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November 9, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton


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And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night November 9th. If you have a question for the show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.  Iíll be answering questions tonight.

I really donít have a whole lot to say. I always say that and then I talk for an hour. [laughs] Hey, you know before I get on the air I ask the Lord to bring to mind what He wants me to say to His People and to just help me be a blessing to Him and get said what needs to be said. I usually start the show with absolutely really no idea what Iíll speak about unless He tells me something during the day. And today was quite busy, just getting a lot of Orgone made and getting that out.

Last week I talked about the V series. I started watching some of the 1980ís version. It was pretty amusing. So last week started the official revamping of the V series. I caught the first half hour of it. I fell asleep. I couldnít watch the entire thing. I liked Lori Prices of it over at Citizens for Legitimate Government. She runs that news list. I liked her portrayal of it. Pretty much wrapped it up. Fascist Lizards Arrive With 'Universal Health Care' and 'Message of Hope' .Thatís basically what theyíre going to do.

So I find it very interesting. Theyíre kindof going along the same lines as everything Iíve been warning about. The V series is being shown every Tuesday night at 8pm eastern time on ABC network. Theyíre coming out with a lot of alien type shows. Someone was sayingÖa lot of people were saying it and I couldnít find any credible anything on it yet other than the New Age camp that Obama was going to have a UFO/alien disclosure at the end of February. They always fall short.

They want to tell you that, ďOh yeah the aliens are nice. Some are bad, but most are nice.Ē It reminds me, like Iíve always said about the whole Star Wars series in the fact that you had the Jedi Knights. Then you had the Darth Vader, evil faction. What they donít tell youÖthey want you to pickÖthey want you to assume that the Jedi Knights are the good guys. Thatís the way they are portrayed on the series and that the Darth Vader people are the evil faction. Theyíre both evil factions. Just because there are two choices, doesnít mean that one is good and one is bad. In many instances they are just both bad. Choose neither. Thatís what Iím finding about the aliens.

I run into so many people who are just so insistent, ďYes, we have aliens helping us.Ē And, ďYes there are nice aliens.Ē Iíve pounded it into the ground on this show. There are only two types of beings other than humans.  There are celestial beings and terrestrial beings. If there were friendly aliens, they wouldnít be terrestrials, they would be celestials. Celestial beings are angels and in heaven with the Most High. You are on earth as a human, youíre in heaven with the Most High or youíve been kicked out of heaven and fall into the terrestrial category. The nice aliens. The evil aliens. The kicked out of heaven category. Both of them have been kicked out of heaven. So there are no nice aliens. They are fallen angels.

The thing about it is, and Iím running into this more and more and more is how deceived they even are. Youíre looking at a time now where these offspring of the fallen; the original 200 that met on Mount Herman and signed a pact and agreed to come to earth and procreate with human women and left heaven. And these are just 200 officers. They also had whole regiments of soldiers/angels that they led. We donít know how many of those followed their officers with them to earth to procreate with human women. So there could have been hundreds of thousands. Those 200 officers were judged. The Lord gave them a space of time to repent, and of course they didnít. So they were judged. But they had offspring. I know the Bible has kindof put people to sleep saying the angels donít have sex and canít reproduce and blah, blah, blah. Yes there are certain angels that donít, but many that do. There are many different factions and types of angels. When you look at Satanís kingdom, you not only have the offspring of the fallen. They had offspring, and they had offspring. You also have Lilith from the first creation with Adam. I see her a lot in the Bible codes because a lot of these terrestrial factions in the heavenlies are Lilithís offspring. Then you also have demons roaming the earth that were the spirits of the giants. The dead. We just have so many beings. Fallen angels are not demons. They are two separate beings.

I encourage everybody to read the first 10 chapters of Enoch. He explains who is what; which is really interesting and what the churches donít want you to know so you just stay stupid. Thatíll kindof put things into perspective for you.

Back to this thing. Iím on a rabbit trail.

Lori Priceís summary of V last week. Interesting thatÖokay so they come to earth and they have UFOs over so many major cities, which is what they are planning to do. Interesting that TV is going along the New Age plan. At one instance this alien visitorÖsheís kindof like a hologram and appears over the cities. Sheís speaking to them. She claims that her name is Anna and sheís the visitorís leader. She announces that the visitors are going to open medical clinics all over the country as a gift to humanity. She does a television interview and the interviewer actually asks her, ďOh, do you mean like universal healthcare?Ē Anna the scourge of mankind replies, ďYes, I believe that is what your people call it.Ē  So what we have is an alien lizard fascist trying to take control of earth who must be destroyed at any cost. To provide universal healthcare as a cover to control all earthlings and to take over the planet. Interesting that they are coming out with a universal healthcare.

Theyíve always claiming in their New Age writings that theyíre going to have the answers to our problems when they come [laughs] because they cause them. Itís like this Swine Flu. They're poisoning our food. Theyíre poisoning our beer. Theyíre poisoning cerealsÖanything with barley in it. And theyíre labeling it all Swine Flu. People get sick because of the poisons and they're calling it Swine Flu. And then they come up with Swine Flu vaccines which Iíve told you Maitreya is in cahoots with Obama to do. What that does is chip implant everybody. Another part of their program is universal chipping. Apparently they need this done before they can come, or pretty much underway before they all arrive. Because you can be controlled by your chip implants. In fact, once they have your number on the chip that youíve been implanted with, they can shut you off anytime they want. Interesting.

During the show I liked what the one guy said (the leader of the resistance movement). He stated that making contact was the last stage of their plan. They had already been here taking over as politicians, religious leaders and entertainers. The same things Iíve been saying for years already.

And the woman Anna, who is a spokesperson for the visitors; it makes me wonder if that isnít Lucy himselfÖherself. You know? Everybody expects Satan to be a man. What if itís a woman? We know that these angels are hermaphrodites. Theyíre both male and female. Interesting that itís a woman appearing. InterestingÖ

Hopefully this week theyíll keep revealing more. I would like to see going in a direction where they already are, because right now theyíre releasing info that we already know is going on. We can already see in our day to day politicsÖI told you back in 2005 the invasion had already begun. We kept waiting for it to arrive and the Lord said itís already here. Theyíre already coming. They're already here. When I look in the Bible codes I can see our capitol is full of them. Satan is already implementing his plan. Heís doing it through soul-scalped humans. Thatís one aspect people never saw coming. They expect Satan to show up with a pitch fork and hooves and announce heís Satan. Heís much better than that. By deception he deceives the world. If he came as who he really is, and his little lizard faction came as who they really were, people would know. So all they do is disguise as humans. They take over human bodies. Pose as humans. And people donít see that aspect coming. I see it in the codes all the time. Theyíre dominant in D.C. Who is dominant in D.C.? Nancy Pelosi. Sebelius. These women heís putting in charge. They're the easiest to tell because theyíre just so darned ugly. You can see it in their features and their eyes. Especially Hillary now. Sheís long been soul-scalped. These women and Obamaís wife. Some of these guys that were always easyÖCheney and all of them. Theyíve long been soul-scalped. These are the people that Satan is working through. You know what? When you do rituals and worship Satan, you give him a right to control you. Most of them are demon possessed anyway, so becoming alien possessed isnít a step much further. Most of these people were demon possessed to begin with, because they want money, power, fame and fortune. Theyíre already working in D.C. folks, and are taking over all of our capitols in all of our states and in all of our countries.

The things they are pushing. The Swine Flu vaccine. This universal death care, because thatís what it is. Theyíll open universal death clinics. All of these vaccines and shots; the Lord has warned us to stay away from. They all have chip implants in them. Chipping the entire population is their number one goal. All these other ways are just routes to get there. Offering people universal healthcare and then giving them access to death clinics. All these are just their routes of getting to their ultimate goal, which is to chip implant the entire worldís population.

Thereís going to be an increase in plagues and bio-attacks from our governments as they get ready for Maitreyaís arrival. Interesting theyíre already getting ready for the locust invasion thatís coming. Iíve talked about Revelation 9. Itís the fifth trumpet. People are saying we canít be near the fifth trumpet; we havenít even started the seals yet and blah, blah, blah. Folks, once the third seal breaks, because the white and red horses are already riding. And heís already riding; heís just in the background. And youíll see the black horse (famine). Everything is going to happen like a whirlwind. Itís going to happen so quickly. I hate to break it to you, but an angel is not going to descend from heaven and blow a trumpet and tell you exactly where we are in prophecy. Itís not going to happen. You have to get out of the mindsets, folks. You have to start looking at the events that are happening now and how they relate to prophecy. The background is where the Lord has always had me; in how they are making these things come about. Whoís doing what and how theyíre coming about. Thatís where Iíve always been. So thatís what youíll mostly hear on this show. Back ground news. Stuff happening in the background.

Interesting that the New Age talks about a time of stasis. What they claim is that when Maitreya arrives and gags us all with his universal television presence, that mankind will go into a stasis. Pretty much that mankind will go to sleep and everything is going to stop. Time itself is going to stop. During that timeÖand of course, we wonít know, because weíll be asleep. Stasis. You just go to sleep for a short period of time so that they can go through and remove all the threats to their agenda. They call it their time of cleansing. Their cleansing program, but it is a murdering program. They intend on murdering all the resistors to their program.

We have all these different agendas claiming, if youíre not one of us, youíre against us and you are going to die. We hear that from the New World Order faction. You hear it from the New Age faction. Any faction that wants to take over the earth, first thing they have to do is get rid of the resisters.  This part cracks me up. So many people talk about friendly aliens. They just have a different agenda for earth than the New World order or the New Age. They want to run their own agenda on earth. Thatís why they're so willing to help people destroy the New World Order governments, because they want to come to earth and establish their own agenda here. [laughs] People donít get it. Thatís why theyíre so helpful.

And weíre not to be talking to these beings. So many people are talking to aliens/fallen angels. Thatís necromancy. Talking to the dead first of all is necromancy. Second of all, talking to these fallen angels is about the same thing. They are under judgment already from the Most High. Theyíre fallen. Theyíve been kicked out of heaven. There are so many factions of them. And theyíre lied to. They are so lied to. They actually believe the garbage that theyíve been hearing and the same thing I scream about with humans is the fact that we believe things from the time weíre born because we heard them from our parents and our grandparents and their grandparents. Aliens are the same way. Aliens have lived for hundreds of years longer than us, so have heard the same storiesÖI donít know what kind of stories, but Satan has lied to all them too. They actually believe a lot of the garbage they spew. I get a lot of email. Exchanges with some of these offspring beings. Theyíre just so stupid. You know? Theyíre just so stupid. I donít even try to speak salvation to them, because salvation wasnít theirs. Salvation was for mankind. You donít know if youíre dealing with a human pulling your chain or what. [laughs] Just donít waste your time with them. Rebuke them in the Name of Yahushua and move on. I get a lot of strange emails. Iíve heard about it all.

A heads up the other day from somebody on the inside that there was talk of my assassination going around again. So that was amusing. Thereís been talk of my assassination for the last 10 years. I was the first one to tell you that Cheney had assassination teams. And what? They come around this year revealing that Dick Cheney operated assassination teams in the White House when Bush was President. Big surprise. Big news. Iíve seen a couple of them. They come and they go. The Lord protects His own. I have no fear of them. I donít fear mankind.

Interesting that a lot of things are coming into play now. And hopefully even more so more. Woken up out of their sleep because thereís not much time. Weíre talking months, folks. Weíre not talking years. Weíre not talking years.

Interesting that so many Christian leaders are following on this 2012 bandwagon. Get off of it! Get off of it. You know what itís like? When I did that interview last year and was supposed to focus on 2012, all week long I kept asking the Lord what HE wanted me to say about 2012. ďIím doing this radio interview and they want me to talk about 2012.Ē And He was silent for a couple of days. Finally, He said to me, ďWho am I to act to manís calendar?Ē He kindof just nipped it in the butt right there. Who is He that He has to act by our December 21, 2012? And this whole Mayan calendar. People worship that more than paying attention to John in the book of Revelation. Why would you pay attention and give so much credence to something a serpent/tare race wrote!? You know? The Mayans? They are Satan worshippers! So why give any credence to that? I think most of it is that they want people to go to sleep so they keep waiting for the Ďbad things to start in 2012í so they donít see the things around the corner starting and the things that have already started. ďOh, this canít be Satanís chipping program. That wonít start until after 2012.Ē So they donít recognize things for what they are. Donít go to sleep on this stuff. And always ask the Lord Himself. I go to the Lord. I ask Him. Sometimes I donít get an answer right away. If something ticks Him off, He tends to wait a couple of days before He answers me. Itís almost like one of those answers where, you know when youíre mad at your kids and just grit your teeth? Itís like He a gritting His teeth answer, but He is not going to take it out on you because He knows weíre stupid. So just be humble with Him. He knows. And He is very understanding. Just go to Him. Donít seek man for answers. Donít get on everybody else bandwagons.

I read so much stuff. And people send me so much stuff on stuff other people are hyping up. ďOohh, thereís a nuke bomb in every city! andÖ.[laughs] Donít get on everybody elseís bandwagon. Stay on the one the Lord has you on. Seek Him. Seek Him. ďOkay, whatís next? What do I need to know?Ē  Seek Him. Stay at His feet. Thatís what weíre supposed to do as truth seekers and those who love the truth. Thos who seek Him and walk in Him daily. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons and daughters of God. That whole admonishment of just being His and not the worldsÖpart of the world. A lot of people have a lot of good things to say. But you know what? They're not led by the Spirit of God. Theyíre led by their own fears. Their whole ministries are set up by their own fears and their own interpretations. Sure a lot of these things could happen. Yeah, there are bombs in every city, because our government owns a lot of bombs. When you have a rouge government and a government that wants to destroy you, itís not beyond them to bomb their own cites. Itís not even beyond them to bomb their own capitol.

Watch for NORAD to become the new capitol of America. They need a Ďget out of D. C.í card. Theyíve got to get out of there soon. So I wouldnít be surprised if they donít blow up Congress and blow up the Capitol so they can move it. They can move their underground bases. You know what? Theyíve got to move underground. They know that when Maitreya arrives, shortly thereafter or coming with him, is going to be the locust invasion/the Annuniki invasion/the Nephilim invasion.  When they arrive, theyíre going to be in their underground bunkers. Theyíre afraid. They know whatís coming. So for years theyíve been using our tax dollars and their international cocaine cartels that the government runs, to fund all these underground bases they have. These hideouts they have. They have these joint alien and human bases. They have all this stuff set up so that when the Annuniki arrive; this locust invasion the Bible talks about, theyíll be hidden. Thatís why Iíve been encouraging the warriors to get Orgone pipes. We call them pipe blasters. Especially if youíre out in Colorado. Denver area and Colorado Springs area. 2 inch pipes about 2 foot long. You donít need them any bigger than that. Theyíre hard to pound into the ground anyway. What you want to do is make a pipe blaster. I have the instructions at orgoneblasters.com. Shove them into the ground. Pound them straight down into the ground. It will directly send a power force of Orgone to the underground. Itíll seep through the ground and will hit all their bases in that area. [laughs] So we need to be targeting these areas. Washington has already been done very well. Thatís why they have to get out. To them itís an obnoxious odor. Theyíre suffering miserably in D.C. I see it in the codes. They hide it very well on TV. Heís never here either. Heís constantly traveling, getting out of D.C. I donít think heís spent a night in the White House. I see him above in the atmosphere a lot. So heís either in planes, UFOs and whatever, when heís not traveling to some other country.

Interesting that Iíve been seeing a lot of Maitreya in Spain. Thereís a prophecy in Daniel about when the Antichrist comes he overthrows the first three nations that he was aligned with. At this rate, I would believe that those are Kenya, Ethiopia and Libya. Heís going to abandon them pretty much. He might make a nominal appearance there, but heís not going to stay there as like the new leader of Ethiopia or the new whatever of Libya. Of course Iran is calling him their Mahdi and waiting for their returning Mahdi. Heís going to head to Spain. I kept wondering, ďWhy would he go to Spain?Ē The thought that kept coming to me is, other than Russia, the only other country in the world we donít have Orgone in. I donít remember ever sending Orgone to Spain. Iíve never heard of Orgone warriors in Spain. So itís interesting that he would come out of Spain. Heís going to have his own army. I donít know if itís going to be a human one or heís just going to come with his own forces; his Annuniki. Heís going to have his own army and going to wage war against countries and build up his own confederacy here on earth. Interesting. Watch for him to be in Spain.

Another place that comes up quite a bit is Tampa, Florida. We need to get pipe blasters in the ground and in the water around Tampa. I donít know what it is about Tampa. I know that the space command is out there. Not in Tampa, but Tampa comes up. I know we have Orgone in Tampa, but we need to have and in the water, because if you get it in the water, none of these beings can survive without water. Orgone contaminates water to them. So when they drink it, it makes them sick. [laughs] Theyíll figure it out why theyíre getting sick. It doesnít bother humans; it just bothers the aliens.

Interesting that the terms purple rain is coming up. Iím thinking purple rain...was Prince trying to tell us something 20 years ago, back in the 80ís with Purple Rain?  Iím seeing purple rain coming up with Tampa. Do they do some kind of phenomenon when he arrives like cause it to rain purple rain? Does Tampa have some kind of weather control program down there thatís going to help put on this Blue Beam faÁade of the second coming of Christ in the air? InterestingÖpurple comes up. Purple rain. Something to watch for. Be amused by, I guess. Theyíre going to pull out all the stops to make it appear like they are really angelic celestial beings. They want you to believe they are angels from heaven. They donít want you to know that theyíve been suffering miserably in the heavenlies, in the burning Shema and all these other burning stars that the Orgone is catching on fire and destroying. They donít want you to know theyíve been suffering and in miserly. They're going to pull out all the stops to make you think and believe that theyíre angelic beings; that theyíre from heaven itself.

Itíll be interesting to see how much they can pull off. We all know what to expect. We know itís going to be good. We know some of it will malfunction and be quite comical. The matter of it is, even though we sit here and laugh about it, the majority of mankind will be deceived by it. Theyíre going to fall for it. Theyíre going to fall for the charades. Theyíre going to think, ďHey these guys have all the answers.Ē  Letís give universal health care so we can kill everybody with vaccinations.  Especially when this death care plan passes the House. Itís pretty much going to cost the average American family $15,000 a year. Thatís more than half of most incomes. When youíre looking at a nation where they unemployment rate is about 20 Ė 30% right now, despite what their numbers are. Itís about 20 Ė 30%. Most of them are on unemployment right now. Many, many becoming homeless. The rich are only about 1% of the population. So youíre looking at $15,000. Thatís more than half of most peopleís earned income. So how are they going to pull that off?

Also in the V series, they had little concentration camps. I donít know if you guys noticed that. This is the old one. I wonder if the new one will bring them out. The one in the 80ís had these work camps. So you gotta wonder, because theyíre threatening to put people in work camps,  these FEMA camps that wonít be vaccinated or for not having health insurance or a health care plan. Why have a health care plan if youíre not going to use it? I havenít been to a doctor since my last child was born. That was 10 years ago. I have no need for doctors. If I get sick, Iíll find a home remedy to cure it. Iíll sleep it out. Iíll wait it out. I donít need a doctor. Iím not a pill popper. I canít stand pills. I donít take drugs. I donít drink alcohol. I donít like anything going up against my body. And there are many like me that just shun doctors; donít go to doctors to begin with. So why do they need a $15,000 health policy, because weíre not going to go to your doctors. Your big pharma, you can keep for yourself. Iíll go chew on a dandelion. I donít need your health care. So interesting. Yeah, just more enforcements to say, ďWeíre big government and we can tell you what you can and canít do. Weíre throwing out your Constitution. You no longer have personal liberties and freedoms. Youíll do what we say youíll do.Ē  You know what? Thatís a bunch of bull hockey. Our Constitution are God given rights to mankind. They canít overrun what the Lord has already given us. So we have a right to defend ourselves against them. This government is tyrannical. It has gone against the Lords will and the Lordís established government for us, so they need to be ousted. We donít have to listen to them. The Bible talks about how youíre supposed to obey your government until it conflicts with Godís Word. Until. And it already is and it already has. So itís our duty as believers in the Most High to not listen to them. To follow the Lord. The Lord says, DO NOT GET VACCINATIONS AND SHOTS, so do not get the vaccinations and shots. It puts you opposite of what the government wants you to do. So that makes you a terrorist now. Under the Obama regime and the Bush regime, anybody who doesnít Ďt go along with this stated new world order plan is a terrorist. Youíre a christen, youíre a terrorist. Youíre a believer the Most High, youíre a terrorist. If youíre not going to follow the new world order, youíre a terrorist.

The last thing you want to do is give up your guns, because thatís what theyíre going to come for too. Your guns. Your last line of defense against a tyrannical government is your right to bear arms. Stay home. Protect yourself. Stock up on guns and bullets and be ready for a fight, because thereís going to be one. Thereís going to be one.

Another thing Iíve seen in the codes is Maitreya fulfilling the role of Tammuz. Remember I told you that Maitreya is just a cloned body of Cain. Interesting for those people who follow all that, I donít know what you want to call it; jiggaboo stuff with the ancient Greek mythology. That he would be the child of Satan. Tammuz. Son of Cain. He is the cloned body of Cain, so heís fulfilling all that stuff on a different angle that a lot of us just donít follow.

Another thing to watch out for is the continued push to drink the Kool-Aid (white monoatomic gold) When Sananda comes (heís supposed to play the role of false prophet) heís going to be enforcing myrrh. The drinking of monoatomic gold.  I have an article on my website you need to pay attention to. That hasnít gone anywhere. Thatís still going to be enforced. Iím still seeing that coming up in the codes. So you have enforced chip implants program. You have the Kool-Aid program with the white monoatomic gold, to switch out your DNA from human DNA to alien DNA, to try to turn on codons in your DNA that the Lord had turned off after Adams fall in the Garden of Eden. We have a lot of them trying to play God. Them trying to undo the judgments the Most High set forth thousands of years ago. Because they want to forestall their own coming judgments. They want to stop time. They want to try to change our atmosphere and earth into a fifth dimension and get rid of time. They think if they can get rid of our linear time that the judgments will stop against them from the Most High. I donít know where they get that, but they really believe that.

I have an article on my website sherrytalkradio.com Lies of the Fifth Dimension. You need to read that. Itís also at sherryshriner.com and thewatcherfiles. com. The Lies of the Fifth Dimension exposes the New Age lies about this whole thing about coming to build Gods kingdom on earth. Pat Robertson used to be a big promoter of that; building Gods kingdom on earth. The Lord isnít coming to build His kingdom on earth until He destroys every one of the wicked off of it. Then He is going to destroy the present earth and weíre going to go into a one thousand year millennial reign.

When He comes, Heís going to come with His saints at the War of Armageddon and destroy Satanís armies. Then you have the judgment of the nations. What is that? The sheep and the goats judgment. Then we go into the one thousand year millennial reign. So, much destruction of the wicked. Satan tries to turn that around and you start to hear this. It pops up in church theologies. The churches think we need to build the Lords kingdom on earth. Weíre not going to build the Lords kingdom. He is going to establish His kingdom after He destroys all the wicked off of it. We donít build it; He establishes it. Ss when you start hearing this kingdom theology, run, because they have no discernment and they are putting out New Age garbage. Satanís beast prophets are busy on the earth. Joel Osteen, Hagen, Hinn. All his little beast prophets. All these mega churches; get out of them.

A lot are going to be so deceived by the things that are coming. The theologies they are preaching now are false, and people canít detect that they're false, how are they going to detect the Ashtar Command, this Galactic Federation when they arrive and that they're not angelic beings. Theyíre deceived now by the simplest, stupidest stuff. How are they going to know when the high tech kingdom of Satan comes, they put on this universal Hollywood production, how are they going to discern that is deception. Theyíre not. So many millions upon millions are going to be deceived. I donít know why we work so hard to wake people up, knowing that so many millions are going to fall for it anyway. You know what? You fight for that one person that will wake up. You just fight for the one.

Iím going to answer some questions. If you have questions you can send them to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

A lot of people are getting busy with the flyers. Thatís good to see. Putting flyers up at school buildings and churches. Hit parking lots on sun god day, on Sundays. And get flyers out. Warn everybody. Thatís all we can do. It does work. Iíve noticed a switch in peopleís moods. I donít know if itís from the internet or what, but more people are aware of exactly what this vaccine is and are refusing to get it.

Comment from a listener: Hi Sherry, I saw the Fourth Kind last night. It reminded me of the Exorcist more than an alien movie. What is your opinion of this place Nome, Alaska where these abductions were supposedly taking place?

I wouldnít doubt it. I didnít see the movie. I was going to. I put it on my watch list, that I never go watch. [laughs] I hardly ever get out of the house to go and see a movie. That was one of the ones I wanted to see. So I donít know. There are whole little towns and villages that have disappeared before. They tend to prey on out of the way places.

Question from a listener: The last few months as I sit before my computer either reading or listening to anything that relates to the New World Order, prophecy or anything about the Lord, I fall asleep suddenly like I was drugged or hit over the head. I awake very disoriented. This has only been the last few months. What are your thoughts on this? I also use the information I get from your sites to warn others who will listen.

You need to put Orgone in front of your computer monitor, because they are hitting you with ELF attacks. Extreme Low Frequency waves. A lot of people get attacked when they go to my websites. Thereís nothing I can do about it, but I can arm you and tell you to put Orgone in front of your monitors so that their ELF attacks wonít hit you. Thatís just one way of theirs to attack people and keep them from getting the truth. A lot of people canít get to my websites, and I tell them to use a different browser. If one browser wonít let you through, use Mozilla or IE or somebody else. I know AOL a lot of times blocks my sites.

Question from a listener: We recently learned how to make blasters. Our skies are clear now after we made our first bucket blaster. A lot of activity in the sky over our house. We watched one turn really bright and come to the ground near an old Air Force Base. There was furious activity in the sky. Amazing. Weíve been getting busy since our eyes were opened.

Thatís good to hear. Bucket Blasters are very powerful. But we need to pound the pipe blasters into the ground folks. We need to get busy on pipe blasters.

Comment: Spain. Black magic witchcraft. Satanic movement is dominant there.

Yeah, I know how evil Spain is. I mean, thereís no doubt. They donít even hide it. They display it for the world to see just like the dragon races do. So does America, they just hide it.

Question from a listener: I went to the neighborhood and street where they found those eleven ladies bodies. I dropped a pipe blaster in the sewer and 10 pucks in the neighborhood and behind the house. Do you think Yah will rid that area of the evil and drugs that plague that area, now that I blasted that area? All you could smell was death and pure evil there.

Iím sure He will. The Orgone is His. He can do whatever He wants. He can use it to crank it up to bless an area or just piss off the evil thatís there. It canít hurt.

Heís talking about that serial killer in Cleveland where they dug up eleven bodies at one guys house. That was on the news for a while. He just looked so calmÖ like, ďI donít know why Iím here. Iím in court. I donít know why.Ē

Question: When was Christ actually born? What month of the year and where is this in the Bible?

Youíre not going to find a time in the Bible. Most historians place it near Rosh Hashanah. Joseph Flavius a famed Jewish historian places the birth of Yahushua anywhere between September 30th and October 2nd, I think it is. That would be the year A.D. 1. The year He was born was A.D. 1, so He died in A.D. 33. He was born during Rosh Hashanah. Rosh Hashanah kindof floats and rotates. I read in my research years ago that they believe Adam and Eve were created on October 2nd and that Yahushua was also born on October 2nd. Then you read other peoples material and they put it towards the end of the last week of September. Itís always during that timeframe.

If you want to do some real research and learn some real truth, get out of the box. Get out of the KJV. Go to Enoch. Go to some of these other books that the Masons and the Satanists that put the KJV together left out.

Question from a listener: Can you tell me where we are approximately right now in Revelation?

Right now weíre at approximately the 3rd horseman. Thatís be the third seal. The pale horse right now. When the black horse comes, which is famine, I think itíll be a little more obvious to people. I donít think a famine will be obvious until it hits America. It hits everywhere else but America, because too many Christians would wake up at that point. Eventually it is going to hit America, and then everything will happen as a whirlwind. Iíve stated that Maitreya is the rider of the black horse, which is famine. And Sananda being the rider of the pale horse, which is plagues. Both of them could be either or. They could switch up and have Maitreya being pale and Jesus being black. Either way, youíve got those two beings riding those two horses. And the effects of the plagues and the famines that are coming. Then youíll have martial law being implemented here, which would be the fifth seal. The great earth shaking. The earthquake could be literal or symbolic which is the sixth seal. Then you go right into the trumpets. Interesting that almost in correlation with the arrival of Maitreya and Sananda, you have the locust invasion. The beasts coming out of the abyss as stated in Revelation chapter 9. Destroyer is also a term for Maitreya and Obama. Itís Satan who falls like lightening from the sky. All these meteors falling like lightening from the sky. This week there was an news article about a massive fireball over Tokyo. Then a couple of weeks ago, there was one in Indonesia that had the force of three Hiroshima bombs.

These asteroids and meteors are just falling everywhere. Like Iíve said, I think itís just chunks of Shema that are falling to earth because Shema has been destroyed, itís on fire and itís dismembering. Eventually the whole thing is going to crash. Iíve told you want Shema is. Satan had a star ship. Satan has a palace there. Theyíve been trying to detach his palace off of it. A lot of drama going on up there over Shema and its destruction. Iíve move on pretty much because weíve already destroyed it. Hanging on for some reason. All itís going to do is smolder out. Burn out and just crash. Iím looking for the next thing that the Lord wants us to target on.

I know theyíre going to be moving the Capitol eventually. So trying to estimate where theyíre going to move to. I have to think NORAD. So we need to prepare these places with pipe blasters. Get them into the grounds. Also Tampa, Florida. Get pipe blasters in the ground out there. The warriors that are out there. I know we have a lot of Orgone at the Denver new world order airport and also at Cheyenne Mountain, but pipe blasters give it a whole new dimension. We need to get those areasÖgo back and reinforce with getting 2 foot pipes, 1 foot pipes pounded into the ground. Like Iíve said you can get directions for those at orgoneblasters.com. Just go to directions for pipe blasters.

I know that there are warriors that live in these areas, but just donít have the money to get the pipesÖthe supplies they need. So if there are people out there that would like to donate so that we can spread the money around so that warriors can go get the supplies we need. Definitely need that. We need some huge donors to stand up. Considering that weíre talking about months left on the earth and life the way that we know it, we need some people with big bucks to step up. My vehicle itself is going into the dark ages. I drive a 1994, I think it is or a 1996 and I canít take my Orgone mobile across the country anymore. I need to think about a new vehicle so I can just hit the road if necessary. I have no way of doing that right now. If I really needed to get on the road and go hit something for the Lord right away, I couldnít do it. I donít have the means to do it. I probably wouldnít make it. Itís on its death leg. So we need people who can stand up and donate big amounts of money to this ministry for readiness. So we can get Orgone made and stockpiled. So we can get pipes stockpiled. So when they do arrive, if we are still here, we can go and get the areas they are at and chase them out of them. I donít want a UFO hanging above my city. We get a pipe blasters up there and bucket blasters, it would just crash to the earth. How funny would that be? So much for V. [laughs] All these UFOs above major cities and BOOM!  they just crash to the earth. Donít get me wrong. There are going to be malfunctions and we are going to have a lot of laughs. But weíre also going to have a lot of defeats, folks. Itís part of the war.

We just have to try and minimalize our defeats on those. Minimalize as much as possible the things we lose. The people we lose. The amount of people we lose. We know itís inevitable. You know what itís like trying to wake your parents up. Your wife. Your spouse. The ones who wonít listen. The ones with their heads in the sand. You know what itís like to try and wake them up. Itís not going to get any easier.

So we just have to keep fighting and keep moving on. We need to target the areas that theyíre going to be and get there first so itís good and ready for them when they arrive.

Anyway, Iím going to wrap up the show tonight. Be back next week, talking about whatever it is the Lord wants me to talk about.

Until then everybody, Yah bless.