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April 20, 2009

And hello everybody.  Youíre live. Itís Monday night April 20. If you have a question for the
show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking on those to answer

A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. I was as usual, from my eyebrows to my toes in the codes all week. Either that, or in the garage making Orgone.

Iím trying to piece things togetherÖ.just so many different things coming. It looks like
everything is going to happen very quickly. I was trying to fall asleep one night and just asked the Lord to make it clear to me what was coming. And He did that.  I didnít sleepÖ.I donít think a couple of hours. I usually end up getting out of bed. He was bringing all these things to my mind so I wanted to write things down. Itís basically things that Iíve been talking about for months already. Nothing new. No surprises. But you can go off in different directions. I know that a lot of people do. A lot of different ministries out there that see other things as more important.  Thatís okay, because I just stick with what the Lord has me focused on. Heís given me an area and thatís where I stay. And I stay at His Fee. So whatever He wants to tell me, thatís what I tell His People. I donít get swayed by other ministriesÖother people. A lot of ministries online are just agents working for the agenda. It seems like so many of them have their own agendas, where I just want to serve the Lord and His People in these last days.

I want to tell you some of the things that He told me to watch out for and some things that are coming up.  In particular, the whole home mortgage crisis. Itís going to get much worse. It started off in January with a bang. Then there was a lull. They put some kind of moratorium on home foreclosures, probably so Obama could get settled into office. But itís going to start back up. And itís going to get much, much worse. Itís going to be in the millions of how many people lose their homes.

The whole thing has been a set up. If some of you canít see it by nowÖ.hopefully, eventually soon you will. No sweat off of my back if you donĎt. All I can do is speak, and if you care to listen, hear and understand, that is totally up to you.  Most people that listen to this show are well seasoned warriors. They already have their eyes open.  They know whatís going on.

They know whatís coming. Itís like preaching to choir week in and week outÖand thatís fine. Thatís what Iím here for.Iím here for the warriors. Iím tending to get a little bit more edgy with the church-dumb crowd and all their little emails all the time.

I am not here to handhold. Iím not here to bottle-feed. And thatís the problem with many
Christians today. They are so used to being bottle-fed that they canít think for themselves.
They send me all these emails asking all these questions. I simply write back, ďWhy are you asking me? Just ask God Himself.Ē They just run to their pastor, they run to their churches and expect to be told and bottle-fed everything little thing they have. Theyíve never been taught to go the Lord HimselfÖ.which He said to do. One of the first things He ever told His disciples at the time was that He was the Door, and we need to knock on that Door. We need to knock on Him. We need to go to Him.

So many Christians are never taught that, so they donít know how to think for themselves.  
The only way they judge in their own little minds whatís truth is and what isnít, if it agrees with something theyíve already been taught. Theyíre pre-conditioned mind control mentality. What religion they are in. What denomination theyíre in. If it goes along with what
theyíve been taught, then theyíll think its truth. They can never realize that what theyíve been taught has been wrong from the start. My temper is getting really short with these people.

Iím not here to bottle-feed. Iím here to lead the warriors. Iím here to lead an army.  

You donít need to tell these warriors how to go to the Lord and hear from Him. Some canít
hear from HimÖ..they are learning. He basically tries to get their attention. He works in many ways when He talks to His Warriors. If you ask Him to guide your thoughts, He will guide your thoughts. He has that small voice that speaks to your heart. He never speaks to your head. So if you hear voices in your head, itís not the Lord. He doesnít speak to your head. And He doesnít speak in King James English. That one kills me. Iíll see some of these people that supposedly have these ďwords of knowledgeĒ from the Lord and all this, and theyíre in King James English. No, He doesnít speak in King James English Ė ďthou wilt and thou shalt notĒ.  He doesnít speak in King James.

So anyway, back to what Heís been telling me. I get on rabbit trails.

Millions more are going to lose their homes. And while the poor continue to lose their homes and jobs, the rich are going to enjoy the luxuries of their bonuses and bailouts from the government. So all this is designed to anger the people into riots, protests and
homelessness. As they're being kicked out of their apartments, their condos and their homes across cities of America, the bailout money and how all these executives are living high on the hog and enjoying all these huge bonuses is going to anger a lot of these people. Itís designed to do that. Itís all been a set-up. They want to anger people and cause them to riot and protest. And thatís exactly whatís coming.

Everything is designed, okay? The government soon is going to go into default. I know how
they hype up, ďOh the economy is bouncing back!Ē And they go into all this garbage. Donít
listen to it.

The government is going to go into default and close many of its services to the poor. So all
of this residential aid that people are getting now through Section 8 or other programs;
whatever theyíre called in your state or city through human services programs and
government aid programs, they are going to shut down overnight. What this will do is force a lot of people into the streets overnight. So expect riots and martial law in major cities like
New York City, Houston, Phoenix, Miami and Los Angeles.

Something that the Lord led me to; there were initially 19 cities that were declared as safe
zones for illegal aliens. Now the number is up to 30 and Iím going to give you some idea of
who these cities are. Itís these cities that will erupt in riots and chaos when their government funding ends, so they are left with nothing.  Itís these cities.

Something that kept coming to me; you get lots of reports of these white FEMA trains being seen outside of cities. Then you look. Thereís a correlation there, folks. All of these reports of where these white FEMA trains are. And we know what theyíre for. Theyíre going to be hauling people to FEMA camps and disposing of them in an incinerator as in the Amtrak station in Indiana and different designated areas throughout the country. Youíll notice that all these trains are outside of sanctuary cities, because they know full well whatís coming.  

They know full well because they designed it that way. What they did was open the borders up to all these illegal aliens and said, ďWe wonít ask you for proof of citizenship.Ē Then they go into these cities and they get free government aid. They get on Section 8; you know how it is. Itís been bleeding the taxpayers dry for years.  They get free health care, which Americans donít even get. They get Section 8. They get free housing. Then they mysteriously qualify for all these government loans. They get brand new houses and brand new cars. They get government housing and government loans and blah, blah, blah. Theyíre given the red carpet here. Something that Americans donít get - and theyíre taxpayers and have grown up as natural citizens of this country. They flooded these cities with these illegal aliens in that way. They bribed them. And theyíve taken care of them. Now all of a sudden, BOOM overnight all this aid is going to get shut off to them. So not only is it going to hurt the poor whites and the poor blacks, but all these Hispanics who have been given the red carpet treatment. Overnight, all this money is going to cease to exist. So what do you think is going to happen? Itís going to be a huge disruption. There is going to be civil chaos in all of these cities. They no longer have a house to live in. Nobody has transportation. Nobody has food. Nobody has money. They are going to revolt and cause chaos in these cities.

So my warning is for people that live in or near these sanctuary cities, to get away from them. Itís all been designed to create the chaos needed for martial law in this country. I see it in New York City because thereís a lot of public housing thereÖ.itís just full of public housing. And these people as theyíre booted out of their apartments are just going to set them on fire. I see a lot of apartment buildings on fire in New York City. This is probably reminiscent of what will happen all across the country and in various cities as they riot and protest being thrown out in to the streets; theyíre going to set their buildings on fireÖ.their homes on fire out of anger. This is some of the stuff that the Lord has been showing me.

These sanctuary cities; I put them on my website
sherrytalkradio.com right there in the center. They are Washington D. C., New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Santa Ana, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Detroit, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Miami, Denver, Baltimore, Seattle, Portland, New Haven and Portland, Maine.  You have Portland, Oregon and Portland Maine. All of these cities have adopted what is considered sanctuary policies where it bans city employees and police officers from asking people about their immigration status. Here in Ohio even when I was a kid, you had to have proof of citizenship to even get a job. To even interview for one you had to have a license and a Social Security card just to work at McDonalds.

Frosty Wooldridge at
NewsWithViews.com has a really good article on these sanctuary
cities. He points out that every one of them are in violation of the US Constitution. He gives
the number of the law in the US Constitution. And thatís exactly right. The first city on the list that is violating the US Constitution is Washington D. C. So thatís no surprise.

Their ďwar on terrorĒ is a war on Americans. Itís a war on Americans. I can remember back to 9/11; I was warning the people about the military going into Iraq. It was just an excuse to get our military over there and out of our country. This way if they have all the military out of the country, it would be easier for them to move troops into our country. Thatís been their whole design and plan.

The first thing they do when these military veterans come back is target them and profile them as future problems so should there be martial law theyíll know where theyíre at.

Iíve told you to stay away from protests and stuff. Someone was pointing out something that Steve Quayle had written about the tea parties and how theyíd all been organized and blah, blah, blah by FBI informants and everyone that was thereÖ.they have pictures of you and your license plates. They're profiling everybody so that when martial law is declared, they know where you live and they know where to go. They know where they resistors against the New World Order and this government are. Thatís how itís pretty much always been. Itís always been the government or the CIA itself organizing protests and riots. Thatís what they do. They profile. They act as agent provocateurs. They get the names and addresses of everybody that was involved and participated and things like that. Thatís how they act. They are instigators. Letís have an anti-government party. They instigate stuff like that and then take the names of everybody that signs up and gets involved. Thatís just how they work, folks. Itís an old game. If people arenít on to that by now, so help them.

Thatís whatís coming. Millions more defaults of home mortgage loans alone because of the
rising debt. People are losing their jobsÖ.canít pay their bills. Foreclosures are going to go
into the millions. Not only that, but the government going into default and stopping payment of all federal aid.

That also would affect those on Social Security. They would no longer be getting Social
Security payments. Without Social Security, these elderly canít afford to live in their assisted housing or the nursing homes they are in. They would just be booted out in the streets, folks.

We have a real mess coming here. And you know what? Theyíve been planning it for ages.
Look at where all the white trains are. Outside these sanctuary areas, because they know
they are going to get hit the hardest and know they are going to react the worst because theyíve got the biggest influx of illegal aliens in them and those on federal aid.

The one that surprises me the most is Salt Lake City. I spent some time there in Salt Lake
City. It really is a clean, nice city. I was down by the Mormon Temple at 2 oíclock in the
morning. You can walk around without feeling afraid. It was just that kind of a city, so Iím really surprised that they have such an illegal alien population there. It must be off in the suburbs somewhere. Thatís how Cleveland typically is. There isnít a whole lot of residential living inside the city itself. Everything is outside of the city.  

All these cities that I just mentionedÖ.I listed them at my website at sherrytalkradio.com.  
There is going to be complete chaos and where martial law areas are going to start; in these major cities.

I find it interesting that Obama has been on the road for so long. All this was designed to
happen while he was gone. And notice the impeccable timing; he just happened to be out of the country during the tea parties. He just happened to be gone. Do you know how much
planning it takes for the President to leave a country? To leave this country? The security
issues?  So all this has been pre-planned for a while. And much more to comeÖ.with the housing market getting ready to totally crash; millions more losing their homes to foreclosures and the riots starting and then martial law.  Thatís why I asked the Lord, ďWhat am I going to do? Am I going to be safe where Iím at?Ē  I just live in a small two-horse town here. I rent a homeÖand probably one of the first ones to be targeted by government goons wanting to get rid of poor people. That would be me. The Lord said that I would be okay.
I have a feeling and I see that Iím correct in the Codes in that the warriors will be gone. Iím not going to say ďbeforeĒ because weíre going to experience a lot of this. Me in particular, I wonít experience it. Heíll take me before I do in this area. I live in a two-horse town, so I think weíre going to see a lot of this stuff going on in the major cities first.

One of my thoughts is that June is particularly quiet in the Codes. It is hardly ever mentioned in the Codes for this year. It just isnít a dominant month in the Codes this year. Last year it was. This year itís not. This year, the dominant months were April, May and July. The end of JulyÖ.just so much stuff going on.  It makes me think, if they donít pull off their Day of Declaration stuff and their invasions in April and May, then they would wait until the end of July. June will probably be a good month to where a lot of this stuff in America is going on with the massive foreclosures and the chaos starting here. So thatís what Iím thinkingÖ.maybe thatís why itís quiet.

The Lord shows me everything thatís happening in Satanís world. I see behind the scenes
stuff in Satanís world. I donít always see whatís going on in the third dimension life here. I
donít know how you separate the two. So Iím thinking thatís when the crap will hit the fan here in America; probably May and June Ė those two months.

I just think weíre going to see a lot more buzz going on at that time about the foreclosures.
When they start en masse, and you see these tent cities becoming more and more frequent. Whatís really going to be the time bombÖ.the triggering, is the cutoff of federal funding. Thatís what I keep seeing as the time bomb. And that could be caused by the banks closing overnight. I wasnít really sure about that. I thought that the government may justÖ.I donít put words in the Lords mouth. If He doesnít show me something, I donít assume. Iíve learned not to assume. It gets me in trouble every time.

So I was thinking that the government would declare bankruptcy and default on loans. I didnít know a thing about the banks at the time. Someone sent me an email about their husband having a dream that the banks were closed. Thatís usually the way that the Lord works. When He sends me tidbits of information from people that I would trustÖ.that have discernment and things like that. So I do think that the banks will probably be closed at that time. Theyíre going to close suddenly. There isnít going to be much notice. Iíve seen times when stores are just closed. They close their doors. If the banks close, everything would close down immediately. Everything would. Stores canít stay open without the banks behind them. If you saw the banks closing, youíre definitely going to see pure chaosÖ.especially here in America.

This stuff is coming soon. Itís not going to happen next year; weíre talking this yearÖ.in the next several months, if this is what their plans are. To me, it looks like these are indeed their plans.

The one thing I mentioned last week that didnít make any sense to me; youíll hear from Hal
Turner and others that live in New York, that have seen miles and miles and miles of these
white FEMA trains outside of the city. If there was a pandemic comingÖ..thatís another one of their fear things they have goingÖ.Ēthereís a pandemic coming and millions are going to die!Ē You wouldnít need trains for that. These are prisoner trains that theyíre lining up outside of the cities. These are prisoner trains and not body carriers. They have shackles in them. Theyíre designed to carry live people. So it seems to me that itís more like they're going to be doing roundups; so all of these trains are in place for roundups. Definitely, New York City has some problems coming with roundups with all the trains they have. It looks like theyíre going to clear out whole sections of that city. When youíve got miles and miles and miles of trains, and each train thing could hold probably 100 peopleÖ.I donít know. They plan on clearing out a lot of areas.

One of the things they are going to do; some of the deception going on, is that for all these
people that were receiving federal aid that all of a sudden overnight are cut off from federal
aid. Theyíre going to tell them the same thing they told those in Katrina in New Orleans. You guys remember that practice run. They're going to relocate them to other areas; other
sanctuary cities. Theyíre going to tell them ďWeíre going to relocate you to another city to
where there is government housing. Youíll have a new home. Youíll get some money and
some food and some aidĒÖ.and all this. Thatís how they're going to bribe these people to get on these trains. Just like they did with Katrina. They just pulled up the buses and everybody was just getting on them.  The only ones you hear about were the ones that went to the Dome in Houston.

The worlds focus at that point was pretty much on Houston, because they were leaving New Orleans to go to Houston. The media gave you something to focus on, which was the
Astrodome in Houston. What happened to all the people that didnít go to Houston? The two
thousand that disappeared in FEMA camps? You never hear about them again. There were
thousands and thousands. Iím thinking in particular of just this one that was two thousand.
They were taken to FEMA camps in different states and actually held prisoners there. There were armed guards. People couldnít go in. People couldnít come out. So you are literally held prisoner in these so-called relocation centers that were designed to ďhelpĒ you, but you canít go in or out and are under armed guard. When does that raise your eyebrows? And a lot of these people just disappearing. Tens of thousands of people disappeared after Katrina. But they focused the world on the Astrodome in Houston. ďOh look at these people. They went to Houston and they got these checks and wasted them on designer handbags and blah, blah, blah.Ē They give you a focal point so that they can blind you from everything else thatís going onÖ..the real news. They donít give you the real stuff.

So thatís whatís going to happen. All these people will be getting on these trains in these
different cities because they are becoming cesspools of violence and chaos. They are being robbed and looted and burned down. These people are going to get on these trains, thinking they are going to be taken to safe centers; safe locations, and will be taken to their deaths. Theyíre going to be taken to these internment camps that have been built all over the country. There are over 800 of them now. These internment camps are just holding centers. Theyíre going to be carted off from these holding centers to their final destination, which is an incinerator.

Just like in Auschwitz. Just like the Holocaust. The Jews were taken to their deaths by deceit. They didnít know they were dying. They didnít know they would be killed in incinerators and gassed in the showers. They were taken be deceit. Thatís exactly whatís going to happen during martial law here in America. All these people that get on these white trains will be taken by deceit. Theyíre told theyíre going to be helpedÖthey're going to be relocated to other cities. They found housing for them and blah, blah, blahÖ.and theyíre going to believe it.

Itís not just going to be the illegal aliens and the poor people. It will be a cross section of
everybody because everybody lives in these cities. There isnít just one group that dominates any one city. It will affect everyone who is in those cities.

Thatís whatís coming, folks. They are just using this whole aid thing. Getting as many people as they could, on government aid and then take the rug out from underneath them overnight. And BOOM. No more aid. No more help. Now youíre homeless and helpless and start rioting. Thatís exactly what theyíve counted on and exactly whatís going to happen. All these people that were getting help are going to cause an uproar and instigate martial law here in America.

You have no one to thank but your government because they have worked hard to set this up. It takes a long time to plan this stuff; to plan your death and demise. It isnít a war on terror; itís a war on Americans. They hate Americans. If you look at Bush, who has ties to Germany, and all of them who have ties to secret cults. They are Satanists folks. They donít have loyalties to Americans. The Clintons didnít. The Bushís donít. The Obamaís donít. None of them in the last 50 years have had ties to America! Their ties are to foreign agendas, foreign powers and foreign services, and thatís where their loyalty is. They hate America.

The one thing they needed to do, starting with the Clintons, was to undermine the strong
foundation that America was on. You could see the selling of classified secrets. Clinton pretty much gave the Chinese and whoever wanted, a backstage pass into all of our military secrets and government classified material. They didnít care! They didnít care! They worked the socialist agenda. All of them. They are not true blue Americans. Their whole agenda from the start of being elected was to destroy and dismantle America. And thatís what theyíve done. And thatís what theyíre going to continue to do.
Weíre going to see the fruits of their labor come into a total peak, here in the next couple of
months.  This whole mortgage crisis is going to be the trigger. So keep your eye on that.

Get away from these sanctuary cities. If you live in a city that allows the influx of illegal aliens; that doesnít require them to have a license and a Social Security card to get a job, then you need to get out of those areas. Itís these very illegal aliens who will turn around and destroy these cities in anger because theyíre no longer given free federal aid and a free ride.

It surprises meÖ.New Haven, Connecticut and Cambridge, Massachusetts. Places you
wouldnít suspect. Then you have Detroit, which has a huge Muslim population there. There
are thousands and thousands of Muslims there in Michigan. There is a whole huge Muslim
population in Michigan. Theyíll be cut off too. They will no longer be getting federal aid.

So weíre not just going to have Mexicans causing uproars and chaos, youíre going to have
the Muslims. There is a huge population of Muslims there in Oklahoma. Theyíre just going to be everywhere, folks. All the major cities and even the ones that you donít expect. And you know if you live in an area where you see a lot of illegal aliens there. Iím not racist; Iím just telling you the agenda. They used them to bring them over so that they could count on them to instigate martial law here in America; to instigate civil chaos and disruption. And theyíre going to be the very ones to do it.  Just another trigger is the banks closing. And the government going bankrupt and going into default and just triggering all this chaos thatís coming.

Another thing that He was telling meÖ.and Iím not going to speak a whole lot about it tonight because I need more time on it; I had sent out an email to my lists about these strange dreams Iíve been having for the last couple of years. The main themes being; abductions here, an alien invasion and a literal war in the heavens. UFOs fighting and going to war against each other. And a lot of theseÖ.I donít know what you want to call themÖ.these starships that are sitting empty in space.

I know why they're empty. The Orgone is saturating the atmosphere and burning and killing a lot of them, so theyíre being rounded up and taken to incinerators on the Moon and on Mars where they are disposed of. A lot them are empty and on the other hand a lot of them not, and being just this total war in the heavens. They're beaming at each other. The whole Star Trek thing goingÖand a lot of terror here on Earth.  Iím looking up in the skies and seeing a lot this stuff going on. Iím in shock that people just donít comprehend. They donít even look up in the skies to see whatís going on. And they donít see it. Itís like a dominant theme in all these dreams that Iíve been havingÖ..people are asleep and not paying attention. They wonít even bother to look up in the skies and see whatís going on, and thereís this huge war going on. I donít know if itís something that I can see and nobody else or people just didnít care what was going on. I donít know. Some of these dreams have recurring themes to them.

One of the things that the Lord is telling me is that there is going to be a blazing invasion first before the arrival of Sananda and his heavenly host. Iíve spent a lot of time on this show talking about the coming Sananda, which the church will recognize as Jesus. Iíve been warning that is Sananda all this time. Theyíve had a picture of Satanís general Sananda hanging in their churches, calling him Jesus. Heís going to come mimicking Yahushuaís Second Coming to Earth with the whole host of heavenly angels. Before that charade happens, there is going to be an attack on Earth by aliens. And theyíre not going to be nice. Theyíre going to be blazing. Theyíre going to be firingÖ.blowing things up. Shooting at things. Abducting people for food. I saw a lot of these empty starships were being filled up with people. They were like holding tanks. Something like the FEMA internment camps that we have now, as holding tanks. Then the aliens come and get them, load them up and take them, because they are food.

We can expect some kind of hostile invasion by the aliens coming first before this Sananda
comes. I kindof get tongue-tied over it because there are just so many different groups of
them. Even in the Bible Codes theyíre called different things. I donít think the reason they are called different thing is just because itís one species with one name, but there are so many branches and species of them that each one of these names, like buzzard and locust. We know what the Annuk are. Theyíre just called different things; bison, buffalo, buzzards, locusts, birds, oven-bird. Poultry. Theyíre just called different things. Iíve explained what this Bird Flu is; itís just alien flu. Thatís another thing. People are getting antsy about a coming pandemic.

Iíve seen pandemic myself in the Codes. What Iím not seeing is our deaths from the
pandemic; I am seeing theirs. Iím seeing theirs. Iíve been talking for how long about how the Orgone is killing these things. I donít know whether you believe it or not, but you are going to see it with your eyes. When the Lord cranks up this Orgone very shortly, itís going to affect the tares. The tares are those who have been born in human bodies or have taken on human bodies. The Bible talks about the wheat and the tareís living side by side until the angels separate them. This coming pandemic is like an eliminator. It goes out and affects those who arenít real humans. Weíre going to see a lot of their deaths in this coming pandemic.

We could be talking of millions of Americans that are involved simply because so many
tainted bloodlines are going on; polluted bloodlines with hybrid lines over the years. The Lord said in the last days there was going to be as in the days of Noah. What was going on in the days of Noah? He was the only one left with pure human DNA! The churches teach that he was the only righteous one. Noah wasnít really a holier than thou righteous. He drank a lot. Weíre not talking about free from sin; weíre talking DNA here. He was pure human and his sons were pure human. Donít send me emails on the drinking thing. Iím not even going to touch that one with a 10 foot pole. I can see it nowÖ

Either way, he was the only one left with pure human DNA, and thatís how it is in these last days. The thing we have today that they didnít have back then was the Lords Blood to redeem us. We can
accept His Redemption today and He redeems us of all our unrighteousness and tainted bloodlines. All that is taken care of when you accept Him as Your Savior and start living for Him. All that is taken care of. He wipes the slate clean. It doesnít matter if you come from ET himself. If you are one of His and have accepted His Redemption and been given forgiveness for your sins, it covers all sin. It breaks all contracts. It breaks all ties. Satan no longer has a tie to you. Thatís what His Redemption does for us. So His Redeemed wonít be bothered by these kinds of things that are coming, but those who arenít redeemed will be affected. Thatís probably why I keep seeing the pandemic as effecting evil and not the righteous. Either way, there is a pandemic coming. It is already going on really. One that you donít see. The ones thatís going on with the underground bases, with the aliens. There is a whole buzzard brigade in Denver. I was looking at that last night laughing about it.

Thereís a whole buzzard brigand. I donít know how many thousands are in a brigand, but here is a buzzard brigade in Denver. Iím thinking that has to be either NORAD or Denver Airport. Theyíve got a cave out there, itís gotta be NORAD.

I already spent some time out there, so I imagine they arenít feeling too well. Especially when the Lord cranks it all up.

Iíve got Orgone everywhere. When He cranks it up, it causes them extreme pain and boils
them from the inside out and eventually kills them. Yeah, theyíre undergoing that kind of a
pandemic now, away from the public eye. Eventually itís going to come in the public eye,
when it not only affects them, but also their hybrid children on Earth. Itís going to be
interesting. It also makes you wonder if thatís when the veil is lifted and you can start seeing Satanís forces here on Earth. You can see the fourth dimension that have overtaken the Earth and are living amongst us.  We donít see them because itís the fourth dimension. But when the veil is liftedÖ.the partition is taken away, and then you will be able to see into the fourth dimension. Thatís something you donít want to have to deal with. Thatís literally Hell on Earth, and thatís literally just around the corner.

When you think about it, the red and the white horses are already riding. The black and the
pale horses are going to come on each otherís heals. Theyíre going to be together. And they are arriving very shortly. Iíve warned you that Maitreya is the black horse rider. This Maitreya when he comesÖ.when he makes his final arrival announcement, which is very soon. Iíve been talking about his star that Iíve been chasing around the country. His Shema starÖ.his little palace in the sky. A satellite that looks like itís powered by 1 million GE light bulbs. Iím starting to think that is the announcement star to announce his arrival. That heís supposed to be coming.

His big arrival is going to be by American TV. Stupid Americans. Only stupid Americans will put an alien on TV and say heís GodÖ.or some kind of world teacher.  I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Obama was funding the airtime and all this stuff for this Maitreya and heís going to announce heís a world teacher to help mankind and blah, blah, blah, blah. Like Iíve said, they canít even help themselves. Weíre going to come and fix all your problems. Well, show us the problems that you fixed on your own planets. They wonít be able to pull that one off. They might take you to one of their hear death experience they use for those. ďLook how nice it is on our home planets.Ē Or whatever.  People should ask them for proof. That would be hysterical.

I think the thing that angers him the most when he comes is the mockery. We just donít buy his garbage. We know who and what he is. The rest of the world might get sucked into it, but I can guarantee that even at that point stupid Christians will wake up. I mean ďstupidĒ as in being the ones who always have their ears closed, in the religious mentality box and they wonít go to the Lord Himself for answers.  They donít seek Him. They seek the churches and the pastors and thatís as far as they go. My temper and my patience is getting really short with that crowd. Weíre coming down to crunch time now. The Lord has told me they are the ones who are going to be judged. Thatís why I think this whole mortgage crisis is the warm-up. Itís going to have to happen before Maitreya comes.

The first thing Maitreya does is instigate a war on the Saints because heís pissed off about
Orgone. Theyíve been dying and burning for a couple of years now because of it. When
they pinpoint whatís been causing it (which is the Orgone) theyíre going to come after us.
Weíre not going to be here, so they are going to come after the Bride. That means that heís
going to start a war against the church; the Christians here in America. They need to wake up because theyíre here. Theyíre not being raptured off somewhere. The warriors will be. The Lord is going to protect the warriors. Heíll take them. Iíve seen in the Codes where Iím correct on that and fully confident in saying it. Sometimes Iím a little iffy about saying stuff I see. But when I keep seeing it, it gives me a lot of confidence. The warriors will be gone at that point. And itís just this faction. It doesnít say Bride, it says faction. Faction is a small group. Thatís why Iíve always called us Faction Four of the 144K. Weíre just a small warrior group that has been working on this Orgone war for years, preparing for Satanís arrival. Weíre done with it basically. Weíre just about done with everything we needed to do. If we had to stop today, weíve done enough. Everything we do from this point on is just bonus. Weíve accomplished what we needed to. Maitreya can arrive anytime that he wants to technically, because weíre done with our work; just tying up loose ends.

Weíre not wasting any time. If we still have time, weíre getting
Orgone across the country so it defeats their chemtrail program. Theyíre going to use the chemtrail program as a way of spreading their plagues and diseases on mankind. Itís also their way of spreading the
illusions because they need the aerosols for the holographs to work. Their illusions of a fake rapture on Earth. Theyíre going to do their own fake rapture thing and haul these people off in UFOs and take them straight to Hell. Iíve talked about that one before. These New Agers will just get so caught up in it. Theyíre telling these New Agers theyíll take them off the Earth in a cleansing period where theyíll be safe. Then theyíll bring them back or theyíll take them to different planets to start over there. Theyíre so funny because people actually believe this garbage. Once they take them off the Earth, they become food on an alienís plate somewhere. Iíve been telling the new agers for years. Donít run to the UFOSÖ.and donít drink the juice. Iíve been warning about this monoatomic gold and what theyíre putting into Life Energy drinks that changes your DNA. Stay off the Kool-aids. Stay away from the Kool-aids. Its just one destruction after another every time you turn around they have something planned, theyíve had it planned. They had it in the works for years and weíre just now noticing.

I get that way too. It took me a while to catch on to the Life Energy drinks.
I think I saw a lizard on the label. I donít drink them, so thatís why it took me a while. I really liked that one Pina Colada flavor. I was drinking that a lot on the road and hadnít even noticed there was a lizard on the label. That was a wakeup call. And no, I donít have Geico Insurance. I would love to take a 12 gauge and explode that stupid lizard from the commercials in halfÖ..if I could even hold a 12 gauge. It usually puts me flat on my butt. I wonít go near them. Thereís too much of a kick for me. But thatís what we have folks coming up.

In a nutshell; millions to lose their homes. The Lord is already warning about that. And get
away from the sanctuary cities, because theyíve been set up from the beginning for these
people to stand up and cause chaos so they can implement martial law in these cities. Watch where theyíre putting the white trains. Itís all been a set up. Itís all been prepared ahead of time.  Weíre a little slow at times figuring it out. Thatís alright. Better late than never.

And the banks, getting readyÖ.just a rabbitís hair away from all closing. When they do, itís
going to be suddenly. I doubt there will be much notice. The government going into default
and bankruptcy. Heads up folks. Thatís exactly whatís coming. Thatís whatís going to cause the chaos and the martial law here in America. So thatís what we have to look forward to over the next several months.

I know there is more than Obama being out of the country than meets the eye. He needs a get out of D.C. card. Itís killing him in D.C.  He knew the tea parties were coming, so he was out of here for that. He didnít want to risk getting harmed in any way from those. Iíll talk more about him next weekÖand what heís up to. Heís like another Dick Cheney. Whenever you see Obama, heís up to no good. I always said that about Cheney. Same things with Obama.

Iíll get to a couple of questions from listeners. If you have a question for the show, you can
send it to
Iím just going to answer a few tonight.

Question from a listener: Sherry, I was looking up in the sky a couple of nights ago and was pretty sure that I wasnít looking at the Planet Venus. Like a huge blue flickering light show was going on. It was crazy. The only thing I could think of was how can people not see this or even question it. Itís lower than all the other stars, like its right above the Earth. (Sherry: They usually stick them 30 - 33 degrees above horizon) Warriors get familiar with your skies, itís very important. (Sherry: Yes, it is.) The Lord said to watch for signs in the skies.

Sherry:  And all this crazy UFO star ship stuff in our nights skies is part of that, folks.

Question from a listener: Sherry, did you hear about the government admitting to spreading
aerosols in the atmosphere, what we call chemtrails?

Answer: I havenít heard that theyíve admitted it, but I think Iíve seen emails coming into my
box claiming they did and stuff like that. I havenít paid particularly much attention to it. Youíd have to be a lamebrain not to even see that they were to begin with. So they finally admit it. Well, you knowÖ.theyíre not going to stop. The only thing that will eliminate the chemtrails is the Orgone. So if you want to keep chemtrails out of your area, get Orgone in it, because the Orgone chases out the chemtrails.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, I have had a few dreams lately in which we see a mass
showing of UFOs, triangular in shape. People are all amazed and pointing up. I refuse to look up and am yelling at everyone that those are the Nephilim coming back and do not fall for the deception. They start coming towards the ground and disappearing into the ground in New York City streets and disappearing. Going through the streets without causing any damage and amazing everyone. I usually wake up in amazement. I usually wake up when there is a ship right on top of me and I refuse to look up. Itís coming. Letís prepare.

Answer: Yeah, that is someone from New York City. There are some UFO invasions that are coming. The thing is that theyíve been trying to do that for the past year. The funny thing is that they keep crashing. If they're going to stay in the fourth dimension; if you saw them going through the streets without touching anything; thatís almost like holograph, an illusion or they just stay totally in the fourth dimension. Iíve been talking for months that all these meteors crashing are nothing but UFOs. Theyíre having a hard time coming into our atmosphere now because of all the Orgone.  

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, whatís going to happen to Social Security? No Social
Security checks for seniors, Iím presuming not for disability either whose only source of
income is from Social Security. If we have any type of IRAs should we just take our money

Answer: Yeah, take your money out and get it out of the banks. Keep it where you can hide it. Obviously you donít want to get it taken by thieves and robbers either. If youíve got money stashed somewhere in the stock market or in IRAs or whatever, get them cashed out. Get out of the cities and into the country. Do what you have to do to get out of these sanctuary city areas. All the ones that are going to be under martial law very shortly.  Just use it to get out of those cities, folks. Get into the country. Head into the Ozark Mountain range. Central to western part of the state of the Ozarks. You donít want to get too close to that Mississippi River. Stay away from the northeastern part of Arkansas and the Mississippi River. Stay away from that area because itís going to expand.
Thereís going to be an earthquake and all thatís going to expand. You want to be over, up by the Missouri and Arkansas border area. There are a lot of caves in Missouri and in the northern parts of Arkansas; the safest place to be that I know of.

So people just need to get out of these major cities for now. Theyíre going to become
deathtraps. Theyíre just going to go in and use the trains to haul people out. They donít care if you are part of the chaos or not. Theyíre just going to start hauling people out of these areas. You need to be able to protect yourselves. Planning to get out of them now is part of protecting yourself. Thatís all Iím really going to talk about tonight.

Maitreya  and themÖ.they had an opening here in April to make their announcement to the
world that heís hereÖ.a world teacher and blah, blah, blahÖ.and have his big interview on
American television. If that doesnít happen in April, it probably wonít happen until July. I say
probably.  I say that very loosely. I see a lot of alien and UFO activity towards the end of July. July has always been a dominant month for flyovers and things like that. I think its going to intensify. Iíve been warning about it. The Lord has made it a little clearer to me now that there will be sort of a hostile invasion coming first, before this whole Sananda second coming of Jesus with his hosts in the sky. Theyíll get rid of all these hostile aliens somehow and thenÖ.like Iíve said the bad Antichrist, good Antichrist scenario and all that comes into play. Iím not going to get into the details of that tonight.

Just a heads up; there will probably be some kind of hostile invasion first, before the ďniceĒ
heavenly invasion. Yeah, weíre going to be busy preparing for both. We donít waste any time around here. So all the warrior out there who have eyes to see and ears to hear, you need to be preparing yourselves and getting ready for this kind of stuff, and getting your areas orgoned. And if told to by the Lord, getting out of your areasÖthese sanctuary cities will become death traps.

Anyway, thatís it for tonight, folks.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.