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October 19, 2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton


We Did It! Shema's On Fire! Destroyed! So What's Next?

And hello everybody. You're live. It's Monday night October 19th. I'm Sherry Shriner. If you have a question for the show you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iím going to get into some questions that were sent in last week that I didnít get to. And then whatever questions you have tonight,Iíll answer those as well.

Itís been an exciting week. I kept seeing a lot of things going on for October and January. There are a lot of things happening with the New World Order faction in July. A lot of those things didnít pan out, which is pretty usual. With all the New World Order factions, theyíre always sabotaging each other and they change their minds, are apprehensive and delay things. Iíve been talking about that for years, how theyíre in such derision. And itís no different within Satanís kingdom. Total derision.

Interesting that Iíve been talking Shema for months now. Folks, we actually did it. Iím real proud of the warriors around the world. All working as a team. All on the same page. Thatís why Iíve always said if you just seek the Lord for the truth in all things, He leads us all to the same page.

So itís been exciting. This Orgone war has been going on for 5 years now. Nobody gave us a hoot when we took down the Capricorn last January. NASA was stating it was an errant satellite. It was really different. It was Jesus/Sanandaís ship that we took down. Now being credited in the Bible Codes in the Lordís records with taking down Shema in October of 2009. Shema has been Maitreyaís starship. He has a palace there. He has a temple there. A literal city, as it were, in the sky.

Weíve been talking about this obnoxious star hanging 30 Ė 33 degrees above horizon. Just this real obnoxious bright, white starÖfor months. I first noticed it back in September of last year. It was probably there earlier than that. It just made its way over to above my house. Thatís when I started noticing it. And I knew it wasnít the Lord. So I started to point pipe blasters and everything else. I knew just getting the
Orgone out more and more would saturate the air. I know the Orgone energy is a constant anointed energy from the Most High God and nothing evil can stand to be in its presence.

Itís been interesting to watch all of the evil weapons targeted at us. Chemtrails. If you saturate your area with this Orgone, the chemtrails wonít stick in the air. The planes will eventually just give up, leave, come back later to get nowhere and just leave. Itís interesting. It stays in the air. Itís a permanent presence. It doesnít just disappear. It took down Shema. Iíve seen in the
Bible Codes that Shema was on fire.  We had been talking about that for months; how it was taking on that yellow look. What these starships usually do is turn a darkish yellow and eventually they crash to earth. And the military and media jump on it as ďmeteoritesĒ crashing to earth, when itís simply these alien starships.

They live in these starships. Theyíre like planets. I donít know how youíd want to describe them. I donít know if they are made of rock or made of metal. I would assume, metal. Either way, they are crashing out of the skies. They pose as stars.  So when you look up into the sky at night you really donít notice anything different. They have white lights on them. They mimic stars. The big thing about them is they are so much lower to the earth than normal stars are. Then when they start to turn yellow, thereís no denying it.  I mean, you would have to totally want to be stupid with your head stuck in the sand to just absolutely refuse to go outside and look up at the night sky to confirm and to see what Iíve been talking about.

Some people just donít want us to be right.  They donít want to believe there are alien starships hovering over the earth posing as stars. You know what? They can go back and stick their heads back in the sand all they want to. Weíll just keep going forward.

Thereís been just been a handful of us. My ministry, I donít have millions. I have millions visiting my websites and listening to these radio shows, but a very, very tiny handful of supporters who actually support this ministry and the Lordís work on earth in these last days. A bunch of Davidic warriors out there doing heroics in the last days. Just a very tiny handful of us compared to all the people who actually visit the sites and listen to my shows.

So itís been exciting to see Shema is on fire. Itís dismembering. Itís coming down in pieces. Interesting that lately a lot of meteors are being seen. YeahÖwe know meteors. Basically lots of chunk right now of this Shema is gone. Itís destroyed. That will be coming out of the sky.

I know Benjamin CrŤme was on Coast to Coast a month or so ago. I donít know how long ago it was. He mentioned I guess that there were four Shemaís. I donít believe there are four Shemaís. I believe that there are different spaceship type things that they use. They may call them Shemaís; I donít. They had the Capricorn. They had the Shema. They have Nibiru. And they have the New Jerusalem. Those are the only four things that Iíve seen in the codes. Now if theyíve got different names
attached to eachÖwhateverÖShema 1, Shema 2. I havenít seen that. From what I have seen, weíve taken down Capricorn, which was Sanandaís ship. Weíre taking down Shema, which is Maitreyaís ship. Now weíre getting ready with Nibiru. Theyíre suffering in Nibiru because the Orgone is reaching even wherever this Nibiru thing is. I donít know where it is right now. But seeing that the entire aerospace is becoming saturated with the Orgone energy, they are suffering now, being hit by it. I
donít see a destruction of Nibiru. What I see is they will probably empty out of it and leave it, because theyíve seen what happened to their fellow aliens/fallen angels in Capricorn and also in Shema. Many died. Many got out. So theyíre just going to abandon Nibiru and thatís when they will make their exodus to earth.

As far as the New Jerusalem goes; now their whole plan with the New Jerusalem was to lower it out of Orionís Belt. Some of the New Agers call this the Blue Star. Theyíre going to lower it out of Orionís Belt and descend down towards the earth.  I have a website
CrystalCityFraud.com that explains this New Jerusalem thatís coming. I donít know if itís just a big brightly colored UFO or what it is, but they are claiming that itís the New Jerusalem. Eventually that will crash, because anything that
comes towards the earth is going to crash. Weíre going to crash it with the Orgone energy. So it will crash too. The other thing I havenít seen crashing is Nibiru. I think itís because it has the ability to stay out of our aerospace. So they will just empty out of it. I donít know if it will crash or not. Maybe itíll become more dominant in the codes as time comes up. I donít know. If it does, Iíll let you know. Itís very interesting that Satan is furious about the whole thing. Heís furious about losing Shema.

There are various names, monikers used for Satan in the codes. Right now for just the month of December alone, you see Satan - Maitreya and the Philistines crossing the month of December. We could be seeing a lot or things or it could stay behind the scenes like they normally have been. Or they could become front and center. Obama is in alignment with Maitreya. Iíve told you heís working behind the scenes along with this alien/New Age agenda; that heís their pawn man. Heís already working with Maitreya. This whole H1N1 chipping program. This whole vaccine program. They call it the vaccine program. The Bible Codes just calls it their chipping program, because thatís what it is. Theyíre working in alignment with each other. They're both in on this.

I did a radio show a couple of week ago where I talked about how Satan wants to control each and every person on the planet. It is through this chip that he will be able to do that. He doesnít want you to have your own free thoughts. And by golly if you do, heís going to control them. He wants to control everything about you. Heís going to turn you into a robotic dummy; just a brainwashed mind-controlled dummy. For those of you who think that is too far-fetchedÖI hear from so many people
now who have gotten chips from having dental work done, ended up with chip implants unbeknownst to them. The ADA (American Dental Association) pre-loads all of their medicines with chips. So you go in for a tooth filling, and you end up with a chip in your tooth. The older chips: neodymium magnets. You used to be able to deactivate the chips with those. Iím hearing more and more about these newer chips that the magnets arenít working.  The older chips against the newer ones;
some of them may not work against. But people start hearing high frequency tones. They start hearing voices and other related things. Itís because theyíve got these chips in them. Now, can you imagine getting this RFID chip inside you?

What was really interesting; I had just seen a correlation in the Bible Codes with Echelon in the chips. Echelon as you know, is that monstrous NSA spy program where they can hear everything you say. They can filter all of your phone calls. Your cell phone. Your main line. They can filter and record every one of them. They can read all of your emails. They have total privacy invasion access to you. They can totally invade your privacy whenever they want to. Thatís exactly what this RFID chip will do. Itís this Echelon in chip form that theyíre putting inside of you. So they not only will be able to hear everything you say, see everything you see with your eyes (theyíll be able to read everything you read) but they will also be able to implant thoughts to you. So itís very interesting, the total domination and control that Iíve warned about that Satan wants to do heís doing it with these chips. And theyíre putting them in their vaccines.

Now people want to know, they expect to see some black chip. Like a microchip. Thatís ages ago technology. Now they have nanotechnology. If you look at the chips, they almost look like they are liquid. They must be some kind of liquid crystalline type chip. It can very easy go on the edge of a needle or even in nasal spray. Itís interesting, somebody had sent me an email who said they knew someone who had gotten the Swine Flu nasal spray, and they felt a sharp sting in their
sinuses and in their forehead.

So thatís exactly what Iíve been warning about; stay away from the vaccines. Stay away from the H1N1 Flu vaccine, the nasal sprays, the RFID bracelet itself. Just stay away from all these things. These are the Lordís warnings for mankind Ė to not partake of these plagues. To stay away from the vaccines, the nasal sprays and the chips.

Liz my transcriber put up and interesting website
H1N1666.com. Sheís got everything on there. You can go there and sheís got links to everything. You can find out whatís in the vaccine. Sheís got the patent on it. Sheís got the WHO and the UNs involvement with it. Sheís got my links on there, the Bible Code links on it in regards to Maitreya and Obama being on it and the whole agenda with them. The UN depopulation program. The latest advertisements for this microchip. Itís just a real
comprehensive site. We really needed that one on the internet. And she did a good job with it; tying in H1N1 with 666. So you can go to H1N1666.com. Iíll be putting the links on my websites after the show tonight. Itís just a real comprehensive site on exactly what H1N1 is and how itís tying into 666 Ė the mark of the beast. So many people forget the Lords admonitions and warnings, but when you start to correlate todayís events and the things that are going on, thatís how you know when you are living in biblical prophecy. We are living in these times the Lord warned about thousands of years ago.

Revelation 13: 16 Ė 17 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 14: 9 Ė 10 And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

These are admonitions. Stark warnings from the Lord Himself about joining Satanís kingdom in these last days with anything in regards to your right hand or forehead. The biggest correlation being, you
canít buy or sell. If you look at the health reform bills that Obama is trying to pass, and the threats on this vaccine, this RFID bracelet, they can freeze your bank accounts until you get it. They're going to try to bribe, intimidate and bully you into getting it. So this is a direct correlation with what the Bible says. You wouldnít be able to buy or sell, which means you wouldnít be able to bank. You canít go to the store to buy anything or have a garage sale or any simple silly things like that. So there is a
correlation there. Just the fact that there is a correlation should raise the flags and the hair off the back of your neck to stay away from it. Just stay away from it. The Lord is saying Stay away from it.

So to those of you who think you can be ignorant, go out and get it and then say, ďOh, Iím sorry Lord, I didnít realize it was that. Please forgive me.Ē You know what? The Lord has given you plenty of warning. Ignorance is no excuse. So many people say, ďWell, Psalms 91 says no weapon formed against me shall prosper.Ē People are just going to stand on that, all the way to Hell, because the Lord also said to use wisdom in all things and to not tempt Him. Donít tempt Him. Donít go and get this vaccine and then say, ďLord, Iím sorryÖtake it all awayĒ. Back when it was just a regular vaccine
you could say, Iíd just ask Him to turn it to water. But now that we know what we know, you canít do that. You canít even get near that vaccine. Roadblocks? Donít get stuck in them. Drive around them. Drive your way out of them. It would really suck having to get on a bus because you would have to refuse to get this vaccine.

Literally they are trying to kill you, so you have a right to defend yourself against their murderous tactics against you and your family, even if it means having to run from your own government. The Bible says to obey the government, but when the government conflicts with Godís Word and Godís Commands for us, then we have to obey God. We have to obey Him. Our government is not acting in alignment with Godís rules. Theyíre trying to replace and destroy our entire Constitution. By
doing that, they are putting themselves at odds with every single American in this countryÖevery single person in this country.

Theyíre trying to destroy our Constitution and replace it with a global authority. And who exactly is this global authority? The UN? They canít even feed hungry people in Africa, and they want to control the world?  Címon folks. They have no power over any person in any country. Your Constitution is the power. Thatís why theyíre simply trying to destroy it and replace it with a one world government. They figure if they can get enough people chipped, theyíll be too sick and dying to put up much of a resistance. Thatís their whole thing.

Look at every person. Even the basic flu shot. And the people that work for government health services, the Dept. of Health and Human services; they know the people who receive just the seasonal flu shot will be more susceptible to getting the Swine Flu. Whatís the big deal, folks?! Every winter the flu goes around. You get sick for a few days. Every year about 40 people from the winter
fluís. And thatís standard. This Swine Flu is nothing to get hyped about that you need to go out and get a vaccine to keep you from getting the Swine Flu. Thatís like getting Echelon inserted inside of you from now on so you can be totally controlled by Satan, just so you can avoid a three day flu.

Címon. Give me a break. Give me a break. Itís much deeper than that. Thereís much more involved than that. And people that canít get off their couches and do five minutes of research on the computer at the libraryÖyou deserve what you get then. Weíve been warning. We are sounding the alarms. I posted the Bible Codes on the RFID bracelet and the H1N1 chip last week at
HiddenCodes.com. So
itís very interesting that all this is heating up at the same time as Shema being destroyed.  

Theyíre mad and they want to retaliate and will be coming to Earth soon. Weíre going to be dealing with these beings. Exciting times we are living in.

Iíve warned on my list last week, watch for them to take biblical names. These ascended masters are also called Aryans. They like to take on biblical names. You may see the Archangel Gabriel comingÖand Michael. Youíre going to see Jesus coming. You might see Peter, Paul and Mary. They take on biblical names. So donít be fooled by that; just be ready for it.

I had to laugh the other night. I was thinking back to Al Gore and his desperate attempt to stop global warming simply because they have no understanding of what global warming is. Thatís their words for Orgone saturation. They donít understand what they are dealing with yet and why a lot of places are seeing a chilling of the atmosphere so early right now, especially in the east. Practically everywhere itís just a lot colder than usual. Theyíre trying to chill the atmosphere because the aliens/fallen angels are burning. Itís very humorous. You cannot stop Orgone saturation. Theyíre heating up in the
atmosphere and boiling. So they just accredit it to some kind of carbon contamination, when itís actually just the Orgone. Humans donít feel this stuff. Orgone doesnít affect humans. If you have Orgone in your house itís peaceful. Alien and demonic beings donít like it so they wonít be hanging out in your house 24/7 like if you donít have it.  Itís like walking into an anointed temple. Itís just peaceful. So thatís the only effect humans feel from it. Anything evil is going to have a hard time dealing with the Lordís anointed energy. His energy Ė a positive Orgone energy that comes into direct
contrast with anything thatís evil. Interesting.

Looking ahead for the next couple of months. December could be active. December could be a little wild, especially if Satan and the Philistines and Maitreya all show up in December. And which route they want to take. If they want to take the route of mimicking the second coming of Christ, otherwise known as the Blue Beam project. Whatever Maitreya will come first before Jesus with all his angels.
I donít know exactly what theyíll be doing. I imagine they will be heading east, but Iíve also seen where the Lord is going to crank the Orgone up in the east. Right now itís planetary, and the Lord is going to start cranking it up and theyíll have nowhere to hide. Itís going to very amusing.

Iím going to answer a couple of questions. Some came into the show last week.

Sherry, as days go by I see the whole picture. I am beginning to believe Obama is the Antichrist. Not an antichrist, but the real Antichrist. I donít know if you agree with me on this, but it really looks that way. Whatís you view on this issue?

Sherry: Nothing is set in stone with Maitreya and Obama right now. Right now Obama is just a pawn to Maitreya. If our Orgone can actually keep these ascended masters away from the earth, because they have nowhere to hide away from earth, possibly even kill them, then they would have to resort to their human clones on earth. Thatís all Obama is. Heís a clone of Pharaoh Akhenaton. They would have to resort to what their hands have madeÖthese clones. So I canít say anything in stone. All I can tell you is their plans for now. I can give you the routes that theyíre taking that I see. Obama could be a route. He could also play the Mabus role the Nostradamus had talked about. You hear every once in awhile about this Mabus. That could even be Obama. There are just many different roles. You never know which one theyíre going to settle on. Itís like a chess board and theyíre still moving their pieces around. They have a script. Itís like casting for a play. Which actor is going to play which part? And thatís exactly what theyíre doing now. Theyíre trying to go by these scripted events, but also have to deal with the characters in the script. They are still scripting people for these positions. Thatís why itís very interesting. Never a dull day.

Listener comment: I had the volume all the way down on the football game tonight. All of a sudden that lizard Obama came on the TV. Is he possible Maitreya?

Sherry: That could be a route. If Maitreya just takes over Obamaís body and works through him, because his own has been fried. He himself says that his body is a created one. What Iíve seen in the codes is that Maitreya is a clone of Cain. So they can just clone another one. I donít know if they will clone another one or just take over Obamaís or just come in the one he has thatís boiled and fried. We just have to see, folks.

Question: Sherry, what in the heck did Obama do to win the Nobel Peace Prize!? Is that the biggest joke ever?

Sherry: YeahÖconsidering that the deadline for the Nobel Peace Prize was two weeks before he took office, and theyíre crediting him with all these things. What has he done!? Especially when he wasnít even President yet when they had to nominate him for the prize. You can see how scripted it is. I was just reading something where they had told Obama when he was 20 years old that he would be president of the United States when he got older. Itís all scripted. Itís like Arnold SchwarzeneggerÖArrrrnooolllddÖhe had a plan. He knew he was going to come to America, marry a Kennedy and
become governor of California. So very interesting. A lot of these peopleís whole careers are just scripted and they just step into it. Itís like I said, they have this script and the cast of characters, and they have to fill those character spots.

Question from a listener: Did you see Monday Night Football, where the two helmets fly into space like comets and show two astronauts bumping into each other? What do you take of this?

Sherry: I donít know. My thoughts are Capricorn and Shema crashing and are both destroyed. I donít know. I havenít watched Monday night football in ages.

Some of the more interesting things are coming out on You Tube video are actually showing how the RFID and how itís a crystalline thing. Very interesting. Everything Iím talking about is very real. If you
donít know that by now, just stick your head back in the sand.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry when you suggested that people ask the Lord to change the vaccine into water before the needle touches the skin.

Sherry: Iím not saying that at all. Maybe a couple of months ago when the whole thing with the vaccine started coming out, but not at all now. You cannot get it at all.

Question continues: If I were to ask God to change a beaker of acid into water, it would make sense to drink it. Why not?

Sherry: He says no weapon formed against us shall prosper. But He also says to use wisdom in all things and not to tempt Him. So donít tempt Him. If you tempt Him, youíre going to reap what you sow. Thatís exactly whatís going to happen.

Question continues: Does the direction of the crystals in Orgone or the amount or shape of the aluminum effect how it works? I tried making my own and buying some of yours and none of it has had any effect on any of the reptiles Iíve come in contact with. Why might that be and what can I do about it?

Sherry: It may be having an effect and you donít know about it, or may not even come into contact with reptiles. I donít know what the answer to that is. The direction of the crystals does not make any difference or the amount or shape of the aluminum doesnít make any difference. You should at least have 2/3 aluminum and crystal in your Orgone. Itís the crystal inside the Orgone that powers it. Some aluminum is very soft and some aluminum is very hard. Iíve always kindof shied away from the soft stuff, but I guess thatís the best stuff. So Iíve been using more of the soft stuff. They call it NASA grade quality. I have box loads of that stuff. It doesnít really matter, because the aluminum just acts as an insulator. The crystal powers the coil. But the main part of the Orgone itself is the crystal. Thatís the brain. Thatís the engine of the whole thing. If you donít see it effecting people, then fine. No big deal.

Question: Hey Sherry, when you talk to people, can you tell when someone is part of the 144,000?

Sherry: Usually I can pick them right out. But you know what? It doesnít mean I get along with everybody. Iím just a person too, and thereís a lot of Christians who just outright annoy me. We may have personality clashes. Like anybody else, they annoy you. But I can usually tell who is the Lordís. Sometimes Christians have a lot of issues to deal with. Youíve got Christians that love the Lord and still have one foot on the earth and one foot in the spirit, still dealing with earthly things.
Drug addictions, alcohol and things like that. Thereís just some things I have no patience for. Some things I just donít want to be around. That doesnít mean they are not the Lordís. That doesnít mean that at all. Because the Lord sanctifies us. The Lord perfects us and makes us what He wants us to be. Itís a process and a journey and a relationship in growing with Him. Other than personality conflicts Iíll have with people or issues, I can usually tell if someone is definitely His. Sometimes itís
just a lot harder on the internet because youíre reading things. Sometimes you sound different when you write something than you would if you were actually saying it. You know what I mean? Do you know what Iím talking about. So you can misread people. You can read things the wrong way. You can get an opinion of somebody based on something theyíve written andyouíve read the wrong way. I donít make rash judgments on people. I am very patient. Iím very patient. Usually when itís a
genuine one of His, you know that you know that you know they are one of His and there is no doubt. Iím not going to sit and say how because then the aliens want to know so they can mimic that. They drive me nuts. I get aliens on my lists all the time posing as humans. I toy with them before I kick them off. Sometimes I just have fun sitting back toying allowing things to happen so that other people can learn to discern these things on their own. Thatís the way Iíve learned over the years.
Having run-ins with these beings and having to deal with this stuff is how you learn, unfortunately. Some people say, ďWhy did God let me do that? or go through that!? Because He wants you to learn. He wants to teach you something. Thatís the best way weíve learned sometimes, because weíve experienced something.

Question from listener: When the government takes over the internet how will we be able to stay in contact with you? Do you have an alternate way of hearing your program. Could transcribed programs be mailed via pre-paid envelopes? I hope there will some way to continue to get yours and Yahís guidance in the days ahead.

Sherry: I really donít know. They are defiantly going to come after the internet. Maitreya and Obama will be working together. In fact, there should be legislation and there probably already is. I just saw it in the codes last night. It was kindof funny Ė telecommunications statute. Yeah, theyíre going to clamp down, especially the people that mock them, like me. I canít stand them. Theyíre a bunch of Satan freaks. Yeah, theyíre going to clamp down. I have no plans. I donít have a secretary and an
office and a mailing list and organization. Trust me, Iím not organized. If something gets on my desk, it truly gets buried. Until I clean my desk off, I may never find it again. Iím just as disorganized as you can get. I donít have any mailing lists. No. Itís just not safe to keep around. Thatís why Iíve purposefully become very disorganized. Yes, it is part of my personality to be disorganized as well anyway, but who wants lists and records of the warriors around!? You know what a target I would be for all the government agents and their minions who are trying to find the 144,000!? I would be a huge target for them to just come in and gather my lists. Who I talk to. Who I associate with. Things like that. I would just be giving up all those people who are. Iím real protective of that. I wonít even put warriors together who live in the same states. I say if you want to meet other warriors in your state, join the Orgone list and meet up with other people from your area on my list, because Iím not
putting people together. You donít know who you are putting together. The FBI is all over my websites and lists. They watch everything I do. You know, itís justÖitís retarded. So Iím not going to put anybody at risk by having their addresses lying around my house. No, I donít keep records and lists.

The Lord keeps us separated for a reason. He keeps us all off on mountain tops and deserts and woods andÖHe does that for a reason. He wants us all separated. So itís a good idea, but I just canít do it.

Question: What is your opinion of the new ďVĒ alien series on TV in November? Did you watch the one from the Ď80ís?

Sherry: I didnít watch the one from the Ď80ís. I wasnít into the whole New World Order thing back then. I was in High School. Iím not revealing my age here. Iím kindof anxious to see what theyíre going to reveal on the new one. I hope itís not on Monday night. Iíd have to miss it. Iím anxious to see what theyíre going to reveal. It serves their purposes and it serves ours. You know? Waking people up to the fact of whatís coming. Shape-shifting aliens and morphing people. It serves everybodyí
s interests by revealing this kindof stuff. I hope itís entertainingÖreveal some truth too. Thatís all I can say. I never really watched the first series, so I donít know how the first series went. I do have it on DVD. I bought the V series and Alien Nation series and I still have yet to watch them. Theyíre still sitting in my cabinet. I just donít get around to watching stuff and listening to stuff. Iíve always got my nose stuck in a Bible Code. I work in codes all night, every night or Iím out in the garage
doing Orgone. Or on a football field somewhere. Iím a mom too. It just gets overwhelming all the work we need to do. But

I find it rewarding I guess, to see how pissed off they are that weíre handing out flyers on the vaccine. Iím seeing that in the codes. Thatís another thing weíve taken on; putting flyers out, hitting peoples cars, grocery stores, Wal-Marts, football games. Anywhere. Just putting flyers out, warning people of the H1N1 vaccine. Yeah, theyíre very angry.

Iíve always said that nothing you do for the Lord goes unnoticed. Kids are even standing up and putting these flyers out, their names in the Bible Codes are noted as having done that. Nothing we do for the Lord goes unnoticed. Every person who has ever supported this ministry, you can see it in the Bible Codes. I donít always individually thank everybody, but I love Ďem and I thank everybody for supporting this ministry. I donít know if you want to call it a ministry. Weíre kindof just a
group of warriors who go out and do heroics in the last days. But it has to start and stop somewhere and it does right here I guess at my house. Itís just been a journey.

I see all this stuff just come alive in the Bible Codes. Everything is so recorded. Iíve told you that. Everything you do is recorded. So donít waste time. Even with the days we have left, get out and do something. Do something for the Lord. Donít leave earth regretting that you didnít do something, because something is a lot better than nothing, and nothing describes about 98% of churchdom right now. So many people are asleep. They think the rapture is going to come. They think this is
going to happen, or thatís going to happen. Chalk it all up to putting faith in man instead of faith in God. Because if you had asked the Lord for the truth in all things, He would be able to reveal to you the truth of things that are going on today and get you busy doing things for Him that matter instead of going to church week after week. That doesnít matter. What does it matter? Iíd rather be out putting flyers on a car on a Sunday, then to be sitting on a church pew with a picture of Sananda in
it (Satanís general, which the churches call Jesus) They know thatís not what He looks like, but keep it there anyway. And listen to the pastor quote Paul who was a high ranking Mason and not even an Apostle. People just go to sleep. They are drowning in apostasy.

The thing that comes to mind is that people want to fellowship with other believers. Fine. I do that on the internet. Iíve got three lists. Iíve got a radio show. When I take questions, the reason being is so I can hear from the fellow warriors. So I can hear from you guys. Itís the only way I get to communicate with people that are out there. I donít have the ability to take phone calls during the show, unless I went to Blog Talk Radio or something, then Iíd just have to deal with them. I like having my own server. I can come on the air whenever I want to. So once Maitreya does put his ugly feet on the earth, I can broadcast every single day. I can broadcast every day and talk about what the freak is up to every single day. Be warning you and giving you a heads up on the routes they are taking, the things they are doing and which character positions they are settling in and things like that. Itís almost like refereeing the whole thing. The last days referee here. I have insight into a lot of things. That doesnít mean anything until things start happening and I can relate to what I know and what I see and what theyíre doing. Itís like three different things. Interesting. I donít expect too much to happen right now because theyíre dealing with Shema on fire and blowing up into pieces.

November could be interestingÖDecemberÖ.January. These could be interesting months coming up. Especially if the Philistines are here. Philistines are just another name for the giants and locusts. They have so many different names. Buffalo, bison, Philistines, because there are assortments of them. There are different factions and groups of them.

When the veil is lifted. Iím going to close tonight with this finding from the Bible Codes:
This partition, this veil has been crushed. Itís being crushed right now. Being destroyed. I donít know when the total destruction of this veil will be, but itís being destroyed as we speak. So when that veil, that canopy over the earth is destroyed, theyíll be here freely. All these different aliens being cast out of aerospace onto the earth. Watching Revelation 12 come alive where Satan is cast to the earth. And with the partition, the veil being destroyed, that can come about at any time.

Very interesting that all this is coming out now. Things are going to be happening. It figures itís in the colder months. If they go into this vaccine enforcement thing and start putting people into internment camps and itís January and 20 degrees below 0, its gonna be pretty miserable.

So people need to fight to stay out of those things. Do not willingly get on the bus's. Donít willingly let them take you to a camp. Fight! Do what you have to do!

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless,