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October 5, 2009

666 & Chip Implanted Swine Flu Vaccinations, Nasal Sprays and RFID Bracelets

Transcribed by Liz Patton    www.sherrytranscripts.com


And hello everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I'm Sherry Shriner. It's October 5th. If you have a question for the show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com  A couple of questions started coming in before the show and I'll be getting to those a little bit later.

Well if you don't feel the impact of crunch time right now, you must not be breathing and walking. It's getting exciting. A little bit intense, isn't it folks?

I've been waiting a long time. Like I've told you, I'm slow about bringing things out because I want to be sure that I'm sure that I'm sure that I'm sure. Eventually the Lord just says Hurry Up. So I did a lot of work. I spent a lot of time this weekend posting codes that I've found. If I ever posted even a quarter of the codes I've decoded over the years, it would take an entire three internet's to hold them. Just thousands. Just going through and taking snapshots of the terms so that they're easier to see for you guys. There are thousands of words associated with a code, and I have to go through each one of them and how they relate to the other terms they are with, So its not very easy. It's very time consuming. It takes years to learn exactly how to read and interpret what it is you are seeing. Terms used by the Hebrews in the ways we don't use them. And new things popping up all the time...new terms and ways of describing people. You'll find that people themselves are often hidden in the Codes. The Lord has ways of hiding people, if He doesn't want them outright known. So He will use terms to describe people. When you learn what those terms are and everybody kindof has their descriptions or nicknames or whatever, then you pretty much know who and what He is talking about. I have a feeling that He did that to hide it from amateur decoders and for whatever reasons He has. It just takes a lot. It's time consuming.

This weekend I spent a lot of time on the H1N1 vaccine and the RFID bracelet. Early this morning I started looking at nasal spray codes for the flu vaccine. Just the impact of what we are going through right now; most people just have no idea. Most people just don't realize the prophetic situations that we are in right now and the implications of what will happen to people if they go along with the government mandates. If they can't wake up now, and realize that the government wants to kill them, they are going to be the very ones killed by the government.

Like I've said, in the Codes, Obama and Maitreya are working very closely together on this entire charade of killing people. Of course Maitreya's Share-International is putting out things to make it look like he's coming as a world teacher, as a savior, as a messiah...whatever he is coming as in this charade. But he is working behind the scenes and the one pushing Obama on this whole vaccination and RFID bracelet. Yeah, he's always spoken out of both sides of his mouth. I've warned people for years, especially the New Ager's to wake up. These people don't want to help you; they want to destroy you. Very slowly, they wake up. But the problem is that as slow as they wake up, at least they wake up, when most of the Christians who should be awake, go to sleep. They just go to sleep. It's a fighting battle. It really is, just to get everybody awake and on the same page.

We've got our work cut out for us. Especially over this month and next month. I'm seeing the terms dead bodies dominant for February and on after that. We really don't have a lot of time in saving people. If they don't want to save themselves, there's not much you can do. But do what we can to wake people up. I put flier on cars last week. I put out hundreds of them so far and am going to keep doing that. I've been getting some good positive feedback, and then you also get the negative. You have to go with that and expect that. Not everybody loves the Lord. Even in a small town there's a church on every corner, we've still got the Masons here and still got the Eastern Star freaks here. So anywhere you go, you're still going to have your Satanist factions to deal with. That's just part of the battle. And that's why its a battle A battle is two sides fighting against each other. That's exactly what's going on. Just do your part. Do what you can. Especially covering yourself and your families from getting these shots that are coming out. I posted the codes at HiddenCodes.com. You can get the links off of there or at my website SherryTalkRadio.com.

One of the most dominant thing I've been seeing in the H1N1 codes and the RFID codes is that Obama and Maitreya are in collusion together to implement both of these things; he's working furiously behind the scenes to kill and destroy mankind. Interesting that in the one code I was doing for the H1N1 vaccine Arab sheikh comes up 61 times in the code. Obama's name comes up 8 times. Maitreya came up 8 times. The state of Ohio comes up 8 times. You can see its a three-way battle. Usually when I see my own name in the codes or Ohio, it's usually in reference to my state, the remnant is not far behind me. I'm just a leader of a faction of people who are standing up to fight against Satan and his agenda in these last days on earth. It literally pretty much just goes hand in hand, because I'm the leader of this remnant, it usually includes all of us that they hate pretty much.

Some of the terms that I found in these codes; gallows law judgment, murder nation people lament hindsight Obama Maitreya sheikh Leviathan snake serpent launching.

Basically what this is; they may come out with an enforcement threat of the gallows. In America we don't hang people. I think the state of Utah was one with a death penalty option to hang people. We know if you read the Book of Revelation, that's how they will persecute and kill people who rejected Satan's kingdom. They would be bringing out the gallows. There have been watchmen over the years yelling and sounding the alarms that gallows were being brought into America on trains and America being set up with these FEMA camps for martial law. Gallows rearing its head in the Codes now. That tells you how late we are in time that the gallows are starting to show up. And that's going to be a judgment for those who refuse. This says H1N1 vaccine and the gallows are coming up. So they have to be planning something. They're going to plant laws. I've seen plant laws. They're trying to scare people into getting the vaccine.

What is really heartbreaking about the whole thing is that you see nation people lament hindsight. Folks, you don't want to be in the hindsight crowd. They learn too late that this vaccine was nothing but a tool of Satan's to kill them and maim them and destroy them. So the people are lamenting as they are looking back. It's very interesting because I've never seen that in a code before. Hindsight. Literally because the codes are in real time, I can see what is going on today, what's gong on tomorrow. As we see tomorrow that's pretty relative. That could be a couple of days. It's not literally tomorrow, but after today. You can see things going on presently, things going on now. I've never seen the term hindsight before. So it's giving us a picture that these people who have taken this vaccine will be looking back and are just in sorrow over the fact that they did take it.

The codes are revealing that Obama, Maitreya and the serpent; the snake are launching this H1N1 vaccine. They are in collusion. They are in cahoots. It talks about how they vaccine is a fraud and a deceit. Again, just the people lamenting and weeping and crying and wailing over the murder that's taking place; the literal murder of people that's taking place because of this vaccine. One matrix in the Code just literally floored me. It said river loaded dead bodies and serpent murder people wailing lamenting. A river loaded with dead bodies. The dead bodies are going to be so numerous. And February being a dominant month that I've seen for dead bodies.

No wonder they want to start enforcing the vaccination now in October, because if there is some kind of a delay on these vaccines...maybe it takes a couple of months before it finally kicks in, they'll say, "Oh, it's okay. The vaccine is okay. I had it a month ago and I'm fine." Then two months later they drop over dead.

So the Lord is admonishing His people to stay away from the vaccines. In Revelation 18:4 He tells people, "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Plagues is another word for diseases and vaccines. It's the vaccines giving people these diseases. You're not going to get H1N1 unless the vaccine, because then you are carrying the live virus. And what's the Bible have to say about putting live, unclean things into your body? It forbids it.

Now you see how the Masons and Satanists who are controlling the churches today have effectively led it to sleep into believing that "anything in the Old Testament is in the past, it's dead, its gone. We're in the New Testament now. Don't believe what the Old Testament says." You can just hear the hiss of Satan in all these churches today. So all these people aren't even mindful of what the Lord's admonitions and prohibitions in the Old Testament were for the people and what He said then, stands for today as well as forever. His Law is forever. It's not good for one season then goes dead for another, then revives itself in the Millennial Reign. C'mon folks, wake up!

Another code I'm working on for H1N1 vaccination on the right side. It's a collusion communication relationship contract Maitreya Obama. They are in contact together. Then you'll see collusion communication relationship contact serpent Leviathan. They're all three working together, folks.

So it's our job not to let them get away with this. Don't be part of the hindsight crowd that realizes too little, too late, that you should have listened to your instinct, which is usually the Lord talking to you...your instinct telling you not to take it. How many people will take it just to keep their jobs? Taking this vaccine to keep their jobs, then lose their life in 2 - 3 months.

Interesting. I passed something out to my lists earlier yesterday about 'What Are They Revealing Now?' Interestingly enough, in the movie Gamer. People say, "Oh, its just a movie..." I've been telling you for years, they reveal stuff in movies. When I watched a movie, I always watch to see what it is that they're revealing. Of course they mask it with some characters and charades and Hollywood stuff, but usually you can take out a morsel or two of information that the Masons are revealing. They've been doing that for years. The CIA has a 20 year contract with Hollywood. They promote a lot of their messages in Hollywood movies. Why else would the CIA have a contract directly with Hollywood?

Anyway, in the movie Gamer, people are injected with a vaccine that took over their brains. The chemical that took over their brains has an IP address. By the touch of a computer screen they could control these people. In the movie (and coming in real life no doubt) these people control them in this game scenario (the Hollywood aspect of it) and they have no control over themselves. Whoever is handling them, such as the player did. In the game the handlers and players never die, but the characters (the people) do.

Think about it folks; people take a vaccine and unbeknownst to them it contains this chemical that allows them to be controlled by someone else. Whoever is controlling them can force them to do anything they want and the controlled people can't stop it. They loose control of their own brains and bodies. They can be used and abused to do anything the controller wants them to do, even if it causes their own deaths. And all by a touch of a computer screen, probably hundreds or thousands of miles away. Most likely located right in NORAD. You can just see all these Illuminati and these sold out to Satan military and government freaks who will be sitting in their underground bunkers controlling humans on the earth by computer screen. And that's not hard to imagine, folks. Not hard to imagine at all, especially when some of two dollar terms I see in the codes are game and chemical. That just made the hair on the back of my head stand up, when I heard what this Gamer movie was about. How else would they get these people to get this chemical inside of them? They do it through vaccines and shots. The Lord has been so adamant the last several weeks, that I tell you to stay away from vaccines and shots of every kind. Just stay away from them.

Another insight - this RFID bracelet that's coming out. You go back to Revelation chapter 13: 16 - 17 where it talks about no person can buy or sell without the beast name, number or symbol in or on their right hand or forehead. People always argue, "Well, my Bible says IN the right hand or forehead." And the NIV says, "ON". The KJV will say, IN. I'm telling you to stay away from IN or ON. It doesn't' matter. Just stay away from it; anything that has to do with in or on your right hand or forehead.

So it's amazing that they've been able to sneak in this nasal spray. It goes straight into your sinuses in your forehead. So don't be fooled by it, folks. It is very possible. That's why I started looking at nasal spray codes last night. It definitely puts a chip into your forehead. Even with these nasal sprays, you are inhaling a chip right into your forehead through your nose. I have that posted on my website at HiddenCodes.com.

We have to be mindful. We have to stay away from not just the vaccine, but the nasal spray as well and the RIFD bracelet.

Now I've heard they are going to give people who refuse the vaccine the opportunity to get the RFID bracelet instead. "Gee, I wont have a chip inside me, I'll just wear one on my arm." That chip is going to be fastened on to your arm so that there is no way that you can get this bracelet off. If you've seen pictures of this bracelet, it looks like three batteries in a cross in a transparent bracelet. Really very ugly. And you're not going to be able to take this bracelet off.

One of the admonitions is that we are to be mindful and be watching end time events and be praying about them, folks. And that we must obey God rather than man. God has said Do Not Get the Vaccines, which would cover the mist; the nasal spray. And you certainly don't want anything in or on your right hand or forehead, and that would include the nasal spray and the RFID bracelet. We have to be careful because Satan destroys the world through deception. That's how people are deceived.

Just so much going on folks. We're in the late days. We're late. They are really going to start pushing this stuff. And so many people being sheep to the slaughter.

Interestingly enough, I was just looking at a code on the H1N1. At the top it said beast and cattle herd. and of course, we're the cattle herd. It had beast at the top, Obama underneath it, and cattle herd crossing it. Almost like Obama is just giving over the cattle of his country, and every other leader around the world is doing that, as fodder for the beast. We are sacrifices. We are blood sacrifices to him. Just very wicked and evil.

The codes on RFID bracelet. Interesting that crossing it right at the top is murder and overcrowding and cause. I've warned about the UNs depopulation agenda. If you can, Google "Agenda 21". It's the UNs depopulation agenda. This bracelet causes death. If it didn't cause your death, it wouldn't be any use to them. They want to track you. They want to kill you. And they can do both just by getting you to take this RFID bracelet. Enough admonitions on that from the Lord for not taking it. And just the fact that kinswoman mouthpiece Sherry and Ohio is in the code with the whole thing, because the Lord is using me as a mouthpiece to warn the people not to get this RFID bracelet. It's also in the same codes with H1N1.

It also says chip radio wireless duress oppression next. This is coming. A wireless radio chip. And this is how they track and control you.

Mobilization mobster Shema next. And that would include Maitreya. I do think he's waiting in the background as long as he can. We've been working overtime to get as much Orgone in the air as possible so we can crash his ship. You can look at it in the mornings. I was looking at it at 6:30 in the morning. That thing looks like it dropped a couple of degrees from the horizon. It's looking a lot lower now than 33 degrees. It's looking a lot lower. It was a yellow-orange. Doing our codes on getting that to crash.

I got an email from a guy in Las Vegas. I can't remember it word for word, but he was telling me that he was looking at the Shema with some kind of telescope, and could literally see the flames shooting off this thing. He could see the green lights. He could see the rings around it. And he could literally see flames. Amazing. Amazing. It doesn't take much. I've got 10 x 50 magnification binoculars and can go out and look at a lot of these yellow stars in the sky that I've been telling you about. You'll see the green and blue lights on them. They are not stars; they are starships. Interesting.

Also revealed in the RFID codes. I found this one in Deuteronomy 31:29 that you'll see 666 wicked unholy Arabia Maitreya and secretly. He's secretly working with Obama to get this enforced. Then on the right side of the code, you'll see Maitreya alignment annihilation association Obama. These are more terms exposing the relationship between Obama and the Arabian Maitreya. they are in cahoots together in the creation and enforcement of this bracelet; this ID tag. Also the H1N1 vaccine. You'll see that the RFID bracelet is unholy wicked an avenue route to murder the population.

Some of you want to know if this is the avenue they will use to deceive you with the 666 name, number or symbol via chip. I believe it is. I believe this is the route they are using, folks. This bracelet on your hand. The wrist is considered part of your hand. The nasal spray would also be a way of getting a chip inside your forehead. So I do believe this is the route. And I've seen it in the Codes, vehicle route avenue. One of the ways that they are coming out to enforce this.

People want to know, "How could he do this so deceptively? Why would the Lord allow it?" The Bible says that an angel warns the people about taking this name, number, mark...whatever. Like I've told you, the Lord uses people on earth. So your church mentality expects you to see an angel with wings flying across the skies warning everybody not to take it, but the Lord uses people on earth to accomplish His will. There are many admonishing and yelling as loud as they can, not to take this bracelet, not to take this vaccine. and to stay away from the nasal spray. He is warning His people. It's up to them to listen. They have no excuse for not listening. Not only do they hear what's being said and read, He is trying to nudge them in their spirits as well with what people mistake as intuition or thoughts and they are not listening to themselves. "Oh, I just did it anyway." They're ignoring Him. They're ignoring people that He is sending. They're ignoring people that He stands up. They only have themselves to blame, folks. I mean, we can only do as much as we can do. I don't think I can yell any louder to stay away from all three of these things; the vaccine, the spray and the RFID bracelet.

People are wanting to know, if you are stopped at a checkpoint and it's the bus or the vaccine, what do you do. Get on the bus. Heck, if I had a gun I would just shoot my way out of the dumb thing. I wouldn't get on the bus without a fight! "Oh sure...I'll just get on a bus so you can kill me in some FEMA camp." No! I wouldn't even go to the checkpoint.

I find it interesting that I was stopped a checkpoint last summer. There was a guy in front of me in a big truck. He just turned off and went down an alley. So boom...I didn't see the roadblock ahead of him, he saw it and turned down and alley and there I was stuck. 50 feet ahead of me, there were three police cars setting up a checkpoint. I should have just followed the guy in the truck. At that point I didn't know what it was. It was a drinking and driving checkpoint, so I wasn't worried about that one. If it came up again and I was going to be forced to go through a checkpoint, I would avoid that checkpoint at all costs. Just follow the drunks in front of you. They know where to go (laughs). Do what you have to do. Just ask the Lord, "How do I get out of this? How can I get away?"

That's what I've warned about for years in developing your own relationship with the Lord so you can recognize when He is guiding your thoughts and when He is hitting your spirit with something. If He tells you to stay home. When He tells you not to go somewhere. When He tells you to go a different route. You have got to start becoming in tune with the Lord's Spirit when He speaks to you. You have to become in tune with Him, so that you can recognize and listen when it's Him. He is going to protect His fragment. I don't know about all. You know what? When the Lord tells you not to do something and you go ahead and do it, don't expect His forgiveness. You reap what you sow. So if you've gone and gotten this vaccine already or you've gotten this nasal spray already, you're going to reap what you sow. The Lord isn't going to save you from it. Out of His mercy, He might. He can do anything He wants to do, but I can just hear it now, all these people, "Oh, the Lord let this happen to me...and this happen to me and..."

Its all your fault. You reap what you sow.

Many years ago, I knew a girl who was a victim of this Monarch program. They used her as a trainer for all these other people they would abduct. She was a sergeant, or whatever and would teach people how to shoot. That's basically what she did. She told me at the time that all the military would be underground, and when martial law hit the states, they would be using people like her that have been involved with this Monarch program, abducted and controlled by them and forced to do these things they didn't want to do. They will be using people like her for crowd control and rounding up people; basically taking care of all the martial law duties on the earth while all these cowards went underground. So when you read about these things and see these movies coming out about chemicals that are going to be shot into people and it's going to control their brains by the touch of a computer screen, it's all too realistic for me. As I've seen it coming for years. In terms and in routes they have taken. Now they have it all in place. They've got their bases covered folks.

There are different batches. I'm sure they use different batches of this vaccine to test different things. So some people will be tested in one way, and another batch another. That's why all these batches are coded and your name is taken. They've got records on all that. It's going to be interesting. What I've always said about this chip was that, once Satan injected you with this beast chip of his, that you would become his automatically and they would just take over your body. They could kill you and take over your body, basically soul-scalping you, because once you're in his kingdom, he has you. He owns you.

Interesting that even with people that could be effected by it now, maybe it's coming later in batches. I don't know. Maybe they are just testing it now so that people think the vaccine is fine. Never mind that an entire Navy ship is under quarantine. Never mind the true facts about what's going on. They could use the chemicals in these things to do exactly this, because its all in the chips. There are chips in the nasal spray. There are chips in the vaccines. They do it all by the chips, so all they have to do is get these chips in you. Interesting. Because the Lord is saying do not partake of her plagues. Do not take her vaccines, and to rebel against them. We are to obey Him, rather than man. So it's our job as Bible believing, Yahushua believing believers in Him to rebel against this Satanic government that's coming up against us that wants to destroy us. It's our job to rebel against them. And if we die in the process, so be it. At least we go to Heaven. We go to Heaven to be with the Lord for eternity. These scumbags are going to go Hell and burn forever. You're not losing much if you have to give up your life on earth for the Lord. Look at what you are gaining!

Anyway, that's my admonition to everybody out there to stay away from the H1N1 vaccine, stay away from the bracelet and stay away from the nasal sprays. All these things are avenues and routes they are using to kill and destroy people.

Now are these pre-cursors to the next thing that's coming? I don't know if they are pre-cursors, because it says, avenue vehicle route. These are legitimate ways that they are working to bring about Revelation 13:16 and 17. These are legitimate vehicles, routes, ways they are doing it. By deception, Satan deceives the world folks. So this is one of the ways he's doing it.

It's interesting that the coward works behind the scenes...through Obama to be the one to administer this H1N1 vaccine around the world...he sets him up as a world mouthpiece or whatever, so he can come on the scenes after Obama has killed millions and come as a savior that's going to save us all from "evil Obama." You can see the set up now. It's kindof funny.

I'm going to answer a few emails. If you have a question for the show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

I know a lot of people are just floored. You know what? It is flooring. You have to let it impact you and move on. Move to action. We really don't have much time left here on earth. Either we're going to die or the Lord is going to remove us. Either way, we don't have a lot of time.

Question for the show: Regarding the H1N1 vaccination, why doesn't Satan not have to disclose that this will steal their souls?

Sherry: he does disclose it, people just don't listen. And the Lord reveals and exposes his plans. He uses people like me and many others to reveal what Satan is up to. Satan is not going to stand up and say, "I'm going to steal your soul. I'm Satan." He's coming as God. "I'm going to save you. I love you." he's coming as God. That would destroy just his whole image. That's why he's not going to do it himself. The Lord is going to expose it though.

Question continues: I've heard there will be a series of three H1N1 vaccines given, but the first go around does not include the bracelet. If we get stuck at checkpoints, should we consider taking the vaccine or should we get on the bus?

Sherry: Get on the bus. The Lord said Do Not Take The Vaccine.

Question: I know that the bracelet might be the mark of the beast, but not just the vaccine, right?

Sherry: It's all three of those things working together. It's the vaccine. It's the spray. It's the bracelet. If they don't get you by the vaccine, they'll get you by the bracelet. The whole thing is these chips. It's these chips that are in these things that they want to get in you. That's why the Lord is admonishing stay away from them.

Question: Your insights that you are getting from God the one Heavenly Father etc. How do you get the information and how does God manifest information towards you? Is it describable?

Sherry: The Lord works with me the same way I've been telling you all that He will work with you. It's just building a relationship with Him, recognizing His Voice when He speaks and recognizing the way He speaks. That small voice in your heart. He doesn't speak to your mind; He speaks to your heart. But He will bring thoughts to your head if you ask Him to. So you can have Him speak into your heart and you can have Him guiding your thoughts. Some people mistake it; when the Lord is leading you to something as intuition. And there are various ways He will use people to confirm something that He's led you to said to you. He will use other people around you to confirm it. I have a buddy out in South America, Resa my Spanish interpreter gave me a heads up on the nasal spray, so I started looking at that in the Codes a little bit closer. And sure enough, the nasal spray has chips in them. Yeah, so He will use people to confirm something that you're feeling, saying, seeing. Confirmations. He just works in various ways. As you walk with Him, He will teach you how He works. You need to read my articles Teach Me How to Pray and The Kingdom of God and building a relationship with Him. We all have signature relationships with Him. We all build our relationships with Him. That's what so many people don't get. They think all they have to do is read the Bible and pray. That's not spending time with Him. That's just like sitting in your house, reading a book everyday and you don't even get to know your own kids or your own husband. You just sit and read a book all the time. Spend some time with Him. Talk with Him. He's very funny. He has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh all the time. One of the unbearable things is when He is sad. I had to deal with that last night on top of some code work. It just gets unbearable.

Comment from a listener: One of the major banks in South Africa had a crisis and closed today. All computers were off.

Sherry: I've also heard from a buddy in South Africa that they are forcing children to get the vaccination. If it comes down to that...they can't do that in America, well theoretically Constitutional wise, keep your children at home. Keep them close to you. My kids don't even want to go to school if kids are going to be affected with the H1N1 flu, because they're the dangerous ones. The ones who get infected are the ones walking around with the live virus in them. One thing you won't find about H1N1 is that it's actually a flu. It's basically a chemical shot that they're giving you. It's a pandemic that they're starting. It's a simple flu. They've made all this up. It's a lie. It's deceit. It's deception. It's fraud. If there was actually something really serious going on that people would need to be vaccinated from, do you really think the Lord would be so much against it? You're putting live tissues in you. The Bible says that the life is in the blood. So when they are mixing the vaccine with animal blood and tissues, you are putting that animals blood in your body. It's unclean. It's an abomination. It's forbidden. Think about it, folks. Live tissues, guts and kidneys and everything else they put into these vaccines. It's just nasty.

Comment from a listener: I thought I would add one more item. The new Sobe drink called Life Water also has a chemical called fumaric acid which is appears harmless, however it is a resin capable of crystallizing in the body. I would imagine if our bodies contain too much aluminum, over time this resin could bond with it and turn us into perfect antennas. (then it goes on to give classifications and case numbers)

Sherry: Yeah, I've warned about all these lizard drinks on the air before. Sobe and Life Water...stay away from all that stuff, folks.

Email from a listener: I am from Hawaii and don't see chemtrails and wonder why.

Sherry: There were a lot of chemtrails in Hawaii at one time. We've done a lot of Orgone work in Hawaii. You can thank the Orgone Warriors out there. On islands like the Hawaiian Islands, it's much easier to cover with Orgone than the United States. I've been across several times. Warriors have been up and down it. I've been up and down it. It took a long time to knock out all the chemtrails and a lot of money. Can you imagine what I would do with one-quarter some of these ministries have? They just sit around and build new facilities and buy vacation homes. Can you imagine what we could do with a fraction of that money? How quickly and how thoroughly we could have this country saturated with Orgone? Argh. It makes you sick. Apparently we've done enough. The Lord has always waited until we did our jobs. Of course we could do more, but the minimal amount has been done. So we just keep plugging on with what we can. The people that were sent to support this ministry didn't. They went to other ministries and supported them. So we've been crawling by the hairs of our heads for the last several years to try to get everything as done as we can, as broke as we are. So we've been doing what we can as warriors stand up across the country and get their own areas. We've been effective. What we've done has made a difference. Interesting enough, we are the only faction on earth that Satan hates. He hates all the believers because they say they love the Lord, but he knows that half of them will sell their soul to him just to keep their jobs. Just to get food on the table. How quickly loyalties change. You make somebody's life a little bit inconvenient.

"Well, you're not going to be able to bank anymore."


Do you know how easy all these people will give their souls to the devil? It's not going to take much. It takes a lot more hatred of him and love for the Lord to be able to stand up and say, "Satan go back to Hell. I'm not touching your stuff!" It takes a lot more love for the Lord to say that...people that are doers and not just talkers. There will be a lot of people dying. A lot of people giving up their lives who won't take the vaccines and who wont take the nasal sprays...and tell them to shove their RFIDs up their butts. They're be some brave souls. But you know what? There's going to be a lot more. 100 to 1 dead souls. So we have to fight for these brave souls. We have to fight for them. Just waking people up.

Interesting...somebody sent me this thing on an Obama prophecy that was circulated around the Shiite Muslims. I'm going to post this later to my list. It talks about Al Bababas cousin or whatever, prophesied the return of the Mahdi, the ultimate redeemer in Islam, a tall black man will rule the West and will carry a "clear sign" from the Third Imam, Hussein Ibn Ali, according to the report by Iranian-born, London-based journalist Amir Taheri.

Forbes magazine published a story about the Iranian pro-government website that published a hadith from the 17th century Shiite text setting off a string of rumors about the prophecy's connection to Obama.

The link between this black man and the American presidential candidate started with his name. In Arabic and Persian, "Barrack Obama" means "the blessing of al-Hussein." When written in Persian alphabet, the word "O Ba Ma" means "he is with us."

Other coincidences contributed to establishing the theological link, including the view of the Iranian government that an Obama victory would signify the decline of the West and the triumph of Islam. Obama's lenience in pledging unconditional talks with Iran is also seen as a sign of American weakness. The Mahdi is supposed to return before Judgment Day to eliminate injustice and tyranny.

You can see the setup. They've got Obama as president. I've always said he's a pawn of Maitreya's. So he's going to do all the dirty work and Maitreya is going to show up on the scene and say, "Look what he's doing! He's killing people! This is blaspheme!" And he comes as this world savoir, when he's the very one behind the scenes, pushing with Obama to get this done. He'll be talking out of both sides of his mouth.

For Shiites, Mahdi is believed to be the Twelfth Imam, a descendant of the prophet who went into hiding, but will return one day return to restore justice to the world.

Yeah, you should see their idea of justice, folks. If you ever venture into the garbage writings of the New Age and what these ascended masters actually tell their people; their idea of justice is allowing karma to work itself out, so there won't be any prisons. Your neighbors could be pedophiles, murderers, thieves and robbers. Their whole thing is no justice at all. Nobody is going to be spared from criminals; just their karma working out. Yeah...I wouldn't want to live in their societies.

Question from a listener: Do you have any thoughts on safe haven cites and will they do any good in the future as things progress?

Sherry: They're going to control the cities. I can't think of any safe haven cities when the Lord tells you to head to the mountains. So you head to the mountains. You don't head to the cities; you head to the mountains. Find some caves. Dig a cave. Make a cave. Ask the Lord to lead you to one. He said to head to the mountains. We've done a lot of work in middle America. In Missouri and Arkansas there's a lot of mountains and caves. We've done the best we can to protect a lot of these areas by getting them orgoned ahead of time. Demonic and evil beings hate orgoned areas and won't go to them. They simply stay away from them. So those will be safe havens. Anywhere where we've been able to establish a lot of Orgone around this country will become a safe haven. There are cities I've encircled with Orgone, but just enough to piss off all the aliens and evil ones inside of it. It makes them worse to deal with so you have to get away from the cities and get to the forest areas. We've orgoned them too. Those will be safe havens for the people. It's a win win.

Sometimes it feels like a no win. We just had so much to do. I'm so exhausted. I don't even know how much I can do with this Orgone war myself. It just never stops. We need more and more people to stand up and get their areas. You'll see the areas that don't have Orgone in them, because that's where these evil beings and aliens when they come are going to be. They're going to be in unorgoned areas. That will be their homes. You just have to head out to where they're not. You don't know where orgoned areas are, or have covered? Just go to areas where the giants that are coming won't be. People forget that. We get so wrapped up in what's going on with the H1N1 vaccine and the RFID bracelet, no thoughts of the giants that are coming around the corner. The Bible Codes refer to them as Philistines. 9 1/2 foot tall giants. They're coming. All these things I've warned about in future coming events. The locusts and different terms the Bible Code refers to giants and them returning. These aliens beings coming. Shema crashing. Maitreya coming to earth with his forces with him. We've got so many things that will be happening bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. Like I've said it's like the bathtub effect. Everything happening very quickly once it starts. This H1N1 vaccine and RFID bracelets are just setting it all off, just starting it. People need to wake up.

Pray and ask the Lord for Him to reveal to you about the vaccine and the bracelets and the sprays, because He doesn't contradict Himself. He will tell you what He has told me, and many others. And just get the word out to other people. It would help if we weren't so hated to begin with. I can't do anymore. I can't help it that the remnant hates me. The churches hate me because I speak the truth. Now when it really counts for them to save their own lives, they'd rather hate me than listen to the truth. That's the way it's been for years and going to continue. Most of them are going to die now because they won't listen. They're stubborn.

You know what the Bible Codes says about that page I just put up on H1N1? Perfect page terrific presently webpage stylist syringer (which is needle), correspondent reporter (which are different terms referring to me) renounce H1N1 Sherry perfect terrific page. It's gotta be the webpage. These are terms found in the Bible Codes referring to the page.

You know what? You can bring people to the water, but you can't make them drink. All you can do is warn them. I've done my job. I'll continue to do my job as long as I can.

Other words I see are banishment coming up in the Codes. There is it again. Which means they're going to be coming after me again to try to get me off the internet; off the air. Maybe possibly off the computer. I don't know what they're doing, but they're working on banishment. Only if the Lord allows them. That's all I can say. Until then, I'm His and I'm here to be His Mouthpiece on earth. Until they shut me up, I'm going to keep doing my job.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.