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Friday, September 10, 2004


Welcome!  I’m Sherry Shriner.  It’s Friday night, and you’re live with me tonight.  Thanks for spending your night with me.  Tonight I’m going solo.  Tonight I’m not having a guest.  In the past several weeks, for the past month or so, I’ve had guests, and I’ve been getting a lot of listener feedback saying, “You want to hear you talk. We want to hear you talk.”  So.  Tonight it’s just gonna be me talking.  You’re gonna get a whole hour of Sherry Shriner talking from the mail bag, and if you want to hear something answered—a question—or finding out, you know, on the air, send me a question at SherryShriner@aol.com.  Put “MAIL BAG” in the subject heading. 

Sherry’s Thoughts On Time Travel And Alternate Realities

One of the listener—some of the feedbacks I’ve gotten, other than the fact that they don’t hear me talk enough is they want to know my thoughts on time travel, regarding one of the interviews I had two weeks ago.  I had a time traveler on here.  And I really don’t have, you know, any—I can’t say, you know, “This is real.  This isn’t.”  Obviously, the reason I had the whole deal of the time travel on the show is because there are alternate timelines out there.  I’ve seen them in the Dodes.  And when you talk to time travelers who’ve actually been there and actually seen these timelines—because in the Codes, that’s—most of you know I’m a Bible Decoder.  I’ve been doing Codes for about three years now.  There’s always different routes. There’s always one event is gonna happen, and there’s several ways it can get there.  And trying to decipher ways of getting there is a whole battle in itself.  You can read in the Book of Revelation, the Book of Daniel, all the prophets of the Bible who have told us, you know, how the End Time events were gonna be.  You know, what was gonna happen.  But as we sit here on the prophetic end, we want to know what’s happening to make those things come to happen.  So, you know, it’s—when you get into the Codes, you can see different routes to the same events coming.  The rise of the Antichrist, the One World Government, One World Religion.  And when you listen to time travelers, you know, who’ve seen these things, they go into time and they see these events taking place.  I thought it was just really interesting. 

Information > Judgmental Hammer

 You have to understand that even though I am a born-again Christian, all of my guests that come on this show—there’s no requirements to be on my show.  You don’t have to be a Christian.  I think I make it a standard very clear that I am, but I’m not gonna, you know, I don’t have any requirements for guests to be on the show.  I’m not sitting here with a judgmental hammer over those who say they’re Christian, and then say something that offends somebody else.  So.  You know.  Just. You know.  My show is information-based.  I think it’s more important to get information out right now than sit around with a judgmental hammer in my hand.  So I’m not even going to go there. I’m not going to get there.  I mean, I’m not going to announce on every show, “Well, this person is a—” I mean, sometimes I will say this person is a born-again Believer.  If I don’t say that, then they’re more often times they’re not.  And I’m not gonna offend them as guests on my show by pointing out that they don’t love the same Lord that we do. 

Interviews With Zeph Daniel

My third interview with Zeph Daniel is—took place last week.  Was a great interview.  It’s my third one with Zeph.  I love him.  He’s a great guy.  We have a great time talking to each other.  There’s a lot of information that gets passed during in these interviews between me and him.  You can find it at his website at Zephnet.com.  If you click on the link of his last call, Channel Z, you’ll see that he’s put all three interviews between me and him on the same link.  So you can download it.  But the third one is first, then it goes into the second interview I had with him, then the first interview.  And each interview is almost about two hours long.  But they’re full of information.  I’ve always had a ton of positive feedback about those interviews.

How To Pronounce N-A-S-A 

Another question from a few of you Southern listeners who don’t like the way I pronounce NASA.  [“Naw-zah” – “naw” pronounced like the N-A-U in “nauseous.”]  They say it’s NASA. [“Nas-ah” – “nas” pronounced like the N-A-S in “nasty.”]  I don’t know. What do you think, Steve?  He’s listening. I’ll get his feedback.  I know he’s out in the Midwest.

Steve:  What was your question again, Sherry?

Sherry: Is it “Naw-zah” or “Nas-ah”?

Steve: You talking about the space agency?

Sherry: What’s that?

Steve: You talking about the space agency?

Sherry:  Yeah, yeah.  The space one.  The organization in Florida.

Steve: It’s “Nas-ah.”

Sherry: “Nas-ah”?

Steve: National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Sherry: Okay.  ‘Cause I can barely hear you.  I can hear me fine.  I’m almost talking to myself over here.

Steve: Is that better?

Sherry:  Yeah, that’s better.

Steve: Yeah, it’s NASA.  National Aeronautics and Space Administration, ma’am.

Sherry: Oh.  So, that’s going to be a triva question!  You know, I’ll have everybody complaining about how I say it to send me what it stands for.

Steve: Well, I’m sorry!

Sherry: That’s okay!  You know, all these people saying, “It’s NASA [Nas-ah], it’s not NASA [Naw-zah].”  And to me they’re all nauseous. And I see it.  I see the term in the Bible Codes.  “Nauseous.”  So, anyway.  Okay. We’ll stick with NASA.  NASA.

And also another thing I wanted to go over is the format of the show.  You know, I’m really struggling with this.  I don’t know if I want to have a guest every week, or if I want to talk every week.   To have call in questions.  Tonight we’re gonna have call-in questions.  I’m gonna give out the number, the call-in line at about the half way mark, ‘cause I want to go over some information first.  So, if you have a question you want to ask me, I’ll give out the number here.  I know I’ve sent out in e-mails in lists before the show tonight. So you might have it.  Wai until about the half mark, at about 10:30 PM.  If you want to call in, Steve will interrupt me and let me know you’re on the line after the break.  And I’ll take call-in questions.

The New World Order And Bible Prophecy Go Hand In Hand

What I wanted to talk about tonight is, well, everybody knows about Sherry and aliens.  That’s my agenda.  I mean, that’s not really my “agenda;” it’s my calling.  And, you know, three years ago when I got into the New World Order, I started learning about the factions.  Different Factions 1 and 2.  And that’s why I’ve met a lot of the people I’ve had for guests on the last several weeks talking about the New World Order.  That list of whole idea is to break you into what the New World Order really is, so you can hear about it from different people.  Because you can’t even get into End Times prophesies—you’re going to run into the New World Order.  They’re the One World Government.  They’re the One World Government the Bible talks about.  It’s a New World Order.  It’s Satan’s New World Order.  It’s not God’s.  And so, you know, being dominant in these Last Days, if you—you know, you’ve gotta understand what the New World Order is.  How it snuck in.  Who the players are.  How it’s gonna work in the future.  And the thing the Lord did about three years ago was pulled me aside, away from the start of the New World Order, the part I was getting into, and started showing me the alien agenda.  And that’s where I’ve been since.  

Where Does Sherry Get Her Info?

And most people want to know, “Well, where you do get your information?”  And you know, it’s a mixture.  I get my information from God.  I get my information from the Bible.  From the Book of Enoch.  The military.  The government.  Abductees; people who have had literal experience being abducted by these aliens; the things they’ve said.  You’ll even listen to the New Age and the pagans, these channelers.  These Ascended Masters who channel through them.  And you know they’re not “Ascended Masters.”  They’re nothing but fallen angels, you know, to deceive the gullible public.  And a lot of you, you know, you’re on top of things.  And you know that these are nothing but fallen angels.  A lot of you think that they’re demons and they’re not.  And I’ll get through that later when I started going through this alien agenda. 

Angelic Civilizations – Insight Into What They Were Like

But they’re all from Satan.  I mean, they’re fallen angels. That’s, you know—they’re not, you know, our “friends” living in galaxies millions of miles away, really wanting to help Earthlings.  They hate humans!  They hate us.  Why do they hate us?  Because we were born—because we were created in the Image of God.  And that was the one thing they wanted.  And that’s what caused greed and pride in Lucifer, and why he fell as a reigning Archangel. You look at the pre-Adamic civilization, and I know there’s not a lot of information out there, and I can’t prove a thing I’m saying.  But I see it in the Codes, and there was a thriving angelic civilization here on Earth.  And, you know, we’ve uncovered artifacts in the Earth to prove that Atlantis existed, and they don’t even talk about the one on the west coast called Lemuria.   And you know there was a—there is a thriving angelic civilization here.  There was one on Jupiter.  One on Mars.  One on Venus.  There was another planet in between the two called Rahab. [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/planet-rahab.htm]  And there was interplanetary trade at that time.  These angels had their own civilizations going.  They weren’t just sitting on clouds playing harps. 

I remember there’s different types and ranks of angels.  These angels—what I’ve seen in the Codes, especially the ones that inhabited Mars, the angels were menstrual.  So, that signifies that yes, there were female angels, and they were able to procreate.  So, a lot of people say, well angels aren’t born with, you know, they can’t create and procreate and this.  You know, hey man, tell me which rank you’re talking about, because you can’t say all of them when God has created billions of angels.  And we don’t even know the number that fell with Lucifer.  The Bible just says that a third of the angels fell with him, that were deceived by him. [Revelation 12:4]  We have no number.  But we know that there’s millions.  There’s just millions of them.  Tens of millions.  And they’re all coming here for the Last Days.  You know, Earth is the prize.  And so. 

Iron Mixed With Clay Means The Hybridization Of Aliens And Humans

You know, people need to get ready, get prepared.  It’s coming. The Lord’s told us about it.  The churches covered it up.  And I’m here to expose it.  I’m here to announce it, wake everybody up, get ‘em back.  You know, there’s other people doing it.  I’m not the only one.  I can’t take credit for that at all.  I’m probably the last in line. There’s probably, you know, people have been doing this for years.  But I’m going to use every avenue I can to inform people about what Enoch was exposing, speaking of.  What Daniel was speaking of.  Daniel spoke about it.  He spoke about the 4th Kingdom being iron mixed with clay [Daniel 2:40-43].  The different, diverse, and more monstrous kingdom.  And we know that the iron mixed with myriad clay is aliens and humans.  It was a hybridization.  And I know churches like to go on and say that iron is communism and, you know, whatever.  But really, if you look at the wheat and the tares [Matthew 13:24-30; 13:36-43], the iron and the clay, it’s hybridization. 

God said, “In the days of Noah, so would the Last Days be.” [Matthew 24:37]  And in the days of Noah, we had hybridization [Genesis 6:4]. We had aliens mixing with humans.  And it never stopped.  It never went away.  The Flood at that time destroyed all the abominable creations that were made and created because of the bestiality that was going on [Jasher 4:18-19], where you had a unicorn and you had all these different animals—half-human and half-animal—and, you know, all these detestable abominations and creations.  The Flood destroyed all of that.  And that was the whole reason.  Noah’s family was the only family left with pure human DNA.  That’s why God destroyed the world with a Flood.  To restore human genetics.  And what happened was, in Genesis 6:4, it says they came back, they kept falling. [Genesis 6:4 – “and also afterwards” or “and also after that] The original angels that fell were judged [1 Enoch chapter 10, Jude 6], but even after the Flood, they came back. 

And that’s what I want to get into.  And I just want to go through this information here about what the New World Order is and then how it moves into the alien agenda. And then, you know, after the break we’ll take questions. 

Bush Sr.  - Letting The Cat Out Of The Bag Since 1991

Well, President Bush used the Gulf War in 1991 to announce the New World Order, and most people didn’t really know what he was talking about. You know, he mentioned “unity” and “peace,” and that’s not a bad thing, but “good will toward men” isn’t what he was talking about.  He grins, speaking in dark sentences, and the usual political jargon and games played at the public’s expense, is going to be nothing more than the demise of the people he was claiming to bring peace to in this New World Order.  When he said on television, and he boldly announced the creation of a New World Order, most people didn’t know what he was talking about. 

Dark Sentences And Occult-Speak

You know, they talk of peace and unity, and that’s what the Bible says.  When the Antichrist comes, he’s going to speak of peace and prosperity.  “They say ‘peace’ when there is no peace.” [Jeremiah 6:14]  The Bible warned you there is no peace. And they use dark sentences in all their speeches. It’s almost like the occults have their own language.  And you can almost pretty much decode when they start speaking, they have terminology that they use that we don’t understand what they’re talking about, but they understand what they’re talking about.  And Daniel calls it “dark sentences” [Daniel 8:23, KJV], meaning, you know, it’s occultic and it has double meanings.  And there’s some prophets online, people out there, that have information on some of the stuff that they do, some of the ways that they speak to the public, and in the public media domain, and the languages they use.  And they’re signaling to each other.  They do that with the color of their ties, the pins, the belts they wear, the lapels. I mean, it’s never-ending, and if you try to follow everything they do, you’re just gonna go crazy.  ‘Cause I don’t, you know, I don’t want to focus on them, I want to focus on the Lord.  And what I do is just reveal what the Lord wants me to about them.  So I’m not going to follow them every day.  I follow the Lord. But I’m going to expose what I can and when He tells me to.

The Anthrax Scare Was Faction Versus Faction Fighting

The New World Order itself is a vast conspiracy of old bloodline families, wealthy and famous—the corporate Elite, the United Nations, and the secret societies.  They’re broken up into two factions—more well-known as the Rothschild and the Rockefeller factions.  So you have one based out of England, and the other more based out of the USA.  It consists of double agents, members switching factions, lies, betrayal, murder, general mayhem.  The anthrax—a couple of years ago, the anthrax being mailed—that was the factions fighting amongst each other.  One of the news organizations that was hit, the one with the rag tabloid magazines, was ready to come out with an article and photo on one of the other politicians of the other faction, and they got hit with the anthrax.  I mean, they play rough.  They don’t, you know—and a lot of innocent people get involved.  A lot of innocent people were killed through that.

Those who fight to gain control of the hidden agenda to unite the one world under a One World Government gets it all.  So, the way they view it, the winner gets it all. So they’re fighting it out against each other. They’re not all working together.  There’s no unity in getting—you know, anything but division in Lucifer’s groups, in any of them.  They’re not all working together. They all work against each other because they all think they can be the ones to bring him into power.  He just sits on top of them all. He sits back and watches them all go, watching it all from the aircraft to the bases. 

The Aliens Aren’t From Millions Of Galaxies Away; They Originate From Here

Even the infiltration of the governments jobs, the appointments of the Cabinets, Congress, the Pentagon, even the White House, has all been the yet consistent subtle presence of aliens.  They’ve never been gone anywhere.  They’ve always been in our space.  They’ve always been under the Earth.  They’re not “extraterrestrial.” They don’t come from millions of galaxies away.  They’re in on our solar system, and they’re dependant on the Earth’s electromagnetic field to travel.  So when you hear these Ascended Masters or these aliens talk about, “Oh, we’re from millions or billions of miles away,” you know it’s a lie.  They’re right here in our own solar system.  They inhabited these planets. 

When I get back to the pre-Adamic talk here a little bit—when they had the interplanetary travel, when the angelic civilizations were here, they traded amongst each other through, you know, from planet to planet to planet.  They weren’t limited to just being on Earth.  And when Satan rebelled, and God cast judgment on Satan and all the angels that rebelled, He destroyed those planets with hailstones of fire.  The same way He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He destroyed those planets. And a lot of the angels were confined to the hollow cavities of these planets. And some of them were allowed to roam free. Satan was allowed to roam free.  His home planet was completely cast out of the solar system.  It’s coming back as Planet X.  But it was cast out of the solar system. Whereas all these other planets—Mars, Jupiter, Venus, all these other planets—the surfaces were destroyed.  And the angels, you know, went underneath to get away from the Judgments of God.  And they’re all coming back.  They’re coming back to Earth. 

They Live…Next To You And Me

The aliens are everywhere.  They’re watching everything we do, from sabotaging missiles as they sit in their silos, to taking out a satellite or a rover here and there, to ease-dropping on military bases.  They’re hanging out outside the White House, and even yours and mine.  They’re in the skies, they’re on the ground.  They’re infiltrating society as hybrids.  The aliens aren’t coming; they’re already here

Would you know if you saw one?  Probably not.  Probably not right away.  They use holographics to look human.   But usually you’ll hear in a story on a tabloid or somewhere on the Internet of people seeing others shapeshift in front of them or turn into an alien—the scaly hands or skin. 

Infiltration Part 1 – Abductions And Breeding

And there are two different types of infiltration into society.  The first way is direct breeding. And you’ve heard of alien abductions.  The little greys abducting people on to UFOs, performing medical experiments on them, and then sending them back.  Then there’s the victims who don’t remember all the details, just remember seeing the UFO and then can’t explain the missing time.  Some are taken repeatedly.  Some are taken so much they begin to empathize with their abductors.  You’re probably familiar with Whitley Striver.  If not, you can go to Whitley Striver’s site. He’s at dot com.  WhitleyStriver.com.  Repeatedly taken.  Repeatedly abducted by aliens.  Empathized with them for a long time, and now he’s coming out with they’re evil.  You know, he no longer sees them as the lie that they were trying to portray, that they were our friends or they wanted to help.  He sees them for what they are now. 

They’re—you know, you see the same stories around the country and around the world about what it’s like for abductees, you know, and there’s so many of them, there’s no way this could be made up.  There’s no way this could be just a random chance happening.  There’s thousands and thousands and thousands of these abduction stories, where people who have dreams of being abducted, and to them, they are dreams.  Because what they do is they’re able to erase your memories.  They will try to before they send you back, so you can’t remember the abduction experiments, experiences.

And a lot of people aren’t gonna talk about them because, you know, the conditioning is, “This can’t happen to a Child of God.”  You know?  “This can’t happen.”  And so, people are afraid to talk about it.  You know, they’re a Child of God, it has happened to them, and everybody’s telling them it can’t happen, so they can’t be a Child of God.  You know, they scare people into silence.  They scare people into submission of not saying a word.  “Keep it silent. Let’s not get it out into the open.”  And you know what?  They play to Satan’s agenda.  And that’s what I’m here to do. I’m here to expose it. 

Infiltration Part 2 – The Breeders

The second way they infiltrate into society is indirectly, through the first way.  Many abductions, because they’re being used as breeders.  When they’re taken, they become part of the alien breeding program, never realizing they may have had a role in donating eggs or sperm to the alien population agenda.  Some women are impregnated, watched, and then the baby is taken at about 8-12 weeks, and the woman has a mysterious miscarriage she can’t explain.  And it defies medical explanation.  Some won’t even know that they’re pregnant to begin with, and so, being a baby carrier from 8-12 weeks is unnoticed because they take it out before you realized you were pregnant.  And these babies grow up in foster homes, or perhaps with the aliens in underground bases.  Many women have successfully carried their full-term babies that they thought were their husband’s or their significant others, and it actually had an alien father, and neither one of them never even knew it.  

These first generation alien hybrid children rank above normal children.  They’re called “star children.”  Or they don’t rank at all.  They just kind of sit back quietly and assimilate into society, and just keep passing on the alien contamination DNA. 

In the days of Noah, mixed human and alien DNA was dominant.  Iron mixed with myriad clay that the prophet Daniel spoke of.  The wheat and the tares. It was so dominant that there was only one family left with pure human DNA, and that was Noah’s. The real reason God destroyed the Earth with a Flood and started over.  In Genesis 6:4 He said it was gonna happen—they fell before, they were gonna fall again, and they did.  Even today we have generations and lineages of alien DNA.  DNA mixed with our own.  Most of us have some form of alien DNA and don’t even know it.  Human contamination of DNA is going to be dominant in the Last Days, and it’s dominant now.  I see it in the Codes all the time.  Most humans have no idea how far back the genealogies go, and most of them do carry some kind of polluted and contaminated DNA. 

All Who Believe In The Most High Are HIS, Regardless Of DNA Background

That does not mean you’re not a Child of God.  Having this alien DNA doesn’t take away from the fact that you’re a created soul.  You’re still a human, you just have polluted DNA.  And Yahweh already promised us He would never destroy the entire world again with a Flood. In fact, the reason He comes back to the story that wrote it all is because He promised that He would return for those who believe in Him [Matthew 24:36-51].  So, if you believe in Him, regardless of what kind of DNA you have, then you’re Yahweh’s.  You’re on the losing side if you don’t believe in Him.  I mean, I know.  I talk to people every day that know full well the things that are coming, and they still won’t believe in Yahushuah.  And they—you know what?  He’s our only hope.  He’s our only hope for, you know—the escape that’s coming from His protection.  Otherwise, you’re just out there, and you’re going to be food for the aliens that are coming. 

Aliens Will Be The Armies Of The Antichrist

There’s many different races of the fallen angels out there.  There were separate nations and planets of them before the fall.  After the fall, multitudes were imprisoned inside the hollow cavities of their respective planets, while others were allowed to roam free.  And these are the ones that we’re dealing with today—are the ones who are allowed to roam free.  And what’s going to happen is, the Lord is going to allow the ones who have been imprisoned to come out.  Now some are in judgment forever. They cannot come out.  But, you know, there’s millions of others that have been in the planets that are allowed to come to Earth.  That He’s going to allow to come here, because they’re going to be Satan’s armies.  The armies of the Antichrist.  I don’t know how many times you’re going to sit in the churches and listen to prophetic gurus, and they’ll tell you, “Oh, the EU is the armies of the Antichrist.”  Or NATO.  Let me tell you something.  Satan doesn’t need human armies.  He doesn’t need a man, you know, mortal men or women who can die when he’s got his own.  And his own are much more effective than any human can be.  His own can’t die. 

While factions of alien groups have been busy with breeding programs, others have been busy infiltrating out governments and secret societies.  And the reptilians are the most notorious and well known among the bloodline families.  After all, some of them have their bloodlines linked directly to them.  The bloodline families are the ones running the factions, or wanting to, of the New World Order.  The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.  These are the Merovingians bloodlines [European royal bloodlines] as well.  You look at the UK lineage. All of queens and kings and all of the Merovingian bloodline, they’re hybrids!  They’re hybrid lines.  And when Princess Diana came, and she gave birth to William, she was the first to give a real legitimate lineage to that throne.  Because her lineage was pure, back to the tribe of David.  She was the only one with real royal DNA.  The ones that are there now, Prince Charles and the Queen, do not have legitimate royal bloodlines.  They’re Merovingians.  And Princess Diana legitimized that throne, and with William.  And that’s why he—the whole thing was set up for him to marry her, so William would have some kind of legitimate bloodline.  We know Prince Charles doesn’t, and the Queen. 

So, when you look at these Illuminati bloodlines and, you know, it’s pretty much like the Edomites and the Jews that came back. The Edomites were hybrids. [Esau married two Hittite women – Genesis 27:46; Genesis 36:2.  Esau’s bloodline became known as the Edomites, or those of Edom – Genesis 36.  Hittites were Canaanites; specifically, they were Satan’s seedline that had generationally succeeded through the Flood from Noah’s son Ham’s wife and their children – Genesis 10:6-20.]  They weren’t pure Jews.  They mixed in with the Jews that the Lord had told them not to, you know.  One of, you know, the strict requirements He had was for no intermarriage [Exodus 34:15-16; Deuteronomy 7:1-4; Joshua 23:6-13], because He didn’t want the DNA tampered with.  It wasn’t because somebody had a different race or a different skin color or speaks a different language than you.  It was because there were so many hybrid races back then.  He was trying to protect the Israelite DNA bloodlines.  And you can see that that didn’t happen, and today, you know, that it’s just rampant. 

We also know that, you know, the Illuminati are the ones protecting the reptilians through blood drinking and ritual.  Most of these families are well steeped in Satan-worship.  And what they do is pretty much like reptilians.  When you became a—like a demon possessed person, where a demon can just enter you and take over your body, it’s the same thing with these bloodlines.  What they do is they do constant blood drinking and rituals, and they invite reptilians to come in and host their bodies.  And these reptilians are secondary to Satan’s branch, which is the Draconians—they’re lizards—and they’re the ones who’re running the governments of the world, through all these people that’s, you know, the only way I can describe it is a possessed people. Instead of being possessed with demons, they’re possessed with reptilians.  And these reptilians in turn will think for them, do—you know, work for them.  It’s like a walk-in.  A soul walk-in.  They replace that person and become that person in power. 

And if you’ve read some of these books—Transformation of America, good book online to read. Cathy O’Brien, she describes, you know, when she was a MK Ultra sex slave for the government.  She describes being at Washington parties and seeing, you know, congressmen and politicians shapeshift into lizards. 

And some people don’t understand where this whole shapeshifting comes about.  If you look at our cartoons on Saturday morning, if you want to know what’s going on, watch the cartoons—what they’re trying to condition and brainwash your children into seeing.  Because when you look at the, you know, the Mighty Morphing [Power] Rangers and, you know, all these different little animals, or kid children being allowed to shapeshift into animals.  “Shapeshifting” is just another word for “transformation.”  For transforming.  And the Bible tells us that Satan will transform into an angel of light. [2 Corinthians 11:14] He can also transform into a human.  He can also transform into anything he wants to.  Transforming is from the word “morph.”  And so, that’s where you get “morphing.”  That’s where you get “shapeshifting.”  They’re all terms that are related to the same thing—that they can transform into whatever they want to.  So Satan can appear as a human.  He can appear as the dragon he is, which, you know, he’s not going to.  But he can possess people the same way as these lizards do—human possession—where, instead of being just possessed with demons, you’re possessed with a reptilian.

And before the break here, I’ve got about 2 minutes before break, unless he cuts me off a little bit early. 

The difference between demons and fallen angels is this.  In Enoch, he states that the demons were the spirits of the dead Nephilim.  They were the spirits of the children of the—they’re hybrids.  What were they—when these hybrids died, they were, you know, half-alien half-human.  And probably more so alien, but at that point, you know, they weren’t judged, they were just allowed to roam the Earth.  And the spirits of the dead Nephilim, fallen angels, are the ones who lost their looks after the rebellion.  They were judged harshly.  They were cast out of Heaven. 

Part of their judgment was to lose their angelic looks.  And so, with the many different alien, you know, angel nations that were amongst the planets even back in pre-Adamic times, now what we have is a multinational, you know, alien mixture of different types of aliens. Because they all lost their original looks.  So, you’ll have humanoids—we’ll get into the humanoids later here after the break.  But meanwhile, you have the reptilians, you have the Draconians, and we’ll about to get into a bunch of other races here after the break.  But, you know, there’s not one set.  The Bigfoot—he’s part of the whole clan.  We’ve seen, you know, people have seen Bigfoot wandering around.  There’s all different kinds of aliens.  Some look grotesque.  Some look like animals.  Most of them look like, you know, they’re scaly or they’re hair.  Some are very tall.  Some are very short.  You know, outside the races they’re very different.  The races don’t necessarily get along. 

This is Satan’s kingdom, remember.  Nobody gets along in Satan’s kingdom.  They all hate each other and fight and war amongst each other as well.  He’s not omniscient, he’s not omnipresent; he can’t control all of them like God can control, you know, and speak to every one of His people at the same time.  Satan has to count on, you know, his generals and his ranks of soldiers and his own armies to keep his kingdom under order because he doesn’t have the powers that God does.  He just wants to be God.

[music plays in background]

So, I’m gonna sit in the—see how much time there is before the break. 

Steve: We’re ready now.

Sherry: Okay, well, we’re going to be right back after the break.

[commercials play]

Steve: And now, back to Sherry.

Sherry: Okay, I’ll do what I said I’ll do.  I’ll give you the call-in number.  If you have a question, you can call me, though I think I’m just going to keep talking about some of the information I have, I wanted to get out tonight.  The call-in number is 260-356-2611.  If you have a question, go ahead and call, otherwise I’m just gonna keep talking here. Okay? 

So, some of them—let’s go back to shapeshifting.  Some of you—to familiarize you with it.  You’ve seen werewolves.  Now, you know werewolves are nothing but demons.  Demons can house humans to shapeshift into certain things.  So maybe you can think of witches, to where a witch can appear as an old person or a cat or, you know, shapeshift into anything.  This is possible because of demons.  So, werewolves are one form of shapeshifting, and it’s the same kinda thing when these reptilians can host a human body and use holographics.  It’s the same type of—well, not exactly the same technology, ‘cause they can use holographics where demons can’t.  But they can cloak as humans.  And we’re gonna start seeing that more and more and more.  And we’re gonna seeing even the visible looks of the ugly aliens, because the veil’s being lifted.  You know, the Last Days, the veil’s gonna be lifted, and these aliens are gonna be seen amongst our populations on the Earth. 

Some of the reptilian human shapeshifters can be caught in between shifts.  Some turn green. Some people’s faces start to contort for no reason, and you think you’re seeing things.  The most notable features of shapeshifters is their beady snake eyes, long jaw bones, big noses, and small eyes.  Some have that “wide awake” look.  They look like their eyes are gonna pop out of their heads.  If you’ve seen the State of the Union Address in Washington, you know, some of them, you can—that are there, I mean, they have the beady eyes or they’re waiting for a fourth tongue to screw out of their mouths.  Or they look like they have invisible toothpicks holding their eyes open.  These are just some of the features you can look for.  Granted, a lot of people hosting up millions in power for the most dominant faction and force here on the Earth we are dealing with today is gonna be the third faction.  Because you’ve—while the two factions are fighting it out, the third faction, the alien agenda that’s sneaking in,  knows full well that they’re ultimately going to get the power of the whole world in their hands. And they’re going to be the armies for Satan and the Antichrist ruling it all.  

So, some of the things you guys have got.  The little greys with the big black eyes—most notable for their breeding agenda and human abductions.  You have the reptilians who are large scaly lizards. Or, if you’ve seen Sleestaks from the old Saturday morning show Land of the Lost, that’s what they look like.  The Mothmen—most notable for their red beady eyes and wings. Not to mention their famous appearance in West Virginia and their ensuing portrayal in the book and the movie The Mothman Prophecies.  And the Draconians—most notable for their portrayal in the Star Wars series.  The Draconians look like the Darth Vaders.  They can be all in black, or if you really get a close up, those also resemble phantoms.  [TN: 34:32 – I swear I heard either “phantom(s)” or “Santa”…and went with the more likely choice.  But I could still be mishearing.]  Where Draconians are black dragons with red beady eyes. That was Satan’s branch.  He was a draconian.  He was—they rule the roof of the reptilians and the greys.  The greys are really not a created species.  You know, they’re created—they’re manipulated—they’re owned by the reptilians. 

Steve: Yep.

And what they do is they do the bidding of the reptilians.  The reptilians are busy controlling the governments of the world and the politicians and all the different legislators around the world.  The greys go about, and what they’re trying to do is create “the Master Race.”  And the Master Race is gonna be one that’s mostly alien that looks human.  They’re trying to create a soul and they can’t do it. 

Steve: Sherry?

Sherry: Yeah.

Steve: You do have a call when you’re ready.

Sherry: Okay.  Go ahead and bring ‘em in.

Steve: Okay.  You’re up.  Your caller is up now, and his name is John.

Caller: Hello, Sherry?

Sherry: Yes!

Caller: Excellent.  I really enjoy your show.  I try to get it every week.  And I’ve heard you on Zeph Daniel’s as well, and it’s the most exciting interview that he has.  I had a question for you, and a lot of people are concerned of—especially over the next two to three weeks, there are so many interesting dates coming up.  What do you think we should all prepare for, or where should I hearts be?

Sherry: Well, definitely, the month of September and October.  There’s a lot of events that are happening.  We—I know, you know—the hurricanes, the HAARP—and Yahweh’s allowing these hurricanes that, they’re, you know, they’re manipulated.  They’re government-created with the weather machine HAARP, located in Colorado Springs and in Alaska.  And these are judgments that Yahweh’s allowing to happen right now.  And Christians need to realize that things aren’t always what they’ve been conditioned to believe that are going to happen.  Most Christians are waiting for a rapture to happen.

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: And they’re gonna see a lot of events here on Earth before that ever happens.  The next couple of weeks, you know, for those who live in southern Florida, please seek the Lord out on what He leads you to do. But, you know, my advice is to get out of Florida, because the Illuminati plans to sink half of the state of Florida.  Or just make it, you know, uninhabitable, no-man’s land. 

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: I mean, Illuminati maps for End Days prophecies—there is no Florida.  There’s probably northern Florida and that’s it.  

Caller: So many people are looking at relocating.  Are there any places in the United States that might be better than others, or is it time to look for another place?

Sherry: You know, there’s places I wouldn’t head.  I wouldn’t head to the East Coast.  I wouldn’t head to the West Coast.  Probably in the Midwest is probably—you know, seek the Lord.  And He’ll tell ya where you should move to and where you should go. 

Caller: Okay.

Sherry: States like Arkansas or, you know—even some of those are being targeted.  I mean, there’s just no plans anywhere.  Just seek the Lord.  Because you know what?  He’s not gonna tip His hat and tell everybody, all of His children at once, where to go, and let everybody else know where they’re at. 

Caller: I agree with you.

Sherry: You know what I mean?

Caller: Uh-huh.

Sherry: There’s things He does reveal, and there’s things He doesn’t want, you know, made well-known.   So, people need to listen to Him.  Listen to that small voice in their spirit.

Caller: Well, I thank you for your program and for your sites. You’ve just been doing a tremendous work for the Lord, and we very much appreciate it.

Sherry: Well, thank you for calling.  Where are you calling from?

Caller: Indiana.

Sherry:  Indiana. Okay.  Thanks for calling.

Caller: Thank you.  Bye.

[call ends]

What To Look For During Dominant Months

You know, I get the question a lot.  What month to look for.  And the month to look for the most for disasters and nuclear war especially, are September, and October, May, June, and July.  And September has always been the changing month for the arrival of the Antichrist.  For the “rapture” of the church.  You know, I’ll say the “rapture” of the church, but it’s the taking of the Bride. The 144,000.  September’s the month for that.  October’s always been the month for nuclear strikes on United States soil.  It’s also always been a month for comet strikes. You know, I’ve seen comets hitting Lake Erie in the month of October.  And I’m not going to say years, because what doesn’t happen one year could come back and hit you the next year.  May, June, and July are dominant for alien invasions.  May—look for this NESARA agenda.  I’m gonna get into it more next week.  I’ll tell you what NESARA is.  It’s the political platform in the agenda of the Antichrist, and it’s dominant in May.  May is also a dominant month for Martial Law in the United States.  June and July—July 4th, look for an Independence Day alien invasion.  And I know this is funny because we’ve seen in movies already, but where do you think they get their ideas?  And with Toutatis coming in, look for the movie Armageddon scenario. ‘Cause, you know, Armageddon movie coming in.  We’re looking at Hollywood movies here, and they’re telling, you know, they’re almost warning and telling the people ahead of time what’s coming.  When you watch all these movies, the one thing I’m always looking for is: What are they trying to reveal now? And with Toutatis coming in, completely out of control, of course—the Bible Codes says it’s “off line.”  They may try to nuke it to split it in half and keep it from hitting the Earth.  So things could get really interesting.  Or, you know, God could just flip it away with His pinky and wouldn’t even come to Earth.  You know?  It’s in God’s hands now—some of these things that are coming and are gonna happen. 

The Lord Seals Knowledge At Times So They Can’t Know What We Know

He’s not gonna keep it—you know, stop things from happening.  He can’t, you know—we have to get things going.  And I know Christians just want to live out their lives and not be bothered, and maybe, you know, live to a nice old age.  And there’s just some of us who just want to say, “Bring it on.  Let’s do it.  Let’s get it over with.  Let’s do it.  Let’s get the Tribulation going.” 

And, you know, He’s closing a lot of prophets’ mouths, not letting them speak about some things that are coming up.  And that’s for a reason. He’s not always gonna tip His hand.  He’s not always gonna reveal—because what we know, the aliens know.  They’re always watching. They’re always reading, you know—here’s one for ya.  Where do you think the Internet came from?  And no, Al Gore didn’t invent the Internet.  But the person hosting him who said that might have.  But, you know, the Internet came from the aliens.  And when you talk about Microsoft Windows having backdoor access into your computers.  And we all know they do.  The aliens are one up on ‘em.  I mean.  They have access into everybody’s computers.  They can read what you’re saying.  They can read your IMs.  They can read your e-mails .

And so, God knows what His people are talking back and forth, or when we’re on, you know, doing interviews or writing books.  The aliens, you know, the fallen angels know exactly what’s—what we’re doing.  They follow the Christians.  They want to know what we’re talking about.  What we’re saying the Lord’s revealing.  Because they want to know what’s coming up.  They don’t even know.  They don’t know, from one to the next, exactly when they can act. They take their cues from us.  And that’s another thing I see in the Codes all the time is that they’re just—they’re hesitant.  You know, when the Antichrist finally gets his chance to rule the world, he’s hesitant.  And you see “hesitant” always in their plans.  So that they’re hesitant.  It’s like, is it finally time?  And, you know, all we can do is sit and try to tell you what’s coming on.

I know so many people just don’t even know about this alien agenda that’s been sneaking up.  It’s coming. There’s gonna be an alien invasion here in America.  The only way to fight it, you know, people want to know, “Well, we can’t fight it.  Why can’t we pray against it?”  You know, sometimes the Lord requires His people to act.  You know, when the walls of Jericho came down, He told them to march around the city 12 times and blow their horns.  They acted.  They were doing something He told them to do, and the walls came down. If you have a headache, you take an aspirin.  If you have a broken leg, you go to the hospital, get your bones fixed.  I mean, you can’t just sit and think, “Oh, I’m just going to pray for this headache to go away.”  And then you’re sitting with a headache for hours. You take an aspirin. 

The Weapon The Lord Has Given His Chosen Last Days Army

Orgone is the same way.  The Lord is given us a weapon to use to fight against the aliens that are coming.  Orgone suffocates them.  It burns them. I have it on my websites about orgone.  The Lord is rising up an army to fight against these aliens.  And we don’t literally have to get out there and fight.  We’re housewives.  We’re men and women.  We’re just Children of God. We’re not warriors and soldiers in the physical sense.  But we can do something.  And if you get this orgone out across the country—and the Lord gave me the directions on how to make it.  It’s on my sites.  You can buy it or you can make it yourselves.  I encourage everybody to make it themselves—is that, it asphyxiates them.  They can’t breathe.  And it ruins the atmosphere.  This stuff penetrates space, penetrates the atmosphere, more than you can imagine.  We can’t even, you know—the effects of this stuff is much more powerful than we first thought, when I even first started making it.  It’s a Last Days weapon.  It’s a, you know, weapon for the army.  If you feel led to get into orgone, get into stuff—it will keep the aliens out of your home, out of your yards, out of towns, out of your cities if you get enough out there.  At least, it will discourage them.  Of course, prayer is gonna help you, but when you’re running down the street being chased by an Annunaki, if you’re not “raptured” by then, you know, you’re gonna run and find an orgone safe zone.  And you’re going to be thankful somebody put them there. 

The Many 101 Benefits Of Orgone

Some of the results of the orgone that the Lord has told us and shown us how to make is that it brings an increase of rain.  Gives you a better air quality.  Combats HAARP and weather manipulation systems.  If you have bad weathers coming into your area—I’ve seen it come towards this area, and all the orgone I have here, it’s just totally precipitated by the time it’s reached here.  So, it will knock out tornadoes.  We’ve had a lot of reports from Florida, that when Hurricane Charlie hit, that some of the areas least affected were the ones where there was orgone.  It won’t interfere with the weather.  What it does is it stops government black op weapons from working in your area.  Because those are negative energy.  They need negative energy to work.  What orgone does is suck negative energy out of the air and replaces the energy with positive energy.  It eliminates toxins, poisons, and radiation.  Defeats chemtrails.  It keeps your skies clear from sickening chemtrails.  Plaster your area with orgone.  The planes won’t even bother to come back if they can’t penetrate you space.  They can’t penetrate the atmosphere above where there’s orgone.  Improves breathing.  Helps with asthma, those with asthma.  Put orgone in your home.  Put it next to your bed.  Next to your dresser.  I have it on my monitor.  Promote natural health.  Knocks out thunderstorms. Asphyxiates evil.  Aliens can’t breathe around it.  Keeps demonic entities out of your home.  Nullifies the affects of strong subliminal messaging from all these New World Order towers that have been put up.  Stops ELF attacks.  Helps you sleep better. Stops sleep abductions.  Some of the stuff I’m going to get into on shows later.  Possibly next week we’ll talk about sleep abductions.  What’s going on with sleep phenomena.  It’s a defensive weapon in the Last Days.  Those areas gifted with orgone are gonna be the least affected. 

What’s the Bible Codes say about orgone?  The Bible Codes reveal that orgone is a shield, a protector, a defense, a protection. It’s a devise, a protection from God Himself.   From Yahweh.  It’s a New World Order shield protector and defense.  Chemical, toxin, poison—it’ll protect you from ‘em. These are the terms I that have found in the Codes in relation to orgone. So, if you want to get involved with orgone, go to my website OrgoneBlasters.com [http://www.orgoneblasters.com/] or TearingDownStrongholds.com [http://www.tearingdownstrongholds.com/].  Both of those sites.  TearingDownStrongholds.com has a lot of articles on ELF, on mind control, what the towers are doing, what the New World Order is doing to try to brainwash you with subliminal messaging to try and get you to accept the New World Order.  You know, you’re going to get into some detail there. There’s a lot of reading there. 

For Next Week’s Schedule: NESARA

Another thing is, next week, I’m going to bring up NESARA.  Like I said before, it’s the political agenda of the Beast.  And if you have any questions, you can e-mail me at sherryshriner@aol.com.  Just put “SHOW” or “MAIL BAG” in the subject heading, and I’ll get to it. 

A Few Words On The Coming Anunnaki

Anyway, I want to get back to this.  What it comes down to right now with Factions 1 and 2 fighting each other, when Faction 3 comes up and steps up and takes over, there’s nothing that anyone’s gonna be able to do about it.  You can’t fight these 8-foot Annunuki.  You know, I don’t’ know if you know the difference between the Anunnaki and the Draconians or some of these humanoid races, but the Anunnaki are 8 feet tall.  And they’re humanoid.  And they’re strong. And they’re cannibals.  And what’s going to happen is when they’re on the Earth and the food runs out because of the famine and cataclysms and destructions, the Anunnaki are going to do exactly what they did in Noah’s day, and they’re going to start feeding on humans.  Another reason to get orgone out there.  Keep them out of your towns, out of your cities. We need a network of orgone blasters out there.  People putting the orgone everywhere.  Because what they’ll do is they’ll leave the West and they’ll go to the East.  I mean, I hate to do it, but I gotta protect my own country, you know?  They’ll leave America. They’ll go East.  They’ll go somewhere else.  They can’t live here.  They can’t breathe here.  They can’t stay here.  So, if we get our own country protected, they’ll have to go elsewhere.

In Revelation chapter 13, the Apostle John wrote of the coming Last Days events and plans of the Antichrist to rule the world with his pawn the False Prophet, forcing the entire world to be Satan-worship.  It will be world-wide Satanism.  To participate in the new global economy, they have to have their implantable microchip.  Don’t listen to the, you know, Pat Robertsons and everybody else who are telling you that this chip is not evil.  That it’s a technological advancement.  I heard that come out of his own mouth before.  Even had the chairman of, you know, the implantable chip down in Florida on his 700 Club.  These are the beast prophets that are working for him in these Last Days.  They’re the same one who are going to claim that it’s Jesus that’s here when it’s the Antichrist.   Don’t listen to them.  Get away from them. 

The 13 Elite Illuminati Families And Other Major Interconnected Satanic Families

What I want to do is give you a list of the Illuminati families that I’ve spent so much time talking about. [http://web.archive.org/web/20040104023031/www.sherryshriner.com/bloodlines/index.htm]   The Illuminati bloodline families that are really just Satanic hybrid families.  It’s the Astor bloodline.  The Bundy bloodline.  The Collins bloodline.  The DuPonts.  The Freemans.  The Kennedies.  The Lis.  The Onassis.  The Reynolds.  The Rockerfeller.  The Rothschild.  The Russells.  The Van Duyn.  D-U-Y-N.  The Merovingians from the royal family.   And then the interconnected families are the Disneys, the Krupps, and the McDonalds. And so, these are the major families. These are their rich.  These are the Elite.  These are the backbones of these factions.  This New World Order, this worldwide Satanism, isn’t just coming up through the religious branches.  It’s, you know, the politicians have it covered as well.  So, that’s where it’s coming from.

Israel Chose A King Over Yah Again

In 1776, you know, we as Israel decided we wanted a king over us again. You know?  And we’ve done it before.  You know, we said—told to Yahweh Himself, “We want a king over us.”  We don’t want You just ruling over us.  We want a king.” [2 Samuel 8:1-22]  And what happened was they ended up in slavery, ended up in wars, ended up in destruction. And in 1776, when we declared our country, you know, had our independence from the UK and appointed a president, we did the same thing.  We went right back into slavery.  Went right back into having a king over us instead of Yahweh.  And if you look at every president since 1776, they’ve been a part of one of these 15 bloodlines.  And these are Satan’s seed.  You know, the serpent seed. 

Highly Realistic Dreams Could Be Indicators Of Sleep Abduction

And you can read this stuff on my website at TheWatcherFiles.com [http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/].  I also have a lot of articles—you can read the Book of Enoch at SherryShriner.com [http://www.sherryshriner.com/].  You can read about, you know, the orgone.  OrgoneBlasters.com. TearingDownStrongholds.com.  You can learn about some of the tactics they’re using with mind control.  I have articles on my website, SherryShriner.com, about the sleep abductions.  If you’re having—waking up with dreams that seem too real to be just a dream, or you have memories of being aboard spacecrafts and you can’t explain it, you know, you could be being sleep abducted.  You’re one of the victims of sleep abduction.  So, you know, some of this stuff is real.  A lot of people are afraid to talk about it. They think everybody’s going to laugh at them, and probably the person you’re associated with will.  But you can find Christians that won’t.  People that are—do have their eyes and open.  They know what’s going on. 

The Vatican Still Runs Everything

When you pray for the truth in all things, don’t be shocked at what the Lord reveals to you, you know?  And the only problem with that is that—for the past three years, it’s almost been a daily prayer of mine to pray for the truth in all things.  Open my eyes to the truth.  Reveal, you know, reveal to me the truth in all things.  And then the problem is, you get stuck being with everybody whose eyes are closed, and all they want to do is argue with you and fight with you.  And, you know, all you can do is encourage people, and what I’m doing now is to seek the Lord and ask Him to open your eyes, reveal the truth to you in things, so that you can start to learn. Because the churches are conditioned.  The churches are owned.  They’ve been run by the Vatican forever.  Forever.  I mean, the Protestants think that they break from the—you know, the Protestant Reformation.  Protestants split away from the Catholics.  No.  No.  The Vatican’s been running the Protestants since then.  Everything goes back to the Vatican.  And even the seminaries today, they’re run and controlled. They’re all run and controlled by the Vatican.  We’ve never broken off of Satan’s grip.  Because he runs the Vatican. Satan’s a draconian.  The Draconians run the Vatican.  And we’ve never gotten out of his grip.  And what, you know, the Lord’s doing is telling His people to get out of her.  Get out of Jezebel, the church systems  of today.  They’re Jezebel.  Jezebel’s spirit.  They’re leading people into error. They’re leading people into deceptions.  We’ve got events coming up the churches aren’t going to be able to deal with.  They don’t know they’re coming. 

The Types Of Guests Sherry Likes To Have On Her Show

So, what I’m trying to do here is, you know, I’ve spent first several weeks with the first interviews I did on the New World Order.  Introducing what the New World Order is to various people.  I think for the next week, I’ll probably just speak again. I’ve got some more information I want to bring out.  And perhaps after that bring some more guests in. 

I’m not gonna have the traditional run-of-the-mill guests.  I’m not gonna do that.  I’m not going to be a repeat radio show where the same guests just keeps circulating and keep bringing out the same errors and same information, putting everybody to sleep. I want to have a more cutting edge show.  I don’t care, you know, if somebody is, you know, a professing Believer or not.  If they have information that can wake up the Christian community, I’m gonna put them on and, you know?  I’m gonna put them on the air and bring ‘em on the show.  So, you know, you can discern. Chew the grass and spit out the hay.  But it’s better to be informed of things coming that are gonna be hitting us in the face than to be sleeping in a church pew.  Okay?  Because you’re not learning.  You know, most of these churches are “501(c)(3)” churches now. They’re owned by the government and not the Lord.  When they signed onto that alliance and started to became “501(c)(3)”s, Caesar is now their head.  So, the Lord has left a lot of these churches.  Don’t fool yourself. 

Various Things Sherry’s Been Busy With

Does anybody, you know, anybody else has any questions out there?  What I’m going to do is just sign off for the night.  You know, first of all, let me tell you about—so you can go to this.  I just released an article on NESARA, the political agenda of the Beast.  [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/nesara.htm]  You can see that at my site at SherryShriner.com.  And I put all of my information on Planet X, Sedna, and Toutatis.  [http://www.sherryshriner.com/sherry/x-sedna-toe.htm] Toutatis—however you say it.  That’s at my site at SherryShriner.com.  There’s a link to the interview I had with Zeph Daniel at SherryShriner.com.  You can also follow my Blogspot.  SherryShriner.blogspot.com. [http://sherryshriner.blogspot.com/]  I usually have the updates on—try to update it every day. I get yelled at when I don’t.  There’s a lot of people who follow that blogger daily. So, if I get behind, just hang in there with me.  I’ve been really busy lately.  I’ve got two books that I’m looking to get published right now.  I’ve got about, enough information for—I’ve got about 400 pages of information.  Splitting it up into two different books, twelve chapters apiece.  These are cutting edge books.  This is information you’re not going to find anywhere else.  Looking at the last chapter now of the first book.  I’m looking for a publisher.  So, if a publisher is listening, you might want to contact me at SherryShriner@aol.com. It would save me the hassle of having to shop for a publisher.

Listeners Have To Pay For Archives Because Bandwidth Costs Money

Another thing I wanted to bring up is just, people—you know, back in the Mail Bag at the beginning of this show, I got an e-mail from a listener griping about having to pay for the archives to listen to my shows.  Well, you know, I did the same thing.  And Steve will attest to it. I sent him an e-mail, and I was griping and complaining, “Why do I have to pay to have these archives, and why do people have to pay to listen to them?”  ‘Cause I have to pay to have these shows archived.  And I don’t get a dime back from people who listen to this.  Their money goes to cover bandwidth fees, the usage fees from the websites and archives on demand.  So, if you want to listen to the shows, you gotta pay for the bandwidth.  And that’s basically where those fees go.  They help support Reality Radio Network.  They don’t go into our pockets.  We don’t get a dime out of it; we have to pay for it.  I pay to have my archives sit in there for you guys.  So, I just wanted to make that clear, that this show is not a moneymaker from me.  I don’t make a dime for doing this show.  It’s listener supported.  I’m on the air because of listener donations.  I don’t make a dime for doing any of this.  And I’m sure it’s not much of a moneymaker for Steve and the guys at Reality Radio Network either when you look at the bandwidth, the Internet usages on all this.  I mean, this stuff costs money.  So let’s just get it straight that, you know, I’m not in this for money.  You know, I’m in this because I love the Lord.  I’m His—I was called to do this in the Last Days, and that’s what I’m gonna do.

And next Friday again, it’ll just be me.  And if you have questions, just send them to me at SherryShriner@aol.com. I’ll see you next Friday.

Goodnight and God Bless.