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December 21,2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton


                                     Pushing Forward With the Political Agenda

(part of song, then silence) well thatís interesting. Hello everybody. Itís Monday night. Welcome to the show. This is Sherry Talk Radio. A little technical difficulties here. Not real sure whatís going on. Everything just stopped, froze, shut off. And then Steve Vaus popped out of nowhere with
Renegade [laughs] this should be interesting. Iíll tell you what; itís just another day in the life.

If you can hear me, someone give me a heads up. At this point it looks like we are on the air. My controls are dead here. Everything is just gone. They canít shut me up that easy.

Tonight I want to talk about a couple of things.

Satan and His Henchmen Are Not Coming, They're Already Here

Iíve just spent so much time for so long just buried and trying to decipher Bible codes and listening to the Lord and what HE is warning us. You know what, folks? Satan is not coming; he is already here. We keep waiting for his big arrival, his big entrance onto Earth. He is already here. All his henchmen are here. The only thing they are waiting to do is put on their big Disneyland Hollywood display in the sky. Weíve just seen over the last couple of weeks exactly what Iíve been telling you. That all of their stuff is going to malfunction. It is not going to work. Maybe now theyíll see it for themselves. I donít know. Weíve done an effective job, but we need to do a lot more. We need to do a lot more in being able to shut down the atmosphere. Thatís what the Orgone does. The Orgone we make shuts down the atmosphere for Satan to operate in.

I know there is a big push in the New Age circles of different types of Orgone that they make and stuff like that. Folks, that stuff is garbage. Itís going to hurt you. Itís not going to help you. Itís doesnít do the things I say our Orgone does. Orgone is an energy and itís made different ways be different people. Just stick with the Orgone from
OrgoneBlasters.com. The directions are there. You can make your own. Donít add to it. Donít take things out of it. Leave it exactly how it is. Itís very simple. Donít complicate it. Just make it the way it says to make it and keep it that way. That is the Orgone that is destroying the atmosphere against Satan.

You know what? He is angry, heís mad and his war on mankind is commencing. Iíve seen it all the time, but sometimes the Lord just makes things clearer to me as I keep digging at things and getting frustrated and aggravated. Itís a never ending process. My job isnít easy and I have so much to do. Iím Bible decoding can take many, many hours a day. Plus the Orgone. Plus being a mom and a wife. And having to live in this society. I have a lot of work to do. It gets overwhelming. It really does.

Satan Is Already Attacking the Saints, but in Ways We Don't Expect

You know what? When you look at whatís going on with Congress and Obama and all of them, all the countries of the world; right now they are being bullied by the entire alien agenda. They are bullying them. They canít arrive because we keep crashing their vehicles. But that doesnít mean that theyíre not here working behind the scenes, because they are. They are controlling everything behind the scenes. And theyíre bullying our governments to push this legislation that everybody is spending so much time fighting against. Weíve got the RFID chip implants. Weíve got Climategate/Carbongate. Weíve got economies around the world crashing. Youíve got healthcare reform legislation. All of these things are Satanís war against mankind. All of them. So it puts it in perspective when you keep waiting for Satan to come and start attacking the saints when he already is. He is just doing it in ways that we donít expect. Which reminds me of what the Lord told me many years
ago when HE said things will happen in ways you donít expect. So Iíve always tried to expect the unexpected. Iíve always tried to keep an open mind for things I donít expect. I was brought up in the churches. I was indoctrinated in Protestant theology and last dayís prophecy. Just reading and reading and reading the book of Revelation from the time I was nine years old. I have probably read it thousands of times; just the book of Revelation itself. Iíve read the entire Bible front to back many, many, many times. The interesting thing is most of the church leaders today have never read it cover to cover. They graduate from the seminaries and are leading the Lords people in the churches every week and havenít even read it cover to cover, and yet they are know-it-alls. They are know-it-alls.

So very interesting exactly who and what have the most influence over the people today; and the people who should donít. Isnít that the way it always goes? Itís interesting and fitting. Last dayís America is so apostate. The entire world is so apostate; being influenced and affected by everything that comes out of America. Truly are the whore of Babylon. Truly. Every religious errorÖthere are so many around the world anyway. But when people come to look at America, they think they are getting the truth out of the churches today and what we have is a bunch of wolves leading the sheep. They are liars. They are apostate. They are Satanists. They preach in the churches on Sunday, and then on Sunday night they are doing rituals to Satan in the basement of them.

Probably mostly emotionally draining for most people, because they miss Christian companionship, being with other believers and they feel that they are in the wrong for not heading to these beast churches on Sundays. You know what? The Lord always reminds me when the disciples were busy traveling the world and preaching the gospel they werenít in church every Sunday.  They were doing the things the Lord needed them to do and nowhere was it be involved with the synagogue or temple every Sunday. They were that. They were just out all over the world bringing it to the people. Donít get discouraged by that. Many of us are being called out . Lord has called you out of them. Called you away from them. Just go direct to HIM for companionship. Iíve been saying that for years. Go to HIM direct.

Either way, weíre going to see some unexpected bold moves from Congress and our governments. Not just in America, but everywhere, because they arenít in control of themselves anymore. Anyone who is still fighting for control is going to find themselves pretty much flattened out and destroyed. Satanís seed right now is ruling everything behind the scenes. The alien agenda is ruling everything alongside him and they are pushing all of these legislations that weíre seeing. Expect some bold news. The UN announcing that ďokay everything is over. Weíre going into a global governmentÖright nowĒ. Just expect things bold, clear, loud and unexpected. Thatís what is going to be happening.

The Last Part of Satan's Agenda Was to Contact Mankind

The last part of his agenda was to contact mankind. The media conditions you for this. We had the V series for about 6 weeks to amuse us all. Thatís supposed to pick back up in January. I found it interesting that they wanted to get in a few episodes before the new year. Itís very indicative in the codes that they could arrive at any time. Before Christmas. After Christmas. If they are delayed, we go into the springtime. I donít think anybody wants to wait that long, but yeah, it could happen. Itís so dominant for January and February that if they donít come in those two months, we could be looking at May and July and just going through all of this waiting and turmoil that we just went through the past year on. Everything was delayed from last September. Just more and more and more delays. But it should give people time to wake up, because there are so few that have.

Itís hard to put in words, the things I know are coming and the things that I see. Itís hard to put in words sometimes. I know that the Lord is reaching out to a lot of people. A lot of people are having disturbing dreams, disturbing nightmares, disturbing visions. The Lord can use those to get our attention. I donít need to hear everybodyís in emails. I am not a dream interpreter. If you have something you donít understand the first thing you should do when you wake up is to ask HIM what it meant.

I canít help every single person around the world. All these people Iím getting emails from Ė it are good to hear from them, but I canít deal with individual situations. I just donít have the time. People taking off to live in the woods in cabins; good for you. Getting away from soul-scalped communities. Weíre going to see more and more of them. You are going to see more and more soul scalped human beings on this planet. People that donít look right, they donít act like; youíre going to start seeing a lot more of that. So donít expect an answer from me and youíre all freaked out over something. Iíve been warning about it for years! Just stay focused. Stay calm and just do what the Lord is leading you to do at this time.

The takeover of our Earth has already been in process for the past couple of years. Now that itís getting down to the finalizing things, people are finally starting to wake up, see more things, and understand. Itís really starting to freak them out. I donít know.

Maybe thatís why the Bible codes always says that the Orgone warriors are calm. Iím preaching to the choir almost every week. We already know this stuff is coming. Weíve been prepared for years. Youíve been listening to my broadcasts for years, reading my articles; youíre somewhat mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for whatís coming. If youíre an Orgone warrior, youíre already in the war. Youíre knee deep in knowing what a war this is.

I canít count the times the last sixÖseven years theyíve tried to kill me. Theyíve tried to shut me up, tried to sabotage me. Theyíve tried to do all these things just to shut me up, and Iím still here. Sometimes that can be a bit of contention for me. ďLord, why am I still here? [laughs] I want to go home.Ē But HE needs me here.  Thatís why Iím here. HE needs me here. HE knows Iíll do what HE wants me to do, no matter how long I have to trudge on and complain. Sometimes it doesnít seem like we are getting anywhere or making any headway with anyone anywhere, except for the usual choir every week. Yeah, it gets frustrating just feeling like youíre beating your head up against the wall.

The support for this ministry is so minimal and the support that does come in just doesnít last long. I donít store up money in a huge bank account. I barely have a bank account. The money we get in goes out to Orgone. It goes out to warriors around the world who can go out and do missions. If we can send Orgone somewhere, Iím busy in the garage making Orgone and sending it out. Thatís been one of the most aggravating aspects, is the minimal support that this ministry has had while the wolves are just so comfy and cozy in their mansions and airplanes, Mercedes Benzís. Iíd be happy with a 4-wheel drive truck, just so we could get out and drive and go on missions without having to worry about a car breaking down or running out of gas or being able to fund warriors to go on missions. It gets frustrating, folks. And when you look at the time that we haveÖ.

They're Going to Bring the Ark of the Covenant to Deceive the Christian Crowd

The Ark of the Covenant. They are going to pull that out. Itís their thing. They want to mimic the Bible. As much as they spend all of their time with their new religion of environmentalism and Ďletís worship the creationí. Theyíre always worshiping the created things instead of the Creator or they want you to worship yourself. Youíre a god, you just need to wait to learn how to activate your DNA...and all this kind of garbage they spit out all the time. Why do they even bother? If theyíre going to show up and wrong all of mankindís religious woes, why even bring the Ark of the Covenant with them? Thatís a Christian thing. That was a Jewish thing. Yeah, they want to offend a billion or more Muslims in the whole Islam crowd by doing that. Not to mention the Indians and Hindus and the Buddhists. But theyíre going to do it. Theyíre going to bring this Ark of the Covenant to try and deceive the Christian crowd. But you know what? Itís almost like tying the dog up after itís been loose for a long

Right now, theyíre in a war against Israel. The people of Israel they are in a war against. How are they doing it? Through vaccinations. Through chip implants. Everything I do, and everything I say just keeps coming back and back and back to the chip implants. I donít think people realize how serious and devastating these chip implants are. Sometimes I hear from people, What if we accidentally get chip implanted? You know, they tried to chip implant me. They tried to kill me with some kind of chip implant a couple of weeks ago. They tried to induce a stroke and heart attack and all that stuff by it. My blood pressure had shot up to 190. It was hovering at 185. Two weeks later it was hovering at 180. They are really trying to induce things. The Lord showed me where the chip implant was on my leg. So HE will bring to mind. HE is not going to allow them
to do that.

The One Thing that You Have to Be Prepared to Stay Away from Is Chip Implants

These people that are willfully going out and getting these vaccinations and the things the Lord has warned us not to do, not to be involved with; those are the ones that he is targeting. He is targeting the stupid, the ones that wonít hear, the ones that wonít listen and the ones that wonít see. He is targeting the people of Israel, which is all of the European nations, the American nation, Canadians, Australians. We are spread all over the world. Even in the African nations. He is targeting all of Israelís seed. Doing it through the chip vaccinations and solidifying that through these RFID legislations that are going to be coming out. Crashing peopleís economies. Making it harder for them to live, and then having to merge into a global society. Then this global society will make demands that everybody will have to have RFID cards or chip implants to join the society.

Everything comes down to chip implants. Thatís the one thing that you have to be prepared to stay away from. For some of you, your gut instinct is going to be the only warning you get. You know what? The Lord isnít going to part the clouds and send an angel down to Earth in a big halo and warn people not to get a chip vaccine or not to get a chip implant. Itís not going to happen. Your gut instinct is HIM reaching out to you and warning you not to do it.

How many people will go ahead and do something and later say, ďI knew I shouldnít have done that. I donít know why I did it.Ē Because you allowed yourself to be pressured at the time by whoever was in authority over you. The doctor or healthcare professional. School nurses?Címon give me a break. Keep your kids home. If they are having shots and clinics at the school, donít let your kids go. Leave them home for a day. Stick up some fliers.

For a lot of these people that had that instinct not to do it and went ahead and did it anyway, you know what? You are just too stupid to be saved. Too stupid for anybody to help you. The Lord can help you, but I canít. I can do what I can to help, all of us can, but then thatís it. From then on, weíre just going to be hearing sorrow stories. Thatís what weíre going to be hearing for the next year. All these people that go and get these chemical injections that have chip implants in them, itís going to be a complete, total demolition, desolation, death, destruction, annihilation. Itís all coming because of this stuff. Because of what youíve done. Because of what the government is enforcing on people. People arenít realizing. I try to wake people up. Thatís why Iím here. And keep pounding in about the chip implants.

The Correlation between the 200 Million Horsemen of Revelation 9 and Chip Implants

Something that the Lord has been bringing to a lot of our minds lately. I like how HE works. HE uses different people, different situations and different things. HE doesnít always tell you everything all at once; HE gives you bits and pieces here and there. Well let me tell you something, you have all heard me talking about Revelation 9. Iím always bringing this passage up about the 200 million horsemen that are coming. I know that the churches preach that this is the Chinese army thatís going to march on Israel. They go to the passage; I think itís in Revelation chapter 16, where it talks bout the Euphrates River drying up so that the way of kings of the east can be prepared, because they can march up the Euphrates to Jerusalem. This is all the battle of Armageddon. Then they jump back to this passage in Revelation 9 and try to say these correlate and are both talking about the same event. And theyíre not. They are not talking about the same event. Revelation
chapter 16 has nothing to do with Revelation chapter 9.

Exactly what does Revelation chapter 9 talk about? It talks about a 200 million man horsemen coming out from the angels in the Euphrates. That comes up all the time in the codes. Iím going to backtrack. Abadu is the Hebrew name for Apollyon which in the Greek is the destroyer. In Hebrew itís Abadu. It talks about Abadu descending out of heaven.

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.  And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power. And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing,

which means they arenít after our vegetation. They are after mankind. And theyíre only after those without the seal of God in their foreheads.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it;

And it describes things. John kindof goes into figurative language describing the breastplates of iron that they have. They have teeth as teeth of lions. The king over them over them is Abbadon and Apollyon, names for destroyer. Then after that woe you have the sixth angel which loses the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. Theyíre prepared with an army of 200 million to slay mankind.

What people donít get is this; at the very last of this, this isnít warfare, because it says

And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:

They are plagues. I know the Lord has been waking people up to the fact that the sting in their tails ďas of scorpionsĒ. That this 200 million man demonic army, very much the locusts (just another term for aliens like Iíve been telling you about Iíve been seeing in the Bible codes) Picture 200 million of them going through the Earth and stabbing people with chip implanted vaccines. Imagine John 2000 years ago trying to describe this. People arenít seeing the correlation yet? And itís taken me a while. Iíve been on to it for a long time, but I tend to stew on things and think about things and analyze and meditate and all that kindof stuff that makes me really slow with things. I like to know what I know what I know before I speak about it. Itís a very real possibility in what these 200 million are doing. This 200 million army loosed from the Euphrates. And we know that there are portals over there right now. One of the big reasons that our government is in Afghanistan and Iraq.
They are trying to protect those portals, I guess you could say, or guard them. Iím not sure what theyíre doing. Something to do with the portals over there.

Also cocaine comes up in the codes quite a bit. They certainly donít want that being hurt. Cocaine is their thing. Itís these aliens thing. They use it for myrrh. Iíve told you about this white powder gold. Monoatomic gold. It has something to do with cocaine. I see cocaine in the codes quite a bit. Interesting that every president weíve had since whenever, has been a cocaine snorter, including Obama now. Including Bush and Cheney from the past. Theyíve all been cocaine snorters. We know they are soul-scalped beings. We know that these alien beings, this Ashtar Command, these ascended masters are all a bunch of cocaine freaks. I havenít figured out exactlyÖI donít think itís just because theyíre drug addicts. I think it empowers them, probably to put on the whole charade of being gods. Maybe it gives them a false glow. The euphoric feeling that you are ďin the fifth dimension and weíre all floating on clouds in heaven nowĒ. I donít know. But cocaine has a lot to do with their plans and their agenda and one of the things that they need. Interesting that we have the portals in the Middle
East and the cocaine.

All of these things coming down. And people donít correlate the events because as far they are concerned, this 200 million man army is the Chinese. The Lord is bringing a lot more and more people to the fact that this very could be the chip implant vaccines, where they are chasing mankind and enforcing chip implants. If they look at you for two seconds and you donít have a seal of God of protection on your forehead, which somehow supernaturally HE is going to do to HIS people that are on the Earth to protect them from this, theyíre just going to shove a vaccine in you and shove that chip in you.

Now you canít die for 5 months. You canít die. So what happens? Perhaps your soul is dead, but your body doesnít die and thatís why we keep seeing all these movies about zombies. Reanimated human bodies. It could be a mess. It could be a huge chaotic mess if for five months when people are chip implanted and eventually start to die from all the plagues caused by the plagues and the chip implants. So they die and are gone and their body is just reanimated because their body canít die. Aliens and demonic beings take over them. They take over as hosts of those human bodies. And you canít kill them for 5 months. You canít kill them. Or HE just doesnít allow people to die at all. So they're alive for 5 months in suffering and torment because of the things that are caused by the chip implants.

Now we know that one of the torments they are going to suffer is boiling. Their skin heating up from the inside out. They're going to feel like they are on fire. Theyíre boiling. Itís because of the chips. Itís because of the chips. When chips come in contact with Orgone, it causes the person to just boil. With having Orgone saturating the atmosphere from one end of this planet to the other, people just getting in contact with Orgone saturated air is going to cause them to break out in boils. You see that as a judgment in the book of Revelation for all those who were taking part of Satanís kingdom on Earth. One of the judgments is boils. Years ago, I had correlated that and tied it in with the chip implants back then. You see it even more so today, and this is like 5 years later. Itís a correlation. When you join Satanís kingdom, the simple fact by running and doing everything the government tells you to do; that is Satanís kingdom. Run and get a vaccine. Run and get a shot, even though the Lord has told. The Lord has told you to stay away from those things. Youíre doing it anyway and think youíre following the government. No, you are following Satan. Satan is in control of our governments today. He is in charge of the kingdoms of the Earth. So if you are going to obey anything that they say, then you are joining his kingdom.  You might as well be a card carrying member of Satanís kingdom.

Congress today; stick a fork in it. Theyíre done. They are all ruled and bullied over by the alien agenda thatís controlling D.C. now. Theyíre all being ruled and bullied over by them. As much as Obama backtracks and doesnít have anything to announce because they canít arrive, doesnít mean heís not busy going and pushing forth the agendas that they want, he doesnít even know what heís pushing. You ask him questions about healthcare reform; he canít answer them. He doesnít know anything about it,  heís never read it. Heís just doing what he is told. Now Congress, pretty much what Iím seeing, is the fact that they are now a complete adversarial body against the people of America and just pushing forth Satanís kingdom on Earth. No longer working by the people, for the people; they are working against the people.

These groups that are standing up and fighting against the healthcare legislation, against the vaccines and against all the stuff they are doing; it might buy a little more time, but America is done. Done with. People need to spend time on rethinking and reevaluating their own relationships with God at this time. Weíve got so much death and destruction coming people have got to think of their own mortality. Where are you going to spend eternity when you die? Itís not going back to 2004Ö2003Ö1998, whatever. Weíre not going back in time to where things are going to get better again. Things are going to get progressively worse and worse and worse. And more death and death and death. Tons of death. Itís just everywhere.  Itís all over the codes. And so many things causing it.

The biggest thing right now is plagues and diseases. People are thinking, ďWell H1N1 didnít really kill a lot of people.Ē They donít give you the true numbers of what it did kill in the Middle East and in China and the south. The Bird Flu, the Pig Flu and all these fluís that were actually just killing off Satanís seed because the Orgone was making them sick. There are plenty of plagues that are coming that are going to destroy mankind.

Like Iíve said, you get these chip implants and these vaccines. The Bible codes describe it as chemical annihilation, because itís just going to annihilate people. Iíve warned about time delay triggers on them. They donít want to give out vaccines and then 30 days later everybody start falling over dying from them, then everybody stops getting them. They want people to think they are safe. There are time delay triggers on them. 6 months down the road. One year down the road you are going to see people drop over dead. These are the kinds of things I am seeing in the Bible codes. Chemical annihilations, the death and destruction.

I'm Seeing Us Being Able to Destroy a Lot of Their Plans...We Delay a Lot of Things

What Iím also seeing is a lot of our victories against them in being able to crash their ships. Being able to destroy a lot of their plans. At the same time, we delay a lot of things. So as much as we gripe about delays, we are pretty much the cause of all of them. MaitreyaÖCainÖSatan wants to arrive on Earth in his heavenly vehicles or whatever he wants to call them, and they keep crashing to Earth. So he has to rebuild them. I see that in the codes, he is rebuilding stuff. We crash something and then he rebuilds it and then here we are in another delay because he is rebuilding what we crashed. You know, you canít win for losing if you are a warrior. Iím thinking on those lines, but on the other side, people will have time to wake up. More and more people will have timeÖif they bother. If they bother. How many times do you pound the pavement and try and tell people to get out of religions? Then you always have this gullible New Age crowd to deal with.

Fake UFO Rapture in the Codes - Stay Away - They Are Only Coming to Take You to Hell

Another thing I wanted to spend some time warning about is the fake UFO rapture thatís coming. Iíve talked about this in the past before, but Iím seeing it in the codes, so I have to warn people again. Stay away from UFOs. They are not coming to Earth to rescue you because you are such a great person for them. You are such a great servant. Guess what theyíre going to do since you are such a great light worker for the New Age? Theyíre going to lift you off the Earth and keep you from all the pain thatís coming here. All the wars, the famines and the cleansing thatís coming. They call it the great cleansing, when itís actually their great assassination against mankind thatís coming. They call it the cleansing. But they're going to save
their favorites. So if you are in one of their forums on the internet and are buddy-buddy with them, theyíre going to hook you up and take you up in a UFO and get you off the Earth during this time.

FolksÖSatan is coming for his bride. Indeed he is, but he isnít taking you to heaven. Heís not taking you to another planet to live safely on while Earth undergoes reconstruction. He wants to take you straight to Hell. Heís taking you straight to Hell.

For a lot of you, that gut warning, that instinct in your gut is the last thing you are going to get. Donít go. Donít do it. Itís the only warning you are going to get. All I can do is warn you. Give a huge loud shout out to stay away from the UFOs. Donít get involved with them. Stay away from them. Donít let them take you up in them. Youíll be soul-scalped. Youíll be used as food. Youíll be taken to Hell. There are going to be so many different things happening. For the soul-scalped ones; youíll come back. Yeah, youíll come back maybe a day later or maybe a couple of hours later. But guess what? Your soul is gone and somebody else has taken over your body to come back to Earth to continue living in your body as you.

Just a lot of stuff like that is going to be happening. I see it in the codes. Satan has got his rapture coming. His whole thing for the New Age. Thatís probably going to happen before you see the huge contact of ships they want to bring down to promenade over the Earth so you see all these UFO vehicles. A promenade. These things are happening. Itís not just fiction TV here. I think they get their ideas from us. Weíve been warning about this stuff for years and now theyíre just finally coming out with warning mankind about it. Not even warning; they just make a movie out of it and make tons of money on the advertising. Thatís real folks. A lot this stuff is going to happen.

Obama's Grandmother Does Voodoo Sacrifices in the White House

Youíve been reading about Obamaís grandmother doing voodoo sacrifices in the White House. You know what? She is doing sacrificing in the White House, but itís not for voodoo. Sheís doing it for Cain, to further his agenda. So I thought that was interesting seeing that in the codes that sheís doing it for them. And they donít sacrifice chickens folks; they kill babies in the White House.


Iím going to start answering questions. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iím just going to answer a few of them.

I just have a lot to talk about and time flies. Just go back and listen to this show again and all the warnings Iím giving you, because the next couple of months could be very interesting. People need to just get ready for this.

Question from a listener:
Just wondering if you know if you are either Shazuraze or Rashayel. Do you know what human is either of both?

I donít have any comment on that. Thatís regarding my
Angels in the Flesh articles. Great articles. Iím not going to comment on them at this time.

Question from a listener: Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Most High. I really like your idea of getting super shooter water guns filled with Orgone drenched water to fight them off. The establishment wants your guns, but Orgone shots are more powerful then bullets.

Yes it is. For those of you who are jumping in the game late. Get a bucket of water and put a couple of Orgone pucks in it for a day. Then fill water guns up with it. It becomes Orgone saturated water. Itís almost like holy water. You can just shoot them at evil beings. It will hurt and destroy them. More effective than bullets. Yeah.

Questions about Orgone.

Iím not going to get into the specifics. Just donít change the recipe. Donít complicate it. Obviously the resin is crucial to Orgone. The fiberglass resin we use is marine quality. Itís a brown resin. If you have boats in your country, they use some kind of fiberglass resin or some kind of fiberglass to mend them. Thatís what you want to use. Marine quality fiberglass resin to make your Orgone Blasters with. You can get the directions at OrgoneBlasters.com. I even have a picture of the can that we use on the make your own page.

Question from a listener: I am going to order Orgone from you, want to become an Orgone warrior and support your ministry on a regular basis. What do I have to do to be an Orgone warrior? Thank you Sherry.

The first thing you have to do is seek the Lord on it. Obviously HE is leading you into it. Start making it and getting it out there. Ask HIM where to put it. HE is awesome. HE is totally awesome to go on missions with. HE will lead and guide you to where to put them. What towers to go get.  Just where to put them. Toss Orgone pucks. Orgone pipes. Rivers, lakes, ponds, in bushes and trees, rooftops. HE will tell you where to put them. You can throw them on the roofs of buildings. Masonic temples, Catholic churches, Protestant churches. In the bushes, just anywhere. HE will tell you where it needs done. You start seeking HIM. Thatís what makes you an Orgone warrior, because itís HIS weapon and HE can lead you and guide you in where to put it. We also get assignments from HIM, where HE wants the Orgone put. Warriors will stand up and get those areas. Being an Orgone warrior is being willing to go and do what it is HE wants you to do with it.  Thatís what makes us
Orgone warriors.

Question from a listener: Iím a warrior of Yahweh who would very much like to get baptized but I refuse to join the church because they are teaching in error. If possible is there a way to self baptize and is there a special way to do this?

I donít really know about self baptizing. Why do you need a pastor? If you know anybody else thatís a believer in the Most High, have them take you down to a river or a bathtub or something and baptize you. Itís all a symbolic act in that you are putting off the old and becoming new in HIM. You donít need a pastor. Get a fellow believer. Good enough. We are all going to be priests in the new kingdom in the millennial reign. I would rather have Granny Smith down the road who loved the Lord all her life and doesnít go to church, then one of these Satan fed/filled pastors that we have leading the churches today. Itís as simple as that. Itís a heart thing. Itís not a brain thing. Itís not a knowledge thing. Itís not a ďoh, Iíve got a seminary certificateĒ thing. When youíre dealing with the Lord and in relationships with HIM itís a heart thing. Nothing to do with how much you know, who you know, what you know or where you go. It has nothing to do with the kinds of limitations or qualifications that man puts on them to make them self esteemed. Youíre an esteemed preacher. You graduated from the
Satan/Lizard Dallas Theological Seminary. Here the seminary is run by these freakin New Age lizards in Satanís kingdom who just pump out men that are so stupid they canít read the Bible for themselves. If you read it cover to cover, you would have a million questions no doubt. And at least from the tenth time on, you would still have a bunch of questions. You would also see a pattern and you would start to see things in it. And you would start to know and see there are things of HIM in it and things that arenít. If you havenít gotten to that point, then you havenít done enough study. Then you just reach out to HIM.

Okay, what do I need to know? And start asking HIM for the truth. Start asking HIM. It always comes down to that. Just asking HIM for the truth in all things. Especially in these last days. There is no time like now that you donít want to be able to hear HIM and understand what HE is trying to tell you. So we all need to be in that constant communication mode with HIM so that HE can lead and guide us. That will be the one thing that will save a lot of people lives in these last days. Knowing what to do and what to stay away from and what not to do. Especially those that canít listen to this show every week or get on line every week. I know a lot of these shows are put on CDs and passed out. You just got to go to HIM direct. And listen to that small voice in your heart. HE doesnít speak to your head.

Like I said a lot of people will mistake that for a gut instinct or intuition. Thatís what Iíve said. Itís the only warning you are going to get. It might be the Lord direct, warning you not to do it. You donít recognize HIM and you think itís your intuition or gut instinct then you ignore HIM. Thatís what HE says; people ignore HIM all the time. Thatís what and ignore themselves and be bullied at the time. They allow themselves to be bulled. Donít allow yourself to be bullied by anybody, folks.

All the Legislation Happening Today Isn't a Political Thing, It's an Alien Thing

So just a heads up on all the legislation happening today. Climate gate. Health reform. Carbon. RFID. All of these things are Satanís agenda being pushed on mankind right now. Until they literally arrive, then weíre just stuck dealing with legislations that the government is throwing out. People just see the things Congress is doing. The democrats blame it on Republicans and try make it seem like itís a two party thing. It isnít a political thing; itís an alien thing. Its Satanís forces taking over the Earth and destroying mankind through all these legislations so that everything is legal. All the Tís are crossed and the Iís are dotted.

One of the most sickening things is to see mankind referred to as cattle. Cattle herd. Thatís all we are to them. Cattle herd as they seek to destroy mankind off the Earth and take all the resources for themselves. You know what? Just hand them the cocaine. They want it? Give it to them. Freakin' drug addicts. Theyíre supposed to be these ascended masters, why donít they go and create their own cocaine and get their own gold. Gold and cocaine are the two biggest things of the worldís resources that they want, besides feeding off the people.

We know all this stuff is coming anyway, because Satan is going to get cast out of heaven, heís going to have 42 months to run and rule the earth and deceive everybody that heís god and try to get everybody to worship him as god.

It makes you wonder how much of his own faction knows the real agenda. Even that part of it. How much of his own factions know that? Theyíre in the dark too. He lies to them too. He leads them on a million goose trails just like he does the gullible and the New Age movement. And all these world religions; the same thing. Goose trails. Distractions.

Anyway, thatís all Iím going to talk about tonight. Kindof sobering. I'm not too much in a cheery mood tonight. Not when you know whatís coming. Itís not a cheery thing. But weíll get our laughs, folks. Weíll get our laughs when we see him crashing out of the skies.

Itís not always going to be fun. Itís not always going to be sad. It is what it is.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.