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May 18, 2009

And hello everybody. You're live. It's Monday night May 18, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

I have a lot of things I want to talk about tonight.

Earlier in the week, I sent out a heads up to my lists and also posted it on my blogspot at sherryshriner.blogspot.com. As I sit here and try to put two and two things together, I was thinking about the other things I've already warned about and the things that are coming. From the way it looks to me; I know, some people were sending out some information earlier in the week about Obama's statement that the United States can't sustain its debt any longer. It occurred to me when I was reading that….several months ago and even last year, I had talked about having a vision where I just saw all the stores close. It was sudden. Nobody expected it. And after that, pure chaos. That kindof aligns with this whole scenario of the United States no longer being able to sustain its debt.

At the same time we have the Illuminati….the Bilderbergers at their yearly meeting trying to figure out which way they want to go. They really pull the strings of what happens here on Earth, as they get their direction from the alien council that rules above the Earth. I've talked about that before. The New Age refers to them as the Ashtar Command. Satan has a council and they rule above the earth.

The two routes that they seem to want to go is just declare the dollar worthless; no longer a viable currency, or to just go into a long drawn out depression. So I think with what I've seen with the stores closing goes more along the lines with the dollar being declared as worthless. It also goes along with the feeling that I've had since last year, to get things you would need if the stores would close. So you have to think ahead; especially if you have kids. Are their shoes going to last a while? Are they the right size? If winter comes, do you have coats, mitts and things kids are going to need? And yourself; what are you going to need a couple of months ahead of time if the stores should be closed? People need to prepare.

I'm not saying these are the things that are coming and that this is exactly what is going to happen, but it's my gut feeling that this is exactly where we are headed. Its kindof aligns with everything I've been seeing and feeling over the past year…..since last year. So we need to be preparing for that. We need to prepare for all the stores closing.

We've been talking it on my Orgone Blasters list; ideas for preparation and survival. Good trade items: after you've got food and the things that your family needs. If you don't have everything you need, you may want to stock up on extra things to trade other people for. At this point money is going to be worthless. No one will want your money. So buy items that you can trade. Going back to the old bartering system.

Some of the good trade/stock items you can load up on to trade with other people for things;

Nails. With the hardware stores closed and the chaos, people are going to want to board up their homes and their windows to be able to protect themselves inside their homes. So wood and nails are two good things to stock up on.

Toilet paper.








Basic hygiene products.

Extra food in general. Canned food. Things that can be eaten out of the can. Chef Boyardee products (Ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs), sardines. Things you can eat right out of a can would be good to stock up on and trade with.

In the event that the stores should close, I can't stress loud enough to just stay in your homes. Don't go out in the streets. Don't go get involved with the chaos and riots everywhere. Just stay home. While you're out joining the looters and the rioters, your home is unprotected. So the things that you've stored up can be stolen. So you need to be staying home at those times. Yah will protect you at your house, but if you leave His place of protection you're on your own. You need to be staying inside your homes. People always say, "The Lord said He would protect us and blah…blah." Don't throw discernment and wisdom out the window, folks. The Bible also says do not tempt the Lord your God. We need to be doing the things He says, not tempting Him.

I know that a lot of churchdumb isn't ready for any of this. They've always believed a rapture would come and the church wouldn't be here for any of these bad things. I've b been saying for years, where does it say that America wouldn't go through a depression, be bombed or even be at war? They would have to be raptured first. So many are put to sleep; that's what the pastors teach. "Nothing will happen to America. By the time it's going to we'll all be raptured." They put everybody to sleep. I've been yelling to get prepared. Get ready. From what I can tell, from July 1st on that we have that's normal will be awesome. I don't expect the dollar to go worthless in the month of July and perhaps August or September, but you never know. And with the things coming from space, you never know when they're going to implement their program either.

The Lord told me the other night….and He said this couple of times already. HE said, I'm going to make it so obvious that they have no excuse not to be ready, not be prepared and to be lining up against me as my enemies when they should be listening to what I'm saying. They will have no excuse.

It doesn't get any easier than this folks; when you can go outside….this is something the Lord was showing me just the other night….you look up in the stars; you'll always see, mixed amongst the white shining stars, you'll see stars with a yellow tint to them. Every one of those yellow stars with the yellow tint to them. If you look at them directly with a pair binoculars, you will see red, green and blue lights on them. Those are fallen angel/alien starships. They are getting sick. And they're starting to die within them. And probably why they're becoming more and more dominant with the yellow…the other night I stopped counting at 12. Just above the northwestern sky, looking northeast, north, I counted 12 of them and stopped. There are so many of them. Right now it's becoming so obvious that they're there. All you have to do, even though they are way up in the sky…..I have a Nikon 10 x 50 magnification will pick up the colors on these stars, that they are red, white and green. They're not stars; they are starships. They are alien spaceships. It doesn't get much more obvious than that. To all the naysayers that say aliens don't exist or our earth is not being controlled or patrolled by aliens and fallen angels. Aliens are fallen angels. They are one in the same, folks. So they have no excuse to keep their heads in the sand and keep denying that these beings exist. All you have to do is go outside, get a pair of binoculars and look up into the sky. I know that everyone know naysayers who don't even believe UFOs exist or aliens exist. Now they have no excuse because they can go outside with binoculars and look up into the sky and see the yellow stars. And they're all over the place. They're just all over the place, folks. It's what I've been talking about.

I found it interesting when I was looking at a code for one thing and something else pops up (which is pretty normal) "Lilith offspring sickening". These starships are Lilith's children. So interesting. I knew they were sickening because the Lord had told me how they would be falling from the sky. Sure enough, somebody sent me an email the other night. They didn't tell me where they were from but a UFO had just crashed. It was 8:30 at night. Everybody saw it. I do believe it was out in Washington somewhere, but I'm not positive. Many, many people saw it. He said it had green and blue lights as it was crashing through the atmosphere.

And the media wants you to believe these are meteors. They keep talking about all these meteors falling everywhere. I've been screaming for months that these are UFOs falling, hence my song It's Raining UFOs that I play before the show. That's just something silly that I put together. It's amusing that in China, that's the number one download on my site right now - It's Raining UFOs. That silly little song that I play. I've had about a thousand downloads in the last two weeks from China for that one song. China being the largest country behind the United States listening to my show right now. It really picked up. I've been watching it since last year because I figured with a billion Chinese I'm really going to be in trouble if they all start listening to this show. That would be a lot of bandwidth on my websites. I don't know who would pay for it, because they don't financially support this show or my ministry at all, but they're the second largest country listening to it. I keep an eye on the numbers for that reason with China. I'm glad to have them listening to this show. I know we certainly have a lot of brethren in China and in other Asian nations stuck in Communist regimes and being persecuted for their faith in Yahushua. I've talked about that before. They're suffering a lot of things.

I've been seeing a leprosy outbreak coming up in the East. That could be Middle East or East, meaning China. I can't tell which part of east….it just says east. They're going to be guaranteeing people. So look for an outbreak of flesh eating diseases coming. That's definitely coming. Probably the next thing coming would be this leprosy outbreak in the east. It could also be Arabia. I think it's going to hit Arabia. So that's something to look out for.

Either way folks, the Lord is saying that things are just so obvious, people have no excuse to be found unprepared and unready. People often ask me how long should we stock up for. As long as you can stock up. You probably have through the month of June. Like I said, every day after July 1st that's normal is going to be a blessing. Things are speeding up. I always said that 2009 would be the year from Hell and we're seeing that slowly.

I know a lot of people are spinning their wheels trying to figure out the New World Orders next moves all the time. You know what? I just sit back and listen to the Lord and get my directions from Him.

The one thing that keeps coming to my mind is that the correlations that have been so missed by those who call themselves prophecy gurus for the Book of Revelation in the last days. They've misinterpreted a lot of things. I always ask the Lord for the truth in all things and to reveal what's coming next all the time. I'm always asking Him that. I want to know, "What's next? What's next?"

One of the things that keeps jumping out is the seals of Revelation. We know that the first four seals talk about the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. We're getting right there at the entrance, you might want to say, of the black and the pale horse. What interests me the most is the arrival of the pale horse. In connection with the arrival of the pale horse, it talks about all the plagues that are coming. It says Death and Hell come right behind him. So when the pale horse arrives, Death and Hell are going to be with him. To be more specific, most people refer to Hell as the bottomless pit, and that's the way I've been seeing it in the codes. Most people think that Hell is in the center of the earth, but if you look in Hebrew terminology, the bottomless pit is space. So what we have coming right behind the arrival of the pale horse rider are space invasions.

I've talked about the pale horse rider. It's going to be this Sananda. What the churches are going to look at and go, "Oh there's Jesus." Because he looks just like the painting of the Son of God that churches have had in their churches all these years. Michelangelo painted it. Nobody knows what He looks like, but the churches think they do. We don't know what He looks like, but this had always been the accepted picture of the Son of God. That's one of Satan's generals Sananda. He goes by Esu Emanuel. He has various names that he goes by. Sananda, Jesus, Emanuel. When he arrives, he's going to fulfill the position of the false prophet. Sure enough, Death and Hell are coming right behind him. Where the Lord keeps leading me is Revelation chapter 9. We're looking at the arrival of the black horse which I told you is Maitreya, the Arab Mahdi prince that's coming as a world teacher. He's dominant with Obama. They're going to be friends. Obama is going to help him get airtime here in the United States, where he will spit out his agenda and gag everybody to death. They have a whole thing planned. Nobody's going to buy it because he's an Arab, a Muslim and a sheik. But what will fool Americans is the false prophet that is coming, because they've been conditioned to accept this picture of Sananda as Jesus, the Son of God.

Another thing that keeps hitting me is that with his arrival….you've all heard about the locusts. The great angel termed Abbadon and Apollyon being given the key to the bottomless pit. He releases the locusts out of the bottomless pit. What they will do is torment mankind for five months. You can read all about it in Revelation chapter 9, verses 1 thru 6.

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.

And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.

And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

And this meaning that even the people trying to commit suicide will not be able to die. What they are going to be able to do is torment mankind for five months. It goes on to describe the looks of the locusts, which are some type of demonic beings. That's the locust invasion that I've referred to on this show. I see that coming with Sananda for five months. What I've noticed is that the Orgone will kill them. That's why they only last five months. It will take that long to kill them all, but the Orgone will kill them. So I found that interesting.

I want to talk about the next part too. Yeah folks, during this time, the seal of God will be in HIS people's foreheads and they won't be affected by the locusts, but you are going to be prisoners in your own homes, pretty much. The stores will close; and the economies will pretty much come to a shutdown at that time, as well. So, the crashing dollar; if they decide not to devalue the dollar and make it worthless and just go the other route where they have this long depression, another thing that would shut the stores down indefinitely would be a locust invasion upon the entire world. That would definitely keep people in their homes. I'm not talking about little green locusts; we're talking about these demonic beings. These alien type looking beings. We've all seen greys and reptilians; these are locusts. These are a different faction of these alien beings. Alien/demonic beings. Very interesting. They're outer space beings, so they are not demons. Abbadon and Apollyon is an angel from the bottomless pit; which means that he's an alien from space. It's just different terminology. Some people say, "It's Satan." Well, it says right here that it's Abbadon and Apollyon who is the destroyer who is given a key. This is all symbolic language mixed in with literal language.

There is also some kind of a boulder, a comet or some kind of rock thing that has been orbiting the earth that NASA has termed "the destroyer" that could also play in with this. I don't know where exactly they're coming from. They could be coming off of this thing that's orbiting the earth. I don't know exactly what it is. I remember Toutatis and Sedna moon. There are various things in space. Either way, also that boulder called the Destroyer could also fit in right here, as to be where these locusts are coming from.

Their entrance will be sudden. It will be a surprise. There will be no light because as they come in from space, they will block out any light from the sun and the moon. Everything will be dark. I've often set out on the porch and would just get hit with all of a sudden, seeing whole areas invaded by these demonic beings. So very interesting, I guess you could say. I wasn't touched. They would go around my house as I would line it up with Orgone, I would imagine. There's so much of it around here anyway. I can imagine if I saw one of those I would really be pumping it out! (LOL) We have nothing to fear from them….the Lord's people. It does help not to tempt the Lord, but to just do what HE says. A lot of us have been busy over the years orgoning our areas. It may not keep them out, but they won't stay long either because they'll burn. The Orgone eventually burns anything that's evil. So as they are trying to attack mankind and torment them for five months and sting. Their tails have some kind of sting, so that when they hit you with their tail….probably something like a bee sting. I guess you could think of. I've never been stung or bitten by a scorpion so I have no idea how that feels. Maybe something like a hornet. It doesn't say how big these things are. I would say they are about 2 to 4 inches big. I've got no proof. I don't know what one looks like. I'll find out eventually, soon enough….that's bad enough. You could imagine since its termed as locusts, that it really is just some kind of 2 inch, 3 inch or 4 inch bug type demonic looking thing that's going to be stinging and causing pain to mankind.

People want to know how long to stock up for. Five months would be a good start. You'll probably be stuck in your home because nobody else will be going to work. Those without the seal of God in their forehead are going to be the ones tormented by these things.

Another thing I wanted to talk about; one of the wildly misinterpreted events in Revelation from the churches and all these prophecy gurus is the way they combine scriptures that shouldn't be combined. Chapter 9 talks about the bottomless pit, period. It talks about space. The bottomless pit is space. So what they do is take the two hundred million army from chapter 9 and put it over into Revelation chapter 16 where the Euphrates River is dried up to prepare the way for the kings of the East at the Battle of Armageddon. Well they say that China could very easily fulfill the 200 man army….that's kindof weird. I don't know why they take this section out of chapter 9 and put it with chapter 16; they don't go together. Chapter 9 speaks of two space invasions all in itself and chapter 9 is going to occur when Sananda arrives. So Hell and Death follow after him. You've got the fourth horsemen of the apocalypse and Revelation chapter 9 being fulfilled.

The Lord has always told me that things are going to happen in ways that you don't expect them. I've been a prophecy student since I was nine years old. We get a timeline in our head. "This is going to happen….this happens….and then this happens." And you just stick with that. It's ingrained in your head because it's from the churches and you've read all the prophecy books. You have to throw all that out and just let the Lord lead you. So these are the things that HE keeps leading me to and why I'm telling you.

You can ask the Lord Himself. I don't have a one-way hold on the Most High. HE doesn't just talk to me. He talks to everybody. I hear that all the time. "Well you've got some kind of corner of Him because HE talks to you and doesn't talk to me." I sought HIM for a long time to hear HIS Voice. HE says My sheep hear My Voice and they know Me, and I know them.

So there's no reason why you can't. It's because of your own…..whatever's because you can't. You need to ask HIM to teach you how to hear HIM. It's a small voice that speaks to your heart. HE doesn't speak to your head. Demons speak to your head. Technology speaks to your head. The Lord does not speak to your head. HE has a very small voice that speaks to your heart. Another thing most people do is, they are so busy talking to HIM they don't shut up so they can listen to HIM. If you're talking to HIM, be quiet and just listen for HIS small voice in your spirit; in your heart. See if HE starts to speak. I always do that. I always wait to see if HE will speak when I'm talking to HIM, to see what HIS comment is or what HE has to say. Sometimes HE doesn't say anything. So nobody has the market on God here, folks. Everybody has the ability to hear HIM. Just keep at HIM and ask HIM to teach you how to hear HIM.

What I wanted to talk about is in Revelation. If you've got a Bible, we're looking at the 200 million army of horsemen. These horsemen are going to slay 1/3 of mankind.

Revelation 9:18

By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.

I don't know how many times I've heard prophecy gurus say, "Well, that's helicopters….that's battle tanks." They're going to wish they were. You know what? I would go with that too, but I know that Revelation chapter 9 is talking about the abyss, and you're not going to see battle tanks coming out of space on parachutes. (LOL)

We've got two distinct alien invasions here in Revelation chapter 9. If you really want to get a telling one, in Joel chapter 2 there's another one. I've always said the Bible has several space invasions listed, and those are always the chapters the Lord keeps me in; Revelation chapter 9 and Joel chapter 2. In Revelation chapter 9, we have two separate incidences right here in one chapter. Specifically we have one chapter we have three different incidences of space invasions in the last days. I'm telling you exactly when the one starts, and it correlates with the locust invasion…..the five month locust invasion after Sananda arrives. When will Sananda arrive? He is very dominant for the month of September of whatever year. I don't know what year he's going to arrive, but September has always been his month. Regardless of when Maitreya arrives…..I've always expected Maitreya to arrive in March, April or July, so he could arrive this coming July, Because they are in a real….I don't know what you want to call it….getting into a real big puddle right now. The Orgone is killing a lot of their forces in space. You can look up into the sky at night now and see the yellow stars; the effects of these stars which are dying. The Orgone is saturating space and Orgone (which is a positive energy) affects negative beings. These are all fallen angels. They are evil. They are liars. They are manipulators. So they are burning and suffering the effects of Orgone. I have all the effects listed at my website, orgoneblasters.com, what it does to these aliens. So we're going to see a lot more of these stars crashing on Earth.

What I thought was interesting was I thought it was just the UFOs themselves. It's almost like a Star Trek type thing where you have….I can't even remember what their ship was called…..Voyager or something. They have these starships and then the UFOs come out of them to patrol Earth and to spy on Earth and stuff like that. The starship is their home base. Interesting that people that see these UFOs crashing say they have green and blue lights. If you look through your binoculars at the stars, you're going to see green and blue lights. I do think that they are the ones coming out of the sky and crashing to the Earth. That's exactly what the Lord said in Revelation chapter 12, where Satan will fall like lightening from the sky. Another effect of the Orgone…another term for the result of Orgone is lighting. We are causing lightening. We are causing UFOs to fall out of the sky.

Interesting that Wilhelm Reich said the same thing about Orgone back when he was making it….before they stole his work and killed him in prison before he was to be paroled. They didn't want his work out. He said that Orgone could bring down UFOs. Interesting that I never learned that until a short while ago, after I had already been proclaiming it, that Wilhelm Reich had been saying the same thing. Orgone is an energy, not created by him, but rediscovered by him. Orgone is an ancient energy. It's been around forever. A lot of people liken it to the materials that were on the Ark of the Covenant. It has a lot of correlations with the Ark of the Covenant in that way. It's very interesting that even the Bible Codes say that this Orgone is an ancient energy. They've used it in the past in some way to some extent. We don't have it listed. I have not seen it in the KJV, although someone sent me some verses on King Resin. That was amusing; in the Old Testament that there was a man named King Resin. Resin is the foundation of the Orgone that we make. We use fiberglass resin.

It's very interesting, the correlations between everything going on now. More and more of these stars will be falling and crashing to the Earth. We could be seeing Revelation chapter 12 being fulfilled at anytime. Satan has got to make his move. Satan is losing his forces in space. Their ships are falling to earth and crashing. They're dying.

Interestingly enough, some of you remember when I had Peggy Kane on my show a couple of years ago. We couldn't be two anymore different individuals. We view things completely different. She works in EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). I have done some work in reverse speech. So I had her on my show. Recently on her website….and I talked about this on my show a couple of months back, about how she had found in EVP that these reptilians and aliens are complaining about burning and dying. I could tell you exactly what it's from; it's the Orgone affecting them. Because that's exactly what it does to them. It's very interesting that she was able to find their speech through EVP and they're complaining about dying and being burned. Now you can see it in the night skies. You can see a lot of these, what were once white angels, turning yellow and you can see their green and blue lights coming off of them. The same ones that people are seeing crashing to earth that the media is calling meteors. So you have to put two and two together, folks. So I think they're going to have to make their moves sooner or later, because they're losing their forces. When they die…I don't think they come back once they die. They probably just go on to judgment. They are terrified of dying. So if they could just get another body and come back, they wouldn't be so terrified. They know what judgment awaits them. Interesting.

I wanted to talk about that tonight and make some correlations because things are coming up. I've said that the month of June is relatively quiet, which means they are going to continue burning and getting sick. For the month of June, we are pretty much going to be going through the New World Order agenda. The Lord never shows me that unless there is something important to see. HE pretty much keeps me with what's going on in the background. I guess you could say the things that nobody else sees. It's always been pretty much my calling to sound the alarms on the things people don't see.

For the month of June, you could be looking at more of what's going on. More of the same. Obama being the friendliest president who can't sit in the White House for more than two days. He's always traveling somewhere because he can't stand to be there. D. C. is orgoned. He's burning. It burns him. He's a dimensional being. Amoeba comes up. Dimensional comes up. Lizard comes up. Reptile. This guy is not human, folks! People always want to know why someone could be born just for the sole purpose of burning in Hell forever. Well, he's not human. He's just a mixture. I don't know what they did with the original Obama that was born umpteen years ago, but the one that we have now is not human. Very interesting how they're going to relate to all these things that are coming….and why he'll relate to Maitreya that's coming and be his buddy. Do a lot of people get it yet, that he's not a Christian? The White House announced that they're not going to honor or recognize national prayer day. He never put his hand on a bible to swear in his oath as President of the United States. But he doesn't come out and say that he's a Muslim either. He hides that he is. He's a friend of the Muslims. I don't know how much longer he's going to be able to hide that. But knowing this country, he could probably hide if forever. Christians in this country are the stupidest bunch of people that I've ever run into. Really….because all their pastors have to do is get up into the pulpit and talk nonsense and they all believe him and amen for an hour…..give them their money and leave. They've got their heads in the sand, buried further than any other people that I know. It will be interesting. The Lord said that many would wake up….were waking up, and frankly saying that they would have no excuse not to be prepared for the things that are coming.

People want to know if the Church of Philadelphia will be protected during the hour of tribulation which comes upon the earth. An hour is a space of time. It is not the whole seven years. It is not the entire time that Satan's here. An hour is a specific amount of time. When I asked the Lord about that several years ago….because I was always a pre-trib rapture believer. I knew there were things wrong with it so I went with mid-trib, then I threw it all out and said, "You teach me Lord. I don't know which one it is." The Lord has told me that when they start implementing the mark of the beast, is when HE will protect HIS people. Until they do that, Satan is going to be here on earth. You are going to see these Revelation 9 space invasions. So you're going to be here for this. You are going to be here for this. HE does protect HIS people….and it never says HE raptures them off the earth. It just says that HE protects them. You are going to be here for all of those things. You aren't going to be effected by all of those plagues and judgments that are coming from HIM because you're going to have the mark of God in your forehead.

People get confused about the whole Tribulation period. The whole thing about the Tribulation period is about the wicked being removed off the earth. Not the righteous; the wicked. What's interesting is we have martial law plans coming from the New World Order and other things that you won't be protected from. He might protect you from being stung by a locust, but if you're hauled off and taken to a camp via martial law being declared here in America or whatever country you are in, HE's not going to protect you from that. It doesn't say that HE will. So don't assume things, folks.

One of the things I thought was interesting as I was going through the codes; I've talked about how UFOs are going to be used to abduct people because they want to use them as food. One of the things I hate the most is when I get confirmations on that. It just freaks me out all the time. But I got a couple of confirmations on it. I know what I know, what I know when the Lord is hitting my spirit with something. I'm not a doubting Thomas at that point. I've learned to recognize HIM. The doubting Thomas stuff; I'm just not that way. So HE just sends confirmations. I know HE always confirms what HE says and what HE teaches me. One of the things I was seeing in the Codes was "palace, lure, besieging, cistern." Stay with me here, because you're going to freak out on this one. I've talked about how these starships and UFOs are habitations of the fallen angels. I've talked about the shema star which is one of the habitations of the Ashtar Command. Specifically Maitreya. HE's got this white palace in the sky. It's a huge star that's right above horizon level. Very, very low to the earth. Many people have seen it now because it's out of Ohio. I've chased it away. I put all these pipe blasters in my yard and they won't come near here anymore. So now it's onto other parts of the country and world. So many other people are seeing what I've been talking about. This low star at night that looks like a GE creation of 10 million light bulbs. Very brilliant. Very low. That's the shema star. What I've seen in the Codes is that these UFOs are indeed luring people to them. "Besieging" and "lure." It's like lure, like bribe the kid with the candy bar to get them into their car….you kidnap them. That's what they're doing with these UFOs. They are luring people to them and then abducting them.

Then what is the word cistern? Remember Dulce Base? I have an article on Dulce Base and talked about Branton's work and was quoting Branton throughout the whole thing. It was all his info. He talks about on the fifth level I think, in Dulce Base; they had these large vats and caldrons. There was some kind of liquid in them. Around the walls of the rooms where these vats where, were humans in cages. If you looked in the vats, you would see floating body parts. The grey aliens don't eat food with their mouths; they soak it in through their skin. The absorb it. So what they do is make some kind of mixture of human body parts and water. It makes some kind of substance that they feed off of. So what I think was interesting; this shema star also has….this white palace in sky that the new agers all boohoo over. Maitreya's home and blah, blah, blah. It makes you sick. They have these cisterns. These caldrons inside of them. I would imagine that every one of these yellow stars that we see at night…..they all feed this way…it's not just them, but all of them. They feed this way. The grey aliens….they have these cisterns in them, so they need humans to be the body parts in these caldrons they have. That's why they are luring these gullible New Agers and anybody else that they can, to come up into their UFOs so that they can kill them and put them into these vats so they can eat them in these cisterns. Very gross. People think this is crazy, but I found it in the Bible. And I had written this article ages ago.

The Lord gave me an idea of going through and writing this little booklet….maybe a 50 page booklet on the simple truths that I have revealed over the years, so that people don't have to sit and read through all of my articles. If you printed out some of my articles, they are like 30 pages long and others may be 4 or 5 pages long. It varies. So what I'm doing is going through and pulling out the nuggets. Pulling out the simple truths that I wrote the entire article about to begin with and put in a 50 page booklet and sell them on my website. I have to find ways to cover expenses and I'm not going to commercialize the Lord. I would never do that. I never charge for anything, but if people want to donate, they can get this free booklet or buy it. It will be relatively cheap. And I'll have special bulk rates so people can get a bunch and get them out to their family and friends.

In Micah chapter 3, verses 2 and 4, I have this one part, Can Bad Things Happen to A Born Again Believer? You bet they can. Look in Micah 3:2-5. It says:

Who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones; Who also eat the flesh of my people

HE's talking about the fallen angels here. The aliens.

and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the pot, and as flesh within the caldron.

(caldron is another word for cistern)

Then shall they cry unto the LORD, but he will not hear them: he will even hide his face from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings.

HEs talking about people being abducted by these fallen angels/aliens, and being chopped up and put into these caldrons. So its talking about Christians being abducted by aliens and killed by them. So yes, it is very possible. And why does the Lord allow it? Because they were in sin. Christians living in sin…being in sin. That's why it's so dangerous when you get to the churches theology; this license to sin mentality they have. Oh we can't all be perfect. We're all sinners." And that's a bunch of crap. The Lord says we can be overcomers. HE didn't sin and HE was an example for us. If you have sin in your life, that's a good reason to make sure you are praying everyday and asking for forgiveness so that's not being held against you. These aliens know who you are. They can lure you to sin, and they can abduct you and take you. When you sin, you give them access. And the Lord says that HE will allow it to happen because they've been in sin. They've been in sin. It says that HE will not hear them when they're pleading to HIM and yelling to HIM for help. HE will not hear them. HE is talking about HIS people. HE is not talking about tare nations or serpent seedline or anybody; HE's talking about HIS people. HE says, Who also eat the flesh of my people, which means HIS people are also being used.

I've talked about the giants that are coming. The Annuniki. They are the ones who eat flesh. They are the ones who eat humans. If they are not eaten by giants, you've got the grey aliens to worry about because they can abduct you in their UFOs, chop you up and put you in their caldrons. Then we have the martial law coming against us because Muslims hate Christians and will enforce Islam all over the world which will probably be this one world religion that's coming. Some kind of New Age/Muslim mix. Either way they hate Christians. It doesn't matter which religion it is, they all hate Christians. On every corner, we've got hatred and people wanting to hurt us and harm us. That's what we have coming, folks. And that's not coming; it already here.

The aliens have been abducting people for 60 years that I know of. Probably longer than that. But our country started making treaties with these aliens, so they not only acknowledge their existence, but started making treaties with them back in the 1930's. People have been abducted since them. You've got 300,000 milk carton kids a year. Where do you think they're going? Where do you think these kids are going? How come in 10 years, 3 million kids that were once milk carton kids haven't showed up? And they like healthy adults. They're stake out fitness places and body building contests and stuff like that, because they like fit adults. They don't like the addictions of adults because it makes them taste bad. They don't like caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, drugs. So they tend to go after children the most. And they have. When you talk about some of these people that have been in underground bases, they were victims of the Monarch Program, they talk about being in these underground bases and seeing these people in cages. Not just in Dulce Base but there was one over in San Antonio Texas somewhere. He describes being in an underground base and seeing hundreds of cages and people crammed in there being held prisoner.

I just got to thinking the other night; how convenient to put it over by the border by Mexico, because who would miss all these Mexicans coming across the border. Who would know what happened to them? Their families know they are going to America and never hear from them again. They wouldn't know they were dead. So who would miss all these illegals crossing the border? It's the perfect place for aliens to abduct people without making so much of a stink. Nobody would miss them being gone….and sure enough there is a base down there doing exactly that.

If you're afraid…if it scares you, then you need to get right with the Lord. Perfect love casts out fear. Just love HIM more. Ask HIM to teach you how to love HIM more. Fear is a lack of faith and trust in HIM. If you are fearful, just ask HIM to teach you how to love HIM more.

So yeah, we're getting down to crunch time, folks. There are a lot of things coming up. July being a dominant month form more and more of these meteors falling….these UFOs and starships. Which is why I think they're going to make their move soon. Especially now, that you can look up into the sky and I'm making it obvious for everybody out there. They hate when I expose stuff. You can just go out there…..anybody can go out and look for yellow tinted stars and take a pair of binoculars and see that it's a UFO starship. It's a no brainer when all you need is a pair of binoculars. I've said that a lot of people won't believe in their existence until one lands on top of their head. All they need now is a pair of binoculars

Yeah, it's getting to be crunch time folks. I'll be wrapping it up for this show.

If you sent question for the show, I'll get to those next week. I don't know if I'll have a show on Memorial Day or not. We'll see. If I don't, I'll post it on my website and send an email to my lists. Until then, I'll go ahead and plan on doing a show.

Until next week everybody,

Yah bless.