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November 2, 2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton


                   The Destruction of America & Upcoming Events

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night November 2, 2009. If you have a question for the show you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking those a little bit later.

Dominant in Codes for October...Shema Destroyed and Canopy (Soul-Trap) Crushed

A couple of things I wanted to talk about. October was a dominant month. I donít think I even realized the impact of October until I started looking at Bible Codes for November, December, January and things that are coming, and October was just so dominant. I told you earlier in the month that we had destroyed Shema. That we were being credited with the destruction
of Shema in October. Its fully noted in the Bible Codes that we destroyed Shema in October. And also that the canopy was crushed. Iíve talked about this canopy. I havenít quite figured it out yet. If itís something the Lord had there or they put there. They seem pretty angry about it, so to me itís something they had there.

A couple of years ago I had Peggy Kane on the show, back when I was with Reality Radio Network. She talked about how the reptilians had put some kind of netÖnetting over the earth and it was entrapping spirits within it. I think thatís what this is referring to, because I keep getting the feeling that souls were set free when we crushed this canopy. When we destroyed
the canopy, souls were set free. That just keeps coming to me over and over and over again. Thatís usually how the Lord works. So they had some kind of fishing net there and they would trap souls. So we pretty much destroyed that. Accomplishing two huge monumental, apocryphal things just for the month of October.

The Aliens Are Coming...and many Are already Here

Itís real exciting just to see things moving along. Of course, we donít always like whatís moving along. Itís pretty much signaling their war against us. As much as I talk about ours against them, they have a war against us. Their war against us right now is with H1N1 and the vaccinations; all retaliation for our war against them. Theyíre retaliating against us and this is
how theyíre doing it.

I want to talk about how the aliens are coming. One thing the Lord keeps showing me is, they are here. [laughs] Everyone is saying, oh watch for the UFOs coming. I get guilty of this, because we know the Joel 2 invasion is coming and the 200 million from Revelation 9 out of the abyss (space) are coming. We donít realize the ones that are already here and have
taken over our Capitol.

You know what? When I get into that kind of talk, people think Iím crazyÖIím a nut case. So what? Iíve heard that for years. [laughs] And more every day, Iím getting more and more right and people are starting to wake up to the things that Iím saying. As events unfold, who always looks more right? I do. Iíve been the one out in left field for the past 10 years, and now
people are starting to pay attention. All you have to do is going outside with a pair of binoculars at night and look at the sky. Look at the yellow stars. Look at the ones on fire. They are starships. They are alien ships. Look at Shema. Everything Iíve ever said. So interestingÖ

Happy about being credited with the destruction of their canopy (their little fishing net) and Shema. This also means they are going to come here, because they have no place else to go. I do believe, probably a bunch of them have taken off to Mars to get out of ShemaÖpretty much abandoned. They are trying to detach. Satan has a temple within Shema. Shema was a
huge city. Shema had millions of Anak in it. Some of them have taken off to Mars. A lot of them are dead. And theyíre also trying to detach Satanís temple and save it. If you look up at night with binoculars, sometimes itís so brilliantly lit. You know itís all fake lighting. GE sends up light bulbs all the time, [laughs] but you can actually see something moving. And you can see it trying to detach. Itís like itís trying to break in half. Theyíre trying to detach Satanís temple from off of it. So very interesting whatís going on up there. And things you can see with a pair of good binoculars on a clear night you can see Shema. On some nights, itís barely lit and looks like a ball of fire. Then on other nights you can get a better look at it. Theyíve got the
light faÁade going on. Theyíre trying to salvage it and thereís going to be no salvaging it. It is dismembering. Youíre seeing all these meteorites crashing to Earth? These are probably chunks off Shema hitting right now. I donít know where it will eventually come down. Probably over in the East somewhere. Thatís my guess. I donít know where itís going to come down.
With my luck, itíd be right in my backyard. [laughs]

Either way folksÖsome things we have that are coming. We accomplish one thing and weíve got other things coming.

Obama and Maitreya in Bible Codes Share Certain Characteristics

One of the things that Iíve been noticing in the Bible Codes is just the mere confusion Iím heading into now between Obama and Maitreya. For years I would just see Maitreya. He was this Arab sheikh. I remember back in 2001 Ė 2003, doing findings that in the last days it would be an Arab leading Israel. And it just dawned on me the other night that indeed, we
have an Arab leading Israel! In the Bible Codes, America is often referred to as Israel. Not the land of Israel, but as far as the Bible Codes, America has several names that it goes by and Israel being one of them. And indeed, we have an Arab leading us. So interesting because Obama is an Arab. Interesting just being able to correlate who and what is Israel, and
when are they using the terms relating to America, the land of Israel and also Jerusalem. Jerusalem itself is interchangeable with Washington D. C. Who is Israel today, folks?

Somebody had sent me information on how the Lord had told Jeremiah or someone that there was going to be a new Israel and He was moving it to a new land. If anybody has info on that, would you send that to me? Send it to my email address sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com or sherryshriner@aol.com. Its making more and more sense to me as I look in these codes
and everything is just soÖfor the longest time in prophecy going to be centered in America, but eventually will be moving over to Jerusalem in the land of Israel. Iím going to talk about that tonight as well. Obama will escape America as it is being destroyed and head over to Jerusalem, if he remains our President. Interesting.

Tidbits from "V" TV Show - "Visitors" (Aliens) or "tourists" as Bible Codes Call Them

Anyway, I was spending some time watching some of the ancient (from the 1980's: Liz) V series. They're getting ready to come out tomorrow with a whole new V series. I always warn you guys to pay attention to what theyíre revealing in movies because they're always revealing tidbits of what they see coming. Iíve often wondered if theyíre not sitting there doing Bible
Codes and are several years ahead of me on them, and then coming out with these movies. Because everything theyíre doing, I end up correlating in the codes. I can see it in the Bible Codes, so its pretty wild.

Some of the things that caught my eye today while I was watching a couple of different shows on the V series. They were talking about liberation day. I guess some people on earth were celebrating the arrival of the Visitors. Interesting that the V series refers to the aliens as visitors and the Bible Codes refer to them as tourists. InterestingÖtourists. And the V series calls them visitors. In the V series, we know that their liberation day is mimicking what the New Age declares as declaration day, when Maitreya will supposedly go on network news and announce his arrival and blah, blah, blah. [laughs] Yeah heís here and wants everybody to worship him as if heís something great and all thisÖ.Notice the correlation between their liberation day and the declaration day thatís coming.

Also one of the things that they offer when they come is the knowledge to stop and cure our diseases, which is really rather amusing because most of these beast diseases Ė the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu are punishments from the Lord on them. Thatís why they are beast diseases. They are beasts. To Him, they are beasts. So what they come up with is H1N1, which is
their retaliation. Interesting that this whole thing is from them to begin with. Iíve told you that Maitreya is in cahoots with Obama with this H1N1 virus. From what I can tell, heís very angry that Obama has been very slow on getting this vaccine out. My understanding is that they are getting it straight from them. I know some other people say that this is a bio-weapon
thatís taking place in underground bases. I donít see that in the codes. I see a direct link and connection between Shema and Obama. Between Maitreya, who is in Shema and Obama and the term
transporting.  So I think they are getting it directly from them. Now with Shema on fire for the past month, itís really hampered a lot of the things going on. Maybe they
have enough here now? I donít know.  This whole H1N1 is in retaliation for the Orgone thatís decimating them, causing their ships to catch on fire and crash. Iíve told you the Orgone saturates the air and they canít operate in it. Imagine my surprise as Iím watching this V series and these aliens, who were referred to by the way as lizards, but when they come they look human. They have human bodies. When they get here, one of the things that keep killing them is the red dust. They refer to red dust over and over and over again. They canít survive without being on certain pills because the red dust kills them. So I thought that was interesting, because one of things they suffer from is asphyxiation. They canít breathe. They die.

One of the things Iíve been talking about over and over again that Iíve seen in the codes is that in Orgone saturated areas, once it gets in the air, they canít breathe around it. So you see the correlation between red dust and Orgone immediately. They call it red dust. Interesting because mankind is the dust of the earth. I have an article on mankind being the dust of the
earth, and often referred to in the Bible as dust of the earth. Interesting, I havenít figured out what the term red means. But there is defiantly a striking correlation between Orgone and this red dust.

Another thing they are doing is trying to illicit sympathy for star children. Folks, star children are hybrids. Half angel/half human. Their power is not of the Lord. Their angelic DNA is from parents that have fallen out of grace with the Lord and were kicked out of Heaven. So they have this fallen angel DNA and half human DNA. One of the things the V series tries to
do. What struck me is they did this back when they first started promoting the homosexual agenda back in the 1980ís. You know, ďpity us, feel sorry for us. Weíre homosexuals and they wonít let us get married and blah, blah, blah.Ē Trying to turn America into Sodom and Gomorrah. The talk shows were full of ďpity usĒ homosexuals on them. The whole agenda; thatís how it started on the talk show circuits. Pity us. Pity us. Thatís exactly what the Star children are going to do. ďPity us. Pity us.Ē And the aliens themselves are just inching their way into our society.

The biggest surprise, I guess, from what I have seen so far is the correlation between red dust and Orgone. I just wanted to mention that tonight. I donít know if theyíll bring it out on the new series coming out. We need to continue getting the Orgone out, because when they went into any area where there was red dust, it would kill them. Iíve been telling you this for years.
Orgone kills them. We have to continue doing our work while we have time.

Our Atmosphere Is Going to Blow Up because of All the Chemtrails

Another thing Iíve seen in the codes isÖweíre going to blow up our atmosphere. All these chemtrailsÖthis chemtrail operation has just saturated the atmosphere so much that our atmosphere is just going to explode. Interesting that one of the things that the Lord was leading me to tonight was an article Iíd written 5 or 6 years ago, called The Destruction of
America in One Hour. You can get that on my websites
SherryShriner.com, SherryTalkRadio.com, theWatcherFiles.com. Look on my articles pages for The Destruction of America in One Hour.  It correlates how America is destroyed in one hour by fire. I go into detail on Revelation chapter 18. Iím going to talk about that tonight.

America Could Be Destroyed in One Hour by Aliens Coming in Shooting Laser Beams

A lot of correlations from what I am seeing in the codes is that not only is our atmosphere going to eventually just blow up because of all the chemicals in the air from these chemtrail planes, but also another thing I see a lot in the codes and donít always know how to interpret is the terms
shooting and fire. You can be in an argument with somebody and youíre
shooting, firing at each other. Itís not literal; itís symbolic. So I always ignore those terms in the Bible Codes because you donít know if itís literal or symbolic, but itís always there. Thatís one of the things Iím seeing all the time, especially with the arrival of the Annunaki;  as they leave Shema and get displaced from all their other starships, theyíre going to be heading to
Earth. Now with the canopy destroyed, and the Lord is going to lift the veil between the dimensions, they are going to come here.

Theyíre going to come here.

Youíre going to see Revelation chapter 12 taking place where Satan is cast out of heaven and heís cast to the Earth. Another term for Heaven is aerospace. When you look up into the skies, and see the first and second heavens. They reside in the first and second heavens. Amongst our planets and moons. The cloud area is the first heaven. These are places they
reside. So interesting I do see a lot in the Codes when they arrive, they could come literally shooting flames at our cities, our towns and our communities; shooting laser beam weapons at us, blowing things up. Easily could describe how America is destroyed in an hour, on top of that with our atmosphere blowing up.

The Masons and Churches Are Preparing People to Be Deceived by the Fake Yahushua

One of the things Iíve said about all along is the misinterpretation of scripture being done by the Masons trying to interpret it to begin with. You look at all the preachers today leading our churches. Theyíre all Masons. They donít have the Spirit of the Lord in interpreting the Bible. They have given their oaths of loyalty to Lucifer, so donít follow these people. Donít follow the
TBN Network wolf crowd. You know? Theyíre all wolves. Satanís beast prophets on Earth, getting people ready and prepared so that they can be deceived when Jesus/Sananda arrives. Sananda Emanuel. Esu Emmanuel. The churches will recognize him as Jesus, because his picture has been in the churches for all these years. Thatís not even a picture of the
Son of God. Thatís a picture of Satanís general. His name is Jesus or Esu Sananda. He takes so many different names. But when he comes, the Benny Hinns and the Joel Osteenís will be here to hit the pavement and tell everybody, ďThatís Him. Thatís Him.Ē And then goad everybody into worshiping the beast as the Son of God. Itís going to be a mess.

The 200 Million Resurrection of Satan's Dead and the Destruction of America

But interesting that a couple of weeks ago I talked about the 200 Million Resurrection of Satanís Dead from Revelation chapters 9 and 16. About the 200 million coming out of the abyss. Interesting that the Lord is pulling me back in a circle again with that. The destruction of our country, folks. This is probably something Iíll start throughout this month, start talking about the things that are coming ahead. Trying to put things into perspective. Our destruction takes place in one hour. One hour can be literal or symbolic. It can be a short space of time or it can literally be 60 minutes. But you know what? The Lord doesnít live in linear time. Iíve always tried to caution you guys, He doesnít live in linear time. We know that John wrote the Book of Revelation, and he could have meant it either way, literal or symbolic. The
destruction of America takes place in one hour and the kings of the Earth wail over her demise. What this indicates is that the world leaders are not expecting America judgment and destruction This destruction comes suddenly and without warning. Iíve gone through the passages that speak of our coming destruction. The one aspect that comes through the
loudest to me is that at the time, everything is continuing as normal. People are buying and selling and going on with life. Thatís pretty insane, because at the time that America the Babylon is destroyed, hundreds of thousands, even millions of Believers have been picked out of their homes, their cars, airports, stores, taken to camps and murdered. Eliminated
through not only martial law, but for refusing to worship the image of the beast as stated in Revelation 13:15. You know? You just have to stop and cheer for the destruction of America after itís gone through all that.

One of the hardest things to understand, grasp and be able to let go of is your country. America is not what it used to be, folks. Itís not what it used to be. Itís fullÖand youíre going to read about it in this article. ďFull of every unclean bird and animal.Ē Iím going to read some more of what this says:

Revelation 18:1-2
And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power, and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, 'Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and became a habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

They ďhad becomeĒ, thatís why it was destroyed. It doesnít happen after its destruction; thatís why it was destroyed and became a habitation of devils and the hold of every foul spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. Unclean and hateful birds are another symbolized term for Satan's forces. Babylon becomes the base of operations for Satan's rebel forces. We know the government has treaties with them and operates joint underground bases and facilities with them such as Area 51, 52, the Dulce Base and the Los Alamos bases in New Mexico and Montauk in Long Island, New York. The Proving Grounds in Dougway, Utah is now becoming the new Area 51 out there. Many, many - over 100 joint underground bases.
This angel in Revelation 18 proclaims two things to John here. Babylon is fallen and it had become a home base of operations for Lucifer and his fallen angels.

In verses 3 Ė 4 you can see how it affected all of the nations:
For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.  And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, My people, that ye not be partakers of her sins, and that ye may receive not of her plagues.

America is a rich nation and very influential and has drug in all the other nations in the same satanic worship that it has been under. All these secret societies; the base of all these societies are controlled by fallen angels.

The Lord told me several years ago that Americaís political and religious leaders and authorities have already been overthrown and possessed by alien forces through the occult and secret societies that dominate them behind the scenes. All these people from Eisenhower onÖIím pretty sure it was Eisenhower who had signed the first treaty that we know of with
the aliens. And since that point over the years have been collecting technology in trade agreements through the aliens. ďOkay you can abduct our people, but we want this technology and that technology.Ē  Itís like a smorgasbord. They look the other way and have a no disclosure program going on. They deny their existence. They deny aligns exist. They deny UFOs exist. Deny, deny, deny. Thatís what they have to do to honor these treaties. Deny, deny, deny. And in return, they get technology from the aliens. So this is one of the biggest reasons for the destruction. Because of the idolatry and the adultery taking place and I go through that.

Armies of the North Aid in the Destruction of America

The thing that people donít grasp is that the kings of the earth are genuinely grief stricken that America is destroyed and overwhelmed with shock. The whole world is shocked. That means folks, that the world and the kings of the world on the earth are shocked. Obviously they had nothing to do with our destruction to begin with. I know this Masonic preacherís preach that Russia is going to destroy AmericaÖRussia is this army from the north that the Bible talks about thatís going to destroy America. But folks, Russia doesnít have anything to do with it.

The term ďin one hourĒ is the time it takes for one lone superpower of the entire world to be completely destroyed and on fire from one end to the other. Not only are the cities on fire, but the rural areas as well. The waters are dried up. Thatís intense heat and how hot the fires are. At the same time the coastlines are demolished and destroyed by huge waves. This doesnít
sound like human technology could do this. Ecologically, it sounds like great earthquakes and volcanoes going off and then additional pounding by hailstones of fire. America is a pretty large nation. To destroy her in one hour, it would have to be some kind of a spectacular event or a combination of natural disasters along with the armies of the North aiding in the destruction. So all this happening at one time, taking the world by surprise. The kings of the earth mourning the loss of America.

Verses 11-14
And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her: for no man buyeth their merchandise anymore: The merchandise of gold, and silver, and of precious stones, and of pearls, and of fine linen, and purple, and silk, and scarlet, and thyine wood, and all manner of vessels of ivory, and all manner vessels of most precious
wood, and of brass, and iron and marble.

It talks about how the merchants on the ships out in the Atlantic just watching the smoke ascending above America, watching its destruction in one hour.

Interesting folks that this destruction and the kings of the north also correlates with Joel chapter 2. What have I told you about what it describes? The extreme north is space. An alien army from the extreme north in space. The Strongís Concordance with the term north refers to space north, not our compass north.

Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51 talk about the destruction. And also Isaiah chapter 14 and 47.

Jeremiah 50:3
For out of the north there cometh up a nation against her, which shall make her land desolate, and none shall dwell therein: They shall make her land desolate, and none shall dwell therein: They shall remove, they shall depart, both man and beast.

What's interesting is that the term "north" in Strong's describes it as a hidden place in remote parts of the North where God lives. It conotates the gloomy, unknown. The northern heavens where God is also used in Isaiah 14:3, Ezekiel 38:6, 15, and also chapter

Also the term 'nation' in Strong's refers to aliens, foreigners, a body of people, a troop of animals. In the Bible Codes "animals" are often referred to as fallen angels, creatures, beasts, in describing them.

In other words, from outer space, in the hidden parts of the North, a group of people or animals (aliens) will come down against America which shall make her land desolate and none shall dwell therein because they depart. Who isn't killed in the attack, leaves the country. This indicates a fiery alien invasion, just as spoken of in Revelation 9:1-12 where the aliens
are referred to as locusts coming out of the abyss (space).

It correlates not only with Revelation chapter 9, but Joel chapter 2 about this invading army from the north. This huge 200 million locust from the abyss. Locust is another term for fallen angels, who we call aliens.

Other descriptions given by the prophets Jeremiah, Isaiah and John:

America's defenses and military are destroyed.

What survivors are left will become fugitives and refugees moving to other lands.

America's cities and rural areas will be burned with fire.

The alien bases in the middle of her land (such as Dulce base and Los Alamos) will be destroyed as well (Jeremiah. 50:37)\

America's waters will dry up and she will become a desert.

The earth will be shaken.

There will be worldwide outcry at the news of America's destruction.

America's soldiers remained in their bunkers (Jeremiah. 51:30).

They never left their underground bases.                                                                                                

America's ammunition runs out and the weapons won't work.                                                       

Even America's swamps are on fire.                                                                                            

Tidal waves from the oceans will destroy her coastal cities and coastlines.                                 

No one will ever pass through America again.                                                                              

Birds of prey and animals will feed on the corpses all summer. (Isaiah 18:6)

Why Does God Destroy America?

Why does God allow this destruction? Why does God destroy America? Why does He allow it through these alien/northern space armies to destroy America? Because He is avenging the blood of His people that were murdered on the land in internment camps for refusing to accept the "new world order" and worship the image of the beast. Itís the Lords retaliation
against Satanís forces that have taken over America, have rounded up His people. His Believers. The Bride that was left here in the churches and had been killing them through martial law and these FEMA internment camps. Itís His Justice and Vengeance against Satanís forces for doing that.

Scripture also indicates America is steep in the idol worship of Baal and Marduk and becomes a land of rebellion against God (Jeremiah 50:2, 21, 24). The people are insane over their graven images such as culture, society, Hollywood, TV, radio, music, sports, art, books, magazines (Jeremiah 50:38)

America, evangelizing the world with a false gospel (Jeremiah 51:7). He is punishing her for her false gods, false religions, oppression of the people, and for weakening the other nations. Youíve got Hinn traveling around the world with his false gospel. These other beast prophets who travel all over the worldÖevery time they travel to Africa, Iíll hear from people from
Africa. Iíll tell them, ďStay away from Hinn. Stay away from these TBN preachers. They have no truth in them.Ē They travel the world with their false theologies.

So God allows it to strike back against the:


Arrogance against the Lord.                                                                                                   

Rebellion against the Most High.                                                                                                  

Treaties with Satan, occult, witchcraft.                                                                             

Desecrating His temple.                                                                                                      

Our space Program.                                                                                                                         

Just pure anger.                                                                                                                           

The abuse and mistreatment of Gods People, because they delighted in the destruction of His Saints. (Jeremiah 50:1,51:49)                                                                                                    

The King of Babylon persecutes the Saints. Heís doing that now through the vaccines and other things that are coming. Other vaccines. Other deadly plagues. Everything being unleashed and targeting the Lordís people. Itís his war on the Saints, folks. Itís the Antichrist's war on the Saints. I told you they were coming through the back door on that

Babylon is pure evil.                                                                                                       

Violence against His people.                                                                                                               

And because they showed no mercy in the death of the Saints.

Interesting. You can read all of this in my article,
The Destruction of America.

I just wanted to point these things out tonight folks, because we know martial law is coming. Roundups are coming. They are coming after the Saints. And the reason America is destroyed is because of the Lordís Vengeance against them for killing His people.

If you look at Revelation chapter 6, the souls under the altar and the fifth seal. They want to know when their deaths will be justified and the Lord says, hold on for a little longer, because Heís not done allowing them to do their thing for a while, which is to kill the Saints. He is allowing His people to be tested. He is going to test His Bride here on Earth. Then He is
going to retaliate in vengeance and allow America to be destroyed.

Orgone - Implants - Obama Escapes America

I donít think that 200 million UFOs equipped with lasers alone could dry up the swamps. They could destroy a lot of our cities, probably all of them, but I think weíre going to have in conjunction with that, pretty much imagine if a dirty bomb went off. You know what happens if your atmosphere catches on fire and it sucks up all the oxygen out of the air? I think that could pretty much account for all of our water sources drying up. Or there is some kind of huge underground fire that happens. Gas lines criss-crossing our country underneath the ground maybe they all blow up. Or maybe the aliens start hitting gas lines. I donít know. I definitely see in the codes where our atmosphere is burning and I donít think itís from the Orgone.

Their perspective is that we are burning the atmosphere with the Orgone, because weíre saturating it and it burns them. If you are human, you donít feel it. It doesnít burn humans. Humans have no ill effects unless they are chip implanted. If you are chip implanted, you could feel a burning. It seems to target wherever your chip implants are. Youíll feel a burning from being in the presence of Orgone. Some people may not.

A lot of people are suffering from dental chip implants. Iíve talked about neodymium magnets. Get those. Put the north side of on the jaw. Use a band-aid to tape it there until it deactivates the chips. Iím hearing from a lot of people that are hearing ringing in their ears. Itís usually typical of chip implants. I have a page on that at
thewatcherfiles.com. Just type in chips or
detect chips in the search box. I have information on how to deactivate chip implants.

Interesting that when America is finally destroyed for all of their abominations against the Saints of God, that Obama will escape AmericaÖwhoever is king or leader of America at that time, they will escape America. They will head to Jerusalem. That is where they will begin gathering all the armies of the Earth to Jerusalem for the war of Armageddon.

A Lot of Death Is Coming, and God Is a Merciful God, But...

I just wanted to give you a heads up on whatís coming. There is a lot of death coming. There is a lot of death. A lot of death coming from the people that have taken the vaccination shots. Some people die right away, but there is a delay trigger on a lot of these vaccines, because they know itís going to take several months to vaccinate everybody. Watch. Between 6
months to 2 years, most people that get these vaccinations will drop over dead. Not only that, but theyíll use it as an impetus if you donít get the RFID bracelet or the nasal spray or the shot, because itís about the chips themselves. Itís not about the vaccines; itís about the chips. They want to chip implant you. Satanís beast chip. If you refuse to go along with the program,
theyíre going to throw you into these internment camps and kill you. Or theyíll leave the door open and say you can leave anytime you want, but on your way out you have to get this chip implant. Theyíll bribe people. Intimidate people. Bully people. But they cannot force people.

One of the questions I get is, ďWell the God I believe in wouldnít allow children to suffer.Ē You know what folks? He is a merciful God. We have to leave those things in His hands. He didnít spare any of them during the flood. You know who was saved? Noah and his sons and their wives and his wife. He didnít spare anybody elseís children. They become children of
the wicked. If you are wicked enough to force your child to get these vaccines and these chip implants, then they become children of the wicked. So we just have to leave it in the Lordís Hands at that point. He is a merciful God, but we canít play God, sit there and say, ďthe God I believe inÖĒ

Well, maybe you do not believe in the Most High God. Most people have a blind faith in Him, that as long as He goes along with what they think He should do, they believe in Him. This is the very reason that most people are going to get thrown into a time of testing, which is martial law and the coming enforcements to get the chip and worship the beast and everything
talked about in Revelation chapter 13. All of that will take place, and then the Lord will destroy America in one hour with these northern armies. Interesting that itís all coming up; not as far away as we seem to think they are, because Iím starting to see these events in the codes. When I start to see things and events in codes, I see next and next and next. For the mere
fact that theyíre popping up, we would only have to be 1- 3 years away from any of it.

The Next Thing to Watch for Is the Arrival of Maitreya, but...He May Not Arrive

The next thing to watch for is the arrival of Maitreya. He may not arrive. We may have prevented that entire Ashtar Command council thing...the Galactic Federation. And now itís just going to be played offÖworked though Obama. Like Iíve said, even in the codes, trying to differentiate between Obama and Maitreya other than their main names is almost
impossible because they're both so much alike. They are both so much alike. They could easily use Obamaís cloned body, because thatís all Maitreyaís was. A clone of Cain.  Interesting because they are both Arabs. The Bible Codes talk about how an Arab will be leading Israel in the last days, and here we have Obama. The Old Testament prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah always talked about how the leader of last days Babylon, the king of Babylon is the Antichrist. Satanís man on Earth. If itís not Obama, itís whoever is leading Babylon. Iíve talked about watch how the President of the United States in 2009 would sign over the sovereignty of this country to the UN and who is leading the UN.  At that point he becomes king of Babylon. He would be the leader of the UN. Thatís the thing we have to watch for. Who becomes king of Babylon. If Obama signs us over to the UN and then whoever the leader of the UN becomes king of Babylon.

Just very interesting that we are indeed in the last days. People donít realize it. They keep waiting for all these false prophetic events to happen, because their churches have filled them with misinterpretations for year on Bible prophecy, that they donít see any of these things coming about and happening.


Anyway, Iím going to start answering questions. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iím going to answer a few before I hang it up for the night.

Do You Think the Black Ops Government Will Be Put Out of the Drug Trade Finally?

Question from a listener: Banks are going belly up in record numbers in the United States and many would have never stayed in business if not for the drug trade compliments of the money from the CIA illegal drug monopoly. Hereís my question: now that the world is shunning the dollar, do you think the blacktops government will be put out of the drug trade finally? Thank you for all you do.

Sherry: I donít know. Interesting that every President weíve ever had has been a cocaine abuser. Even Obama, the Bushís are all cocaine abusers. And the White House has always been a mask. The Vice Presidents position has always been one of running the drug trades. Then the President does everything else.  Interesting that I saw in the codes the other night that Obama would be pretty much ignoring the whole cocaine trade at the Capitol. I think heís got other things to worry about, so heís not paying attention to it. Drugs are big money for the government. Itís how they fund all these joint underground bases with aliens, so I canít ever see them giving it up.

Are You Going to Be Watching the "V" Series on TV?

Question: Hey Sherry, are you going to be watching ABC tomorrow night? They are showing the series, V. Itís about aliens who come to earth disguised as humans, but are really reptilian. They want to help us, but in reality they want us for food. ABC has been promoting it very heavily on TV. What is your opinion?

Sherry: Iím just amazed by it, because they're revealing things that Iíve been talking about for years and never even saw the original series. Itís interesting all the information that they're revealing. It makes you wonder if they just get all their ideas from my websites.

Shema Star Fluttering around in the Sky - More Reptiles around Us

Question from a listener: On the 31st of October I saw the Shema star to the east, fluttering around in the sky very erratically. I walked a few steps south and then it looked bright red. Also, my friends and I have been discussing how we are seeing more repties around us. Like one in three are so and donít look happy about it.  

Sherry: Yeah. The new Age crowd is taking it very hard that their Shema star has been destroyed. [laughs] That was supposed to be their Bethlehem Star to announce the arrival of their New Age messiah. The same thing can be said about the Iranian Mahdi. The Iranians are waiting for their Mahdi and this big star was supposed to herald his arrival, and now itís
destroyed. [laughs]

The 144,000 Will Be Sent to Heaven to Turn Back into the Angels They Once Were?

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, the 144,000. Correct me if Iím wrong, will be sent up to heaven, but after they are sent up will become powerful.

(Sherry: Weíre powerful now!) I think they will turn back into what they once were. They are incarnated angels, right?

Sherry: Yes, they are. Interesting in the codes, another thing Iím having difficulty distinguishing is the Annunaki arrival and yet the return of the remnant that was taken. So thatís good one to be confused about, because weíre going to be taken up to heaven with the Lord, spend a small amount of time with Him and then weíll be returned. [laughs] Thatís going to be the fun
one, because we can go to heaven and be there for 100 years. There is no time in heaven. So weíll get refreshed up there. I know so many of us are so exhausted from being on this earth. With the Annunaki arrivalÖtheyíre coming soon with Maitreya and everything thatís happening we need a vacation for a little bit. Donít you think? So I think weíre going to be
honored with that. I think Heís going to take us off sometimes within the next several months and weíll be returned like we were never gone. Itís almost like in the codes, you donít miss a beat. We leave, we come back and havenít missed anything. So itís pretty wild, really. But I like wild things. There are some things I donít mind being confused about. [laughs]
Those are usually the fun things.

In the Bible Codes, Obama Boasts over the Murdering of the Saints

Yeah, just a lot of things coming up, folks. Remember I told you about the bathtub effect, how everything would happen very quickly. Itís all starting with thisÖtheir whole agenda against us with this whole H1N1 vaccination program. Itís the war against the Saints, folks. If you donít think that Obama is trying to kill you, wake up and think again. And youíll get in line to
be one of his numbers that heíll gloat over. He will be boasting over his murdering of the Saints. I see that in the codes. Just as we boast over our murdering of them with our Orgone, theyíre going to be boasting over the murdering of the Saints. And how are they doing that? Through the vaccinations and the flu shots and the martial thatís coming and everything. Theyíre going to be happier than bugs in a rug. So what side of the war are you going to be on, folks? Or are you just going to fall in the middle and be victims? Iíd rather be on this side, fighting against them.

Why Every Time a Helicopter Crashes with Troops in It, They Say It Malfunctioned?

Question from a listener: Sherry, what were 3 DEA agents doing in Afghanistan? Arenít they strictly American agents? Why every time a helicopter crashes with troops in it, they say it malfunctioned?

Sherry: Usually when they crash a helicopter full of soldiers, its ones they re trying to murder for one reason or another. Theyíre usually assassinations, I would venture to say. Afghanistan is a huge drug territory for our government. Thatís why they're protecting it. I know people want to say itís because there are portals over there. It all comes down to the drug, folks.
There are portals there, but there are portals in Iraq. There are portals everywhere over there. Gotta get more Orgone over there, is all I can say. We donít have enough Orgone in the Middle East. We could use some more.

We have a lot around the world. Itís everywhere. So when these aliens do arrive, the red dust will be killing them. [laughs] Itís very amusing. I hope they pick up that story line again with the new series thatís coming out starting tomorrow. Iíll have to remember to watch that. I usually watch this show
Chopped. I like that show. I like cooking shows. Make a special reminder
to watch the V series tomorrow night and see what they're going to pick up and reveal. Very interesting.

And if you noticed, I was watching one of the shows in the V series. There was a woman who had been a leader of the resistance movement against them so it was funny. Did they know that in the future it would be a woman leading the resistance movement against Satan and his aliens when they returned to Earth? ĎCause here we are. [laughs] It makes me laugh. Satan is always getting his butt kicked by women. No wonder he hates us so much. [laughs] Itíll be interesting. Thatís all I can say.

Until next week everybody, I guess Iím just going to end it here. I donít really want to talk about destruction much anymore. I get tired of seeing it in the codes all the time. I get tired of dealing with it. Itís hard to talk about it and yet itís always fun when weíre on the part of doing the destroying, though. So next week Iíll pick it up wherever the Lord wants me to. Until then, just get the red dust out there, folks. [laughs] Get that Orgone out there. Protect your areas.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.