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April 6, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton


And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night. Monday April 6th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to SherryTalkRadio@Yahoo.com.  I’ll be checking those throughout the evening.  

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. It’s almost been amazing. I talked last year a little bit about how the codes had become in real time….the Lord was showing me in real time in the codes, events that were happening yesterday, tomorrow. Things like that. Things He wanted me to see. Not necessarily the things I want to see, but the things He wants me to see and talk about. He doesn’t always think the way that we do, folks. I’m always like, “Okay what’s next? What’s next?” And I want to know what the next terror attack is going to be or the next stupid thing they’re going to pull to push their agenda forward and stuff. He pretty much keeps me away from that aspect. If it’s significant He’ll show it to me. But He mostly shows me behind the scenes stuff. So that’s what I’ve been dealing with for years. Only before, the big difference was, I would see it for years ahead of time or things that had happened in the past and not necessarily the present. Since last year it kindof moved to things in the present; things that were happening today, tomorrow, next month. I’d see specific dates for things in the codes. So it’s been really interesting in the codes. 

I’ve realized that one of the biggest things for the month of April….and He was showing me this the last couple of days. He never showed me this kind of stuff before as much as He does now, probably because He really knows and is convinced that I couldn’t care less what they think. That I really don’t care what they think, what they want to do, what they want to plot, what they want to plan against me and things like that. I just really don’t care. So now that I’ve been at that level for so long, the Lord will just show me more and more things that they’re doing because He knows that I don’t care and it doesn’t strike any fear into me, because I don’t care.  

It’s interesting knowing that tomorrow, on April 7 when they listen to this broadcast how angry they're going to be. And throughout the month of April not having even given those broadcasts yet and having no idea what I’m going to speak about from week to week. But you see their anger; their outright anger over the messages and the things that I talk about on this show; things that I reveal. Just that they’re outright angry.  

One of the things that I thought was rather interesting….rather amusing; this whole G-20 Summit meeting.   . People were asking me about it. “What are they talking about?” and stuff like that. You know when these Satanists get together they usually….I had always known, now that I saw it in the codes confirming…..it’s a time for not only the world leaders to get together, but at the same time they can open that kindof….I don’t know what you want to call it….a dimensional doorway, or a satellite screen, or a TV where they actually get to talk to the alien council that rules over the Earth. It’s kindof like a mixed meeting. They actually meet with the alien council. I’ve talked about that before. Some people call them the Ashtar Command. So they get to meet with them. I don’t know if it’s a personal thing. A satellite screen where they beam in from wherever they’re at and they talk to the world leaders. So this is definitely taking place during the G-20 meeting this month. One of the things coming up was the fact that it was a dimensional meeting.  

Another thing that was striking; somebody asked me if they were talking about Planet X. I really don’t know if they're talking about Planet X, but I can tell you they’re talking about Orgone. Orgone has become one of the biggest topic of conversations in this G-20 Summit. I’m not talking about pagan Orgone; I’m talking about the Orgone that we make on orgoneblasters.com.  its the Orgone that the Lord taught us how to make.  

Different types of Orgone do different things. They don’t all produce the same kind of energy. What they’re particularly interested in is the energy that’s destroying them. That’s my Orgone – that’s our Orgone at orgoneblasters.com. The one the Lord showed me how to make and I’ve been teaching His warriors ever since how to make this Orgone and get it around the world.   

They're finally starting to get the world’s attention; the humans attention. I know that Bush thought it was a joke. Bush didn’t take it seriously. It puts them between a rock and a hard place because they’re supposed to be gods. They come across that they’re our creators, they’re the honchos…the boss’s…they're the rulers. But all of a sudden these little peons on Earth are destroying them with a very simple creation that can emit an energy. If they’re gods and they’re healers, then why would they be affected by that? You can almost hear Bush’s arrogance and laughing as he would discuss these kinds of things, not understanding why they hate the Orgone so much; why they keep saying that the Orgone is hurting them, killing them and destroying them, because they’re supposed to be gods, healers and ascended masters and have control over this stuff. And especially be immune to the types of things that we suffer with on Earth that they would be immune from. So it’s very humorous.  

Now that Bush is out of the way with his arrogance and everything, they have to tackle this problem because the Orgone that we make is definitely destroying them. It’s burning them.  

I talked about the Shema star. How I chased it out of our town, our locality. You look up at night. It was over my house almost every night since last September. I put some pipe blasters and bucket blasters up and it chased them out of here because it was burning and destroying the inhabitants in Shema.  

One of the things that’s coming to the forefront; not only the fact that it was destroying the inhabitants of some of these satellites that are up in our space,  but that it’s also destroying the inhabitants on moons and planets. I told you it was dimensional energy and that it not only surfaced in our Earth, but also space. And also places we can’t see because it goes into the fourth dimension, where we are limited to the third dimension. So we can’t even see what its doing in the fourth dimension, but we can see in the codes that it’s causing much destruction and death. So what I thought was interesting was that Diana was approaching or has approached or was going to approach this G-20 Summit. She’s on Mars and it doesn’t say if it’s Lilith, or Eve; it just says “Diana describing death on Mars”. So I knew we had a lot of death; that the Orgone had saturated space and was reaching into not just the Moon, but some of the planets. Mars being one of them. So she was going to approach the summit and talk about all of the death and destruction from her standpoint apparently on Mars.  

I thought that was pretty interesting and confirming everything that I’ve been talking about the Bible Codes and what I had found in relation to Orgone. They confirm everything. Like I said, it puts them between a rock and a hard spot. If they come out against the Orgone publicly; and they're trying to in subtle ways. It legitimizes us. Not only that, but it also proves there is a God above them who is judging them for their wickedness.  That’s what the Orgone does. It attacks wicked and evil beings. So they have to pretty much admit that they are not gods.  That there is a God above them who is judging them. So they have to be very, very careful how they approach this whole thing. It’s almost amusing because they don’t know how to approach it. I’m protected. They haven’t been able to get to me. They haven’t been able to stop me. The Lord has been protecting the warriors and allowing us to get this out. So they’ve been able to do nothing but sit back and watch it happen. They can’t even approach the humans and say "look we’ve got to stop these people and this is why". They can’t do that because it legitimizes the fact that they’re not who they say they are. They're not infallible beings, but very wicked beings and this simple little positive life force energy is destroying them. How do they explain that? It’s just amusing that they’re kindof caught in a catch 22. Meanwhile, they’re dying. They’re burning to death. They’re sizzling. That’s why you’ll see people like Al Gore who has always been a cheerleader for this alien agenda, coming out in a frenzy at times….a panic trying to push this global warming and “do something to stop global warming!”  

It was funny this morning as I was taking my son to school. It’s really cold here in Ohio. We got a rain and snow mixture. He said,” I can’t wait for global warming.” It made me laugh because it’s such a farce; this whole thing with global warming. But he’s (Al Gore) going to try and put it in terms where humans can understand it. Their global warming is the fact that Orgone is heating them up and killing them. He’s a mouthpiece for the alien agenda. He’s nothing but a lizard himself. Soul scalped a long time ago. One of these reptilians in a human body – that’s Al Gore.  So they're experiencing this warming. This heating up of the atmosphere, what this Orgone is doing to wicked beings. It’s not doing it to anybody else; just doing it to them. It’s very interesting that as the Earth gets colder actually that they’re screaming about how they're burning up. They’re experiencing the effects of Orgone where planet Earth and humans aren’t. 

So it’s very interesting that at this G-20 summit, not only Diana on Mars giving a speech about all the death and destruction they're experiencing in space and particularly in Mars, but some of the nations revealed in the codes are also on board. They understand what is happening with the Orgone. They’re angry and want to stop it…do something about it. These nations are rising up in anger, pretty much no surprise.  

You’ve got Iran, Syria, Iraq, Asia, China, Canada and Switzerland. I thought that was interesting…Switzerland, I have never seen in the codes before. And when Asia comes up; Asia can be Middle East, and all of the Asian nations – the Japanese, Chinese, Philippines. Just all those asian nations.  The Asian peoples.  I thought that was interesting. Also with Africa. When Libya comes up, you don’t always know if its talking about the country of Libya itself or all of Africa. Someone pointed out to me  that in the Old Testament sometimes Libya would refer to the entire continent of Africa and not just Libya itself. I often see Libya, Ethiopia and Kenya in the codes. Those are some of the stomping grounds of the aliens that are here on Earth. I’ve told you that they have multiple residences around the world where they can access palaces…..habitations. I told you they’ve been piling up in the Negev. They’ve got some kind of palace in the Negev Desert over by Egypt and Jordan. Somewhere over there where they have access points.  

The whole Gulf of Aden thing; there is a portal over there. It’s probably a dimensional portal in the Gulf of Aden located between Africa and Jordan. There’s been a lot fighting over there. Sorcha Faal has been talking about it. I do post her stuff and talk about her stuff on my lists quite a bit. Out of everybody that I’ve seen on the internet, she has been the most credible. People talk about how “it’s really David Booth.” I think he just put the website up for her. It’s pretty much her stomping ground. She is not David Booth. He may own the website or whatever, but she is not him. She is actually over in Russia somewhere. It is a woman. She is who she says she is. People try and discredit her. That raises my eyebrows because look what they try to do to me. They try to discredit everything about me to try and make people not listen to me and think I’m a quack and “she’s crazy, don’t listen to her.” They do the same thing to Sorcha Faal. I don’t agree with all of her interpretations, as certainly most people don’t agree with mine, but she hits the nail on the head more so than any place else I’ve seen on the internet. Sometimes she does come up with really good stuff and I’ll post it on my lists. She’ll talk about stuff I’ve seen in the codes and that I haven’t seen anybody else talking about. I don’t know who she is. I kindof have an idea, but like I said, she is probably the closest to anybody else giving info out there. So it’s interesting some of the stuff she does come up with, and that’s why I’ll post it. 

We’re going to see an increase in the anger about Orgone. So Orgone warriors and everybody out there that’s making and producing Orgone and getting it out, you need to keep doing that. We’re not going to have a long time to do that because they are on to us now.  They’re on to us. They finally realize that “hey, this stuff on her website is true.” They’re mad about it. Everything I’ve been talking about. My Bible codes on Orgone are accurate. They’re angry about those. They’re angry about everything I’ve been talking about. Revealing the whole Shema satellite/palace in the sky thing; very angry about that. So when I can see what they are angry about in the codes, that’s what I want to bring up again and let people know. Obviously if they’re angry about it, there’s a lot of truth and confirmation to that.  

I’ve been talking for years and saying that people are going to be very surprised when they realize about 99% of the stuff I’ve ever said is true and accurate and if not 100%. So yeah, it just goes to show.   

I have not wasted one day of my life over the last 10 years in this alien agenda. I’ve hit the nail on the head constantly, because I am the Lord’s mouthpiece on Earth. I am here to warn and prepare His people for the things that are coming. That’s for a reason. Most people get sidetracked by other agents and agendas and the information they’re giving out. They want you to focus on one area. I’ve always kindof been in my own areas. I think when you get a total picture package of all the information everybody gives you, then you can realize what’s going on around you and put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  

Everybody has their own jobs; their own assignments; their own missions. Some people are the Lord’s. Some aren’t. Some the Lord can use because they do have bits and parts of accurate information. That’s where learning how to chew the grass and spit out the hay comes in. That’s what you have to do when dealing with different people and different websites and information.  Always have the Lords guidance on what to chew and spit out. Ask Him what the truth is. That’s why we have to go to Him every day and ask Him what the truth in all things is. That way, He keeps us away from errors.   

So definitely this month there is a growing global awareness on the Orgone. They’re going to come out fighting. I don’t know how much the thing about “she’s doing it for profit” they’re going to stick with because it’s just a joke that I’m in this for the money. I have the directions on my website where you can make it yourself.  Obviously I’m not making any money; I live in the ghetto. It’s not going to go very far. Some people may buy it (the garbage gossip). Who knows? Who cares? The ones who would, aren’t going to be the Lord's people anyway, because the Lord's people are busy doing. They know the time is short and they're just busy doing. The ones that can be led by Him.  It’s going to be hitting newspapers and publications.

I’m seeing something in Arabia. Some kind of publication in Arabia that may reveal….one of the things that surprised me was the term “censorship.”  One of the very few times I have seen that mentioned in the codes. There has definitely been censorship in the Middle East. Either them being censored, or us being censored from the real numbers of the deaths that are being caused by the Orgone. I don’t know….probably us, because America seems to be out of the loop on a lot of things compared to what a lot of other countries know.  Most likely it’s the Americans being censored.  

Definitely the hatred is rising. The attacks are going to rise. Just when you think they couldn’t possibly get any more vicious than they have already been. Whenever I see that the attacks are going to rise; usually one of Satan’s handmaidens that he can use online, comes up against me spitting fire and lies. I don’t know who else he’s going to stand up. I just don’t care. It hasn’t stopped me one day in doing what the Lord wanted me to do.  

Somebody was talking about how in North Carolina there was some kind of commercial on TV that in a derogatory way was calling the Orgone pendants some girls were wearing witchcraft. That’s another thing; to say “its witchcraft”. That usually puts the church back to sleep. “Oh its witchcraft,” and they all run and go back to sleep. That’s another one of their routes; to claim its witchcraft…claim its some money scheme…just a business to make money.

What else do they have really? What else do they have? Orgone is just a living, positive life-force energy that doesn’t hurt anybody except wicked and evil beings. So if you’re not wicked and evil, you don’t have a thing to worry about with the Orgone. We have no power over the potency of it. The Lord can increase it whenever He wants. That’s always been the amusing thing. We just make it the way He tells us to. He can increase the potency of Orgone whenever He wants to. So if He wants to hit a particular area; a bunch of wicked and evil beings in one area, as opposed to another, He can increase the potency of that Orgone in that particular area to wipe out the evil beings in that particular area. He can do what He wants to with it. We just put it out there; it’s His to do what He wants with it. It is definitely His weapon in these last days against Satan’s forces and his kingdom on Earth.  

Just to give a shout out on that, especially for this month. It’s going to be like a global awareness month.  They’ve got this huge G-20 summit meeting over there. You can only imagine having all the heads of state in a conference room and having a big satellite TV thing…bringing in the aliens so they can talk to them and give reports of what’s going on around the world…and the death and destruction. Very interesting.  Yeah….I have a picture of it. I can see it, but just can’t describe what I’m seeing.  Just try to imagine that.  

Another thing that was brought up this week; last week when somebody had asked me why the aliens are focused on Earth. Why they stay here. I can’t remember…how I talked about how the planets were destroyed and they live in the hollow parts of them and how Satan wants to destroy mankind and rule over mankind.  Typically when I get a question that I read on the air, I have like 3 seconds to react and start to answer it. One of my long time supporters had also mentioned that the whole thing with the dust of the Earth and why they’re confined to the Earth. I didn’t think about it last week, but I wanted to bring it up this week and talk about that more. So many people think, “Satan knows he’s going to be cast into the Lake of Fire, so why doesn’t he just take off? Why don’t all his little demons and aliens and all them just leave and escape the Lord’s wrath instead of sitting here waiting for judgment, biding their time during that time and trying to take as many people with them as possible and destroy as many humans as possible in that time? One of the biggest reasons can be found in Genesis 3: 14 – 15. I’m going to read that. They are condemned or judged already in the fact that their sole survival is the dust of the Earth. We are their food source, so they have to stay close to Earth if they want to survive. Otherwise they’re going to starve to death. I don’t know how that goes. I don’t know how a spirit being starves to death when they don’t need food to survive…maybe they do. Apparently they need the dust of the Earth to survive. So that’s why they have to stay close to Earth.  

In Genesis chapter 3 it says: 

 And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.  

This was a judgment from the Lord. The Lord was judging Satan for beguiling Eve in the Garden. This was part of His judgment.   

Most people think he was just a snake…he used to walk and now he’s confined to his belly. So we’re going to talk about that tonight. You can read this excellent article The Dust of the Earth by Stuart Harrison. It’s on my website http://www.sherrytalkradio.com , on the left hand side under the listen live link; I have a link there for The Dust of the Earth. I just re-uploaded it again. It was on my website for a long time, and when I went today looking to find it and couldn’t. Apparently things do disappear off my sites at times.  

The dust of the earth….I’ve talked about this before – is mankind. Not just the literal dust of the earth, but it’s also dust. The Bible says in Genesis 3:19 

…..for out of it wast thou taken; for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.  

And in Genesis 18:27  

And Abraham answered and said, Behold now, I have taken upon me to speak unto the Lord, which am but dust and ashes: 

He is talking about how he is nothing but dust and ashes.  

Numbers 23:10 Who can count the dust of Jacob… 

Job 30:19 He has cast me into the mire, and I am become like dust and ashes. 

Psalm 103:14  For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.

Zephaniah 1:17 ……and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung. 

You can do a word search on the term dust. You can go to BlueLetterBible.com and do a word search on “dust”.  

Mankind itself is often referred to as “dust of the earth.” That was part of Satan’s judgment dust shalt thou eat. 

One of the things I thought was good that Stuart brought up in this article is the phrase, “the army marches on its stomach.” How that’s symbolic especially in this instance dust shalt thou eat, being humans. They eat humans. I’ve talked about this before on the show. How these aliens and the fallen angels…we’re their food source. It confirmed over and over again throughout the Bible in different passages. It’s amusing how you can just pick them out. And once you know what to look for, you see them all over the place you start to put things together; pieces of the puzzle. Mankind is the dust of the earth. If you look at it this way; an army marches on its stomach. Satan lives on his stomach; on his belly. He lives on the dust of the earth…and they do. They eat humans as their food source. So that’s why they can’t just take off.  

I posted that article on my website years ago To Serve Man. I remember about three or four years ago when I first started talking about mankind as the food source for aliens, just how shocking it was for people to hear that. You kindof get used to it; when you keep hearing it over and over again, the shock value lessens, but it never gets easy to accept. Mankind always believes that we’re at the top of the food chain. We’ve always felt comfortable being up at the top of the food chain, but aren’t necessarily; we have Satan and his forces and kingdom that eat mankind. So we’re not at the top, but just above the animals because we’re preyed on by them.  

I thought it was significant because when you think about it, we know (to put things in perspective, folks) we know that there’s a council of aliens. Satan has a council of nine or thirteen of his biggest generals that rule everything over the Earth, behind the scenes. I talked about Kissinger and how he has worked with every president in policy matters and in directions that he wants the country to go in. Kissinger is a direct mouthpiece of this alien council on Earth. He pretty much gets his marching orders from them and then goes to whoever is president at that time and gives them their orders. He’s kindof like the go-between man. The mediator between Satan’s council and Earth is Kissinger.  

So we have once a year or whenever this alien council meets with all the heads of states around the world. They all get together, convene and talk about the things that are going on, on the Earth and things that are affecting them…things that are coming. Things like that. Like what we have going on now; the G-20 Summit. It puts things into perspective for everybody, how Satan keeps control of his kingdom.  

You don’t always hear about it. I know the churches don’t talk about it. If you listen to the churches today, Satan is in Hell awaiting judgment. I’ve often had to shatter that illusion away from people so that they can grasp how much control and power that he does have here and how high tech he is. He does have a vast huge kingdom. Not just a few here and there, but he has councils and federations divided amongst the galaxy. You can see that in the Star Wars movies depicted in those. That’s how he runs things. There are various factions of aliens; many different races. If you look at our own world; we have different nations. We have white, red, yellow and black. That’s how his kingdom is. Just different….lizards, reptiles, humanoid….greys…different types of beings, literally in his kingdom. So you see the parallels. He runs his kingdom by orders, by councils. Things like that. The same way we pretty much run our own world here on Earth through our governments. He has those things in his kingdom as well and his part of the universe he runs and controls…or whatever. You can see the parallels.  

Just imagine that we have this council above Earth that rules over everything on Earth They control all the governments, they control the banking and the economies, the councils…the C.F.R (Council on Foreign Relations) answers to them. The Bilderberger’s, the Masons and all of the occultic societies. All of them are just like an octopus that leads to this council above the Earth that controls all of that. The bottom line is not only are we dealing with the offspring they have on Earth that infiltrates mankind, but also that we’re just a slave race to them. That we’re nothing but slaves to them and their main food source. That shatters of your whole illusion of the nice little Earth that we live on. If you could just break the illusions and see it for what it is.  

I think that it’s time for that. People need to understand it and see it for what it is so that they’ll get busy and fight against them. We are very close to that point in time now where it’s going to be a literal fight for survival between mankind and these alien beings. Once you shatter your illusion and can see the truth for what it is, it’s a lot easier for you to accept that we are literally just slaves on this planet. They control us with the banking and the money and everything. That doesn’t faze me because I know no matter what they do, I have the Lord. We’re His Warriors here on Earth. He protects and guards us while we’re on Earth. They can’t do anything against us right now. So we have a limited time left to realize…your whole life. You go to school your whole life. You go to college. You have these dreams of working….become part of corporate America…or whatever it is you’re going to do with your life. Then you have grandkids, get cancer and die or something. That’s pretty much what our lives here on Earth are like.  

People are going to see a change in their lives now because they’re no longer sitting planning for their retirement, raising their grandkids and going on vacations and living the rest of their lives out on golf courses and stuff. Life itself I drastically changing and they’re telling you that now with the banking and the economies. People are losing their retirements. People are losing their pensions and retirement funds.  Life itself is taking a drastic turn. The Tribulation period is almost upon us.  

They’ve got everything in place. The heads of state with Obama and the ascended masters arriving and implementing this new one world government thing on Earth. One world religion. One world economy and banking. Everything being controlled under a dictatorship which will be led by the Antichrist and False Prophet (which we all know is Satan controlling them both). So you’re watching Bible prophecy come alive now, like it never has before. This is the time that Bible prophecy is coming alive. People need to realize that they are looking at months and a couple of years maybe for survival. Shattering the illusion that you will live to be a grandparent and grow old in a retirement home or whatever. So it’s time to do something now to fight back against these wicked and demonic and alien beings; Satan’s forces that are controlling the Earth. And Satan himself. And doing as the Lord stands us up and directs us and guides us to do.  

We don’t have a whole lot of time. He (the Antichrist) is going to begin his war on the Saints. When he does that, it’s pretty much to come after the Bride itself…the Orgone warriors. He’s coming after us. I don’t think he’s going to be able to find us. That’s why he gets so mad and goes after the rest of the church. The remnant, which are the rest of the Believers. Those who call upon the Name of the Lord and pretty much the church pew singers. They sing about him one day and pretty much don’t do anything during the week for Him. He’s going to go after them and the Lord will allow it. It’s a time of testing for the churches because they are singers and not doers. The doers will be gone. That’s why Satan gets made and goes after the singers.  

That’s the only kind of groups I can put them in – the talkers and the doers.  I don’t know how else to describe it. Certainly not everybody is the same that considers themselves to be a part of the Lord’s Bride. Certainly the Lord telling me Himself, “Why do you call them Mine?”

That would be pretty much the entire church-dumb syndrome that we’ve been living in for the last 2,000 years. All these apostate churches. The Lord says, “Don’t call them Mine. They’re not Mine.” It’s going to be a time of testing. He knows what a person’s heart is. He knows that there are a lot of people that truly love Him, but are just so deceived. So He’s going to allow them to be tested and prove that they love Him by dying. That’s your choice. Better to die and go to Heaven and live in eternity with Him, then to become part of Satan’s system on Earth and spend eternity in Hell, folks.   

To become part of Satan’s kingdom on Earths that’s coming; his little makeshift Heaven on Earth thing he’s got planned; you damn your soul.  You damn your soul for eternity. Better to die than to live for Satan.  

I couldn’t live two seconds if I couldn’t live with the Lord and do the things He wants me to do. I wouldn’t even want to be here on Earth. You have to decide what’s worth living for, and what’s worth fighting for. The time is coming where the persecution of the Saints is coming and all these things that I’ve been warning about for years.  

Some of the interesting things I’ve been seeing in the codes; the sign of a cross. They’re going to implement their whole Matthew 24 thing. They’re going to flash a cross in the sky. “Oh, look! Jesus is coming! There’s the sign. It goes from east to west and there’s the star….this cross.” They’re going to mimic scripture as much as possible. They’ve got the New Jerusalem coming down.  

The second coming of Jesus; they’re ready to mimic all of that. That’s why I spent time…I think it was last week or the week before, reading through Revelation 19. Reading the passage about the Lord’s literal second coming. When He comes, He’s coming with ten thousands of His Saints and is going to destroy the wicked at the Battle of Armageddon. He’s not coming to institute a new kingdom on Earth with an economic program and revitalize banking and the economy here. That is Satan’s agenda.  

You need to realize that when you see these things taking place; the world moving into a one world order and these ascended masters arrive or implementing this alien agenda on Earth, that it’s all Satan’s kingdom on Earth. That is Satan and not the Lord. So many people are going to be deceived by the deceptions that are coming, simply because they don’t read their Bibles and they don’t know what Bible prophecy is. So when these beings come and start quoting the Quran and quoting the Bible and look like they're very religious and know what they're talking about, they’re going to be deceived by all of it. The sad part is, a lot of them around the world will be, but a lot of Americans won’t be and is why they’re going to be cast into martial law and there’s going to be so much chaos here. They’re not going to buy this crap from Maitreya.  

So definitely you can see the bulks of populations where some of them are going to buy it hook, line and sinker. All these Muslims that are going to buy into this Maitreya crap. Buddhism and Hinduism and all these nations that have been bred from the beginning to buy into their coming Maitreya, world teacher, or whatever he’s going to call himself. These tare nations. These Asian nations. Dragon nations. Nations that worship the dragon. The Chinese and all the “ese” nations; the tare nations. So we definitely do have a lot of time of deceptions coming.  

Another thing I’m seeing in the codes; anthrax attack coming. I don’t know if that’s the one that I’ve seen hitting New York City. Could be, but I definitely see an anthrax attack somewhere. I would assume its New York City, simply because I had a vision of it years ago myself.

They seem to be preparing for attacks across the country. Mass graves are being found. The white trains are being loaded, sitting empty in yards. Things like that. They're getting ready for their attack on the Saints; the Antichrist’s War on the Saints. What they are going to call martial law here in America is actually the War on the Saints. And they’ll be using all of these preparations made over years.  

Immigrants in America; they’ll say they're going after the illegal immigrants and activate ICE and things like that. Their End Game programs and making it look like they’re just rounding up illegal immigrants. That’s gong to be the front story. The back story will be that they’re going to be targeting and attacking the Lord’s Believers in America…and probably doing the same thing in different countries around the world. Just gearing up for that.  

So a heads up on Anthrax attacks coming.  

For this month I think the biggest thing I’ve been seeing for this month is their global awareness on exactly how devastating the White Horse weapons have been; the Lord’s weapons against them. Unconventional weapons of Orgone and how it’s destroying them.  

I’m going to start answering some questions. If you have any questions, you can send them to the show at sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. 

Question from a listener: I was arguing with my sister about what you said about immigrants being racist.  

Answer: There is nothing racist about it. People always throw in that to an argument, “Oh, you’re being racist.” I’m not a racist. There is a big difference between legal and illegal residence though. 

Question from a listener: Were Adam and Eve tricked into eating the forbidden fruit? Were they innocent cannibals? 

Answer: There was no cannibalism. The whole liaison thing was carefully over laden with sexual monotones for the relationship Eve had with Lucifer. With Cain being their son; Eve and Lucifer’s. Even the Satanists today refer to themselves as the Sons of Cain. They know which lineage they come from and very proud of it. They know that Satan is the head of their line. The Illuminati and all these bloodline families coming straight from Satan through Cain himself. The whole thing was the snake and the apple; those were symbolic. Snake being the dragon being actually Lucifer being Satan an actual person. The apple being fruit. All for the sexual relationship that he had with her. I have all that at http://www.serpentseedline.com. People need to start at the basics and learn what’s going on in the background.  

Question from a listener: Guns sales are skyrocketing and ammo is hard to get. Why is everybody stocking up now? 

Answer: Everybody has been stocking up since Obama became president because the people of this nation realize we’re going to be in civil war. It’s better late than never. Bush wasn’t as bad as Obama has been with attacking personal gun rights and owning guns. If that’s going to be an uphill battle, they’ll go through the back door. “Okay, if we can’t take your guns away, we’ll talk your ammo away.” So they’ll try to limit ammo.  

I think the biggest thing is; they passed that one bill I talked about last week, where they’re going to make it illegal to live in the countryside’s. They’re going to use these U.N. troops; Germans and Russians and Chinese to force everybody to move to the cities. So that’s going to cause a huge civil war here in America when they try to implement that one. It’s not an if, it’s a when. They are going to do it.  And these bio-attacks that the government is planning; these false flag 9-11 repeats with bioterrorism and flu viruses and stuff like that to wipe out areas of people. They want to depopulate America to like 500,000 people. I miss pronounced it last week when I said 500 million. We don’t even have 500 million here. It’s 500,000. So when they close down an area and move all these people into a city, they put them on trains and take them off to death centers and FEMA camps they already have throughout the country. Don’t believe for a second that they’re going to haul you to a city.  

Let’s say you live in Pennsylvania and they’re going to close out all of northern Pennsylvania and divide everybody up and put them into the two cities of Philadelphia and Pittsburg. One on the east side; one on the west. So they go into your area and start bussing people. They say they're going to bus you to a facility and you’ll be given housing there and it’s going to be illegal to live in the countryside in Pennsylvania now. So these people think they're going to get bussed to Philadelphia or Pittsburg when actually they’re going to be killed. They’ll be taken to one of these FEMA camps, put in there, processed and killed. This is another route that they have to eliminate massive amounts of people. That’s what their ultimate plan is, folks. That’s just an example…people are probably freaking out now about it. I’ll be getting emails, “When are they coming for us? I live in so and so in Pennsylvania.”

I was just using it as an example because they are going to be clearing out much of the lands of America. I put this map on my website a couple of years ago – the U.N. re-wilding map. Most of the cities that they’re going to allow are on the coastlines. What did I tell you will happen to the coastlines? I’ve been yelling at people for years to get away from the coastlines because all those cities along the coastlines will be destroyed; especially when a pole shift hits. That’s not an if; it’s a when. Most of those people would be destroyed living in the cities on the coastlines.  

So their ultimate plan is just to destroy people. And they’re refrigerating them. They kill and destroy and refrigerate so they can eat them later. Yeah, we’re their food source; we can’t forget that one either. They can’t eliminate all humans off of Earth because they need them to survive on.  They just kill them and store them. That’s what they do.  

I see the terms “refrigerate” and “meatloaf,” and things like that. Apparently human meatloaf is pretty good. I don’t know. I wouldn’t know. I don’t want to know. These are the real things we’re facing, folks.  

So that’s why people are stocking up. They know something is going to happen. Most people are just in fear with the banking crash. Most people don’t think along the same lines I do. They’re thinking, “I’m going to stock up on a gun and bullets to defend my family from the riots that are coming, because if the economy tanks and the government goes bankrupt and nobody can get food stamps, the first thing the cities are going to do is going into riots. So I’m going to be able to defend me and my family.” That’s how most people think. Just being able to defend themselves against the coming chaos that can result as the government announces that they are bankrupt and not be able to make its Social Security payments or food stamp payments, social service programs going bankrupt. The first things people are going to do is riot and then just steal what they want. A lot of people are just thinking along those lines; protecting themselves and their families.  

Question from a listener: How is putting on the mind of Christ different from normal thinking? 

Answer: It’s dwelling on Him. Like I just said, most people don’t think the way that I do because I’m more in tune with what He wants me to know. The things that are coming; you don’t have the illusions. When you’re one with the Lord and walking with Him and build a relationship with Him, your thinking starts to change. You don’t see things the same way that people do; you see them the way He does. So that’s what we’re supposed to be doing. That’s just phraseology, “putting on the mind of Christ.” Becoming more like Him; thinking more like Him; seeing things the way that He does. You’ll notice a big difference, especially with anybody who starts building a relationship and asking for the truth in all things and walking more with Him will start to see their own desires change and their own viewpoints change. Everything changes because you start to become more like Him and less of yourself.  

Question from a listener: Have the aliens really been deluded into thinking that Earth is Heaven? 

Answer: Well to them it is a Heaven. Look at the food source that’s here. They want to establish a heaven on Earth. I’ve warned about how the third and fourth dimensions are going to merge. They want to take our dimension here on Earth (the one that we see and live in) and their dimension (which is a spirit realm) of demonic and alien and wickedness. Then they want to take both dimensions, because we’re all going to be together at one point when the veil is lifted, and create a fifth dimension out of all of this. A heaven on Earth. So the beings of the third dimension (mankind) and the beings of the fourth dimension (fallen angels, aliens and demons) and then build this fake fifth dimension on Earth. Fifth dimension on Earth is supposed to be this heavenly kingdom on Earth. That’s their big plans, folks. I don’t even have to mention any longer how that won’t even work. You can just see it. 

Question from a listener: Is the abortion industry supplying fresh meat for the aliens? 

Answer: Sacrifices. Satan glories and gets much strength in human suffering and sacrifice. You’ll find it in rituals for thousands of years. Parents would sacrifice their children; their babies. Now they have a much easier and faster way of doing that; which is abortions. So he gets strength from that. We call it loosh energy. They get loosh from the suffering and death of infants.  

Question from a listener: Hello Sherry. Do you think that the earthquake in Italy was the Lord shaking the Earth, or was it that good old HARRP program at work. It’s hard to tell some times.  

Answer: Rome has been coming up in the codes. Italy is one of those nations that are angry about the Orgone. They’re like the centerpiece because they instigate and orchestrate all these different agendas on the Earth. Like Islam; the instigated that. They instigated the “Protestant church revolution” in America and Europe. They instigated that. They instigate all these different agendas and then have all these different factions that will fight against them. They try to sit and control all of it. You can pretty much read in Revelation where Satan hates the whore, which is Rome and this whole church age thing. He burns it with fire. In the same way that I’ve been seeing Islam rising up against Europe…rising up against France, Italy and Rome. And the Pope fleeing Rome from the things that are coming. So it’s really hard to say at this point, for me anyway, if it’s the Lord or just an earthquake. Intentional or whatever. But it’s one of these countries that’s been coming up in the codes. Rome is no friend of mine. I consider them as one of my enemies.   

Question from a listener: Did we really land on the Moon? Are we really supposed to know what’s going on up there?  

Answer: I don’t believe we can get past the Van Allen belt. I know for a fact that we don’t even need aircraft to go and visit other moons and planets. We can just use portals and dimensional gateways. Do I think we were on the Moon? No. I’m not going to get into all the conspiracy things about it, but that’s my thoughts on it. Why would we bother when we can just use gateways and dimensional portals?  

Question from a listener: Hello Sherry, thanks for another great show. My question tonight is: Have you read anything in the codes about the coming merge in 2010 of all three countries – Canada, Mexico and America. Known as the North America Union 

Answer: That’s part of one of their agendas.  

Question continues: I’ve also noticed the rise of Mexican immigrants here in Ontario, Canada the last couple of years. I read that they are coming into countries via the East Coast. I believe this is one step closer to the N.A.U. by getting us used to them. Any thoughts? 

Answer: Multiculturalism is the fastest way to way to destroy a country more than any other route. It’s like going to war against another country and being able to destroy an entire country without firing a single bullet. To force multiculturalism upon it. People have always thought and beloved that America being the melting pot was a blessing from God. That it was our duty to help all these immigrants from other nations coming into our nation. No. No it wasn’t. The fact that we opened our borders, the same as in the Old Testament Israel; you allow outsiders to come in. They must accept and adopt your ways and customs. You don’t cow tow to them; they must adopt your ways and customs. That’s how you know that this whole multicultural thing was not of God, but of Satan’s seed. They’re using it to destroy the underlying foundation of our country and the people here. By allowing all these other people to come into our countries and not forcing them to accept us, but cow towing to them. We’re coming out with directions in five different languages. If they can’t read and understand English, they shouldn’t be here. That’s how it should be in any country. If they can’t read and understand French or Canadian…whatever it is. Some parts of Canada speak French, others don’t. They should align with your country,. That’s what’s tearing it apart. You’ve got these illegal immigrants; whiter they are Muslim or Mexican, they bring in their gangs, their own cultures and their voodoos and satanic religions, and their crimes and criminals and everything on top of that. And they don’t want to be part of your country and assimilate into your culture. They want to destroy your culture with their beliefs and their ways.  

This whole multiculturalism thing was part of the agenda of the New World Order. It was all brought about by the serpent seedliners running our governments to destroy the individuality and the patriotic nations. That’s how they did it.  

Question from a listener: Sherry, were you talking about the late Princess Diana that’s on Mars? What exactly is she doing on Mars? 

Answer: No. Not the late Princes Diana. (LOL) I was talking about the goddess Diana. I don’t know what she is doing on Mars, but she’s up there and talking and describing all the death and destruction on Mars, and things being caused by the Orgone and how it’s effecting them.  

People need to realize. I’ve said this before; people think that myth is make believe. The word used for myth in Greek is history. People think its fiction and it’s not. A lot of times demons will attach themselves to people and to names. People involved in Pentecostal deliverance ministries; you get used to hearing demons calling themselves Peter and Paul and Mary and Elizabeth. They take on religious names. They’ll take names out of the Bible and claim that’s their name and things like that.  There is a Diana. There is an Eve. There is a Lilith. Now which one is playing the part of Diana? I believe its Eve. It could be Lilith. Lilith and Eve are two different creations and two different beings. Lilith literally is one of the biggest creators of most of the factions that are in space. The different demonic and alien branches and things; she’s pretty much been the mother that is behind all that. We know Eve as the mother of Earths creation. Lilith is like the mother of the demonic and supernatural creation. But you are also dealing with different things. Fallen angels that have left Heaven and are living in space. They can reproduce. The churches say angels can’t reproduce and here’s this scripture. Well that branch of angels doesn’t. That doesn’t mean that the other ones don’t. There is much reproduction taking place in space and stuff. There are so many different aspects of who and what inhabits the fourth dimension; the dimension that we don’t see.  

Anyway folks, I’ve already been talking for an hour, so I’m going to wrap it up for tonight. I’ll get to these questions that I didn’t answer that were sent in for today, next week. This is one of those nights where I could have went on talking on and on and on because I just feel like it’s time that people open their eyes and get their illusions shattered a little bit about what life on Earth is really abut and really like, and start seeing it for what it really is.  

I have articles on my website, To Serve Man.  Aliens taking over America. Things like that. You need to go through and read my articles or just buy my two books. All my articles are in those two books. You can get them at Amazon.com.

 Time to open up your eyes to what’s coming.


Anyway, til next week everybody,


Yah bless.