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November 30, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton



 Obama's Purpose in Creating Loosh/Negative Energy for Satan
and His "Alien" Forces

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night November 30th. If you have a question for the show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking those a little bit later. 

There was no show last week. I sent an announcement out to my lists earlier in the evening. As most of you know, I had to go to the med center and have my leg looked at. Earlier Saturday, my husband had pulled a chip out of my leg and it was just tripling in size. There was a lot of heat coming off the top of it. It was like the whole thing was inflamed. So I went to the med center and got some pain killer. They wanted me to go in the next day to the hospital to get checked for a blood clot. I knew at this point it was some kind of alien attack. I wasnít too hopeful of the doctors finding anythingÖand they didnít. So round 1 went to zero, but Iím out about 400 bucks on it. So that pretty much put me down for the week with a swollen leg. I really couldnít move around that well, although Orgone orders still went out. Iím all caught up on those.  

So I find it amusing. Some people claim that the Lordís people canít be attacked; if they were protected by Him, they wouldnít be attacked. And thatís not true. Anything that happens to us has to be allowed by Him. He has always allowed His saints to be persecuted. In fact, thatís the one thing that has always made us stronger. Persecution.  Most of the disciples and apostles died a horrific death. I donít know how anyone can say that the Lordís people will never be attacked by Satan. Thatís a bunch of hogwash. Job went through a lot of attacks. You can hear the hiss in the entire thing from the beginning. Thatís what made me kindof hesitant about the whole thing. Even bringing it up and letting people know what was going on. You could hear the hiss of Satan in the whole thing. He is always accusing me before the Lord. I see that in the codes. Heís got his accusations. So I could just hear it; him saying to the Most High, ďLet me take her and the rest will be mad at You and abandon You.Ē  You know? It was his lame attempt to assassinate me.  

Some time Saturday night, when I started going through this extreme pain in both of my legs, the Lord had revealed to me that there were 100 physic assassins focused on my assassination and death. Trying to induce a heart attack or stroke and trying to make my death look natural. So I was amused for a few seconds and then in 5 seconds demolished every one of them. I simply send His warrior angels to every one of them. (He told me they were standing in a circle.) And chain and bind every one of them and take them to Him for immediate judgment.  

So I donít know who they think they are dealing with. An amateur here? Iím no amateur. Iíve been dealing with Satan and his kingdom for years and one of the things you learn is warfare; how to counterattack when theyíre on the offensive. True, being on the offense is much more fun; tearing down the strongholds of Satan, which is what we have been doing for years now, getting this earth ready for his arrival.  

You have to work it both ways as a warrior and a believer in the Most High. You have to know how to go on the offense; you have to know how to go on the defense. You have to know which is which. The first thing you have to do is go to Him. ďĒOkay, whatís going on?Ē and have Him reveal to you whatís going on. They lost 100 men in that round and Iím still standingÖwell, limping. But I didnít see one warrior get distressed about it or back down. In fact, I heard from quite a few and I was so pleased. Instead of slowing down the production of Orgone, which was one of their ideas in taking me out, we had some warriors out there getting out some big bucket blasters. So I thought that was amusing. They think just like me, thatís whatís so funny about the whole thing.  

Every time that Satan has attacked me over the last 10 Ė 20 years Iíve gotten him back. I get even. I get back. I put up a website. Thatís why I have 20. Iím on the defense. Iím on the offence. Itís very rare that you can just sit back. When nothing is happening, youíre just too cozy and not looking for the next attack and it just blindsides you. The important thing to note is how to react. So very pleased hearing from warriors that put bucket blasters out. What did he prevent? He slowed me down getting a few orders out this week that were 3 oz blasters. Címon, weíve got bucket blasters out there now! So thatís what I like hearing. Thatís what I enjoy hearing. Itís definitely the bucket blasters that can permeate the air in seconds. The 3 oz and 5 oz blasters that you can make and I sell on my website will probably take a couple of days. Some people say instant success in getting them in the air right away. Other times they can take a couple of days to saturate the atmosphere, but just as powerful. Just as effective. He hates all of it. He hates Orgone energy. Itís a positive ether energy and it drives him nuts.  

Itís the one thing thatís destroying the canopy; this loosh net that theyíve put over the earth. Itís destroying that net. So youíll see them starting early in the mornings. About 5 am youíll see them start chemtrailing way up in the sky. Itís amusing that all of us in the same region can see the same planes chemtrailing because they're so high up. Theyíre trying to repair a breach in that net; that canopy that weíve put in this region. Thatís why youíll see them so active and busy in the mornings. The planes have red flashing lights on them. As the sun begins to rise, theyíll turn the lights off and look like white chemtrail planes. Thatís usually how you can usually tell whatís going on. The difference between alien UFOs and government chemtrail planes, simply by the lights and things theyíre doing.  

Anyway, I have been spending a lot of time in the codes this week, since I canít be on my feet that much. But itís getting better. I am at the point of completely ignoring it and getting my work done. I have things to do. I donít have time to sit around and ďoh, my leg hurts. Its sore.Ē So what? I have work to do. Our time is so limited now. If you could see it, you would almost start counting it. Just a lot of things keep being delayed. They are mad about that. In fact this whole thing with them afflicting my leg and stuff was punishing me in some kind of affliction for their plans having to be delayed. Itís almost amusing. Theyíre blaming me now for their delays? I say bring in on. Iím ready to just get this show on the road.

Either way the whole thing, when you step back and try to look at everything it can be very confusing in the Bible codes, because the war has picked up on both sides between the Orgone warriors and the aliens who are ďcoming to save mankindĒ and they canít even keep their own ships from crashing. The Orgone energy, the ether energy causes them to crash. Just many hundreds of them. I guess if you have those night vision goggles, you can see them crashing at night. Things that you canít see with the naked eye, you can see with night vision goggles. Just very many coming down. I see in the codes all the time that thereís an avalanche. There are many UFOs crashing all the time. Heís losing a lot of his crafts. Very interesting. Eventually he will get here. Eventually the whole thing is going to carry on. 

One of the things that Iíve seen in the codes in regards to it is colonnade-thrilling-thriller-cliffhanger-suspensory. Theyíre going to show up in some kind of a UFO colonnade. Maybe do like a flyover across the country and maybe even around the whole world so that everybody sees this whole entourage of UFOs flying overhead. I donít see any of them hovering over cities, as shown in V. In fact, what I see is very funny whatís going to happen to this column of UFOs. If youíve been a long time listener of this show then you already know what Iím talking about and Iím not going to bring it up, because every time I reveal their plans they just change them. But it should be very interesting when the colonnade shows up.  

Another thing that Iíve been wondering and trying to get more information on is this whole ether energy. Is ether energy just a positive energy or is it a negative energy?  Iíve always assumed it to be positive energy, but itís just another name for loosh or some kind of energy and can also be negative. They are very dependent on Obama to enforce the vaccinations, because they are trying to create loosh. Iím going to talk about what loosh is tonight. What that is is the negative energy. They feed off of loosh. I wrote an article on this a long time ago called The Net Masters. You can read it at sherrytalkradio.com or any one of my websites. Just go to the article section. What theyíre dependent on Obama for is to sicken the population. By sickening the population, itís causing misery and suffering. Even with famines, they cause starvation in other countries. Anything that can cause a slow death. A lot of these vaccinations cause diseases and plagues in people that get them. Then they cause a slow death in these people. They would much prefer a slow death over a fast one, but theyíll take either one. They like them both. Thatís the kind of energy that they're trying to create, because they feed off of that and it makes them stronger. Itís like this energy to them, is what blood is to a vampire. A vampire will suck your blood and is fed and full whatever until their next victim. This loosh energy from suffering people and a sickening population is like a constant source of food for them. Itís like a fuel. A blood to them. It fills them up. It gives them power. So theyíre very dependent on Obama to create this loosh. This negative energy. This sickening of the population. Because thatís what they need to feed off of to arrive. The more fuel they have the more powerful they become, because itís like a fuel to them. They need Obama to keep sickening the population with this.  

I was watching the V show last week. I told you I would keep you up to date on the things Iíve seen in the show. I didnít see the one the week before, but I saw last weeks. I found it amusing that in the show, they show this one part; they find this warehouse. They find that the aliens had manipulated, sabotaged a bunch of cases and batches of the flu shot and vaccine to make some of them contaminated shots. I just had to sit there and think, ďWho do they think theyíre kidding?Ē These shots and vaccines are all from them to begin with. All of them are contaminated. They wanted to make it look like it was a certain batch and ďOh, we got it. We blew it up.Ē Theyíre all from the aliens. In fact, the tie in between Shema, Obama and these vaccines is very clear. They are all working together. We pretty much destroyed Shema. That was another reason why Obama was so angry at the destruction of Shema, because he was so dependent on them just as much as they are dependent on him. They are working together. What weíve managed to do is destroy an entire part of this starship. Iíve talked about that for months on this show; about this star ship they have in the sky Ė this one they wanted to mimic the star of Bethlehem. Weíve had it on fire since October. Possibly September; but it was completely destroyed in October.  

Theyíve been trying to salvage Satanís temple; the part of Satanís temple that was a detachable part of Shema. Even when you look at it, it almost looks like the star is in two halves. There are two halves to it. They are trying to salvage Satanís temple part. I think eventually theyíre going to have to give up on it, because theyíre not going to be able to. Weíve destroyed the entire thing. What I keep seeing in the codes is there is going to be a boom, a fire, a great noise, as Shema crashes to the earth. I havenít seen it in a long time. I really donít know if one of these booms and crashes to the Earth that weíve been reading about online is Shema or not. People always send me information on all these booms going on around the world. I canít tell you if thatís a different starship, Shema or another UFO crashing to earth. A meteor. The media calls them meteors or unknown space junk. Yeah, thatís what it is. Its space junk. Alien space junk. So I donít know if one of these is Shema or has been Shema or is yet to fall, but I havenít seen it in the skies. Iíll go out at night and see one, Iíll think itís a starship and itís Jupiter. Jupiter sets very low to the earth too. You have to be able to distinguish between which are the planets and which ones are alien starships. They set very close to the earth other than Jupiter. Jupiter is easy to spot, because itís right by the Moon. So you can usually tell, the one hanging by the Moon is Jupiter. The rest are these alien starships. They are coming few and far between. One of the things you can see them do it turn a darkish yellow. Once they turn a darkish yellow, they're on fire. Itís just a matter of time once they crash to the earth. And the media is talking about another meteor crashing to earth. And itís these alien starships. These starships are homes to the aliens. I have no idea what they look like inside. In the V show they make it look very massive on the inside. I have no idea.  

I find it interesting that the opening and ending of the V show, they show all these UFOs on the dark side of the Moon. I had heard that before from the astronauts themselves in some kind of eyewitness testimony or whatever, where they talked about a huge ship behind the Moon and another astronaut talked about many ships behind the Moon. So itís really no big surprise that theyíre showing there are all these alien starships on the dark side of the Moon. These will be the ones that are supposedly used with their invasion of Earth.

I know the Orgone is reaching the Moon. I know that for a fact. Itís also reaching Mars. So how many of them can stay in this Orgone saturated atmosphere without falling out and crashing? Maybe itís a lot of these are hidden behind the Moon and crashing to Earth that weíre reading and hearing are meteors. We just have to keep doing what the Lord leads us to do. Getting prepared for their arrival on Earth. Because they are coming. Itís just a matter of time, folks.

I really suggest you read this article I have on my websites called The Net Masters. It talks about this energy; this loosh that they create. Some of the most powerful positions used to help them create this loosh are politicians. I know I focus a lot on religious leaders. Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland. And how they steal the Lordís praises for themselves and to Satan. It all goes back to Satanís rebellion. His rebellion was when he wanted to be worshipped as God. Iíve always sought the Lord on ďhow did he do that? Everybody would know.Ē And they did know that he wasnít God. But how did he steal that praise and want to be worshiped as God?  The Lord has opened my eyes to many different ways they can do that. One of the ingenious ways they do that; he does that, is by changing His Name from Yahweh to a different name. Most people say Yahweh, but it is actually pronounced Yahuah. They changed His name. They changed His name to Jesus and started praising Jesus. Who is Jesus? Yahushua is the Name of the Son of God. In the Greek translation from the Hebrew, to English, they came up with Yahushua to Jesus. And there is no J in the Hebrew language, folks. I love how these people on line say, ďOh itís the Yahweh cult!Ē Itís not a cult; we just have the truth of His real name and thatís what we use. How do you get Jesus? Thatís how Satan steals the praise. You go into a church and start praising the name of Jesus. Who is Jesus? Satan has a demon and general named Jesus. So thatís how he steps in and steals the praise when youíre sitting there praising in churches. His name is Yahuah or Yahushua. You change the name, so everybody is praising this Jesus; this general of Satan. So you see how they do it. Just by changing the name, how slick it is.  

Or you have Copeland or Hinn who are using tongues to put their congregations to sleep. Satanists love the Pentecostal religion, because they can manipulate it the most. Somebody had sent me this DVD on the Toronto church a couple of years ago. I donít remember the name of it. It took all these guys Copeland and Hinn and slowed down their speech so you could actually hear what they were saying when they were speaking in tongues. Tongues is also way they can mask who they worship. Youíll hear them calling out to Ha Satan. Ha Satan Ė sounds Chinese. But they are really calling on Satan. ďHa SatanĒ. And they disguise his name. Or they say ďcome Sat-onĒ. What theyíre doing is calling for his arrival. So while everybody in the churches are praising the name of Jesus instead of Yahushua, and doing all this stuff and speaking in tongues. These leaders like Hinn and Copeland are up there calling on Satan to arrive. Itís all very deceptive.  

Iíve told you guys, get out of religion. Get out of religion and get into Him. All these Mormons, Muslims and everybody else send me these emails thinking they are in the one religion thatís not deceived. Theyíre all deceived. They are all deceived. You know what? The Lord is not in religion today. He says to come to Him direct. Weíre to ask Him for the truth in all things. You talk about the church of Laodicea? Thatís exactly where weíre at. He is standing on the outside of these churches. He is not part of them today. He has told me they are not His churches. Theyíre not His churches. Anyway, thatís just another aspect of how they work in religion.

How they work in politics is a huge ball game of creating loosh energy. Especially when you think of what Obama is doing today and why they are so dependent on him to create this negative energy so they can feed off it, get more power and arrive to earth and have more power. If you look at his healthcare bill; that will produce a ton of loosh energy for them. It almost guarantees there will be a lot of suffering and anger. Human emotions like anger and suffering and despair Ė thatís what they feed off of. Not just death. They feed off of human emotions; the bad ones. They donít want you happy. They donít want you at peace. Thatís why the Lord says perfect love casts out fear, because then youíre at peace and they canít feed off of you. They canít feed off of the Lordís people that are at peace in Him. There is no negative energy there. They have to go find it somewhere else. Obamaís healthcare bill is full of that; guaranteeing the death of millions of the elderly. And the whole type of bill that it is, the survival of the fittest, is exactly what that is. You have to decide who is going to receive healthcare and who isnít. Youíve got politicians deciding who is going to get healthcare and who isnít. The rest are just going to suffer and die. So thatís a huge loosh creation for them.  

Also with enforced vaccines. Right now, just stupid people standing in lines for this vaccine. Somebody had sent out a link of 70 or so people that had adverse reactions to the vaccines. One of the things that struck me as I was reading through those, was it confirmed what the Most High had told me about it back when we started making up flyers, trying to get them out and reach as many people as we could to say no to the vaccines and not get them. Everyone of themÖif you read it, were saying the same thing. ďI knew not go get it. My gut feeling was not to get it, but I did it anyway.Ē Thatís exactly what He told me. That His Spirit reaches out to every person. If they ignore His Voice, which these people are calling their ďgut feelingĒ. If they ignore Him theyíre accountable to Him. They are ignoring Him, because thatís His Spirit reaching out to Him saying do not get that vaccine. And these women are saying I knew not to get it, but got it anyway, because they got bullied. They let doctors bully and intimidate them into getting these vaccines. Guess what? Itís not the doctorís fault. He is doing his job for Satan. Itís your job to say no. Itís your job to find your backbone, your two feet, look at a doctor and say ďshove that thing up your butt!Ē You donít have to take that vaccine. Walk out! Donít be bullied and intimidated by a bunch of Satan freaks. ďOh, but heís a nice doctor. Iíve known him for years.Ē  Yeah, and now you just killed your baby because you wouldnít listen. And most likely yourself in a few years, because all these vaccines have death a time things listed on them. Almost like a time sequence type thing, where eventually you will start getting sick, and it will start creating all that suffering and sickness and negative loosh they want before it finally just kills you.  

Another thing that creates loosh for them are these chip implants. So anybody who becomes susceptible to these chip implants can become inflicted by them. Iíve told you and Iíve talked about how they have chip guns and just shoot people with chips. I donít know how they got a chip in the back of my leg, but they did. Thatís what they do. Theyíll try to get you; sabotage you with a chip. The Lord will awaken you to that. He kindof showed us where it was and got it out of my leg. Sometimes itís of no fault of our own. Other times it is a fault of your own. If you go and get these vaccines; these flu shots and the Lord has already told you not to, you are going to reap what you sow.  Definitely a big push in the Obama loosh bill. Also enforcing chip implantation on the entire population eventually. It (the bill) has a section in it talking about enforced chip implantation.  

Another thing coming up, possibly in January. January or March or early Spring. I mean early Spring Ė March or April, right when it starts to get warm out. Depends on which area you are in. On the East Coast, itís usually March when it starts to get spring-like. Either in January or March they are going to make an announcement how the government is out of money and bankrupt. I know Iím not the only person talking about that. There are other people on the internet bringing that up. I donít expect that announcement until after Christmas. Theyíre not going to ruin the shopping holiday for all these pagans. Expect that to come shortly after Christmas some time. Between January and MarchÖJanuary and April an announcement that the government is broke. I told you last year in September that the gold was gone and the government was broke. Itís been hanging on by printing money out of paper in thin air and acting like nothing is wrong. So this has been held off for a while now. Itís no surprise to everybody how broke the government is. When it becomes a reality, there is going to an uproar in this society. In America. When they tell you, Yeah, weíre broke. Weíve been telling you weíre broke, but nobody takes it seriously because life goes on. When the unemployment checks stop. When Social Security stops. When Welfare checks stop. When all kinds of payments from the government stop, then people will realize that the government it broke. Then theyíll take them for what theyíve been saying. The government is already telling you theyíre broke by all these bailouts. Theyíre broke. Where are they getting the money? Theyíre broke. But itís going to hit reality sooner or later, early next year. Thatís when weíll start huge chaos and uproar in society, possibly causing martial law. When people donít have their money coming in, they're just going to take to the streets and start destroying property. They canít handle a team winning a championship. What are you going to do when these mass of people when they no longer have a Welfare check? The first thing to erupt will be these inner cities. And also with all the issues people are going to be facing that are collecting unemployment checks, their homes will be foreclosed on, unless the government does something to stop it. I wouldnít expect that. Also the elderly dependent on Social Security to survive. No checks anymore from that. Everybody who has worked the last 40 Ė 50 years and getting ready to retire; all of a sudden they canít retire because they donít have a retirement. Itís gone. The government has spent it; wasted it. So itís going to be a huge uproar when the money stops. It could come early next year. Also look for famines. I half expected it to take place this year, and it has around the world, not necessarily America, but when it does hit America, itís going to hit hard and at the wrong time. At a time when everybody is in an uproar because they canít pay bills and afford to eat. There is no money. There is no more food stamps. There are no more Welfare checks. There is no more unemployment. There is no more help, because the government is broke. This whole system is going to collapse. Another thing to prepare for, folks. Especially if youíre in one of the groups I just mentioned.  If didnít get another dime from the government tomorrow, what kindof a pot would you be in? So you need to get ready for that.  

Just another thing to watch out for is the death clouds from Obama. I was going to talk about that last week. How he is targeting the population with clouds of death. They are clouds of poison. Many people have talked about seeing them. I have never seen one. People talk about seeing these black clouds. Iíve seen in the codes where there are death clouds. Just another part to where he can inflict suffering and death on the population. Youíll see them more and more as this Ashtar Command; this Maitreya and Sananda, this being that calls himself Jesus, Sananda Esu Emanuel. He has several names. As they start to come, youíre going to see more negative loosh being created here because they need to feed off of that. So youíre going to see death. Youíre going to see misery, suffering and all of these things taking place because they need to feed off of that to arrive. It gives them power. At the same time as their arrival, the earth is going to be in chaos. Itís going to be in chaos. So, just something to watch for. And like I said, most likely January, right in the wintertime or early spring, just a lot of things coming about. If we just look for their ďweíre going to arrive soon.Ē Theyíve been saying that for 10 years. You have to look at the extenuating circumstances and the things theyíre going to cause. They come as mankindís saviors, so obviously there is a lot of chaos going on at that time. They cause it. They need it to be here. They need it to feed off of. They need it to empower them. So they could never get rid of all the death, destruction and suffering here because thatís what they need to survive. Iíve always warned about how they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Thatís just another example. So just a heads up on that.  

And another thing is to keep Orgone in your areas. What it does is keeps that negative loosh out of your area. It effectively attacks them and puts them on the defensive in coming towards your area, because there is positive ether energy there that destroys them. Itís a two way war, folks. They are creating a war against us, and the believers with their ears and eyes open are creating a war against them, themselves as the Lord leads us to do. Very interesting that more and more about Orgone is getting out there. The problem is is that people push them to these pagan sites that are making the wrong kind of Orgone. Orgone is an energy and can be made in several different ways. You can make it negative. You can make it positive. If you want to destroy chemtrails in your area, combat evil and negative entities and energy, then the Orgone we have on our website and also teach you how to make is the Orgone you need to be making. You can go to orgoneblasters.com or Orgonewarriors.com. We not only have the instructions on how to make the Orgone, there is a You Tube video that shows you how to make your own Orgone. And itís very simple to make.  

I wanted to give a heads up on something that someone sent me in the mail, I got it today. Itís from one of my warriors over in Michigan. Again I want to thank everybody who supports this ministry. We couldnít be on the air week to week or have the websites up or do what we are doing without your support, so I thank all of you who are supporting this ministry and this end time army that the Lord is putting together to fight against Satan and his hordes that are coming together. Interesting that he picked up the red dust that Iíve been talking about in the codes. The positive Orgone ether energy that we make poisons the dust to these alien beings that are coming. In the first V series in the 1980ís, they feature red dust. And as soon as they come into contact with red dust it kills them. I talked about how that was from Orgone. One of my listeners gave me a heads up that the red dust is nanoparticles from copper. I know that the aliens hate copper. Iíve never figured out why they hate copper, but have always known that. We definitely have copper coils in our blasters. One of the main ingredients is a copper coil. And here its nanoparticles from the copper that creates this red dust. As Orgone saturates the air and saturates the clouds, as it rains it pours it right back down onto earth and it contaminates the dust.  

It goes back to the Orgone that weíre making. Itís going to be the one thing that destroys them when they arrive. Interesting, somebody else picking up some info on that; not just the copper itself, but the crystals are very important to the whole makeup of what Orgone is. Using clear crystals inside the copper coil.  This is an ancient energy and all very basic and easy to make. The one thing that the Lord has given us in these last days to empower ourselves and protect our families and our areas. I know so many people are sayng ďwell, weíre going to be raptured.Ē Or ďthe Lord will protect us.Ē What they canít get is, that is how He is protecting us. He is telling us how to armor ourselves and how to protect ourselves and people arenít listening. Theyíre blocked. They wonít listen. They wonít see it. They wonít ask Him about it. They attack us, but they wonít ask Him about it because He would get them busy on this immediately, like He has all of His people who do seek Him for the truth in all things and how to protect ourselves in the coming days. Not just prayer and knowing spiritual warfare, but getting out there and doing things to protect ourselves. Itís our works and our exploits in the last days. David talks about the last dayís people and the exploits against Satan and his kingdom. And this is part of that. Just very interesting that some of the info that people pick up, because I donít understand all the tech stuff, I just do it because He told me to. I was making it and throwing it out there before I even understood what it was. I just had faith in Him. He told me to do it, I said Ok and got busy. Then everybody started asking me the scientific stuff about it and I was like, Huh? So the Lord sends us scientific people to me to answer. I pass that on, because Iím just more of a doer. He says to do it, I do it. I donít ask questions. Then I have to backtrack, ďokay, why do I have to do this?Ē  Iím not a doubting Thomas. I know when itís Him speaking and leading me to do something. I just do it. Iím not a doubting Thomas.  

Anyway, for all the doubting Thomas out there, there is a lot of scientific information. You can start with Wilhelm Reich. Interestingly enough, it was Reich who said that positive Orgone energy would cause UFOs to crash. We were causing them to crash a long time before I heard that Wilhelm Reich had that on his website. So very interesting that we just got busy doing it and had faith in what He was saying. And the confirmations come later. Thatís how it usually works with me. I usually get confirmations later, after Iíve just done something in faith; stepped out in faith and said, ďOkay, Iíll go out on another limb.Ē I kindof live my life on the limb. Thatís where itís been and usually is, and probably not going to change anytime soon. Itís just part of relationship building with Him; knowing when He is speaking and talking to you and when youíre being led by Him and knowing the difference.

I hear from a lot of people who think they are being led by Him and they come up with this crazy stuff. The Lord does not speak to our heads. He does not download files into our heads. Gabriel is not visiting you at night, giving you instructions. I hear from so many people that are being visited by nighttime angels. You know what? The Most High is the God of the day. Who is the god of the night? Lucifer. People need to realize that and wake up. They are being deceived. So many donít want to hear it, because theyíve built up illusions that they are being visited by an angel from heaven. Next time you get an angel in your bedroom at night claiming to be Gabriel, ask the Lord to send His warrior angel, if thatís not the real Gabriel, chain him up and send him to the abyss.  See how fast that angel disappears. People just need to test the spirits. If that was a real angel, then the Lord is not going to bother him. If itís a deceiver, then ask Him to send His warrior angels to chain him and cast him into the abyss. How much simple is it? When the Lord told me that I had 100 physic assassins in a circle focusing on killing me last Saturday night, it took me 5 seconds to send His warrior angels to chain every one of them and take them to Him for immediate judgment. It took about 5 seconds, folks. It doesnít take long to just ask the Lord. It just doesnít. Itís very easy. Some people just donít. They want to drown in their illusions. A lot of people you just canít reach. A lot of people will just be left here because they are drowning in illusions. The army of 144,000 is found without guile. They are found without witchcrafts. They arenít talking to fake angels every night and communing with the dead and everything else.  

Iím going to get into some questions. If you have a question for the show, you can send them to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com . Iíll answer a few.  

Question from a listener: Obama ordered 1 million US troops to prepare for civil war. What do you think of that?

I donít know what the article states, but it probably goes in line with what I just said. They are going to declare they are bankrupt and there is going to be total chaos when all the payments from the government to the American citizens stop. All the unemployment, food stamps, any kind of money. Social Security. Everything just stops.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, do you have any info on Project Enoch 2012? 

I have no idea. I do know that people confuse Enochís. Cain had a son called Enoch. Noah had a grandson called Enoch. There were two different Enochís. You could give me a little heads up on what this project is. There are things I see going on that I donít know what the project names are. Maybe that fits with something I already know but donít know the project name.  

Comment from a listener: The local new for the Detroit area recently covered an alien cow mutilation right on the Mexican border. They said police are investigating. Do you think this is the beginning where the mainstream becomes more involved in the lizard program out in the open. I have never heard of mainstream news covering much of these sightings, abductions etc. 

They could be trying to break it to people more. More and more disclosure that we are being ďvisited by outer space beingsĒ, because Obama is supposed to make some kind of announcement; that theyíre going to have disclosure. ďWe have some alien friendsĒ and all that garbage. Friends donít abduct you. They donít use your for breeding experiments. They donít mutilate your animals. I think theyíve already found that a lot of these cow mutilations are just government doing it, trying to make it look like itís from UFOs and aliens. Itís like there are two programs along the lines of each other. Aliens who do actually mutilate, and the military who mimic the aliens and try to mutilate. Then you have UFOs that actually do put in crop circles. Then you have military satellites that do the same thing. Itís like there is a side by side program running alongside the aliens, where our militaries try to mimic everything the aliens are doing so there are always questions of authenticity. Whatís happening? Who is doing it? Who is really doing it? ďWell, I saw the military doing it. I saw the aliens doing it.Ē  People are not quite sure who it is and why they do it that way. Bringing it more and more into mainstream focus perhaps?  But it has been going on down at that border for years. If youíve ever been down there at the New Mexico Ė Colorado border, there is nothing down there. Itís all cow fields I guess you could say. There is not much civilization anywhere down there. Just that one highway. I wouldnít want to be on that at night. I drove it from Colorado Springs all the way through New Mexico to Taos, New Mexico. Itís a long drive on just a little two lane highway in the middle of nothing. Yeah, you could expect a lot of strange things to happen down there. I drove through an area in New Mexico that said Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers in This Area. I wasnít going to stick around that area, so I too, off flying. That was a speed trap. Who cares? Youíre in the middle of a desert. Youíre amongst no civilization and they give you a ticket for going over the speed limit. Give me a break. I was going like 80 or 90 in a 75 and there was nothing there. I was trying to make a silent entrance into Taos. By the time I got to Taos, all the government knew I was there. That hotel was just full of agents coming in all night long. So we had a lot of company the whole time I was in Taos. I was on a road trip last year and wrote about it. Road trip 2005. Maybe that was 2006. Time just flies. 

Very interesting because how much longer can they cover up all these UFOs crashing and the fact that Maitreya and them will be arriving and they need all this loosh to empower them and fuel them. So we need a sickening population and death and destruction and all these things to happen, to empower them as a fuel. Thatís why it seems like so much hits the fan at once. It has to. There has to be a lot of loosh energy in the air for Satan and his kingdom to feed off of that empowers them to be here.  

Iím going to wrap it up for tonightÖbe back next week. Iím going to do a lot more code work this week. For right now, the only thing I keep seeing is how mad they are about the Orgone and trying to slow down the production of Orgone, which means we need to get more Orgone out there because itís pissing them off so much. And just waitingÖthe next move will basically be theirs, to arrive here on Earth.  

In the meanwhile, stay away from the vaccinations. Stay away from anything that creates loosh for them and gives them power. And weíll just be waiting for them to arrive.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless.