office. Now the first thing heís going to do is destroy Jerusalem . You would think heís putting in all of these Zionists because heís going to protect Jerusalem , but the truth is, he is going to destroy Jerusalem . They always do the opposites of what theyíre going to do. Like if he wasnít going to destroy Jerusalem , he probably would have loaded his cabinets with.....Arabs or something. I donít know. He is a pawn of the whole Islam and Arab community. So itís going to be very interesting.


Remember back in 2001 when I kept warning you guys that 2009 there would be a very dominant female? I figured she would be president because she is so dominant in 2009. And here we are in 2009. Back then I told you it was going to be Hillary Clinton and she wasnít even a senator of New York . Back then just pretty much known as Bill Clintonís wife in 2001. Not even heard of very much. I had pegged her as being very dominant in 2009, and thatís exactly the way it is in the codes right now. Hillary is very dominant and sheís going to be pretty much spearheading the complete economic annihilation of this country. While Obama does one thing, Hillary is going to be doing another. Itís going to be like the Bush/Cheney administration. I donít know why Biden is in there. He might start doing something later. We know in Bushís administration, Cheney really ran everything. In Obamaís administration, Hillary is the strong one. She is going to be the one to watch out for. Itís going to be interesting.


With Bush we had look-a- likes, we had clones. We had all these things with Bush. You never knew which one would show up for a press conference. Half the time the real one was hiding in an underground base somewhere. They kept him out of the limelight. The same thing is going to happen pretty much I think with Obama. Interesting that with Tim Osama....Osmond...whatever you want to call him; Osama bin Laden and Obama. There are several Osama bin Ladenís and there are several Obamaís. Weíre messing with just a bunch of different clones. Theyíre just being used to market an agenda. They are just pawns.


Hillary is also going to be dominant in crushing Jerusalem . Sheís got her hands full this year. Sheís going to finish crushing our economy, and then sheís going to go to Jerusalem and crush them. Sheís got busy year. Iíve always said sheís going to be dominant in America being in martial law. I do think this will be the year martial law will start in America .


I donít know about all of these Supreme Court fights; people try to challenge Obama and stuff. They do have something right. Some people say, ďWell, heís president. Why doní they get over it and just let him be president. And even though he did usurp it and he didnít win it. Well neither did Bush, because he stole it from Gore.Ē And you can go on and on and on and on. But the truth is, when they do that and somebody hit the nail right on the head Ė they can blackmail Obama. They can spend the next few years blackmailing Obama over his birth certificate, over the truth, over this and over that. Itís very true because I see in the codes now how heís already being blackmailed and bullied. Thatís why you need everything legal. So that there are no issues where somebody can blackmail you and then force you to work their agenda for them while you are president. Look at Bush. All he did was work the Oil Cartel agenda the whole time he was president. He was blackmailed up the ying. He had a lot of sin in his life with homosexual behavior and drugs and alcohol. They had him blackmailed up the T. So thatís pretty much the same thing theyíre doing with Obama.


We get these ungodly people. We anoint them as king over our nation, and then wonder why our nation is being destroyed. You can just sit back and feel the disgust of God over the whole issue of this country. Itís pretty much turned its back against Him. Itís basically; you get what you asked for. That was pretty much what God had told Israel back in the Old Testament times when He had always been their king. Then they wanted to be like the other nations around them and have their own king and set a king over them. The Lord pretty much told them, ďYouíre going to get what you asked for. Youíre not going to like it.Ē Very interesting. He always knows whatís best for us, but we always think, ďOh, I know whatís best for me. I want to do this.Ē So here we go again. Israel as a nation, just going to plunge straight to Hell in a hand basket. Thatís pretty much whatís going to happen.


Another thing I wanted to bring up. There was a discussion on my list. Somebody had mentioned something about, ďWhatís its going to be like during the Millennial Reign?Ē I find it amusing because this is certainly one thing that the church will think is a mystery that nobody knows. Because they reject most of the Bible at the same time while they act like they are the biggest proponents and teachers of the Bible, they reject most of it. They donít realize they do it because theyíre just so used to doing it.


The Millennial Reign is not going to be any surprise rule by the Lord. The Bible says Heíll establish David in Jerusalem as king over the world at that point. Weíre going to be following Torah Law. Itís no big surprise. Now it is to the church because theyíve rejected the Law. The church teaches that the Law was fulfilled....which it was. Which doesnít mean it was done away with. It just means the sacrificial part of having a perfect sacrifice, which was Yahushua the Son of the God, came and died for our sins and redeemed mankind. The sacrificial part of the Law was fulfilled. It did not mean the entire Law was ended at that point, but thatís the way the church teaches it.


 They canít understand that during the Millennial Reign we will be ruled exactly as David ruled in the Old Testament under Torah Law. The sacrificial requirements are no longer necessary because Yahushua already died. He was the perfect sacrifice, rose again and conquered death. Weíre all redeemed. But that doesnít negate the other 600 and some laws. People think that itís burdensome, but they donít really donít understand the Law itself. If you really look at the Torah Law that the Israelites lived under; there were many laws in regards to business; in regards to society living. It wasnít just all tedious temple worship and sacrifice stuff. Thatís the impression the churches always give you. Even down to just borrowing money; there was no bank set-up. You were not allowed to be charged interest. It was just a lot of protections for people. It covered everything from living on Earth in every aspect. That would be the Law that we will be following in the Millennial Reign.


If you read in Revelation, it even talks about observing the Feasts. Weíll still be observing the Feasts. Even though itís the Millennial Reign....everything is over. Guess what? Weíre still observing the Feasts!! The seven feasts that the Lord established with Israel that the churches rejected. Now they celebrate Easter and Christmas and bunnies.  So itís going to be a shock to most of churchdumb today, that when the Lord comes and sets up His Theocratic rule on Earth during the Millennial Reign, it goes right back to the way the Israelites were ruled in the Old Testament. The church always thinks thereís a hiccup. The Israelites followed that for 4,000 or whatever years, and the church age comes along and all that it null and void. Itís all been replaced by Paulís doctrines that arenít even doctrines; theyíre just teachings that people accept. Now that the church age is over, we end that and go back to Old Testament times, living under the Law.


If the Lord is the same yesterday, today and forever, donít you think those laws stand today? Donít you think that they still stand today?


 I know the disgust that churches give Messianic Jews thinking they are crazy. Every church does that. Every church thinks theyíre the real denomination. That theyíre the real church. They all think that.


Thatís why Iíve been saying for years; get out of religion and get into a relationship. The churches are apostate. In the last days, it talks about the church of Laodicea . The Lord is standing on the outside of the churches because Heís not involved with the churches. I donít know how many times Heís told me that Heís not part of them. Everybody always thinks thatís somebody elseís church. ďThatís somebody elseís. Thatís not my church.Ē None of them are His. I would be amazed. He told me none of them. So boom, there you go. There you go. There are so many things with the churches today. They have a picture of Satanís general in them. ďOh look, hereís a picture of Jesus.Ē Theyíve got Satanís general hanging in all the churches.


Iíve talked about that at theWatcherFiles.com. I posted a bunch of stuff up this weekend. I spent a lot of time updating my websites, SherryShriner.com and TheWatcherFiles.com. What I did was post the different scenarios of the different beasts that are coming. I wanted to give you an idea of the things Iíve been seeing in the codes and trying to explain over the past year or two that there are several routes. The one thing I worry about is that I donít think a lot of people will get deceived by this Maitreya when he comes. Especially America , because he is Arab. America will reject Maitreya either way, because heís Arab. The Islamic world is gonna love him, but America will reject him. Then you have Jesus coming in September.


The interesting thing is the one 1.6 billion Arabs will reject Jesus, but theyíll accept Maitreya. In America , a lot of them will be fooled by this "Jesus" thatís coming. Because he looks like the Jesus of the churches. Iíve told you who that is. Itís Sananda Esu Immanuel. One of Satanís generals. "Jesus" is not the Son of Gods real Name. Thatís why I give you the importance of calling Him by His real name Yahushua, which means God is Salvation as opposed to Jesus. Yeshua means a horse. Donít call Him that Talmud name. I donít like the Talmud name Yeshua, simply because of that. The Talmud is very blasphemous against the Son of God. Itís a very Satanic and blasphemous book. I just stick with what the Hebrews call Him, which is Yahushua. I donít like the Talmud. I donít want to go near that thing. I have articles on my website TheWatcherFiles.com on the Talmud as well. You can read it for yourself and see how much garbage and filth they have in it.


The first scenario being Maitreya coming and Jesus coming. Maitreya is the Antichrist; Jesus is the false prophet. If they have problems with that, which I think eventually they will. Theyíll both run into a big problem with the Orgone that we have in the atmosphere; the air, and itís going to destroy them.


 I can see the Orgone causing Maitreyaís forces to crash out of the skies. The UFOs weíre seeing today crashing out of the skies...heís going to be next. Heís going to be one of them coming down like lightening out of the sky with his UFO. Even Jesus when he arrives. Very tall being and going to be emaciated because of the effects of the Orgone in the air thatís going to destroy them. So Iím looking for both of them to be destroyed. If that happens....if that happens, the next possible scenario would be Obama as the Antichrist and Benny Hinn as the false prophet.


People say no one is going to worship Obama as God and blah, blah, blah. Obama can be incarnated because he is such a shell of a being. Heís a creature; a lizard. The Bible codes call him a beast; an animal; a creature; a lizard.  He can be incarnated by Satan very easily. He could be. Heís definitely a candidate. Not so much because heís Obama, but because heís the leader of last days Babylon.


If you follow the writings of the Old Testament, they had warned about in the last days, the leader of Babylon playing that role of the man of sin. Thatís why Iíve always said, itís going to be the leader of the United States or if the United States gives control of itself over to a king or somebody else like Iíve been warning about. Especially with Obama giving the keys, you might want to say, to Maitreya to rule over the world. Whoever is leading; whoever is the leader of Babylon in the last days is the Antichrist. It can be our own president. It could be somebody else. Whoever takes control over the United States . Thatís simply why there are different scenarios.


Benny Hinn. Iíve posted a lot of stuff on him, to try and wake people up to how evil this guy is. I have waves up of him hissing and growling. You can hear them on my websites. Different stuff that he has said in reverse speech. The Bible codes calls Benny Hinn Satanís mouthpiece on Earth. He is becoming more and more dominant in the Bible codes. You need to be careful, especially with all these beings in the last days; Obama, Hinn, this Jesus thatís coming and Maitreya. They all use hypnotism to hypnotize the audiences and the people that are listening to them. They all use these hypnotic gestures, their voices. Be very careful of them. I can see in the codes where they use hypnotism. Thatís how theyíll get the masses to go along with whatever they want. Some of us are just in shock like, ďWell who would follow that? Who would believe that?Ē But they use hypnotism. Anybody can go along with whatever they want because its going to sound great, ďOkay do whatever you want.Ē Theyíre under hypnosis and arenít going to be control of their minds to disagree with these beasts.


The third interesting scenario that Iíve seen is where this Sananda/Jesus thatís coming becomes the Antichrist and Benny Hinn becomes his cheerleader; his false prophet. I canít at this point....the role of the Antichrist between Maitreya, Obama and Jesus. At this point, itís whoever survives. This Orgone is going to affect them all. As far as the false prophet goes, Benny Hinn is very strong in that role; waiting to be their cheerleader on Earth. Kindof like their John the Baptist. They talk about Benjamin Creme being Maitreyaís John the Baptist, but if you look in the codes, when he does arrive, itís going to be this Benny Hinn whoís going to really be his cheerleader on Earth promoting him to America and anyone who will listen to him....which apparently is a lot of people. Heíll be promoting the Antichrist or Jesus or whoever comes. Heís in this whole alien agenda. Heís sold out to Satan. Heís not just a pawn of just Maitreyaís or a pawn of this Jesus/Sananda. He is sold out to the whole alien agenda, so whichever one he is told to promote, thatís the one heíll promote. Heís just waiting in the wings. Waiting for one of them to show up; this Maitreya to show up.


I found it interesting because I had warned last week about leprosy coming. Not that itís coming, but itís already here. (coughing) Thereís a huge plague. 15 million people around the world are already plagued with leprosy. Iíd seen in the codes where Hinn was in a panic over this leprosy. It occurred to me about the prophecy from Zechariah. It took me a while to find it, but I knew it was in Zechariah somewhere about the false shepherd. I found it online. I did a word search on ďshepherdĒ because I knew it was part of the prophecy. In Zechariah 11: 16 and 17.... (coughing a lot) They donít want me to talk about this. I feel like Iím choking half the time. It literally feels like someoneís hands are on my neck and I canít breathe. It says, he will receive a paralyzed or dried up arm and he will go blind in one eye.


Zechariah 11:16-17 For, lo, I will raise up a shepherd in the land, [which] shall not visit those that be cut off, neither shall seek the young one, nor heal that that is broken, nor feed that that standeth still: but he shall eat the flesh of the fat, and tear their claws in pieces. Woe to the idol shepherd that leaveth the flock! the sword [shall be] upon his arm, and upon his right eye: his arm shall be clean dried up, and his right eye shall be utterly darkened.


No one knows how to feed off the flock and fleece the flock worse than Benny Hinn does.


Interesting with this leprosy plague gaining momentum and Hinn being in a panic about it. What would cause his right arm to dry up and his right eye to go blind? These are effects of leprosy. Iím not saying heís going to get it or anything; Iím just saying thereís just an interesting correlation there. Exactly how this happens to the false shepherd at that point in time, whoever the false shepherd is. If itís Hinn, or this Sananda/Jesus that comes. It would be even more comical if it was this Sananda because they come as healers. Benny Hinn does too.


 The Bible says in Revelation 13 that the false prophet performs many miracles. But he canít heal himself. (LOL) He has this plague eaten useless, dead, dried up right arm, then goes blind in his right eye and he canít heal himself.  That was almost as bad as when the TBN crowd. When one of them gets cancer, the rest of them just flee. Theyíre so busy charging everybody else for healings and stuff and when one of their own gets sick, they canít even heal them. Nobody ever catches this stuff.


 I remember calling in to one of Pat Robertsonís shows back when I was in college and just being a brat. I was going to call in and hassle him a little bit during one of his shows. After the phone rang about 100 times, somebody picked up, apologized for the phone ringing so many times and said that half the staff was out sick that night. The first thing I said to this woman who had answered the phone was ďIsnít he a faith healer. He canít even heal his own staff, but heís on television telling people to put their hands up to the screens and heíll heal them?Ē It really just shocked her. She didnít know what to say. Because itís all a scam, folks. Itís all just a business. Thatís the way itís going to work. Benny Hinn and Jesus/Sananda will both be a mess in the last days. Either one plays the role of the false prophet. Yeah, these things are coming.


Another interesting thing with the Antichrist being that he suffers a head wound. Literally, actually dies and comes back. Itís not to when he comes back that heís worshipped as God. Because he dies and then he comes back. The false prophet says, ďLook heís coming back. He is God!Ē I donít think people will worship him as god at the time of his rule, but when he dies and then comes back is when the big push for worshipping this creature as God will happen. Some people say, itís just describing his kingdom. He suffers a head wound meaning he loses part of his forces or whatever. It could take that route. I could buy that route.


Other interesting thing I see often in the codes is the term ďcomaĒ. Iíll see the term coma come up, so I believe whoever dies will just go into a deep coma. Theyíll claim heís dead and hold a state funeral and have this huge funeral and blah, blah. Probably later, I donít know how much longer later. Probably 3 days to mimic the Lord Himself when He died and rose again three days later. Then three days later, he is going to rise. Theyíre doing everything in a mimic with Bible prophecy. Itís gonna be interesting.


Also rumblings out of the New Age camp. This whole facade they had planned with the whole Blue Beam project and all that. It wonít happen. A lot of that stuff wonít happen now that the Illuminati... because there are two agendas. Youíve got your New Age agenda and your Illuminati agenda. This Blue Beam wonít happen now.  Because they canít make it happen. Weíve destroyed their whole billion dollar technology with the whole chemtrail issue. Weíve been able to defeat chemtrails with the Orgone Blasters. So if there is an area that is saturated with Orgone, the chemtrails wonít stick. They need these chemtrails to serve as aerosols for their holographics to make the whole Blue Beam project work. So itís not going to work. Iím watching for different routes that theyíre going to use to see if they do stick with the Blue Beam and all that.


Itís always just the thing, folks. You never know exactly what theyíre going to do until they do it. The thing is, when you listen to shows like this, youíll have an idea of all the different plans that they have. When they pull it out of their hat, youíre going to recognize it. Thatís what this show is about; informing people of whatís coming so that youíre not taken by surprise. No matter what happens, youíre prepared. Youíve been warned. Youíve heard about that. You knew it was a route. What Iíve been saying over and over and over; donít stick to just one interpretation and one route of how things are going to happen, because they donít. Satan doesnít. He has two or three different routes he can take and thatís what heís going to do. When you become familiar with that then you know whatís going to happen.


The church is all about being right and having one interpretation. Iím not into being right; Iím into being informing. Informing....hereís a route they can do....hereís a route over here. And just keeping people aware. There are a lot of deceptions coming up. The church; when I say ďthe churchĒ itís basically everybody under this religion/mind control. The churchianity-dumbianity crowd. Instead of asking the Lord every day for the truth in all things, they seek man on Sundays. Every Sunday faithfully because thatís what they think will get them saved and get to Heaven. They seek man for the truth and the answers and they donít have it. They are apostate. Theyíre apostate. The Lord has pulled most of His true people out of the churches. Now, He does stand up shepherds in the land and Iíve heard from them. There are good men out there that are leading the churches today. Albeit, they have no fame, they have no fortune, but they have small congregations who love the Lord. Thatís more power than any one of these mega churches. These Joel Osteenís, Benny Hinnís and Kenneth Copelandís who sit there and worship Satan all day long.


Stick with what the Lord has you doing. If He has you as a leader over a small congregation, then stick with it. If Heís telling you to leave, leave. Itís not a time not to be listening to Him. You donít want to be wasting your time because we donít have a whole lot of time left to build fruits for eternity.


People donít understand that everything we do here on Earth determines what youíre going to be doing for eternity for the Lord. If you wonít listen to Him now on Earth, how high do you think youíre going to rank in responsibility in eternity....the Millennial Reign or whatever? Thatís what you need to be thinking of, folks. Building fruit for Him. You think, ďIím not a pastor. Iím not a radio show person. Iím just a mom. Iím just a dad. There is nothing special about me. Iím not an author. Iím not this. Iím not that.Ē  You know what? Do what the Lord leads you to do because thatís what counts to Him. If you are a reliable go-to person, thatís what counts to Him more so than if youíre some kind of televangelists or a radio person or if you have a website. Just being a dependable go-to person for Him. If He tells you to do something....walk down to the end of your driveway and throw a loaf of bread across the street and come back home. No matter how crazy it sounds and you do it and donít think twice about it because you know itís the Lord telling you to do that and you donít care what the outcome is Ė you are a go-to person then. Thatís what builds your credibility in the Lords eyes. How dependable you are. How reliable you are. He just tells us to do things. The results are up to Him.


Iím not here running a radio show trying to convert souls. Youíll hardly ever hear me sit here and just preach salvation message over and over every week. I hardly ever do that simply because Iím not here to lead souls to Christ. This is not the focus of this radio show. This radio show is to wake people up. Most of the people that listen to this radio are already saved; theyíre just wandering aimlessly throughout their lives without purpose because they donít know to put it back into focus under the leadership of the Lord Himself so He can lead them into what theyíre to do. Iíve always said Iím not here to build an army; Iím here to wake one up. So as the times get closer, then youíre going to see the message switch from one of being warriors to one of being evangelists and reaching the lost. I know that over the years, many people have come to the Lord listening to my radio show and reading my websites. Thatís just part of the territory because I do love the Lord. I canít help that. Thatís why Iím here and why I do the work I do. My main focus is tearing down the strongholds of Satan. Thatís why I focus so much on that.


I know about my own kids.....especially when theyíre little; as much as I rag on churches. When theyíre little, you really want them to get in as much teaching as they can about the Lord, the Bible and the disciples. So I would put them on a bus to go to a Baptist church. I wanted them to learn everything like I did when I was little. I went to a Baptist church when I was little and even as an adult until the Lord pulled me out. I wonít digress. I put the kids on the bus to go to the church, and by the time they were 8, 9, 10 years old theyíre sick of it. Theyíre sick of it. My son was like 12 years old and goes, ďIím not going to church anymore, Mom. I learn more in one week...one hour on your radio show than I have in 5 years going to that church.Ē Thatís basically week in and week out; all it is, is salvation messages. When you only have 50 Ė 60 kids in a youth program.....every week itís the same message. Theyíre not feeding their flocks. Theyíre just controlling them with brain dead messages. After a while these kids donít even listen to it. Itís time to move on and get fed. If youíre not getting fed in your churches, move on to where you can be. I know; I was the same way when I was young at 8 or 9 years old. If they werenít talking about Bible prophecy, I wasnít listening. All I wanted to hear about was prophecy. Letís talk about the second coming of Jesus. Thatís what I called Him back when I was little. Jesus; because thatís what the churches tell you to call Him. I started reading on my own. I started having to do research on my own and started going from there because I just couldnít get it from the churches.


Today so many people just donít know prophecy. The emails I get from people; even the church crowds are amazing. They donít know a thing about prophecy. The churches donít teach it. They donít talk about it. There is a specific purpose and design in that. When things start to happen, people are blind, dumb and stupid and donít know what the Bible says about it so they caní recognize it as a deception. There is a real design in a lot of these pastors not speaking about Bible prophecy in the last days. Itís not their fault either, because as Christians, as Believers, people should be reading the Bible and becoming familiar with what the Bible says. Most people today are just so lazy. They will not read a book. They wonít read a book. I know how it is. I canít get my son to pick up a book and read it. Itís real easy, folks. You can go anywhere online and read a Bible now. At BlueLetterBible.com  you can sit and read chapter after chapter, book after book all day. So you donít want to sit and read? You can point and click.  No excuse not knowing what the Bible says.


How many Christians....youíve been a Christian for 20, 30, 40 years have never read the Bible from front to back, cover to cover and then come online and argue with me over what it says? Iíve read the Bible 100 times. Iíve read some of those books 1000 times. You always get these people with the big kahuna shoes who want to argue and theyíve never even read the whole Bible. Until youíve read the whole Bible, how can you sit and pinpoint what makes sense and what doesnít? What fits in and what doesnít. What makes sense and what doesnít.


 Iíll tell you what. When you throw out all 13 books of Paulís, the Bible totally makes sense. Thatís where the confusion comes in. Everything switches when you start to get to Paulís books. Everything switches in the entire Bible at that point. Itís no longer about Yahushuah/Jesus and the Apostles; itís about Paul. When you throw him out and you just take the Bible for everything else it says Ė it all makes sense. Thatís a huge reason that most people canít grasp the Bible today.


I know. When I was little, the only verses I would memorize were Paulís stuff. My favorite books were Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Galatians. Those were the verses I would memorize and read all the time. I liked Timothy. I couldnít understand Revelation at that point. I would read Hal Lindsey and everybody else because I couldnít understand Revelation; it was amusing to me. Very amazing. A beast with seven heads and 10 horns coming up out of the sea. That was wild; especially as a kid reading that.


So you learn that symbolism is being used. The codes today are pretty much the same way. Youíll see a word thatís being spoken in the codes that actually means something else. I think all my studies where trying to figure out Revelation and interpreting Revelation is what has helped me to analyze and interpret the codes. When you see terms being used, you know that theyíre not literal. The Hebrewís were using that for a different meaning. It comes very much in use. Everything Iíve done growing up has prepared me for the things and the route and the ministry I have going today. I look back in hindsight...oh, that did help; yeah that did help. My life hasnít been a complete waste. My college education wasnít a complete waste.


I get that all the time. ďYou have three degrees and you donít work? You donít have a job?Ē People just think youíre a lazy bum because you donít have a job or something. I do have a job. I just donít get paid for it here on Earth. Iím not building my kingdom on Earth.


February Ė itís going to be an interesting month, folks. Watch for the further destruction of our economy. Which is no big surprise. I hear a gasp across the audience now. The government; I donít know when they will announce their bankruptcy, but I think towards...by the end of the month...this is going to be a signal month. This is going to be a very telling month especially if Maitreya will get his whole thing going with his Day of Declaration. Iíve seen Obama working, trying to get his Day of Declaration on the media. Obama is behind the scenes on this one. You can read about Maitreyaís Day of Declaration at my websites, TheWatcherFiles.com or SherryShriner.com. I think I even have it at SherryTalkRadio.com. Iím trying to get all three websites working together right now. Obama is working with him on that right now. I donít know if itís willing or blackmail. Iíve seen it where Maitreya is blackmailing Obama. Heís a bully. Itís going to be interesting to see those two working together.


Thatís the biggest things and the next things I see on the agenda; and the clampdown on Christians. Obama isnít going to be the pushover that Bush Jr. was. Bush Jr. was clueless and had no idea what was going on. Wouldnít believe things that were going on. Because he never went on the internet. Obama is the complete opposite. Hillary Clinton too. Sheís not going to put up with anything either because sheís always on the internet. Theyíre very aware of whatís going on and whatís being said. Theyíre going to be clamping down on the bigmouths. You better believe that one. I donít know how much time the bigmouths will have left to be on the internet. I donít see anything clamping down in February, but February could be a very significant month just for the finishing off of our economy. The tanking. The drowning. Whatever you want to call it.


The rumor mill in the New Age camp is....and Iíve always said it anyway; that heís going to crush the Federal Reserve. Heís going to put an end to the Federal Reserve and start this NESERA program. Of course, theyíre not going to come out and call it NESARA. Theyíre going to call it the "Reformation" or whatever.


Theyíre trying to change the names because everybody can associate with what NESARA is, or a lot of people can because Iíve been harping about it for so long; this NESARA beast economic program at the end of the days, that theyíre trying to change the name of it so people wonít recognize it as NESARA, but something else. Either way, itís the beast economic program. No matter how many times they want to change the name, the plan is still the same. The agenda is still the same. You can read that at NESARAsucks.com. Thatís what heís going to be doing. Tearing down the Federal Reserve and implementing NESARA. NESARA is a very socialistic based system. Everything Iíve been screaming about for the last 10 years, youíre going to see happening. Itís going to be a pretty wild ride.


Iím going to answer a few questions, then hang it up for the night.


Question from a listener: Your broadcast sounds a lot better tonight. Did you get your new system working?


Answer: Not yet. Iím working on it. Letís put it that way. Iím getting a different mike. This mike that the Podcast came with is just awesome. Iím going to get a converter and get it working hopefully by next week. After actually listening to a Podcast as opposed to my audio cast, I can understand why the kids are pulling the hair out of their heads. The problem is the Podcast which do have a lot better sounding quality are like 60 megabytes. To download a Podcast, itís like 30, 40, 60 megabytes compared to my show which is like 6, 7, 8, 9 megabytes. So you sacrifice a lot of quality when you cut the file size down to like 7 or 8 or 9 megabytes compared to 60. You sacrifice a lot of the sound quality and things like that. The kids donít like it, but I know the adults donít want to download a 60 megabyte. Most of you wouldnít be able to. Most of the Lords people are in scattered two-horse towns around the world and donít even have high speed access. Iíll just keep it to what Iím doing. What I might do is offer it at both speeds. Iím going to sign up for a Podcast page somewhere and the Podcast will go there. The regular audios will stay at SherryTalkRadio. Iíll do it that way.


Question from a listener: Hello Sherry, Iím seeing a lot of stuff online about a North American Union supposedly taking effect in 2010. Do you see anything in the codes with this? Does this correlate with the RFID chip implant national ID card thatís coming?


Answer: I donít see anything in the codes about a North American Union. In fact, Iím only going to see what the Lord shows me. The only thing Heís showing me is Maitreyaís destruction and some of the stuff thatís coming up. Not necessarily in terms that I can understand it as a union type thing where we merge with Canada and Mexico and blah, blah, blah. I think weíre going to be in martial law before that happens. If that happens itís going to be after. Itís going to be down the road after martial law. We definitely have martial law coming in America . I see that happening before a North American union.


Question from a listener: Did you see the commercial with Alec Baldwin? Green lizard tails on his chest. They were making fun of aliens taking over the world too.


Answer: Yeah, somebody else had mentioned it. I saw it, but didnít hear it. The kids were going. It was commercial time and the place was noisy, so I couldnít hear what was being said.


Question from a listener: There have been riots in Europe . Just Iceland and France . Funny how I ask other people if they heard about it and they say no. Why isnít it in the mainstream media?

The main media here doesnít want the U.S. people see it because they would probably start to riot now.


Answer: There are huge riots going on. There have been in Iceland . People are very upset. And France . You know why? Itís the screenplay of exactly whatís happening in America . There are no jobs and their homes are getting foreclosed now. Theyíre going through the same economic meltdown that weíre seeing in America . Very telling because in France theyíve had a huge illegal invasion, you might want to call it, of Muslims. So now the French canít get jobs. Just like in America , where you have this huge illegal invasion of Mexicans and the Americans canít find jobs. The presidents will sit there and say, ďTheyíre taking jobs nobody else wants.Ē Really? Well, tell all the carpenters that are out of work because the Mexicans are coming in and working for $5 an hour and taking all the carpenter jobs and everything else. Just lamebrain excuses why they do the things they do in destroying everybodyís economies. Thatís what youíre seeing.


We are actually in the third year of global famine. Itís going to start getting a lot worse. Most people wonít realize weíre in a famine until it hits them personally. Until we start seeing famine here in America , theyíre really not going to, I guess you could say, care that itís even going on. A lot of people do care, and they do get involved with food drives and stuff like that. Folks, donít focus on sending food across the world. Weíve got starving Americans here in America . I thought that was so asinine here in America . Nowhere else in the world would you get a bunch of people together to raise millions to send money to some country in Africa when we have starving people right down the street here in America . We need to take care of people here. Food drives, food pantries going empty by mid-way months that need supplies and food. Donate to these. There are a lot of hungry Americans.


I thought it was interesting that Alec Baldwin was doing the whole lizard commercial thing because Stephen Baldwin is a Christian, allegedly.  Then you have Alec Baldwin making fun of the whole lizard thing. Iíll have to go to You Tube and watch that video. Like Iíve said at the beginning of the show, they spend thousands of dollars of interns and employees to discredit me across the internet for years, and then they come out with commercials like these that venerate what Iíve been saying.


Quick question for the show: Could you please name off all of Paulís books? I donít know which ones I shouldnít take to heart and read anymore. I thought it was 12 books that Paul wrote, but Iím not sure.


Answer: I think I put a list of his books at JustGiveMeTheTruth.com. Just go there.


Comment from a listener: Nano-Man here. My teens, and my wife and myself are listeners. Love you, Nano-Man.


Sherry: Good to have Nano-Man and the full family listening to the show. I was asked Friday night what was the biggest thing that I hear from people. Because I hear from thousands of people all the time. Iíd say the biggest thing...the same thing I hear from everybody is Ė "my wife doesnít believe me. My husband doesnít believe me. My family doesnít believe me. Everybody thinks Iím nuts." That seems to be the one thing that I hear the most from everybody. Just that they feel alone because theyíre the only ones listening and the only ones who believe whatís happening. Everybody else thinks theyíre nuts. And we have lizards in the Super Bowl. Címon folks. Even the media is trying to wake people up and they wonít wake up. ďOh, what a cute little lizard.Ē Ugghh. I just want to step on them. You just want to reach your hand through the television screen, grab one and step on it. Yeah, so donít feel alone. You do have the Lord. And you do have people that are like-minded. Like me and others on the internet that you can listen to. Itís just typical. His people; the ones with their eyes open are just scattered around the world and theyíre isolated. I see this in the Bible codes. Itís by design. You may not like it, but itís for design and purpose. Deal with it. Hang with it and just stay strong in the Lord with it.


Question from a listener: Ever use gold in making Orgone? I get the feeling it works.


Answer: It might. I donít have gold to put in Orgone. I donít have gold in my house. I donít know if it works or not. Iíve never been led to use gold. I donít have gold. If the Lord tells you to use gold and youíve got gold, use it. You do what the Lord tells you to do; donít do what I tell you to do. You do what He tells you to do. Heís the boss.


Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. Last week I read a transcript saying that said Yahushua was a created being. Please explain. Is this really your view?


Answer: He is the begotten Son of God. Jesus/Yahushua was the begotten Son of God. So, yeah. Thatís scripture. Heís the begotten Son of God. Iíll leave it at that.


Question: From Quebec City . They seem to have invaded the city a long time ago.


Sherry: Yeah, they did. I see that in the codes.


Question continues: They have families and stuff with reptilian bloodlines. They control the politics and try to shut down public orgoning. How do you overcome public space and the media? Is it possible to organize collectively on such a scale?


Answer: I wouldnít even worry about trying to organize. Just get out there and do it. Five years ago how many people really understood or believed what Orgone could do? I wasnít going to sit around and wait for everybody to wake up. I hit the road myself getting it done. Just get out there and do it. Orgone Quebec ; get it done. You donít want reptilians in your city? Orgone it. Do what the Lord leads you to do. Donít wait for everybody else. Donít wait for results, because itís not up to us to make results; to get results. Itís up to us just to do what the Lord leads us to do. So yeah, I would definitely be orgoning Quebec . Definitely. I know there are warriors around Canada . Youíre like one of the top countries listening to this show. Canada . I send Orgone out there all the time. A lot of real Bible believing lovers of Yahushua in Quebec . Quebec , Australia , America . Some scattered across Europe . Although Europe is one of the stronger continents listening to this show, Iíve gotta say, there are probably more warriors in Australia than in Europe as a whole.  Interesting for Greece . I love hearing from people out there because itís Benny Hinnís stomping grounds out there. I would love to be Orgone more and more of Greece .


Seems like in every area, there is one key warrior who is doing most of the work. Thatís why in the Bible codes youíll see ďfractionĒ. I donít think there are 144,000 of us. What I think; there is a small fraction of that number thatís doing the orgoning and doing the conquering. Even if you look at America . If I was divide America up into regions, there would be one warrior in each region that seems to be doing all the work. Everybody in Idaho can be thanking a grandma, because she was the one out there two years ago orgoning that state. There just seems to be one powerful warrior in each place.


Then you get into other countries, itís pretty much the same thing. Thereís one person in Greece . Thereís one person in Sweden . Thereís one person in France . Iím not even going to say France , because I canít remember ever sending Orgone out to France . The one place where it needs to be because of all these insane Muslims out there; and thereís no Orgone. No wonder the place is going to the pits. Did a lot of work in London . We have a warrior out there whoís done a lot of foot work there in London . Germany Ė weíve got a warrior out there. Germany could use some help. Definitely needs help in Germany .


China and Japan . I donít know whatís going on out there. I know we have a huge amount of warriors and believers in China . We really have a good group of believers in China . These Christians die for their faith daily, folks. Theyíre not like Americans. They canít worship freely daily. Of course now we get harassed. They die. They lose their lives in China . There are huge strong warriors out there. I can see in the Bible codes; theyíre getting a lot of work done out there. Just because I donít hear about it or you donít hear about it doesnít mean its not getting done, because it is.


Itís always amusing to even see in these Arab countries that theyíre not all Muslims. There are a lot of strong believers in the Arab countries. I can see in the codes where these Arab countries are going to start going down and suffering because of the Orgone thatís in their areas. Weíve got warriors out there. Just because I donít hear about it....especially Iraq . With all the American military out there in Iraq , youíd think we have that conquered with Orgone. Somebody could send their son or daughter who is serving in Iraq some Orgone to get out there in the desert. I donít know. I still think it is getting done because I see in the codes itís getting done even though I seem to always get backlash and email when I try and get soldiers in Iraq to get Orgone out there. I get excuses one after the other. I still see its getting done. Whatever...just a heads up that just because we donít see it getting done, that itís not getting done.


Question from a listener: You know how the dark forces have special powers in store? Isnít there a similar awakening of superpowers for Christian warriors? Iíve had dreams about them flying, running fast etc.

Thanks for being you.


Answer: Yeah. The 144,000 when we return with spiritual bodies. Yeah. I canít go into a whole lot of that because I donít know a whole lot of it. But we are going to have better, bigger bodies when we come back. The 144,000 will be taken. He will write His Name on our foreheads and then send us back. I think weíre going to be more in the line of helping the second group of 144,000 and being evangelists at that point. Itís coming to a time when our job is over with the Orgone. Itís going to be done, because itís already destroying the evil and the wicked. We wonít have to get it out anymore. Weíre going to be under martial law and things like that, so the message is going to be changed from one of going to war with just helping save souls.


Comment from a listener: I found out from an acquaintance that the serpent seedline is in the Talmud. Itís true. It can be found exactly where it says, Why are the Goim unclean? Because they were not present at Mt. Sinai . When the serpent entered into Eve, he infused her with uncleanness. But the Jews were cleansed from this when they stood on Mt. Sinai . The Goim who were not on Mt. Sinai were not cleansed.


Comment continues: Now it all makes sense why they think of us as a beast without a soul when in actuality they are the very ones who are descendents of Satan.


Sherry: There are a lot of references; this is Abodah Zarah 22b that talks about beast entering Eve. Alot of Hebrew writings do. Even Enoch talks about it. The only people rejecting the serpent seedline is the RCC KJV. (Roman Catholic Church King James Version). The KJV. They masked the terminology and made it an apple.


Question from a listener about Orgone: What about Kentucky ? Is there much coverage in Kentucky ?


Answer: Weíve got a great warrior in Kentucky . Iíll tell you what. You owe a lot of high 5ís and Halleluiahs to a granny out in Kentucky . Every state needs more work. I sit here and harp about stuff, but look at my own state, Ohio .  I probably put more Orgone in Arkansas and Texas than I have in Ohio. And I have my own work to do. One of these days I need to shut up and do my own work. Iíve been across the country. I canít just focus on my own state and I havenít. Iíve been going into different areas to make protection areas and zones for the Lordís people to go. You would think a lot of these would be cities, and theyíre not. Theyíre the forests; theyíre the country and the deserts. Thatís where theyíll go to hide. You donít want them chasing you into the forests and they wonít be able to if theyíre orgoned in protection areas because the Orgone will kill these evil beasts.


Anyway, Iím going to wrap up the show for the night. If you have any questions or comments for next week, you can send them to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com. Iíll be posting stuff about my interviews that are coming up this weekend with Dr. Rebecca Carley and the Strange Frequencies network.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless.