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December 14, 2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton

Maitreya Crashing To Earth...Obama in Limbo...the New Age Agenda in Disarray

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night December 14th, 2009. If you have a question for the show
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Stargate Type Openings in Norway and China - Possibly Caused by Hadron Collider?

I just wanted to get into some things tonight that Iím seeing and whatís going on. You know, thereís just so
much going on that we donít see. Itís almost amusing to watch all their media flip flops.

A lot of interest this week in a spectacle in Norway. You know, I keep seeing all these different Ö You see
these crashes everywhere. You Tubes of meteorites crashing to earth. Of course they're not meteorites, but
UFO star ships and chunks of Shema falling to the Earth on fire. Now weíre starting to see these almost
computer generated stargate type openings, like the one in Norway. Then you have the one in China. So you
half wonder if the Hadron Collider has anything to do with those computer generations, because they could be
stargate openings of some kind, but obviously also computer enhanced. Everything they do is going to be
Hollywood productions, computer enhancements. Make everything look like its other worldly, out of this world,
paranormal super manifestation type things.

Itís going to be very good. Iíve said that from the start; that their ability to mimic heaven and heavenly things is
going to shock a lot of people. Itís going to be very, very good. And Iíve warned you of that. We havenít seen
anything yet of what theyíre capable of doing. Weíre going to see a lot of fascinating things coming up with all
their technology. They are way, way more advanced than we are, folks. They can do things that we canít even
think of. So itís going to get very interesting.

Satan Cannot Reign Here Directly

One of the things I keep seeing. I was looking in Maitreyaís code the last couple of days. Throughout the years
Iíve been in and out of his codes looking at him. I find it interesting how we are so dominant in his code. Now
why are the Lordís people Ė this little ragtag band of Orgone warriors so dominant in Satanís code? In
Maitreyaís codes? I know that some people think that Maitreya is a frontrunner, a John the Baptist for Satan
that is coming, and all this. But you know what? Satan cannot rule directly on the Earth. He has to rule through
the Antichrist and the False Prophet. So he himself doesnít reign directly. Not if you go according to what the
Bible says. At the end of days, the last of days, the Antichrist and False Prophet are chained by an angel and
cast into the Lake of Fire; and Satan is bound and cast into the abyss for 1,000 years. So they are three
separate beings. Now this doesnít say that Satan cannot take over the body of the Antichrist or the False
Prophet and work through them. But we do have two separate beings Ė the Antichrist and the False Prophet,
according to the Book of Revelation.

The Satanic Animal Factions

Itís been on for years; people trying to peg exactly who these beasts are. The Bible codes always calls them
animals and beasts. You want to talk about a mess? Weíve got bison. Weíve got buffalo. Weíve got bears. Weí
ve got birds. Weíve got every animal you can think of. These signify different factions; different groupings
within Satanís kingdom. Even buffalo and bison which the normal person knows they are monikers for the
same animal, are separate beings in the codes.

The buffalo are these Aryans that are coming. This whole Ashtar Command council. This whole New Age
LaLaLa Land stuff. These are the Aryans. These are the beings coming from Shambhala. The mystical
Rainbow City in the center of the Earth. Also the council above the Earth through Shema.

Satan has a palace in Shema. Theyíve been trying to salvage that, trying to disconnect it from the part of
Shema thatís on fire. Iíve been telling you since September-October that Shema has been on fire. You can
look at it nightly and see the yellow glow off of this thing. Chunks of it have been falling to the Earth off of it. I
pretty much wrote it off by the end of October. Its destroyed, gone; moving on to something else now, even
though itís still kindof hanging there in the sky at about 50% of its once brilliance. It used to be very brilliant in
the night sky. Very low to the Earth. I donít know how people donít see this stuff. They're just stupid. They donít
look. The Lord said to keep your eyes on signs in the skies. He said watch Israel and keep your eyes on the
signs in the skies.

The Lord Divorced Old Israel and Established a New Covenant with Mankind

Another thing I find amusing is that Israel itself is such a term that could be a general term. The Lord divorced
old Israel. The new Israel is all of those who followed Him. Accepted His new covenant. Accepted His
redemption. Thatís the new Israel. You get a lot of these ministries and churches today where they are so stuck
on the old bloodlines and old tribe lines of old Israel. The Lord divorced them and He made a new covenant
with Israel. The new Israel would be anyone who accepts His redemption, receives Him as their Messiah and
walks in His ways. That is the new Israel. The whole 12 tribe bloodline Israel thing was done away with. So you
have to let bygones be bygones and move into the new covenant that He established with mankind.

So many people get stuck on the bloodline thing. I hear from people all the time, ďOh, Iím so afraid that Iím
going to be one of the contaminated bloodlines.Ē Or ďIíve got contaminated serpent seed mixed in my line and
blah, blah, blahÖĒ You know what? After thousands of years of hybridization and interbreeding with mankind, I
doubt there is a true bloodline anywhere. Who knows? And the whole thing is, the Lordís redemption; His
salvation that He offers to us isnít based on what kind of blood you have. Itís not based on your bloodline; itís
based on your heart. Whether you accept Him as your Messiah, or not. So people just need to get rid of the
stinkiní thinking and paranoia. ďOh, I donít qualify. I have serpent seed in my bloodline.Ē Or ďIím former
Illuminati.Ē Or ďMy dad was a SatanistĒ. Or ďMy mother is in New AgeĒ. You know what? Youíve got to put all that
behind you, because we arenít saved by our bloodlines; we are saved by His grace. His salvation is open to
all. Serpent seed or not. Hybrid lines or not. Serpent race or not. It is open to everybody. I just wanted to make
that clear.

Accomplishing Our "assignment" against Maitreya through Orgone

But anyway, as I go off on rabbit trails, what I am finding in Maitreyaís code is that our assignmentÖmy
assignment. I find it interesting that itís so dominant in his code. Our assignmentÖand Iíve been saying this all
along, that we would start a war against his arrival to Earth. Weíve done this through the Orgone. When I asked
the Lord how we could tear down the strongholds of the New World Order and He showed me how to make
this Orgone, thatís really become our dominant weapon in the last 5, 6, 7 years; getting this Orgone around the
world. So I find it interesting that it indeed is the one thing that destroys their coming to Earth. In Maitreyaís
code I see c
rashing Ė killing Ė animal - assignment. Thatís what weíve been doing. Weíve been crashing
his UFOs and starships. Weíve been killing his forces. A lot of times youíll see
animal army which signifies
Maitreyaís forces. Those around them. The other alien factions. Everybody that would be considered part of
their forces, but also with him as well.

The thing about the Norway generation, this computer generation, stargate opening; whatever people want to
call it, is they donít see the crash at the end of it. So what I did at my websites; you can go to
or sherryshriner.com or thewatcherfiles.com. I put both pictures that were predominant on the internet that
day of this portal opening over Norway. Of course Iíve got the one picture on there that shows that there was
indeed something that came out of that, but it was crashing. It was on fire. All you see is a huge orange-yellow
glow right above the treetops, because the thing is heading to Earth. Somebody actually got a picture of it of
something crashing. I see that all the time. When it comes to Maitreya coming to Earth, youíll see the term
crashing and killing. So are we killing his forces and crashing him, or are we killing him too? Thatís one of the
things I have to start thinking about now, because itís so dominant. Itís so dominant that we kill Maitreya.

What would they do? What would they do? If heís been trying to come to Earth since last year and every time
he comes to Earth he hits one of our Orgone barriers, which are all over the world by now. Itís crashing their
ships, making it impossible for them to enter into our atmosphere with their vehicles. So weíve been doing our
job. This is what we were assigned to do. This was our assignment, and weíve been accomplishing it. So he
has been delayed at every turn. At every turn.

Obama, Maitreya's Messenger, Has Nothing to Announce, So...

You go to these New Age websites. They always have their excuses. One in a thousand. One in ten thousand
excuses as to why they havenít arrived yet. Theyíve been trying to!  Theyíve been trying to, and heís been
crashing every time. Crashes to Earth. I donít know if he can die. I donít know if he would just die and get
another body, and thatís why there are so many delays, because he has to get another body. Iím not sure at
this point. I canít tell you. I can tell you that I see in the codes that weíre crashing him. That itís killing him. So

Another term I often see in the codes as well is paraplegic. What if he just arrives and has to take the body he
has and is a paraplegic in a wheelchair? That doesnít go too well for coming to be a god. Coming claiming he
can heal the whole world and he canít heal himself. Itís interesting times. Thatís all I can say.

Weíre really on borrowed time. When you look at the derision thatís going on; Because Obama was set up to
be their messenger and heís doing the things theyíve been directing him to do. This whole vaccination
program was directed by them. The vaccines coming straight from Shema itself down to Earth. They transport
them down here. Now with Shema on fire, theyíre trying to salvage Satanís palace and temple in Shema and
also all the vaccinations that they had ready. So they are busy.

The one thing also is that as their messenger heís got nothing to announce, because they canít get their act
together to get to Earth!  So this is why you are seeing Obama kindof fiddling around and kindof backtracking
and working the Bush agenda and the whole old New World Order agenda, just kindof keeping that going,
because that was another route.

You see, you have the New Age agenda and you have the New World Order agenda. With the rise of Obama
as president, he was supposed to be the announcer to bring in this New Age. So he
canít do that because there is nothing to announce. They keep fiddling and crashing and canít get their plans
together. So now he has to backtrack and heís working the New World Order agenda, keeping that going.

Iíve always told you, Satan has more than one route to come to Earth. He has more than one way, more than
one route. What the basis of my show has always been is to reveal to you what all those routes are so that you
are fully aware of the different possibilities that they can take. I donít just say, ďTheyíre going to do this,Ē but
ďThis is dominant right now.Ē Iíll tell you that. But they have various routes. Satan isnít planning on any one route.
You have this octopus, this whole web thing where all these different roads and avenues finally lead out and
into the center, and the center, of course being his arrival. There are just very many various ways that Satan
can work.

They're Causing Global Cooling because the Orgone Is Burning Them and Their Ships

Eventually they're all going to be cast out of heaven and stuck on Earth. Theyíre going to be captives of Earth.
They are no longer going to be able to leave our atmosphere, because the Lord will pin them here. HE will
keep them here. Thatís coming. Itís looming. I see that in the codes. Their captivity is looming here on Earth. It
hasnít happened quite yet. Theyíre still fighting against the effects of the Orgone. The carbon that it puts in the
air burns them. It burns them. Anybody with a chip implant that gets into contact with Orgone, it burns them.
Also these dimensional spaceships, vehicles and crafts that come intoÖOrgone is dimensional. It will burn
and catch on fire their starships and their spacecrafts, so itís actively working now.

What theyíre doing is chilling the atmosphere to try and chill down the burning effects of Orgone. Thatís why
youíre seeing states in the southwest, states that have never had snow before. Itís probably going to become
quite a world-wide phenomenon; countries all over the world experiencing changes in the weather patterns to
become quite cooler, because theyíre trying to chill the atmosphere. Theyíre chilling the atmosphere. Itís just
one of their countermeasures to try to slow down the effects of this Orgone, so they can get Plan B, C and Dís
going, because their Plan A was demolished. Probably B and C too. So they have to come up with these
different plans.

The New Age Lies of the Fifth Dimensions - Changing DNA, Cleansing Earth, Ascension

Their biggest thing is to deceive mankind into believing they are fifth dimensional beings and that theyíre
coming to Earth to help mankind. A fifth dimensional being would be a heavenly being as opposed to the
fourth dimension, which is Satanís dominion. You think of demons. You think of astral travel. Any kind of
phenomenon going on with Satanís dominion, thatís the fourth dimension. Demonic beings, Satan, HellÖ

So what they want you to believe is that they can magically turn onÖtheir followers anyway. The kindof
garbage they tell them is, they can activate their DNA to where all 12 strands are working. Then somehow
jump completely over or through the fourth dimension and on to the fifth dimension. You know what? The only
way that youíre going to change dimensions on this Earth is to die. Itís to die!  When you are absent from the
body, your spirit leaves your body and you are either in Heaven with the Lord, or in Hell.

Some of you New Agers say, ďWe can astral travel.Ē  I know you can. All this astral traveling stuff, but you are
still stuck in the fourth dimension. That is Satanís dimension. Thatís still the fourth dimension. You arenít astral
traveling into the fifth dimension. They use Venus as a charade to fool people. Theyíve got the planet Venus
set up. I have an article I wrote on this years ago called
The Venus Alien Trap. These near death experiences
where people see Jesus. They see Sananda. They use Venus for that. So they have this whole planet set up to
look like Heaven.
Itís a fake Heaven. Itís a whole false reality they have set up. Thatís all the fourth dimension still. They canít get
near the fifth dimension. All Satan can do is mimic and mock it the best that he can to deceive people.

If you follow New Age rhetoric, the whole thing is about introducing a fifth dimension. Iíve written an article on
that. Itís on my websites called the
The Lies of the 5th Dimension & The Coming Lies of Maitreya. Itís all
about the lies of the whole New Age and the whole fifth dimension rhetoric. They canít jump through the fourth
dimension. Itís a barrier. Itís a barrier. The only way you even get near the fifth dimension is to be dead, first of
all, and then your spirit goes to be with the Lord Himself. Iíll tell you right now; these people arenít on the path to
be taken to the fifth dimension by the Lord and the angels themselves. Theyíre not anywhere near. All they can
do is mimic Heaven somewhere in the fourth dimension (Satanís dominion) and keep going on with these
charades of the New Age that they tell them.

Iíve been warning the New Agerís for years about the dangers of this whole New Age movement and what theyí
ve been doing. It does affect some, but by the sheer fact that their movement keeps growing, at the same time
that more and more leave it, more and more join it because they get all enthralled by all the garbage and the
promises. Itís like something for nothing. And people will never get away from ďif itís too good to be true, it is,Ē
because they still want that hope that itís true. You know? They still want to hang on to this New Age LaLa Land
garbage that itís true. Itís these people that are being affected now, that are going to be affected in the future
by losing their souls. They are going to lose their souls.

Iíve known New Agers over the years and Iíve watched them. They just got started in New Age and they still
think theyíre so cool. Theyíre being channeled. Theyíre being used by these New Age ascended masters,
these aliens and demons posing as masters. They start channeling them and they put up websites and they
establish themselves as Iím a channeler of Maitreya. Iím a channeler of Mother Sekhmet and all these idiots.
What slowly happens to these people is they start giving more and more control of themselves to these
ascended masters. Under the guise of healing and making them into light beings, they soul-scalp them and
destroy them. These people end up with all these health problems and supposedly getting healed and helped
by the ascended masters, because oh they're one of the favoritesÖtheir channeling them. They end up being

When all the stuff theyíve said from direct channeling hasnít happened, because their plans have been
delayed, cancelled and everything else, they just discard them like they're yesterdays candy wrapper, and set
somebody else up that is gullible enough to believe that they want to help them and theyíll set them up to be a
channeler and blah, blah, blah. So they simply discard the old and bring in the new. Then you have new
websites up and new channelerís channeling the ascended masterís garbage. This has been going on for

Most of their messages are the same. The underlying themes of their messages are the same, although
details change all the time. You look at last weekís Norway spectacle. According to them, on that Saturday
December 12th, what was it? 1.7 billion people were supposed to be cleansed or taken off the Earth, or killed
or whatever? It didnít happen, so now what are they saying? What are they rushing to now as an excuse as to
why that didnít happen on December 12th? I can guarantee you that whatever excuse they give, the New Age
is going to buy it. Theyíre going to buy it and believe it, because they are under the control of these New Age
ascended masters. Theyíre under their spell. Itís crazy. But thatís it. They keep buying it over and over and over

So one of the dangerous things about the whole thing is the whole activation of DNA teachings and what they
call Ďthe ascensioní. The ascension in Christianity was the bodily ascending of Christ from Earth to Heaven. So
ascension is one of their biggest teachings where you can ascend from Earth to Heaven. Of course they want
you to think itís the biblical Heaven that we all associate Heaven with, but I guarantee you itís not. It is the
Ďheavení that they have waiting for all these gullible and stupid thatís going to take them straight to Hell. Itís
going to take them straight to Hell. Theyíre going to load up on UFOs, thinking they're going straight to the fifth
dimension or whatever, and the UFOs are going to take them straight to Hell. Straight to Hell. Theyíll be judged
and theyíre in eternity at that point. All they have to do is get people gullible enough to believe them enough.
Have confidence and faith in them enough, to get them to leave Earth. To get on a UFO. Then they have you.
Then they have you!

Obama Is Leading Us into Communism through the Beast Economic Program

All this other stuff like NESARA. Iíve got a couple articles on NESARA on my websites. Nesarasucks.com you
can go to that website. It will tell you the point blank truth about NESARA. Itís just a carrot in the face of billions
of rabbits on Earth. ďHere, let us take over Earth and help your economy.Ē And ďWeíre going to shorten the
work days. Everybodyís going to be rich.Ē Itís Socialism. Itís Communism; where everybody has the same
amount of income, yet everybody is forced to work certain hours and put in community service. Youíll hear all
this garbage coming from Obama. Heís taking it from the NESARA agenda. After all, he is supposed to be the
New Age mouthpiece, he just doesnít have anything to announce, so he chips away a little here, so he keeps
busy on the New World Order agenda in case the New Age one doesnít materialize.

Thatís how NESARA is. It puts people to sleep. Itís their whole restructuring of mankindís global economy to try
and make it into some kind of a global society, like you can think of the one we would have under the Millennial
Reign of Christ. What they call the Ďgolden ageí is a mimicry and mockery of the 1000 year Millennial Reign
that Yahushua when He returns. After He destroys and gets rid of the wicked off the Earth, which will include all
of these New Agers, all of these new world orders, all these globalists. Theyíll be gone. Every one of them.

Interestingly enough, in their doctrines, all of the Christians, the people who dissent against them will be
cleansed and killed off. Only they're doing it through martial law and FEMA camps and vaccination programs
and plagues.

It's a War between Good and Evil. Which Side Are You On?

Itís definitely a war; good between evil. Mankind is pretty much standing at the brink deciding which side you
are going to be on. Are you going to be on the good side or the evil side? Are you going to be on the Most
High Gods side or are you going to be on Satanís side? Satanís side is huge. The majority of people are
there. Every globalist, Satanist, Illuminati.  All these Ďwe worship mother earthí people that really do have good
intentions, but they are so stupid and canít think for themselves and buy all these lies and garbage from the
New Agers. A lot of them arenít evil; theyíre just gullible. All these New Agers. Theyíre not evil, just gullible.
Then you have the outright evil ones. The sociopath illuminists. The globalists.

But they're all branched on one side, folks. You canít separate them. They all follow Lucifer. Sanat Kumara.
And they call him Aton and Archangel Michael and Mother Sekhmet. Theyíre all the same, folks! They are all in
the same playground. Lucifer controls all of them. Satan controls all of them. You can see the little people that
will resist all of that. Itís a minority. Itís a minority. Thatís exactly what the Lord said was going to happen in the
last days. He said when I return to Earth will I find faith on Earth? Where are My people at? The majority have
been swept under the lies of the New Agerís and the new world orderists. InterestingÖor have allowed, set
back and were overcome by these fascist police states and taken to FEMA camps because they were put on

Yeah, itís going to turn into that, folks. Weíre going to have martial law. Weíre going to have FEMA camps.
Weíre going to have roundups. Weíre going to have massive deaths on a global scale.

They're Going to Destroy America because They Can't Have It

One of the things I see in Maitreyaís code is that this radio show is universal. This radio show is being heard in
every country in this world; every island that has a computer. This radio show is global. All these people that I
will never meet. Have never heard from. You can just watch America. Watch the demise and the destruction of
America to know exactly where you are in end time prophecy if youíre not sure where you are, because
America is going to be destroyed.

America is going to completely destroyed, and Iíll tell you why. Itís because ďtheyĒ canít have it. This whole
Illuminati plan from the beginning where America was born and Satan set up America to be his home base,
his home country in the world. Theyíve been working since then with their underground bases, exchanging
technology with our government, abducting our people, experimenting, feeding off of us and everything else.
They have owned America from day one.

And now that push has come to shove, they canít arrive here. They canít arrive here because we have taken it
away from them. Weíve put up Orgone barriers that are blocking them from entering into our atmosphere
without crashing. So they are going to be angry.  They are going to be angry. Satanís initial plans were to rule
the world from America. People say, ďNo, no its IsraelĒ, because thatís where he ends upÖhis initial plans
were to rule from America.

ĎCapitalsí for America are very generic. People think of Washington D. C. as our capital and at other times
New York City is the capital because itís actually the capital behind the capital. New York City is the bankers,
the money, the economy that runs Satanís kingdom and finances it. So we basically do have two capitals here
in America, D.C. and New York City. Satan was going to rule and run from one of those places. The story
being told is that he canít do it now. He canít have America because they canít arrive here without burning. Itís
miserable to them. They canít breathe here. The air to them is contaminated because the Orgone is a positive
energy. Their billion dollar chemtrail program has come to naught because the Orgone can destroy chemtrails
and wipe them out.

So with our little efforts of a ragtag band of warriors over the years, weíve pretty much said, ďYou canít have
America. Youíre not coming here.Ē So Satan is going to be pissed. He is angry. So if they canít have it, theyíre
going to destroy it. They are typical psychopaths. ďWell if we canít have you, no one is.Ē Theyíre going to
destroy America. Itís almost like a tit for tat kind of thing. ďYou hurt us; weíre going to hurt you.Ē But they were
going to hurt us from the beginning.

I mean, how many Americans want to end up in cages, being held there until they can be served as food? They
feed off of people. They feed off the dust of the Earth, and the dust of the Earth are people. Itís part of their
judgment. Thatís why Satan doesnít just leave. You know? Itís like he rebelled against the Lord and was kicked
out of heaven. Then over the years more angels rebelled and got kicked out. He has this huge dominion in
space. Why doesnít he just go, since he is a supposed god and create an earth on his own?  Why doesnít he
create his own earth? Because he doesnít have any power to create! He has the power to create an illusion
and he does it quite well, but he doesnít have his own power to create an Earth to where they can just go and
have their own place. They need ours. So heís always dependent on the Creator, even though he claims he is
the creator. He is a created being, folks. New Agers and all these people and all these occultic groups never
think of this stuff. Why donít you just go and create your own Earth? He canít. He doesnít create. He creates
illusions. So he is stuck here on Earth.  Part of his judgment makes it that way, because he and his entire
dominion is dependent on humans for food. Do you get it now? You canít wander too far away from your food
source, and they donít.

Satan Doesn't Know Everything, so His Forces Do a Lot of Reconnaissance, Spying

Thatís why when you look up in the skies at night and see these UFO starships 30 Ė 33 degrees above
horizon. Theyíre not going anywhere. They mimic stars. They look like stars. A lot of them are turning yellow
and crashing to Earth. Youíve seen these UFOs that do travel around Earth. These little aluminum, helium type
1 and 2 man vehicles. They come from these starships that are above the Earth. Theyíre just vehicles.
Itís like Star Wars. They fly down here, fly around, abduct a few people and go back home.

And they do a lot of reconnaissance, spying. Satan is not omniscient and omnipresent, he doesnít know
everything. They do actually have different classifications and ranks within their own groups and so spying is a
big thing. They fill up their own computer banks, data information centers or whatever of all the legislation that
is going on with the world governments, with politics, with religion, with people. Everything is divided up and
everybody has their own categories on what they have to keep updated and what they have to know. So a lot
of spying goes on that way.

The internet was the easiest thing in the world for them. They gave mankind the internet. Al Gore claims it was
him. It was probably the demon, the lizard that possessed him.   That was the biggest tool, because now they
can spy on everybody from their own starships. They have computers? Yeah, they do. They listen to my radio
show in their starships. It makes you realize how small this universe can actually be, and how our world actually
is. Weíre all tied together. No one is going anywhere. Weíre all tied together. Weíre not leaving Earth, and they
canít leave our atmosphere. You know what? Weíre all stuck together, and now weíre battling it out.

The Lord's People Are Finally Waking Up to How Satan's Infiltrated Politics and Religions

The Lordís people are finally waking up to whatís going on and exactly how Satanís kingdom works and how
heís infiltrated politics and religions. How heís infiltrated our churches and our pastors. Our leaders who we
thought were men of God are actually wolves in sheepís clothing, serving Satanís agenda to lead the
Christians astray. They put the wolves in charge of the hen houses. Then the hens are praising and worshiping
the wolves as their leaders. Thatís exactly what youíve got with churches today. And with so many of them, you
just have ignorant leaders. They go along with the program, not realizing that theyíre part of the problem
instead of waking up and becoming part of the solution. You just have a society thatís imprisoned to this whole
satanic structure. This whole Illuminati structure. This globalist structure. Our entertainment, politics and  
everything about it.

So people are waking up and fighting back. And how can we do that? We do it with the Orgone, because
thatís what destroys them. It contaminates the dust. There is a lot of copper in Orgone, and they hate copper.
And crystals. You look at all of the ingredients; itís what is destroying Satanís kingdom. So people are waking
up every day and getting more and more Orgone out.

To Make Orgone, Get Fiberglass Resin that's Used to Patch Up Holes in Boats, or Cars

In other countries that are waking up and getting involved, I know the one ingredient that throws a lot of people
is the fiberglass resin that we use. I know youíve got boats in your counties, so I know youíve got fiberglass
resin out there, because you have to be able to patch up boats. Fix boat holes and dentsÖwhatever. They use
fiberglass resin to do that. Itís a marine quality fiberglass resin strong enough to patch and fix boats. Thatís
what we use for the Orgone. So you need to find that in your country. What would be used to patch up and fix
holes in boats? Itís a fiberglass resin. I donít know what they would call it in your country, in your language, but
thatís the essence of what you need to find. That is the glue that holds all the ingredients together. I have the
instructions on how to make your own Orgone at

The Orgone Barriers Are Causing Maitreya's Forces to Malfunction and Crash

You know what? Every day from July on has been a blessing. Their arrival plans in July, and then September,
then October, and then December. These are just huge delays and huge cancellations for them. They have
tried to arrive. They have tried; theyíve just crashed to Earth.  

One of the things that I found really amusing this week in the codes was the fact that everything going on right
now is in accordance with what the Bible codes are revealing. Maitreya is trying to arrive and keeps
malfunctioning. The Bible codes call it
malfunctioning Ė crashing. Sherry Shriner is mocking him. Iím
mocking him. The Orgone warriors are calm. Everybody is calm. And Obama is completely pissed off. So you
look at these dominant features in the codes and itís happening right now. Itís happening in real time. I was
pleased to see that everybody is just calm.

Itís like I was telling somebody, when he actually arrives then people will believe it. ďHere we go finally. Itís
finally happening.Ē So right now itís like nobody cares, because he keeps crashing. Itís like, where is he? Donít
tell us that heís coming, heís coming, heís coming.  We want to see him.Ē Meanwhile he keeps trying to come
and keeps crashing. So itís funny.

The Orgone barriers are whatís causing them to malfunction and crash. Theyíre trying to chill the atmosphere.
Chill off all the carbon that Orgone puts into the air. The ether energy. Theyíre trying to counterattack that. The
fact that Orgone is ingenious. That word is still dominant in the codes in regards to the Orgone and the war that
we have against them. Ingenious Ė brilliant. So these things are real time in the codes right now.

We Need $100,000 in Funding to Support the Orgone Missions on a Large Scale, Folks

The other things we can do right now until they get here is to keep getting the Orgone out. What I need from the
Lordís people is $100,000 folks. One hundred thousand dollars. Why? Because I need to buy a big gas
guzzling SUV that can haul pipes and loads of boxes of Orgone. And I need to be able to hit the road as
needed. For those of you who make Orgone and are getting your own areas, you know how expensive the
supplies are. I need to be able to start hoarding up supplies, making pipes, making bucket blasters, making
Orgone ahead of time, so that when he finally finds a way to break through the atmosphere; finds a portal that
will allow him through without crashing his ships. Because eventually itís going to happen. Eventually theyíre
going to find a portal and get through to Earth; that we can chase them. We can go to where they are. We can
plant Orgone and chase them out of the areas they are in. Or I can ship it around the world. Or that I can send
money to warriors located around the world that donít have any and say, buy the supplies and get it in your
countries. We need to be doing a lot of warning and stuff behind the scenes if we are still here when he arrives.
And we canít do that on a zero bank balance. We need funding. We need serious funding.

You know what? It just goes back to the whole thing to day one. The people the Lord sent here on Earth to be
here in the last days to fund this ministry, took off funding others instead. And those ministries are going to
burn, be destroyed and are of no use to the Lord. This was His last dayís ministry right here; the people doing
exploits in the last days fighting against Satan on the front lines. So we need people to stand up. I need to
collect about 100,000 bucks just to get vehicles and supplies that we need and to be able to take off to any
part in the country when they do arrive.

They're Talking about Their First Contact Including 10 Million Ships

Theyíre talking about their first contact including 10 million ships. Now how many of them make it out of 10
million? I think itís going to be amusing. I think weíre going to see a lot of them crash, but a lot of them will get
through. And theyíre going to be angry. They could come firing their beams and missiles at cities around the
world and destroying and coming in anger, because they are angry when they do get here. Satan is angry.
Maitreya is angry. You think they are coming as god beings of light and love?! No, theyíre going to be angry! It
will be much restraint on their part if they donít come firing and shooting.

Itís not necessarily going to be the V, where they just hover above Earth and tell mankind that
theyíre here to help. Theyíre psychopathic beings. They donít have human emotions. Being able to show love
is not part of their nature, but anger and hatred are. Itís totally part of their nature. Itís what they are. It will be
interesting to see the cards they play when they do arrive. And they are going to arrive eventually. There will be
a contact of some kind. I see it more of a confrontation.

Iím not looking to be in some kind of contact with them. Iím 24/7 in confrontation with them. Thatís how every
other warrior on this planet should be as well when they arrive, because they are not coming for the goodness
of mankind. Wake up people! They donít love mankind. They want to destroy and eat mankind.  So we need to
be busy preparing ourselves for their arrivals so that they just crash and burn.

Like I said, eventually the Lord is going to cast Satan to Earth. Heís going to be stuck here. Heís not going to
be able to leave again. Thatís truly when heís going to be on a rampage against the Lord people and all those
who donít like him, have resisted him, resisters against the New World Oder.

This whole charade here on Earth. Heís never going to implement NESARA or any of those other things.
Those are just buzz words to get people to accept him, like him and want him to come to Earth. You know, they
invite him. ďOh, come. Help us on Earth!Ē Those are just buzz words. Heís not going to implement any of that
stuff. He just wants to get his feet in control of Earth and humanity. What he doesnít see coming is the fact that
he will literally be stuck here. He wonít be able to fly off and live away at the same time that heís controlling it. Ití
s going to be very amusing.


Iím going to answer a few questions.

Obama's in Limbo

Iím going to be busy this month watching the skies, seeing whatís going on in the backgrounds, because there
is so much going on and we are at crunchy time. Amusing just watching Obama just struggling, not knowing
exactly what to do, because he canít do his job as messenger of the New Age when they canít get their plans

I Recall a Vision of Lucifer the Dragon...I'm Not Sure What It Meant

Question from a listener: I recall about 12 years ago while in the hospital after a near fatal automobile accident,
a vision of Lucifer the dragon. A huge ugly winged reptile, of green and red and purple scales, who was
glistening and yet imprisoned in a block of clear quartz crystal. Does this make any sense to you? Iím not sure
what it meant.

No, Iím not a dream interpreter. Sometimes our dreams can be symbolic. Thatís why you have to pay attention
to every detail in your dreams. The color of things and what they are doing, because they are symbolic and it
means something. Iíve just never been a dream interpreter.

Could the Appearance of the Norway Portal Be a Sign that Maitreya Has Crashed?

Question from a listener: When I first saw the pictures (referring to the Norway crash pictures), I thought it was
interesting that this portal appeared before Olizards acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize. Could this be a
message that Maitreya has crashed and burned?

I donít know. [laughs] This is somebody elseís interpretation. They were trying to set it up so that when Obama
went. That he was supposed to be recognized as the messiah so that people would correlate his appearance
in Norway with this spectacle in the sky. Interesting they might have to go that route if Maitreya is dead. If he
has crashed and simply canít get the New Age agenda off the ground because of that, that they would simply
just overtake Obamaís body and go that route. Interesting.

Why Pull Out Tiger Wood's Story on Same Day that Obama Accepted Nobel Prize?

Question from a listener: What do you think of the mainstream media pulling out the Tiger Woodís affair story
on the same day that Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize?

Probably just trying to keep down the huge ruckus against it. Why do you give a war time president a peace
prize? The nominations for the Peace Prize were due two weeks I think, even before he took office. You can
tell itís a set up. Coming as a Ďman of peaceí. What they usually do is speak out of both sides of their mouth as
he amps up the war in the Middle East. So I donít know. It was probably just a distraction to try and keep
dissent groups quiet.

Do people really think he is about peace? He started a war with Pakistan and it escalated to Afghanistan.

They are stupid enough too. You know what? There are so many Americans that are waking up. Even the
Democrats that voted him in are finally seeing that heís not doing much for them. They voted him in, and
thought he was going to be this great guy who was going to line all their pockets with gold and silver and make
life generally better for all of them. After seeing that heís really not going to do anythingÖand all the people that
voted him in just because of his promises that he was going to end the war, are finally realizing that he isnít
going to end the war.

We should really have some kind of accountability in American politics where these politicians promise
something, they have to deliver or at least attempt to, or itís an automatic impeachment. We could have a re-
vote and put somebody else in office. They should be forced to have to even attempt to live up to their
campaign promises. In American politics you can say anything you want, then when you get elected based on
lies, you donít have to do anything. Those should be impeachable offenses. People should get to re-vote
another candidate in who will actually try and keep his campaign promises. But we know thatís not going to
happen. Not when you have Satan running your country and both of your party politics. Generally in control and
has everything under wraps.

You can sit here and wait for the FEMA camps to start loading up, and being part of the sheeple being herded
into them, or you can get on your feet and start getting involved with fighting back and tearing down their
strongholds. The way we do that is with the Orgone Blasters.

Itís just amusing out of the billions on Earth, that this little ragtag band of aboutÖI donít knowÖa thousand? A
few thousand Orgone warriors are the only ones who are a real threat to Satan and his agenda. The only ones
that are dominant in his code. Why isnít Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland and the Pope and the churches in
America and Europe and the Catholics and the Protestants? Why arenít any of them dominant in his code as a
threat to him?  Because theyíre not!

Who is the threat? The Orgone warriors. The Orgone warriors. Sherry Shriner and the Orgone warriors. Thatís
his biggest threat, his only threat in the codes other than the Most High God Himself.

I love seeing the correlations about how the leader of this remnant is a direct follower, believer of the Most
High God. I could tell you of the names that they refer to Him as, but that just gives decoders too much ammo. I
do have keys of understanding the codes that no one else will ever have. The Lord wonít give them and Iím not
going to. I wonít tell the names and what to look for. But itís interesting. I love seeing the confirmations over and
over again. The same things that Iíll tell you, the same things that I find in my codes; I can go to Satanís code
and Maitreyaís code and see the same things. Confirmations, one after the other. We are the only ones on
Earth that he is afraid ofÖthat is even beginning to be a threat to him.

Not all Orgone is made the same. Thatís one of his big things too; trying to dispute Orgone. ďYou donít need to
make it with that kind of resin. You donít need to make it with those ingredients. Change it up. Itís not hurting
us.Ē He goes in all these dispute attacks to try to make us change our recipes to make different types of
Orgone. When you take out one element or characteristic of an Orgone blaster, you are no longer making the
Orgone that hurts him. So all he has to do is get all these other pagans and all these other New Age and other
gullible into believing that you can change it. Donít put clear crystals in it. Put something else in. Donít put
copper wire in it, or wind it the other way. Use it with epoxy resin instead of fiberglass resin.Ē  All he has to do
is get you to change a few ingredients, because it totally changes the chemistry, the chemical makeup of that
Orgone. Then you are no longer making the specific type of Orgone that destroys him. So he doesnít care if
you are making Orgone; he only cares if you are making our Orgone. Itís our brand, our recipe, our specific
Orgone that is destroying him and his kingdom. You can learn how to make it for free at
Itís that easy. Itís the only thing thatís destroying him.  

Meanwhile as they are crashing and burning to earth and canít figure out a way to get here, he sits on the
internet and fights against the Orgone warriors as best as he can.

Thatís pretty much what is dominant in the codes right now. Obama is just kindof in limbo between the two
factions right now.   They canít get anything going, so heís having to backtrack and work the New World Order
branch of it. Interesting

Anyway, thatís all Iím going to talk about tonight, folks. Like I said, Iím going to keep up to date with whatís
going on. Signs in the skies, watching the skies. Watch for more of their graphics in the skies, for more of their
crashing in the skies and anything else.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.