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Sherry Talk Radio
Originally Aired on
March 16, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night March 16, 2009.
If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I’ll be taking those tonight.

Shortly before the show started, I was like, “Lord, I don’t know what you want me to talk about tonight. So just lead and guide me and help me be a blessing to you, because I just have no idea. “ This is a Monday thing. I usually don’t have any idea until 5 minutes before the show starts. And  I ask Him to lead my thoughts and just guide me in what He wants me to talk about and help me be a
blessing to Him. So that’s usually how it goes on Monday nights. This night is His night.  

Any questions just send them to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I know I’m getting a lot of people mad because I’m not answering emails. Folks, if I could read the number of emails that are unread in my email box right now……just keep sending them. That’s all I can say.

I’m just really busy. The last two months I’ve been totally swamped with just so many things to do. I’m not just an Orgone Warrior, or minister or a Watchman for the Lord; I’m a mom. I just have a million and one things to do.

The Lord told me four or five years ago, I do the work of 10 men fulltime.  Only He could understand that. So you know…the difference between the Lord’s supporters and everybody else is that they understand.

If you have questions and I’m not answering emails, just join one of my lists. Join
Orgone Blasters@yahoo. Join NWOvsChristians@yahoo. I’ve got moderators. I answer emails on those lists as I can…as I come in and sit down in-between pourings of Orgone. I’m taking a coffee break or something, I’ll respond to emails on the lists o whatever. Just join the lists and you can meet with like-minded believers…fellow warriors.

I get questions all the time, “Are there Warriors in this state? Are there Warriors in that state?” Just join my list and you’ll get to know people and where they’re at. I’m not playing matchmaker. I’m not putting Warriors together. It’s too dangerous. I don’t want the responsibility.  This is the internet. People aren’t
always who they say they are.  So I’m not going to get involved with that. I don’t want the responsibility of that. So if you meet people on my lists and you can discern that they’re really a Child of God’s, then you can meet with them and stuff if it’s mutual. You can work it out with them. I’m not putting people together.

I’ve been in more of a protective role of that since I started this ministry; almost a decade now. I just have to protect people. I keep receipts, but I don’t keep addresses and I don’t keep names.

I don’t even keep records of Orgone sales. I think this is the first year I’m actually going to have to file taxes on that and stuff. Just kind of finding my way through the dark on that.  I’ve always just considered this the Lord’s Ministry and the IRS doesn’t have any business in it. But I’m going to have to do something with the Orgone. I’m sure it won’t show a profit because there isn’t much of one;   I’m
sending this stuff out all over the place. It’s not designed to make a profit off of. It just takes all my time; that’s for sure…between that and kids.

I’ve just had the worst Monday you can imagine. A lot of you listening to the show last year know my cat was run over on the road. So I wanted to find a similar cat for the kids. They really loved that cat. So seven months ago I found another orange male cat. We tend to like the orange male cats. So today I
was taking him to the vets to get neutered. I wasn’t three steps out of my car and the carrier the cat was in flung open, and the cat goes shooting out of that thing. The vets place is kindof like off on a farm, so that cat just took off. I mean, he saw the light of day and took off. He’d never been outside before. I was determined to keep this an inside cat so he wouldn’t get targeted and hit on the road again.  So now, my cat’s gone. I can’t find him. We spent hours searching for the cat today. He’s in field heaven right now. There’s fields and cow fields and horse fields and trees. So yeah, I spent the day trying to chase him and he’s gone. It’s been one of those days you wish you didn’t get out of bed.Then some of these emails….not answering somebody’s email from a week or two ago…then they start spewing hatred and ugly comments. You know, I don’t deserve that.

I love how people pick on my last name, Shriner. They’re so stupid. I married a Shriner.  I’m not a Shriner. It’s my married name. It seems like people just try and pick anything they can to just spew hatred and ugly things at you.  Besides that, most of the Shiners I know are Christians. There are a lot of Masons amongst the Shriners themselves.  Most of them are Masons or Christians or just agnostic; they really could care less about religion.  Just people just spewing their hatred all the time.

I have a few comments for tonight. I know it’s getting more and more prevalent on the internet about preparations for martial law. For years you couldn’t get on the internet and not read about the coming martial law somewhere. And it’s here.  Just a lot more people waking up.

I got an email the other day; someone asking me about Russia and China’s role in America.  From what I can tell, the Russians are a secondary role player. They have no interest in taking over the land of America. The Chinese do. The Chinese will not just conquer America, but they will take over our country as their own. This will be China-America. That’s their plans.

The other ones involved; the Germans and the Russians. I think they're just part of the U.N. façade; the game that’s being played with the U.N. setting up over here. The Lord has told me about this. That they would all come over under the pretense of “helping” America. Or the U.N. taking over America, but that
the Chinese would eventually say, “We don’t need the U.N. We’ll take over America and own America ourselves.”  That’s exactly what their plan is. So whatever route they come in under…whether they come in under the U.N. flag or just “we’re repossessing everything we own” flag. Eventually the Chinese
are going to take over America.

Interesting that China is becoming more and more dominant in the codes because they are aligned with Maitreya as his forces.  

I’ve often talked about Satan’s kingdom and how it’s varied; there are different factions. There are different nations….different groupings of people and things. I’ll say “things” because a lot of these alien races….you’ve got over 200 different types of ugly alien races. Then you have the Watchers who are the angelic looking aliens. Just very tall…the giants…the Annuniki. He’s just got a huge kingdom with various different types of groups, people and “things” in it.

I talked about it in
my article I wrote several months ago; the judgment that was coming on the tare nations. The Chinese are a tare nation. Just because they're a tare nation doesn’t mean that they can’t accept the Lord’s Redemption, because He offered that to mankind. Many, many Chinese have died over the years; Christians, for accepting Yahushua as their Savior and refusing to renounce Him. So there’s always an ongoing persecution in the country of China against Christians. You’ll see that in the Arab countries. You’ll see it in almost every country in the world. Certainly seeing an attack on our beliefs here in our own country America, as they allow all these outside religions to come in and set their feet here.

Especially with Obama; I warned about him and his alliance with Libya last year. That’s becoming more and more dominant. I’ve warned about Libya; to watch Libya rising, because it was becoming more and more dominant in the codes. Recently he just took 100 million dollars from them on a bribe that he wouldn’t pursue Arab religious seekers here in America. That they could set up their domes and temples….whatever it is, and not be harassed by the American government here. So it almost makes you wonder if we need a Christian lobby and offer him 100 million bucks to leave us alone. Quit harassing us!

I’ve warned about all this. So everything coming in to play is stuff I’ve warned about already. You know, emails going around about practicing martial law in Portland, Oregon with German soldiers and Russian soldiers. I heard about that years ago down in Texas. They had put up road blocks. They were Germans and Russians. It seems like they’ve been practicing in Texas for years; now being
Portland, Oregon where they’re at now.

I was reading about the U.N….these toll booth type things. These booths are showing up in various areas empty but being set up and ready to go in areas outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Just another heads up on that; it seems to be - getting various areas of the country ready.

I live about 80 miles south of Cleveland. There was talk of how a Lowe’s hardware store; one of those do-it yourself places. Their signs now being in English, Spanish, Russian and German.  It’s raising some eyebrows with that, now that businesses are starting to plaster their signs with more languages.  I’ve heard from mortgage bankers that the Chinese are over here just picking out their houses. I don’t know if they’re buying them or just picking out ones that have been repossessed and just picking them out as their own, or what’s going on, but that’s the way it was said. That they're just picking out their houses and they're definitely here. These from people that a year ago would have thought conspiracies were completely nuts.  

Many people are waking up as they see things happening, and many people have been warning about over the years.  

Just the Lord last week  telling me that I’m going to become more and more busy as people start to wake up and realize things are happening and they need to get busy.  Of course, the things you need to be doing as the Lord leads you to do. Either leave an area completely; especially if you’re on a coastline.

Whatever He leads you to do. He leads people to do different things. Stocking up on food, medicine, water and hygiene products. Heaters. Fans to keep cool if you’re in hot areas in the summer. Back up electricity generators. Also, don’t forget the Orgone because you want your areas protected from these alien invasions that are coming. They will be marked as protection areas because they don’t like Orgone. They won’t be able to enter into orgoned areas without being hurt or even killed. I strongly believe that the Orgone will be marking out protection areas for people to run to.  They’ll be safe in orgoned areas because these demonic and alien beings won’t like them.

I’ve always had a real check in my spirit about China; these armies that are coming.  I saw the term “million” in the Bible codes. I don’t know how many millions, but like I’ve said, they could put 100 million here and not bat an eye. Especially when you get talking about a nation that has 1.2 billion people in it
and also the largest cloning facility. That’s what causes me the greatest concern.

This whole cloning thing; you really wouldn’t know a clone from a psychopath. How do you know a clone from a human?  I mean, we know the difference is that they don’t have a soul.  Clones don’t have souls. Other than that, they look and act human. With that in mind, just think of all the atrocities that they can
cause and still go to sleep at night….if they sleep. We don’t even know if clones need eight hours sleep like a normal human does. That’s one the things that’s been on my mind; the sheer terror they're going to cause because they don’t have consciences. We get an army here of 1 million up. We don’t know
how many millions…of psychopaths that have no consciences. They can do despicable things. So that’s another reason that we need to get orgoned areas and also stock up on ammunition and guns.  The Orgone takes care of one thing; your gun is going to take care of another.  You need to work on various ways.

The only one way…the only closed minded way you should be is asking the Lord Himself how you should prepare. He will lead you in various ways. He’s not a one-way God either. He’s all got us doing various things for various purposes and various reasons.  So that’s the only closed-minded, one way, you should be; asking Him directly what you should be doing in the last days and how you should be preparing.  

I know most of the churches have taught for years that the church will be raptured before the Tribulation starts and blah, blah, blah. You know what? There is nowhere even in the faulty thinking that the pre-trib rapture-ists have that says that America would not be destroyed by China before the Tribulation started. Just nowhere it says this.  There is no where it says that American Christians are
going to live like roses in the pedals of a garden and then be raptured and not see any suffering and turmoil. It’s hogwash.

These satanic preachers that are nothing short of mouthpieces for Satan that have led just tens of millions of Christians asleep in these last days instead of doing what the Lord always said, and that was to watch and prepare for the last days. To watch and prepare.  You know? Just a lot of despicable, violent, disgusting things that are coming to this country. Not just this country, but to the world. The Lord has shown me many things for this country itself.  It’s just mind-boggling. People just need to prepare.

I know there are so many who are just going to sit on their couches and say, “Well, the Lord will take care of me.” You know what? You’re going to answer to Him for your stupidity and your apathy. He will get you off your butt and get you busy. He’s going to have you busy doing things for Him and preparing for yourself and your families. He’s not going to just throw a wall of angelic protection around your house and say. “Okay, I’m going to protect this person who has done nothing and has not sought Me.” Because you haven’t sought Him. You’ve assumed things about Him. You’ve assumed that scripture means this. You’ve assumed it. The one thing He says is, “Knock on the Door,” which is Him and to
seek Him in all things and you’ve refused to do that. You don’t seek Him. You just assume things.  I learned that a long time ago, that we can’t assume anything; that we need to ask Him direct. I don’t know how many times I’ve done something and then beating my head up against the wall and having
hear Him say, “Why did you assume?”  “You assumed.” So don’t assume anything. I learned that the hard way.

Don’t assume.  

Just a heads up on that to try and get people ready for the things that are coming. April is very dominant with Asia. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a similar term in the codes. “Adair” and “Asia” really aren’t that similar. Either way, it’s a similarity in Hebrew terms. There’s going to be a lot of problems with the Chinese in April. Just a heads up on that. I hope not. Maybe next year.

I don’t always have years in codes, but I’m looking at months; particular months. Hopefully people will have more time this year to wake up and prepare.  Minus some of the growing disasters we’re having. The continuing economic annihilation. The growing tent cities across America to suit the homeless. The
money crashing that’s coming. Just all this stuff people should have already seen with Obama being elected President.  

Another thing; heads up. Especially with this thing with Obama and Libya. I’ve been warning about that for months.  I warned last year when he was running, even with George Bush that whoever is President of the United States is going to turn their backs on Israel. Especially with Obama, because know his
relationship with the Arabs and Maitreya; this Iranian Mahdi. They’re already aligned together. So he’s going to align with the Arabs. One thing I couldn’t understand…I remember talking about this….musing over it during one of my shows; is why he would appoint all these Jewish Mossad agents to positions in
the White House, knowing he’s going to turn his back on them to align with the Arabs. It’s like he speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  So… very interesting.

It’s almost like, should we even care? If you look at Israel today, the Zionists are Satanists. They preach in their synagogues and their temples that Yahushua, the Son of God is burning in hot excrement in Hell. They’re Talmud preachers. They’re Satanists. The Talmud is a satanic, filthy book. I have articles on that, that exposes what’s in their Talmud that they preach in their synagogues at
The Watcher Files.com. You can go to my search box and put in “Talmud” and you’ll see all the articles that I’ve exposed about the Talmud. So should we even care that Obama turns his back on these Satanists in Israel?

I would be all for it if it was for the right reasons. Yeah, because they're Satanists and we’re not going to support you…and stop sending you our money because you’re Satanists and worshipping Lucifer and telling everybody what great “Jews” you are. They hate Christians. Israel persecutes Christians in Israel. It’s just a mess.  It’s just a mess.  We do know that just as in America, that there is a true
remnant of the 12 Tribes of Israel in Israel today, albeit they are very small. They are a very small remnant over there. The land itself that had originally had been designated to Israel, but not the ones that are leading Israel today; the fake Jews.

Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 talk about the synagogue of Satan and how they’re fake Jews. You need to read those scriptures because that’s exactly what’s going on over there today. These Zionists are not bloodline Jews. They’re fake Jews. They just adopted the religion. You can do research online “fake Jews” “Serpent seedline Jews”, “Khazar Jews”.  There is just a wealth of information online about the fact that the Jews in Israel today are not real bloodline Jews.

Another thing I find interesting. When you do look at the scriptures; so many people want to go into this whole real Jew, fake Jews, bloodline Jews, when in the New Testament under the New Covenant, Yahushua says that those that follow Him are Jews. They are His People. I’m only saying “Jews” in the terms of His People, because that term didn’t even exist back then. They weren’t known as Jews, they were known as Israelites.  

He makes it very clear in the New Testament that those who worship and follow Him and follow His Commandments are His People.  No longer does bloodline even matter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tare nation, a tare race, a hybrid, a whatever. It doesn’t matter. If you accept Him as your Messiah and
you follow Him and seek Him daily, then you are His. You are His People.  All this other race stuff and country stuff…it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter under the New Covenant. I find it interesting that so many people get tied up in that – Who are the Real Israelites? Who are the Real Jews? You know what? Who are the real People of God are the ones who love Him, follow Him, keep His Commandments and accept His Redemption. Those are His. Let’s get into the New Covenant. So many people are just buried underneath the Old Covenant.  So, just a heads up on that.

I found it interesting; almost amusing (as usual) as I was searching through the codes, they’re angry over my new message. I’m thinking, “What’s my new message?” I was musing over last week’s show, when I was talking about the Shema star and this palace they have in the sky. They are very angry that
I’ve brought that up….that I’m talking about their palace, the Shema star. I’ve talked about it a lot on this show, how you can see it’s very, very low to Earth; about 33 degrees above horizon.  Most people think it’s a star, but it’s very brilliantly lit. It almost looks like GE is powering the thing and its very low to
Earth. More and more people are waking up and seeing this thing the more I keep talking about it. So yes, they are very angry that I’ve brought that up and making people aware of it. They want surprises. They want to surprise people. Like all of a sudden, boom – a palace is in the sky. They’ll take the holograph star thing off and show it as a real palace.

I’ve talked about how they’ve lost access to it because the ones in it are burning and dying from the Orgone saturated air. As we keep getting Orgone out around the world and the country, its saturating the atmosphere and its killing them and it’s bringing down their UFOs. It’s causing them to crash. Which I’ve had a lot of fun with the past year, sometimes playing my Its Raining UFOs song before the show begins.  They call them meteors because they don’t know what else to call them; but their UFOs and the Orgone is crashing them.

Wilhelm Reich, who had re-discovered Orgone. Its not something that he discovered, because Orgone is an ancient energy. It’s the building block; the building energy of Earth. It’s a power as well. Any kind of energy is a power. It’s a positive energy. It’s a power life building force energy. He even declared before they stole his work and killed him in jail…you know how they are…that the Orgone would cause UFOs to crash. Of course, I’ve been doing Orgone for five years before I even read Wilhelm Reich’s stuff. I didn’t even know he was saying it.  I was saying it before I’d even read his stuff. It’s very interesting being on the same page with him on that; kind of confirming what he was saying. Of course,
anybody now doesn’t have much access to his materials because they’ve taken it all.  Anybody who knows the devious actions of our government knows exactly how they do things to keep information and truth from the public.  We could have had free energy years ago. They keep killing the scientist and those that patent it and  steal their patents, because they don’t make money off of free energy.
They don’t make money off of it. They want to keep us enslaved to this corporate system we’re in where we have to pay for everything.

People are just working 40 – 50 hours a week. Some people are working two jobs just to survive. That’s the slave race we’ve become.  It’s the slave race. We are a slave race. We’ve become slaves to the government; to life itself.  I mean, how many people today can really enjoy a quality of life, when you could be homeless within a week? 90% of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.
And with the increase of losing jobs and the drain on the economy with the unemployment.  Soon all of that is getting ready to stop and crash itself. The money is going to run out. They’re not going to be able to pay people their retirements. Their social security. Their unemployment.  Just a dead stop on
all payments. And that would cause total chaos here in America.

I’ve warned about June and July. They seem to be pretty chaotic here. I don’t know yet why, but just a check in my spirit always coming for the month of June as being total chaos.  So even before then, you know, Maitreya…I’ve talked about these ascended masters…these fallen angels from Hell trying to act like they are gods on Earth and world teachers and everything else. They do have an arrival planned for April.  Their Day of Declaration. Obama announcing his arrival, or whatever. Which route they’re going to use…that seems to be their ongoing plans.  April is a strong month for that. Also it’s interesting that the Chinese are dominant in April.  They’re kindof going hand in hand.

I don’t think that Maitreya is going to do much until the Chinese are in place to protect him. He’s lost a lot of his forces already that we haven’t seen because we can’t see into the fourth dimension right now. We’ve still got the veil between the third and fourth dimensions to where we can’t see in the spiritual realm. But once that is lifted, you’ll definitely know that you’re in the Tribulation Period…and you’re not going to like what you see. I can guarantee that. I do believe that once they do arrive, that veil will disappear and we’ll be able to see all these beings on Earth. It’s just going to be a very hideous and gross time.

April is a dominant month. I’m not going to say whether its 2009 or 2010 or even 2011. I’m just saying it’s a dominant month, so keep your eyes open.  If they want to bring them in this year in April, then so be it. If April comes and goes and he doesn’t arrive, he’s got an arrival in July….in May. July has always been like an alien flyover type month, where we would have some kind of massive
flyover by UFOs. I’ve always seen that for July. I don’t know what year, but different months always have events associated with them.  One thing I’ve learned over the years doing codes is some months are just being a lot stronger to where events could happen within them.

I find it interesting, one of the most freakiest things I’ve probably ever seen in the codes; these terms together “G Bush Obama death refrigerate” So I’m thinking, What is this? Usually when I come across something one time, I’ll note it and wait to see it again in codes later. If it’s an event it will come up in the codes later and later and later. I do so many codes that I’ll start seeing it to the point where I learn and understand exactly what its talking about. This is the first time that I’ve seen it and at this point I can’t tell you who’s dying and who’s refrigerating who. I just thought it was very wild. “G Bush Obama death refrigerate” Are they refrigerating dead people? Does one of them die and the other refrigerates them.
I don’t know at this point, but I thought it was very interesting that they have their own little cluster in the codes in regards to them both.

At this point, George Bush has been a lot more dominant than Obama because so much hangs over his head for the things that are going on now as a result of the things that George Bush did or didn’t do. He is ultimately going to be the one responsible for a lot of the destruction caused by Orgone because he didn’t stop it when he was President. He thought we were stupid. He thought we were a
joke. And he didn’t think that we were a threat. So a lot of the destructions that are coming; especially when Maitreya comes and acknowledges that the Orgone has hurt their forces and hurt them. A lot of that blame, other than falling on me, will fall on George Bush Jr.  So it’s going to be very interesting. I’ve always seen that Obama would inherit all this mess with the Orgone Warriors and Bush and stuff. He just kind of stepped into the middle of all of it and having to deal with it. It won’t be his fault; it will be put on Bush’s head for that one.  Interesting.

I’ve talked about how Obama would need a “get out of D.C.” card. I still see that in the codes where he is just very miserable. Very miserable because D.C. is an orgoned area. We do have a wall of Orgone around D.C. and in D.C., so he is very miserable and wanting to get out of D.C. I’d talked about how Bush was in talks with Libya before he even left office. He was trying to bribe them to bomb the Capitol before he even left. He’s such a narcissist. He didn’t want Obama to have the White House. If he couldn’t stay and become the world’s dictator and messiah like he planned…and he still thinks he’s the messiah. He is still delusional. He wanted it bombed. They may go ahead and do it, simply because Obama needs a “get out of D.C.” card.

Another thing; I’m getting some questions and IM’s.

Comment from a listener: Hey, I love your show. Keep up the good work for the Only One True God.  What do you and your family need prayer for?

Sherry: You know, just prayer for us like you would your own family; that we would stay faithful. Stay loyal. Be prepared. Be willing to listen. Be doers and not just talkers. Strengthening us. I pray these things for the Lord’s People all the time. When you pray for your family, just pray for others like you would for your own.

I’m going to get into some questions from listeners.

Comments from a listener: Hi. I have a couple of observations regarding that monoatomic gold that you believe is in energy drinks. How about perfume? I ordered a free gift of the frankincense and myrrh perfume offered by TBN Ministries. When I touched the rim of the bottle, the perfume on my finger
made me feel bad until I washed it off. They sent me a gift card along with it containing a sample of gold, frankincense and myrrh, all incased in plastic.

Sherry: …I’ve been warning about TBN for years. I know you’re a listener of this show, so what are you doing watching TBN?

Comment from a listener: As far as your annoying satellite; I saw the thing for four days. It was like a huge, low, extra bright star. Then I noticed a sister star a few blocks away behind the house. I pointed it out to my neighbor, but he said it was just a plane. It wasn’t. It was sitting there half the night and was huge.

Sherry: Some nights you can go out there and see three of them. Usually the most annoying one will be up front. Other ones will be around it. I’ve see up to eight or nine at one time. I saw three the other night too. I might have seen the same ones. They’re moving farther away from my area, so I don’t have to just look above the trees anymore; I have to look farther out. I’ve got these bucket blasters out in my yard pounding the atmosphere with Orgone saturating it.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry. Anything in the codes about Mabus? Is he still a dominant character for the end times. If he is, I figure he might be a prelude to Maitreya coming, unless he operates in the background.

Answer: Mabus is a character that was first mentioned by Nostradamus.  I find it interesting that I get so confused over the name Mabus. I was looking in the codes the other night and the terms “Mabus” and “Obama” just ran right into each other. Almost synonymous, like Mabus was Obama.  Interesting.
Another thing is that it seems like everybody is always mad at Mabus and hates Mabus. Then you have to wonder, is Mabus a warrior for the Lord because everybody hates Mabus. I truly get confused on Mabus. On who and what this Mabus is. I can tell you that more often than not, they hate Mabus in the
Bible codes from what I’ve seen. Mabus is a warrior and Mabus is hated by Satan and his henchmen.  So I don’t know.  Especially with Mabus last night almost being synonymous with the term “Obama.”It’s just one of those things that I pray for clarification from the Lord. So I just can’t grasp it. I don’t know.
He’s just not opening my eyes to see it yet. Although there are times I declare that I finally figured it out, whatever I’ve written on him, I just keep there. I don’t feel led by the Lord to take anything off.Question from a listener: I was listening to the Alex Jones Show the other day. He was discussing what I call the fake stars which you have covered before. He says they are government blimps to watch over every major city. Then I was taken that they spray chems in the direction where I see it at night. Do you think this is a Maitreya’s craft or government blimps?

Answer; I don’t believe they are government blimps because they’re just too dominant in the codes. How would you kill aliens in a blimp? I can see what they are in the codes, and they're stars…starships….star palaces.  They are just alien and UFO related. We do have our own blimps, but notice they come out with the blimps after we start exposing the starships for what they are. I thinkthey’re just throwing up smoke and mirrors so people don’t know what to believe. “Oh, that’s not an alien ship. That’s a blimp.”  Whatever.  Blimps….who cares. The spy blimps wouldn’t be dying and crashing and Orgone wouldn’t affect them. Just watch these stars, because they’re going to be crashing. Very interesting.

Comment from a listener:  H5N1 live flu was found in Baxter flu vaccines.

Sherry: If people would just heed warnings and stay away from vaccines, there wouldn’t be any problems with people getting sick from vaccines.  I’ve been warning for years – stay away from vaccines. It is part of their killing program. Not just in third world countries, but here.

I remember back years ago. Probably back in 2001, doing a code on Pat Robertson. So dominant - the death he has caused because of his vaccination programs in third world countries. Just Satan’s mouthpiece, sold out to Satan’s agenda and helping kill millions of those in third world countries through his ministry; through his vaccination programs that he provides through his ministry.
Vaccinations are poison. Stay away from them.

Comment: Something different…Charles could be the Antichrist. Any thoughts on either?

Sherry: Whoever is the leader of last days Babylon is the Antichrist. Whether it be Maitreya as his world teacher façade….gains world-wide domination and eventually domination over the United States, then fine. If it’s Obama becoming incarnated by Satan; which he very well could be, since he’s just a clone. Then it would be Obama.  If something happens and Prince Charles becomes leader of the United States; which I don’t see happening. I want you to stop looking at
people in particular; specifically people, and look at the position itself.

Whoever fills that position is the Antichrist.  The leader of last days Babylon.  And Babylon is the United States. So whoever is leading us during that time will be the Antichrist. So not necessarily a U.S. President if Obama signs over control of this country to Maitreya and the U.N. Okay? So just look at it as position-wise. Whoever is the one leader that’s leading our country in the last days.

As far as Europe goes, the Queen has bought thousands of acres of land in Denver. I’ve heard that she even owned (and this was years ago) land that the Denver Airport was put on. That, that whole thing was going to be a place to run to because they were foreseeing disasters hitting Europe and that they would need to abandon Europe and come to the United States for safety. So there has to be some kind of chaos. I’m talking war. I’m talking natural disasters. A slight pole shift. Or just a raising of the water; temperatures to where the coasts overcome Europe…the coastland.  Just a place for them to run to. It’s very interesting that she bought up and owns all this land in Denver and even the Airport area itself.  

As far as Prince Charles and Prince William; I’ve never seen them as dominant in the codes. I’ve always seen the name “Harry” more dominant.  I would be watching out for him other than….maybe he’s the only one who survives some kind of tsunami catastrophe that hits Europe or something. I don’t know,
but he’s always been more dominant in the codes than Charles or William. Not that I think either one of them will be the Antichrist. I know there are a lot of groups out there…but like I said, don’t just watch people specifically; it’s the position.  The President; the leader of Babylon. Whoever controls Babylon
in the last days is the Antichrist.

Question from a listener: Do you know what’s a good year for a car to buy that doesn’t have a tracking device chip on it? I thought about saving up to buy a really old car, just so I could get around in the end times.

Answer: Pre-1984.  Pre-1984. Did you ever look at those old Chevy Impalas? They’re huge. It’d be a good car to have. Haul all your stuff around and people around. A lot of space.  Yeah, pre-1984 cars.

Question continues: I know you talked about seeing visions of cars being backed up on freeways and highways. I’m wondering if when they turn those tracking device chips off on the cars, everyone is just stuck on the roads.

Answer: Yeah, I did see that. Harrowing. People just fleeing California because the ocean…like a huge tsunami coming up over the coastland in Southern California. People just stranded for miles on the highways. Nobody’s car will move. The cars are just like shut off. Everybody is just sitting there. People
are getting out of their cars and looking towards the ocean and eventually the ocean just comes and overtakes them all. There is nowhere to go.  It’s just one of those things that I’ve seen for the last days.

Another thing; I’ve warned people about buying new cars.  Because they can just be turned off. That’s whether you buy their satellite service or not. I know a lot of these newer cars; you can buy their satellite service for your radio.  They say you have to have the service turned on or whatever. That’s hogwash. All these cars have chips in them and can be tracked by satellites whether you’ve got the
radio running or not. Whether you’ve got their service or not. Whether you’ve got On Star or not. You can be tracked by space.

Another thing; especially if you’re leaving an area because there is some kind of disaster striking, or about to hit or already hit. Stay off the main roads. Get on the minor roads, the little roads. Stay off the highways and just find different alternative routes to get where you need to be. The highways are going to become death traps. They’re just going to be huge death traps. If not from cars stalling and being turned off so they just sit there. When people are in a panic there are always going to be accidents. Somebody running out of gas.  Just a million things that can go wrong, that will on a highway.  So stay off the highways, folks.

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(Liz: Sherry reads an email to herself and sums it up) Sherry: Just somebody running into people and sharing about Orgone and my websites. And having
conversations. What does that do?

Sherry: You don’t always have to get into the whole alien/UFO aspect of it. You can just say it will keep chemtrails out of your area. There are a hundred and one uses for Orgone. I don’t even get bogged with details over everything it can and does do. It’s a good thing to keep in your car. I know I need to stock up on more.

Everybody should have a personal stash of at least 100 – 300 Orgone pucks. A personal stash so if crap does hit the fan…the Chinese are here….the aliens do show up….you do have it at hand, so you can get it; see where it needs to be gotten. The time will come when we won’t be able to make Orgone. The Chinese are buying up corporations all over the place. I heard from a military guy down in Virginia. He was talking about the Chinese had bought up…he works for a company that has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of supplies; copper wiring, tubes and building material type supplies. Hundreds of thousands in their warehouse. The Chinese bought the corporation and told them to take everything in the warehouse to the dump. That’s the way to destroy a country, folks. Getting rid of their food supply and just getting rid of supplies, period.  So we never know when one day we’re just going to be shut off from buying the resin we need. The crystals we need. The supplies we need to make Orgone. You need to get busy now and get your own stashes stocked up and set aside so that you have it when you need it. You’ll know which areas are going to need it based on where they are successfully infiltrating.  You can go and chase them out of areas with Orgone. So yeah, it’s going to be gold in the last days.

Question from a listener: Is there anything about pandemics in the Bible codes? I hear lots of talk about this, along with martial law being implemented.

Answer: Yes, there is.  There is talk of bio-attacks. When I see that, I have to look at it in two different ways. Who is it affecting? Is it affecting people or is it affecting them? I always see their deaths. I particularly try to look for areas of the country that might be affected, and I never see states or cities mentioned.   I always see aliens dying. Every once in a while a state or an area will pop up in the codes. Dayton, Ohio. I know that we got that last year pretty much saturated with Orgone. Seattle will come up. If there was some kind of bio-attack, I would half expect it to be in Seattle. Alabama was coming up last year in regards to something falling out of the sky in the swamp areas there, and it did.
Somebody sent me an article about it. Things will show up, but you never know if it’s going to be something that’s hugely known or something that happens in the background. I would watch for Seattle…the Seattle area. If I see anything, I usually give a heads up during the show. I’m just not seeing anything dominant yet, other than their arrival, the plagues. Leprosy comes up quite a bit. And
these are plagues in judgments from the Lord on them.  

These people need to learn how to fear God. They are so busy planning our death and destruction that they don’t see their own that’s coming. He is much bigger than anything they can plan. When He starts hitting them with His Judgments, it’s going to send the entire New World Order into chaos. The unfortunate thing about it is they are going to have much success in destroying and killing a lot of us before they are destroyed. We are going to go through martial law, and then the Lord will strike His Judgments on them for killing His People.  That’s one of the biggest things in the Book of Revelation that people seem to miss.  That He
remembers Babylon.  At that point Babylon is an afterthought. He
remembers all of his people and the deaths and destruction of the once great nation Babylon, because it no longer exists. People need to remember that. We are going to go through a lot of suffering, death and destruction here.  Because the Lord remembers Babylon before He begins His bowl Judgments.
People need to realize that America is going to be destroyed. Completely destroyed.

At that point, the only thing that you can do and even worry about is where are you going to spend eternity. Are you one of His or not?  Are you going to spend eternity in Heaven or eternity in Hell? Anyway you look at it, unless the Lord Himself physically removes you or protects you and gets you through the times that are coming, then you are going to be dead. I know a lot of people just don’t fear death because they’ll go spend eternity with the Lord in Heaven, but that’s one thing that people need to start to think about; their own mortality and where they are going to spend eternity. With the Lord or with Satan in Hell, in suffering and in the Lake of Fire?

People need to realize there are judgments coming. There is a reason they were born. There is a reason why people were born and then they die, and that we all face judgment for the things that we did with our time here on Earth and whether we followed Him and sought Him during our lives.  

Everything matters. Everything that we do; everything that we say is recorded. People need to realize that He keeps records. That’s why there is a judgment, because He keeps records. Fortunately for those who believe in Him and follow Him, no matter what they did, they’ll either be rewarded for it, or they’ll lose rewards. But they’ll still be able to be with Him for eternity.

People need to start thinking about salvation and mortality. Especially with all the things that are coming up.

Anyway, until next week everybody,

Yah bless.