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April 27, 2009


And hello everybody.  Youíre live. Itís Monday night April 27, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be getting to those tonight.   

At the beginning of the month, I said that April was going to be a global awareness month for Orgone. Do you think theyíre aware now? Do you think the world is getting aware of Orgone? This is funny. Not to make light of the judgment of the tare nations, but hey youíve been warned.  

Iíve talked about Orgone for years. In the East last September and October, there was a judgment going on over there that the Lord had warned me about. That HE was going to increase the power of the Orgone in the Asian nations. For three months we heard about their Avian flu and their milk contaminations and everything else they came out with. Then the Lord said itís going to come to the West. HE had told me that, and I had warned you guys back then. Itís in the East now, and itís going to be in the WestÖ.and here it is. Itís April and itís in the West. Heís going to amp it in May, so this is just a low rumbling.  

When the Lord increases the power of the Orgone in May, itís going to be devastating. And itís going to be world-wide. Itís going to affect every nation and millions of people. This is the Lordís Judgment.  When HE judges, you have a wakeup call. This is basically what HE told me; that this was a wakeup call.  

Iíve been struggling the last couple of days with this whole Swine Flu thing. Iím seeing it being played in three different routes. Even in the Bible Codes there are three different routes. I havenít done enough codes to be really comfortable either way which one is the route thatís being taken, so I didnít really want to talk about it tonight.  

I was like, ďIím just confused Lord. I donít know which one it is. Youíre just going to have to hit me when the show starts so Iíll know which route it is once I start talking.Ē There are two to three different routesÖ.ways that this whole thing is started. What keeps coming back to me is the fact that I knew back in September/October that this was going to hit the West. And here it is. 

Weíre lucky itís even waited until April.  We could have had a day of declaration by now. This could have been the month that Maitreya made his CNN debacle around the world announcing to the world that heís some great world teacher. We would have had to put up with his garbage and instead weíre just under a judgment from the Most High.  

Itís interesting that itís starting in Mexico. As you know, the pig is an abomination. Itís an abominable animal. Weíre forbidden to eat it. Itís interesting that the whole thing is Swine Flu.  

Itís basically the same thing as Avian Flu, folks. The mere fact that I announced that Avian Flu was just alien flu and it was only hitting tare nations, is why I think they changed the name. The whole thing has been changed. What I find amusing is the fact thatÖand the Lord was pointing this out to me before the show started; they were in a panic over this. I could see that in the codes. When theyíre in a panic, itís unexpected. They are unprepared and werenít expecting it. They werenít planning it. Itís not theirs. Itís not at their hand that this is going on. So this wasnít something that they were planning to do. The Lord told me that what they were planning to do was hit us with nuclear and biological weapons, but the Swine Flu has taken them by surprise instead.  

So they were getting ready to unleash nuclear and biological weapons on Americans, and instead now we have this Swine Flu pandemic to deal with. It was the Lord Himself who thwarted their plans. He said, ďI will lift My Hand and they will know that I Am God and they will fear Me.Ē 

Iíve always gotten a lot of joy and amusement when HE foils their plans when HE just throws a monkey wrench in and foils the whole thing. Then you see them angry and backtracking and spitting fire and venom like they usually do because something they wanted to do, HE thwarted. HEís going to be doing that a lot and HEís been doing that.  

People donít normally see it. There is so much going on in the back ground that we donít see. In particular, thatís why HE keeps me in the background pretty much in the Codes. HE shows me things that Satan is doingÖ..what Satan is up to; not what man is up to. I often have to backtrack if something happens in our realmÖ.in our reality, and figure out whatís going on with the factions. There are so many factions and so many things going on at one time.  

Itís interesting because we kept hearing about the trains and the body bags. I keep saying, ďThe body bags are theirs!Ē  Thatís why. They can use them for the Swine Flu victims. They were planning a nuclear and biological attack on Americans. The Lord didnít have me wasting time on that. HEís always just had me on it with the Orgone and seeing whatís going on there. Thatís why. HE knew that whatever they were planning, HE was going to thwart. Now they can use all their body bags for their own bodies.  

Swine Flu is going to be like Avian Flu; itís going to attack the wickedÖ..those who donít love the LordÖ.those who donít serve HIM. Thatís why itís a huge wakeup call. You can say this is HIS Judgment on the tare nations, but the truth is 98 -99% of the bloodlines are all polluted. It really all comes down to those who love HIM and those who donít. If youíre not following HIM and serving HIM, then youíre part of the wicked. And what does Enoch warn about in Enoch chapter one? The wicked will be removed from the Earth. And weíre seeing that happen now.  

I find it almost amusing. The New AgerísÖthis Maitreya and Sananda and all the Ashtar Command creeps that they follow. They teach about their own cleansing program. They speak out of both sides of their mouth. They tell their followers what love and light beings they are and blah, blah, blah; but if you donít like them and wonít go along with their program, theyĎre going to cleanse you off the Earth. Thatís just like saying they're going to murder you. Theyíre going to murder those who disagree with them. Theyíre not a whole lot different than the New World OrderÖ.George Bush and Obama and their ďIf youíre not with us, youíre against usĒ crowd mentality. They plan on doing the same thing.  

What theyíve both overlooked is the Lord has His own cleansing program. HEís got His own thing going on. And HEís the One they should be worried about. HEís the One who can stand up and lift His Hand whenever HE wants and they canít do anything about it except backtrack. Thatís what theyíre doing now. Theyíre planning to release nuclear and biological weapons on us, now theyíve got a Swine Flu pandemic on their hands.  

As the Lord was saying to me earlier, when theyíre in a panic itís because theyíre caught unprepared.  When theyíre calm and prepared, itís because itís a preplanned event.  Obama would have been on TV proclaiming how great he is and what heís going to doÖ.and have the experts behind him. Everything would have been prepared. He probably would have been throwing out some legislation already. Usually when they have an attack, they have corresponding legislation immediately that usually takes years and months to write and they have it that day or the next day. Like it wasnít a planned attackÖ.like 9-11. The Patriot Act. Does that ring a bell, anybody? Totally unprepared, so I do think it was the Hand of the Lord on this.  

I was looking over something that Sorcha Faal had sent out. It was really amusing because AOL now has it on their news about Obamaís Air Force One shoot down scare over New York City. I like the AOL spin that it was just a ďphoto opĒ. They wanted to get a picture of the plane near the Statue of Liberty. You would have to be a total dead-headÖ.a total lamebrain to believe half the stuff the media comes out with. So reading Sorcha Faalís material just totally makes more sense. You can read it at her site www.whatdoesitmean.com.  She talks about how Obama was on his way to New York City to meet with Russian and Chinese officials, and the Air Force was preventing him from doing so. They were threatening to shoot down his plane. I know in the video on AOL they only show one plane. It looks like its escorting Air Force One. If you read the eyewitness statements that Sorcha Faal quotes at whatdoesitmean.com about the whole thing, it was literally a cat and mouse. They were going to shoot down Air Force One if Obama didnít turn around and go back to Washington D.C.  So I find that very interesting. As I said before, very amused that it shows him who has the power in the country; the military or the government with the Air Force forcing him to go back to D.C. when heís going to New York City to meet with Communist officials. It doesnít surprise me.  

Heís been making his rounds all over the world, kissing the butts of the Arabians, the MuslimsÖ.South America. Heís been everywhere. Heís been traveling the world. And now heís on his way to New York to meet with Chinese and Russian officials. I mean, címon. This guy has no loyalty to America. Heís a pawn. Heís a lizard. The Bible Codes call him a reptile. Heís an amoeba. I donít even begin to understand that one. Iím trying to make sense how you relate an amoeba to a human. Iím not medical/scientific. Maybe itís a cloned being. I donít know what an amoeba is. Sound like an insect, doesnít it? Itís very strangeÖ..but thatís Obama. Letís just see him wiggle out of this one.  

Like Iíve said, he needs a get out of D.C. card because the White House is making him sick. Itís burning him because D.C. was orgoned a long time ago. Mexico City was orgoned a long time ago. The border area between Mexico and America was orgoned a long time ago. I canít think of any place in the world that hasnít been orgoned, except a few nationsÖ.a few islands. As far as any major important landmark for prophecy; I canít think of anything that hasnít been orgoned. Itís going to be interesting. The more time we have, the more things we do.  

And time is coming to a crunch, folks. Really. Seriously. Looking at the next thing on the agenda after Swine Flu hits, is an avalanche of Titans; the coming Annuniki.  The Annuniki invasion that Iíve been warning about. That would be the coming of Maitreya and his forces. Theyíre all Annuniki.  Time is crunching. I see a lot of that happening at the end of July.  

What I find interesting is the fact that June is so quiet.  So I know that pretty much everything is going to be chaos in June here in America.  Itís going to be pure chaos. Itís going to be government things. New World Order faction things happening and taking effect. Those are the things that HE doesnít normally show me in the codes because HE can change them. HE can stop their plans. HE can thwart them. As the time comes closer to June, HE will show me whatís coming. 

For now itís just a total blank month, and Iíve never ever seen thatÖ..ever. Whatever is going to be happening in June doesnít look good if itís that quiet. I know the Lord has told me there will be a lot of death and destruction for the next two months. People need to be preparing psychologically for that.   

This whole Swine Flu is going to travel around the world. Itís going to be universal. Itís going to be a pandemic. They know about it. What I found interesting is that they can look ahead, just as I can in Bible Codes. They can time travel. They can do all kinds of thingsÖ.because they are dealing with Satanís forces and Satan has a lot of power. So when he is dealing with the humans, like channeling Maitreya and all of them, they know the events in the future that can happen so theyíre prepared. I thought that was interesting. As much as they know death and destruction is coming, itís because they think theyíre the ones planning it, but then they see the Lord throw a monkey wrench in and then they have to backtrack. They have to use their own body bags for themselves. It wasnít in their original plans for us.   

The Lord is not going to be mocked much longer by them and theyíre going to know who HE is and to fear HIM. I find it interesting.   

HE told me the next two months would be death, destruction and chaos. So we need to watch for that. Weíve also got some interesting things happening with Shema Ė Maitreyaís palace in the sky.  

Also Planet XÖ.Planet Nibiru Iíve talked about. As that gets closer to the earth youíre going to see the coastal nations be hammered by tsunamis. Also earthquakes in diverse places are coming. A lot of things happening that could be happening in June in relation to PX coming closer to the Earth.  

Also Maitreya coming down to the Earth. I already think his little Shema palace is going to crash to the Earth. Sometimes I just have to laugh because it looks like heís going to be injured by that crash. Iím not going to say how, but it will be visible to the entire world.  So it will make it very difficult for him to say that he is a god when heís injured; the way heís going to be.  

Itís like the Lord says, some stuff is just so obvious that the blind will see it. If people really refuse to see whatís going on, then so help them. So help them. Theyíre just stupid. There is nothing you can do for them. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and walk away. Put somebody that you love into the Lordís Hands to deal with and walk away. Then HEíll just send somebody else to them. Iíve done that a lot of times because even with loved ones you just canít argue with them. You can sit and argue doctrine and bat scripture back and forth all night long. Youíre not going to get anywhere. If somebody wants to hang on to an error, or an apostasy or a teaching, there is nothing you can do to pull their head out of the sand. All you can do is encourage them to seek the Lord for the truth in all things. And if theyíre really interested in truth, then how offensive is it to be told to ask the Lord for the truth? They should be truth seekers to begin with. They should be doing that already. Itís just something that the churches never teach. They donít tell you to ask the Lord for the truth; the pretty much bully you into believing everything the pastor says is the truth. Taking it for granted that everything that he tells you is the truth. Thatís why you have 2,000 years of an apostate church age.   

I donít know how many times I hear, ďOh, were in the church age!Ē and people are so proud of that. An apostate church ageÖ.where everything that the Lord taught went out through the window 100 years after HE left and weíve had apostasies since then. But thereís always been a remnant. HEís always kept a remnant away, into truth and into Him. So thatís the only reason that HIS Truth has survived throughout the centuries. Because HE has always had a small remnant. Itís that small remnantÖ.who HE considers as HIS.  

You look at the entire church age population just here in America. Although we have probably 200 million people here that claim they are Christians and love the Lord or whatever, HE doesnít claim them. Just because they claim HIM doesnít mean that He claims them.  

When Iím looking at events for the future, I donít see a 10Ö20Ö30Ö.200 million rapture coming; I see a rapture of 144,000 people. That doesnít mean they are the only ones going to Heaven, but itís a remnantÖ.a small faction of the Bride. The rest of the peopleÖ..those who claim they are the Lordís that HE does not claim, HE is going to allow them to be tested and tired through martial law, through adversity, through the plagues, the tribulations and the wars that are coming. HE is going to allow them to be tested through those events that are comingÖ.through those judgments that are coming. Very interesting.   

And things should have taken a turn last year. I know I didnít talk about it very much back then, but September was clearly a marked month to where the Warrior faction would have been removed off the Earth last September and it was delayed simply for the sake of more people. When I look back now and see all the people that have woken up, itís amazing. Itís almost 10Ö.20 times the number of those were even woken last year. HE is merciful. HE is giving people time to wake up and come to the truth. HE knows that once the time clock is running, thatís itÖ.there are no more delays.  So much be it for us who had to stick around for almost another year. The ones who have been faithful and true to HIM and totally exhausted, mind you. Sometimes it doesnít feel like you can even go on for another week, let alone a monthÖ..and it just keeps going on and on and on. It is going to come to an end soon, folks.  

Itís interesting that at the end of July they are supposed to be having these FEMA drills in the Southern states.  And at that time the arrival of MaitreyaÖ.an avalanche of the Titans, which is the Annuniki and the greys.  

I found it interesting that the word Titan is used in two different ways. Itís used as a ďmonstrous beingĒ a ďhuge, tall being.Ē Itís also used as a Grey. Titan is another word for Grey, or another word for giants. Interesting. We know the small Greys are just clones and manipulated and manufactured beings for the Annuniki and the tall Greys to control. They do all the leg work for them. Anything of a hive-mind concept, because they are all chip implanted and just controlled by their chip implants. They send them down to Earth to collect food and do medical experiments on people.  Even people that have been abducted by aliens will say when they were in the ship; they saw a tall Grey who seemed to be the one in charge. These small greys donít think for themselves. They have that hive-mind capacity. They are all chip-implanted and controlled by the tall Greys. Interesting.

 The Ashtar Command; this council that rules above the Earth. The New Agers call it The Ashtar Command. Even their supreme leader Hatonn calls himself the Archangel Michael. He admits to being a tall Grey and that the body he has is a manufactured body. It looks human with a long tall neck. That was one of the things that jumped out at me the other day. Because of the pictures of Sananda. The churches have embraced these pictures of Satanís general Sananda who is also part of the Ashtar Command. He also has his own starship that he travels around in space in called the Capricorn. We crashed it last year; now he has another one.  The whole thing with NASA last March. You remember this one. They said it was a satellite falling. They had to shoot it out of the skyÖ.it was actually the Capricorn.  

Anyway, if you look at his pictures heís got that long neck.  Thatís one way of telling these giants. The Bible Codes keep calling and warning that these are giant beings. Giants obviously being these fallen angels masquerading as ascended mastersÖ.our creatorsÖand the other garbage they come up with.  They are the ones coming. Maitreya will come first, and then I believe this Sananda will come after him.  I know the New Age teaches that theyíll all come at the same time. That itíll be Maitreya, Sananda and Mary and all of them together.  And there is going to be quite a huge chunk of them. There could be up to 200 of them.   

It should be interesting just how grand their entrance on Earth is going to beÖ.just for the fact that people will fall for it. They couldnít be any dumber. Look at the stuff they fall for now! You couldnít fill churches to any more capacity to hear the beast prophets. Hinn, Copeland and Joel OsteenÖ.and all these beast prophetsÖ.filled to capacity. Do you think theyíre not going to listen to the Antichrist and the false prophet speaking? Theyíre going to be falling head over heels over them. Theyíre going to quote the Bible. They know the Bible better than most Americans and most people on the Earth because they donít read it. ďOh, Iíve read that before in the Bible. Theyíre quoting it right.Ē Every time that Iíve been in arguments with either one of them they canít get it by me because I know the Word. Iíve read it a hundred times. I know when theyíre misquoting it. So it stops right there. They stop being Mr. Nice Guys and start getting very angry.  

Thatís the whole thing with them; theyíre going to come as beings of light, but if you challenge them and they canít win, they become very angry. They have very short tempers, actually. Itís funny to watch the immediate mood changes with these people. One of their biggest messages being, ďweíre light beings. Weíre filled with light...and love.Ē They put everybody to sleep with their feel good religious teachings. But they misquote the Bible. And there is no accountability in their teaching. Youíre not held accountable and youíre not judged; you just go to getÖ.I donít know what you want to call itÖa personality makeover? If youíre a mean person you go to personality school and become a nice one?  I donít know. They have all this stupid stuff. And theyíll tell you that people that donít agree with their teachings will be ďremoved from the Earth and taken to other planets where they will rethink their attitudes.Ē Then in other emails and in other teachings, theyíll come out and admit they are just going to kill them. They lie to their own people. They are contradictory in their own statements.  

Iíve warned about this whole thing coming with the fake rapture. They will be abducting people off of the Earth and taking them to Hell, using them for food. Very interesting. Iíve seen it both ways. Iíve seen people being abducted off the Earth and taken to these empty ships in space because a lot of these starships that people see out at night that Iíve been talking about that are 30 Ė 33 degrees above horizon are empty. The fallen angels that inhabited them are dead. The Orgone has saturated the atmosphere. Itís burning them and killing them. The other fallen angels that arenít affected go and gather up the dead bodies. They have crematoriums on the Moon and on Mars where they take their bodies and dispose of them there.  So a lot of these ships are empty. What going to happen when this hostile alien invasion comes and they start taking people off the Earth, they are going to be taking them to these empty starships. What they will be is like containment centers. They will stock them there for a while before they move them on their bases on other planets where they will be used for breeding, food and stuff like that.   

People ask me about Mary K. Baxter and her book A Divine Revelation of Hell. Her book is on my website at sherryshriner.com.  She never describes, I donít thinkÖwhat Jesus looks like. For whatever reason, if it was legitimate or not. If it was Sananda or Yahushua, the things she wrote were accurate and have been able to help people. Thatís why she falls into the category ďchew the grass, spit out the hayĒ because some things she says are very right and some things she says are off. So you chew the grass, spit out the hay. At the very end of her book, what she talks about is seeing all these UFOs in the future. And sheís in Hell because sheís had 40 days in Hell and writing about her experiences. Sheís standing, looking up and seeing UFOs flying in unloading people off of them.  What does that tell you folks?  

Sometimes you think the church canít get any dumber. Itís the New Agers that have them beat by a mile who can actually believe these ascended masters are going to protect them from the coming cleansing on the Earth. Thatís what they tell them. ďWeíre going to protect you. Weíre going to take you off the Earth during a three day stasis periodÖ.during a three day cleansing.Ē Nowhere in the Bible does it talk about a three day stasis periods of cleansing. They throw this stuff out there, and then run with it for a mile. People think itís true because theyíve heard it so many times. You know, ďIf you tell a lie enough, people believe it.Ē That kindof thing. 

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.  

I sent a thing out about the whole drug war thatís going on. That was another route that was being talked about. Sorcha Faal talks about it. How the Swine Flu was started from a Mexican drug cartel. What I find interesting is that there is indeed a war going on between the drug dealers and our President.  

I found it amusing; the last three Presidents have pretty much been identical. All three bisexuals. All three cocaine addicts. All three alcoholics. So itís very interesting that Obama and his big ďchangeĒ because heís exactly the same way. Even the Bible Codes refer to the White House as the ďcoke officeĒ. I thought that was funny. The cocaine office. The coke office.  

If you read one of those books; Thanks for the Memories or Transformation of America.  Bryce Taylor in Thanks for the Memories, talks about how the real purpose of the Vice-President of the United States is in charge of the drug running throughout the country. On the front side people see the Vice Presidents office is the one that breaks ties in Congress and pretty much doesnít have a whole lot to do other than thatÖunless youíre Dick Cheney, and you just terrorize everybodyÖ.and build your office in the DIA and have your own assassination squad running around. Cheney is probably one of the most powerful wicked Vice Presidents weíve ever had because he didnít have one ounce of respect for President Bush. He ran Bush. I know a lot of times people were saying that Bush was drunk and fell down, and thatís why he had bruises on his face. And hearing from others that Cheney would just hit him and punch him. Very amusing the whole time he was President. But that whole position itself; the Vice Presidency is in charge of running their secret drug operations through America.  

If you donít think our government is involved in protecting and running drug operations, go stick your head back in the sand. They are very much involved. Very interesting that Cheney and Bush are trying to keep control of the drug empire they built; and Obama trying to switch it over to his control and the group he is with. Thereís just a lot of background fighting and stuff going on.   

Sorcha Faal is claiming that the whole Swine Flu thing was started by the drug runners. Thatís one route. I think itís just overwhelming and too coincidental that the Lord had warned that the Avian Flu would break out in the West very soon. He warned us back in September and October that it would be coming to the West and here it is. Also, there just too many coincidences with them being in a panic over it and the death and destruction that itís going to causeÖ.not to mention the economy meltdown within the next two months. So on top of this Swine Flu pandemic, this whole planned economic meltdownÖ.the next two months are looking very, very catastrophic especially if you live here in America. You may want to start stocking up on things now.  

They can also use this whole thing, depending on how bad it gets, as a whole impetus to declare martial law in America. They could turn around and use this event to their own advantage to declare martial law. Itíll be interesting to see if they do that and which route they go. Iíll be prepared more to talk about it next week.  

I find it interesting. The Lord said that April was going to be a global awareness month, and it definitely has been for Orgone.  

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.  

Clarification from a listener: Amoebas are one celled animals that move about by thrusting their body mass in different directions. They donít keep the same shape, but change shape in order to get from place to place.  

So that describes Obama.  I told you he wasnít human.  Shape-shifter. Another way of saying shape-shifter, maybe? I donít know.  

Question from a listener: Is this Swine Flu just affecting the tare nations, because some Americans got sick and are not dying? 

Answer: Just because youíre an American, doesnít mean that youíre not a tare. This is basically going to be a judgment on the wicked.  Yeah, itís going to affect a lot of Americans dying. Itís going to affect every country in the world. Itís going to be a very huge pandemic.  

As soon as I stop taking questions and the show ends, later I start getting a bunch of emails hitting my inbox. Itís almost like Yahoo is holding to them.  

Question from a listener: Yeah, talking about the Swine Flu. A man went to Mexico on a short trip. He came back with the Swine Flu. So are you saying this came from Mexico? 

Answer: Watch for all the explanations. Like AIDS came from a monkey. Avian Flu came from a chicken. You get the pattern now? Swine Flu came from a pig. I donít buy any of it.  We know that AIDS didnít come from a monkey; it came from a laboratory in Chicago. The same way that Avian and Swine Fluís are just judgments from the Lord; being able to use the Orgone we have out there to do that.   

Question from a listener: Anything in the Codes about Hillary these days? 

Answer: I saw her name pop up. Whenever I see her name pop up, my eyebrows raise. Whenever you see Hillary, itís martial law. Thatís why Iím saying this could lead into martial law. Sheís always dominant with martial law. Right now the amusing one is Cheney, as usual. Heís in the Codes as much now as when Bush was President. He still has a lot of power in Washington I guess you could say. Heís still running his little assassination clique. YeahÖ.heís still planning my death. I can see that in the CodesÖ.and other peoples. Heís still running a lot of things in Washington behind the scenes. They have not shut him out. They havenít shut him down. Itís interesting that heís still around. With Hillary, whenever she pops up its martial law.  

I donít see martial law this month. Maybe in June. Maybe thatís why itís so quiet. I donít know. I really donít think itís going to get really bad until the end of July. It could happen before then, but Iím seeing a lot of things happening at the end of July. And a lot of people being protected by the Most High at the end of July. They wouldnít need His protection if crap wasnít totally hitting the fan by then.  

So yeah, the next several months is going to be a time of testing for a lot of people. So do what you need to be doing. You need to be doing what the Lord leads you to do. If HEís leading you to stock up because youíre going to be locked up for the entire month in your house, then do it. They may announce martial law and quarantine whole areas and force people to stay inside their homes. Are you ready for that?  

I have no fear over Swine Flu. Iím not a swine; Iím a Child of Godís. I have no fear over it. People need to be doing what the Lord needs you to do. Obviously we are looking at month by month by month now. I think its kindof exciting myself. There are approximately 6 billion evil, wicked people on EarthÖprobably more than that. Out of 7 billion there are probably 6 billion that are just pure evil that donít love the Lord. Those are the ones who the Lord will be removing off the face of the Earth. So weíre going to see a lot of death coming. People need to be prepared for that. I know it hits hard when it comes down to children and stuff like that. Itís hard to see kids get sick and die and things like that. But the Lord is a Righteous God and a Merciful One. So you just leave that in HIS Hands and keep moving on. Keep going on.  

Everything is in HIS Hands, folks. HE does things for a purpose. HE allows things for a purpose. So donít play God and act like you have a better answer or a better explanation. We are certainly not HIM. HE has all these things in HIS Hands and in HIS Control. Whatever happens, you cannot allow it to shake your faith. Just pick up, move on and keep focused on HIM. Thatís one of the things that HE tells me all the time, is to stay focused on HIM. Even when it seems to get very, very dark to stay focused on HIM. Donít lose you sight of the light; stay focused on HIM. And perfect love casts our fear, folks. I donít fear anything thatís coming.  

I see it as rather amusing that here they were planning our destruction with nuclear and biological weapons and now they can just use the body bags that they stored up for themselves because the judgment of the wicked is going on right now and going to continue and get huge.  

God is not going to be mocked. And HEís not always going to protect HIS People. There is going to come a time when HEís going to allow His People to be tested. Right now HEís giving them all a wakeup call.  

A lot of the fence sitters out there need to be thinking twice about who they are serving. You only serve one master. The backslidden believers. People that once knew Him and walked away. People sitting in apostate ridden churches that donít even teach the truth. This is a wakeup call to wake up the last of the remnant that has gone to sleep and not listening, seeking and following Him. This is a wakeup call. Thatíll do it. When you start seeing death all around you and mortality is imminent and whether you are going to live or die the next day, thatís usually when most people will start thinking about their relationship with the Lord. 

Question from a listener: Martial law will come about through the govít technologies, heat wave guns and mind-mapping junk. Martial lawÖ.the ELF god.  

Answer: Martial law. The way they had it planned; because they had controlled areas. They always had controlled destructionsÖa city at time. Then the Lord kindof throws in a monkey wrench and itís the entire world all at once. Every state is involved. Soon enough, a Swine Flu and something thatís not totally controllable that they wanted to control especially with the nuclear and biological weapons that they had in mind. Martial law can come at any time under any disaster that they want to throw out. People need to be prepared mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for this stuff. I know a lot of us arenít prepared physically. My mind gets lots of exercise thinking about getting exercise. 

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Next week will be the first week of May, so itís going to be interesting. I wanted to thank everybody who supports this ministry. I donít always acknowledge the contributions and donations I get, so I want to take time to do that on the radio. I do thank all of you for donating and contributing to this ministry. I would have never started years ago without a handful of followers who said you need a radio show; and put the money together, and I started my first broadcast online. That was back in 2004. Itís been almost six years of radio shows. I had to take almost a whole year off because I was basically homeless for almost a yearÖ.Satanís attacks and everything else. But I had a good time. You canít break my spirit. He can throw anything he wants to me, but he canít break my spirit or my love for the Lord. It just makes it stronger.

The Lord has a sense of humor. I had been complaining to the Lord that I hadnít had a vacation in years. When I was homeless I was in a campground for several months. That was quite a vacation. I got to watch UFOs crashing over the campground. We had a lot of fun. I wouldnít trade that for anything now that I look back on it. It was a lot of fun.  

You know what? Satan can try to beat us down as much as he wants, but heíll never be able to take our love for HIM away. Thatís one thing that you need to protect. Your own relationship with the Lord. It all comes from building a relationship with Him. Itís something that Satan canít steal. Donít allow events and things coming to shake your faith in HIM.  

Anyway, Iím going to wrap it up.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless.