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April 13, 2009

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night, April 13th, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking that throughout the show. There's a couple of things I want to talk about tonight.

Iíve been looking at a lot of You Tube videos. If I look at more than one, itís a lot for me. I donít wander around too much on the internet. Iíve been noticing that a lot of people are warning about these graves that the government has been digging out in Tulsa in these huge tracts of land. And they're lining up these concrete graves, I should say. And thereís like 50 of them in one area. They have them buried. I guess that each one can hold about 40 people; if you just wanted to stack dead people in them. There are just tons of these being prepared throughout the country. And also the FEMA trains. Miles and miles and miles of them are being seen in New York City and also in other areas of the country. Right now, it seems to be a lot of Arizona and New York City.

Also a bio-attack; First Energy Corporation out of Akron, Ohio is preparing its employees for a comingbio-attack. So a lot of things are getting ready. A lot of little red flag warnings that our government is getting ready to step up and move on with their plans on bio and chemical attacks here in America. Iíve warned about a pandemic thatís coming that Iíve seen.

The Lord doesnít get me real excited about attacks that theyíre planning.  He always pretty much keeps me focused on what weíre doing to them instead of what theyíre doing to us. So when I do see something that they're planning; a bio-attack or a pandemic or somethingÖI often have to look at it because Iím seeing a pandemic coming and the one thing I see associated with that is leprosy. Weíre thinkingÖthis is 2009. Leprosy is one of
these Old Testament plagues where the lepers were cast outside of the city and forced to fend for themselves and even shut off in quarantined communities where they would just basically wait to die. There is no cure. Leprosy is a flesh-eating disease; a skin eating disease.

There are already 15 million cases throughout the world right now. We donít hear a lot about it here in America. In fact, we hear nothing about it. Iíll go out on a limb and say nothing, because Iíve heard nothing about leprosy in
America or even affecting other countries. This is interesting. There is going to be a leprosy plague that hits America.  When I see that in the Bible codes, the one thing that comes to my mind is retaliation. Leprosy is one of those plagues that the Lord inflicts on the wicked. It could be several things. It could be the result He inflicts a leprosy plague on this nation because of what they plan to do to us.  Is there some kind of influenza flu or virus flu that they're going to unleash on America? I know that Americans are bracing for Avian Flu.

Iíve told you that Avian Flu is Bird Flu. Itís alien flu. Itís only going to affect aliens and hybrids. Weíre going to see much more of that taking place in the East. I see that happening in the Middle East and in the Asian nations.
Often when I see Asia in the Bible codes, itís not just China, but it could also be the Middle Eastern countries. So itís definitely something thatís going to be affecting the Philistines in the Middle East and in the eastern countries.  By Philistines, Iím talking about these aliens that are coming; these Anaks. Iíve talked about howtheyíve been arriving on Earth and hiding in the deserts and things like that. The Lord is going to step up and amplify the power of the Orgone that we have put around the world. Weíve been able to spread around the world by warriors in almost every country in the world. Heís going to amplify the power of that. Every time that He amplifies it, we start seeing a big scream about Bird Flu and Bird Flu deaths. Last Fall He told me that He was going to amplify it and all we really saw over here in America was how it was affecting as they called it ďminimalĒ numbers in China. Then you see blurbs of Chinese news and all the people are walking around with masks over their faces. So its affecting them much more than the American media is telling us here. That was in correlation also with what they said was milk contamination. Interesting that at the same time the Lord told me He was going to amplify the Orgone, both of those things kind of hit the news in a big way; the milk contamination and the Bird Flu/Avian Flu in China.  So thatís going to continue especially going to the end of April and May, youíre going to see an increase of Avian Flu in all of these tare nations. You may see it here in America.

What concerns me the most is the leprosy.  I donít know exactly whatÖis this going to be the old plague of leprosy or a new mutant strain that kills people right away. Leprosy can take years to die from. Itís not a fast hitting disease. Itís a hard hitting disease, but itís very slow. Like a pain-staking process of just waiting to die. It can take several years.  The way that theyíre preparing, you would think that they expect some kind of bio-attack that would kill people in a matter of days. So if that ones the case, then the leprosy is just a retaliation from the Most High for what they have done to the people here in America. Its very interesting because we do have things coming up. Theyíre going to get their agenda going. It's almost in retaliation for what they Orgone is doing to
them. Theyíre going to retaliate. Theyíve got to take control of America.

Theyíve got their man in the White HouseÖ.their thing in the White House - Obama.  The Bible codes describe him as a lizard, a reptile and heís always seemingly to be aligned with the Arabs and this Maitreya thatís coming.
Interesting that they Arabs donít claim him as one of their own, but from what I can tell, itís not that heís a religiousÖ.that heís aligned with the religion, itís just who and what he is. Heís here to fulfill and push the alien agenda here in America. Heís a reptile. Heís one of these Satan hybrids. Heís one of these people that are just here to further the alien agenda here in America. Of course the alien agenda is one that Iíve been screaming and talking about for 10 years now, and warning people that this was coming to America. Itís here. You hear it and you see it in all the legislation that theyíre throwing out.

Something that I wanted to go over is aliens overthrowing America. This has been a message of mine for years now. I have articles on it. Iíve done radio shows on it. Iíve posted blogs about it. I wanted to go over that again tonight. I know that my audience changes. We get new people all the time who havenít heard of things that I get tired of talking about, but they havenít heard me talk about them. It seems like every time that I talk about it, I can give a new perspective to it to help people understand exactly whatís going on.  I have the article on my website
Aliens Will Overthrow America. Go to sherryshriner.com or thewatcherfiles.com and look on my articles pages.Itís listed there. The presence of aliens is nothing new to AmericaÖ.and nothing new to Earth itself. They have been here for thousands of years. They are identified in the Bible as fallen angels who rebelled against God and were kicked out of Heaven. One of their main names is the AnnunikiÖ.Annuk. Weíve also heard of reptilians and lizards. Like Iíve talked about, there are many different factions of aliens/fallen angels. Itís all these fallen angels are.

The Bible says there are two types of beings; terrestrial and celestial. If these aliensÖ.these fallen angels were nice little aliens that want to help mankind, they would be celestial beings. They would be in Heaven with the Most
High, serving Him in Heaven. Not terrestrial beings, cast out of Heaven and forced to live in the Earthís atmosphere and under our Earth. There is a huge difference. One of the things that the whole New Age movement wants you to think is that these are ascended mastersÖhealersÖworld teachersÖthat they're our creators. They come up with all of these different lies to try and steer mankind away from the truth of who and what they really are. Theyíre just fallen angels, folks.  They do travel in UFOs. They do have their own form of transportation. They live in the hollow planets and moons around our Earth. They live in cities underneath our earth. These arenít conspiracy theories.

There is a lot of truth to a lot of this. The reason that they nail it as ďitís just a conspiracy theoryĒ is so that people ignore it and go back to sleep. You never even hear the churches touch these kinds of subject. They donít give
any real meat of teachings in them. One of the reasons that the Lord pulled me out of the churches years ago and told me that I would teach His prophets.  His shepherds that He has stood up, who want to do the right thing and end up being laughed out of their congregations by the very people that should be supporting them. Iíve heard from many pastors who have had to leave their churches because they couldnít even begin to speak the truth. The people want to speak falsehoods. They want to hear apostasies. They want to hear feel good theologies.

Kudos to the men who say, ďIím not going to give in to them. Iím not going to be a part of them. Iím not going to be judged for that.Ē And have left these apostate churches; these apostate congregations, simply because they couldnít speak truth to them. Thatís what they need to do. They need to leave. There is no greater judgment than what the Lord will give His shepherds that He stood up to lead and teach His people, and they didnít do their jobs. Or they led their people into errors and apostasies. I couldnít think of a greater judgment than on these
shepherdsí heads. Any leader or anyone put as a mouthpiece or in a leadership position for the Lord; one of the greatest judgments is whether they were speaking from Him or just continuing the apostasies and falsehoods that have been prevalent throughout our ages. So I give a lot of credit to the pastors who have just walked away instead of giving the people what they wanted to hear. They have itching ears, but donít want the truth. They just want to hear feel good theologies.

Youíll see them fill up the beast churches that are dominant today and then wonder why God is going to judge America. The first people He is going to judge is the church.  The first people to fall under judgment is going to be the church. You see all this stuff in preparation for martial law and bio-attacks, just to fulfill the New World Order agenda, but donít forget Who is in charge. They canít do anything without the Lordís approval. People seem to forget that He uses mankind to get done what He needs to get done or He decrees to be done on Earth.  So if the church is going to be the first ones judged, then who do you think is going to be effected by these coming attacks by our government against the people? Itís a war on the churches. Itís a war on the Saints. Itís just going
to be hidden very well under the terms of martial law and bio and chemical attacks. They are basically coming after the church crowd here on Earth. The Lord is going to allow it because they are under His Judgment, simply
because they are so blind and want to stay in their errors. They donít seek Him for the truth. The Lord said to seek Him. He didnít say to go and get boxed in on Sunday worship services week after week after weekÖ.and that defines who you are as a Christian.

I donít know how many people Iíve heard from that are walking away from the churches simply because  they go week after week after week itís the same teachingsÖ.the same preaching.  Saying, ďPaul said this. Paul said that.Ē They donít want to hear about Paul; they want to hear what the Lord said. The salvation messages week after week after week are good, but when you get beyond the baby stages, you need meat to grow and thatís one thing you will not get in the churches today. You donít get the truth and donít hear anything beyond the basics. Thatís why the numbers are dwindling. The Lord is leading His people out of the apostate churches in America today. They make it sound like itís a bad thing. ďPeople arenít going to church anymore!Ē I wonder why.

Because they are so apostate.

But anyway, back to what I was talking about; the different factions and the different aliens. ďAlienĒ is just a term for fallen angel. They also create their own races. You see the small greys and some of these ugly, ugly alien races that have been created by Satan and by these other fallen angels. Heís never stopped trying to be God. Heís never stopped trying to create his own races. Heíll never be able to re-create mankind, which is what he has wanted to do. Itís the breath from the Most High Himself that made man a living soul. When He breathed His Breath into the nostrils of man. Satan canít do that. He canít replicate that. The best he can come up with is the Neanderthal races and these ugly different alien races.

The best thing that he can do to mimic mankind is to clone mankind. Theyíve come up with that technology where they can clone humans, chip implant them and have them controlled by the chip implants.  Cloned beings donít
have souls. Thatís been one of my biggest concerns, because the Chinese having the largest cloning facility in the world outside of Beijing, China and weíre coming up on a time when the Chinese are going to be dominating America. So what exactly are we dealing with? With humans or clones? If its cloned beings; if weíre going to be dealing with Chinese clones here in America running around like military solider and theyíre chip implantedÖthen our Orgone will affect them. Thatís a plus for us. Orgone doesnít affect normal humans. If they
are wicked and evil it will affect them. Cloned beings would be considered wicked and evil because theyíre not beings made from the Lord. They would be an abomination. They donít have souls. Theyíre controlled by the chip implants that are in their brains. So the Orgone would affect them.  So what Iím thinking is, ďall these coffins and body bags they keep putting everywhere, thatís for themselves. ď

I really donít think that theyíre going to affect humans. I think this is all going to be for their own deaths. I keep seeing it in the Codes. I was talking to my friend saying,ĒYou know what? I donít see our deaths. I see theirs.Ē I see hybrid deaths and the deaths of these aliens in America and these tares that are coming to America. I see their deaths. So thatís what I think they are preparing for. I think they are preparing for our deaths. I think they think they will kill Americans and are getting body bags, but storing them up for themselves.

Look at what we did to Dulce Base. We destroyed the aliens in Dulce Base and Also on other bases around the country with just Orgone. All these aliens have to doÖthese Chinese tare racesÖthey all work together. These cloned Chinese that are coming and led by our Department of Homeland Security, mind you.  They arenít coming over here blindly, waging war on America a. They are actually led by the butthead that is running our Homeland Security. He comes up in the codes as well. This has all been scripted and master-minded.

I do think that orgoned areas will be protection areas for people to go to. Orgone your cities, your towns and your neighborhoods. I do think that it is going to affect these Chinese. I do think that itís going to kill these Chinese
soldiers that are coming. If Iím wrong, so be it. What do we have to lose in trying to protect ourselves? I donít think that the Lord would have me waste all my time on this on a whim.  I know it affects aliens. Weíve annihilated the
beings that inhabited that Shema star. Iíve been talking about that every week because I see it strongly in the codes. Weíve killed them. Weíve annihilated them. Maitreya will survive. The main generals will survive because they have a role to fulfill on Earth. But the foot soldiers are dying. Itís the same thing we saw on Dulce and these other bases that we were able to get a hold of with this Orgone to where theyíre just burning, boiling and dying.

The atmosphere is going to be amplified with Orgone, so weíre going to see a lot more UFOs crashed out of the atmosphere. A lot more booms in the air and the government saying itís a meteorÖa weather balloon or a Russian satelliteÖwhatever excuse they come up with, weíre going to have many, many, many more crashes coming out of the skies because the Lord is going to amplify the Orgone and saturate the air in space. It melts their metal; it burns their inhabitants and is causing them to die. We are going to see a lot more crashes coming out of the sky. You can call it lightening because thatís what Iím seeing in the Bible codes. It refers to them as lightening. And this Orgone is causing the lightening thatís been created and made right now because thereís all
these UFO ships crashing.

So there are definitely two sides to this war. You see one side amused, which are the Orgone Warriors. The Lordís faction that is doing the Orgone that is amused. Then you have Satanís faction which is the New World Order, which is very angry. So yeah, totally two sides. Then you have all these people in the middle, doing nothing and donít know whatís going on. I canít concentrate and focus on them when we have so much going on.

Iíve spent the better part of a week getting prepared for a project that Iíve been working on. We have some last minute tie-ins to doÖthings to get done. Like Iíve said, this month of April and the G-20 Summit seems like a
global Orgone awareness month, Iíve called it. All the nations are becoming aware more and more of what Orgone is capable of doing, has done and is going to do.  We donít know how much time we have left before they come after the church to clamp down and stop the Orgone.

All this is kindof like swirling around the toilet and all getting ready to flush at the same time. Thatís basically what it is. Everything is going to hit at once. There is just so much going on that theyíre preparing for and weíre doing
what we can. Itís almost like a chessboard. If they move our pawn, theyíre going to move their night. Itís basically what it is. Swirling in the toilet bowl right now. Itís up to the next person to make their move, you know?

Iíve definitely made a huge move this week with a project that Iíve been working on. I know some warriors are working on some missions that the Lord has sent them on.  So weíre getting ready. Weíre pretty much ready for this arrivalÖ.this turnabout of America. Everybody has seen it comingÖ.changing our nation into a socialistic, fascist police state. Itís going to keep heading that way. Eventually just leading into outright civil war here in America, and chaos.  Iím just waiting to see what their move is going to be. It seems to me that they're still in
set-up mode; moving their trains in place.

I would look for an attack in Phoenix Arizona. If they were going to nuke a city, it would be Phoenix, because thatís symbolic to them. The phoenix rising up out of the ashes - symbolically Phoenix, Arizona to re-create that whole thing where the Phoenix rises up out of the ashes. Also it had been on their script, it was one of the cities they would blow up. And also considering the fact that they are digging these concrete coffin areas. I would look for an attack on Phoenix.

Also New York CityÖ an Anthrax attack on New York City that would kill instantly. They wouldnít need trains unless they were going to transport dead bodies in trains. It seems to me they would be clamping down on social
chaos and collecting people and putting them on these FEMA trains and then taking them to FEMA camps. Iím not sure why they need the trains in New York City if they are planning a bio-attack; an Anthrax attack that literally
kills them the second they breathe the air. I had seen that plane in a vision years ago in a vision, flying over what I believe is New York City. Iím not sure what city it was. It was near a body of water. People just falling over dead.
They would walk out of a library or mall, breathe the air and drop over dead. So itís been interesting that in the codes Iíve seen Anthrax. Iíve seen leprosy. Iíve seen man things that I canít even seem to call yet.  But those are the two main things Ė Anthrax and leprosy. The deaths itself are caused by the Orgone on the alien and the tare nations. The Avian Flu is the effect of the Orgone. I donít even know what theyíre going to call it here in America when these tares start falling over dead.  

Itís a war, folks. Itís a war and you need to decide which side you are on. Sitting on the sidelines just puts you at wasting time. Youíre not going to be any safer sitting on the sidelines than on the frontlines. Iíll tell you where the fun is; itís on the frontlines. Iím still here. The Lord has protected me for years. He protects His people. You see all these people getting ready to be taken down and out in martial law and your life is over. What did you do with your life when you were alive and had some time to do something for Him. I donít want to sit on the sidelines and hope and watch that maybe theyíll put it off for another year. Delay is something dominant. I see delay in the codes all the time. Delay, delay, delay. And itís not the Lord delaying anything; itís them. Itís them because theyíre in such chaos.

Yeah, howís that water in D.C.Ē Howís that air in D.C.? These taresÖthese reptiles who have taken over our governments and military; enjoy the air. Go out and enjoy a good walk. (LOL) This Orgone is going to be destroying them. All we can do is wait. Itís like a waiting game too whenever the Lord decides to amplify it. Itís like a waiting game now. Weíve certainly been making ours.

Iíve been hearing from people that have had visions of Chinese.  Iíve been warning about the Chinese coming to America. They are going to mobilize and come here eventuallyÖ.this month, next month, next April? I donít know
when. When you see them youíll know itís them. I can tell you April is dominant, but I canít tell you what year. So we always have to keep our eyes open. Thatís the only way that we know what we know whatís going on. By
keeping our eyes open. Years and months are being delayed on their plans because of so much of their own death and destruction. Satan was planning on coming here with a host of angels mimicking God in Heaven and this angelic host. You canít very well do that when all of his angels are dying, dead and crashing to the Earth. (LOL) So as we wreck his plans he has to come up with new ones. I canít help but laugh.  

So we buy timeÖdo we have time? I know with Obama pushing out more and more of his socialistic legislation to clamp down on the freedoms of Americans, doing the exact same thing as Bush did; one draconian legislation after another. Being hidden in bills being passed by congress without any discussing over them. Heís picking up exactly where Bush has left off. There are no real changes anywhere. His change is from capitalism and democracy and freedom to socialism.  Thatís his ďchange.Ē

I donít have anything else that the Lord wants me to speak about tonight. I usually just sit and wait. Like Iíve said weíre waiting now to see what their next move is going to be. Seeing if they are going to attack American cities.

Like I said, Phoenix Arizona and New York City would be my first two guesses right now for attacks. Also for Ohio. Iíve never seen any nuking for Ohio, but Iíve seen bio-attacks.  Yeah, theyíre going to be coming after Ohio because this is where Iím at. They canít get me because Iím so well protected. It will be interesting to see what else they try to get around me. Akron is not too far from where I live, so weíll have to see if they're going to attack Akron and Canton and some of these areas with bio-attacks. Weíll see what theyíre going to do. But as they are sitting and planning and chewing up their time clock I can see the Lord already making His plans with an attack of leprosy on the wicked of this nation. I think its retaliation, so I canít even begin to say what He is retaliating for, other than some of these outright attacks from the New World Order to start martial law here in America, rounding up citizens and taking them to these FEMA camps.

There was always an opening in April for the Day of Declaration. Iíve seen where Obama will be financing this. Taking over our media and announcing that heís here to be our world teacher and help mankind and blah, blah, blah. So April is a dominant time for that. April, May, June and July. Iím seeing a lot of dates coming up in for July. So July might be really interesting. They were supposed to try and push one of their Day of Declaration things for this time in AprilÖ.around Passover time. And certainly still in Passover timeÖ.observing the Feast of Unleavened Bread, so they could decide to go ahead with one their day of declarations.

Their arrival is eminent. Thatís why you need to spend some time reading my article Aliens Will Overthrow America so that you can understand who and what they are. Who and what they are. I keep seeing they are comingÖ.they are arriving. These world teachers. These ascended masters. This article will explain who and what they are. Weíre running out of time.

I wanted to mention the fires in Oklahoma and Texas. Whenever you see a lot of forced firesÖ.and there are definitely forced fires in Texas. When you read of hurricane winds of over 100 miles an hour to push fires along, they are really pushing for some dead Orgone energyÖ.some dead energy to breathe. Heads up and 10 thumbs up to the warriors out there getting Orgone in Texas and Oklahoma. Itís obviously affecting them because they canít survive out there. So they start these fires up because it creates a dead airÖ.it creates dead and thatís what they need to survive. I donít know to explain it. They just survive off of dead things. Dead air. Dead energy.

A couple of years ago when I was out west orgoning a lot of areas out there. I had even gone out to Vegas. It was really funny; they knew I was out there. We went to see the white tigers. My friend had wanted to see the white tigers so we stopped by to see them. As we were sitting  thereÖ..when you first go in to this little zoo at the Mirage Casino, or whatever itís called, they talk to the peopleÖ.so weíre sitting there listening to this lady talking, describing whatís in the zoo and giving us a little background on itÖ.this airplane flew overhead and put this
huge S in the sky. It was so funny. I was like, ĒOkay, is that S for Sherry? What is the S?Ē

The whole time we were there you could see these low flying black helicopters everywhere, all the time.  This is the city itself. Not a military base. Area 51 is quite a ways away. These little black helicopters have no reason for being this close to a cityÖ.and nobody seems to notice this stuff. I was only in Vegas for a day and a half.  I could last that long. I couldnít stand Vegas. No offence to people that live there. I just couldnít stand Vegas. It is literally sin city. I had gone down there as a starting point because I had orgoned from north of Vegas itself all the way up to Salt Lake CityÖ.had come over all the way across from Arizona. There were those lakes in the west there that were the main water sources for Vegas and other areas that we had gotten with Orgone. So we had a lot of work to do out in that area. It was amusing when I came home. I said watch for the fires to start now. Sure enough they did. I wasnít home three days and the fires were starting in Utah and other states to create Orgone energy in the air because we had put so much positive Orgone energy in the air with our positive Orgone out that way.

Itís very much a war, folks. If you canít see it now; youíll never see it.  You just canít see it. The Lord said that He would make it so obvious that even the blind could see. If even the blind can see, then so help them.  UFOs are falling out of the air. Theyíre desperate to survive. Fires are just a form of desperation to survive until they can move out of areas and get into other areas that they can survive and breathe in. Itís definitely just a war going on and continuing to go on until the Lord Himself puts a stop to it.

I know the other dayÖ..I was doing my usual thing working on codes and stuff. For some reason I just felt the need to go get up and walk to my front door and look outside. I often do that. Itís not like itsÖ.just to get some exercise. Itís tiring sitting at a computer. At this particular time that I happened to open up my door and look outside, there was a man walking towards my house. When he saw me he abruptly turned away, jumped into his car and took off. I donít know what he wanted. I donít know what their game plan is, but for some reason the Lord wanted me to stop whatever it is he was going to be doing. Because he was walking very close up towards my house. Another one bites the dust as far as Iím concerned. Their plans are nothing to me.

Anyway, Iím going to take some questions from listeners and see what you guys are up to this week. If you have any questions, you can send them to

Question from a listener:  Have you see the Angels and Demons sequel to the DaVinci Code? It mentions Sananda and also implicates the Vatican.

Answer: I havenít seen it. The DaVinci code was another Illuminati masterpieceÖ.so they think. Iím not sure Iíd waste my time on
Angels and Demon,s since that stuff is put out by the Illuminati itself. Sananda is involved with the Vatican. I find it interesting that its still kindof a war. Rome has been coming up in the codes quite a bit. This earthquake over there recently was a little bit of retaliation. When the aliens donít get their way they can produce
an earthquake, a fireÖ.whatever they want to do from space. Its some kind of war going on between the aliens and the Vatican itself. Like Iíve said they are always fighting amongst themselves.

Question from a listener:  They are getting ready for something really big, but also gun control around the same time. I wonder what cities will get it first.

Answer: I would go withÖlike I said, New York City. And also a city out west.  Probably Phoenix. One of the
Arizona cities. Tempe, Arizona or Tampa, Florida. Iíve been seeing that come up in the codes and I donít know if itís Tempe, Arizona or Tampa, Florida because its falling so similar. Just a heads up.

Question from a listener:  Sherry, in just two more days there will be tea parties all over this nation. The Acorn crocks are ready to hit the streets and make a living Hell. Obama is using these groups to attack anyone opposing his Communist ideas. My feeling is that we are weeks away from a revolution in this country. Please give us your thoughts. Is there anything in the codes about this coming?

Answer: Civil war is going to come to America. I think that theyíll try and use an influx of Chinese soldiers to suppress a civil war and take control of the populous.  So thatís why Iíve said I canít call it Ďtil I see it because
theyíve got different routes that they can use.  People are aware of what Obama is doing to this country and what he is inciting and causing. Thatís why theyíre buying guns and ammunition. They know the crap is about to hit the
fan.  So they just need to keep preparing. You donít want to be taken into custody by foreign soldiers or be taken to one of these FEMA camps.  Donít let them take you alive. Itís going to be a fight.

Comment from a listener:  I read some articles about many of these churches doing Easter egg searches. Isnít the Easter bunny, Easter eggs and Easter based on the sun god? Is this even when Yahushua was really crucified, died and resurrected?

Sherry: It doesnít get any worse than an apostate church that celebrates the bunnies, Easter eggs and eats ham.  That has to be the worst holiday out of all of them; the sheer paganism involved with Easter alone. It just has to be
the worst out of all of them.  EasterÖthe fertility god Queen Ishtar...the whole thing is pure paganism. Then they top it off by having ham, which is an abomination. To eat pig is an abomination in the Bible. People say thatís Old
TestamentÖ.no that was New Testament too. Itís today too. Not just back then. They always have excuses as to why they keep continuing honoring paganism in the churches today instead of correcting them, throwing them out,
admitting theyíre wrong and starting over. They just throw up excuses. I canít get anywhere with them. And thatís the reason why the people are getting fed up and leaving them.

Comment from a listener: Sherry, I lived in Vegas for three months and couldnít stand it either. There were literally 60 Ė 80 black helicopters flying towards the city all following each other. I didnít find out where they were going.
Very strange.

Sherry: Just the day and a half that I was there, they were just up and down. Itís not like they had anywhere in particular they were going.  They would just be up and downÖ.up and down. It was very strange. I had never seen so many. It was just a constant harassment of black helicopters. And it really was just one or two of them, not like there was a whole fleet. The S in the sky was very interesting.  It was a heart love S. I donít know what that was about. They didnít finish whatever it was they were trying to doÖI donít know. I just got tired of watching them. It truly is just a city waiting to be destroyed by the Lord. But I also love the heart of the people that are out there. There are Christians that have said, we donít want God to destroy Vegas itís our home. What theyíve been doing is plastering the place with Orgone. Almost doing the Lot thing, where Lot stood up for Sodom when the Lord said He was going to destroy Sodom and Gomorra and Lot was sticking up for his city. Thatís pretty much what the warriors are doing out in Vegas. I donít know if itís chasing out any of the evil or wicked that are there, but theyíve been busy covering Vegas with Orgone since then. I know there is a lot of Orgone in Vegas right now.

I didnít do a lot of Vegas itself. The Lord said just let the evil ones have it. So I left it and started covering from the north all the way up to Salt Lake City and pretty much wiping out the Mormon temple. It had been a hangout for Sananda and his little Capricorn ship and all the little ships they were hanging out above Salt Lake City. So we chased them out of there and we went to Quebec. Quebec got busy and chased them out. Now theyíre in Rome.  I donít know if much Orgone is being done in Rome. They could be there for a while until some warriors stand up over there and get the Vatican area.  Italy is one of those countriesÖ.I donít even think Iíve sent Orgone to anywhere in Italy. I donít know of any warriors in Italy. There are a few countries here and there that havenít gotten involved. The warriors in those countries. If there are warriors in Italy, they need to stand up and get the Vatican. I donít always know whatís going on either.  The Lord doesnít always tell me who is doing what and where. I donít
always know, but Iíll hear after the fact a lot of times.

Question from a listener:  I wondered if your Orgone could be used to help perform exorcisms.

Answer: Yeah, just put it in the room. Just put a possessed person around Orgone and they will react very adversely to it. Eventually the demon will just leave the person because they donít want to be around the Orgone.

Question from a listener:  Is one 3 ounce Orgone puck enough to cover a mile of air?

Answer: It is if youíre in the country. If you are in the city, you need to break it up smaller. I saturate the cities.  Like every thousand feet, I put an Orgone puck.  It depends on what kind of area that youíre covering. If youíre out in a
cow town, then one puck. You know what? You never have enough Orgone. You need to saturate towns, countries, cities and farms. The reason that I did so much work  in the Ozark mountains was to make safe havens for the Lords people to run to if they needed to get out of their cities, towns and areas where alien invasions or Chinese invasions or our military is rounding up. The Ozark Mountains will be a safe place for them to go. I know a warrior out in Washington is covering some mountainous areas out that way too. Thatís what people need to be doing. Not just covering our cities and towns, but also forests and mountain areas in the country so that people that are on the run will be protected. We need it all over the worldÖ.all over the country.

You can never have enough
Orgone. You can never have too much.  It doesnít hurt people. If you have a lot of Orgone and put it in your gardens, watch your plants grow much more lushÖmore green. It purifies water. It keeps the toxins out of the air. Youíll notice a huge difference because itís a positive living energy. Anything evil or dead canít stand being around it. Itís a war folks, and you need to decide which side you are on. The Lordís side fighting against the wicked or the wicked side fighting against the Lordís people. Just standing back and doing nothing puts you in lukewarmnessÖ.youíre just lukewarm. I wouldnít want to be caught in lukewarm water in the last days because you will be tried and tested by deathÖby fire, by marital law, by imprisonments, by beheadings. Just a lot of various ways that they Lord is going to be testing this whole lukewarm Bride crowd. I wonít call them Bride, because He gets mad when I do that. This churchdumb; these people in the churches today that call on Him and sing about how much  they love Him and tell everybody what a great Christian they are. He says why do you call them Mine?  You need to be doers and not just talkers. Getting off the fence and making a decision who you belong to; the Lord Himself? Or are you going to belong to the nonchalant crowd who are
sheeple that the New World Order is going to be guiding and taking over.

Anyway, Iím going to wrap it up for tonight. I donít know what Iíll be talking about next week. I never normally do until the week comes.  Iíll keep an eye on bio-attacks in New York City and Phoenix. Itís either Tempe or Tampa, Florida. These Anthrax plans they have. And also an announcementÖday of declaration of these Philistines that are arriving. These Anaks. These ascended masters.  I see them arriving more so in Arabia and in the Middle East than here, but Obama will be financing for them to take over our media for their day of declaration crap. I donít know if that will be this April or they will push it off to July or what theyíre going to be doing.

The war is on.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.