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May 11, 2009

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night May 11, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be looking at questions a little bit later.

Well another week and Iím still on the air. Imagine that. Every time they plan to take me down, Yah just raises me higher. It canít get any more real than that, folks. I know what their plans are. I donít know how far theyíll be implemented. I donít know how far Yah will let them go, but another week on the air. And weíll just take it week by week. Theyíre certainly planning to make their move.

I found it amusing; the different routes that they plan to goÖ.they try to go. I can see them. The Lord will show me them in the codes. Thereís always something. He doesnít always show me everything, but when He knows Iíll be amused, He will show it to me or He will tell me about it.

Thatís just the life of a warrior, folks. They never stop trying to take you down. Every time you stand up, they try and knock you down. Thatís part of being a warrior; just being able to get back up. I donít need to be hand held by anybody, and neither should you. I listen to people, ďOoohhÖSatan is stepping on my toeÖ.heís hitting me on the head.Ē I hear stuff all the time. People, you just need to learn how to take things into your own hands. You donít need anybody else but the Lord.  HE has given us all the power we need. Weíve got more power in the fingernail of our pinkies, than Satan has in his entire kingdom! Youíve got the Lordís Name; what more do you need?

When Satan is dancing on your head, beat him off of it. Donít sit and take it. Thatís just lazy. I know Iím guilty. Iíve been lazy. Satan will be doing crap to me, and Iíll just be too tired to even care. Iíll just roll over and go to sleep. Iíll just let it go. I just get so lazyÖ.you canít even just say, ďYahushua, please send your warrior angels to chain that thing up and cast it into the abyss.Ē Thatís how easy it is. Satan doesnít want you to know how easy it is to defeat his kingdom. I havenít met a warrior yet that doesnít have a story to tell. They know who you are before youíre born. As soon as youíre bornÖif you get that far. They attack you in the womb. They were attacking my mother when I was in her womb. They're attacking you when youíve been inseminatedÖ..youíre fertilized and going to be a human on Earth and they start attacking you when they know who you are. Somehow they know. They know.

So when youíre born, you just feel different. You just donít feel like you fit in with everybody else. You experience things other people donít experience. Because you see things other people donít experience. You do things. You have things done to you. Every warrior Iíve ever met usually has some kind of sixth sense about the supernatural realm around them because of that. Iíve explained all this in my article, Angels in the Flesh. Those are the ones Satan seems to target, because he knows who they are . So if you havenít read my article, Angels in the Flesh, you need to do that.

Also my FAQs page. Sherryshriner.com\faqs.htm. I have spiritual warfare prayers on there. I have answers to basic questions on there. You all just need to stand up and fight and quit being babies. Quit being babies. Weíre warriors. There is no time for babying in the last days.

I know a lot of people are waking up. The Lord has told me that a lot of people are waking up. Heís sending a lot of people to my lists to get their questions answered by all the other people that are there. I donít spend my days answering emails with tons of questions. It just gets really annoying for me.  Iím not a gabby person. I donít want to hear anybodyís millions of stories. Everybody thinks, ďI need to call you. I need to tell you this.Ē Itís stuff Iíve heard a million times. I know itís unique to you, but Iíve heard it a million times. I donít want to hear it. Go and tell the people on the list. Theyíll talk to you. Theyíll sympathize with you. Theyíll be able to help you more. There are nurturing warriors and thereís just battle hardened toughened warriors. There is definitely a line. I consider myself over on the other side; battle hardenedÖ.toughened. Where others will be sympathetic and hand hold, Iíll just be like, ďStand up and take a sword.Ē Quit whining and sta= nd up.Ē Thatís just the way I view things. Iíve just been through too much over the years. Iíve been where most people are at now. Iíve been there, done that, and have moved on. So I have articles and people in place to help the newbie warriors; the newbie Bride standing up and finding their feet in the spiritual war. The only way you learn is the way Iíve learned. And that s going through it. Everything Iíve learned is because Iíve gone through it and I needed help. I didnít have anybody but the Most High. I didnít know one person in the world I could go to and say, ďHey, Iíve got demons dancing on my ceiling at night.Ē Or ďHey, thereís these tech weaponsÖ.white beams coming in my window at night.Ē You just canít get any weirder and wilder than some of the things Iíve experienced. Iíve never had anybody to go to. I just went to the Lord. Thatís how you learn how to hear His Voice. When you keep praying every night, ďOkay, send your angels. Kick them out of here.Ē And you hide under your blankets. That started when I was real little. As you get older and start to learn more about the war around us and why there is such a war. They want to stop you. They want to beat you down. They want to keep you and prevent you from accomplishing whatever calling is on your life.

If youíre going to end up putting up a website that praises the Lord, they want to stop that. If youíre going to be an Orgone warrior, they want to stop that. If youíre going to be a prayer warrior, they want to stop that. If youíre going to be a supporter of the Lordís people, they want to stop that. They want to take your funds. They want to do all kinds of things. Theyíre trying to stop you. Theyíre in prevention mode. So all the attacks youíve ever suffered and will continue to, is because theyíre in prevention mode. They want to stop you from doing anything.

The one with Satan that I had to learnÖ..the hardest one to learn is to tell him to ďShut up and go back to Hell.Ē When he starts beating you over your head with your past sins and how unworthy you are. We tend to fall for that one even harder. When someone starts,ĒYou used to do this.Ē And ďyou used to do that. Youíre too unworthy of the Lord.Ē He beats you over the head with past sins. Our Father never stands over us with a baseball bat, ready to hit us when we sin. Heís just not like that. Whenever you start feeling that ďIím unworthyÖ.Iím incapableÖ.Iím not good enoughÖ.Ē Tell Satan to shut up and go back to Hell. Tell him to shut up and donít listen to it. As soon as he starts talking to your head.

Youíve got to recognize your own thoughts from voices being put in your head. From thoughts being planted in your mind. Those are usually Satan. In this day and age its Satan or technology. You donít know which one it is.  ďIs that ELF technology putting thoughts in my head, or Satanís demons whispering in my ear?Ē Just shut it down. Donít even listen to it. When you recognize something in your mind that isnít from you, shut it down. If itís demonic, rebuke them in the Name of Yahushua. Command them to leave. If they donít leave, ask the Lord to send His angels, bind them and cast them into the abyss. If itís technology, you ask the Lord to burn their equipment beyond recovery and repair. To destroy their equipment being used and targeted towards you. If you arenít sure, just cover all your bases and ask for both. Youíve got to go on the active. Thatís what being a warrior all is about. You know? Youíre on the defensive and the offensive. You canít just say, ďOkay, Iím taking a break here.Ē  The only breaks we get are the ones the Lord gives us. When the Lord says, ďIím going to handle things for a while so you can have a break.Ē  YeahÖand we do get those times. When we just get so tired and exhausted and say, ďOkay Lord you take over. I need a break. Iíve had enough. Iím tired of it.Ē  But thatís how we learn, folks.  Thatís how we learn.

Anyway, Iíve been reading the emails this week. Theyíve passed more legislation on owning our water. Now the federal government owns all of our water. Itís so interesting because Iíve been seeing how theyíre destroying the farms in the Bible Codes. Destroying farming. Destroying farms. Theyíre going to be going after private farms.  They still have inheritance tax legislation. One of their plans is to eliminate inheritance to where you canít leave your property to your children. Thatís on the drawing boards. So that when you die, the government just takes over what you own. You canít leave anything as an inheritance to any of your children; your familiesÖwhatever. Theyíre going to be going after that too. Now they're destroying our food. They own all of our water. They're trying to control bullets, guns, natural medicine.

You know, basically they're going to tell you when you can eat, drink and sleep, folks. They even have their Volunteer Act. Itís voluntary of course, just like paying your taxes is. To where you can put service in to local charities, groups or organizations, where you are volunteering your time. So theyíre going to tell you how much time youíre going to spend with your family now. Because youíre working two jobs or all day and volunteer time to some other place. We spend, as families; we spend so little time to begin with. Theyíre going to legislate that eventually, to where you can hardly spend any time.

I was reading about crop circles. Warning of lifting the veil by 2012. Some of the latest crop circles in the UK. I notice theyíre always out that way. Itís something Iíve been talking about thatís going to be happening when the third and fourth dimension merge. People say, ďWhenÖWhenÖWhen?Ē

 Iíll tell you exactly when. When you see Maitreya arriving or this Sananda/Jesus. When you can see themÖand theyíre fourth dimension beings. Of course, they claim they are fifth dimension or whatever dimension theyíre from. But when you can see them, the veil will be lifted. So whatís that mean for us? Weíve got to deal with this giant. By the way, they are very tall beings. That should be the first red flag for half the people in the world when this Sananda.....this one coming as the False Prophet who calls himself Jesus, is a giant. 9 Ė 10 feet tall. Do you really think that Yahushua, the Son of God was 9 or 10 feet tall? Even this Maitreya coming is going to be very tall.

Thatís one of the things that kept sticking out at me last year when I was watching the Olympics. Iím a big sports nut. I watch sports all the time on television and I watch reality shows. I like reality TV type things and sports. I was watching the Olympics last year and they made a comment. They said ďthis is the last OlympicsÖĒ Something about it being the last of its kind ever. I thought, ďYeah, because after this the giants are going to be taking over.Ē All the hybrid kids are going to be taking over. Itís all going to be the giants. If youíre not 7 feet tall, youíre going to be eliminated out of those Olympics. Look at Michael Phelps, the swimmer. Heís 6í 7Ē. Iíve always talked about the NBA players. Weíve always had that gigantism defect gene that has always been around. Never eliminated. The gigantism defect gene is ancient. Itís from when the fallen angels mated. They cohabitated with human women and had offspring known as the Nephilim. Over the centuries, especially after the floodÖwell even after the flood. I canít tell you exactly when the giants were all eliminated off the Earth. They fell before the flood and after. Genesis 6:4 states that. And we know that when Moses left Egypt, Joshua and Caleb destroyed 20 cites of giants. So theyíve always been here. Over time the giants kindof disappeared, but every once in a while youíd have a kid born that was 6 foot 7 or whatever. 7 foot seems to be the tallest. And Iím not going to say thatís the tallest because there is a basketball player that is. Itís a defective gene. I think weíre going to go beyond the defects into real hybrid kids. 50% human, 50% giant/alien.  Weíve already got that mix going on in the world today anyway, and itís going to be increasing. Itís interesting to see the effects of things happening and the things coming.

Right now weíre looking at the total rights of citizens and basic human rights being stripped and controlled by the New World Order. You know, one of the things that strikes me is, do you get it now? Do you get what the New World Order is, folks? Its alienís dominating and controlling the Earth and putting humans into complete and total subject slavery and ownership to them.

What are aliens? They are fallen angels. Thatís all they are. Theyíre fallen angels. When People think of aliens, they think of the small greys and the little green Martian men. I donít know where they get the little green Martian men thing, but if you want to see Martians, then look at ancient Egypt. The tall necked Egyptians. They were from Mars. They were hybrid children from Mars who came to Earth and set up civilizations here. The tall necks. The Egyptians. They were from Mars. So what do they have to do with little green men?

Iíve told you what the little greys are. Theyíre just processed and alien factory plants like we process cars. Theyíre built ďgrey toughĒ (LOL) and they do the bidding for the reptilians and the tall greys on Earth because they have a hard time coming into our dimension. They can just send these little greys; they come, abduct humans, take them up into their ships and then use them for experiments so that they can cross-breed and make their own races. They also send them back and the women give birth to hybrid children. They think theyíve gotten pregnant by their husbands, when theyíre actually pregnant by aliens.

What I think that is interesting; a lot of these hybridsÖ.these star-seed children who are born, can tell you who one parent and not the other. What does that tell you? Most of them donít know who their parents are. They were adopted as young children or they have a story where they know who their mother is, but they donít who their father is. They call themselves star-seed kids. I know youíve heard of this. Star-seed childrenÖ.they are way gifted above and beyond most human children in their gifts. They just call them ďgiftedĒ children. Thereís the whole X-Men series out about all these kids that have supernatural gifts. These are hybrids.

People ask me about Bill Deagle a lot. Heís a hybrid. He told me he was a hybrid- half human, half alien. Iíd gotten into a conversation with him a couple of years ago on the phone when he told me about it. Heís a professed hybrid.

The thing with hybrid children is; they still can be redeemed because theyíre half human. They have a soul. Like anybody, they need to choose Yahushua as their Savior and Messiah. What I see with most of them is that they donít. Most of them serve Satanís agenda, because theyíre manipulated and controlled. By the time theyíre born they are chip implanted and controlled. If you start asking them their beliefs, theyíll give you a typical New Age kind of message. Bill Deagle doesnít believe that Adam and Eve were created on Earth. He believes they were created in test tubes and placed in the Garden of Eden. Thatís the typical New Age message. How they created mankind in test tubes. And how our creators are coming backÖ.these Annuniki giants that are coming back. That they were our creatorsÖour forefathers. Thatís the typical alien/New Age message. Typically the one that star-seed children and hybrid children end up picking up, if not just outright agnostic; donít care about religion and donít believe in it. The ones that do, end up in some kind of New Age thing and pass themselves off of prophets in Christianity like Bill Deagle does. He says heís a prophetÖĒBill Deagle says thisÖ.and Bill Deagle says that.Ē Donít give me the garbage. Heís a hybrid with a New Age message. Thatís just typical of what you run into online.

I know a lot of these people online wonít come near me with a 100 foot pole because theyíre afraid of me exposing them for whom and what they are. Thatís why youíll never hear me on some of these radio shows like Alex Jones or Coast to Coast. They donít want me on their show exposing them for who and what they are. Thatís typical. Iíve had people for the last five or six years, ďWhy donít you get on Coast to Coast?Ē They wouldnít let me on that show with a 100 foot pole. Itís controlled by the New World Order. Most of them are. So they arenít even allowed to have me as a guest. They are owned and controlled by the government. They all run different agendas. I donít do a lot of radio shows for that very reason.  They are afraid of me. Thatís basically why I have my own show. 

In other words, it never ends, folks. It just goes day to day.

I want you to get a grasp of exactly whatís going on. Iíve told you that the giants are coming. They will fulfill the passages of Joel chapter 2 and Revelation chapter 9. What you donít seem to grasp is that the reptilians are already here. The giants are coming, but the reptilians are already here. Iíve told you, there are different factions and groups of Satanís kingdom. Just because the giants arenít here yet, doesnít mean his other groups arenít already operating on Earth and controlling Earth.

The reptilians have been dominating Earth for the last.....hundreds of yearsÖthousands. In particular in America, that I can think of since the 1930ís, when America started making written agreements with the aliens. Written agreements! ďOkay, you can have a base here. Weíll give you this base. You can abduct our people. Just give us your technology.Ē Thatís how weíve advanced in technology over the years.

Of course who benefits from that? The people that get the technology. The Satan circles keep that amongst themselves. Bill Gates didnít invent Windows. Satan has had computers and high tech for thousands of years! Just because it went underground for a very long time, doesnít mean it never existed and wouldnít come back out later. They make sure that itís their people getting the money and the benefits from all new technology. All these companies and corporations that are coming out with Windows and Apple; none of that is by accident, folks. None of it. None of our technology coming within the next 10 Ė 15 years (should we for some reason still be here) wouldnít be by accident. I donít think weíre going to make it past 2012. I would be surprised if we got to 2012. 

So people need to think. The reptilians are already here. They are already controlling the Earth. They have a council above the Earth. The New Age calls them the Ashtar Command. They have a starship Capricorn. They have the Shema star. They have different home bases they can use. They reside above our Earth; our atmosphere.  Thereís a council of them. Their hybrid children are here on Earth. If you look at every government in the world today. If you look at America. Bushís ClintonísÖ..theyíre all possessed and controlled by these reptilians. You look at every country. Europe, Canada, Australia; they are all controlled by reptilians. They all have reptilian possession. You can think of it as demonic possession. Christians understand demon possession. This is a reptilian possession, where they actually have reptilians inside of them instead of demons, that can actually shape-shift and control these beings.

There are two different types where it affects women and men differently. When you look at the men who are reptilian possessed, they all have those squinty snake eyes. You look at Donald Rumsfeld, the Bushís.  Joseph Biden just makes my skin crawl when I look at him. Then youíve got Al Gore. Then youíve got the wide eyed look. Wooo! The surprised look. The wide eyed look. You get that from Hillary, Condoleezza Rice, and Nancy Pelosi. Itís like the women get the wide eyed look and the men get the squinty snake eyes look. Interesting to watch the State of the Union address or something in Congress when theyíre all together. Itís really kindof nasty. Itís like that in every government of every nation right now. All these leaders are reptilian controlled have reptilian possession in them. And they protect that possession.

These are seedline families. All of them are related from 13 seedlines. Iíve got that on my website at thewatcherfiles.com. You can look for the serpent seedline families. And thatís why you get these charts on You Tube and across the internet how everybody is related. So and so is a second cousin of so and so. And youíve got the celebrities and the politicians and all these peopleÖ.theyíre all related. Thatís because theyíre all from the same bloodlines. They protect those bloodlines. All their children always intermarry within the bloodlines. And it keeps their bloodlines pure so they can be possessed and be able to shape-shift back into their original forms as reptilians, instead of being stuck in human forms all the time. Arizona Wilder talks about that in her You Tube video interview with David Icke.  Where sheís been to Washington parties and has seen them shape-shift into reptilians. Thatís their natural form. Then they just go back to their human forms, as George Bush and ClintonÖand all them. Theyíre all aliens, folks.

These aliens are the ones stripping our human rights away from us. They pose as humans so they can destroy the humans on Earth. The thing about it is, people canít see it. They canít grasp it. Thatís why theyíre not doing anything about it. They are not human who is running Washington today. And even if a human does get elected somehowÖ.they own all the parties. They control who gets to run, who gets to win and who loses. All of its controlled. That person that isnít possessed would just go to Washington and become possessed. They would just reptilian possess him while heís there. Soul-scalp him. Possess his body. So thatís what weíre up against, folks. Itís us against them. Itís us against these reptilians who are controlling the Earth.

When Satan comes, he either rises up through Obama. I donít see Obama lasting longer than 5 months. Or whoever else takes his place. Iíve told you to watch out for that route. Not the Obama/Benny Hinn route. All these different routes that can be taken of who fulfills the roles of Antichrist and the False Prophet. The reason Iím not so big on Obama is because I know heís not going to last long. Heís burning now.  Iíve seen in the Bible Codes where this Orgone that we have everywhere is affecting him so badly, that heís burning now. It says, ďface mask.Ē Its kindof interesting that they can blame it on the flu. ďIím wearing a face mask because I donít want to get the flu.Ē When the real reason is the Orgone has a stench to them. They canít stand to breathe it. It asphyxiates them. It makes them nauseous. So theyíll start wearing face masks. I see ďObama face maskĒ, so Iím anxious to see when he starts wearing one. I know heís been suffering since January. He canít stay in the White House. Thatís why heís doing so much traveling. He has to be the friendliest President in the history of America. He just travels to see everybody. Itís because he canít stand to stay in the White House. 

Iíve said this; watch for them to eventually move the White House. Theyíre going to go into the rocks and caves eventually. Probably NORAD. Weíve got plenty of Orgone out in NORAD. Weíve got it everywhere. The Lordís people donít sit on their butts. We get busy. Weíve been busy. If I didnít have people to help, Iíd do it myself. Lucky for me over the years, Iíve had supporters to help with missions; financially and just going out and doing it themselves, getting Orgone out. 

Weíve been busy. Everybody protecting their own areas, because knowing that it burns them, theyíre not going to want to be in their area. And trust me; you are not going to want these beings in your area. And you donít want to just get your area; you want the towns and cities around you.

Itís a job that never ends, folks. Itís not going to end until the Lord takes us home. I would love to just have it set up to where they canít even stand America and they donít stay here at all, but leave. Isnít that what the Tribulation Period is about? Itís about the wicked being destroyed. Itís about the wicked being destroyed. Itís not about the righteous being taken off the Earth; itís about the wicked on the Earth being destroyed. How does the Lord do that? He does that through His people. People donít understand how HE works, and thatís why they canít grasp that. They keep waiting for the Lord to just dump His bowl judgments over the worldÖ.literally.

ďItís just going to happen.Ē

 How is it going to happen?

ďThe Lord is going to dump a bowl and 1/3 of the trees are going to burn up and plagues are going to come.Ē

Really, how is that going to happen?

They donít grasp that the Lord uses people on Earth; whether they are His own or not. He will use people and events on Earth to make those things come about. The angel holding the bowl overÖthatís allegory. Thatís picturesque. Thatís ďjust imagine thisÖĒ

But then you get into the how and they why. How is it going to happen and when? You guys always want to know when. I canít even figure it out in the Bible Codes; Iím just terrible with times. The Lord has told me to ignore the times. I canít help it. Iím worse than you guys. I want to know when.

We have to watch events. Thatís why He said to watch for signs in the skies and watch Israel. That was always His admonition in the New Testament about when these things would be. When would we be in the last days? He always said one of two things; watch for signs in the skies, or watch Israel. 

So define Israel. The land of Israel or the people of Israel. The land of Israel is over in the Middle East. The people of IsraelÖ.there are more people of Israel in the United States than anywhere else in the world. Interesting isnít it? Define Israel. Define last days Israel. Even the Bible Codes separates the land of Israel from the people of Israel. They are two different things.

Most of the Jews in Israel today; the Talmud-Satan worshippers over there are not real Jews. People ask me, ďWell, who are the real Jews?Ē You know what? It doesnít even matter today because the bloodline thing of Israel was demolished when the Lord died on the cross and rose again. Everybody who accepts His Redemption; accepts Him as their Messiah, becomes a JewÖ.becomes an Israelite. Becomes one of His. Itís no longer about the 12 tribes of Israel and whose line goes where and if youíre born from one of those lines. Itís about His new covenant with Israel is about those who worship Him and accept Him and follow Him. Thatís Israel today.

Iíll tell you what. Thereís only a handful of Israel in actual Israel today. They persecute the Christians over there. Theyíre not welcome. Theyíre not wanted. Torah believing Jews are not wanted. Itís all Talmud worshiping, Satanist, Mason freaks over there. Zionism isnít even about religion. Itís a political agenda. We call it the New World Order here in America; they call it Zionism in Israel. The churches have you believing that every time the word ďZionĒ or ďZionismĒ is mentioned, itís Jerusalem. So they rally all the Christians around to protect Israel because of Jerusalem. Itís all such a game being played.

This Talmud is the most blasphemous satanic book on the planet. It talks about Yahushua, the Son of God burning in excrement in Hell and how they want to kill all His believers andÖ.itís just complete blaspheme. And the things they say about His mother Mary; complete blaspheme. And the churches support this. The churches want all the Christians in America to support Israel and send them their money. For what? To further propagate the blaspheme they teach about the Son of God over there? And to give them more clout and power to persecute the real Christians that are over there? Itís sickening. Itís disgusting.

I had a friend over there thatís just disappeared off the internet for about 10 months. I havenít heard from him. Heís just disappeared. He did a lot of work for this ministry. And heís just disappeared. I donít know where he is. I pray for his safety.

They persecute the Christians over there, folks.  You think itís bad in America; you havenít been to Israel and proclaim that youíre a messianic Jew. Even the Messianics in America are all so messed up on the Pauline doctrines; all teaching Paul. Let the people teach Yahushua. Canít they see that there are two different doctrines. Yahushua and the Apostles and then the Pauline doctrine. They are two different things.

Thatís what I wanted to talk about today; look whatís around you. Look at whoís controlling you. Look what our governments are. Once you can grasp that, then youíll start to get an idea of the New World Order and whatís coming.

I just have to shake my head. At first I get mad. Why isnít the militia standing up and going against the government? All this has to come to pass. And it is going to come to pass because America is going to be destroyed. Before that happens, America is going to be thrown into martial law. That is coming. That is going to happen. Itís disguised as the Antichrists war on the saints. These things are very real. Weíre watching Bible prophecy come alive in our lifetimes, folks. In our lifetimes. Bible prophecy is finally coming alive. Its set dormant and weíre up to this point. But this is the point that your parents, your grandparents have been waiting for their entire livesÖ.if they are Believers in Yahweh. This is the end times that we are heading into. When we have a President that isnít even human. Do red flags go off?

People  always want to know, how can you have the Antichrists and False prophet to suffer and go to hell? Because they are Satanís to begin with. Obama is an amoeba. Heís not even human to begin with. Heís a lizard, an animal, a beast, an amoeba. There are so many terms in relations to him that you hardly see his name Obama in the codes. Lately Iíve been findng the term ďEgyptianĒ in the codes referring to him. And you saw the stuff going over the internet about these ancient Egyptian pharaohs. Itís very interesting that heís just a complex mix of everything that is evil. And heís our president.

Anyway, Iím going to start answering a few questions. I donít want to be on too long tonight.

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

Question from a listener: Will this killer flu start up in the fall with a vengeance. It doesnít seem to be taking.

Answer: Itís going to start up in May with a vengeance. Look for it now. Itís going to start cranking.  Look for it to take various forms. The Swine Flu; what they call the Swine Flu was just a wakeup call from the Lord. Theyíre going to be coming out with more attacks coming up. The Lord is amping up the Orgone. So weíre going to have to sit and watch their demise and what else comes up next. Theyíre the ones being killed and destroyed. Every time the Lord amps up the Orgone.  Theyíre the ones getting sick; getting disease. Theyíre the tare nations, the tares the hybrids, the aliens, living amongst us on Earth. Theyíre the ones getting affected by it.

Question from a listener: Dear Sherry, will a multitude without number die in the Tribulation? And will the 144,000 be the ones preaching the true gospel during the tribulation?

Answer: There are two groups of 144,000. One preaches on Earth and one is taken off the Earth and returned. I wrote an article on the two groups of 144,000. You can read it at sherrytalkradio.com. Just hit my articles section. Thatís one thing that the churches never teach you. That there are two different groups of 144,000. I think that John spelled it out pretty clearly in the Book of Revelation on the two groups.

Question from a listener: As Satan steps up his tricks, do you notice that Yahweh is stepping us His dedicated warriors?

Answer: Heís always had his tricks. I donít think heís stepping it up, I think more people are experiencing them because more people are waking up that he has to attack. Iíve been getting his attacks for 42 years now. Just more people are waking up. The first thing he is going to do when you wake up is start attacking you. It is as it is. He wants to keep you down.

Question from a listener: if you hear anything about new aggressive chemtrail operations this past week?

Answer: No, I have big fluffy clouds. And anybody that has orgoned their area has no excuse for chemtrails! Go to my website at chemtrailagenda.com. If you saturate your areas with Orgone, there will be no chemtrails in them. Itís as simple as that. People just need to get Orgone out in their areas.

Question from a listener: Can you explain again how Christians are to interpret Romans 13?

Answer: Romans is Paulís book. You want to know my explanation? Rip it out of the Bible. Donít read Paulís stuff. Paul was not an Apostle of the Lords. Paul was a manipulator and liar who was a fellow Mason at that time, sent in by the Roman government to infiltrate Christianity at that time. Just go to justgivemethetruth.com and read about Paul.

Question from a listener: Is that Sherry Shriner ministry website really endorsed by you?

Answer: I donít personally know the person that runs that website. He has a lot of my stuff on there. Sherryshrinerministry.com. Thatís all I can tell you about it. I donít mind if people want to put up websites and put up my websites and audios. You have my permission. When they take my sites down, at least those sites might be left. And I know that the Lord stands people up to do that kind of thing. I appreciate it.

Question from a listener: Are the orbs that so many folks are seeing really spiritual entities?

Answer: No, most of them are demonic. I learned about them years ago from a friend of mine who was a victim of Montauk project. She talked about how these orbs used to come into her house and then these demons or even military people could step out of them. They are transportation devices. Some of them are spy bots. I know that the military can use these orbs as spy bots. I know that demons can use them as little transportation vehicles.  I wouldnít say they are spiritual entities, no.

Question from a listener: Is all the Swine Flu hype just a New World Order attempt to run things through Congress?

Answer:  Theyíre using it as time to ram legislation through Congress. This stuff has already been written and ready to go. Ever since Obama came into office, or even it would have been John McCain, this legislation was all ready to go. They all work the same agenda.  Swine FluÖno. I think that took them by surprise because it is a judgment from the Lord Himself. Theyíre caught backtracking trying to figure out what it is and put a name on it.  They had plans to unleash nuclear and biological attacks, so we just ended up with a Swine Flu. WhateverÖ.

Question from a listener: Is Senator Arlen Specter who just switched parties, really an Elder of Zion?

Answer: He is the biggest pedophile idiot Iíve ever seen in my life. If anybody ever deserved a spot and a reservation in Hell, that would be Arlen Specter. An Elder of ZionÖ.heís an elder of Hell.

Question from a listener: Is the New World Order soon going to claim that paper money causes a virus and outlaw cash?

Answer: I wouldnít doubt it. Theyíre going to do whatever they want. Apparently people donít care. They just sit back and let them do it. I havenít heard about it, but I know that Obamaís job is to destroy the money. Heís destroying our money and destroying our farms. I can see that in the codes. Those are his agendas right now.

Question from a listener: Are military troops being trained to shoot at crowds of American protestors?

Answer: Yeah, to an extent.  I canít say. Would they do it? s the question. Would they do it? They really have to demonize people. ĒTheyíre terrorists!Ē Our military face it. They are 18, 19 and 20 year olds. Wet behind the ears and easily controlled by their commanders.  They demonize the Iraqis to them. So they went over there, thinking they are all these monsters and terrorists and find that they were just normal people. Far from what they were told they were.  It just depends on how much mind washing and brain washing and mind control they have on them, if they would fire on Americans. They are not necessarily counting on that because we have plenty of Chinese, Russian and German soldiers that will be here for that.

Question from a listener: Whatís the real deal with the space shuttle Atlantis going up to fix the Hubble telescope? Did Maitreyaís starship explode or malfunction again?

Answer: (LOL) You guys are smart. Youíre catching on. I love it.  I was laughing about that earlier today about that space shuttle with my son. The news blurb about showing it going up. I was telling him how stupid and asinine it is because we have all these huge bases and underground bases on almost every planet.  They donít use space shuttles to get there; they use portals. This whole space shuttle thing is just to keep the public smoozled so they keep funding millions and millions and billions into NASA, so they can take that money and give it to the real space agency which is in Pine Gap Australia, and use it for the stuff they need for the bases on the planets. America is very popular on mars. We have all kinds of bases on Mars. Of course not the ones the pictures they beam back down to Earth where itís this uninhabitable red planet. The real pictures show Mars as very much looking like Earth. If you read themarsrecords.com., where Michael Ralphe spent time on Mars working for the Navy. He went hiking and stuff outside. Itís a very livable planet. They donít want people on Earth to know that. They always want to control the view so that what you know is far from the truth of what reality is. They always try to control that.

Maitreyaís starship; it is malfunctioning. Itís not working. His little shema thing. He can move it around. He hasnít been over here harassing me in ages. He stays away from here. Heís usually down in Texas or on the West Coast. Of course, the Capricorn; one of them is over in Bethlehem, above Bethlehem. They get aroundÖthey just move around. Eventually Shema is going to crash. I find it interesting ďlighteningĒ is one of the most dominant terms in the Bible Codes. Not only have I been talking about how the Orgone is melting their ships, causing them to crash to the Earth, just wait until some of these bigger starships start malfunction and coming down. Falling like lightening from the sky. ďOh, itís a meteor!Ē  Yeah, right. Nice meteors.

Question from a listener: What is that fake star, low in the sky before sunrise?

Answer: Thatís the shema star. Thatís Maitreyaís little white palace in the sky Iíve been talking about for months.

Question from a listener: Do you pray for Obama?

Answer: Obama is not even human! No he cannot be saved. He cannot turn around. He cannot be saved. Christians are just stupid. ďOh, we need to pray for the President!Ē ďWe need to pray!Ē Donít waste your breath. Pray for his judgment.

Question from a listener: When the Antichrist comes to power are you going to pray for him too?

Answer: No. I work very hard for his destruction. Iíve spent my life working for the destruction of these freaks. So no, I donít pray for them because they canít be saved. I would pray for those who could be saved. Iím not wasting my time on those who canít.

Question from a listener: Approximately how many government interns are monitoring the internet now?

Answer: They are all on my Orgone list. If you want to meet government internsÖ.I see it in the Bible Codes all the time. Satan himself is on that list. Iíve got government up the ying-yang. Iíve got reptilians on the list. Iíve got everything on that list. I donít knowÖthere has to be thousands of government employees and aliens and everybody else on the internet. If you want to find them you donít have to go very far. Just go to a Christian group. Go to a Christian list. Go to one of my lists. Tons of them are on it.  They never speak because they're afraid that Iíll pick them apart in two seconds, chew them, spit them out and kick them off. Some of them do get bold. Iíll tell you wha= t. They donít last two months. I usually catch on. I get a little leery at first. I have patience. I give them time to prove who and what they are before I get rid of them. The Lord always points them out to me. Itís getting to be like a drama. Like a soap opera. I donít have time for it. Eventually they just reveal themselves for what they are when they finally decide to speak up. Itís very interesting.

Question from a listener: Should we rub Orgone all over our skins so that the aliens wonít want to have us for food? Could this work?

Answer: I donít think rubbing it. Just having it on. Put a pendant on. Put a puck in your pocket. Keep Orgone in your house and your car. Have Orgone everywhere you go.  They donít like adults. They donít generally like adults for food because they taste nasty, Iíve heard. Because they have addictions like coffee, cigarettes and alcohol, it makes their meat taste bad. Thatís why they prefer the children.

Question from a listener: Sherry, that is so crazy. I was thinking the same thing about Swine Flu and money. That people could catch it that way.

Answer: Theyíve analyzed money before and how much of it had traces of cocaine powder on it. I imagine there is just about everything you could think of on money.

Question from a listener: Is the mark of the beast something that happens all at once according to Revelation 13, or is it something that will happen gradually? It says the beast will cause all not to be able to buy or sell without the mark. What do you think it might be?

Answer: I think itís going to be a literal mark or chip of some kind. I think its going to be a cross. Could be the Templar red cross. The mark of Cain was a cross. I think it could be the cross because the Christians would rally around it theyíre so stupid. ďOh, the cross!! We love the cross. It reminds us of Jesus sacrifice on the cross.Ē  Ask Him how He feels about a cross. To Him itís a curse. Itís death. He doesnít want us remembering His death; He wants us remembering His Resurrection. His life, not His death. He defeated death through His resurrection. So letís get beyond the death part and get to where He defeats it and was resurrected. Thatís what He wants us to remember. Satan wants to keep you at the cross. Satan wants to keep you where Satan thought he had won. Where he thought HE was dead and defeated. Thatís where Satan wants to keep you. Thatís where he keeps the churches. Look beyond the cross. The Lord rose again. He defeated death. You donít hear much about that, do you?

Yeah, I think it would probably be a cross. Iíve seen it in the Bible Codes as a possible route. A cross chip implant. A cross tattoo. It could be some kind of barcode. Iíve seen that before. There are several different routes. We donít know whatís going to happen until it happens. Thatís why I spend so much time on this show covering different routes so that when it comes, youíre prepared. Whatever way it happens youíre prepared. Youíre not taken by surprise. I donít know about you, but I donít like surprises. So we try and get it all pinned down ahead of time.

Question from a listener: Do you see anything in the codes coming up for the end of May and June. Such as the economy, Maitreyaís arrival, gun bans etc.

Answer: What Iíve seen is the destruction of our money and the destruction of our farms. Maitreyaís arrival is in every code. Especially right now for spring because these are his months. So itís a given. Itís a given. I really donít see him until the end of July. Then Sananda in September.  May and JuneÖthe things that donít happen in May can cross over to June and things like that because theyíre delayed. They were supposed to happen in May and donít.

You canít do times. Iíve told everybody that. You just canít do times. When you try, you just end up eating your shoes. They donít live in linear time. The Lord doesnít live in linear time. Even the demonic world doesnít live in linear time. Weíre the only ones who live in linear time. There are always only two sources who are planning anything. The Most High and Satan. And neither one of them live in linear time! As humans trying to be finite, we want times. It just doesnít mesh. We canít do times, folks. We just have to watch the events as they come.

Comment from a listener: I know I ask this often, but like to keep up to date here. Glad to hear that you made it back for another week. My prayer is for more. If I buy a pendant off your site, will that help your ministry?

Answer: Buying Orgone helps you because it protects you. I donít make a lot of profit on that. All the supplies I have to keep up on and stuff.  I donít make a profit off of Orgone. Thatís why I encourage people top make their own Orgone. They can buy up the supplies themselves and get much more out; compared to if they bought it off my site. The directions are on my website orgoneblasters.com. Make your own. If you canít you can buy it off of me. If you want to just outright help my ministry, send in donations. Thatís what helps the ministry. There is Orgone and donations. Donations are what help me.

Question from a listener: What would you say to Satan if you met him?

Answer: (LOL) Actually, Iíve talked to them before.  Iíve talked to many of his generals. Iíve cast many of his generals into the abyss. The first thing that always comes to my mind when I run into them is, ďYou scumbag.Ē So if I ever was to see Satan, thatís the first thing I would say. ďYou scumbag.Ē I knowÖyouíre all shocked.

Question from a listener: Do you think that gun owners should be part of the NRA?

Answer: There are good things about the NRA, and there is bad. There are some Patriots that support it. I would find the Patriot crowd and ask them. I really donít know about the NRA. I would go hit up the Patriot crowd. Larry Lawson would probably tell you all about it. Find where Larry is at. Mark Kurnich, and Larry Lawson; find out from them about the NRA. They would know.

Question from a listener: I completely understand your frustration with the Christian crowd. I have family. Itís like talking to a brick wall. They get agitated and furious with you if you bring up anything that sounds outside of their teachings(Sherry: and he goes on) Will there come a time when we will be able to reach the church crowd people and break some of them free from the bondage of this false spirit?

Answer:  No. Thatís why there are so many souls under the altar. They're the ones that died in the Tribulation Period. They were tested for their faith. They're not going to wake up any time soon. Most of them are going to be killed during martial law.

Question from a listener: is there any information you have about tearing down the stronghold. Do we remain just passersby for now?

Answer: I put them in the Lords Hands. I drop seeds and just put them in the Lords Hands and get busy with whatever He needs you to do. You canít wait for them to catch up. And you canít stay on their page with them.  Youíre not getting done what you need to get done. Just put them in the Lordís Hands and He will send other people to them to water the seeds that you plant. And He does; trust me.

Question from a listener: Iíve been labeled more times than not, an anti-Semitic. First thing they attack you with if you remotely expose anything about the Jews.

Answer:  They call me anti-Semitic and Iím like, ďHello. My ancient grandfather was King David.Ē Iím not anti-Semitic. In fact, Iím more a Jew and an Israelite then they will ever be in their lifetimes. Itís my blood and not theirs. Theyíre fake blood. Even beyond bloodline, I am a child of the Most High God. So under the Old Covenant and the New Covenant, Iím covered. Iím an Israelite. A true child of the Lords. Donít call me anti-Semitic.  Itís not going to wash here.

Anyway, until next week everybody. And lets count the days and see if I have another show. Iím sure I will. Theyíre always planning something. Just never know when it will hit. And just being prepared and thatís it. Heads up everybody. Iíll plan to be here next week.

Until then,

Yah bless.