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December 7, 2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton


                                    Arrival Month Plans of The New Age

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night December 7th, 2009. If you have a question for the show,
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The Lord Can See What's Coming. Put Him in Charge of Preparing You for It.

Interesting this month. Iíve been noticing today, watching on the Weather Channel, they are really getting
hammered with snow out in the western states. Keep it out there. Weíve kindof got a nice little reprieve here
in Ohio. Usually weíre the ones drowning in snow right now. Its kindof nice not having it. These are the times.
If you had listened to me three years ago when I was warning everybody in the wintertime to stock up on
heaters, little electric heaters and some back up heat sources. For two years the Lord had that on my mind to
warn His people. When He tells me something, it doesnít necessarily mean that it always pertains to
everybody, because people live in different areas; different parts of the country and different countries around
the world. If you feel something hit your spirit, then that means He is talking to you. When it doesnít make
sense a year earlier, it doesnít mean He isnít warning you ahead of time.

Remember the Lord does not live in linear time. He can see things that are coming towards us and try to
warn His people accordingly. He always gives us plenty of time. Thatís one thing that weíve had on our side
the last couple of years. Weíve had time. When He says time is out, somehow we end up with a little bit more
time. Remember He doesnít live in linear time. He sees things coming as urgent or as very close or soon and
lets us know and warns us the best He can. Now when He says that time is out, then thatís it, because He will
know when out is out; when itís over. Thatís coming up close. Heís been warning us for years.

If youíve been following Him, trying to prepare on our own for the things that are coming, we canít do it. We
always get bogged down with bills and saying, ďLord, I donít have time. I donít have money to stock up on this
stuff and everything I need.Ē  If you put Him in charge of it and say, ďOkay, You take charge. Tell me what to
buy and when and provide for me to do thatĒ, youíll notice that over time, your little stockpile gets really big.
He will tell you what to get and when and where. It might not make sense at the time, but then youíve got it, got
it thrown in your stockpile and you donít have to worry about it. He is one of the best teachers, leaders,
examples we could have, and rightfully so. Most people try to do things on their own and get bogged down by
their own self defeatist mentality because of the positions they are in, the situations they are in. You just have
to give it all to Him, folks.

Maitreya and Company Have Plans to Arrive on Christmas Day

December 25th Ė coming up as interesting as usual. Itís one of their biggest highlights of the year; I guess
you could say, is when Maitreya and the whole New Age agenda really wants to shine. The Christian crowd
has always celebrated it as the Lordís birthday. Christ-mass. Itís just a pagan holiday. The Lord has nothing
to do with it. He was born back in September.

I get so tired of all these Christian arguments, ďOh  itís the Lordís birthday.Ē They send all these emails
around. The government threatening to take Christ out of Christmas. They should! He has nothing to do with
that holiday. He hates it. Itís a total pagan holiday. They are celebrating the birth of the sun god Mithra. Mithra
throughout the ages; the sun god has always been worshiped from Babylonian times. Ancient times. And still
today. So while you are out celebrating and decorating your little Christmas trees that Jeremiah warned
about and said was pagan, then you go and you satisfy the commercial gods by spending all your money on
their commercial products. Your priorities are all out of whack, because food is going to run out. Thereís
going to be a forced famine. Yeah, enjoy that new car while youíre starving to death. Peopleís priorities are
so messed up. Itís just another pagan day, folks. So thatís a reason that one of their favorite days to come.
Christmas. So they defiantly do have a plan of arriving on Christmas day and announcing their arrival.  So I
decided to look it up in the codes and see what the Bible codes had to reveal about it. What I found was that
December 25 and January 6 are mirror dates. They are almost the same dates. So if something doesnít
happen on December 25th, it could happen on January 6th, is what that means by that.

Maitreya's Shema Star Is Shrinking According to the Bible Codes

This whole Shema star Iíve been talking about for years now. Weíve been slowly chipping away at it,
destroying it with our Orgone. Chunks of it are falling to the earth the past year. Very noticeably. The media is
calling it meteorites. The military shutting down, classifying information about these meteorites.  What I have
found is that, and I told you back in October that we were credited with destroying Shema back in October.
Thatís when we first started noticing that the Shema star was turning a darkish yellow, was catching on fire.
After that chunks of it just hitting earth in various areas around the world. Youíre hearing booms and seeing
flashes of light. Theyíre just calling it space junk and it is. Itís their own Shema. So what Iíve seen in the codes
is that itís shrinking. Of course I had to laugh; there are chunks of it falling off constantly. So there is no way
that theyíre going to be able to use this Shema star.

If you had seen this thing two years ago. It was so noticeable. I donít know how we just go on with our
everyday lives and never notice whatís going on in the sky. It was so low to the horizon. It was just this huge,
brilliant star. Just brilliant white. It looked like 10 million GE light bulbs all stuck together. Just a huge
apparatus in the sky mimicking a star. Very low to the earth, about 30-33 degrees above horizon. Every night
at around sunset it would pop out, sit there and I would stare at it thinking, ďwhat is that thing?Ē Finally I
learned what it was. This Shema star. This New Age star. Maitreyaís star. Itís supposed to be the star that
heralds his arrival. So Iím thinking, ďOh really!?Ē So much for us warriors. We call ourselves believers in the
Lord or warriors for the Lord and he is doing something as brazen and arrogant as that; as putting this huge
star in the sky to announce his arrival, Satanís arrival to earth? Iím thinking ďWhat can we do to destroy it?Ē
Now thereís the mind of a warrior. There is the mind of someone who really loves the Lord. You donít want to
sit around watch Satan come to Earth and do nothing.

We had already made a lot of headway with just the Orgone pucks that we had around the country and
around the world at the time. A more powerful way to get Orgone into the atmosphere was a pipe blaster. So
I made my first pipe blaster according to the way that He was leading me to do it and started pointing it at
that star every night. I noticed that the ones around it were turning yellow. Not the Shema star, but the lesser
ones around it; other alien starships turning yellow, then all of a sudden start crashing from the sky. And Iím
thinking, ďwow this really works!Ē  Thatís when I put it on the website and started encouraging everybody else
to get pipe blasters out. Now itís just a common phenomenon of watching these stars up in the sky at night
turning yellow. Youíll see them turn a bright yellow, then a dark yellow, and then they just crash. They
disappear. You donít see them anymore. Itís these alien ships. Orgone isnít going to bother a real star. But
there are so many in our night skies that arenít. Theyíre just alien starships.

Weíve been at war with them for a long time. Now that theyíre getting ready and have delayed their plans for
all these months and years. You know how they are. By the time they get ready to go ahead and implement
their plans, thereís not going to be a Shema. Slowly the Orgone has been able to reach that star and start
destroying it. So this once huge brilliantly lit white star that used to sit in the lower half of the atmosphere is
now yellow and half the size it used to be, because itís falling apart in chunks of fire to the Earth. Itís very
amusing. If they do come that route, fine. Knowing that weíve put that much dent into their program makes me

The Lord Is Reaching Out to People and Warning Them Not to Get the Flu Vaccine

I know weíve been able to hurt and damage and even kill and destroy tens of thousands of their forces. This
Orgone burns them. It kills them. Just very many of them are dying, which has caused a lot of retaliation on
their part towards us here on Earth. They retaliate in different ways that most people donít see coming. This
whole vaccine program is one of their retaliations. Last week I talked about how on V they had discovered a
contaminated shipment of vaccines and destroyed the building and blah, blah, blah. Stopped it from reaching
man. RightÖYou know theyíre the ones behind the chipping program. Theyíre the ones working with Obama.
So theyíre all contaminated. Theyíre not sparing mankind from any. They didnít get rid of the evil ones. Put it
that way. All the vaccines are contaminated, so weíve been warning for months to stay away from the
vaccines; that the 666 chip is in them. Itís just up to people to listen.

How many people have you read online that didnít listen to that instinct, that gut feeling that gut voice that was
the Lord reaching out to them, telling them not to do it and went out and did it? Now theyíre sorry. ďI knew not
to get that, now Iím sick.Ē You hear all this stuff from these people I just have no pity for them. I started to a
couple of months ago. It can really mess you up. It could really make you upset to know that all these people
are going to die. All these people that are getting this Satan chip inside of them through these vaccines. And
you just donít feel like you can do enough to warn everybody and wake everybody up. The Lord kindof took
that off my shoulders and all of our shoulders. HE reaches out to them. We just confirm to them what He has
been trying to reach them. HE is trying to reach them. Itís not that we canít do anything. We canít do anything
on our own. Itís up to Him. Itís always Him. What we can do is reconfirm to other people, handing out fliers
Say No to the H1N1 Vaccine. We just confirm to them what He has already told them, which was not to get it.
All we can try to do is wake them up through a back door I guess you could say, because heís already hitting
peopleís spirits not to get it and theyíre just not listening. To them itís their gut instinct. Itís their intuition or
whatever, because theyí havenít taken the time to build a relationship with Him to realize when He is
speaking to them. To know itís the Lord speaking to them and not a gut instinct or intuition. Itís the Lord
speaking to them.

Thatís why He said, narrow is the gate.  Narrow is the gate. So many people have all the head knowledge in
the world and think they can explain things away with all their wisdom. When they want to know something
they go to their friends who they think are full of wisdom. Itís just the blind leading the blind. No one is seeking

What have I been saying for six years now? Ask the Lord for the truth in all things daily. Seek Him for the truth.
Go to Him direct. Donít go to your friends; theyíre as dumb as you are. Go to the Lord. Go to Him direct.

Maitreya's Arrival Plans Include Lecturing

Anyway, part of their arrival plans (if they should so arrive) and when. If itís this year, I donít know. But I do feel
compelled to warn you because it is December, and it is hot month for them, as it is every year. Last year
was the same, as the year the before was the same. They are on their websites and their forum boards,
pounding to their followers that they are coming soon; that they are arriving, as they do every year at this time
as well. I have to prepare you. If I didnít warn you and give you a heads up, I wouldnít be doing my job.

Part of their arrival plans folks, is to lecture. Lecture, lecture, lecture. Theyíre going to be lecturing. This
Maitreya is going to arrive to Earth (if he gets here) If he manages to get through our Orgone barriers and our
walls and escapes fire and destruction on his way down. Iím seeing that they have to leave Shema. I thought
they had already left it. The ones who havenít are going to have to. Itís just a fireball up there. Shema is gone.
Itís just a fireball. You can go out at night and look up in the sky and still see it. Itís dark yellow. The thing is on
fire. So they are going to have to leave this thing.

I find it interesting; the Bible codes have various terms for UFOs. It will refer to them as aerodromes or air
hostess. What I find the most interesting is that when it refers to Maitreya coming out of Shema and coming
to Earth, it always refers to that as a covered basket. I canít figure that one out. Maybe itís because the
aerodromes that are made of some kind of aluminum that the Orgone melts and messes with their guidance
systems or whatever. Iím not a pilot. Iím not a scientist. But they melt and they crash. Perhaps that why he
comes down in some kind of covered basket. I donít know what that is. I donít know. Maybe itís going to
mimic a UFO, but is not made of aluminum, but itís some kind of Mylar basket material? I donít know.
[coughing] This whole night Iím going to have trouble breathing. I can tell that already. I get to talking and canít

Angels Can and Do Procreate, Despite What the Churches Want You to Think

Anyway heís going to come down in a covered basket, and heís going to have about 200 or more. I see 200
a lot. I think thatís just the main ascended fellow master freaks that are all coming together. There could be up
to 200 of them. Now remember at Mount Hermon, years and years and years ago, when the angels first fell.
Enoch talks about this. How many were there? There were 200. 200 angels met on Mount Hermon and made
a pact that they would leave Heaven and come to Earth to procreate and mingle with human women. It was
kind of like, if you do it, Iíll do it. Okay, weíll do it together. Weíll all leave Heaven. As their planning this, they
didnít think the Lord was seeing this?! Enoch talks about it. I have it on my website
sherryshriner.com. On the
left hand side, I have a
link to the book of Enoch.

It was 200 generals of the Lordís armyís. When they fell, now these were military leaders, captains, officers.
They might have had tens of thousands of troops underneath them. So we really have no idea how many fell
total, but the ones who led it off were 200. So interesting that now in their arrival back to Earth and judgment.
Some were reserved to judgment. Some were judged immediately.

During this time over the many centuries aliens procreate. They do have means of procreation despite what
the churches want you to think. Angels can procreate. Some canít. People have to realize that there are many
ranks and divisions of angels and most of them can, and they do, and they have.

Thatís why we have all these so called aliens in our atmosphere, because itís the offspring of all these fallen
angels from over the centuries. Weíve got 6,000 years of angels falling from Heaven. They can fall today.
Noah said they fell before the flood and after. A lot of these alien beings; there are so many different types,
because they are from different seed. Lilith has a bunch up there in aerospace; in the heavenlies. Lilithís
children. Then you just have the angels themselves procreating and going on and on and on. Thatís why itís
just so odd when you think about it, because I donít know how long they live. I donít know what theirÖyou
knowÖtheir life expectancy is or whatever. Ours is like 80 years? 100? I donít know what theirs is. These
children of the angels who fell have had children and theyíve had children. They live in societies.  They are
taught from the time they are born what their parents and their teachers and their philosophers...They have
whole kingdoms and societies like we do, just elsewhere, where they raise these offspring children and they
become grown up aliens and we have Nephilim and Anak and all these different types. So they believe what
they have been taught since they were born, just like you believe what you have been taught since you were
born. Your parents told you what to believe about the Lord and the Bible. So thatís how a lot of these kids are.
These aliens. Thatís why they really believe what they talk about, because theyíve heard it their entire lives.
They're told that we are wrong and that our society is just under a huge deception and they are going to right
all of our wrongs.

The Lord Will Lead You to Where the Real Information Is - KJV Sabotaged

Itís just like these Illuminati kids that grow up in these serpent seed families. Theyíre taught from a very young
age that Christianity is a farce; a deception. And that Islam is a deception. Everything is a deception. Theyíre
taken to the Vatican and showed parts and chunks of scripture that havenít been put into the official KJV. And
how they sabotaged the KJV and all this stuff.

You know what? It reminds me of what Enoch said. He wrote 365 books and I think we have two of them. He
said over the ages when his works are translated, thereís going to be meanings lost and things are going to
be reworded that shouldnít have been. But no matter how many errors from translations, the original
message would still be there. And thatís the way that I look at the KJV. No matter how much the Illuminati
thinks they have sabotaged the word of God, the message is still there. The message of salvation and
repentance and redemption. They canít change any of that. They can change the little facts. They can throw
their little Paul in there to lead Christianity astray, which it has big time.

But you know what? Itís one of the first things the Lord says as He is walking the Earth in Matthew; that He is
the door. To knock on the door. He would teach us. We donít need to be sitting in these churchdumbs for
2,000 years now. This apostate age which the church calls the church age. Itís really the apostate age,
because once the last apostle died which was John in about 75 A.D. the deceptions started coming in.  
One of the biggest things I had was just wanting to go back at the very beginning of what we call Christianity,
and learn what the apostles and what Yahushua really taught compared to what the churches teach today. It
will blow your mind. Itís nothing what the churches teach is today. The message is there Ė redemption,
salvation and repentance. If youíve got that, youíve got it right. There are so many things. The Law was never
done away with. The dietary laws were never done away with. A lot of the Torah Law still stands.

So one of the things the churches cannot explain, so they ignore it, is that during the Millennial Reign when
the Lord comes back and reestablishes His Kingdom on Earth, guess what weíre doing? Weíre celebrating
the feasts. Weíre honoring the Laws of the Torah. Why would it be done away with for 2,000 years of
apostate Christianity? Why would it be done away with during that time and the Lord reinstate it during the
millennial reign? He never did away with it. The churches did. Thatís why itís an apostate age. The churches
changed Sabbath from the seventh day to the first day of the week. Then they decided to negate the Laws
because Paul says they arenít necessary. They always use Paul. He was the greatest infiltrator of Christianity
and has led so many astray. So many times when you start getting into the faults of beliefs today and the
apostasy and the errors, you can attribute 99% of them to Paul. Very interesting. Thatís why Iíve said not to
read his books. And his scribes as well. They all left him eventually. You donít read that in the KJV. You donít
read that Timothy, and Luke and Mark all left Paul because they realized what a psychopath and a liar he
was. You donít read about James and Peter excommunicating Paul from the church. You donít read about
Paul trying to kill Peter by throwing him down the stairs of the tabernacle.

There are a lot of things youíre not going to read in the KJV. Very interesting that when you pray and ask the
Lord for the truth in all things, the kind of information He is going to lead you to. Where the real information is
and what it is. Itís like He says, everybody has a little bit of the truth, but most people just have plain errors. A
little bit here, this truth over there. A little here. A little there. Itís almost like a jigsaw puzzle just finding all the
pieces of the truth and putting them together in that final puzzle. Thatís just something everybody is at a
different level of doing. Itís a journey. Itís a process. But He will lead you to it. And He will lead you into being
able to put the puzzle together.

Anyway, back to the lectures. One of the things Iíve been seeing in the Bible codes is that they are going to
lecture our nation on the cosmos.[laughs] Yeah, theyíre going to tell us all about what is really going on in
space. You know, like NASA does. NASA has their own version of our outer space and keep everybody in
the dark about whatís really true. Even the distance and the size of the moon is nothing but a big lie from
NASA. They lie about everything. These guys are going to be no different, most people wonít know they are
plain lying because they donít have the information they have about space. They can make up anything they
want to and claim it is the truth.

The Bible Codes Refer to Our Nation's Capital as Animals; a Circus

Another thing I found interesting; the Bible codes always refer to our nationís capital as animals. A circus.
Most of Congress, and Iíve said this before, half of them at least are just what the Bible codes call animals.
Animals is just another term for alien beings. I told you most of Congress has been soul-scalped. You look at
Hillary Clinton and Al gore. Dick Cheney. Dick Rumsfeld. George Bush Sr. His wife. George W. Bushís wife.
These are all these lizards and all these beings just masquerading in human bodies. Theyíve taken over the
bodies of the humans that were there. These lizards have taken over their bodies by soul-scalping. The
original Dick Cheney is dead and gone. The original Hillary is gone. They just take over their bodies. They
live through these peopleís bodies so that we donít notice that our politicians and our government and our
church leaders have been invaded and taken over by aliens. When we look at Benny Hinnís and George
Bushís and Barack Obamaís, we see humans; but theyíre really not humans. And thatís one of the things that
television is trying to get across to people, which I find amusing. Iíve been saying this stuff for ten years and
people just think Iím nuts. When somebody else says it, its starts to have a little bit more truth to them.
Whatever. Theyíre going to find out that things are an illusion. People that you thought were human are lizards
and different alien types of entities and beings that have taken over human bodies.

Our whole society is a faÁade. When you look at a lot of these celebrities. A lot of these top religious figures.
A lot of top economicÖThey control the top of everything in our societies. Thatís why itís going to be pure
chaos. They control religion, politics, entertainment and anything else. So we have been invaded. Iíve talked
about the silent invasion and itís already here.

So the last thing on their plan is to actually have a huge arrival; a huge contact with mankind type of thing.
Theyíre only going to do that when they totally completely own and control mankind. They already have that
aspect; being dominant in all of our worldís governments, politics, religions and entertainment. Theyíve
already got that aspect under control. So really, the only thing left for them to do is arrive. When they do,
theyíre going to come as religious leaders, tell us what weíve done wrong, how weíve misinterpreted our
religions. How weíve done it all wrong and theyíre going to right all of our wrongs. So they're going to be
doing a lot of lecturing.

One of the things I have seen is their appearance in Tel Aviv, Israel. I donít know if they are going to arrive in
D.C. They were initially supposed to, but they are really suffering in D.C. [laughs] D.C. to them, weíve
destroyed it, because we have so much Orgone there that it is totally burning and boiling them in D.C. So this
is why Iíve been seeing in the codes where Maitreya is going to move his capital. D.C. has been their capital
for a long time. Theyíve been working through our politicians, owning and controlling the whole thing behind
the scenes. Talk about a shadow government; itís these guys. Not this Iron Mountain facility in Virginia. Its
Maitreya. Itís the council. The Illuminati Council thatís above them. The Ashtar Command. Maitreya, Sananda
and all these guys are the ones who have been leading the Illuminati families around like puppets on a string
all this time. Interesting.

New York City Ė I know we have a lot of Orgone there, but you can never have enough for New York City.
Itís just so huge. Iíve never been led there by the Lord personally to cover New York City. The Manhattan area
most specifically needs work/needed work. Wall Street. The Hudson River. Getting Orgone all over that
place. When you target places like Times Square, youíre doing it just to piss them off. Orgone is such an
offensive and defensive weapon that when you go out to your own areas and own neighborhoods, towns and
cities you are protecting your people from the aliens that are coming. When you go to their playgrounds, like I
took off to Dulce Base. I took off to many places around this country. Los Alamos just to piss them off. Dulce,
just to piss them off and perhaps free the captives that are there. Many, many humans held captive in a lot of
these underground bases. So you can go on both an offensive and defensive type thing, from where you are
protecting your areas in your own bread baskets in your own states that produce food. Try and protect those
areas. And just going to where they hang out so you can piss them off and destroy them at their own homes.
Itís been both things in the war against them.

Washington D.C. is deadly to them now. So I see them moving the capital. I donít know if this is going to be
literal or something that takes place. Maitreya just says, I canít take D.C. Weíre going to Tel Aviv or wherever
it is they are going to move their capital. Obama is in the same boat. Obama canít take D.C. Iíve been
laughing for months how he needs a get out of D.C. card, Heís always on an airplane going somewhere. He
canít live there. It burns him. Very amusing. Either way, they are going to be lecturing to Congress and
everybody else when they arrive. Getting on our national television as ďgodsĒ. Supposed gods, I should say.
Telling everybody how great they are and how wrong we are, and what they can do to help mankind. Like Iíve
warned, they speak out of both sides of their mouths and will be destroying us at the same time they claim
that theyíre ďhelpingĒ us.

The New Age "Phoenix Journals" Now Called "The Talmud of Jammanuel"

One of the interesting thingsÖI read it years ago. So itís been a long time since I read their publications. The
New Agers and Maitreya and Sananda Esu and all them - the Ashtar Command. They have a series of
booklets called The Phoenix Journals. I actually did sit through and read every one of them a couple of years
ago. I know I took notes somewhere and donít even know what I called them on my computer. I need to go
through all that again and find it. The only reason I mention it is because you need to know what kind of
garbage theyíre going to be spitting out when they come here. Theyíve changed it from the Phoenix Journals
to calling it The Talmud of Jammanuel

If you go to fourwinds10.com and scroll all the way down to the bottom of their main page, youíre going to see
a link to the The Talmud of Jammanuel.

What they say this is is that itís the original teachings of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel of 2000 years ago, as
recorded by Esu Immanuel's disciple, scribe and closest friend, Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 disciples. This
is the same thing as the Phoenix Journals. They just changed the name from The Phoenix Journals to The
Talmud of Jammanuel. They really elevate Judas Iscariot as just one of the greatest friends of the Lord.
[laughs] Anybody from the churches realizes what a joke that is, because it was Judas Iscariot who betrayed
Yahushua to the Roman soldiers, who then captured Him and the Lord went on to allow all this so He could
give His life up on the cross to redeem mankind. Judas has always been known as the betrayer. He was the
one who betrayed Jesus. In the New Age world, Judas was unjustly persecuted and really the Lordís best
friend. And they rewrite the Bible. They do throughout all their writings, their journals.

You might want to start getting a heads up and please recognize it for the garbage that it is. Please do that.
At least have that discernment. If you donít have that much discernment, donít read it and donít send me your
emails. Iím not going to answer your millions of questions because you have no discernment. I just want you
to know. Give you a heads up on the garbage theyíll be coming out with so you can get an idea. You know?
They have this whole thing that Jesus/Yahushua never died, that he went to India. Then you get into this whole
garbage routine where he married Mary Magdalene and had children and all that garbage stuff. This is part
of what all their teachings are. They have him going to India.

Interesting itís what Iíve told you about on Earth; Shambhala, the rainbow city located somewhere in India
where all these Aryans are. Thatís what they refer to themselves as. Thatís what the Bible codes calls them.
Aryans. All these ascended masters and teachers that live in this mystical city under the earth called
Shambhala. Itís a real city. Itís just interesting that theyíre trying to tie in Yahushua the Word of God to this
same Jesus Jammanuel Sananda. He has a million names. Just a heads up on that theyíre going to go
through a lot of that. A lot of these teachings that Judas transcribed or penned. And it is blasphemous
material. Itís pure garbage. Itís pure junk. And itís exactly what they're going to be spewing for days when they
arrive. Just a heads up on that.

Satan's Plan to Implement "God's" Kingdom on Earth

Theyíre not only going to rewrite our history and rewrite our religions, where weíre headed. Theyíre going to
deal with the past and right all of our wrongs from the past, according to them. Then theyíre going to bring us
to the present and why everything is going now. And have politicians arrested for show, because ďtheyíre
evilĒ. Theyíre the ďevil onesĒ. Iíve warned you how theyíre playing the good cop/bad cop routine when they
come. So theyíre going to have the bad guys arrested and dealt with and all this. Then they're going to try and
attempt to take us into a new future. This is the Aquarian age that actually started last year in 2008. The
2,000 year Pieces age/Christian age was over and we entered into the Aquarian age last year.

This is where theyíre going to try and implement godís kingdom here on earth, which you will see a lot of
dominion theologies heading into this direction. To where he comes and we help him create his kingdom
here on Earth. Itís always been a farce, because the Lord is going to destroy this Earth. When Yahushua
does arrive, He is coming to destroy the Earth. He is coming to destroy all the wicked and His enemies. Heís
not coming to rebuild His kingdom. Heís coming to destroy the Earth, destroy His enemies. Thereís going to
be a judgment of the sheep and the goats. He is going to then
re-establish rule on Earth, but this is AFTER all of the wicked are destroyed. So dominion theology has
many, many holes, but itís what Satan is using so when these ascended masters arrive everybody that is
stuck in these religions right now in building the Lordís kingdom here on Earth, can relate to what they are
saying. Then they automatically become their little helpers in establishing Satanís idea of establishing
Heaven on Earth.

So part of that will be this whole fifth dimension. I have an article at my website
The Lies of the Fifth
Satan wants to turn our atmosphere and our Earth into a fifth dimension, trying to escape
accountability, trying to escape the clock from ticking, because he knows his judgment is coming. It could be
another reason why they are so hesitant to arrive. They know that when they arrive Satan only has 42 months.
I donít know if they know that Satan only has 42 months, but Satan knows. Satan knows. He knows his time is
coming and he is doing everything he can to try and stop it, because he really believes that he can. So he has
all of these societies and kingdoms that fall under his jurisdiction and reign throughout our solar system
working with him in helping to recreate Earth and put it back into a Garden of Eden, pre-judgment type of
Earth. Interesting. Anyway, thatís what heís going to be doing. Lecturing and then moving on. Dealing with the
past, bringing it to the present and then try to carry on with this phony future for mankind here on Earth.

Satan Marries People to Himself through the Microchips They Get through Their Shots

Amongst all of this is his chipping programs. One of the things that Iíve seen that is so unsettling in the codes
in regards to these chipping programs is that itís his way of betrothing the people on Earth to himself. He
marries the people on Earth to himself and builds his bride on Earth through the chips. So once these people
get his beast chip in them, they become his.

Iíve warned you for years that he controls his kingdom by chip implants. He is not omniscient or omnipresent,
or any of the things that the real Most High God is. So he makes that up through technology. He doesnít run
his kingdom on love; he runs it on fear and intimidation. Even those people who have been able to escape
growing up in Satanic homes with Satanist families or Illuminati families, itís all run by fear, intimidation and
promises of fame, fortune, wealth and power. Empty promises. Most promises are never kept. Thatís how he
runs his kingdom. Technology is a big part of that. Even Maitreya that comes, this clone of Cain, he is chip
implanted. This Esu Sananda thatís coming; he is chip implanted. All of them. The entire Ashtar Command
council and every one of the forces; they are all chip implanted. When they come to Earth, their biggest thing
is going to be to chip implant every human being on this Earth. That chip marries you to Satan. He can
control you through that chip. Just imagine every person on the planet and off the planet (all these alien
forces) everybody is controlled by a mainframe computer somewhere. He can just type in their number or
name, it goes directly to the chip that is in that being or person and every kind of signal or command can be
sent directly to that person through that chip implant that they have. Thatís how he controls them. Thatís how
he runs it. And thatís what the Lord warns about and why weíve been spending so much time admonishing
people to stay away from the vaccines and shots, because this is how they are implementing their chipping

I know even when I was born back in í65, Iíll reveal my age here a little bit, we were given chips before we
even left the hospital back then. If youíve been born since 1940Ö 1950, you were chip implanted by the time
you left the hospital. The kind of chips they had were tracking chips where they could locate you. There is
nothing you can do about that; you were a baby. As we move on now into these end times which we are in
now, the chips are much more sophisticated and he can literally soul-scalp you and take you over now with
these chip implants. He can even shut you down. He can type in your name in and get the number of your
chip, type that in and kill you instantly.

What show was that? Hardwired? Thereís a movie out called hardwired that reveals this information. I havenít
seen it, but found it interesting that every time I start to talk about something, somebody sends me a movie
where they already exposed the information. I get all my information from the Most High and what I see in the
Bible codes, and then Hollywood is always coinciding everything. In Hardwired, this chip implanted guy with a
brain implant. They decide to kill him, and I guess in the movie they blow up his head. They press it in the
computer and blow up his head. Thatís exactly what itís going to be like. Stop thinking that everything is just
gory fiction. Most of it is coming reality. Most of it is truth.

You want to know why there is such a big push on zombie movies? Because thereís your neighbors and
families in about 10 years. All zombies.  Thatís what it does to them. When humans die, Satanís kingdom
thatís coming to earth when the veil is lifted, and everybody will be able to see aliens and demonic beings for
what they are, these demonic beings are going to want bodies. So when your neighbors die, and people
down the street and around the world start dying from famines, plagues, wars and things like that, their
bodies will be taken over by these demonic beings. So thatís why they are reanimated. Thatís what zombies
are Ė reanimated humans. Reanimated DEAD humans, I should say, because the real soul, the real spirit of
that person is gone. So you have a demon or an alien taking over that dead humanís body and bringing it
back to life so that they have a body to live in to work with. Very true. Itís very true.

How do you kill a zombie? You cut off its head. You cut off its head. Donít worry about being an ace shot
being able to shoot it between the eyes, that ainít going to kill it. You arenít going to kill that zombie unless
you cut its head off. I find it interesting thereís a reason why David cut off the head of Goliath. Did you ever
wonder why David cut of the head of Goliath? It was so Goliaths body couldnít be reanimated and brought
back to life. Just huge parallels from back then to today of the things that are coming.

To Understand the End of Days, We Have to Know the Beginning

The Lord has always said if we want to understand what is going to happen at the end of days, then we have
to know the beginning. We have to know the beginning. Most of us still canít even grasp the beginning. I wish I
had more info. I wish I had tons of more info on exactly what was going on in the Garden of Eden when Adam
and Eve were created. Thatís always had my interest. You know? I know Cisco Wheeler has some
information on it. I could talk to her for hours. Iíve asked her to write some stuff for my websites on exactly
what it is. Weíve talked on the phone for hours. She has a lot of information. I would love to have it on my
website so other people could read what she has to say about the times of the Garden of Eden.

Yeah, we still need to grasp the information thatís around us now that most people canít even grasp. Most
people canít even grasp the simple concept of what aliens and demons are and how everything started and
what the truth is. The bits here and there and everywhere are. How to chew the grass and spit out the hay and
know which is which. Most people canít even get the basics. Anyway, just a heads up on whatís coming.

Maitreya Could Arrive December 25th or January 6th

They very well could arrive on December 25th or January 6th. They could arrive. If they do, their assignation
attempt against me didnít work. Iíll be here, unless the Lord gets me out of here. Iím still looking to see which
route will happen. If we will be here to watch Satan arrive, or we will be taken shortly before he arrives. I donít
know which on it is. The 144,000 will be taken off the Earth for a short time and then returned. I donít know if
that going to be before he arrives or after he arrives. But thatís the route. If Iím still here, Iíll be here to mediate
when these guys arrive. Iíve been sitting here for six years talking about them. When they arrive, it wonít be
any different. Iíll probably move to a daily broadcast instead of a weekly broadcast, if thatís the route it would

They are having so many problems with the Orgone in this country of America, because weíve got it
saturated and it kills them, it destroys them, it bothers them, it agitates them, it annoys them, it causes
necrosis, it plagues them with leprosy. It causes all kinds of things. Iím seeing in the codes that theyíre
actually going to move their capitol, which is D.C. Theyíre going to move it and it will become something else.
Probably Tel Aviv, and start their charades somewhere else. America is going to become an abomination to
them, because itís full of Orgone. Itís full of a righteous ether energy that they canít handle because they are
evil, wicked beings.  

So it should get interesting. I almost wanted to see them just arrive in D.C., put on their little fake show. But I
guess weíll have to wait and see what happens; what they actually do. In the codes I can see that their
entrance is blocked. Then in other routes you can see that they actually do arrive. But whatever they're
planning, the Lord is going to have monkey wrenches thrown in. Itís not going be everything and go the way
theyíve been planning all these years. So itís going to get interesting.

Prepare for Cold Weather, Plagues, No Food, Shortages, Stores Closing, Dollar Crashing

Either way, brace up for cold temperatures. Be prepared for really cold temperatures, because the cold in the
air kindof alleviates the burning of the Orgone in the air. The Orgone is saturating our atmosphere and
burning them, so they are chilling our atmosphere to cool that burning down. Thatís why you see Al Gore
running all over the place on his carbon credits thing and climategate and global warming. There really is no
global warming. Itís a warming and a heating that humans canít feel because itís a righteous energy. But what
happens is this energy becomes like a firebomb to aliens and lizard beings and these reptilians. It burns
them. Thatís why they have come up with carbon-climate gate. Itís actually carbon gate. Trying to counter act
and make a counter defensive against our Orgone against them. Itís not going to work. Thatís what theyíre
doing. One of the effects is chilling the atmosphere to stop what itís doing to them; its burning them. So weíre
going to have a cold winter. Many places as they start playing with their weather weapons, trying to chill the
atmosphere, it can cause the cause and effect that happens to other countries, other parts of countries and
around the world as a result of them using these weather weapons to manipulate the weather in the
atmosphere, weíre going to have to deal with the cause and effects of that.

So just be prepared. Listen to the Lord. If He tells you to get away from a coast, get away from it. If He tells
you to buy a heater, buy a heater. Whatever. Just do it. Just do it.

Watch out for sickness, plagues and famines coming out of nowhere. Shortages. Stores closing. No food.
Look for the dollar to crash in January. Just a lot of things coming up. Just seek Him.

Wreaking Havoc on Satan's Plans with Just a Handful of Yah's Warriors and Believers

I know there are warriors and believers in the Most High all around this world. This radio show is global. I hit
over 160 countries that listen to this radio show. I find it amusing that I donít have the numbers like Alex
Jones, where 10 million a month listen, but I can tell you that 160 countries do. There are warriors in 160
countries listening to this show. Even if itís just a handful or tens of thousands, not even compared to the
millions that the other hosts or whoever will get.., ours are the most powerful.

Look what has been done by just a handful of people. We have destroyed Satanís arrival. Weíve sabotaged
his appearance when he comes here. Weíve effectively gone to war to stop about everything he planned to
do, or has to change it or sabotaged it. That what the Lord spoke about to David spoke about. There would
be exploits in the last days. The Lordís people would stand up and do exploits. This is part of it. Thatís what it

Very interesting that this could all be coming to a head soon or just be dragged out. Dragged out until the
spring, summer, whatever. Dragged out again because they simply canít act out because they are
malfunctioning. They do malfunction. They are chip implanted and their chips malfunction. The Orgone is just
wreaking havoc across the board with these beings, just wreaking havoc in every possible way.

Iím not going to have time for questions tonight. Iíll get to those next week. Iím not sure what Iíll speak about.
Iíll probably give you some more information on what they have planned. But the next two months look really
interesting. At this time of the year, it always does. January and March and May; you go from January and
then into the spring months, if they keep delaying things. And of course things are delayed because of the
wars behind the scenes taking place between the Orgone warriors and the effects it has on his kingdom and
what heís planning to do, wanting to do and then canít do. [laughs]

Itís amusing, but weíre winning. Just pat yourselves on the back with that. Everybody out there thatís getting
Orgone in their areas, making it, buying it putting it in your yards, your neighborhoods, your cities, your towns,
your deserts, breadbaskets, and in our water; we are making a difference because we are taking back
America from being a stronghold of Satanís.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.