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December 28, 2009
Transcribed by Liz Patton

A Look Back at 2009 and a Look Forward to 2010

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night. Sherry Talk Radio. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking those just a little bit later.

Snow - The Lord's Protection to Thwart "Their" Plans or Is It Part of Satan's Agenda?

Ökindof tongue tied here. I donít even know where to begin. Enjoying that snow? A lot of states are getting snowed in. I learned years ago and I donít know if it has anything to do with now or not. I remember years ago that Christmas day has always been a big day for attacks by them; especially poison attacks. I used to live in the Snow Belt so Iím used to having
snow around Christmas and the cold and all of that. It usually stays to the Snow Belt states and you are seeing so many involved now. So many states not never gotten hit before are getting the snow. It makes you wonder how many attacks have been thwarted by the snow. Sometimes theyíll have things planned and the Lord will say No, youíre not going to get that
area, and the snow will come. Then you also have their plans and their agendas to try and chill the atmosphere because the Orgone is burning them. Right now, you never know what to expect; whatís coming behind the corner.

INTERPOL in U.S. to Enforce Chip Implants or Vaccinations

Interesting. I was reading this bill that Obama snuck in on the 22nd. This executive order change. What this does as most of you know Interpol (the International Police Organization) Most people just call them the international criminal police that works out of the UN. Well now itís going to be working out of the US. Theyíve established an office in the Department of
Justice building. They pretty much have been given the green thumb to do what they want on US soil. Theyíre not subject to search and seizure. Theyíre not subject to enforcing or protecting the Constitution or our Bill of Rights on our soil. In fact, theyíre pretty much given a carte blanche to come on US soil and do whatever they want. Then if you try to question them,
they donít have to answer you. They are not bound by our Constitution or Bill of Rights. So if you want someone else to come in and do your dirty work and operate above the law, then you just create a new agency or bring in an existing one in, give them all the power to do it and have them do it. Pretty interesting, them setting up Interpol. Itís kindof these backdoor
ways. Iíve been warning about the Chinese coming on American soil. Iíve been seeing it all year long. Now we can be seeing as early as February; Chinese troops here in the guise of acting on behalf of Interpol. One of the back door ways they can be using, folks. So keep an eye out for that. If you canít read the writing on the wall by nowÖ

One of the things I saw in the codes as far as Interpol was that they are going to be the policemen of the entire region, which could be this entire country, and enforcing chip implants or vaccinations. Itís just another way of them continuing on with this hideous chip implantation program. Everything they do folks, surrounds the chip implants. Iíve been harping about that for
weeks. No matter what they say. No matter how many distractions they try to throw out. No matter how they try to minimalize chip implants, they are deadly and they are the main force of their agenda. So they try to minimalize it, hide it and try and push other concerns for it; ďOh this is for the plague. This is to protect people. Weíre giving shots.Ē Meanwhile they have all
these chip implants in the shots. Obamaís healthcare reform bill states that a class two medical device be implanted in the people. And of course, we know that class two medical devices are chip implants. Then you have Interpol coming and theyíll play a policing kind of thing on it. Itís all around the chip implants. Iíve warned you about that, because Satan controls his kingdom through technology and the way he does that is through chip implants. All of his little alien forces, demon forces whatever Ė they are chip implanted. They are controlled. Interesting there is such a push because his time is becoming so short on Earth. Time is coming to where heís going to be cast to Earth, and he has to be able to control every person on this planet. Once youíre chip implanted with these ghastly new chips that they have out, they will kill people; theyíll destroy people, maim people, injure people and basically turn them into zombies. Zombies and robots. Iíve been warning stay away from these chip implants.

Interesting enough the locusts that are coming as described in Joel chapter 2 and Revelation chapter 9; part of their description is that the tails have stings like scorpions. One of the things that HE keeps taking me back to over and over and over again is Revelation chapter 9 all the time because this is whatís coming up around the corner.

Maitreya Is Coming, but Don't Put Your Faith in Man's Interpretation of Prophecy

Iíve warned about the arrival of Maitreya. His arrival is coming. What I donít know is if this Abbadon the destroyer is Maitreya himself or is a character that arrives shortly after Maitreya does. Now I know they're all involved with this Maitreya and these ascended masters from the New Age are very much involved with the abduction of people. Iíve warned throughout the years about how they abduct people. They stock them away as food. They eat the dust of the ground. The dust of the earth. Of course, the dust of the Earth are the people. Thatís one of their major things; abducting people. So itís no surprise that in the New Age circles they're always talking about being cleansed and taken off the Earth and protected during the time of Earths coming cleansing, which is a big joke. Some people refer to it as Satanís rapture, where he raptures his own bride off of the Earth. What he is basically doing is abducting humans off the earth and taking them to the own bases and taking them to Hell where they will be tormented and tortured and killed from that point on. These people think they are going to go live on different planets and be protected from the evil things that will happen on Earth. Theyíre just so stupid. Thatís exactly whatís going to be happening to them.

And these are the kinds of things that we are fighting against, Folks. These are the kinds of things that if you are part of the resistance against them, you belong to the Most High, you are one of His believers, one of His warriors; these are the things that we are actually fighting against. Not just for ourselves, but for our own neighborhoods, our own cities and towns,
protecting them with Orgone so that the aliens donít have free reign in them. The Orgone burns them. Itís our defense weapon against them. It destroys them.

I know that CNN for the past year has been touting the coming world teacher and have been advertising this Maitreya thatís coming. One of the things that Iíve been warning over and over again Ė when he does arrive, folks; definitely know that we are in the Tribulation period. Most people think everything has to line up with certain events. ďOh there has to be the Ezekiel
war.Ē And they place a Russian and Chinese war and the rebuilding of a temple in Jerusalem. Basically they just prophecy twisted all around and backwards. Ezekiel war - Ezekiel 38 and 39 doesnít even take place until after the 1000 year Millennial Reign. So donít put your faith in mans interpretation of prophetic scripture, folks. Just ask the Lord to reveal the truth in all things to you and open your eyes to last dayís prophecies so you can know where you are and where you are in them andwhatís happening.

They're Moving You into a New World Order (of Satan's Rule on Earth)

A lot of things Iím seeing in the Bible Codes are straight up just fighting our own government. Weíre fighting chip implants. They are assassination program. Satanís war on the saints coming from our own government and through legislations. Through trickery, deceit and deception. Under the guise of vaccinations. Under the guise of healing people. Medical things.
These are the kinds of things that we are fighting now and its going to become much, much more on the increase next year. Next year is just the year of death. Thatís all I see. I just keep seeing death, death, death by plagues, famines, chip implants. It doesnít look like a cheery year next year at all. So if youíve been aware, youíve been awake this year and preparing.

Nominating Obama into the White House should have been a huge tip off to most people. The man is not human. Heís an animal. The Bible Codes often refer to him as a lizard, an animal. And heís pushing the animal agenda. Thatís what Iíve warned about. New Age mouthpiece. Heís Maitreyaís mouthpiece that canít really announce his arrival or anything about the
new religion and politics theyíre going to be bringing in. So heís pushing behind the scenes legislations.

I find it interesting that the Bible Codes refer to them as domesticated bison and domesticated buffalo; meaning they are here under the guise of human beings and pushing their alien agenda on mankind, as humans. Iíve talked about politicians being soul-scalped. And hybrids over the years being born. Theyíve had ongoing programs with that. You look at the RFID cards, the chips that are coming out, the climate gate, the crashing economies, the health reforms, the endless executive orders getting everything lined up, Tís crossed, Iís dotted. Just lining up their political agenda as domesticated bison, so that when the last step of their arrival happens, then everything is further into implementation.

Theyíre moving you into a new world order, they donít explain to you what that is. People think itís a new world order of peace and prosperity. They can keep their heads under the sand if thatís what they think it is. Weíre looking at a new world order of Satanís rule on Earth. Of an alien agenda ruling over the Earth. Of the elimination over billions of humans on the Earth. The elimination of the way of life that weíve developed here on Earth.

Theyíve always had this attitude that humans are just cattle to be herded. Cattle herd is one of the terms youíll often see in the Bible Codes and how they relate to humans, what they think of them as. Basically thatís going to come out more and more. Youíre going to find that those who fight against them will be the first ones that they come after to fight against. Interesting. Theyíll do it all under the guise of martial law. Under the guise of rounding up big mouths, or calling them terrorists. Theyíve got everything is set up so that you can be arrested and whisked away, even be taken out of the country and put on some mystery prison base somewhere. Banished from your own country, even your family members wonít know
where you are at. You know what? It will be this Interpol. These Chinese forces that are coming that will be doing a lot of that kind of work. People will just be disappearing overnight. These Chinese forces, these Interpol forces from the UN wonít be accountable to anybody. Obama has just given them that guarantee in that executive order that they are above every federal agency. A lot of tactics theyíll be using that Iíve been warning about just killing people and getting rid of people., theyíll hide under this Interpol agency.

Youíll also have FEMA. Youíve got FEMA roundups and FEMA camps. These Interpol forces could be the ones that are helping round up people and groups and organizations and anybody on their hit list and taking them to these FEMA camps.

What it does is leave all of these people out of the hands of the federal agencies and the local police. It also gives them no idea of who has been rounded up and exactly whatís going on. It gives them no idea. So these Interpol forces can just start rounding people up. Nobody can question them. Nobody can ask to see their files or whoís been arrested, because they
are above everybody. People can just start disappearing in massive numbers.

This is the kind of things that are coming up for 2010. I never thought we would get this far before the crap hit the fan like this. I certainly expected all of this to happen sooner. Itís been delayed. Delayed, delayed, delayed. So weíre looking at it happening in 2010 now, which has given people time to wake up.

They Talk About Heaven and Bliss, but I See UFOs Arriving Firing Beams on Earth

Some of the other things Iíve been seeing and wanted to warn about particularly is their arrival. What they tell you is far different from whatís going to be happening. Theyíll give you a picture of a mass UFO arrival where they just hover above the cities and things like that. Well, thatís not the kind of arrival I see. I donít know if there are two different types of arrivals
planned, or whatís going on, but the arrival I see is UFOs arriving and firing beams on the Earth and destroying and burning the Earth and killing the people. And theyíre coming very angry. They talk about heaven, and bliss and the fifth dimension out of one side of their mouth, and out the other there is nothing but death and destruction coming. It could happen after their
contact, after their massive arrival, to announce Maitreyaís arrival as the world teacher, as Buddha, Krishna and even Moses. He takes on everybodyís titles and says itís like an all in one guy. Heís an all in one guy. Heís everybodyís messiahs and great prophets all rolled up into one.

So that will be interesting, but the Orgone will start destroying them. It crashes their ships, so thatís why theyíve not been able to pull that one off yet. They are going to have enough ships left to accomplish and fulfill what their purposes are. The Lord will allow Satan to rule the world for 42 months. Not necessarily in the ways he thought he would be able to or in the
luxury he thought he was going to be able to. Thatís a credit to the warriors and the people that believe in the Most High who have made it impossible for Satan to fulfill all his plans and wishes while heís here on Earth. The Lord has given us Orgone and weapons to fight against Satan with. Thatís what weíve been saturating the atmosphere with, covering the world with.
So itís going to be quite different than what Satan has thought it would be over the last thousands of years as he has planned all of this.

So itís just more of the same when we start the new year. More vaccinations, more plagues coming, enforcement of health reform, the carbongate, the climategate, Interpol. All of these things eventually will be established, folks. We donít have much of a fight against a Congress full of lizards. And when theyíre already on Earth under the guise of human beings fulfilling their agenda on Earth.

Focusing on the Year Ahead and Reminiscing about the Year Behind

Just the one thing we need to focus on is being spiritually ready for all of these things that are going to be happening and being physically ready; being physically able to stay home when things start hitting the fan. Weíve got Interpol forces that are going to be here. Chinese police forces all over the country eventually. Plagues everywhere. Vaccines everywhere. People
dying of mysterious diseases. Just an increase of everything. Everything getting much, much varied and much worse over the next year.

I sit here and think about everything that happened this year. And boy the only thing we just missed was Maitreyaís arrival. But credit that to the warriors and destroying Shema, his home star, his base star. His home ship. Being able to destroy that and catch that on fire. Boy did that catch them by surprise. That surprised them all. Shocked them all. It will be interesting to
see how theyíre going to try and survive on an Earth that has Orgone saturated air. Almost makes you wonder if theyíre going to start building dome cities; if their answer to being able to live in our atmosphere is to build domes. Build a dome over D.C. I would expect the strange. Expect the unexpected, because itís going to jump from one thing to the next of unexpected things for next year. So just a heads up.

Iíve just been sitting here tonight and thinking about the past year wondering how much did we accomplished this year over the year before. Was it worth it just having to stick around for another year? Then you think about all the new people that have woken up. New targets that weíve been able to hit with the Orgone. In a lot of ways itís all in the Lords timing. Eventually HE is going to take His 144,000 off the earth. It makes you wonder how much time weíre going to have to deal with until that happens. There have just been so many delays, delays, delays even on that. I donít know how much more I could talk about the aliens being here on Earth, the aliens coming. Iíve been talking about this stuff for years. I donít know how many more ways I can say it. Itís almost likeÖplay a recording. They just keep drumming up their agendas and pushing on, so I donít know.

Every year on the 1st I have quiet time with the Most High. HE usually gives me a word for the next year and what to look out for. Itíll be interesting this year to see what HE has to say for 2010, even though itís technically really not a new year. The Israelites new year was several months ago. But HE knows what kind of the calendar Iím on. Itís always kindof been a thing
between us. Itíll be interesting. I can just see it now. The death and destruction thatís coming. Thatís all I see in the Bible Codes. Thatís all I see - Chips, death, chips, death, death, burning, burnt, boiled, death.

So itís just something to prepare for, folks. I donít know how you prepare for something like that. You know what? Life as we know it is just going to cease to exist eventually. I donít know what it takes to get people to wake up and realize that and start preparing for that. The only thing we can do is spend our time standing up and fighting against them. We just need
more and more people joining the war against them. Otherwise theyíre just going to have their freewill and reign on humans. Destroying them, killing them, abducting them, chip implanting them so they can turn them into droids and robots. People donít understand what these chip implants are. They are two-way transistors and can literally just turn you into a zombie
eventually. If not outright killing you and destroying you, just turn you into a zombie.


Iím going to answer a couple of questions. If you have questions for the show, you can send them to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Yahoo is messing with me.

I Don't Want to Celebrate Pagan Christmas, but My Family Does.  What Should I Do?

Question from a listener: What does a person do when they know the whole Christmas thing is pagan and Satan related and the rest of the family doesnít agree with it? Even husband and children with documented proof? What does a person who doesnít want to celebrate this pagan holiday do when it feels like Iím being cornered?

You know what? I had to go through the same things years ago. Itís a process really. Just start planting seeds. Just start planting seeds. Donít expect miracles overnight. As you pull out the scriptures from Jeremiah and show them how itís a pagan holiday to decorate the Christmas trees. Itís right there in Jeremiah. It talks about how the pagans would decorate
trees with lights. What we do with the same thing mimicking our Christmas trees and how the whole December 25 is Mithraís (the sun god) birthday. It had nothing to do with the Lord. Just start planting seeds and every year just become more and more detached from the entire thing. More and more detached yourself and get your kids prepared for that. The only reason
kids donít want to give up Christmas is because they want presents. You know what? Change their perspective. Change the whole thing and say weíll have present day two days before or whatever. Just call it a present day. Donít put up lights. Donít put up trees. Donít celebrate the holidays like the pagans do. Even the Christians. They are doing as the pagans do.

So if you look like a duck and act like a duck, what are you? All these pagan Christians. Just plant seeds and ask the Lord to work HIS ways among your family. Thatís the biggest thing is just planting seeds, because HE waters them. Pretty soon your kids wonít like it either and understand what a pagan holiday it is. The Lord does miracles, Iíll tell you. So you just have
to seek HIM on that. Ask HIM to guide you in how to teach your family what a pagan holiday that is. Send them somebody elseís stuff to read. So many people close to me, Iíll send them my own stuff, it doesnít mean anything to them, but send them somebody elseís stuff and it clicks. Theyíd rather hear it from somebody else than me. Just a way of handling it. And things take time, folks.

Could Obama's Healthcare Bill Possibly Have Something to Do with Satan's Chipping Plan?

Question from listener: Hello Sherry. Do you think that Obamaís healthcare bill could possibly have something to do with Satanís plan to force everyone to take the chip? I say this because the health plan will require an ID card that may contain an RFID card and forced on to the people.Well there are already provisions in the health reform bill that mandates everybody to be implanted with a chip implant. They call it a class two medical device. So itís already part of the healthcare reform. Just more stuff they are sneaking in so they can really start enforcing the whole chip implantation program of theirs through any route and various routes. They could use vaccinations. They could use driverís license or RFID cards, healthcare cards o however they want to bring it about. The whole underlying theme is to chip implant the population. Thatís why you want to stay away from the chip implants, folks. Thatís the whole thing. Getting control of the people through chip implants and then getting control of governments and their economies. Theyíll do that through famines and plagues. So itís all about control and getting control this year. And thatís going to cause a lot of deaths; just a lot of death throughout the year.

Another thing to watch out for is the Ark of the Covenant. Maitreya and his arrival and bringing in this lookalike ark of the covenant. Another one of the things theyíre going to be playing with on the people. And Iíve talked about that before; them springing up the Ark of the Covenant.
I just donít feel like rehashing the wheels today, folks. Bringing out everything Iíve talked about already all year long. Just a lot of things for 2010 that are just going to carry on from 2009. Then weíre also going to see a lot of their agendas pushing forward. Carbongate, climategate, stargatesÖ

When I Get My Orgone, Where Do I Put It to Fight the Chemtrails?

Question from a listener: When I get my Orgone from you where do I put it to fight the chemtrails?

You want to put it outside around your home. You want to put it inside your home. You want to put it around your neighborhoods, your towns, your cities. Just ask the Lord to guide your thoughts on where to put it, especially if youíve got towers everywhere with flashing white lights. The white light towers are mind control towers. So you definitely want to get
Orgone around towers. Usually around 3 or 4. You donít have to get right on top of them, because you donít want the tower maintenance workers to find them. Get them around the towers. If youíre looking for places to get them in your neighborhoods, get them up in gutters of peopleís houses; they wonít even know they're there. Get them in bushes, trees, ditches and places they wonít be found. And just make a circle around you. You want to get north, south, east and west. Then get farther out and farther out. So you want to make almost like a circumference of a circle around your home and then ones thatís farther out from that circle, then one thatís farther out from that circle. Itís just saturating your own areas with

I Made Orgone with the Copper Coil Going the Wrong Way.  Should I Break Them Up?

Question from a listener: I made Orgone with the copper going the other way. Should I break them up with a hammer and start over?

Yeah, make sure itís going the wrong way. What you want it to do is have it going CLOCKWISE. So when you snip your wire, it should look like itís going forward in a clockwise direction. Some people will look at it and say itís going counterclockwise. No, the motion goes forward. If you are winding towards the right and looping it around a pipe and always
going towards the right in a clockwise motion, that is the right way itís supposed to go. Just make sure you actually did it the wrong way before you bust them up.

My Sister Thought I Was Crazy Regarding Orgone, but Her Doctor Confirmed It's Real

Question from a listener: My sister laughed about the Orgone and figured I was crazy, but listen to this. She went to her doctor and started telling her all about the Orgone and Wilhelm Reich. Now thereís a whole different acceptance to how she views it. I thought that was Yahís way of working for sure.

It is for sure. People that know us will be the last ones they will listen to. If somebody else brings it up theyíll listen. Go figure! Thatís just how it is. Itís how it is. So yeah, praise Yah for using that doctor and even bringing it up to her. I know if I mention one little thing to a doctor theyíre going to think Iím completely nuts. I donít usually say anything to doctors about anything.

Should We Consider Leaving America If Chip Implants Become Mandatory?

Question from a listener: Do you think we should consider leaving the country if they make it mandatory for all citizens to get chip implants for this health program?

You know what? If youíve got money, get out of the country. Get out. Go! Itís going to be Hell on Earth in 2010, literally. If Maitreya arrives, and he probably will in 2010 because Shema has been busting up in chunks since October. He arrives and you have the locust invasion of Revelation chapter 9 with that. And in accordance with that is Joel chapter 2. Itís going
to be very bad here in America. Iím here to fulfill whatever work it is the Lord has me to do. Iím here to fight. Iím here to lead the resistance against them. Whether it be to live or die, I donít care. Iím just here to do my work, my calling for HIM. For anybody else who is in fear for their lives, and want to protect your lives and your family, then get out of the country. This is
the time to do it. Youíre going to lose your opportunity to do so in 2010. Its basically going to be those who are here are going to be stuck here by Iíd say the summer of 2010. Hey, if the Lord is leading you to get out, get out. If HE is making a way for you to get out, get out. America is going to be Hell on Earth. I donít mean to raise alarms with anybody, but thatís just
the way it is.

Do You Think the Terrorist's Plot in the Plane at the Airport Was Government-Sponsored?

Question from a listener: I live near Detroit; do you think the terrorists plot in the plane at the airport was government sponsored terror?

Of course. Anytime you hear Al Qaeda, its government. We all know what Al Qaeda is. A CIA front group. It was their boogeyman they needed to promote this whole war on terrorism here in America so they could start putting more and more draconian controls on Americans and taking away our Constitution and our rights. So anytime you hear Al Qaeda, you know
itís the government involved. They funded them. They trained them. They backed them. They are chip implanted and mind controlled. You can look at these people that are supposedly these Al Qaida operatives and they look clueless. They donít look like beastsÖmurderersÖevil people. They just look like normal people, but totally controlled by the chip implants.
Thereís a good look for you, folks. People donít think chip implants are that powerful? Well look at these babies and these kids. I was looking at a photo on the media of the last guy from Detroit thing. Heís 23 years old and looks 16. These people are all chip implanted and are controlled by these chips to do these outrageous things for the government in the name of Al
Qaeda. Yeah, itís just more false flag terror to keep the terror going. Keep it going. Keep it going. Expect more from Al Qaeda. Expect more from the boogeymen the government creates so they can keep their war on terror going.

You know what kills me is all these people that end up becoming pawns of their chip implants and then coerced through the chip implants to do these things they donít even know what theyíre doing, but the chip implants take over their brains and control them. Then they get to spend the rest of their life in prison. They get beat up. They get tortured for things they donít
even remember doing or things they had control of doing because the government had them chip implanted and were controlling them to do it. Itís almost like you can be put on remote control. A radio controlled car does what you want it to do from the steering wheel because itís got a chip in the engine in the body of the car. Whoever has the controller controls the
car. Thatís how these chip implants are. You get these chips in these peopleís brains and whoeverís got the control can control that person and do whatever they want them to do. On the outside they look totally normal. They look like totally normal human beings. But the simple fact is they donít have control of their minds. They do what their controllers are making
them do. And thatís exactly the kind of chips that are in the vaccines that are in this big push on chip implants.

Even when the locusts come and they start on the big enforcement of people to get chips, thatís why. Because once you have these chips in you, whoever has the controls of that chip can force you to do whatever they want you to do and you canít do a thing about it. You donít even know what youíre doing. You lose all capacity to say no. You lose all capacity to
think for yourself or not do what youíre being forced to do. Yeah, thatís the dangers of the chip implants and thatís why Iíve been spending so much time harping about the dangers of chip implants.

If anybody has a question for the show, Iím going to shut it down here in a few minutes.

Comment about the Snow

Weíre in the middle of a snow pounding ourselves. 2 Ė 4 inches by tomorrow. We typically donít get that much snow. Iím out here in the southeast part of Ohio. We donít usually have to put up with the snow that a lot of the Snow Belt areas have to. Iím not liking it.

If youíre going to send me emails, at least let me know if itís a question for the show or something different. I donít read the something different. Just questions for the show.

Some Calendar Questions

Simon Keene was a great listener of this show and did a lot of work on the ancient calendars and finding the true Hebrew calendar. He has disappeared. They disappeared him about two years now. I miss him. Heís the one that was really getting into tearing the calendars apart. People want to know if weíre lunar, solar and all that. I have articles on my site at
BackToYahweh.com about the calendars. The seventh day of the week is Saturday, so despite whether lunar or solar or whatever calendar you want to be on; the creation calendar or the lunar calendar, the seventh day of the week is Saturday. Sunday is the first day of the week. No matter how many times you want to change a calendar or update it, you just canít
change that. People try to excuse the thing they do. Itís also the day. Sunrise to sunset is a day. Anything else isnít right either. You got sunrise to sunset as the day. Sunset to sunrise is night. So the day begins at sunrise. The day ends at sunset. So if you are honoring a Sabbath day, you are to do no work from sunrise to sunset.  I know a lot of people will see
Saturday night they like to do this and that and work and whatever. Fine, just wait Ďtil sunset. The day is over at sunset on Saturday. Sabbath is Saturday from sunrise to sunset. I found that interesting that more and more people are waking up to a lot of things. At least they are asking questions. Theyíre showing that theyíre breaking out of the mind control sleepdumb
that the churches have put them in.

Anyway, thatís all Iím going to do for the night, folks. Iím going to wrap it up. Itís kindof depressing really. It really is, because I know the things that are coming. For the last couple of weeks itís just really hit my spirit like a ton of bricks. Itís not going to be an easy year next year folks.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.