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Transcribed by Liz Patton


And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night February 16th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking those in and out during the show. Something interesting....because all day long, as usual, Iíve had no idea what Iím going speak about on the show Monday night. The Lord usually brings it to my mind shortly before the show or even during the show. I just start talking and He leads me to what to say. So I just got this email shortly before coming on the air. Very fitting to what He even wanted me to speak tonight. So I want to bring this up because for years; 5 years now, weíve been on this Orgone war, to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. Weíve traveled the country. Weíve got warriors standing up everywhere. Not just getting their yards now, but getting their whole areas. Weíve got it all the way around the world. Iíve told you on various shows and articles Iíve written throughout the years that the biggest thing this Orgone does is it burns the aliens. It suffocates them. They canít breathe. It burns them. I often see that in the Bible codes where it boils them and it burns them. Itís burning them up now, literally. Iíve told you, these little meteors falling all over the world are not meteors; theyíre UFOs. Weíre bringing them down out of the skies. Itís definitely a war weíre winning right now against this whole Reptilian race; the alien race.


Somebody totally independent from my ministry...Iíve had her on my show before. About 4 or 5 years ago. Peggy Kane who does EVP reverse speaking has a link on You Tube. Sheís been reverse speech against these aliens; these Reptilians. Thatís a totally different phenomenon. Itís a bit different than reverse speech. She does EVP recordings. Thatís like recording white noise and then catching demonic entities in that white noise talking. Weíre very parallel with the spiritual realm. We doní see the spiritual realm, but we are very parallel with it. Eventually that curtain that blocks us from seeing the spiritual realm is going to be lifted. Iíve been talking about that. Weíre going to be able to see them and hear them and smell them; which is really going to be nauseating. All thatís going to be gone. Our protection  away from the spiritual realm because the Lord is going to lift that curtain and weíre going to be one world on Earth with these demonic and alien beings. Nobody getting that ready more than Iíve been the last 10 years, warning people about it. Especially Hollywood now because all these commercials theyíre coming out with. Like I said on my website last week, theyíve spent thousands over the years to discredit me on the internet and now theyíre practically coming out and saying the same things Iíve been saying in their commercials. All you gotta do is watch these lizard commercials theyíre coming out with. Of course, last year I was even talking about it when Ellen was doing a commercial for American Express. All those different animals and stuff. All these animals talking. These cute little lizards. This is all conditioning, folks. Itís all conditioning for the time thatís coming when the curtain is going to be lifted and weíre going to be able to see these alien and demonic beings. Theyíre not going to be cute little lizards then. Youíre not going to want to take them home to your kids.


Peggy Kane, like I said, she did this EVP on Reptilians. I want to read what sheís discovered on their reverse speaking. Very amusing because it just verifies and confirms everything Iíve been talking about for the past years about what Orgone is doing to these beings.


  • "The One's up blasting."
  • "It's the One."
  • "Bad, it's all falling down"
  • "All sizzles.  It's very hot, frightening. "
  • "Oh man, I'm hot.  I think I'm burning."
  • "My head hurts.  Look I'm burning."
  • "[Expletive] , there's fire."
  • "Net burns.  The ropes going down."
  • "Buckle up, intense."
  • "Dulce's finished."
  • "An outrage.  Defeat."

I went to Dulce Base two years ago. I told you back then that Dulce was finished. We destroyed Dulce Base. The atmosphere right now is so hot for these beings. Iíve been warning about that...thatís exactly what the Orgone was doing; heating up the atmosphere. Itís causing these UFOs to crash. Thatís the dominant thing I see in the Bible codes, is that the Orgone is causing them to crash and burn. They are burning. They feel like theyíre boiling. Very intense for them. They are very miserable in the atmosphere. So Iím glad to see somebody else totally independent of me....I have not talked to Peggy Kane in about 3 or 4 years.....coming out....even she gives God....this email gives God the glory for defeating the Reptilians. We know whatís doing it is the Orgone. The Orgone Warriors...just keep up the work weíre doing because we are making a difference in being able to destroy Satanís kingdom. Canít always see it with our eyes, but you see all these falling ďmeteorsĒ. I know that some people wonít believe it until they actually see a burnt up alien; a Reptilian. But I can see in the Bible codes whatís going on. A lot of things we just do by faith because the Lord leads us to do it. Confirmations come later. And they always come, folks. Youíll always get confirmations. You may not get them when you want them, but eventually you will get them. Weíre seeing it now even with independent people.


Other EVP reversing she was able to catch some sentences theyíve been saying.


  • "Have the Serpent on the run"  

Yeah, we have Satan on the run, folks.

  • "They're really frightened"
  • "This is a disaster"
  • "This burn too hot"
  • "Looks like we're going to lose everything"
  • "I'm in pain, dying"
  • "Had enough, I give up, we've had it"
  • "We're [expletive], beat the politicians we can"
  • "50 bodies"
  • "Did you burn hot"
  • "He's the last one let him burn"


These are reversals that sheís been able to get from Reptilians. I hope people will be able to correlate. The one thing the Lord wanted me to talk about tonight was correlation again....and Iíve mentioned it before...between all these falling meteors and the UFOs. Iíve put up its Raining UFOs months ago as a joke. I was having some fun with that. Theyíve been falling from the skies for years, but the reason itís getting more and more dominant, number one, weíre able to get more and more Orgone around the world and more and more people are getting involved in getting Orgone in their areas so that it can continually saturate the atmosphere. Another thing is, more and more of them are coming to Earth. Maitreya and his forces have been trying to come to Earth. This is their time. Their green light. Theyíre supposed to be here wandering around the Earth telling everybody what gods they are. Itís hard to do that when theyíre on fire and burning and heís losing all of his forces because theyíre dying from the crashes and the heat and the boiling and the asphyxia. So itís very amusing. You know what? Gods showing up in the wheelchair with burned skin or having to use an aspirator to breathe isnít going to convince a lot of people heís a god. So I just think itís very amusing. All the confirmations. If they donít want to give credit to the Orgone Warriors, ah well, because itís God leading us. Iíve told you what the white horse is and the white horse rider and what weíre doing. That bow without weapons and the unconventional weapon of Orgone, completely annihilating Satanís kingdom, folks. Just continue doing what weíre doing, because thatís what the Lord has told me. Continue doing what youíre doing. This should have been a month and even Obama and them half expected it in the end of January, first of February for Maitreya and them to arrive. Instead, theyíre crashing. I donít if theyíll arrive or whatís going on. Itís getting very amusing. Iíve told you Iíve seen Maitreyaís death in the codes before. If he ends up dying, and not coming at all, then we just go to route...plan number two where Obama and Benny Hinn become the top beasts on Earth. Iíve got the different routes on my websites. The different variable combinations that Iíve seen in the Bible codes for the Antichrist and the false prophet and those roles being played. Like Iíve said, in the last days you have a script. Itís almost like a screen script. You have characters. The Lord will stand up different people to fill those characters. Itís not always a given whoís going to fill a character slot. Even in Heaven, the Lordís council has a lottery and they choose. Like if He wants something done on Earth, its the Fatherís Council in Heaven that will go through and look at the Believers in the Lord on the Earth at that time, and pull a list of candidates and then stand one up to do that particular job. Thatís how things work. Youíll often see the term ďlotteryĒ in the Bible codes because out of a pull of candidates...and then the Lord stands up somebody to do the job; whatever needs done. Often theyíll just go to the same people over and over again because theyíre the go-to people. They know that theyíll do it. Theyíre reliable. Theyíre dependable. Youíll often see that in the codes Ė whether someone is reliable Ė whether someone is dependable, and just call them their go-to people.


Another thing Iíve been seeing in the codes is lottery for even these aliens. These reptilians. Their deaths. Because we canít kill all of them. Thereíll be allowed a certain amount to survive. So thereís almost like a lottery; who gets to live and who gets to die. Right now, I donít know if Maitreya is one of the ones that are protected. Heís going to come crashing down too because the Lord has already told me that heís going to come crashing. And we can see in Revelation chapter 12 where Satan falls like lightening from the sky. Thatís Maitreya. Thatís Cain. He is going to fall like lightening from the sky. You see these meteors falling from the sky right now, and they look like lightening falling or shooting stars. People all over the world, seeing this phenomenon happening. Itís just going to increase more and more and more. So itís very amusing. I know the other night; somebody from Columbus, Ohio was giving me a heads up, ďHey, thereís this strange looking blue clouded UFO. Itís an energy drainer and itís heading your way.Ē So I didnít go outside that night to look up. I was already in bed. Iím just so tired all the time. The last two weeks Iíve had no energy. Iíve just been so tired. But interesting that he pegged it as some kind of energy drainer UFO. Sure enough, it was the same night that the plane crashed in Buffalo, New York. That 9-11 activist was killed that was on that plane.


So them going after the big mouths. Another thing; if youíre going to stand up and be a big mouth, do so with the Lords protection. These people that are out there without the Lords protection are just fair game for assassinations and murders. Unlike the Warriors that have His protection. You can see in the codes whoís protected. You can see that certain people are protected by the Lord. Satan canít access them. And it infuriates them. it infuriates that Iím protected. They havenít been able to get to me in 8 years. Everything theyíve tried has failed and they canít get near me. Eventually, even that will be lifted. Very interesting that very early on weíre seeing such results with the Orgone war. Itís just amazing. You know, weíve been at this for 5 years now. The Warriors out there...people know what to do. So if the internet were to go down tomorrow, people know what to do. They know to get the Orgone out. Not only because its causing the UFOs to crash, but it keeps the chemtrails out of your areas. I know a lot of people are just looking to keep the chemtrails out and get white fluffy clouds back in their areas again. Some people havenít seen a white puffy cloud in years. Every time you look up in the sky its dingy, itís cloudy. Because itís all chemtrails. Not puffy clouds; chemtrail clouds. If you saturate your areas with this Orgone, youíre going to get back your white puffy clouds. So thatís the kind of work we need to be doing, folks. I have the directions at orgoneblasters.com. at the make your own page. This Orgone Ė our Orgone that we make on this site, is the one thatís effective. There are very many different types of Orgone being made. You can go to EBay and punch in Orgone and see all different kinds of devices and voodoo crap that people are making and selling that do nothing. If you want to defeat chemtrails in your area...if you want to help get in the war against these Reptilians and aliens in our Earth and skies; then you need to be making this particular Orgone because not all Orgone is the same. Not all Orgone. I canít stress that enough that all Orgone isnít the same. So just a heads up on that.


I just sent out to the list today a You Tube link or a news article on this latest meteor/UFO falling in Texas. Itís raining UFOs, folks. You can go to YouTube.com and type in ďUFOs crashing.Ē There are over 5,000 videos of UFOs crashing. ďWe donít know what it is,Ē they say and just term it a meteor because they donít know what to call it. These light balls of fire crashing to Earth. Yeah, weíre annihilating them. I can see it in the Bible codes. Itís not something in the future that weíre going to be doing; weíre doing it now. Its present. Itís now. Weíre burning them. Theyíre being boiled. The Bible codes call it ďboiledĒ. And just in their own reverse speech that Peggy Kane found, where theyíre burning. Itís intense. Theyíre dying. Theyíre getting burnt up. Just the fact that it mentioned Dulce is amazing. We did a lot of work in Dulce. Yeah, Dulce finished and so is that base in Kentucky. We finished that one off a year or so ago. And come to hear theyíre building another one down there now. At what point donít they realize that everywhere they go, Iím going to be. Iím going to target them and thatís what weíre doing. Weíre targeting where theyíre at. Not just target your own cities, towns and neighborhoods, but targeting where their bases are. Get it by targeting the water supplies. Get Orgone in the water. If you can make pipes; pipes are the best way to get them. If you canít, just throw Orgone in the rivers, lakes and water. And get it in the ground. Bury it in the dirt and the sand so they canít find it. Stick pipes in the ground if thereís no water. Just do as the Lord leads you. It defeats them. They canít find it. Itís like finding a needle in a haystack. Go through the country and try and find all the gazillion Orgone pucks and things we have all over the country? They canít do it. Itís like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially when the Lord kicks in the breeze...the Lord kicks in the wind and blows it around the world. You wonder how weíre getting the Middle East? Because of the wind. Itís in the air. If everybody in America...if everybody in the north area here and I know thereís a ton in Europe too, and the Lord just blew that to the Middle East like Heís doing. You donít think its affecting them? Itís killing them too in the Negev Desert. Their home bases. Their home base right there in the Negev. The Gulf of Eden...Aden. And their own little countries; Libya, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt. Some of their main bases out that way. Iraq Ė coming up in the codes lately. Interesting. Iíve always said that they built him a nice little palace in the Green Zone and then they abandoned it so he could have it. ďOh lets go to Afghanistan nowĒ. So the US moves the concentration of its forces to Afghanistan. Itís because Maitreya is taking over the Green Zone with his forces...going to be. And theyíre going to burn.


One of the most interesting things Iíve seen in the codes in a long time. Something I couldnít even begin to explain was the term ďkilling karate peopleĒ. Iím thinking, killing karate people? That has to be Korea. That came to me because in Korea, karate is very dominant. I mean, they take time off every day to go their karate classes and stuff. So it has to be....thereís a judgment coming on Korea. If youíre in karate...I was in karate. I did not get into the meditation stuff. I refused to do that part. Thereís a sensible part of karate where itís just self defense. Then thereís the nonsense demonic possession karate where you invite demons into you so you can do all this magical demonic crap. Pretty much highlighted by eastern television. A big part of the eastern type of karate is meditation and inviting demons into them so that they can have more power and be faster and quicker  and stronger and jump and do all this paranormal stuff. I donít even know if itís real apart from Hollywood, where you see it on TV. But apparently, probably is. This judgment is coming to them. The problem is, these people are possessed by demons. Like Iíve said, people that are possessed by demons are going to have a negative reaction to Orgone. Itís the demons inside of them that revolt against it. Theyíre angry. They hate the Orgone. Theyíll burn the person wearing it. Theyíll lash out until you get rid of it.  They just become very angry. People want to know, ďWell, if I have this pendant on and Iím breaking out in boils, what should I do? Take it off?Ē I donít know what the answer is to that. I almost want to say, just leave it on, because the demon will leave. It has to go find a different place to live. It can no longer live inside of you. It has to go and find a different place to live because youíre burning it. Itís angry. You think youíre breaking out in boils; you should see what its doing to the demon thatís possessing you. All these people...the karate people...has to be Korea that are possessed by demons are going to have a very negative reaction to this Orgone. Itís now going to start hitting Korea. I donít know when. I would think soon since Iím starting to see it in the codes. Just something very...something to look forward to. You know what? These folks...and the Lord had brought before the show, my article Judgment of the Tare Nations to my mind. Itís going to continue and itís going to get bigger and bigger and bigger.


We have the seed of Satan and the seed of Adam on Earth. Yes, there are different seedlines. Physical seedlines. We have the seed of Seth, the son of Adam and then you have the sons of Lucifer through Cain. The two longest living nations on Earth. The Chinese and the Indians. Each having over one billion people in their populations. Of course, the Chinese being spread out between the Koreans...India....Vietnam and all these different Asian type nations...Thailand, Bangladesh....all those different types of Asians that are part of Cainís seed. The whole new covenant in the New Testament was that anyone who accepted Yahushua as their Savior would become His. So it didnít matter what seedline you were from at that point. It moved from a blood thing to a heart thing. We see it in China every day. Christians being killed for their faith. And some of these other nations where Communism and serpent seedline control and domination is so powerful there. They die daily there for their faith. The Lordís Salvation is open to all these tare countries; these tare nations. Just because youíre trapped by your blood lineage, does not mean that you are forever going to be judged for that. Everybody has to make a choice who you are going to follow; the Lord or Lucifer. By not making a choice....by default you belong to Lucifer. A lot of these Indian and Chinese nations that are steeped in Buddhism and Hinduism and all these demonic religions, they still have a choice. They can renounce that and accept Yahushua as their Savior and become on of His children on Earth...and probably die for their faith a lot faster than Americans are going to. At least theyíll be the Lords. The option is there for them. Even if thatís their lineage, it doesnít matter. Itís no longer a blood thing; itís a heart thing.


Even look at the Arabs today. The Arabs are Ishmaelís children. Just as the Lord had promised Isaac. The Lord had set up Isaac with 12 sons who became the 12 tribes of Israel; he set up Ishmael with 12 princes. The problem with the Arabs today is that theyíve gone away from having anything to do with serving the True God and they serve this Allah. The whole religion has become more of a political ideology. Itís based on war and demonism and living and dying from the sword. Islam today is not what it was before. When Mohammed took it over, itís now become some demonic run religion. And they need to get out of it. How many times have I been saying that people just need to get out of religion and get into relationship? Get out of religion and into a relationship with the Most High. Religions are apostate. They can lead you down the wrong road. You think youíre spending your entire life doing what youíre supposed to do because youíve been taught that since you were a child. When the truth is, your parents were deceived and their parents were deceived and religions and their apostasies...it just goes down the never ending train wreck. Generation to generation to generation is a never ending train wreck. So thatís why I encourage everybody to just get out of religion and into relationship with the Most High. Ask Him to teach you the truth in all things. He will start to show you the errors that youíre in, that your religion is teaching that you are in, and bring you into a more perfect union with Him. A more perfect relationship with Him. Something that religions will not teach you. Look at a lot of these religions in the east. Itís all about just becoming demon possessed. Thatís why there are such poverty stricken nations. Satan has control over those people and those religions and they keep following him, wanting something better, and it and he canít give them anything better. Those whole religions are formed to control people. Keep them always thinking that something they do will make life better for themselves. The Lord says, Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, then shall all these things be added unto you. So our focus needs to be Him first. And then anything else in life is added unto you. For some people, thatís not going to happen because He doesnít want you building your kingdoms on Earth, He wants you building your kingdom in Heaven.


How much fruit do people have for eternity? Iíve got people that think itís their mission on Earth just to hound me constantly and come up against me in this ministry. The Lord said, thatís enough. And Heís going to start going after these people. So I take note on who these people are. They join You Tube just to leave condescending and retarded comments about my You Tube videos. Or they send me their retarded emails about why Iím wrong and theyíre right. I donít even read them. I block their email address and they come up with different ones. Donít they get it? Iím not reading their garbage. They still act like 2 year olds. Go buy a $5,000 banner for a month on a popular website just so it leads to one of my websites and their critique and hatred of me. This stuff has not gone unnoticed. By me, a lot of it has, but not by the Lord. He going to come up against a lot of these people. So I take note on who the enemies are, because I can guarantee theyíre not going to be around too much longer. His anger is against all of them.


Comment from a listener: Even the Wiccans and the psychics - a friend of someone says my Orgone is very powerful. The muffin-sized are the best sheís ever seen.


Sherry: Yeah, thatís true. Even the pagans and the Wiccans can know this, why canít the Christians wake up? The believers in the Lord Iíve been trying to wake up for years to get them involved with the Orgone battle. It is a war and right now, one weíre winning. Weíre winning this one. Look how many are falling out of the skies daily. You know, the time is coming when weíre going to get inundated with things on Earth. With the economy crashing and stores closing and people out of work and things like that.  Enjoy your victories for now. We have a lot of victories right now to enjoy, and Iím doing that as much as possible.


Iím going to go to questions and comments from listeners. So if you have one, you can send it sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.


Some people would like my ministry to get on the radio 7 days a week. I couldnít talk that much. Seriously couldnít. It kills me to just talk for an hour. I would need producers to help. I have no help. Thatís why I just show up on Mondays and whatever you want me to say Lord, just bring it to my mind.


Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, great job. Thank you for your strong hand. My question: did you hear that on Feb. 17th, Obama is going to hand America over to the New World Order in Denver, according to the website whatdoesitmean.com. When he signs the stimulus bill, which I understand also has a new gun control bill that they slide in. What are your thoughts on this?


Answer: Well, Iíve warned about that. He is the puppet of Maitreya and this whole New Age....Age of Aquarius weíre in right now. This is the first full year for the Age of Aquarius. I remember doing a show about the Age of Aquarius back in 2004....2005. Thatís why you can go back and listen to my archives. Iíve heard from others, that theyíre timeless. Just because I did it 4 years ago doesnít mean the information isnít pertinent for today. Yeah, theyíre timeless. I have so much information that Iíve done over the last 4 Ė 5 years during radio shows that you can go back and listen to everything Iíve done in those years in the archives. And theyíre free. I expect Obama is going to restore everything that Bush was doing. I wonder why I keep seeing Bush and Cheney in the codes. Theyíre basically just handing the reigns over to Obama and Biden. Theyíre just going to pick up where they left off. Like thereís going to be a change. Well, there is. Weíre going from the Age of Pieces to the Age of Aquarius, but heís still going to be pushing the same politics. We donít have a two party system. Thatís for the gullible. Thatís why he calls it bi-partisan politics in D.C. You know, the truth is, there is no Republicans; there are no Democrats. They all belong to the same secret societies. Theyíre all Illuminati. Theyíre all Illuminati children. Theyíre pawns. There is no two parties. Thatís all for gullible public assumption. Let Congress fight it out and act like there are two parties. But meanwhile at the way top at the White House, we all drink the same blood and cup rituals and everything else they do. A bunch of Satan freaks. Theyíre all part of the same societies. They all worship the same being, which is Satan. Thereís no different. Obama is just going to pick up and heís going to....what Iíve been warning about. The biggest difference being, if Obama stays leader of last days Babylon, which is America. If he technically stays the leader of us, he would be the Antichrist. Now if he signs America over to lets say....world teacher Maitreya, or the coming false prophet Sananda that looks like Jesus. If he signs leadership of America over to one of them, then they become the last days Antichrist. Its whoever is leading America in the last days that becomes the Antichrist. Thatís why you have to watch those two routes. It could easily become Obama. Like Iíve said, heís not even pure human. Heís a clone. A creature. A beast the Bible codes call him. So he could be easily incarnated by Satan. Remember we have three beings. We have Satan, and then you have the Antichrist and the False Prophet. The Antichrist and False Prophet are cast into the lake of fire (Revelation 20:15) and Satan is bound and cast into the abyss for a thousand years. So we do have three separate beings, folks. So its going to be very interesting just to watch who is technically the leader of the last days Babylon. Whether it stays Obama or he gives ownership of America over to somebody else.


Question from a listener: Could you explain again, how to nullify chip implants with magnets?


Answer: Yeah. You can go to my website thewatcherfile.com. I have an article on how to detect chips. Put that in the search box detect chips. You take a neodymium magnet (thereís a link on my website for those). You put the north side against your skin. Most people just starting out; youíve had booster shots when you were little. So put the north side of the magnet...get a compass...get a little toy compass for like $2 at Drug Mart or something. Just get a compass. Put it up against the magnet so you know which is the north side. Put the north side against your skin. Hold it in place with a band-aid. I use band-aids. Something like a booster shot thatís been there forever; leave the magnet on there for a like a day or two. If youíre hearing buzzes and ringing in your ears, take a magnet and tape it onto your earlobe. Again, the north side of it against your skin. Put it on your earlobe and leave it there for about 12 hours. You can do each ear lobe that way. Any place that youíve had shots; you can put a magnet on that place where you had a shot. If youíve had dental work, you can put them on your jaw closest to where the point was you had dental work done and just leave it there for 6 or 8 or 10 hours. Ask the Lord how long you should do it. Sometimes just doing it overnight or all day Saturday is good enough.  Just ask the Lord to lead your thoughts while youíre doing it, exactly how long you should leave it on.


Question from a listener: Should sailors, fishermen and cruise line passengers throw Orgone into the oceans, since so much activity is under the seas?


Answer: Definitely! That would be a dream. That would be a dream to take a whole suitcase of Orgone and every mile dump an Orgone puck into the ocean. Or even getting a boat and getting some pipes made. Take 2 inch....4 inch copper pipes and make pipe blasters out of them. I have the directions on my website at orgoneblasters.com, the make your own page. Make some Orgone pipes and throw them in the oceans. That would be awesome. Anybody who is near water or oceans, get Orgone in the oceans.


Question: Will the New World Order have a DNA census worldwide to find out who is from what bloodlines? I would not participate in that.


Answer: Human DNA genome mapping; thatís been around for a long time. Thatís basically why they make you do those PKU tests on babies when theyíre born. They take their blood drops and do DNA testing already. Thatís how they know who you are before youíre even born. I mean, you donít know who you are, but they know who you are. And thatís how. They get your blood when youíre a baby, before you even leave the hospital. Itís a mandatory test. The PKU test. Thatís how they do it. I donít know that they necessarily need to do it here in America, but in the other nations because they already get our DNA here in America.


Question from a listener: Is Prince William the real Antichrist? His genetics are tied to every throne in Europe and Briton claims royal blood all the way back to David and Solomon.


Answer: Well yeah, their royal bloodline is just a bunch of garbage. Theyíre not really related to them at all. Theyíre Moravian.  Theyíre from the Moravian bloodline, not the Davidic bloodline. People ask me about Prince William all the time. When I did a code back several years ago when I got curious and started doing Antichrist codes, Prince Harry was much more dominant than Prince William. It was my belief at the time, and Iím not saying Iím correct, but it was my belief at the time that something was going to happen to where Charles and William would be killed and Harry would be the last one left. That was back at that time and we know that things can change. Codes can change. Theyíre not written in stone until something happens. But even back then Harry was just so dominant. You look at Prince William and you think he could be, but if it went to Europe...but I donít see it happening. I see Europe....Europe is going to be destroyed by water. If a comet or Maitreyaís ship maybe hits the Atlantic, they could cause some kind of tsunami taking out the East Coast of America and Europe. They would be gone. Even a slight pole shift would destroy Europe. I just donít see it for William or for Charles. Right now, theyíre not even leaders of Babylon. Itís the leader of the last days Babylon according to the Old Testament prophets.


Question from a listener: I am tired of folks stating that you are a government agent. Can you please state the truth on the show?


Answer: LOL. Iím a government agent? Thatís just part of their discrediting campaigns. Theyíll say anything. Theyíll do anything to keep people from going to my websites and listening to my radio shows. And thatís one of them. Lately Iím an alien apparently. I saw on one of these boards Iím hearing about. Theyíll just do anything. So donít listen to them. You know? Donít listen. People can go to my websites and read my articles. Everything about me is pretty straight forward. I donít hide anything I believe. I have 20 websites. You can read about who I am. I have an introduction article, Who is Sherry Shriner? on my website. I donít hide anything about me. Those are just detractors. That line has been around forever. Iíve been dealing with two different groups online. One run by Al Gore and another one run by the Mossad. So you have two different groups of people and agents attacking me constantly. You know....Iím not going to spend my time going to these message boards detracting arguing against these liars. People can just go to my websites. Iíve got other things to do. Iíve got an Orgone war that Iím in the middle of. Iíd much rater be n my garage making Orgone...bringing down Satanís forces out of the skies then wasting my time on message boards.


Question from a listener: The State of Colorado is running commercials and ads in California trying to attract out of work disgruntled Californians to move to Colorado. Many California companies are starting to relocate to Colorado now.


Answer: The same is true for Arizona. Arizona is trying to do the same thing; attracting Californians. Who was that? The guy on MSNBC I was watching a couple of weeks ago very poignantly brought it out that as 150,000 Californians leave, 150,000 Mexicans move in. A huge exodus from California over the last several years of companies and people; residents of the state leaving because theyíre just being chased out by all the Mexicans and the illegals coming in. That state is going to be heavily judged. Itís going down. I would stay away from these states where this illegal immigration is going on. Youíve got Texas, California and Florida. Those states are ripe for judgment. Whenever you see judgment coming and destruction, itís one of those states. Stay away from those states. Usually if youíre in the northern tips of those states youíre okay. Just do as the Lord leads.


Question from a listener: What is this? Is this a question or....donít send me crap and ask me to comment on it.

What specifically can we pray for right now for your life, Sherry?


Answer: You know what? Just pray that the Lord sends more people out. More Orgone warriors out in the world to get more Orgone out.  Thatís my mission on this Earth and thatís all of our missions on this Earth is to just do what the Lord leads us to do. We donít have much time left. We donít. So get Orgone out as we can, folks. Thatís my biggest prayer. Another thing is the Things to Do List. The link that I have on my websites. Itís so effective. Itís so effective. You guys would die laughing if you saw the things I see in the Bible codes. Some of the things we pray for....and some of the silly stuff. Most of that list is just silly. I had everybody add their two cents and make a list of things to do to tear down Satanís strongholds. So we attacked their plumbing and stuff in the underground bases....and their food. One of them was for the aliens to get hemorrhoids. Iíll tell you what; I about died laughing the other night in the codes when I saw they are getting hemorrhoids. So Iíve always said, because Iíll see ďcombinationĒ. Weíre not just counting on one thing to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. Weíve got the Orgone, but weíve also got our prayer list that we do; the things to do list for warriors. Just coming up against them in prayer all the time. And to see some of this stuff happening. Itís just pure chaos....is causing pure derision in these underground bases. Because when we pray for these things, the Lord does them. The Lord canít act unless His people ask Him to. Some people get frustrated, why doesnít the Lord do this...or do that? Heís not going to do anything unless you ask Him to. Because that gives Him permission to operate in your life and operate on the Earth and do the things that His people are asking Him to do. Heís going to wait until we ask Him. Itís not like He needs permission, but He waits until He is asked. We need to ask Him to do things. So just that silly list that we have of about 60 or 70 things. The plumbing breaking and the sewage backing up into their bases.


You know what? I was talking to somebody last week who had told me that their son or whoever works in Colorado and FEMA has been storing up body bags for a while there now. And theyíre storing food underground. This goes on in various numerous cities. Not just Colorado but in various cities youíll see FEMA stocking up on body bags and stuff. In particular, Denver right now. So I just asked the Lord, when they think they have enough food stocked up in that underground base...I just...a slew of requests that it would become rodent infected. Rat poop infested. You just imagine Iíve got it all covered. So whenever they think theyíre done or even half way done and pat themselves on the back. ďOh, weíve got food to last us for 7 years while everyone else starves,Ē Then its gong to be destroyed. I have pure confidence the Lord is going to do exactly as I asked. Thatís just part of being a prayer warrior. Going up against these things. Everything about them. Everything about the New World Order. Their underground bases. Their little hide-outs. Their pride and their arrogance that they think theyíre going to be so set while everybody else starves. Just go after them. Get prayed up ahead of time.


Question from a listener: Thank you so much for your time. I am a Liberian who grew up here and believe Yahushua is going to take me back to Liberia to Orgone Liberia.


Sherry: Thatís West Africa for those dummies who have no idea where Liberia...and Iím one of them.


Continues: Do you have any DVDs of you making pipe blasters or Orgone? I have the instructions but I am really a visual learner.


Answer: You men. Youíre all engineers. I donít have any You Tube. I donít know anything about You Tube. I donít know how to make a You Tube video. If any of you Orgone Warriors out there that are making my Orgone could put together a You Tube video that I would approve of; I would put it on all my sites for everybody to benefit off of. I throw that challenge out there. I donít care who you are. I donít care how old you are. If you can put together a You Tube video making Orgone based on the instructions on my website, I would be able to stick it up on my websites so everybody else could learn. I would really appreciate that. So would the hundreds of men who are all engineers and need that step by step. Most of us women just visualize it because weíre used to recipes and just follow directions. The men just have a tougher time with that. If somebody could put that together. I know there are some great men who already do the Orgone, so if they could even get together....somebody and just put together a You Tube video to help everybody else that would be extremely helpful. I donít know a thing about You Tube. You guys know how stupid I am when it comes to this tech stuff.


Question from a listener: Will the United States divide into sovereign republics soon?


Answer: I think thatís going to be after martial law or the cause of it. I donít know. I donít see it happening right now. Thereís too much going on right now in the codes. What I see right now is death....theirs; their deaths. Thatís what weíre seeing now with the UFOs crashing out of the skies. Youíve got the reverse speech claiming that theyíre burning....theyíre dying. Thatís pretty much dominant in the codes right now. Iím not seeing anything else about anything breaking up or anything else. If you go away from the codes and you think realistically because itís a plan of theirs to do that. Itís on the script for a New World Order global takeover to have everybody broken up into 10 regions. But they have a lot of things on their scripts. The Lord has told me theyíre in derision. Theyíre in such chaos. Itís hard to tell exactly what part of their script theyíre going to be successful with and what theyíre not going to be. Itís just a Ďwait and seeí on that.


Question: How can we get Orgone into the worldís drinking water supply systems?


Answer: It would sure beat all the stupid fluoride they have in it. I donít know how to do that, because most cities, towns and countries have their own main water plant and stuff like that.  So you would have to individually get an Orgone puck or something into every cityís water supplies. I donít know how feasible that is. Usually they have that blocked off with fences and stuff like that. The best way to do it, since all these places draw their water from lakes and stuff like that to begin with, is to get the lakes. Get the oceans. Get the lakes. I donít know.....wherever the Lord leads you to get. There are a lot of standing lakes everywhere. I know thereís a huge lake out west and it feeds like 3 states. It starts in Arizona and runs down into Nevada and Arizona and some other state. We spent some time at that lake. The problem with out west is that thereís such a drought. Half of those lakes are like a smidgen of what they used to be. Very pitiful out west the last 5 or 6 years just going out there; all of the water sources just drying up. All I can tell you to do is if you can chuck a puck....chuck a puck in the cities water supply, do it. There is no one way of getting all of the worldís water supply other than the Orgone we already have out now and the Lord rains it back down on Earth and the rain gets into the water. Thatís a huge way itís affecting them in the Middle East. Weíre getting them by the wind and the rain. Thatís how. The clouds just soak up the Orgone and then rain it back down on Earth. And thatís all over the world.


Question: Would you encourage folks around the world to start blogging about the subjects you address on your show?


Answer: Well certainly. Nothing I do is secret. Iíve been working my butt off for 8 -10 years. Been in this Orgone war for 5 years. Certainly. And there are a lot of people starting to stand up and say the same things Iíve been saying. Itís very good to see. Getting some support out there from people I have no contact with. Totally independent sources coming to the same conclusions. In fact, I hear from weather people. You know how these tech guys are that follow weather patterns and stuff like that, confirming that there are certain lines across the United States that are clear, I guess you could say. And these are the areas that have been orgoned. I knew that when I was going out west a couple of years ago; all the way to Salt Lake and back, that we were putting up a border; an Orgone border all the way across the country. Last year I went up to the border of New Jersey to try and keep that line going from Salt Lake City all the way to the border of New Jersey. All the way across the country there is an invisible border of Orgone planted. Now weíve got it out west. Our southern border, because of the warriors down there that stood up. And weíve got almost half of Texas. All the way across Arizona, and all the way across New Mexico. The whole southern border which been orgoned. And eons of places in-between. Kindof zigzagging from the north to the south. Weíve got a lot of work done in Texas, but you could spend eternity and a day in Texas. A lot of these other states need work. Weíre just kind of zigzagging and doing everything we can. Hopefully the Lord can put all the points together. and people are seeing the results of that. They can see it in the radar screens and stuff like that. Itís very interesting to hear.


Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. I saw a banner of aliens at Rense.com that says you are an alien.


Sherry: Yeah. I heard about it.


Continues: I have heard a few economists saying that the economy will unravel in March in a rapid pace. Do you see that in the codes?


Answer: Well certainly. Iíve been talking about the economy taking a dive for a long time.


Continues: Good article on loosh by the way.


Sherry: Yeah. My article on how aliens feed off of humanity. Net Masters. You guys want to read my article on Net Masters at my articles page at Sherry Talk Radio. It talks about loosh and how they feed and generate loosh off of mankind to feed off of.


Yeah, thatís the necomias(?) that rented that banner space. Whatever grind they have. I donít even know those people...whatever.


Question from a listener: Sherry, do you know the story of when the Philistines captured the Ark of the Covenant, that God gave them emrods? Was that hemorrhoids, boils or something else?


Answer; Interesting. Hemorrhoids, emrods. They almost sound the same.  I donít know.


Question from a listener: Folks on the Rumor Mill News are talking about Chicago getting nuked as well as FEMA setting up mass burial sites in Illinois. Do you know whatís up with this?


Answer: You know what? This is the second time Iíve heard about it. That theyíre doing it in Indiana. Theyíre doing it in Illinois. Theyíre doing it in Denver. So I gotta believe theyíre doing it almost everywhere. We just havenít heard of it. Theyíre setting up body bags because theyíre going to be falling over like flies. I donít think itís us; I think itís them. Iím not seeing our deaths in the codes; Iím seeing theirs. Very interesting that the same time Iím seeing a lot of their own death and destruction in the codes that theyíre setting up all these body bags everywhere. But you know what? Theyíve been doing this for years. We were hearing it a year ago....two years ago where they had sent 500,000 body bags to Atlanta or something. Theyíve been setting up for a long time. Because they are going to have nukes and chemical and bio-attacks on America. Thatís not an if, but a when. Itís inevitable. Weíre going to be at war. America is going to be at war. I think theyíre just setting up for that. I definitely see us getting bombed on by Iran and probably Russia. If Iran does it, then Russia is behind it.  Definitely things that are coming. Itís just inevitable.


Comment from a listener: All the psychics are talking about dark April. As to whatís coming in April; doom and gloom in the USA.


Sherry: What the Lord has told me is He told me not to pay attention to the months in the Bible codes because theyíre messed up. Things are happening out of sync because theyíre in so much chaos and derision. So I canít go by month listings in the Bible codes to try and determine whatís coming up in the future because everything is out of sync right now. I can tell you events that I am seeing. I see Maitreya coming; crashing out of the sky. Roundups. I half expect Obama to take off and get out of D.C. Get out of Dodge, because heís burning there. Iíll call it as I see it, but right now the most dominant things in the codes is not Obama - itís Hillary. Thereís going to be destruction in Jerusalem and the continuing economic annihilation is coming in our country. So these are the things bogging down the codes right now, other than their death and destruction. The aliens, because theyíre dying. Weíre burning them out of the sky. That part I always enjoy. But as far as continual economic annihilation and everything thatís going to be coming as a result of that.


Question from a listener: How can senior citizen like my mom, take part in tearing down the strongholds of the New World Order?


Answer: The Lordís Army is full of senior citizens. Half of the best warriors are in wheelchairs. If you canít walk, you can drive. You can drive. You can throw. You can make. You can donate. You can pray. Some of the best prayer warriors are just older women who just pray for the destruction of the New World Order and Satanís forces. And those that can do, get up, go out and toss the Orgone and get the Orgone out. Iíve been across this country a couple of times with an older lady in a wheelchair. They got spunk! They might not be able to throw, but they can drive. Or they canít drive, but they can throw. Iíve got older ladies who get out and get things done on their own. Theyíre the strongest warriors we have. It takes a lot of men to keep up with them. Anybody who has a role in this army; it doesnít matter how old you are. It doesnít matter how old you are. You can make Orgone. You can donate to the cause. You can get it out there yourself. You can be a prayer warrior. Praying is so strong...so effective. Just that alone. And not doing what Iím saying, but ask the Lord what it is He wants you to do. Whatever the Lord leads her to do. Everybody has a different mission; a different part in the script; a different role. So if sheís seeking the Lord as to what she can do, and He will lead her into that. Heíll lead her into that. If she keeps asking Him...keep bugging Him. You know what? Weíre His kids. Itís like a parent...the kids keep bugging their parents. You really know they want something because they keep bugging you for the same thing. Thatís how it is with prayer. When you really want something from the Lord, just keep bugging Him. Iím not talking about material things. Donít keep bugging Him for a house or something. Ask for things that He wonít say no to. Discernment. To lead and guide you. Just keep bugging Him for those things. For strength. For boldness. For the truth in all things. He never says no to the spiritual things that we ask of Him. He gives in measure. He gives a little bit at a time, here and there.


Hi Sherry. I am the Liberian. I am wondering about North Carolina being orgoned. Has it happened or is it going on? Iím just wondering.


Answer: North Carolina. Not that I know of. Thatís not a real strong state for Orgone. North or South  Carolina. It needs work. The southeast states; I donít know whatís going on with the southeast states. The warriors are not standing up down there, and the Lord has never led me down there. I donít know what to say, but you know what? If your area is left open for judgment, itís their fault. I canít be everywhere. People have to get those areas. I know I wanted to go down there and hit Billy Grahams whole compound there in North Carolina just to tick him off, but Iíve never had the time. I went up to Salt Lake and ticked off the Mormons out there instead. So now theyíre moving and trying to make their home base in Quebec. So now weíve got all these warriors in Quebec orgoning Quebec. Itís really funny. So now we have this chill...this ice age for the last 3 months because as the atmosphere gets heated up theyíre trying to chill it to make it cooler because theyíre burning. Thatís why a lot of us are experiencing a lot colder temperatures this winter. Itís their survival because theyíre burning. Theyíre burning in the atmosphere. So theyíre trying to stay cool. They canít keep this one up forever. Thatís what the Lord had said; our weather is a mixture of whatís normal and what isnít because theyíre trying to chill the air because itís just so hot. I can see where theyíre trying to set up in Quebec. So the warriors out in Canada need to be getting Quebec a lot more. We chased them out of Salt Lake. We can chase them out of Quebec. Anywhere they go, weíll just target them. Weíll just target them anywhere they go....whatís left of them. By the time they pack up and leave, thereís not much left. They all just die. Itís very amusing and very interesting.


Anyway, I guess Iíll pick this up again next week, folks. Until then, just check out the website orgoneblasters.com. Get as involved as you can because like Iíve said theyíre confirming from outside sources now that weíre burning them, were killing them and weíre causing them to crash out of the skies. Its everything Iíve been talking about. Now you have outside confirmations from various different people and websites now. Itís good to hear.


Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.