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October 26, 2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton


The CHIP IS 666...That's Why They Are Enforcing Vaccinations

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night October 26. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking those a little bit later. Some interesting questions have already been coming in since early this morning, so Iíll be getting to those.

A couple of things I want to talk about this week; I know a lot of people have a lot of concerns about the H1N1 vaccine. The Lord is going to have me in this for a while, I can tell, because itís more important that people realize itís the real deal. Itís here. I know when I first jumped on the bandwagon a couple of weeks ago and I was out on a limb. I didnít know that I know that I knew, but I went out there anyway and warned you guys, because it was something that the Lord told me to do. Now that I know, that I know, that I know, Iím definitely going to be in this for a while, because itís the most pressing thing. This
thing alone can entrap the souls of millions of people. And nobody knows this agenda, probably like I do. Other than a deep insider, which I would never be. The Lord has had me in this for 8 Ė 10 years now.

You know, 10 years ago when He took me into the alien agenda, Iím thinking ďWhat?! Everybody else is exposing the New World Order agenda.Ē And He made me realize, that was the New World Order. What He was putting me in was what His people needed to hear. What they needed to know. Iíve been called every name over the years that you can think of. There is just about every lie you can think about me on the internet from the very ones that are in the channeling Maitreya and they think they are getting messages from the Lord, but are just channeling Maitreya or one of the ascended masters and all this
junk is coming from Satan. And they just rise up against me. Surrounded roundabout. Itís just relentless. They never give up. It just confirms everything Iíve been saying is true. And the Lord just has me prepared. Iím iron and steel. This stuff does not bother me. You guys have seen me laugh about it for years and I still do. What does get meÖwhat does drive like an emotional nail right through your head, is seeing people falling for all this stuff. Thatís whatís the hard part is about this. The children and wives who will just do stupid things to make their husbands happy and visa versa. And we are talking about
peopleís souls.

Some people are just not waking up and refusing to. I canít count how many times the Lord has sent people to my websites to learn and they think they are there to teach me; to straighten me out. Iím like, ďExcuse me?Ē Several years ago, the Lord said I would teach His prophets. I would teach His ministers. I would teach His pastors. Iím a teacher here. Thatís one of my jobs. He told me ďLead My People back to MeĒ. Iíve taken that very seriously. I try to focus everything I do on just leading people back to the Lord Himself. Getting out of the errors and apostasies they are in and going back to Him. When people
say, ďWho is Sherry Shiner? Tell us about Sherry ShrinerĒ, my jaw drops to the floor and my mind goes blank because there is nothing about me. Itís not about me; itís about the Lord.

I was having a meltdown this week, just wondering have we done enough? What else can we do? Iím not doing enough. Radio shows and websites and hitting the pavement and the lines are still forming at the doors? Now I realize a pitiful amount of people listen to my radio shows and go to my websites. I brag 3 million a month, and here people are getting 10 million a day on my websites andIím bragging about 3 million a month. Iím just excited about that. Thatís something. Thatís better than nothing, but itís a pitiful amount. There are six billion people in this world. And so manyÖso many just lining up.

The Lord spoke to me yesterday. Iíll tell you exactly what He told me, as I usually do. Usually. What He told me was very interesting, because I had never thought about it that way. He told me, He said when we speak directly with our spirits to His, He hears us immediately. When we pray, our prayers are gathered and offered up as sweet smelling incense to Him. When we speak directly to Him, He hears us immediately. Thereís always a difference. Iíve never been the real formal type of prayer person. You know, bow my head and pray. I just talk to Him all day long. My spirit connects to His and we talk. Iíll
be sitting at the computer and think, ďWhat are you going to say to me Lord. Do you have anything to say?Ē  Then Iíll listen to His Still Small Voice that speaks in your spirit.

Iíve told you about that small voice. You have to strain to hear it. He does not speak to our heads, folks. He speaks to our hearts. I just commune with Him constantly like that. So that really struck a nail in me when He said that. I know that there is a big difference between saying a formal prayer and everybody being in agreement and bowing their heads and praying to Him and that more inside communication with Him, when your spirit is talking to Him and you are communing one on one.

I had read about that somewhere how the angels will gather vials of prayers and release them in heaven. And they're all released at the same time and the Lord hears everybodyís prayers. I donít know if you guys have read that anywhere. I had read that in one of the other prophetic books somewhere. So I thought that was strange; He doesnít get our prayer immediately?  He always hears us when we pray. It talked about this literal thing where angels would release this vials and all the prayers would ascend up to God in heaven. So I thought that was interesting. It has to have a bit of truth to that since
He just told me that when we speak to Him directly with our spirits, from our spirits to His, He hears it immediately. But when we pray, itís released to Him through vials. So very interesting that He confirmed that. I hadnít even remembered that. It was something that I had read eons ago and He brought it to my mind. There was no way I could have ever remembered something like that on my own, because I had read it so long ago.

What He told me was that every person that is His. Every person who has received His redemption, salvation and grace is filled with His Spirit. And thatís how He speaks to us. Thatís how He leads us. Thatís how He guides us. And these people, fellow brethren you might say, these Christians who are going ahead and getting these chip implants via the vaccinations, are not listening to Him. No matter how many radio shows or websites someone puts up or does, those are just confirmations of His Spirit to warn His people and guide them. Ultimately His people can feel His admonitions. And if they go against Him, it is of their own doing and rebellion against Him. So, narrow is the gate, He said. And those who are lead by HimÖthose who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons and Daughters of God. He brought that scripture to my mind. He said this is a time of testing and weeding out the real from the superficial believers.

Getting the vaccine or the shot isnít patriotic. Itís going to kill you. These are my own words. Think about all these people who will go ahead and get the shot just to make the boss happy and to keep their jobs. They feel like theyíve been doing their part because the TV media has them all hyped up. ďGo get a vaccine! Weíre going to bring in the police to form lines to keep people away.Ē  They are trying to hype people up to storm these places. Thatís a way of hyping people up. Itís a little reverse psychology there. I live in a small town. I donít know anybody that would be lining up to get one. Everyone Iíve talked
to is against the vaccine shot. So many kids have been sick already. Why bring it out now? When so many have been sick already? And theyíre labeling everything Swine Flu. EverythingÖevery flu is ďSwine FluĒ now.

What He wanted me to get across is to wake up, folks and not be led by those who hate you and want to destroy you. I know Iím teaching mostly to the choir here tonight. You guys know these things, but sometimes there are people that listen to this show that havenít before. People that want you to just follow along and be a sheeple. These are not your friends. They are going to destroy you. You are going to lose your own soul because of this. So people take accountability for themselves and just do the right thing and listen to the Lord.

I hear from a lot of people all the time, ďHow do you hear the voice of the Lord? Explain this to me.Ē Iíve written articles on how to build your own signature relationship with the Lord. Thereís a section on that in my Kingdom of God article. Just go to my website SherryTalkRadio.com and click on the articles page. I have Kingdom of God and some other relationship building articles. Teach Me How to Pray. Things that will help you build a relationship with Him. Some people mistake His Voice as your intuition. ďI knew not to do that, but I did it anyway.Ē When it was the Lord telling you not to do it. Some people
think itís their own intuition, because they donít recognize His Voice. Thatís not always the wayÖitís just a way to describe it. Some people totally mistake the Lords voice for their own voice, or demonic goading, I guess you could say, demons speaking to them, and they mistake it for the Lord. The Lord doesnít speak to your head, folks. I wrote that these ascended masters speak to their head. Thereís just a huge difference. I can look at a Christianís code and see how they are channeling and these people think they are listening and hearing from the Lord. Itís just something you learn as you walk everyday in His guidance. I just wanted to throw that out tonight, because I know a lot of people are getting upset, as I am, and just down and feel defeated because so many people are going to unknowingly go and get this vaccine. He is basically saying, No they are not going unknowingly. They are going to fulfill their own desires. They are going because they are not listening to Him. Every person who is born has His spirit and He can reach them and they ignore Him. So itís their own responsibility. Everything we do; radio shows, websites, hitting the pavement with flyers; weíre just giving people confirmations. If he asks us to do something, we do it. Thatís the only thing we are responsible for. We are responsible to
do what He asks. So thatís where you draw the line, because the results arenít up to us; they are up to Him. Just thought Iíd throw that out to try to encourage people.

I did a radio interview during the week the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. I had a great time. I have a link on my website
SherryTalkRadio.com. I had a really good interview with her. Just a very good host. I think itís the first radio interview in a while that I havenít gotten hate mail afterÖfrom the host. [laughs] I should clarify. She has a really nice crowd. Iíll tell you that.
Iíve gotten quite a few emails since our interview and have just been meeting the nicest people. Sheís got the nicest crowd. It was just a real pleasure to be a guest on her show.

So many people rise up against me. I just have so many enemies. I was looking into it today. Why donít people look at who they are? I did an interview 2 or 3 weeks ago with Battle Cry Radio. Boy, theyíve just been sending me hate mail since. I stopped reading it. So finally, the radio host has been in communication with the female angel Gabriel. And that guy that was so rude and basically such a jerk, he thinks heís Michael the Archangel. This number is growing now, because Iíll tell you what; I just got another one from somebody else who thinks they're the male angel Gabriel. Iíve warned you guys that
these ELF programs are going on. They just convince people that theyíre these archangels or one of the two witnesses. Itís getting ludicrous. I thought the people were just trying to pull my chain. The jokes on me, because Iíve been talking about it and laughing about it and it still goes on. I still get emails from people. So those are two big enemies of mine now. They spend most of their radio shows from now on bashing me, like everybody else does. If you look at who these people are...who these enemies are. They are in Satanís camp or totally disillusioned Christians who think they are hearing from the Lord when they are channeling demons.

I got an email last week from a friend who said they had a vision and was describing it. I said ďthatís not a vision, thatís ELFĒ. And thereís nothing to be ashamed about, because we all get attacked by this ELF technology. The only difference is, you learn how to tell the difference. With ELF technologyÖ.and they get you while youíre sleeping. They get you in
dreamscape mode. I have an article on my website
TearingDownStrongholds.com on dreamscape manipulation. I didnít write it. Somebody else did. But itís a great article. Thatís why itís on my website. It explains their technology where they can hit you in your dreams while you are sleeping. I told you guys last year that vision I had when Ishmael was in my room [laughs]. I was sleeping in bed, and something catches my eye. I look over by the window and there is standing Ishmael. I donít know how I knew it was Ishmael. This guy looked like he was 16 years old. And Iím looking at it like, ďwhat is that?!Ē
And sure enough, I knew it wasnít from the Lord. He doesnít just do silly things like that, but I wanted to hear it from Him. This Ishmael Ė he never spoke, he didnít say anything and just stood there. Kindof like in princely clothes. Not like a king, but a prince. It was one of the best holographs Iíve ever seen. When it starts to fade in and out. If the Lord for some reason was going to send Ishmael to your bedroom, that it would fade in and out? I mean címon, thatís holograph technology malfunctions. Another thing they do; when people think they are having dreams or visions, theyíll see flashes, like the old slide shows being put in one by one. Sometimes they start flashing really fast. Thatís part of their ELF technology that they use. So youíll start to see scenes, literally. Youíll see different things at a time. Like a slide show! Sometimes youíll even see it reverse and start again. [laughs] This is all ELF technology, folks. And everybody is getting hammered with it. Itís just the very few who recognize it for what it is. They know its NORAD. All this stuff was developed at Dulce Base and NORAD runs it. Thatís why I call it the Church of NORAD. This is how they get the Pentecostals all the time. They holograph these fake Gabrielís into their bedrooms at night and hit them in their dreams and even in their subconscious. They have all these
men believing they are one of the two witnesses, the archangel Gabriel or the archangel Michael. Iíve about heard it all. Itís the ELF technology. I keep trying to tell people ďThatís ELF, thatís ELF. Youíre being deceived.Ē

A lot of people are falling into thisÖgetting deceived by this stuff and end up being my enemies, because of course, I expose it and speak against it. They donít want to hear thatís not Gabriel speaking to me. Thatís ELF technology. They donít want to hear that. They want to drown in their grandeur and delusions that Gabriel is visiting their bedroom at night. You know what folks? The Lord isnít going to show up at night. He is the God of the Day. Nothing good goes on at night. Itís the government. They work overtime.

Anyway, people are so deceived in the New Age. And then youíve got the Pentecostal crowd that comes up against me all the time. They donít like my article on speaking in tongues. The Lord told me that speaking in tongues is speaking in the ghost of your own spirit and not His. And that He doesnít need to speak to us in a confusion language that we donít understand. How can we test the things being spoken if we canít understand whatís being said?  The Lord doesnít need to speak to us in a gibberish language. He speaks to us in a language that we understand. So they all hate me. Then you have the serpent seeders who hate being exposed. You can always tell them online, because theyíre always angry. Theyíre always full of wrath, anger and hatred. You donít hear the spirit of the Lord in their voices. All you hear is one demonic implosion after the next. Theyíre bullying.
Theyíre intimidating. Thatís the spirit of Satan. Thatís not the Spirit of the Lord. So there are many of those, pretty much just short of psychopaths. And there are people falling into the humanistic thing, where people are worshiping themselves. They are worshiping the created and the creation rather than the Creator Himself. A lot of New Age rhetoric. It leads you into humanism, and not to the Son of God. Of course, they hate my article the Lies of the Fifth Dimension. I have that linked at my site SherryTalkRadio.com. Thereís just so much, folks. So when you hear people bashing me over the neck, consider who is doing the bashing. Thatís all I can say. Some of that stuff just cracks me up, and some of it is so tiring.

Some of the interesting things I found in the codes; Shema is being consumed, at the same time being abandoned. Iíve talked about how weíve destroyed Shema. How the Orgone has saturated the air. Itís been doing it all year long. For the past couple of years, but Yah really cranked it up this year. I was on a website the other day reading something and seeing Ė 2009 is the year of the UFO, because so many have been crashing. Itís because the Lord is cranking up the Orgone we have out there. I tell you; just go out there and start watching all the yellow stars. These starships mimicking stars in the sky,
turn yellow, and then start crashing. The media says, a meteor fell. I was reading an article this morning on a meteor that crashed in Latvia. Latvia is in Russia. Iím glad they mentioned that, because I wouldíve had no idea where it was. Some people doubt it was really a meteor. I usually keep up on that. They usually disappear from the media when the meteors start to fall, because they realize itís not a meteor.

Interesting, I wanted to know if it was rock or metal. I know Shema is dismembering. Itís on fire. Itís dissembling. Itís breaking up. And this thing is so huge itís just going to take awhile to fall out of the sky. Itís not going to happen overnight, itís so big. Like Iíve said, Maitreya had a temple in Shema. A palace. These are terms I see in the Bible codes in regards to Shema. It was actually Maitreya who had a temple in a palace in Shema. It was their abode. It was their home. It was a whole brigand inside of Shema. I donít know how big a brigand is, but it sounds like a lot. A lot of them were destroyed. And a lot of them just taking off, abandoning it and heading to Mars. I donít know where else theyíre heading. Like I said last week, where are they. Where are they? We know where they are, because they canít stay in Shema. Itís on fire. Being consumed.

What I found interesting was that their whole avenue; their whole route of using Shema as the star of Bethlehem. To mimic the star of Bethlehem. It was supposed to rise big in the east and people were going to be fooled by it. It was supposed to signal the arrival of this great world teacher thatís coming. Itís so funny weíve closed down that route, so now they have to do something else. Like the Blue Beam project. They have this insane project about blowing up Jupiter. I think William Cooper warned about that; where they would try to blow up Jupiter to mimic this star. So interesting that they have the two routes.
The one is closed now. They canít use Shema. Interesting.

November is still an arrival date of theirs. Interesting that Obama hasÖsomeone was telling me, but I havenít figured out if itís from a credible source or not. The New Agers are always setting dates for the announcements. CNN or somebody could verify that on November 27, which happens to be a Friday nightÖWhat kindof impact would that have for disclosure on
UFOs and aliens? Thatís the date theyíve targeted Ė November 27, which is a Friday night to give public disclosure on UFOs and aliens. So Obama is supposed to give a speech. First thing I thought of was, what kindof impact will that have on a Friday night. Nobody watches network news or network shows on a Friday night. So I should say lame. I think more people will catch a rerun on YouTube than anything else. If you really want to get them mad, do it on a Saturday and cut into college football or the NFL on Sunday. They always try to target Sabbath days too. The old Jew calendar (not the original, but the old one) had Sabbath Friday night to Saturday night. The original calendar has the entire day. I learned that the Jews had changed their calendar from dusk to dusk when they were in Babylonian captivity. Thatís why I went back to the original sunup to sundown, not sundown to sundown. Itís crazy. So anyway, itís supposed to be on Friday, November 27 Ė UFO and alien disclosure.

December 21st, he (Obama) is supposed to be signing a treaty. At the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December, heís supposed to be signing a treaty there. This is supposed to be the treaty that is supposed to give away our sovereignty to ruler ship of the UN. Thatís one thing that Iíve always been warning about since 2003; that whoever was President in 2009 would sign over the sovereignty of America to the UN. Interesting that its Obama. Back then in 2003, it was Hillary. Hillary is still dominant in the codes. She is still dominant in the codes. Every time you see
martial law, youíre going to see Hillary.

Interesting that The Globe Magazine, the garbage tabloid had something on Hillary blacking out, having intense headaches and passing out and was considering quitting politics. First of all, she would never quit politics, because itís where she likes to be. In power. I thought it was amusing because one of the effects of Orgone is asphyxia, which is suffocation. If you couldnít get enough air, you would pass out. Yah is cranking up the Orgone now. He has told me over and over in the codes this week. Iíve seen it where He is cranking it up. Itís going to get a lot more interesting. A lot more intense, because we have a lot of these buffalo (another term for Aryans, which is another term for ascended masters) in Washington D.C., in our capitol, running everything. You keep waiting, when are they coming? When are they coming? Theyíre already here. Theyíre just posing as humans. Take someone like Nancy Pelosi, you soul-scalp her and youíve got her body. Oh, you have to look at the alien I put at my website theWatcherFiles.com, which is the Secretary of Health and Human Services. She just looks nasty. I put a picture there with a comment. Because they are already in Washington. I see it all the time in the codes. Theyíre in our capitol. Obama is a beast. The bison are in our capitol. These buffalo/ascended masters are just posing as humans. Back in 2005, the Lord told me the invasion had already begun. Because up until that time I had been touting, thereís going to be a UFO invasion! Itís already come. Theyíve been here. Itís a silent invasion. Yeah, they will have an
outward invasion, but the silent invasion has already begun. Since that time you just look at the change of our society. You run into people with pure black eyes or the soulless dead eye look. Or psychopaths. Sociopaths. Where they literally have to fake human emotions, because they just donít have them. They donít have love and empathy and compassion and pity for others. Any one of those four things let alone a love for the Lord, which would be the clear marker. They have to fake these things, because they just donít have them.  Look at Bush Sr, Bush Jr., Clinton, Obama Ė they have no empathy and compassion. And people think itís their high-minded attitude because theyíre supposedly the rich elite and always look down on the poor people. They look down on all people! They have no compassion and they hate people because they are sociopaths. They are psychopaths. They are not like us. Literally, just serpent seed to begin with and then soul-scalped and Satanís minions are working through their bodies today. HillaryÖ.she done. They probably got her last year. Cheney, two years ago. Condoleezza Rice. When they get into a position of power,
they just soul-scalp you and take you over. Very, very interesting. Even when I was talking about Hillary back in 2003, she wasnít even a Senator in New York back then. She wasnít even a Senator, and I said, look sheís going to be President in 2009. She ran for President and had to hand it over to Obama. Interesting.

Anyway, things to watch out for. Folks, if he does give an announcement on the 29th or whatever, Iíll have shows up until then, I imagine if the Lord doesnít take us home. I always see where the remnant faction, the Orgone warriors are leaving, and that does not include the entire body of Christ. But my own faction will be leaving. So I thought it was interesting
because He brought this to my mind today out of nowhere and I had to sit and think about it because it was just so interesting. The reason He takes our bodies with us. You have to wonder, ďAre we just going to drop over dead, or do our bodies go with us?Ē The reason He takes our whole bodies with us is so Satan and his forces canít reanimate our bodies.
Now they canít soul-scalp us because weíd already be gone with the Lord, but they could reanimate our bodies. Reanimate our bodies; step in like we never died to begin with. Just take over our bodies and use it as they want to. And He isnít going to allow that. So thatís why He just takes our bodies with us. I thought that was interesting.

And I love any confirmation that He wants to give me that weíre leaving soon. Iím not a
pre-trib rapturist. He has told me about that many times. The church will be here to be tested, but a small remnant will leave. And the only remnant I see in codes thatís leaving is the Orgone warriors.
Sherry Shriner Ė remnant Ė leader. So who am I leading? Iím leading the Orgone warriors. Those are the ones He will be taking.

Anyway, Iím going to get to some emails. If you have a question for the show, send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. A lot of people want to know about Orgone, especially from Joyce Rileyís listeners. Yes, Orgone does stop night terrors, sleep terrors, ELF attacks. Just put it under your bed at night when you go to sleep. Youíll sleep like a baby. You also might want to put some Mylar blankets on your windows. You can get those are Amazon.com. Those will keep the satellite beams out of your windows at night.

Comment from a listener: I just listened to a You Tube video by David Wilcox from Coast to Coast. He validated everything you have said over the years. Multiple races of aliens, underground bases, ours and their UFOs, the works. He comes at it from a secular perspective, but itís all there. He talks about the secret technology that Nikola Tesla discovered 100 years ago and has been hidden by the illuminated ones. Everything you said, he validates. I also checked out Richard Hoaglandís website enterprisemission.com. He has a page von Bruans secret, which validates your teaching about hidden technology.
Anyone that still does not believe does not want to know the truth. I believe events are unfolding like you said. Keep up the good work. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
That was nice. Thank you. Iíve been talking about this stuff for years, folks. I donít go to websites to learn this stuff. The Lord pretty much just teaches me Himself. I do scan around every once in a while to see whatís on the Russian sites and Islamic
sites are up to. Sometimes itís just amazing.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, can you explain why there is no rapture?

There is no church rapture. First of all folks, there are seven churches listed in Revelation. One church is raptured Ė The Church of Philadelphia. One church is raptured. The smallest one, mind you. If you look at the fifth seal, which most pre-trib rapturists will explain way saying those are the people who get saved after the rapture. Itís not. Itís the Lords testing on His people. He is going to send the churches today through the coming testing because
theyíve never been tested. One thing Iíll see about certain people in the codes, like with my name and others that I know, youíll see the term tested. Theyíve been tested. Iíve been through the fire and back. Iíve been through just about everything you can imagine. Iíve had assassination squads after me for 8 years. Iíve been tested. And everybody else has had their own testings that the Lord has put them through. Itís a very, very small, minuscule number of people. When I look in the codes, itís always my remnant; Sherry Shriner Ė remnant. Davidís granddaughtersĖ remnant. Weíre the Orgone warriors. I lead the warriors. Weíve been tearing down strongholds for the past 5 Ė 6 years now. Weíre not talkers; weíre doers. So very interesting. And the Lord always tells me that He is going to put His bride through a time of testing, just like this H1N1. You either listen to His SpiritÖitís a weeding out thing. People are either going to listen to his admonishmentsÖthose who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons and daughters of God. Yeah, itís a time of testing. Everything else is just superficial. And itís going to weed out all these superficial Christians and will be a time of testing. They may have to give their lives for the Lord, but theyíll go to Heaven.  Thatís how they will be tested. They are so stuck in churchdom theology and their own delusions for years, that He has never been able to test them. And what does HE say about the 144,000? They are found without guile. And most of the churches
today are full of guile. Full of witchcrafts, full of apostasies, full of errors. And the 144,000 are found without guile. They are perfect in His Eyes. Of course, they are still learning things and on a truth journey. But when you are in Him, you are perfect. People who are on a truth journey, seeking Him for the truth in all things, they are righteous. They are perfect in Him.  So thatís why there is no rapture. I grew up in the Baptist church for 30 some years. I know all about their rapture doctrines.

Question from a listener: With all the issues surrounding our food and water being poisoned, I was wondering if the verse from Mark 16:18 would apply to this issue. They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. Thanks for your courage and encouragement.

It very well could be, but when people throw that out, the one thing that the Lord always hits me withÖitís almost like an immediateÖalmost like an anger, because people use that as a crutch. You know? We are not to test the Lord. He will say that, ďDonít test Me.Ē We are supposed to seek wisdom and truth in all things and ultimately we reap what we sow. If you are going to eat fast food, and all of us are guilty of that, you will reap what you sow. Youíll get clogged arteries, clogged veins and everything else under the sun because of all the unhealthy things we do. He doesnít spare us from that. We reap what we sow. I would that at a time when you donít expect it. So many times when I was on my one Orgone road trip in New Mexico, I was eating at a restaurant beside the hotel. That hotel, Iíll tell you was just a zoo of federal agencies. There was CIA, FBI, DIA...everybody there. And it was just me and a handful of people there. I would eat and would just get so sick. He showed me where they were poisoning the food I was eating. I got a little shaken by it, but I never keeled over with bad food poisoning. I was just sick enough to know that something wasnít right. So thatís when I think He protects you. I know without
a doubt when I drove all over Los Alamos and drove up to the gates of NORAD, they couldnít have seen me. There is no way. I must have been invisible. [laughs]
Los Alamos is supposed to be one of the most secure facilities in the world and I orgoned the place. I mean, címon, I drove right up through the back of it.  I think He just does things to protect us, but donít tempt Him. Donít say, ďOkay Lord, Iím going to stand on this verse in Mark 16 hereĒ and drink a glass of poison. Donít tempt Him, because you will sow what you reap. Thanks for that question. It was a great one. It kindof clarifies things for a lot
of people.

Question from al listener: Hey Sherry, can you give us a specific example of someone speaking to your head and God speaking to your heart? Iím pretty sure I can tell the difference, but sometimes I find myself doubting messages I receive.

When you doubt something thatís spoken to your heart by the Lord, ask Him to tell you again. Ask Him to confirm that again. Confirm, confirm. And He will. He will nag you. He will start nagging you with it. He isnít going to hit and run. Thatís how He will teach you. He will nag you with it and then take the nagging away. When the nagging stops youíre like,Ē Oh that was Him. Why is it so quiet?Ē Not literally audible voice. Itís a silent voice that speaks to your spirit. You have to strain to hear Him. If you can sit here like normal and think thoughts with your mind and you get an idea in your mind, thatís not the Lord.
Target the area where you are hearing the message. Is it coming from your heart or you head? Target it. Is it coming from your head or your heart? It just takes practice. Ask Him to teach you how to hear Him. Just ask Him that every day. Then if youíre not sure about something, ask Him to confirm it. He will always confirm it. He wonít leave you in the dark, especially when youíre in the learning stages. I even do that still. ďConfirm that. Thatís so off the wallĒ  And He will confirm it. Thatís just how He works. Donít ever be afraid to ask Him to confirm it and donít ever be afraid to tell Him, I donít know if that is you or
not. Just be yourself with Him. Iíve always been myself with Him.

Question from a listener: Sherry, in the disclosure article for Olizard, there is another date of December 10th when they confirm the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway.

They better not do it on the 11th. Thatís my birthday. They better not defile my birthday with their stupid satanic crap. [laughs] I donít see anything for November, so it wouldnít surprise me if they donít throw everything into December. Itís the New Agers themselves who are talking about this slotted time of November 27th. You canít get anything credible from them. Theyíre always setting dates for the announcement, the Day of Declaration and all this stuff. So thatís why I donít take them seriously. Now if I hear from a credible source that speech is actually going to take place on the 27th, then weíll have something to have fun with.

Question from a listener: Is the show you are on from a few weeks ago worth listening to? I see the Joyce Riley one. I didnít post it. You know how I post my interviews I do? I put them up on my websites so everyone can hear them. The Lord told me after the show not to post it and I never did. We just got into one big heated exchange after that show. And it came out that the one woman who had interviewed me believes that she is talking to Gabriel. And the other guy thinks he is the archangel Michael. If I had known that before the show I wouldnít have wasted my time. I didnít post it. You would have to go to their website to listen to it.

Question from a listener: Sherry is there any time frame for when the food shortages will begin? Also do you do personal codes on your listeners? And is it possible to learn to do Bible codes. How do we go about finding this information?

It took me 10 years to learn the codes. Iím just at the point now, where I am so comfortable with them, I know them like the back of my hand. Itís probably been like this for about a year now, but Iíve been doing them since 2000. There are so many terms that are used that canít be taken for face value. And the ones that are face value usually mean something else. Itís almost like reading Bible prophecy. It takes a long time. It takes His Spirit to teach you the codes. He told me that He was giving me a key to the codes, which is understanding, back in 2000, 2001. Thatís why I can understand them. Most people
just canít understand them. What they do is find a few words in the codes and think they found a code and post it. Or they get those programs that will run a whole sentence of words. But they donít do the rest of the code so they donít know what is before the sentence or after. They stop after one statement. And thatís not the way to do a code. They have to do the entire codes. So I wonít even read anybody elseís codes. Iím not arrogant; Iím just right. They donít know what theyíre doing. I wouldnít advise at this late in the game to get involved with that, unless the Lord is leading you to it. If He is, He will tell you what program to buy. He will take you on a journey on the internet for what to buy. And He will tell you what to do. If youíre not led by Him, we donít need another one out there posting fake codes and causing unnecessary hype because they donít know what theyíre doing.

Food shortages Ė I always see it in the codes. Just because it hasnít hit America, doesnít mean itís not everywhere else. There are food shortages. Thereís going to be a lot of famine and plagues in the east. In Asia. So this covers China as well as Middle East and East countries. Famines and plagues. The plagues always seem to hit first there anyway. They were there a couple of months ago. It was cranked up, they were screaming about Bird Flu and then the Lord let down on it. He is going to be cranking it back up, especially in America. Youíre going to see Him cranking up all this Orgone weíve put out
everywhere and youíll see a lot of effects from that.

Another thing youíre going to see the effects from, is from the curtain being demolished. This canopy, this net they had over the earth. I think itís something separate from the ozone layer. The Lord started giving me a word on it a couple of days ago
when I was trying to figure it out. They had some kind of net over the earth that was entrapping spirits, and itís been destroyed. A lot of spirits are being set free. Thatís what the Lord keeps telling me the last couple of nights. A lot of souls being set free. I had no understanding of that. I didnít understand what He means, but it has something to do with that net. Itís crushed. And theyíre going to be coming to earth. Its imminent. I canít give you a time because the Bible codesÖthe Lord does not live in linear time. Certainly in these Bible codes I can be in eh month of October, but technically it cloud be
November because the Hebrews are a month ahead of us and blah, blah, blahÖeven a couple of years. It goes ballistic with time. When you try to nail time, forget it. The best I can give you is two months time notice. And yeah, they have an arrival date. And yeah, the curtain, the canopy is crushed. Maybe thatís when the Bible talks about the curtain being lifted?

Itís crushed. Itís lifting. And theyíre going to be coming to earth in brigands.
Weíve destroyed one, weíve got more to destroy. Weíve still got work to do, folks. We still have a lot of work to do. One thing I see is that, His people are prepared. His people are prepared. Look around you. Youíll know His people by the ones who are prepared. There goes your narrow is the gate, because we know nobody is prepared that we know. There
are a few of us. Your mom and dad might be stocking up and finally getting the message. And you might know one or two people. Look at the minority of how many people who are prepared. Iím not just talking about food; Iím talking about having Orgone in the yard for protection to keep the alien and demonic beings away from them. We have a lot of things coming. And their arrival is just the tipoff. Its just the beginning.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, do you think this H1N1 vaccine will become a king of plagues?

Itís a beast of the field plague. If you look at the seal, the pale horse riderÖthe results of them being 2/3 of the population being killed by wars, famines, plagues and beasts of the fields. Weíve got bird flu, swine flu, mad cow. Are the naming of these after animals coincidence or are they doing it on purpose to line up with the Bible to purposefully bring this out? The dangerous thing about the H1N1 is that it has the 666 chip in it. If you get this oneÖeven the nasal spray has the chip in the tip. These nanochips are so small. This German doctor, I sent out to my list what he was saying. You need a microscope
with 12x magnification to see it. Its so small. Itís a nanochip. Nanotechnology. I wanted to read something, because what he said goes along with something that I had been saying that was so off the wall.

ďThe staff of the pharmaceutical company was advised that these nano particles work in the human body like a motherboard in the computer and lots of data can be stored on it, which will make cash cards obsolete."

These nanochips work in the human body like a motherboard used to store data. We have a picture. If you go to
H1N1666.com. Liz Patton is running that one. We just keep giving her a bunch of info to put up there. This is going to be the handbook website of H1N1. Everything we can think of to warn people, we send to her to put up on that site. Sheís doing a great job with it. It details everything about the 666 significance with this vaccine and with this chip in particular. Its all bout the chips, folks. Itís all about the chips. Thatís why if they canít get you with the nasal spray and vaccine, they will get you with the RFID
bracelet you canít take off.Itís all about the chips! Thereís a picture there that proves the syringes are numbered. They all have their own identification number on them. The number of the beast and your own little identification number to go with it. Why? So they can target
you. From then on, you are just a walking computer. A walking robot. If they want to shut you down, all they have to do is type in your number and they can kill you. So up until that point, youíre going to be at the mercy of so much blackmail by them. Take down your website or weíre going to kill you! Do you see where this is heading? It gives them total control of you. Thatís what Iíve been warning about for years about Satanís chip. Once you get his name, number or symbol in or on your right hand or forehead, he will own you and control you. This is what this whole chipping thing is going to do. It owns you and
controls you. Thatís why the Lord is admonishing His people to stay away from them. It aligns you with Satanís kingdom.

Now most churchdom crowd says it canít be it because the rapture has to come andÖthe Ezekiel war. They all listen to Hal Lindsey and Jack van Impe. I listened to them years too, so I know exactly what they teach. They think this is the alignment that prophecy has to happen in. And itís not folks. First of all, the Ezekiel war is after the 1000 year Millennial reign. If you read Revelation 20 and 21 where it talks about Satanís last and final rebellion attempt against the Lord when he comes up on Israel, thatís God and Magog. Thatís the same thing as Ezekiel. It doesnít come until the end of the millennial reign. Thatí
s why it so easy for Satan right now to come through the back door, because nobody is expecting this. Nobody expects it.

Theyíre shocked that we are here in this point of prophecy already. Like Iíve said folks, He does things in ways we donít always understand. At this point, a lot of people are not understanding. Just ask Him. Ask Him to reveal the truth to you the truth to you about this vaccine. If this H1N1 is 666. Ask Him direct. Donít go to your pastors. Donít go to your doctors. Donít go to your mother, your dad, your husband, you brotherÖwhatever. Go to
the Lord. Go to Him direct and ask Him to confirm it to you. Go to Him direct. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons and daughters of God. And you canít be led by His Spirit if you refuse to talk to him. Okay?

I opened this show up with the difference between prayers and being heard directly by Him. People always want to know why I get an instant answer, when they ask Him they have to wait days. I commune my spirit with His. Thatís why I get an instant answer. It made so much sense when He said that to me today. He hears us instantly when we speak from our spirit to His. Learn how to do that. Learn how to speak to Him directly, and to hear his soft voice in your heart. Thatís my word for this week, to learn and practice on. He is always leading and guiding His people, some people think its intuitionÖoh that must have been the Lord, after that happens. Then they recognize the way He works. He works in many different ways, and thatís just one of them. Thatís the first one to learn how to conquer. How to commune our spirit with His.

Donít do this tongue stuff. Itís not of Him. Speaking in tongues is not of the Lord. You donít need a strange tongue to speak to Him and He doesnít speak to you in a strange tongue. He doesnít speak to you in How Art Thou, 1600 King James English. Demons do. Not the Lord. He doesnít speak like that. Another way to know when Satan is messing with you and not the Lord is, what kind of language is he using. Is it that KJV stuff, because demands use that language. I know that for a fact. I know how He speaks, so I recognize Him. Thatís how youíll be. It just takes practice, folks.

Anyway, Iím going to hang up the show tonight. Iíll be back next week. Iíll be doing some more work in the codes this week. But just to let you know, this is indeed the route that they are taking to administer Satanís kingdom on earth. They are going to jump right in and commit to it. Itís amazing that theyíre committing to anything after all these years of delays and changing their minds and being apprehensive. Finally committing to something. So this is it, folks.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.