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March 30, 2009

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday March 30, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I’ll be taking those a little bit later.

A couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight because something today just blew me away. I was reading this article that was dropped on one of my lists that I’m on. I’m on one of those Yahoo lists. This was out last year; I had no idea of it.

I love how the Lord works; He just confirms the things I’ve been saying and doing over the years. I just go out on a limb and kind of live out there and speak of things I see in the Bible codes or things that He leads me to. I have no idea that if anything out there is actually going on. I just say it.
Like I’ve told you, I don’t visit that many websites online. I pretty much just stay in my own stuff; my own little world, I guess you could call it. So it was amazing that I got this confirmation. Most of you have probably already read the article…I don’t know. I did know that the Pope has an observatory out in Arizona. That’s been gifted nicely with garden ornaments. I think that’s the one or it’s the other one, but either way, if it hasn’t been yet, it needs to be.

He’s had this observatory that he’s spent millions of dollars on. It was my understanding that he was watching for Planet X to come in and that was basically all I knew about it. I was reading this article today in the UFO Magazine out of the U.K. It’s called the Second Sun by Alan Foster. They pretty much expose wide open this whole Shema star palace ship that I’ve been talking about lately. It just blew me away because it started confirming stuff I had already seen and started talking about, even though they knew
about it a long time ago. Very interesting. I just like the way the Lord works on that.

I’m going to be jumping around back and forth. I don’t have one long cohesive thought; I jump back and forth. You all are used to my shows by now. Part of the things we are experiencing now is the diminishing magnetic field. When I see this in reports and all these scientific commentaries about a diminishing
magnetic field, it reminds me that it’s gotta be the canopy that they're talking about. One of the things I keep talking about is, as the Tribulation Period progresses the veil will be lifted and both our dimensions will be merged. They’ll be in our dimension. That seems to be increasing all the more. So you can pretty much tell how advanced and further we are moving along towards or even into the Tribulation. When that veil is lifted; when that magnetic field is gone, it’s going to be literal Hell on Earth.

Somebody asked me the other day, “Will we be able to smell them?” Demons stink. Aliens stink. They all smell like that sulfur from Hell; just like fire, brimstone and sulfur.  That’s what they smell like…rotten eggs. Some demons have just awful odors to them, so I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t be able to smell them when we can see them in our dimension – the 3rd dimension; I would imagine that we’ll be able to smell them as well. It’s very repulsive.

What I find funny is that I always see the term “odor” in the Bible codes. I was thinking at the time that the Orgone we make….it has a strong resin odor when you first make it. Even as it dries, even as its working as the energy it is, somehow something totally repels them. Not just the fact that it burns them and boils them and things like that.  I think it has a smell that’s offensive to them. So that’s what I was thinking….
that this Orgone has this huge offensive odor that’s offensive to them. It didn’t occur to me that they have an odor that’s offensive to us. Maitreya will need somebody deodorant then, because I always see “odor” around Maitreya. It’s just one of these dominant terms you see in the codes anymore - “odor” These beings are going to have some really bad odor to overcome or they’re just totally taken back by the smell they get off of Orgone. I don’t think that energy has a smell to it; it could just be them having this odor. I don’t know. It’s going to be amusing….because we don’t smell it. I’ve had Orgone in my house for years and I don’t smell it. I smell it when I make it; that’s why I make it out in the garage. Once it’s dry, you don’t smell any odor with it. I find it interesting that it’s so dominant lately in the codes.

Another thing….like I said, I’ll just be jumping back and forth. This New Jerusalem that they’ve seen; now I’m not talking about the Lord’s New Jerusalem. In fact years ago….this is what is so far out because I felt
led to put up that site CystalCityFraud.com and warn everybody about the New Jerusalem that they’re going to be descending to Earth and claiming “It’s the New Jerusalem.” Apparently they’ve got pictures of this city. I was talking about the Shema star; how it’s like a star now, but if they took off the holographics, that we would see it as a palace in the sky. This is the same thing they are talking about. The Hubble Telescope has pictures of a white palace in the skies. So I thought that was really wild. I would imagine it’
s going to be offset with some rainbow colored hues and colors to make it look really brilliant and beautiful. It’s going to have to mimic Heave. It’s going to have to be really good to be able to fool and deceive most people on Earth. The Bible says it does in Luke 18:8 “….when the Son of man comes, shall
he find faith on the earth?”  Most people will be deceived by the deceptions. This thing even in Masonic writings, they refer to it as the “Holy City Ship” or “the New Jerusalem.” And this was back in 1996 when  they first saw these pictures of the Hubble Telescope. One of the pictures….let’s see….I’ll take this right out of the article:

It probably comes as no surprise to learn that NASA has several hundred unreleased photographs from the Hubble space telescope In the Sep/Oct 1996 issue of U.F.O. Magazine, in Andrew Pike's Astronomy
section, under the title “Heavens Above!” was this following quote: “It probably comes as no surprise to learn that NASA have several hundred unreleased photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope.
Rumours are currently circulating in the world of astronomy that one taken on 26th March 1996, and being held back, shows a White City of massive proportions just floating in deep space, reminiscent of Heaven!
One NASA spokesman said: “…maybe the will of God pointed the telescope in that direction.”

It seems President Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and John Paul II are all being kept updated. This is back in 1996 folks. Interestingly then, that was the Pope who had opened this observatory in Tucson, Arizona. They refer to it as the “white palace” or the “holy city” or “the New Jerusalem.

In a letter received from Andrew Pike in March 2003, he concurs that the Hubble Telescope March 1996, Crystal City may have been the same phenomenon.

That’s one of the names they’re calling it – “The Crystal City”. And they’re referring to photos that they’ve seen.

One of the things I want to warn of; I told you last week of how they're getting all ready. And how they misconstrue prophecy; Satan knows how prophecy is and he’s trying to mimic it to a T. I noticed at the same time, the churches don’t teach prophecy anymore. Most people don’t even know what prophecy is. They don’t read the Book of Revelation, so they don’t know. They can recognize when something is being read to them out of the Bible, but they can’t recognize how out of context they’re taking it.

I’ve been in hate emails….anger emails…whatever you want to call it, with Sananda himself. We’ve gone at it in emails before. And yes, they do have email address, they have websites, and they do have forums.
They’re very active on the internet trying to get their followers ready for their arrival. The problem is they speak through so many different people; channel through them, that they just make fools of themselves, because they’ll say something that doesn’t come true and makes one guy look like an idiot.  Then they’ll say, “That wasn’t us channeling through that guy. It was somebody else.” They use people like pawns and make them look like the biggest idiots. I’ve been in exchange with Sananda before and very quickly
was able to pick out how he misconstrues scripture and takes it out of context.

That’s why I’ve said it’s going to be really funny. They come as these “light beings” from god…from heaven…or they are gods themselves. They're coming as ascended masters, but they have vicious tempers and it doesn’t take much to get them going. They’ll approach you with their light and love and peace and passion message. When you’re ready to gag at that, and you just start asking them some pinpointed narrow questions, you’ll see the whole demeanor change and the anger start coming out of them.  They have vicious tempers. Once you don’t buy into their peace, light and love crap and you expose them for what they are, they just get very angry and vicious from that point on. Very amusing.

What they do is…they love Matthew 24. What Matthew 24 is; when Yahushua was on the Temple mount and giving the Apostles just a brief run down on what’s to come before the end of days; He just kindof a narration and He sums up all prophecy and the Tribulation period…a very brief narrative in Matthew 24 of the things to expect. So what the New Ager’s do and the pagans do is take it completely out of context and move everything around.  This is exactly what Satan is going to do. That’s why I wanted to talk about it

It talks about one of their prophecies: (this is from the pagans)

The return of New Jerusalem in a physical sense fulfills another promise and helps us to realize these benign beings; these master (Sherry reiterates that this is from the pagans) are real to give hope and inspiration particularly in trouble perhaps apocalyptic times. The prophecy is fulfilled because they are
aware of the existence of the prophecy. Equally there are many prophecies that speak of the return of a second sun in the end days that will illuminate the darkness or the night side of the Earth, the great star will blaze for seven days. The cloud will cause two suns to appear.

This is from Nostradamus. This is not a biblical prophecy. Then they talk about October 1917, the apparition of Mother Mary of Fatima was accompanied by a dancing sun phenomenon interpreted as heralding Christs return. I can interpret that as just ELF projects going haywire. And the Bible states “for as the lightening lights up the entire sky, so will it be when the Son of Man comes” (Matthew 24:27) and they state “and the nations shall walk by its light (Revelation 21:24). What they do is they move Revelation
21:24 all the way up to the beginning of the Tribulation Period instead of way at the end after the thousand year Millennial Reign. So they move prophecy up and they’ll take everybody by surprise by it because they’re ignorant and don’t know any better. They don’t know the timelines and events of prophecy and the order that things are going to happen.

Nowhere does the Bible talk about a second sun. I haven’t seen it. Maybe I’ve missed it? I’ve read the Bible 100 times and haven’t seen the second sun. This is something Mayan. This is something Nostradamus. Most of these pagans and witches and you’ll even catch the church doing it – they’ll quote
the Mayan and Hopi calendars. I’ve told you who these races are. They’re tare races. They’re the offspring of the angels that fled Atlantis before it was destroyed. They had made their way over to South America, eventually working their way up to North America. A lot of the native races here in America today; the Indians are a mixture of fallen angel races; these tare races that were the Hopi’s and the Mayans.  Even their offspring and offshoots are part of the United States Indian cultures are from the Mayan, Hopis and these tare races.

Then you have some of these Indian tribes that were Christian tribes; like Cherokee being one of them. Some of these tribes I believe were Israelites that had migrated away from Israel and made their way over here to America. The stark difference between even the Native American Indian tribes here in America and why they're so different; some of them were just outright vicious, bloody killers…into voodoo….god is a “great spirit” stuff and all the fallen angel/tare race nonsense. Then you had these more…I don’t know
what you want to call it….civilized Indian tribes who believed in the Great Spirit. They all had different names for Him. They were all so far removed from the rest of mankind.

You have to understand, in the beginning of time there were always so many wars. Israel was always going at war or always being warred upon by others. So their people would scatter and they would go into captivity for hundreds of years, even at times. So these people would just scatter. I think some of these scattered tribes out of Israel that helped to settle America at first and what we know today as the Indian tribes is what we have here today. It’s very interesting.

But you’ll see a lot of people quoting the Hopi’s and the Mayans. But that’s one of the things the Lord had led me to a long time ago about these Indian tribes here in America and how they became mixed with the serpent seedline/tare race tribes that were here from Central and South America. They had originally come over from Atlantis before Atlantis was destroyed.  

So it’s very interesting that all this time the Pope’s been funding this observatory in Arizona to watch this city in the sky. Its very interesting because we were all told he was watching Planet X or whatever, coming
in. It’s like “whatever…okay.” But it’s actually this city. And the same city I’ve been talking about….this palace; I do believe it’s the same thing; this palace that I’ve been seeing in the codes along with the Shema star. I’ve told you about that annoying star that I chased out of Ohio that’s been down in Texas. I don’t know if that’s the same thing or maybe the palace and the star are two separate things.

I’ve warned you to watch the signs in the skies. This blue star coming out of Orion that I believe was going to be their New Jerusalem coming out. So that would be the New Jerusalem. Then you have this white palace; this white city in the sky that’s Maitreya’s. It’s a home base for these aliens actually; these
ascended masters. If that’s the same thing as the Shema star, it’s the same one we’ve been evicting them all out of because the Orgone has been burning and killing them so they’re leaving and abandoning it.

It’ll be very interesting to see if NASA or somebody doesn’t blow it up and get it out of the skies, because it’s a dead base right now. They can even barely access it anymore. Maybe that’s why they moved it over to Texas. They got it out of Ohio maybe to rebuild the thing.

That’s one interesting thing that I saw in the codes that just blew me away;
I’ve been doing Orgone for about 4 or 5 years now. We knew it was crashing UFOs. That’s one of the anthems of this radio show anymore, It’s Raining UFOs. And just laughing about all the UFOs that have been crashing, and all the attention being given today to all the streaks of light over the Hamptons in New York.

Orgone melts metal. It’s melting metal. It not only burns and boils the skin off of these alien beings and evil wicked beings; it melts metal. So that’s why their ships are crashing. I didn’t know if it was interfering with their driving capabilities. I don’t know how you drive a UFO….fly a UFO. I don’t know how they operate, but apparently its melting the metal off these UFOs and that’s why they’re crashing. I thought that was funny. It’s definitely why they're burning so much. I always see “burning” “burnt”  “boiled”. Terms like that in
regards to Orgone and how it affects these alien beings. I have those listed on my website at orgoneblasters.com. I have the whole thing about Orgone in the Bible codes.

So eventually I know it’s going to malfunction this Shema star thing. When it does…..it’s so huge it would seem to me that they would either try to get it to crash into an ocean or just shoot it out of the sky and break it up; like they did last March. You remember the big to-do last March or January about the
Capricorn dying and they needed to rescue Sananda and all them out of the Capricorn because it had malfunctioned? So NASA put on this big thing that “a satellite had malfunctioned” and they needed to blast it out of the sky. So they pretended they hit it with a missile, or whatever. I think the whole thing fell into the ocean, because the aliens were going to try to rebuild it…it’s just so funny. So NASA puts on this big thing last year about the satellite down so it wouldn’t hit the Earth. It was actually Sananda’s ship, the Capricorn. They should just call his ship the Capricorn 2 because he’s in a different ship now.

That’s what the Orgone does. It makes these starships malfunction. So it’s not only the UFOs; it’s their starships as well. So it’s very interesting that with more and more frequency we’re seeing the “meteors”…they're calling it “space junk” falling out of the sky. Flashes of light. I know its UFOs. The Lord has said that Cain is going to come out of the sky with flashes of light.

As they keep quoting Matthew 24, the sign of the Son of Man, which doesn’t come until many, many years into the Tribulation Period. They’re moving all prophecy around to excuse what’s going on now. When they have the second sun showing; Bill Cooper talked about their plan to blow up Jupiter to mimic a second sun so they could mimic the star of Bethlehem when Maitreya or Sananda (I don’t know which one) arrives to Earth. They also talk about a sun blazing for seven days. These are all man-made technological
events that they're talking about. These aren’t from the Lord. This is the government working side by side with the military and the aliens to make their own biblical prophecies come alive. So that when these beings come (Maitreya, Sananda and a whole host of them. I’ve seen over 200) people will buy it that they are gods.

Yahushua’s Second Coming to Earth; like I read last week on the show, He returns to Erath during the Battle of Armageddon.

They mix up the lies and the prophecy and have people thinking that he’s going to come to Earth. He’s going to institute a world-wide economic program and global government and religion. This is the Antichrist, folks. This the Antichrist and the False Prophet and Satan. They’re going to seek to conquer the Earth; put it under a one-world dictatorship so that Satan can rule over the Earth as God; as a supreme dictator.

Even God is not a supreme dictator. With people that don’t want to worship Him, they don’t have to stay in Heaven; they can leave. But under Satan, if you don’t worship him he’s going to kill you. Eventually you end up being judged anyway, because all these angels that have left Heaven will face judgment under the Lord’s Judgment. In the New World Order, it’s going to be immediate judgment if you don’t worship Satan. If you don’t get his mark in or on your right hand or forehead, you’re not going to be able to buy or participate in the economy or society. If you don’t worship his image they’ll kill you. That’s another good reason to get stocked up on things that you need now, because you don’t want to be caught in public places.

I don’t know how they’re going to enforce this worship of the image thing. If you refuse the image they’ll kill you. They’re not going kill you for not accepting the chip or mark; they’re going to kill you for refusing the
bow down and worship the image. Whatever kind of image this is. Some kind of statue that they have…They’ve tried to come up with, “Oh, look there’s a huge statue of Prince Charles.” That’s enough to make anybody gag. But there’s also this huge statue that they’ve built of Buddha…very well.  Maitreya aligns alongside the Buddhists, the Hindus, and the Arabs. Sananda – the one that mimics Yahushua the Son of God is going to be here to deceive the Christians.

If you look at the sheer numbers; Christianity is probably very small compared to the rest of numbers in religions around the world. It’s a very small number. They realize that they have to kill most of them because most of them won’t go along with this Maitreya and Sananda thing; but a lot of them will. A lot of them will because they’re sitting in these beast churches today. These Joel Osteen’s and Benny Hinn’s and Kenneth Copeland’s…these mega churches that are in existence today are all beast prophets that
all work with Satan. They use religious mind control and religious conditioning to put the sheeple asleep and to believe what it is they say to believe.

So you better believe that when this fake angelic host arrives with Maitreya and Sananda singing hymns and looking angelic, they’ll be tossing the pom-poms up, being a big cheerleader for the whole thing telling people that “Jesus is here.” He (Benny Hinn) is already doing that on the TBN network; telling people that Jesus is coming. And he’s not talking about the real Son of God. He’s a mouthpiece for Satan. He’s talking about this Sananda and how he’s coming and stuff and people think that he’s talking about the real Son of God when he’s talking about Satan’s Jesus. He’s getting his own audiences ready for this arrival of Sananda.

CNN has been getting the world ready for Maitreya’s arrival; talking about this great world teacher. “Call this 800 number to learn more about it.”   Yeah, right.

The world is being conditioned for the arrival of these alien beings. Their arrival can happen at any time. There’s no set date or set year, because they have the green light. They don’t have much time left. That’s why you’re going to start seeing Obama move very quickly, harshly and abruptly through things. They’re running out of time and there’s going to be total chaos; a civil war here in America coming soon. That’s when this Maitreya will arrive and Sananda and come to “restore peace”. They know that Americans won’t
accept this Maitreya.

These Asian armies and Arab armies and the Chinese armies are all going to be working with him to war against America to bring America under submission. How this translates to us is martial law and civil war on our soil. Because Obama takes his directions from them. Henry Kissinger has been the man behind every president for the last 30 – 40 years. He is himself just a straight-up reptile in human skin. He works the alien agenda straight from the Ashtar Council. They take their orders from him. This whole civil war thing coming….Obama just paved the way to start a civil war. He just passed this one act called the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009. What this does is forces Americans to relocate to cities. That alone folks, is going to start one huge civil war here. I’ll read part of the report. This is from the Environmental News Service:

Congress today approved a massive public lands bill that protects two million acres of wilderness in nine states and a thousand miles of rivers, a 50 percent increase in the wild and scenic river system. It establishes new national trails, national parks and a new national monument and provides legal status for the National Landscape Conservation System, which will protect some of the country's most spectacular landscapes.

The package of 164 separate bills bundled together, known as the Omnibus Public Lands Management Act of 2009 (H.R.146), has been stalled several times on its way to approval, most recently on March 11, when the measure fell two votes short of the two-thirds majority in the House required at that time. Today, only a simple majority was required and the House passed the bill by a vote of 285 to 140. The bill was approved by the Senate last week and now goes to President Barack Obama for his signature into law……….President Obama is expected to sign the measure.

The radical U.S. environmental group known as the Wilderness Society has long advocated that Americans be forced out of their rural homes into vast urban homes. This is a tremendous day for wilderness and all who cherish our public lands. Congress just passed the largest addition to the national
preservations system. One of the biggest land conservations ever.

What this does….and they’re just a bunch of Satanists. What this does….I have this map on my website at the Watcher Files.com. I had put it there a year or two ago. The UNs plan about re-wilding America. This implements that plan. That map of re-wilding America and designating only certain areas of their country that citizens are allowed to live in. There are whole states that are taken off that map. The whole Midwestern area of the United States is off limits. People are basically pushed to the cities that are on the coasts and the way southern areas of our country and kept away from pretty much the whole central part of our country. That alone is going to instigate a huge civil war should they try to implement that and make everybody who lives in rural areas….I don’t know what they consider rural areas. 50 or 100 miles outside
of a major city? I don’t know what they would consider rural. I’m vaguely trying to remember how this map looks. It’s on my website and been years since I even saw it. From what I remember, just very few cities…there weren’t that many.

In the final script it calls for only 500 million Americans left in this country. So they have to kill 250 million Americans to make that happen. The cities left that are even allowed to exist are a handful. We have about 800 -900 cities here throughout America, so considering the plan that they have, it’s scaled down to maybe 10 cities. Imagine every American being stuffed into 10 cities across the country. That ain’t going to happen without a fight! That ain’t going to happen without a fight.  I live in a farming community. I’ll tell you this; there are probably more people that own guns in the farming and rural areas than that live in the cities, so they are going to have a fight. It’s going to be very interesting. And they have the forces lined up to help. I just bought a pair of binoculars the other day. It came with directions in five languages. It makes me angry alone, when I pick up something from the store and it has it in Spanish and English. If you can’t read English, go back across the border until you can. It makes me really angry, read this side for English
– this side for Spanish. Or a phone call - “press 1 for English or press 2 for Spanish”. Now we have it in German, Russian and Chinese. I don’t know if anyone has picked up the Chinese thing yet.

I’ve been warning about the Chinese coming. “The Chinese are coming” for months now. Now it’s American-English and Chinese. That just floored me. They are coming. They are definitely coming. And they’re all the forces of the Antichrist. They may come over as this unified group from the UN. “The
Americans are rebelling.”  I don’t’ know what excuse they’ll use. They’ll make us look like idiots. They’ll make it look like we’re in the wrong. So they UN will have to come over and squelch the rebellion of the American people or whatever. Either way they’ll get their solders over here; the Germans, Russians and the Chinese. Somewhere in the midst of all that the Chinese will just eventually just decide to take America for themselves and just go to war against the UN themselves, because they want America for themselves. The whole plan probably is an excuse to get them in here so they can eventually evict the UN out of here and let the Chinese have it. That’s the whole plan. I don’t know when they're going to implement that. In stages or do they do it all at once? We’ll just have a huge Chinese invasion here.
I’ve talked about the subtle ways they can do it. Just come in and reclaim everything they own with the mortgage and debt since they own all of our debt and mortgages. They’re going to be fully prepared as well, to come in with an outright invasion if they wanted to with their airplanes and navy or whatever.  So it’s going to be interesting.

Just a lot of things are coming up ahead and happening in stages.

Right now I’m seeing “pandemic.” I was just talking to my friend the other day saying, “There’s a pandemic coming”. Then today I stumbled on one of those emails on a list I’m on. It was talking about a pandemic being staged for Ohio at the end of April.  I’ve often seen things happening in Ohio. It always
has something to do with a chemical or bio-attack in northeast Ohio. They had this planned years ago and the Lord would not allow it. It was at Christmastime and was one of their subtle assassination attacks against me. The Lord just blew it up with a blizzard. I don’t know how else to say it. The day it was supposed to happen there was a huge blizzard from Michigan all the way to Pennsylvania; all the way, straight through Ohio. It was funny. I got the go ahead from Yah to do some traveling that day. But it was
really funny.

They’re coming back with more bio-attacks against Ohio now. This is pretty much against the whole state; the people themselves. I don’t know if this one’s going to come out. It’s in Ohio, but I do know that a pandemic is coming. I see the Avian Flu one coming. It’s the Orgone….as more and more of them arrive in America and take over human bodies, the Orgone kills them. It’s pretty much an attack against the evil; the tares that are amongst us. The Lord said the last days would be the wheat and the tares growing side
by side each other and only the angels would be able to separate them. You can’t tell a wheat from a tare.

That’s how good they are.

I’m not just talking about serpent seedlines and hybrids and people born through these; I’m also talking about the aliens among us that have taken human bodies. It’s them that this Orgone effects. So a lot of them are going to be dying and at the same time they’ll be unleashing their attacks against the people. It’s a two-way war. It’s a constant war. I’ve often seen some conflicting things about my own town….trying to come after me and stuff. I just laugh. What are they going to do? Drop a nuke bomb here and say it fell
off the plane?  “Sorry, but we hit a town in the middle of a cow field”. I don’t know what they're going to do, but they’re going to take drastic measures to come after me as well eventually. It’s pretty amusing. I can see it coming and I’m just fully aware.

You know what? It’s whatever the Lord wants. Whatever He wants. I’ve been sitting here amused for years. I’m tired. It’s exhausting. This Orgone war is exhausting. I think we could all use a break. If He wants to take the Warriors home, that’s good with me. That’s fine with me if He wants to take us all home for a while; especially with all this stuff coming up.

We’ve got the pandemic. We’ve got Obama losing his mind and just really going for the push by September of this year. To take peoples guns. Not only that, but making it legal where they can kick people out of their homes in rural areas and then put them into cities.

So that makes a lot of sense to me with some of the things I’ve seen. People being lined up. Like I’ve always said, “Don’t ever go on FEMA trains. Don’t get on them!” A lot of this stuff is involuntary. I do think they’re going to force people. There’s going to be some kind of forced evacuation out of areas. I don’t know if they’ll use “Oh there’s a virus here. We have to evacuate the town…the city…blah, blah, blah.  They’re going to use those as threats and a means to an end to get people out of rural areas and get them into
cities so they can reclaim the rural areas for themselves in part of this re-wilding project the UN has; this whole New World Order thing has. They're going to use different ways to implement that.

Just don’t buy it, folks. Don’t buy it. If you go into these cities, you’re just going to be controlled robots. Literally! They’ve got them surrounded by towers. You can’t go to a city today that isn’t completely surrounded by towers. They use these towers to blast subliminal messages to the people. They can crank them up and turn people basically into robots. Stay out of the cities. I’ve been telling people for years to get out of the cities. Now they're going after all these people leaving the cities and going to the rural areas.

That’s why we’re going to have a huge civil war here and why they're bringing over so many soldiers from China and Russia and Germany. I don’t know how many forces they have over there, but it’s going to be pretty much dominantly the Chinese, I believe. They make it sound like it’s going to be handful, but there’s going to be tens of millions of Chinese here. Don’t get snowed by that one; whatever it is they're putting out. So just a heads up folks - things are moving along.

Obama is definitely…I’m looking for him to take a nosedive out of the White House soon. (LOL) Yeah, I’m not going to talk about that too much tonight, but I think he’s going to be taking a nosedive. I’ve warned you about how he needs a get out of D.C. card and all that. That’ll be coming up more so.

Anyway for now, I’m going to take some emails from listeners. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I’m going to start going through some messages. I have to sift
through all this stuff so…Tons of emails. I have to sift through them.

Question from a listener: Are all the billions of bailout money really going for big Black-ops projects?

Answer: Well, you could call it Black-ops, but it’s going towards the New Age program that’s coming. If you look at the NESARA program I’ve been warning about it for years at NESARAsucks.com. The entire thing about NESARA; it’s a big Ponzi scheme to begin with. It pretty much aligns with the bailouts because that’s all these banks are; Ponzi schemes. They’re going to bribe people to join NESARA; to join this “kingdom of God”. I bet that’s when they blast this white palace city in the sky. “

“Look! Join NESARA. Get a mark on your right hand or forehead” (whatever it is) “and we’ll give you a tour of the White City.” They’ll call it Heaven…I don’t know what they’re going to call it. That’s going to be part of the bribery thing. Even the New Agers are saying that they’re going to offer people $75,000 a month under NESARA’s program to get it started. That’s a pretty big bribery. All that money has to come from somewhere and why I think they’re hoarding all these billions and billions of dollars. So they can use it to bribe people to join Satan’s kingdom on Earth. Of course they're not going to call it that; they're going to call it the kingdom of God on Earth…or whatever. A lot of people are going to be deceived just because they're greedy and they want that money. So they're not going to think twice and join not even realize what
they are doing.  That’s why people are being warned about the whole charade that’s coming with NESARA and the ascended masters and this palace in the sky and the crystal city and all this stuff. Question from a listener: Will God cause earthquakes in diverse places to shake the freaks out from
under the earth and onto the surface to expose them?

Answer: It could be a reason to shake them out. Also another reason is to kill those hiding in. We have a lot of underground bases. We have a lot of people who have spent HIS money even, building themselves hideouts under the Earth. Ministers and pastors who are leaving their flocks on their own and taking money and building their own little underground shelters for the things that are coming. He has shown me that He’s going to destroy those. They’ll be drowned and destroyed by earthquakes under the ground. Various reasons for that; to shake the earth, to flatten the cities, to move the mountains, to weaken the nations, to expose alien and demonic beings, to kill people who are hiding in them in the underground bases. There are just a lot of different judgments and reasons for all the earthquakes. Plus the fact that
these things they have coming in from outer space; the New Jerusalem…Planet X. Things like that, that are pulling out the earth’s plates. A lot of different reasons they’re happening and to be expected.

Question: What do you think about transgenics; which is combining animal, bird and human DNA?

Answer: Satan did this before. He was trying to become God. He was trying to create his own animals. He was trying to create his own human beings, which is why we had all these Neanderthal ape-type looking humans back in the day. He’s always been trying to create, to mimic God. It’s a blaspheme is what it is. Naturally I just think it’s completely disgusting.

Question from a listener: Satan is the prince and power of the air. Will his biggest impact be through the air, in the skies and over the airwaves?

Answer: That’s what he’s planning on. He’s planning on arriving to Earth through Sananda and Maitreya and all these ascended masters; his henchmen, and be accepted as God. That’s why we’re working so
hard with the Orgone. The Orgone penetrates the atmosphere. It even penetrates into their dimension; the fourth dimension, and it burns and destroys them. I would love to see the fact that when he does start
to pull his charades in our dimension…our Earth, that they just burn up and die. We’ll see.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I think that Obama has powers from the bottomless pit. He must be evil and totally controlling this country. Where are we heading?

Answer: Well he is evil. I warned people back when he was running that he wasn’t even human. He’s lizard!  He’s just a shell. He can be indwelt by Satan very easily because right now he’s indwelt by some other lizard. He is a mouthpiece. You’re going to see him give one lecture after the next. He’s going to give more lectures than Clinton and Bush combined. He’s going to be the lecture president because he is setting up this country for Armageddon. That is his mission. When I saw that in the codes the other day, it just floored me. “Obama mission Armageddon”. That’s his mission. He’s going to lead us straight to Armageddon. To do that you can see all the destruction that’s going to happen to America before Armageddon even comes about. We’re going to see a lot of destruction and the complete destruction of America under Obama.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. Did you hear/see Obama’s inauguration beginning when he said; “in case you did not know, I was not born in a manger”. This seems to be a shout out to Yeshua. What do you think?

Answer: Yeah. I didn’t hear or see the inauguration, just You Tube videos of things here and there. The guy just makes me sick. Every time I see him I just want to puke.

Question from a listener: What do you think about the New World Order and their global seed bank near the Arctic Circle, while we’re forced to live off of genetically modified seeds?

Answer: They save the good ones for themselves and give everybody else poison. I’ve heard they might have to relocate it. Why they put it at the Arctic Circle, I have no idea. When the Earth shifts….there will be a pole shift, they could lose that seed bank. They spend millions of dollars on their own stupidity.

Question from a listener: When the eminent martial law comes to a town near us, how great is the potential do you think for the government/FEMA to shut down every person’s car internal computer chip, with the idea of keeping people penned in so to speak, and easier to manage? If people can’t drive it
would be easier to control them. Most people drive newer cars with chips, so maybe it makes sense to purchase older rigs for a couple of hundred dollars to have something to get out of town with and in addition having emergency kits.

Answer: Exactly. That’s what I’ve warned about. In my vision when I saw water overtaking the West Coast; thousands and thousands of cars just sitting on the highway and the people were standing beside them.
Nobody was moving anywhere. Nobody could start their cars and the waves came. I’ve been warning; stay off the major highways during times of emergencies when you need to leave town. Stay on the little roads and just get out of town avoiding all major routes because there’s just going to be so much chaos. They are going to do that. They are going to turn people’s cars off. You need to be buying pre-1984 cars just for that.  So it’ll start. There are no chips in pre-1984 cars. Anything before then would be good to have.

Question: Is it possible to read codes from the book of Enoch since he was such a prominent voice of

Answer: I don’t have a code program for the book of Enoch. But I see Enoch in the codes all the time. It goes without saying; even though we don’t have his book, doesn’t mean that he’s not in the codes. He’s in the codes all the time.

Question: Will a sterilization virus affect America so we can no longer have children?

Answer: Just watch the vaccinations. The one they were touting last year that supposedly prevented ovarian cancer in young girls. You know that was a sterilization thing. Stay away from vaccinations and any kind of vaccines, flu shots or anything like that. Just stay away from them folks. They're pure poison. The Bible codes say they are pure poison, and they are. If you don’t believe the Bible read science. For once they’re on the same page about vaccines.

Sherry, the King James versions says the mark will be in the right hand or forehead and doesn’t say on. I have already gotten my fingerprints so I could teach school. They have these electronic prints now and I just wanted to make sure this isn’t the mark.

Answer: No. Not fingerprinting. It’s going to be a tattoo or chip in or on the right hand or forehead. It’s going to be about joining “God’s kingdom on Earth.” It’s going to be about joining this new world-wide economic program; this new global society initiation type thing. It’s going to be about joining and being initiated. When all that crap starts to come about, then you’ll know that’s the one the Bible is talking about; especially if it’s in or on the right hand or forehead. Not basic fingerprinting; it’s the other things that you
need to be worried about. A bar code…maybe a shape of a cross tattoo or a cross mark…some kind of chip. Just stay away from it. I have a feeling it’s going to be….the mark itself will be some kind of a cross. So stay away from that.

People always associate the cross with something so patriotic with Christianity. One of the first things the Lord had me do back years ago when I started praying for the truth in all things was, I had to get rid of all
my cross jewelry. It was disgusting to Him. He wasn’t honored by the fact that I had cross earrings….cross necklaces. I just identified with Him that way because He died for our sins. He sees it differently. He sees the cross as death. And to Him, death is disgusting. It’s a defilement. So that’s the first thing He had me do; get rid of all my cross stuff. And it’s the first thing Satan has embraced. Look at Islam….and the Templar’s…..and Constantine and his whole thing. They’re big sign was a red cross. And we have the
Red Cross organization here in America, which is a bunch of Satanists. The Red Cross itself is truly just a satanic symbol. It’s a symbol of death. He doesn’t want us to glory in His death. He wants us to glory in His resurrection. We have no symbol for His resurrection.

It’s one of the main things He had told Israel. They were not to have any kinds of symbols. And they never did. It was the UN back in 1948 or whatever….that gave Israel that symbol which is the Star of David. The real Israelites; not the fake ones in Israel; the Zionists that are dominant there today, they (real Israel) never had a symbol because that was the Lord’s command. Do not have any symbols.  The Star of David itself is not a Christian symbol. It’s a pentagram. The Masonic lodges….the Zionists who go along with the symbol, the Star of David, the seal of Solomon. It’s all used for occultic purposes folks. That’s why the Lord did not want His people identified with the symbol. It was always the occultists and the Satanists and all them who had their symbols and gloried in their symbols. Very interesting. Stay
away from anything. Even a cross is not of God. The cross disgusts Him. It was our redemption, but it was death. And death is defilement.

Question from a listener: Did you hear about the Terminators government army visiting the tent cities? It sounds like they want to kick them out of there. Do you think they’re going to send them to the FEMA
camps from tent cities?

Answer: From what I understand, they want to move them out of Sacramento and into a different area. They don’t want to have to look at them all the time. Isn’t Sacramento the capitol of California? They should be parked on the street right in front of the Terminators office. They’re just going to relocate them. Is it a way for FEMA to get a hold of them? Yeah. Whenever you’ve got the government involved in relocating anyone….they’ll relocate you to a death camp. All those people ought to be taken off somewhere else; especially to the mountains.

Question from a listener: Is one major difference that the wheat have the spirit of love and the tares do not have an ability to love?

Answer: That could very well could be a huge difference. The tares are psychopathic. The true straight up tares that just come here are straight psychopathic, but their children throughout the generations aren’t
as psychopathic as their parents were and that’s why they're redeemable. You just get into a long, long history there.

Question from a listener: What do you think these other sheep are and “not of this fold” in John 10:16? “And other sheep I have that are not of this fold, them also I must bring and they will be one flock with one shepherd. “

Answer: Like I’ve said, the Lord has His people scattered all over the world. Even back before He walked the Earth and arrived on Earth. They had scattered. They had scattered to America. We have native tribes
here. He had told me years ago that most Christians; and He was talking about those is the churches today, would be surprised at the ones that they’re going see in Heaven. Most of Christianity….especially the Baptists. I grew up Baptist and most of you probably did too…they think they’re the only ones who have it right. The Catholics are going to Hell….the Methodists are just deluded and mistaken. Every religion has this heady high mindedness. Especially the Catholics; they feel the same way about the Protestants. They think the Protestants are going to Hell. Every religion has this heady, high-mindedness that they’re the only ones going to Heaven. The thing is the Lord has His people everywhere. It’s not religion that qualifies a person for Heaven; it’s their heart. So even back in the Old Testament days; people from tare races and serpent seedline races would renounce their races and join the Israelites and adopt the Israelites ways and customs and follow the Lord. So it happened back then and it happens today. People from all nations….whether you’re from hybrid, tare seedlines, serpent seedlines, you can
accept Yahushua as your Messiah, and follow Him as one of His people. So that’s always been an option for people no matter tribe or country they’re in. His fold are all over the place. His people are all over the place.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, I’ve heard a couple times that God is more female form than male because females give birth to things.

Answer: They take that from the ying-yang thing. The female attributes of God and the male attributes of God. The pagans take it a mile further and say that God is a female and blah, blah, blah…..Those are just His attributes, so they relegate them to male and female attributes. God is a Father. I remember, I asked Him this years ago. The pagans will get you all confused with their garbage and stuff. And you never know what you know that you know until you ask Him and get a flat answer. So I asked the Lord one night, I was like, “Are you a male or a female?” I had to get this straight between us, right? He
said, “I’m Your Father and not your mother.” That settled it. I was like, “Okay, I just had to ask.” I can say with certainty that He is Our Father and not our mother.

Question from a listener: Sherry, do you see anything about guns and ammo being banned in the codes for April?

Answer: I don’t see anything. When you look in the codes and you see “gunfire”, “shooting” and “fire” all the time and it doesn’t have anything to do with literal guns or gunfire, but verbal attacks and stuff like that.
So I really don’t even differentiate when I see it in the codes. I can’t, so I don’t bother with it. So it’s one term that I just overlook. I don’t even look at in the codes because you never know if it’s talking literal gun, a literal shooting or just verbal attacks. The Hebrews use words differently than we do. Finding this stuff in the codes is half the battle; being able to find and interpret it is a whole another battle by itself. That’s one of those things that I leave alone. I don’t even investigate it. Their language in some aspects isn’t as precise as ours because we have different words for different things. A gun is a gun, gunfire is gunfire and an argument is an argument. So I can’t tell you if there’s going to be a gun ban. I ignore that part.

What I can tell you that I’ve seen coming is pandemic, more treaties and more garbage legislation that you just want to chew up and spit out. Osama comes up all the time in the codes. So I have no idea why he always comes up. He comes up more than Obama does. So I’m starting to think….if this whole thing whether Tim Osmond – this Osama is actually….is Obama, I would just laugh.  I wouldn’t doubt it for a second if it was true. He just comes up more often than Obama does. He’s more dominant. I’ve told you
that everybody is more dominant in the last days than Obama. Even Hillary is more dominant than he is.  April….in May….and June could be arrival dates for the uglies; Maitreya and all of them. I’ve always said that the spring months are dominant. The spring months, July and September. We’re looking for a lot more things that could be happening. I don’t think this Maitreya is going to try and come until America is in chaos, because he doesn’t want the people paying attention to what’s going on.

Question from a listener: Where can you find the pictures of the celestial city you talked about with the Hubble telescope?

Answer: I don’t know. You’ll have to Google, “Hubble telescope pictures” or whatever they're calling it. Holy City Ship? (LOL) I have a website at CrystalCityFraud.com where I actually did find codes on that years
ago and posted it. So it’s very funny that this confirmation has been there this whole time and I never saw it….this whole crystal city fraud, space ship in the sky.

Anyway folks, I’ll pick more up on that next week if the Lord leads. Whatever He leads me to next week.

I’ll be back next week.

Yah bless, everybody.