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November 16, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton


                    Satan On The Prowl? How He Destroys Mankind

And hello everybody. Weíre live. Itís Monday night November 16th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
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When the Veil Lifts and We See Their True Forms, Will They Blame It on the Digital?

A couple of interesting things I want to talk about tonight. I donít know if youíve been watching the V series Iíve been watching. Iím kindof interested in seeing what kind of information they reveal. Itís the only thing right now thatís got my attention, other than Obamaís charades. Did anyone else see last night; he was on MSNBC early in the morning. This guy is so desperate to get out of D.C.; heíll go to China to hold a town hall meeting. MSNBC had him on. He started just started completely morphing. Is he just losing his face and morphing or is it the digital?  Then I thought what a great excuse.

Because you know what? The curtain is going to be lifted. These beings are going to start losing their cloaking and all they have to do is blame it on the digital.  If you have cable or satellite TV, youíll see that freeze frame affect, and the tiling effect where the digital starts to warp, go out and freeze. I thought it was very interesting because there was a student behind him who was freeze framed, I guess you could say. And all you could see were white eyeballs. You couldnít see any pupils in his eyes. Just pure white eyeballs. At the same time, if he was frozen in a freeze frame, then why was Obama moving? His face kept morphing in and out. It was really wild. It went on for over a minute. Then it snaps back to the original. Itís pretty wild. I
donít know if that was a digital problem. At this point I donít know. Maybe it was real. I hardly ever watch him when heís on TV.  It gets a little bit too cumbersome. Heís usually not on the channels I watch. I hardly ever watch network television. Just happened to be on MSNBC last night, as I was watching that earlier.

The Vaccine Microchip Is Betrothing People to Satan. Satan Wants Everyone Chipped.

A couple of things with him that I find interesting. Iíve been looking in the Bible Codes. A whole lot not changing. It may seem like its quiet, but thereís a lot going on right now. Itís almost like, ďOkay, kids. Here the poison. Take the candy while I leave the country. Iím not going to look. I want you to take it when Iím gone and when I get back tell me the good news that most of you have taken the vaccine.Ē His big push on the vaccine program is not his big push. Heís just a pawn. Itís Maitreyaís big push. Itís Satanís big push. They want everybody chipped.

What Iím finding is that this chip is betrothing people to Satan. Itís a betrothal. A betrothal is a wedding. Itís a marriage ceremony. You are getting married. And often in terms that the Lord relates His Bride to Himself when He betroths His Bride. He comes and gets His Bride, then you have the symbolic marriage supper of the Lamb. So very interesting that Satan has set up his kingdom to mimic the Lordís. Of course, thatís no surprise. We all know he does that. Heís trying to follow very closely in the last days. So thereís no difference with this chip implant program that heís implementing through flu shots, through vaccines.

People want to know if the vaccine 666 the prohibition warned about in Revelation 13. Itís not the shots themselves. Itís the chips that are in them. The Lord has said to STAY AWAY FROM ALL OF THEIR CHIPS AND VACCINES. So if itís the precursor before the final one to come, we donít know. With that admonition and everything that we have seen is in this
vaccine, there is no way if you are believer in the Most High and listening to Him that you can get this vaccine.  So thatís how deathly important it is. Especially if it came down to between death and this vaccine, to just die. It very well could be the 666. Itís an avenue. Iíve seen that in the codes. They will use and are using. Theyíre committed to this now. You know how
weíre so used to the procrastination and the delays? They are committed to this now because of the sheer number of people who have gotten this vaccine. Down the road is when you see it come into play, because these people are going to come up with all these ailments, diseases and sicknesses. Most will be dead within two years with one disease or another.

These things will attack your autoimmune systems and destroy them. Also there were admonitions that I gave years ago about the beast chip and that Satan can control you as soon as you have this chip in you. Satan can ultimately control you.
These chips are like two-way radio transistors. They can turn you off. They can turn you on. Of course, if they turn you off, you are dead. Then they can reanimate your body and a demonic being can take it over and live through your body. Itís called reanimation. We call it zombies. You can see that featured in Hollywood a lot. Thatís exactly what these chips are. They're
numbered. They know where each chip is. Your name goes with the number of the chip youíre implanted with. When you go to get a vaccine, youíll see each batch is numbered. And they have full control of you. They can control you through this chip implant. So itís not all the chemical poisons themselves; itís the chips that are in these. The whole thing is about chip
implantation; what you see in the Bible codes is Satan betrothing his bride. Itís enslaving mankind through these chip implants. Just another push of Maitreyaís to do that.

Look for Obama to Dissolve Our Government

He (Obama) canít stay in D.C. There is so much Orgone there that itís boiling them. Itís heating them up. And they canít stay there. I look for him to dissolve our government in D.C. and either move it somewhere else; possibly NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Or just dissolving it and handing it over to theU.N. I saw that years ago. And possibly with this Maitreya as he comes in charge.

The Chip Implementation Program Is the Beginning of the Beast Political Agenda

Interesting. A couple of their biggest plans that havenít changed over the years. The New Agers go through channeled messages like cartoon cereal boxes. They use a group of people for a while and when nothing they say comes about, they discredit that group and then raise up another group.  Thatís why youíll always see new faces in the New Age movement.
And these New Agers still havenít figured it out. One of the things theyíve always warned about and the same thing we are also seeing is a massive UFO appearance/invasion before the Day of Declaration. Now, most people know about this Day of Declaration. Maitreya talked about it himself through Benjamin CrŤme on Coast to Coast several months ago. Itís been in
their writings for a long time. We have articles on it. I have two articles on NESARA. I have a whole website on it at
www.nersarasucks.com. This is their agenda for the last days. This is their political agenda. This is their economic program, all tied in with Maitreya. This whole chip implementation program is the beginning of it. They're getting ready to kick that off.

A massive appearance of UFOs around the world. Of course V shows about 19 or 23 huge mother ships, above cities. It will be much more massive than that. I try to relate what theyíre showing to what Iíve seen. When I see their coming, itís like an avalanche. Itís just like all of a sudden our skies are just filled with different types of UFOs. Different types of vehicles and
aerial aircraft. And not just alien; we have a lot of our own military as well. Itís like a combined invasion. I donít understand what project name that one is. Itís not the project Blue Beam. I know IĎve had dreams about it. Was very funny. Couldnít make it any clearer that our own military, our own Air Force and Navy are involved with these craft that are coming to mimic
that they are aliens, but they're not. Theyíre just military. But people will think theyíre part of the aliens.

Maitreya Is Enraged over Shema's Destruction

One of the things Iíve been laughing about for a couple of years now, is they have been trying to make themselves more known, but they keep crashing to Earth  because weíve saturated the air with Orgone. Orgone is a life force positive energy that attacks and negates anything thatís evil. So when they try to come up from their 4th dimension into our 3rd dimension,
they are crashing. Maybe thatís why the military is involved. So if these vehicles keep crashing, at least theyíll have some involved with the invasion because they're actually the man-made crafts.  The GE crafts. Thatís the only thing I can think of as a standby, because Orgone isnít going to bother a man-made craft. These demonic being crafts run on negative energy.

Everything comes down to energy, it always seems. The Lord spent all this time talking about the light and the dark and those are energies. Thatís what it comes down to folks. Anyway, a massive UFO invasion. Then their Day of Declaration where Maitreya will appear on TV around the world. All the networks are his biggest fans, so heíll announce his arrival. Heís been set up to be the cheerleader for this guy. I find it amazing that he has to travel the world and try to keep the Illuminati families together. Act as a servant of theirs and at the same time being a puppet of Maitreyaís.  Heís one busy guy.

It just gets funny, because he is so enraged. He is so outraged over Shemaís destruction. Iíve been talking about that. You look up at it in the sky every night. Sometimes itís brilliantly lit star-like. Itís like a star, except very low to the earth and other nights itís like a pathetic yellow ball. Because itís on fire. What I do notice is that early AM, about 5 AM, that thing is just
covered with chemtrail planes. Theyíre always spraying chemtrails around it. You gotta wonder if the chemtrails are trying to put the fire out. If thereís something in the chemicals that can put the fire out at Shema, I donít know. I know itís dismembering and breaking apart. Pieces are dropping all over the world. Television is calling it pieces of space rock or meteors. Itís just a matter of time before that thing falls. I donít know what theyíre trying to do with it. I know they're trying to save it, salvage it. Iíve just moved on. As far as Iím concerned, the thing is just gone. And they are enraged about it.

The Reptilians Are Attacking All the Natural Cures and Natural Cure Websites

They will come. As the V series so amply depicts offering universal health care. Part of their agenda has always been to offer cures for all of your health problems. Of course they have the cure. They were the cause of most of our cancers and tumors and big Pharma. This is all linked to the FDA. Who owns the FDA? Lizards have run that agency for years. The FDA
doesnít want to help people; they want to destroy. Theyíre the ones behind attacking all the natural cures and natural cure websites and getting them taken down. Anything that can truly help mankind. Itíll be interesting seeing them switch positions and act like theyíre the saviors of mankind, because theyíll have the cures and the answers for all of our health woes.

The "V" TV Series Is Pretty much Going along the Lines of the New Agers' Plans

Interesting that the V series is pretty much going along the lines of what the New Agers plans have been. I donít know exactly who is behind it. I guess we have to wait and see. They really havenít depictedÖthey kindof did in the last show about people being abducted. So they kindof revealed that outside of the big faÁade of ďwere here to help mankind. Join us as light workersĒ and all this. In the background, theyíre abducting people. Itíll be interesting to see how far they get in revealing that phase. Iíve always warned that they speak out of both sides of their mouth. They feed off of mankind. Weíre their food. At the same time they are acting like our saviors. Theyíll be abducting people, kidnapping people and taking them into their starships and served as food, folks. Itíll be interesting to see exactly how people do relate to this when it
does happen.

Obama Working Towards Full UFO and Alien Disclosure

I know that Obama is supposed to be working towards disclosure. They had something going at with the Vatican this week or last week in regards to UFO and alien disclosure. Iíll be interesting to see the role they play. I know that Sananda has always been pretty much tied in with the Vatican. Youíll often see his cigar shaped ship over there. He used to be in Utah all
the time, until we chased him out of there.  Now heís over at the Vatican. Heíll play the role of the false prophet. Heís in line for the second beast.  Sometimes in the codes itís amusing because it almost looks like we can succeed in totally cutting off his role here on earth.

When Maitreya Arrives You're Going to See Revelation 9 Taking Place

Like Iíve said, there is s script and all the players are coming out to play the characters on the script. So itíll be interesting to see exactly who ends up with what position. What character they get to play. Maitreya coming up more and more connected to Abadu. Abadu is Hebrew for Apollyon and Abbadon, which we know is destroyer. It puts him more and more in line with what Iím seeing now is that heís moving more and more into the destroyer position. When he arrives youíre going to see Revelation 9 taking place. All of his forces from Shema will come with him. Very interesting. If youíll notice the Book of Revelation talks about Satan and his forces. People call them demonic beings but they are actually alien beings coming out of the abyssÖ talking about space. Talking about space. So very interesting.

A Lot of UFO Ships Coming through Portals in the Middle Eastern Area

Lots of portals in the Middle Eastern area. A lot of people are getting hyped up about all of the portal activity going on in Afghanistan. Also the Gulf of Aden. Supposedly a lot of UFO ships coming through those portals. Those gateways. They could be getting ready for their fake invasion. This whole charade is ready to go. So interesting that things on one front
seem quiet and on the next itís like everything is going to happen very quickly, once it does happen. Theyíre always working in the background to implement their plans.

One of the things I wanted to talk about tonight. I have this article on my website:
Project Earth Satan is on the Prowl.

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:
(I Peter 5:8)

The Apostle Peter warns us to be on guard against the devil, because he is a false accuser, the slanderer of men before God. Peter calls the devil our adversary because that is what he is. In Hebrew Satan means adversary. He is our opponent, our enemy.

Lucifer, in Hebrew Hallel (pronounced Hallayel), is called both the devil and Satan because he fulfills both of those roles. The name Satan simply means adversary.

This is the real deal, folks. He walks around devouring the souls of men and women all over the planet in any scheme, in any way he can devise. And heís been doing it for thousands of years. He does it through deceptions. And he does it through religions. And he does it through politics. And he does it through wars. Any way he can to deceive mankind. Itís getting so
big, because just run into so many churchdom people who are now falling off their rockers completely. They go from one apostasy to the bigger one, which is the whole New Age deception thatís going on. I see a lot of former churchdomers going into the New Age movement. And at the same time Iím seeing a lot of people that were never involved in churchdom, but involved in the New Age movement and coming out of that movement realizing everything Iíve said about it is true. Looking at all the warning flags and signals and getting out of it. Opening up their eyes and seeing for themselves what the New Age movement is. So at the same time you have an exodus of New Agers getting out of it, youíve got the churchdom
going into it. Itís a warzone, folks.

Ways that Demons Can Take over Human Bodies to Operate on Earth through Them

I want to talk about the ways that they target humans for possession and control that Satan works. Other than just through chip implants. We know that through basic sin. If youíre a drug abuser. If youíre an alcohol abuser. Anything that is post moderation. All of these different routes. Iím not talking just about alcohol and drugs; anything can invite possession. So
youíll see people who give gateways, doorways to demonic possession, because theyíre constantly abusing alcohol. Alcohol in itself isnít bad in moderation, but when you become an alcoholic, are always drinking and become drunk, thatís abusing moderation. This gives doorways for Satan and his demons to come in and possess people.  Not just through
drugs and alcohol, but through any sin that you donít ask forgiveness for. Anyway, I just want to talk about ways that demons can take over human bodies to possess them and giving them the ability to operate in earth in human form. Most people think this is Hollywood. Hollywood gets their ideasÖtheyíve been looking ahead into the future for a long time and coming
up with these ideasÖthese truths and revealing it. People think its science fiction and donít pay attention to it. I want to highlight some areas tonight about it.

In particular to zombies. Zombies are reanimated human bodies. A person has died and their body is brought back to life without his soul in it. The body is possessed by a demonic being that what appears to be life to this personís body. Youíll see a lot of movies in regards to zombies. The only way to kill these zombies really, is to cut off their heads. That was one of
the reasons David cut off the head of Goliath. So Goliath couldnít be reanimated. So a demonic being couldnít jump into Goliathís body, bring him back to life and operate through him. He cut off his head. Thatís the way you kill a zombie and stop bodies from being reanimated by demonic beings.

Another aspect is through vampires. There are two levels of vampirism. The first level is the introductory level where initiates begin to drink blood and show an interest in vampirism. People attracted to the Gothic underworld or lifestyle are targeted as initiates. The second level in theory is the death of the human to be brought back to life or resurrected as a vampire. In practice, the person is most likelysoul-scalped and instead of dying his soul is taken elsewhere and held prisoner in the astral realm while a demonic being takes over the person's body with the capability of being able to play the role of that person in society.

So what they do; they talk to them, ďWe have to go through this ritual of being brought back to life and resurrected." I donít know how they do it. Either way, they get these gullible humans thinking that this vampirism is real, that they can become immortal, they live forever and go through this ritual of dying resurrected as a vampire. What really happens is they just die,
and then a demon takes over their body and reanimates it and takes over who they are. Who they were. Instead of looking at say your brother or your sister, but itís not them anymore. Their soul is gone. In their place is a demon or an alien being, living, walking, acting through their body. You would know because you would know things are off. Things are strange.
Theyíre not really acting like they did before, but you canít peg it. Things like that. Itís because theyíre using the human body.

Another way is fetal abduction. Taking the soul out of a baby that perhaps isn't even born yet and replacing it with a demonic spirit. Pregnant women who have been abducted by UFOs claim they saw the aliens take the soul out of their unborn baby and replace it with something else. So this is a fetal soul-scalping, where they take the soul of the unborn baby out of that womanís body and put in an alien or demonic host in that babyís body instead. So when that baby is born, itís not even born with a human soul. Itís born with an alien or demonic
host within it. Yeah, some of you arenít real up on this and knowing that Satan can do this, and he does do it.

Another way of satanic control and the way Satan operates his kingdom on earth is through mind fragmentation - also known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). What we call MPDs or DIDs. This kind is usually induced by trauma; this causes the mind to split into fragments. These fragments can be taken over by
demons who can become personalities or individuals within that fragmentation. So basically you just become a prisoner in your own body. This is rampant. Most of you are familiar with the MKULTRA program and these project Monarch programs. Brainwashing, mind control. What people donít get into is all the mind fragmenting that goes on. And they create alters
within them. It usually starts as a child. All the Illuminati familiesÖIíve told you George Bush Jr. are all MPDs. Easily controllable. There are millions and millions that have been involved with this. These people are MPDs. There are so many alters within them that the real person who owns that body is usually shoved in the back and these other demon hosts take
over as that person. A couple celebrities come to mind. Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Justin Timberlake and all these Mickey Mouse kids and celebrities that have been involved. If you just watch their actions, you can pretty much tell. Hollywood has just been inundated with kids who have been abused from a young age and used in the MKULTRA and
Monarch programs. Then there are the other ones who come into celebrity status and then become soul-scalped. So itís kind of a mixture in Hollywood. And several people come to mind.

I donít know what it is; maybe Iím just sympathetic towards astral beings. I donít know. But a lot of times Iíll hear these celebrities reaching out to me wanting help. And itís almost through telepathy or through some kind of astral traveling. I donít know what youíd call it. Some kind of psychic thing. I often feel like some of them are reaching out for my help. Theyíre trapped and they want to know how to get out of it. Very odd. Iíve never talked about that before. It happens a lot anymore. The Lord will have me thinking about a particular person and soon enough Iíll start to get... I donít even know what you call it. Iíll start to feel some kind of psychic intuition; some kind of communication from this person. So itís really weird. Really odd. But I know itís going on. A lot of them are being trapped in their own bodies. You may be looking at a
celebrity, but the real person is locked in their mind and canít come out. Itís very hard to explain. Those of you who have been through it know exactly what Iím talking about.

Itís taken me years to learn this stuff, because I donít come from this kind of a background. So when youíre on the outside looking in, trying to figure out whatís going on, it takes a while to soak in and learn. Itís been slow for me but Iím getting there.

Another aspect is soul-scalping. Outright soul-scalping those who invite demons into them such as people involved with the occult. Youíve got the Great White Brotherhood and these makeshift covens where these kids invite demons into them for power. So you have a lot of people outright who will invite demons into them because they want the power of the demons.
This usually gives a dominant form of possession. What it usually ends up being that people donít realize is an outright soul-scalping. Once you invite Satan to come into you as Christians invite the Holy Spirit to come into themÖ Satanís people invite Satan to dome into them. The Holy Spirit possesses the Lords believer and Satan who posses. Itís a mimicry. And thatís what happens to these people that invite demonsÖdemonic possession, end up being soul-scalped. They lose their soul and die or their souls are entrapped somewhere and something else takes over their body.

Then you have cloning. Cloning has been going on for a long time. Itís much more advanced in technology than we can imagine. They can take a single strand of hair and make a clone of you. I often wonder how many clonesÖI know Iíve been sleeping and have seen beings plucking hair out of my head. I donít know what they were doing with it, but itís happened. I
know a lot of people that could relate to some way of their DNA being taken from them. So cloningÖwe know that Obama and Cheney and Hillary all have clones. Itís just what has been a hidden technology; what they call black technology, but is coming out more and more. Itís so vast. The program is so vast they can clone anybody. Before a mother leaves the
hospital, they take a PKU test on your infant. Most women donít even realize what that is. What they do is take a live sample of that childís DNA. At that point, they can clone your baby. Before you even leave the hospital they have the DNA of your child; your baby. They can make an exact replica of you. This cloning thing is very easy for them to do now and moves me on to the next point which isÖ

Automatons and robotoids, which is what our army has been working on. These mind controlled, chip implanted soldiers. Youíve seen it in Star Wars. Those millions of robotoids. I donít know all the series names, but youíve seen the automatons and the robotoids. At the same time our own military is trying to create the universal soldier. The perfect soldier - half man, half machine. This is another aspect of how Satan can control people. It starts with chip implanting, where they get control of soldiers and then they go from there and turn them into machines. Duplicate them; take their DNA and make others like them.

Itís just a whole area of technology that has been hidden.

Then you have secret societies and the occult - taking oaths of loyalty to Lucifer or the "god of lightĒ which is Free Masonry. Over 60,000 Southern Baptist pastors are admitted Free Masons. When you take a loyalty oath to Satan, which is the first thing you do to get past the first level of masonry, you are giving Satan access to posses you. Most of these pastors may
get hoodwinked into believing itís a ďgood works organization. You help childrenÖĒ Theyíve always worked with fingerprinting and DNA-ing children. The chipping of children. And they would tie it into ďwhat if they were lost?Ē Always were the ones to push the chip implanting of animals with the RFID chips back years ago when that was first starting out. Also the
chipping of kids. And of course they tie it into, ďwhat if they were lost or kidnapped?Ē Just various ways they work. So when you join a secret society or cultÖthatís why the Bible says let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Anything else is unacceptable to Him.

Any false religions and cults that are tied in with trans-meditation, Satan can use them. Buddhism, Hinduism. Any kind of trans-meditation.

Another way that Satan is prowling is attacking people through generational curses

Ancient Arts and Meditation. Blanking out your mind. Anything having to do with paranormal powers. Especially karate. Inviting demonic possession in for more powersÖparanormal powers. Itís all tied in with demons, folks. How do you think people get paranormal powers? Itís though demons. Thatís why Iíve always said if you are being attacked (psychic
assassins and things like that) you can basically cut their legs off by going after the demons that are empowering the humans to have that kind of power. So you can have the
angelís chain and cast the demons that are involved into the abyss. It pretty much causes the physic assassin who is trying to kill you to lose his power against you. There are ways we can fight against them.

Because his kingdom is so vast; people donít recognize all the way he works.

People want to know if we can kill a demon. Demons are spirits. Aliens you can kill. If you get into a fight with an Anak, cut the head of the Anak off so they canít be reanimated. Itís a lot easier to just fill up a water gun with holy Orgone water than to try and rely on bullets. Bullets arenít going to do much. Maybe it will bring them to their knees so you can cut their heads off.
Do a David.

A lot of people are not prepared for whatís coming. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritual. Even as prepared as we think we are, weíre going to be shocked. There are things that are going to shock us. Itís just inevitable. The first time you see a demon, itís shocking.

Itís horrible. Itís shocking every time you see one, theyíre so ugly itís going to take your breath away for a second. Seeing aliens. Seeing their ships arrive. Seeing the charade that Maitreya has coming. Everything is going to be shocking to a lot of people. So we need to prepare for these things ahead of time. Some of itís going to be breathtaking. Spectacular. This
is how the Bible Codes describe it. "Breathtaking". "Spectacular." This is the kind of technology Satan has. Heís going to deceive mankind into believing that his ascended masters are gods coming to earth. You know, we just have to be prepared. And itís coming a lot sooner than most people realize, because this whole chipping implantation program is the
beginning of their agenda.

Now, if you look back to the white horse and the rider with the bow and no arrows (which signifies an unconventional weapon). He goes to war with the world. And this bow signifies the anointing of Yahís people to stand up, get Orgone made and get Orgone out around the world, because itís this Orgone that attacks and destroys Satanís kingdom  in both our dimension and in his. The Lord takes His war on earth as the white horse rider through His Orgone warriors. As He began through us, Satan is beginning his kingdom through the chip implantation of the population.

Theyíve been trying this for years. When we were all born we were chip implanted. But this is a far cry right now. The technologyÖwhen we were born we were given tracking chips. You can deactivate those with neodymium magnets. Wherever you got your booster shots, just put a neodymium magnet on that area for about 8 -12 hours or for a day, depending on how old you are and how long itís been there.  These newer chips are very sophisticated. I hear from people that they are hearing buzzing in their ears and ringing in their ears. Put neodymium magnets on your earlobes for about a day with a Band-Aid. You want the north side against your skin.
Just leave it there for a day to try and deactivate the chip. I donít know if theyíll work against these newer chips, but itís worth a try. So just keep Orgone around you. Keeping it inside and outside of your house. Keep it in your car. We need to be surrounded by Orgone energy. Itís the life force energy of Orgone (ether) that destroys Satan. Itís the same kind of energy
that surrounded the Ark of the Covenant. When the Lord cranked up the energy around the Ark of the Covenant, whenever somebody not authorized or appointed by Him went to touch it they would die. So itís the same kind of energy. Itís a life force energy. The same thing that He has led us to in these last days.

Every time I see Orgone energy in the Bible codes, itís referred to as ancient energy. Itís ancient. Itís nothing new. Itís ancient. It means weíve had it before; we forgot about it. The knowledge of it has been lost over time, but the Lord is bringing it back in the last days. Just as He implemented His last days with the rider of the white horse, Satan is implementing his with this chipping program. Just an interesting parallel, folks. Interesting that those with chip implants will react negatively being in the presence of Orgone. It burns people with chip implants. Interesting. In the Bible codes I see boils a lot. And the Bible talks about believers in Satan breaking out in boils. Itís one of the trumpet judgments where they break out in boils.

The Orgone Is Getting out, but We Need Financial Supporters to Get More Supplies

This Orgone is getting out there. Very apocryphal. It has much more to do with fulfilling Bible prophecy than 99% of the people that listen to this program realize. Just getting the Orgone out there. Weíve still got more work to do with it, but weíve done a lot. What weíve never had are big financial supporters to stand up and back this ministry. So I think itís about time.
And Iím calling people to wake up. Get out of your sleep. Get out of your stupor. Your false religions. Stop supporting the wolves and start putting your money where itís needed and where the Lord really wants it. I donít know how many times Iíve heard from Him. He is angry and frustrated in trying to reach out and wake up the people that were sent here in the last days to be involved with this that have turned their backs on this ministry and have gone to false ones instead. And theyíre building their bunkers and their secret hideouts. And the Lord is going to destroy them. He is going to destroy them. Do you think that Heís blessed them with all those funds to build bunkers in the last days? Heís going to destroy them, because they didnít do with their money what they were supposed to do, which was support this ministry.

We need people with big bucks to stand up and support this ministry so we can get vehicles that we need. So we can get stockpiles of supplies that we need. Especially when they start showing up in thousands, and even before then. By the time they show up weíre going to have to play a lot of catch up to figure out where theyíre at so we can get Orgone in those
areas. We need pipes. Pipes are very expensive. You can go to my website.
Pipe blasters. Bucket blasters - those have a lot of power. They have an immediate impact into the atmosphere. Just go to orgoneblasters.com. Check it out. Because thatís the war we are in in these last days folks. Itís literally us against them.

And thereís not much time left. The Lordís patience is running out. Things should have been much more advanced right now. We should have been seeing this happening now and in the next three months should have been happening back in July. So you can see the delays. Every time I look at the chip implantations and the enforcements of chips, July. The dates of July still show up. So this stuff should have been happening back in July and has thus far been delayed. Right now itís what? November? And theyíre just starting to get it on the roll. So we really donít have too much time. The Lord allows these delays to wake up His people. Itís like Iíve told Him, something has to happen to wake people up. We are working too hard every
day, every week and every month for just the handfulÖthe so few in numbers that are actually ďgetting it.Ē That are actually waking up. Something on a massive scale needs to happen to wake up millions at one time. So thatís been my call to Him. Do something to massively wake up millions of people instead of just the handful here or there we might get every week or
month. Exactly how many people in the last year of total delay have woken up? Was it worth waiting a whole year to keep putting all this stuff off? Look at the numbers. How many are waking up compared to how many are just becoming enemies against us? We are surrounded by wolves! And thatís our own brethren! Thatís not just Satanís kingdom, its our own
brethren coming up against us all the time! You just get tired of it. Itís exhausting. I donít even answer half my emails. Iíve got people whining and complaining that I donít answer my emails. Would you like to see my email box? Iíd rather get emails from Satanists then people that call themselves Christians. Theyíre the worst.

People need to seek the Lord. This ministry isnít about me; this ministry is about HIM. If people would just ask the Most High every day to teach them the truth in all things so that HE could lead them into the truths, then that would be the start. Thatís what this whole ministry is about. Itís about HIM. HE leads His people. He put me on earth to be the leader of His people,
but HE leads all of us. HE is our Boss.

Anyway, Iím going to answer a few questions. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

A lot of people are asking me stuff about numbers. Folks, I just donít get into numbers. People see numbers all the time. Number 44. Number 66. Number 144. And all these different numbers. I donít know.

Questions from down under. Yeah, youíre not going to miss too much in Australia, folks. Because youíve got Pine Gap. Satan may be operating in America as his home base of operations, but their main base program, I guess you could call it, is in Pine Gap, Australia. NASA is just window dressing for the real power that Pine Gap has. Pine Gap, Australia is
definitely a place that needs to be surrounded by a lot of Orgone. And not just on the land itself, but buried so that it saturates deep underneath into the bases there. You want to bury Orgone so it gets down into the earth. Another thing about the Orgone; when the earth rains, it rains Orgone water back down onto the earth.  

Interesting, and I had to laugh; I saw the term
coat dust the other night in the codes. And I was laughing about the red dust that was portrayed in the 1980ís V series that was killing all the aliens as they arrived. We know thatís the Orgone. Interesting that we have Orgone saturated areas. When it rains it will just rain down Orgone water, it effects the dirt of the
earth. It always comes back to the Orgone. It comes back to HIM. It comes back to the rider of the white horse. That bow without an arrow, meaning an unconventional weapon. It always comes back to the Orgone. I donít know why so many people are still asleep on it. There are many, many waking up, and at the same time, we are dwarfed a million to one by people that are still asleep.

Anyway, be back next week. Whatever the Lord leads me to talk about.

Until then everybody, Yah bless.