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Transcribed by Liz Patton


And hello everybody. Youíre live. its January 26th, 2009. If you have a question for the show you can send it to SherryTalkRadio@Yahoo.com. If somebody wants to send me a heads up on voice volume levels. I put in a new microphone on today and having some problems with it. So let me know if you can hear this or not. Itís one of these Podcast things. I canít seem to correlate the microphone with the headphone. Iím no tech so if you canít hear this let me know.  


A lot of interesting things going on. The codes are definitely getting interesting. What I find most interesting is Cheney and Bush arenít even out of the codes. Theyíre still pretty much active in them. Itís pretty interesting on whatís been going on with Cheney, Bush, Obama and Osama Bin Laden. That one has been really interesting. I put a link on my website this week that Hal Turner had posted on his website. You can see it at You Tube as well. The correlation between Osama bin Laden and Obama. I donít really think theyíre  the same as of yet. But notice that theyíre both from Chicago. That seems to be the most telling thing. Osama bin Laden, the CIA agent known as Tim Osmond. They turned him into Osama bin Laden. Now we have this creature Obama who I have warned about that isnít completely human. We have both of them playing a role in these last days.


A lot of people are barely hearing me (technical difficulties.)


How does that sound? I had my microphone turned down in my settings all the way. Let me know how thatís working. It should be better. I know its always one thing after the other with this tech stuff. I donít have time to go back and restart everything up, so hopefully that will work. Hold on everybody. Iím going to hook up my old microphone. So hang on, folks.


Alright everybody. Letís try it out and see how it goes. It looks much better on my end. Itís Monday, January 26th, 2009. Iím just going to start all over again. Getting a lot better levels on my end. Iíll just have to fool with this Podcast stuff later. Even thatís too tech for me. I donít know about you guys, but I could use a producer. Thatís what you get when the Lord puts a monkey as a mouthpiece. But itís amazing what we have accomplished with so little.


A couple of things I want to talk about tonight; a lot of people are getting antsy. Itís really amusing. CNN...which we expected is becoming a mouthpiece and the cheerleader for Maitreya. During the Headline News show, theyíre broadcasting an 800 number where you can call in and hear this message about the ďcoming world teacherĒ. And during the Larry King Live show, Iíve heard that theyíre putting out commercials on Maitreya. People are going to see that the stuff Iíve been warning about for the last 8 Ė 10 years is coming about. It stands to reason that if Iím right about one thing, arenít I right about another and another and another? People will figure it out too late, unfortunately. Iíll probably be off the air because I know the CIA is going to change the internet so that big mouths donít have the opportunity to be big mouths anymore.


One of the things I posted on my website this week was a link on You Tube that Hal Turner had posted on his website about the correlation; the differences between Osama bin Laden and President Obama. I donít really know one way or the other if theyíre the same being or not. Sometimes it looks like they are, and other times it looks like theyíre not. Weíre just going to have to wait and see. Iíll have to do some more work in the codes and some more prayer on it to have to ask the Lord reveal it to me. There are striking similarities between them.


The one thing I wanted to note is they are both from Chicago. Osama bin Ladenís real name is Tim Osmond and he was a CIA agent. That whole Al Qaeda thing came right out of Chicago. Now we have a president right out of Chicago. I know President Obama comes up as a creature, so I donít believe he is fully human. I think he is an incarnated being or maybe a cloned being. There is something going on with that because he isnít even a full human. Osama bin Laden could be the same thing. Maybe theyíre cloning the same class of people. Theyíre cloning different individuals. They do that with presidents all the time. Saddam Hussein had 12 clones. Bush had about four or five. They do that; they have look-a-likes. Very well could be that they were both just cloned from the same strand of DNA and theyíre actually two different people...or not. I donít know.


 It almost seems amusing that Obama will go after Osama bin Laden so he can produce him and say he caught Osama. We heard that one before with Bush. But heís going to say that he caught Osama and show them to get them off his back. They are very aware.  Unlike the Bush Administration, the Obama Administration is aware of whatís being said on the internet. It could get really interesting. I donít think that Bush ever turned a computer on; so definitely wasnít in tune with the internet and was completely clueless of what the majority of people really thought about him. I think Obama is going to try and take care of that one. Either that or just have us so mired in one chaos after the next that people donít have time.


He escaped the whole Supreme Court about his birth certificate. I saw that in the codes. He escaped that crisis, having expected to have to confront that one. It goes to show you; they can pretty much do whatever they want. As much as the American public barks and screams and yells, they donít have to do anything. Ultimately the Supreme Court chose to just ignore the whole thing about his birth certificate in Hawaii. Claiming you saw a birth certificate as the governor of Hawaii did and saying itís truthful (is another thing). She never said he was born in Hawaii; she said that she saw his birth certificate. Thatís all she said. She never claimed any authenticity that he was born in Hawaii. I know that one of the first acts as president was to make a bribery payment to Kenya to keep them quiet, because he was born in Kenya; the original Obama. I donít know what this Obama is we have now. The Bible codes just calls him a creature. Weíre just dealing with a creation. Theyíve been getting away with this stuff, so they think they are getting so good with it now that they think they can put one in as president.


Like Iíve said, there is nothing thatís going to be done about it, because when it comes down to it; the public has no power over anything. As much as you want to bark and talk about starting up militias and going after the government or whatever, ultimately nothing happens. The government does what it wants to. I donít suspect anything else to happen unless Obama dies in office, which is a realistic possibility; that Obama will die in office. Itís also a realistic possibility that this Maitreya thatís coming will die. So both of these beings....these creatures; itís a real possibility.


I was looking at this You Tube link somebody had sent me where they found Maitreya. I was looking at it thinking this has to be some kind of parody thing because it was just some older guy with a blond mustache. Maitreya will be Arab. This guy just had white hair and a blond mustache. He was just looking at you. He wasnít saying a word. I think he was just making fun of the whole coming telepathy thing with Maitreya. His day of declaration.....


Obama is actually preparing the way for him to come over and make his speech on American television. I donít know what kind of a speech itís going to be because heís going to try telepathy. Without moving his lips, speak into every personís mind that is watching him. That will be interesting. Donít allow him to speak into your mind. Rebuke him in the Name of Yahushua and turn the channel. Donít even watch this guy. The Lord has warned us not to watch this guy when he comes on television because they have this whole hypnotic chemical thing about them. They can hypnotize you.


I hardly ever even listen to Obama. And the few images Iíve seen of him on the news; he looks like heís in a drug induced haze. I know heís a cocaine snorter, just as Bush was. We didnít get any changes there. Thatís why they like Afghanistan so much. They want to protect the cocaine fields out there. I think if the American public really wants to try and make a difference, they should try and swing their support to the Taliban. It was the Taliban who was kicking America out and saying youíre not using our land for your drugs. So now our government demonizes the Taliban to make them look like theyíre the evil and wicked ones when they were the ones kicking America and everybody else out, saying youíre not using our country for drugs. Our government is the largest exporter of drugs in the world. I think we should swing our support; change it from anything they want to do in the Middle East, to supporting the opposite of what they decide their enemies are. Apparently their enemies are the good people, because our government is so evil and wicked. Just a heads up on that.


A couple of things Iíve been seeing; this should be the month. February should be the month. A lot of things going on. It should be the month where Maitreya makes his speech on TV. Iíve been warning about and laughing about the fact that their UFOs are crashing all over the world. They still are. I sent an email out. Youíve probably seen it circulating on the internet about the UFO that crashed in Saudi Arabia and tens of thousands of people saw it. They said no way it was a meteor; the thing was flashing green lights on its way down and obviously a UFO. I saw that in the codes just last night where it indeed was a UFO. Many UFOs are crashing all around the world being written off as meteors from government disinfo campaigns or whatever. I have told you how the Orgone will affect them and will cause these UFOs to crash. We just have an incredible amount of Orgone over in the Middle East area right now, and all around the world. Itís all around the world. Going to be a definite interesting war coming up as they continue to try and amass in the Middle East... these giants. We just go to war against them. We did the work and now all the Lord has to do is crank up the Orgone. It effects them and makes them crash. It also gives them plagues and illnesses. This is a judgment from the Most High on the wicked. Itís going to be interesting.


I talked about the Gulf of Aden over there. Somewhere over there....Iíve told you thatís just a disguised name for the Gulf of Eden. There is a base called Eden. There is some kind of base. I donít know if it was above ground or below ground. An underground base or above base or whatever. Theyíre really being afflicted right now. Youíre going to see a lot of leprosy coming out of Jordan and those areas over there. Itís going to become more and more of a problem for them. I half expect that theyíre going to start excommunicating even those who are sick, away from them. So itís going to be interesting.


There is so much going on over in the Middle East and the Negev Desert. Some of the stomping grounds of these giants. These giants are coming to reinforce Maitreya and be the forces of the idiots that are coming. Maitreya calls himself a world teacher, but in actuality he wants everyone to worship him as God. And the other beings that are coming with him; Jesus Ė this Sananda Esu Immanuel, that the churches will embrace as Jesus is coming as well. I believe he will be shortly after Maitreya; maybe by several months. Some people think itís right away. It could be, but I donít think heíll arrive until like a September. Because he is really dominant with the month of September, that this Sananda arrives. Maitreya is always dominant in the spring months. Itíll be interesting. The destruction of all of the Orgone could accelerate a lot of their timing schedules. Nothing is ever set in stone on exactly when something is going to happen. Itís just something you have to keep your eyes out on.


Theyíve got bases....habitations in the Negev Desert. Libya will most likely be Maitreyaís stronghold nation. Weíre looking at Libya, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, even Iran. Eventually they will overtake Iran. The Bible codes say ďconsume Iran.Ē I donít think itís a war. I think itís just like where they take over, like they do in Libya and everywhere else. Notice that itís just the Islam nations....Iíve told you this whole 10 nation confederacy. The ten crowns on the beast...whatever,  will be an Arab confederacy. The church has taught for years that itís European...that itís the United Nations 10 region thing. Iím not negating anything because like Iíve always said, they have different routes they can take. If one doesnít work, they can go to another. You really need to watch these Islam nations because this is the route they are going on right now. At the same time they work the New World Order agenda where they will divide the world into 10 regions. So if one doesnít work, theyíll switch to the other one. So thatís why you donít discount anything, just keep your eyes open so you recognize whatís happening when itís happening. Right now going on the Middle East because all these giants are coming in from Niburu. I think theyíre using some kind of a portal. I think they were using one in this Gulf of Aden. I also saw another one in Kuwait. I thought that was really interesting because back in 1990 Ė 1991 when Saddam Hussein was marching on Kuwait and nobody could figure out why he would want Kuwait. There is a portal in Kuwait. That could be what he was going for. Now that would be under the control of the American bases over there or whatever, I donít know. Very few portals around the world. Interesting. Keep your eyes on Kuwait. I donít know if that will make the news or not. Probably one of the stomping grounds for Maitreya to take over Kuwait just like heís going to do Libya and Kenya and Ethiopia and all these Arab nations. Lithuania comes up a lot. And they have bases in all these countries. But whatís affecting them the most is the desert and the rain. When the rain falls; the clouds move around the world. They soak up all this Orgone in the air, saturating the atmosphere in space. When it rains, it rains down all this Orgone on top of the earth. We really are winning that battle. Itís going to be interesting.


The Middle East - just filling up with what the Bible codes calls ďbuffalo.Ē Itís these last daysí giants. Some native tribes; the New Agerís have referred to them as buffalo. The Bible codes call them buffalo. Just some kind of name theyíve been given. I donít know what the real significance is, but when you see the term ďbuffaloĒ, its always referring to these New Age ascended masters, they call themselves. Itís this Maitreya and this whole Ashtar Command. I have pictures of them at my website SherryTalkRadio.com. If you scroll down, youíll see a link for the many faces of Maitreya. Youíll also see it at TheWatcherFiles.com. If you scroll through on that page, thereís a link to the Ashtar Command where you can see pictures of these beings in the Ashtar Command. A couple of months ago I was sent an email from the person who had taken those pictures, threatening a lawsuit if I didnít take those off my website. I havenít taken them off yet. If you want to see these beings and what they look like...youíre going to see them soon enough anyway...you might want to get to my website and see those. The way I see it; if you post a picture on the internet, even if you take it off your website....anybody can go into an archived search engine. Images and anything thatís ever been posted, you can still find. If itís up for public use, itís up for public use. I donít take credit for taking the picture. I just say, here they are. So you can see what they look like.


Maitreya coming out with another website. Other than Share-International.org, theyíve devoted one, TheEmergence.org, to keep tabs of his coming arrival. He is emerging and is coming soon. It will be through Obama here in our country. Obama paving the way for him. On his own website it reads:


Maitreya, the World Teacher, has not come alone, but with a group of enlightened teachers who have for millennia guided humanity from behind the scenes. (This would be the Ashtar Command) They are returning now to the everyday world to help us solve our most critical global problems. Maitreya is not a religious leader, but an educator in the broadest sense. He has not come to create followers, but is here to inspire us to create a new era based on sharing and justice, so that all may have the basic necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and education. His open mission in the world is about to begin. As Maitreya himself has said, ďSoon now, very soon, you will see My face and hear My words.Ē


I find it interesting that heís kind of switched from not wanting to be a religious leader, to be an educator. Heís an educator. Heís a lecturer. Heís an author. I donít know what heís authored. Heíll probably claim to be the author of the KJV. But heís coming as a world teacher and lecturer. Heís better move his lips or something. Itís going to be comical to just be sitting there on the TV. People are going to be thinking their volumeís not working and just change the channel. Just say something. Donít just sit there and stare at me. I donít think people are going to get when heís doing his telepathy thing.


Sharing...it all sounds Christian. It all sounds nice, but the agenda is really hideous, folks. Sharing is just a buzzword for Communism, Socialism, and Marxism. Its real agenda is to enslave mankind to where there are no classes of income. Basically what ends up happening is; there are two classes of income Ė the government that is rich and the citizens who are poor. You really donít take into account, and Iíve said this on my website; why should hard-working Americans who take two jobs, three jobs, school loans just to go to college and get a degree, so they can become a white collar professional or get some kind of training to where they can make an nice income, and then have to give half their income to lazy bums who drop out of school and donít do anything with their lives?


What kind of incentive is it for anybody to have to pay for an education just so you have to turn over your income to somebody else who is a lazy bum? Itís not going to work. Theyíre trying to try and establish a theocracy on the world. We know in the thousand year Millennial Reign of Yahushua on Earth, its run by theocracy rule. Theyíre trying to do this through Communism and Marxism and Socialism and Fascism. All these isms are of Satan - trying to establish that as the rule, and it will never, ever work. It will never work. But heís going to come and give it a try.


Those that donít like him; heís going to kill you. Thatís the kind of gentle world teacher he is. Walk around with his machete. The Bible codes call him Cain. I do believe he is either incarnated by Cain or just a clone of Cain. The Bible codes calls Maitreya ďCainĒ. Not a nice guy; just a nice actor. A good actor, because most of the world will fall for him and fall for his charades. Either that, or just be to destitute to care because of the financial systems crashing and doing all these things so they can take control of world power and government, change the currencies. They have to get control of the currencies so that they can force everybody to join the same economic program, which then forces everybody to get the mark or chip they are talking about in or on your right hand or forehead.


We are in the last days.


People always ask me how weíll know for sure that weíre in the last days. When this Maitreya arrives, we are definitely in the last days. I donít care if youíve misread cues before; donít really understand where weíre at. When you see Maitreya, thatís it. Thatís it, because he is the first beast of Revelation 13. What he is going to do is implement his war on the Saints. People like Obama....Obama can either step up to become the first beast of Revelation 13, the Antichrist or it will be Maitreya. Thatís why I say; keep your eyes on both of them, because if the one doesnít work out, theyíll use the other one. Obama could easily be incarnated by Satan because he is just a creature. Heís already incarnated by something. He is being controlled by something and we know thatís Satan.


Another interesting thing; people talking about the Wackenhut buses in Arizona driving around in the deserts. I found it interesting that itís Lord Marduk, who we all know is Satan, is the king of the Annuniki who rules over the Wackenhut forces. These forces have advanced dimensional knowledge and ability to cloak, soul-scalp and anything else. They provide services to the government. Theyíre going to be providing services for the coming round-ups. Iíve talked about these Wackenhut forces before. Several years ago when I was homeless and lived in a campground for a while and then lived in a camper at the in-laws. They used to come by every night and just shake my camper and cause all this mayhem. You could hear them. You could hear them talk. You could hear them walk, but couldnít see them. They were cloaked; invisible. It was like a nightly thing. These guys would come. You could hear them talking and coughing. Just typical humans. Iím not talking about demonic beings. You could hear that they were human. They spoke very good English. They would laugh. They would joke. Apparently they seem to forget that just because theyíre cloaked and invisible, it doesnít make them silent. You could hear everything they were saying and doing. You could hear then walk. Itís like having a group of people in your yard; except you couldnít see them, but hear everything they were doing and saying. So much for their cloaking technology. Yeah, Iíve had my own experience with these forces. Itís something else. Theyíll be a part of FEMA. Iíve warned about how the giants will come and take over a lot of positions with FEMA and helping with the roundups. These roundups are going to be ghastly.


Once youíre rounded up, thatís it. Thatís it. Youíd be put on a train and terminated. Donít get on the trains, folks. If you find yourself in a detention camp and thereís one thousand....ten thousand people all being held prisoner in a detention camp, get out of there. Do what you have to do to get out of there!


You often see these shows on television about the Holocaust and all these Jews boarding the trains. Then youíll see some security guards standing around with rifles. Why didnít they rush the security guards and grab the rifles away from them? Why didnít they get out of there? Some people say they just didnít understand they were going to die and thought they were going to relocation. The thing about America is, we know weíre going to die. Thatís the whole reason they have these internment camps. If you can rush them and get their guns, rush them and get their guns. Thatís what Iím telling you to do. Try and save your life and the lives of those around you. Even 10 women could take down one male guard. I mean, címon....do something. Donít just sit there and be sheep led to the slaughter. Once they get you into these internment camps, from there you go on the train to the incinerators. Itíll be too late after that. All they have to do.....like that Amtrak facility theyíve retrofitted for these incinerators in Indianapolis, is pull right into a warehouse, drop the bottom out, drop all the people out and gas them. You donít even have to be pulled off the train...die, sitting right there in the train itself. Then they just drop the bottom out and your dead body goes down into a storage bin or whatever, and theyíll just incinerate everybody. Very grisly.


These things are coming. People need to be prepared for that. Stop waiting for hype. Everybody falls for all this hype from Obama for change. His idea of change is getting rid of all the Christians and all the Believers and everybody who doesnít agree with Islam or the New Age version of it; whatever this socialistic, new age religion thatís coming about; where everybody just ďhelps mankind.Ē Iíve told you it just will not work under any kind of a system but the Lord Himself and His Theocratic rule. It will not work under a man-made system. Satan has been attempting that for years.


Anyway, Iím going to try and get to some questions. If you have a question for the show, just send it to SherryTalkRadio@yahoo.com and Iíll try to get to all of them tonight. So, just a heads up on the things that are coming.


People ask me all the time, ďwhat is this crisis that Obama and them were warning about?Ē The first crisis that they were able to hurl over was the whole birth certificate thing. Other crisis that theyíre going through now is the fact that Maitreya tried to emerge and his UFOs crashing on the Earth. Watch for his satellite to come crashing down on the Earth because thatís going to happen. Itís going to be very loud. I donít think anyone is going to mistake it. The Lord says that Satan himself....the next thing is for him to be like lightening crashing to the Earth. Those literally are just next things on the agenda. Maitreya himself, that satellite star thing. It doesnít; even look like a star. It was outside of my house for a while. After about an hour or two it moved and went somewhere else. It went to harass other Believers in some other state. It actually just looks like some big metal contraption with flood lights all over it. It doesnít look like a star. It does look like a very big, brilliant lit contraption. That thing is going to come falling out of the sky and Iím going to be outside with pom-poms cheering it on.


Another thing to watch for is this blue star thatís coming out of Orion. This blue star ...go to my website CrystalCityFraud.com. I have this whole thing on the mimicry of the New Jerusalem. Thatís basically what this blue star is going to be. Itís going to be this mimicked New Jerusalem that they have coming. They really are play up prophecy to the T to try and get people to believe they are God and the Son of God and everything else. They are going to mimic Bible prophecy as closely as they can. Watch out for this blue star, because thatís going to crash too. Everything heís got in space is coming down. Iíll tell you that right now. Itís coming down. Just keep getting the Orgone out there, because once these giants....I donít know when theyíre going to make their move. Theyíre already fighting for survival in the Middle East. Eventually theyíre going to be leaving Niburu en masse. We have several different UFO and alien invasions coming, according to Bible prophecy. So just a lot of hideous things coming. You donít want your area unprotected without Orgone in it. Just a heads up on that.


Question from a listener: Hey Sherry. The first group of both groups of the 144,000 have lost their memory of who they were in Heaven. Do you think itís possible they will lose their memory of who they were on Earth?


Answer: I think after a while during eternity we just wonít remember anymore. Eternity is really long. Godís Elect; His Chosen; His Elect, called the firstborn, yet many have no memory of who they were. This refers to the first group of 144,000. Slowly the Lord will reveal things to them. Like if you want to know what your name was previously. People call it reincarnation. Itís not reincarnation at all. Thereís a big difference between reincarnation and incarnation. Itís the same thing that Yahushua was. Yahushua was one of the first born created in Heaven. First born Son of God. And came down on Earth and died for our sins as our Messiah and Redeemer. He wasnít reincarnated; He was just reborn and created as a human. He was formerly an angel in Heaven. One of the Elect, firstborn in Heaven and came to earth with a mission to fulfill. Itís the same thing with the first group of 144,000. I have articles on this. Angels in the Flesh. You can read that at my websites. They donít remember who they are. Various people have scant memories of who they were. That will be interesting. And this group getting set to go shortly. The Lord will take this first group up; the first group of 144,000. Iíve been seeing that in the codes. They will be taken up and returned to help with the second group.


Question from a listener: Are you familiar with John Moore who says Planet X will be here before the end of 2009, flooding the East Coast and the Gulf and other catastrophic events?


Answer: I think a lot of the East Coast flooding is going to come from....yes Maitreyaís contraption is going to crash. And yes, the fake New Jerusalem is going to crash and we donít know where they are going to land. I really think that it could possibly land in the Atlantic, causing East Coast flooding. Out of all the areas of the country, the Lord has never led me on a mission to Southeast USA. Iíve been everywhere from Salt Lake City to New Jersey Ė New York on missions for Orgone. He has never put me in the southeast area of the United States. Those whole coastal states down there; North and South Carolina and some of those other states. I think if any states will get hit with flooding, it would be the east coastal states, especially in the southeast there. It could come from the New Jerusalem crashing and falling or Maitreyaís satellite contraption. I donít know.  I know that the government has expected.....and every year around May they clear the entire Navy off the East Coast because they pretty much expect.....they know a comet will hit the Atlantic Ocean. So they move the whole Navy off the East Coast about May. Theyíre not real sure, but definitely something possibly crashing in the Atlantic, causing the flooding on the East Coast of America. As far as the Mississippi River going....I do believe that one. I donít know how itís going to come about. Possibly because of the great earthquake thatís coming. There is a great earthquake thatís coming. That could cause it to split or whatever. I know that when I was in Arkansas, I did central to northwest Arkansas. I never covered the northeastern part of Arkansas, because the river runs right by there and the Lord never had me on the northeast part of Arkansas. People always ask me what are the safe areas; what are the safe states. Iíve told you, the northern part of Arkansas, Missouri; just donít get too close to the Mississippi River, and those states around there in that whole Midwestern area. Imagine a border from the Mississippi River to the Colorado Mountains and those states in-between. Those would be the safe haven states and the safest places to be. I really like northern Arkansas and southern Missouri. I really like those areas in there.


Iíll go through some more questions here.....alright, people wanting prayer. I just get so bogged down with people....they are involved with the New Age....involved with bad marriages....theyíre this....theyíre that. The biggest thing right now is people just not feeling worthy enough to be one of the Lord's. Thatís the biggest lie Satan has. He always beats people up over that, because thatís how he keeps you ineffective. If Yahushua said that He died for our sins and is going to redeem us of our sins, thatís exactly what Heís going to do. I am certainly not perfect. I was just chosen to be His mouthpiece. I have my faults just as much as anybody else does, but what is real and is true is my complete love for Him. And Iím a doer and not just a talker. He is and always has been my priority. Now does that make me a perfect human? No. No. There is nothing special about me. In fact, I live my life anonymous. If I walked into a room you would never notice me. Probably one of the people you wouldnít come up and talk to. Nothing special about me at all. People need to get over the fact that we donít have to be perfect to be with Him. He forgives us of our sins. Donít let former sins, past sins, whatever destroy you. Thatís Satanís foothold over you. If you are living in sin now, get out of it. Get out of living in sin. Donít be a liar. Donít be a thief. Follow the 10 Commandments. Worship and seek Him. Make Him your priority every day. Thatís what He is looking for. Heís not looking for how much you know; Heís looking for how much you love Him. Itís people who follow Him with their hearts that are His. Heís not looking for how smart you are; how much information you have. Thatís for the Pharisees and the churches who think they know everything. I get in arguments with these Pharisees all the time. These church indoctrinated people. I was in the churches for 30 years, so I know where their arguments are coming from and where theyíre going. Iíve already been led out of all of that by the Lord Himself when I started seeking Him for the truth in all things. Thatís what people need to be doing Ė seeking the Lord for the truth in all things. Asking Him everyday for the truth in all things and not expecting to hear it in the churches.


I do hear from a lot of pastors who have left their churches because people didnít want to hear truth. They didnít want to hear the truth. So these pastors, practically prisoners in their own churches just left them. Theyíve started radio shows, some of them. Some of them have started church groups in their own homes. Just tired of being controlled by sheep who choose to be dumb and blind and deaf. If youíre a pastor of a congregation who is dumb, blind and deaf and doesnít want to hear the truth....then leave it. I would rather walk out and leave, then be held responsible for being the head of that kind of a congregation. That doesnít mean you have to be out of service for the Lord. Start a street ministry. Start a radio show. You can go on the internet. You can do something else. You donít have to be the boss of the dumb and the blind. So many people want to stay in their comfort zone of ignorance. I just walk away from that and what I encourage everybody else to do.


Question from a listener: Anything in the codes about volcanoes besides Yellowstone? There are two active earthquake zones in California.


Answer: California. Thereís going to be a lot of problems with the whole Pacific Rim there. Like Iíve been saying for years, get away from the west coast. Everybody knows itís going down; itís just a matter of when. I donít see Yellowstone going off until after martial law here in America. When martial law has fulfilled its purpose Ė because that is a judgment on the church from the Lord Himself.  People donít understand that. They think that the church is going to be raptured...they wonít be here for that and the Antichrist war on the Saints is just everybody left here after this mystery rapture. No. Martial law is judgment on the church from the Lord Himself. Heís going to really weed out the wheat and the tares from the judgment on these churches. So many follow Him with their lips and not their hearts. You want to prove that you do love Him and are willing to die for Him and thatís going to be with martial law. Heís going to allow it. Heís going to allow it. Those who are in Him will be protected from it; but let me tell you, there are very few that are in Him. People think they know Him. They think they love Him. They think they serve Him. Then they call him Jesus and go worship at the pagan temples. His name isnít Jesus, His Name is Yahushua.


Question from a listener: Visible as of yesterday from Vancouver, same spot towards the south, but closer to the south. Much bigger and brighter now.


Answer: In regards to Maitreyaís satellite; itís very low to the horizon. Thatís all I can tell you. Most satellites are 30 Ė 33 degrees above horizon. This thing looks like its 20 feet above horizon. It is so low. Itís this huge contraption thatís very, very bright. It almost looks like thereís a million light bulbs plastered on it. Very brilliant light. And that is his satellite; his star; his habitation. Whatever you want to call it. His moon. I donít know. It just looks like a contraption with floodlights on it to me. I point my pipe blasters and my bucket blaster at it every night. I notice he moves spots. It used to be permanently fixed since September above my house. Now itís leaving; itís moving at night. Last night it was only there for a couple of hours and it left. More and more people know what to look for; you can go outside and see if you can see it. That will be the thing thatís going to crash....going to come out of the air.


Question from a listener: Whatís your take on that plane crashing in the river in New York a couple of weeks ago? Was it deliberate, or actual accident? Itís kind of hard to tell with our government these days.


Answer: I looked in the Bible codes. I really didnít see any foul play with that. I didnít see anything. If there was, the Lord just doesnít want me to see it, I guess. I donít know, because I wasnít seeing anything in regards to it. I saw the term ďmechanical birdĒ. You can look at that two ways; mechanical bird being the airplane itself, or these were remote control birds that were guided into the engine so it would crash. I donít know.


Comment from a listener: Sherry, Iíve saturated ďspace coastĒ Florida and the South Carolina foothills.


Sherry: The Lord hasnít led me to the southeast. If He leads you to do it, then get it. If He leads other people to get it...I canít get everywhere. My carís on its dying breath now. Itís 1994 or something like that. I doubt if Iíll do any more missions with it.


Question from a listener: What makes southern Missouri and northern Arkansas safer than the other parts of the country?


Answer: Because Iíve been there two or three times orgoning the place. So I know itís safe.


Question continues: Can you again list the safest states for us, please? Thank you.


I donít have a map in front of me. Just go from St. Louis all the way to the mountains of Colorado. The western side of Colorado. Maybe the central part of Colorado will be fine. Iím pretty sure that the east coast of Colorado will be probably be our new west coast. So just those central states in through there, folks. I donít have a map, so....just look at a map. The eastern part of Colorado to St. Louis, Missouri. Those will be the safe states to be in. There will be safe parts throughout the country as well. It really just depends on where the warriors are and which areas are orgoned or not. Orgoned areas will become protection areas; safe havens for the Lordís People. So if you want your area to be a safe haven, then Orgone it.


Question from a listener: Sending this email again. You asked questions last week about Solomonís Temple. If anyone knew about the White House being a replica of that.


Answer: A lot of people saying that....and this isnít the first email I got on it. The Capitol itself and not the White House is a replica of Solomonís Temple. Some people saying that the whole city itself is an actual rebuild; a replica of Godís Holy City. But how do you know what Godís Holy City looks like...I mean, really? How would you know? How would you compare that? I just know that these Masons, who had stolen Solomonís books that were hidden in the basement of the temple, probably have the whole floor plan; architectural plan of what Solomonís Temple was. Interesting if they think itís the Capitol. The Capitol is just really, really big to be a temple, I think. The White House might be a more feasible version.....I donít know. I havenítí really gotten set either way on what the answer is to that.


(Reading emails) Just some tech help here. Some of my kids. It was one of my kids that listen to the show that didnít like my old microphone sent me an awesome Podcast System. I just have to figure out how to get it hooked up right so everything works right. I know Iíll get that done hopefully this week. I started fooling with it about 5:30 today. Iíll get it figured out.



Question from a listener: Iím sending this question again. I forgot to add something to it. The 144,000. Do you think they will lose their memory of who they were on Earth when they go back home?


Answer: I donít think weíll lose our memory. I think over time, we wonít remember as much. Eternity is a long time. Once weíre taken up into Heaven, weíre going to be rulers on Earth and priests with the Lord during the Millennial Reign. We are going to be rulers on Earth; thatís a thousand years. Then you go on to eternity and you know.....whoís going to remember the former life here on Earth. Whoís going to care at that point? Weíre going to have new jobs; new responsibilities. I think its going to be a great time actually. Iím tired. Iím ready to move on to something new.  People think for a thousand years weíre not going to have much to do because thereís not going to be anything evil. The possibility for evil existing is always going to be there. Itís our job to keep it out. So we will have things to do. The children who were born during this millennial reign donít die of cancers and diseases or tech weapons from our governments to kill us....and using us as guinea pigs, making us sick and trying to kill us and things like that. So for a thousand years, to die will be very, very rare. Itís not going to happen. So these people just breed and procreate and procreate....thereís going to be a lot of people after a thousand years where there is no death. And these people are still born with sin natures. Thatís why we are ruling with the Lord on Earth. Weíre ruling. Not waving wands...sitting on clouds. Evil will pop up. Especially that one war that everybody confuses. Especially the Masons - Hal Lindsey and the Bible guy, Jack Van Impe. They all mistranslate it. The war of Ezekiel 37 and 38 comes after the thousand year Millennial Reign. When Satan is loosed from the abyss. Heís going to be tied up and cast into space for a thousand years. Then he is loosed. He comes down to earth and gathers up armies (described in Ezekiel 37 and 38) Russia, Germany...Gomer and Gog and all that talks about. And comes up on the Jerusalem itself and the Lord destroys them on the mountains. That is the war at the end of the thousand year reign. Everybody expects that to happen now. Thatís why the churches are so in the dark about where they are on the prophetic timeline. That war comes much later. Yeah, so when Satan is loosed after a thousand years, heís going to be able to go through all these nations...and us warriors will have to sit there and grit our teeth, knowing what he is doing. Heísí going to be allowed to do it and there is nothing we can do to stop him. Heís going to amass armies to come up against David and the Lord's rule in Jerusalem. David will be reseated as the King of Jerusalem at that time...which will be really awesome. The former king of Israel, David. Thereís going to be plenty of people even throughout that thousand years, even living under the Lords theocratic rule decide to rebel against Him. Weíre going to have plenty to do, folks. We may not be able to stop the very end where Satan goes through to gather troops to march up against David in Jerusalem, but during that thousand years will be ruling with iron fists and stomping out evil the second it raises its ugly head.


Question from a listener: Did you hear the UFO story of villagers in Russia actually seeing the being from the UFO? Can you say more about the Saudi Arabia story? Thanks.


Answer: Iíve been getting emails from people all over the world about UFOs crashing.  Russia, Brazil, Peru, Mexico. Theyíre from everywhere. Even in our home states. I do have the one from Saudi Arabia. This is the one I just saw in the codes titled Millions See UFO crash in Saudi Arabia. Iíll tell you a link where you can go and see it. They show a picture of the object. Go to allnewsweb.com. They have it there. Page 5. They have the story about the millions seeing the UFO crash in Saudi Arabia. Just do a search on that at their website. Itís just all over the world, folks. They are going to continue to fall. Maitreyaís is going to fall. Satanís is going to fall with great thunder and lightening. Things are getting interesting.


A couple of heads up on things to watch for the next couple of weeks; watch for Obama preparing the TV facade for Maitreya...for his world-side speech. Especially here in America. Yeah, get your thrill and look at it for 2 seconds. Not a thrill, but curiosity. They want to see what he looks like. Then turn the channel. The Lord said not to watch him or listen to him. Itís just garbage anyway. I canít even listen to Obama. Iíve had enough...thatís 5 seconds. Itís not that I donít like the guy....I canít stand the guy. I get nauseated. I canít be around people that are possessed or not human. I can tell by my spirit exactly what they are. I get nauseated and itís sickening. I react in different ways. I canít even be around people that have been born with deformities. These children born with syndromes. I just get severely nauseated around them because most of them are just demonically oppressed. The parents say they have this rationalize they have this disease....this thing or the other. You can just feel the demons on these kids. Itís very sad. Then they just grow up to be possessed adults. I canít be around demonically possessed people. So I canít listen to Obama too much. I certainly wonít be able to take this Maitreya too much.


Thatís whatís coming up in the next couple of weeks. The emergence of his arrival on Earth. His speech. His crashing. More crashing and more fights in the Gulf of Aden. Itís good to see those forces out there planning and making Orgone and destroying the evil forces that are out there. A lot of things happening in the background. Especially with the Gulf of Aden thing and the base of Eden thing. Itís going to be totally afflicted with leprosy. A lot of these places over there in the Middle East and that area are going to start being afflicted with leprosy. Itís the Lords Judgment on them. Something to keep your eyes on with that. Thatís what I see within the next couple of weeks. Other than our government, possibly by the last week of February or so, announcing that its totally bankrupt. That will cause chaos. Things to watch out for on that end.


In the end, I usually focus on is the arrival of these aliens posing as ascended masters. That coming within the next month. Very dominant in the codes. Very dominant for the end of February. So just keeping an eye on that. They can delay it or speed it up. Thatís what Iím seeing in the Bible codes right now for the month of February. Very dominant that he will...Obama is working on bringing him to the world stage and introducing him as this world teacher. Iíve told you that Obama is his right hand man. Watch out for Benny Hinn. He will be use to pave the way for the churches to accept this Maitreya as a world teacher....god figure...or whatever. Watch Benny Hinn and Obama. They will be working together. Maybe not side by side, but definitely on the same page in bringing this Maitreya to the world and helping promote him as something that he totally isnít. So this is going to get interesting.


The government will be declaring that itís bankrupt. That will escalate and facilitate martial law here in America, because of all the chaos in the streets if they declare a bankruptcy. They are already bankrupt; itís just a matter of declaring it. Not a whole lot new with that. Just people that need to pull their head out of the sand and realize that this country really is broke and not going to go back to the way it was. You need to keep preparing for the things that are coming.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless