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May 4, 2009


And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday, May 04, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.


A couple of things I want to talk about tonight. Yeah…it’s getting to be crunch time.


I got an email earlier this week. I knew it was coming. In fact, I had talked to my friend last month and I said, “Here comes warning number 1 million 999 trillion.” I knew they were going to contact me. I had seen in the Bible Codes; the Lord showed me that. Sure enough on May 1st (I think that’s the satanic new year) I received an anonymous email directed towards The Resistance, which is me, Sherry Shriner. Someone sent that to me. I want to read it. It says:


Sherry, we have sent you the signs. You know to much. The Orgone blasters have left us no choice but to shut you and the resistance down. Your site is no match for our advanced technology. We will commence a shutdown immediately.


So after being humored about it for a while (and I am when they do send me something), I asked the Lord about it. I’m going to read His response and some of the other things that He had to say to me last week. I won’t read it word for word. I write things down as best I can in so many words, basically. They’re not always word for word from HIM, but usually as close as possible. 


The Lord said:


"They did contact you. They are implementing their plans to take you down and destroy your ministry. They will have some success but not all..be prepared child for the coming attacks against you, both visible and invisible. I am with You. They have petitioned Me to end your life, I will not allow it, but I have not told them My plans. They will see Me in My glory and that you are Mine.


Satan (our adversary) is furious...you have accomplished much when they thought you would be ignored..now they see you're ministry wasn't one of words, but action..and your works are everywhere and through many people...results speak volumes, and yes child, the results are in My hands.


They are planning and plotting against you..I will not tell you everything child, but know that I am with you and as always, WE will be a step ahead of them.


I love to hear you laugh child, it's medicine to the masses and it cheers Me to hear you and your dedication to Me.


And I’m not going to make public the other things that He said to me. But He did confirm they are plotting. I’ve seen it in the Bible Codes. When I’ve told you before, when you see Dick Cheney in the codes, he’s up to no good. He’s always planning someone’s demise…so he thinks. I’ve seen him in the codes. I’ve seen Al Gore. Barack Obama. They’re all plotting.



So it could get interesting. I’ve warned you guys before that my websites will be taken down. That’s what came to mind when the Lord said, “They will have some success but not all,” in the fact that they probably will take my websites down… and probably shut down my radio show.


I don’t know if this will be the last Monday I ever do a show or not. I don’t know if I’ll have next week. I don’t know how much longer my websites will be up. All I know is that they are plotting and planning to end my ministry. They can take it off the internet, but they can never end it. They can make it impossible for me to get on the internet. They can make it impossible for others to get to my websites…but they can’t stop what we’re doing. Too many people already have the knowledge of what Orgone is and what we’ve been doing with it over the years. And they can continue on whether I’m on the internet or not.


I’ve always said I’m not here to build an army; I’m here to wake one up. A lot of people have been woken up. And they’ll just have to carry on. If I don’t have an internet presence, they’ll have to carry on with themselves. We’re the Lord’s Warriors. I don’t have followers. The Lord has followers. We’re His Warriors. We’re His Servants. We follow Him. So just continue on, whether I’m on the internet, have an internet presence or not. Just carry on.


You can download all my archives. All you have to do is go to a link and right click on it. Then click on “save as”. You can save it to your desktop. You can make a folder inside of your computer for my radio shows. Just go to a link and right click on it and click on save as. You can go through and save all my archives. You can save all my radio shows. You can copy and paste information off of my websites. Put it into Word for Windows or whatever program you have. I even have all my articles in zip format on my websites. You can download that in zip format and have my articles. There are programs you can by where you can download websites onto them and save them. I just really don’t know how much longer my websites will be up, or how long my radio shows will continue on. Just a heads up on that….and getting prepared. I told you guys several months ago, they’ve always been planning to take my sites down. Now there just seems to be a little bit more bite to their bark. Especially when the Lord Himself confirms that they’re planning and plotting. He often does that for me. He will let me know bits and pieces of what’s going on around me. I’ve often seen assassins come to my town and turn around and leave. This kind of stuff has been going on for years. It’s nothing new to me. But you can almost feel the crunch time coming. You can almost feel it.



I’ve told you that Swine Flu is a wakeup call from the Lord Himself. People need to wake up. And they need to repent, come back to HIM or die. I’ve had some conversations with Him throughout the week. The Lord telling me to tell you guys a few things, so I’m going to do that. I wrote things down as He was speaking. He said:


Tell them child how My judgments are coming on the world.


And His judgments are, folks. We’ve got the entire Book of Revelation. I was going to go through and remind you about the seals, the four horsemen that are riding and the last two are coming and getting ready to ride, being Maitreya and Sananda. They’re both right around the corner, folks.


The Lord told me that most of us focus on Satan’s plan for the world, when HE said to focus on HIS. He said:


Tell them MY plans for the world and they can repent and turn to ME or die in their sins or a time of testing of their faith.


He wasn’t talking to me about any huge rapture to come and rapture everybody off the earth before the boogie men come. The boogie man comes and the armies start destroying America and ripping it apart.


It’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along, because He never contradicts Himself.


The Bride will be allowed to be tested for their faith. The way we can correlate that today is through martial law. We have martial law coming on America. HE is going to allow it. And I’ve said this martial law is nothing short of Satan’s war on the Saints. HE is going to allow His people to be rounded up, tested and put into these camps….to test your faith. That’s why He is saying now people need to wake up or die in their sins.


Most of the Bride today….are probably are the deafest and blindest people you can run into. If they’re not expecting a rapture to come, then they totally disregard anything about Satan’s technological kingdom run by high tech, UFOs, underground bases and the New World Order conspiracy….when they hear the word “conspiracy”, they think its fiction after that. A conspiracy just means questions that haven’t been answered. A lot of people are waking up…just so many that aren’t.


You have been a blessing to ME child, HE said. You have followed as I have led. MY people. Now lead MY people leading again the last time you will speak to MY people in a public forum.


It very well could be. This could be the last radio show I do. He doesn’t have any concept of time. He always tells me, “Soon.”


Things are just going to start commencing. Just take it for what it is.



They are (and He’s talking about the Satan freaks that control the world behind and in front of the scenes). They are surprised because they have no control and must find answers. They believe Satan’s lies that he rules the world. Now I will show them all WHO rules the world.



That’s the thing with a lot of these Satanists and secret society people….the Masons. So busy trying to control every aspect of the Earth that they freak out when they lose control and realize that they don’t have any control.


One of the things that I thought was amusing in regards to the Orgone and what it’s been doing to Satan; I’ve been laughing about the UFOs crashing to the Earth since last year and its going to continue. They’re going to continue crashing to the Earth because they are combustible aircraft and they can crash.


Those in space and in underground bases; this Orgone, which I’ve talked about for a long time….and you can go to my website at orgoneblasters.com, is a positive energy. What it does to them, because they are evil, is it burns them and it boils them. It has burnt a lot them. A lot of them have died. A lot of them are dead. A lot of their ships have crashed because it’s just melted the metal. I don’t know how it affects the metal on these UFO ships, but the Orgone does when they try to enter our dimension….and I’ve said that Orgone is a dimensional weapon. It not only permeates the third dimension and helps us, but it also permeates the fourth dimension. When it goes into their dimension (the wicked and demonic dimension) it burns them. That’s what’s been destroying Satan and his forces.


And they are embarrassed by it. They are shocked by it. I see “embarrassed”, “ashamed”, “shocked”. Terms like that in the Bible Codes in regards to this fiasco that’s happening to them. They even have a façade that they portray to all the hybrid offspring on Earth that they have. You have those who willingly follow and worship them, like the Clinton’s and the Bush’s and all the serpent seedline families on Earth. They believe what they are told by these beings; that they're ascended masters, they’re rulers, they’re gods and whatever. Then when a little ragtag army starts putting positive energy around the world and destroys Satan’s kingdom….he has a lot of answering to do at that point because they believe that he is god. What I’ve always said is it’s going to make people question it and make people realize, if he’s not god then he’s being judged by God. That’s something that they have to look at….you would think anyway. He is definitely under the judgment of God. So if he’s under the judgment of God, how can they be gods? You would think that people would wake up and start asking some simple questions in that way.


Another thing HE had to say:


Repent or die, is MY warning to the world.


That’s the Lord’s warning to the world; Repent or die.


He said:


They don’t see MY hand. They’ve been trained and coached to always see someone else’s or someone else’s agenda on the world. Famines, droughts, pestilences; people stopped looking at why I would bring judgment to the land and started looking for other reasons, replacing ME. I allow these things to happen, yet people don’t seek ME or seek MY heart as why I would use these judgments on them.



That is hugely true…obviously because He said it. In the past when there was a drought, they knew it was because of a judgment. When there was any kind of disaster on the earth, they knew it was a judgment from God. In this century,  instead of saying or knowing, “That’s a judgment from God. What have we done to make HIM angry? We need to repent of our sins….we need to get back to HIM! They look for agenda reasons. “Oh it’s the New World Order and their weather weapons.” Usually it is, but you have to remember I’ve said the Lord uses people to fulfill His purposes. He can allow our governments to use their weather weapons to further promote His will on Earth. And He’s always used Satan in the same way. Satan is just a pawn. The Lord uses him to further promote His will on Earth. These governments and people and Satan and all his forces; they’re just pawns for Him to use for His will. We are servants here on Earth to be used for His will and they are just pawns. He allows mankind to put weather catastrophes on Earth. Hurricanes, tornados, things used by weather weapons.


So instead of focusing all the time what the New World Order is doing or what their weapons are doing, we need to focus on why Yah is allowing it. Why is the Lord allowing that? He is ultimately the One allowing it. So what is His will and His purpose behind allowing death and destruction on the Earth? I’ll tell you what it almost always comes back to - Repent or Die. Repent or suffer the consequences of His judgments on the Earth. We are a wicked nation. We’ve turned into a just wicked world period. We’ve got Satan’s agenda running all over the place with the homosexuality agenda, drugs and the abuse of alcohol.


The abuse of drugs is rampant today. Most people think because it’s prescribed its okay, but the Lord detests mans sorceries and all this pharmacy. You walk in and tell a doctor that you’re depressed and he puts you on these anti-depressants that probably half the world is on. It allows Satan access to control you. That’s what’s happening to a lot of people. They take these antidepressants and then don’t even recognize who they are anymore. They are hearing voices in their head and doing all kinds of wicked and violent things because its Satan’s control that he gets over them. When you are on drugs, you are on his playground. That’s the same thing with alcohol abuse. When you abuse alcohol, you are on his playground. When you go into these New Age world religions and the meditation…you walk into his playground. So he’s going to jump on you. He’s going to be able to make you do bad things…make you suffer through bad things – because you’re on his playground. If you don’t want to be messed with Satan, get off his playground.


It’s almost a two-fold attack anyway because when you’re not on Satan’s playground and simply seeking the Lord for the truth in all things everyday and you’re building a relationship with Him, the first thing you’re going to see is Satan attacking you all the time. Satan and the government; hand in hand anymore. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard from people that once they can get on my websites….because I’ve heard from many that can’t, then they’re immediately harassed by the government. They’ll start getting weird looking cars outside of their house, or black helicopters over their house. Something always weird. Something weird going on. That’s just Satan’s way of attacking the Lords people, and of course, we’ve been going through that for years.


And he has full control over the internet, folks. Any website you go to, he knows you’ve been there. They can track you. They can follow you. The CIA owns all of the servers and all of the IP addresses on the internet. When you buy a website, you get an IP address for that website. They can stick any kind of tracking device on it they want to. In computer speak I think they call them “cookies”. So whatever website you go to, you’re going to get a cookie on your computer from visiting that website. The CIA controls all of that. They can track everywhere you’ve been. You can go to a cooking recipe website. I’m probably on those most out of anything on the internet. I like to look at recipes. They’d be quite bored trying to find my whereabouts on the internet. I don’t go anywhere. I go to some of the recipe sites online…and just my own to see if they’re still up. You never know from day to day if they’re up or down. But anyway, I go on rabbit trails all the time.


Back to what the Lord was saying. He wanted me to tell His people. He said:


Bring their thoughts back to ME, child. Tell them MY hand is over the world and Satan is just a puppet to fulfill MY plans. I am not secondary to HIM. I am the King of the world.


Its kindof a slap in the face really to all the churches in Christendom who always quote I think 1 Corinthians where Paul says that Satan is the god of this world. People assume that they’re always going to be secondary to Satan because someone has given Satan control of the world….he’s god of the world.


He’s not god of me. I’m a child of the King. HIS kingdom is within me, not Satan’s. He doesn’t rule over me. He’s not the god of my world. Literally, when you translate that from the Hebrew, he’s just a ruler within the world. And there are many rulers. There are many rulers. There is more than just one ruler in the world. Satan just being one of them. And when they translated that in the KJV, they just made it sound like Satan was now god of this world. I’ve always been angry when I’ve read that. Just some of the things that you’ll catch in the KJV that just crawls under your skin, and that’s just one of them. The Lord is reasserting exactly Who HE is.


I am not secondary to Satan. I am King of the world, HE says.


So realize who you are in HIM. Once people realize who they are in HIM and believe it, you wouldn’t let Satan and all his little scumbag forces harass and torment you all the time. You would take the power that you have over him in Yahushua’s Name and cast them back to Hell. Cast them to the abyss. It’s always warfare. You only get beat up when you decide to sit down and do nothing.


A couple of things He said:


Time is short now. My people will be thrown into derision. Many will question and lose their faith in ME. Tell me child, it’s not ME that has abandoned them, but it is them who must come to me and abandon their false religions, teachings and in simplicity, come to ME as their Father to lead and guide them.


That’s what the Bible states; to have childlike faith. You have to have that child-like faith to come to the Father. Anybody else who tries to come to the Father is a thief and a robber. The churches could never put two and two together. That totally blasts in the face of Damascus Road revelation of Paul. I’ve often said that if the Lord would knock Paul off his horse with a blinding light so that he would believe in Him, then why can’t He do that to our family and loved ones who don’t believe in Him?


People just can’t put two and two together of what Paul is in the New Testament. He was a liar and a manipulator sent in to destroy early Christianity….and that’s exactly what he’s done. People need to get away from their apostasies and their errors, and in simplicity, come back to Him as their Father.


The war on the Saints will begin in retaliation for the many deaths of the wicked and lawless ones.


I’ve said that before myself, that it would be retaliation. That’s exactly what it’s going to be. If I had to put a date on it…I’ve realized how bad I am with trying to put dates on things, because you really can’t with the Bible Codes. We’re dealing with different dimensions here. And we’re the only dimension that deals with time.


Maitreya is going to arrive with a bang…with bangs. Blowing up all over the place…his forces. It’s going to continue. I would have to say, just watch for Maitreya’s entrance on earth. His big announcement that he’s teacher of the world and whatever. Shortly after his arrival and he establishes his presence here on earth, he’s going to come after the Saints. That’s when the war on the Saints will begin.


And a warning from the Lord:


Tell them to stay away from the UFOs. To stay away from the false prophets and false teachers that will try to sway them to their religions, science and logic and to stay focused in ME.


He said:


I am not speaking through any of them.


He’s not speaking through Benny Hinn and Maitreya and this Jesus Esu Immanuel…Sananda that’s coming. He’s not speaking through any of them.


And He is certainly not speaking through any of these ascended masters that are coming. There are going to be many of them. I talk about Maitreya and Sananda, because they’re going to play the two main roles as Antichrist and False Prophet, but there are going to be many more of them, maybe even close to 200. Just all proclaiming to be these ascended masters and gods, rulers and everything else. The Lord isn’t speaking through any of them.



He’s warned: Stay away from the UFOs. When you see UFOs coming, don’t run to them; run away from them. I can see a lot of them coming in a last ditch effort to abduct people off the earth so they can use them as food. That’s what they do. There’s going to be a lot of things coming.


He said:


Stay away from the supernatural events coming upon the world. The signs in miracles in space and on land, they are not from HIM. Everything Satan does will be flawed. If people can’t see that, then they deserve the judgment they will receive.


That’s what He said. And he (Satan) is very good but he’s not perfect. The only perfect one is the Most High, the Lord Himself. When you can look at them and see flaws, and hypocrisies and contradictions in what they’re doing or what they’re saying, then you can know they aren’t the truth. They’re not the Life. There is only one that is. And that’s the Lord Himself.


It’s going to become more and more rampant with the UFOs. I know the New Ager’s are teaching that when these ascended masters come, they’re going to come and beam up all their little followers to them. They’re going to stop and pick them up and take them off the earth, while the earth goes through a cleansing period. And they tell these New Ager’s that they’re going to take them to other planets. They’re going to take them up in the ships. It’s silly. I’ve been warning for years to stay away from the UFOs. They’re just going to take you to Hell. And the Lord Himself saying: Stay away from the UFOs. There’s your warning. Mary K. Baxter in A Divine Revelation of Hell, talking about how she saw UFOs full of people descending into Hell. And that’s when she was in Hell and being given a tour and wrote called A Divine Revelation of Hell. That’s on my website at sherryshriner.com.


She was warning 20 -30 years ago that these UFOs were going to be used to take people into Hell. Then the big teaching comes up in the New Age religion about how you can escape the coming earth cleansing by getting into a UFO.


If you can’t see the irony and the contradictions, folks….it’s like the Lord said they’ll deserve their judgment. They’ll deserve what they receive. He said he would make things so obvious that even the blind could see and the deaf could hear. How they can’t see and hear by now, I don’t know. I’ve been talking about the Orgone warriors and how this Orgone is causing the UFOs to crash. How you can’t see and hear that now, I’ll never know. Just that alone. They’re crashing all over the world because we have Orgone all over the world. In fact, everywhere we have Orgone they’re crashing. Even their little grand charade and everything they have planned coming. The reason they keep stalling is because they're emaciated, they’re sick, they’re dying. So it’s hard to come to earth and pull off this whole, “We’re from heaven…we’re heavenly host…we’re angelic beings,” when they have boils on them and they’re dying. It’s pretty hard to pull that one off.


Just some of the things coming up…and that’s why there’s so many delays, folks. And that’s also the Lord delaying things. That one last second wakeup call for anybody that has strayed away from Him who’s left. His Mercy is great.


We’ve been waiting a long time in delays. Eventually there will be no more delays; things are going to get going. I don’t know how much time we do have left. They are already plotting and planning to take down and destroy my ministry. They are petitioning Him to take my life. I have no fear of these people...these beings…these things. You shouldn’t either, folks. Just stay focused on the Lord. We’re just seeing some fun stuff coming. Other than just some real judgment from the Lord coming on the Earth.


If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.


Question from a listener: Do you think Prophet Tom Deckhart is a false prophet? He is saying there are no woman angels.


Answer: That’s the typical Baptist doctrine; that there are no women angels. And yes, there are many women angels. And there are many women demons, just as there are men. He couldn’t be a prophet and not have truth. He’s too stupid to be one. So that’s my answer to you. If he doesn’t even have any basic knowledge of Heaven and Hell and how things operate, no, there’s no way he can be a prophet.  


Comment from a listen: You can always post shows on You Tube and do updates on My Space.


Sherry: Yeah….I’m too stupid for You Tube. I don’t; know a thing about You Tube. My Space I can handle. I don’t think I’m going to really have the capacity to be on the computer because….I mean, if they want to take down my websites I’d just put them back up. It’s beyond the point. I think there’s something happening to where I just won’t be able to be on the computer anymore because they couldn’t keep me off.


Question from a listener: Sherry, I was reading an article where they stated that Obama’s mother was a white Jew and his father a black man. Could he be the real Antichrist? He certainly acts like Antichrist. Hes arrogan and some people have said that he doesn’t show desire for women and as the Bible describes, the man of sin.


Answer: They’ve all been homosexuals. Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton. Like I’ve said there really isn’t any change in the White House. The two qualifications….there are probably more…but I can think offhand, is to be a homosexual, a bi-sexual in their cases and a coke addict.  That’s the most dominant thing you see about the president in the Bible Codes. Those two things. I’m just being arrogant here. I’m just saying what I see is dominant amongst them all the time. And yes, he could be the Antichrist, because it could very well happen that Maitreya will never get to earth. That we will be successful in just killing him with the Orgone, and with his UFOs not even being able to get to earth. Yeah, Obama could be the Antichrist. It’s always an option. It’s always a route.


Comment from a listener: Dear Sherry, I know time is short, so here is a writing that I did in 2006 concerning mystery Babylon.


Goodbye Babylon. I will forever miss you. You were once a beloved nation. One nation under God, but no more. You once stood for truth. You have fallen. You have fallen from grace and left only disgrace.

I shall forever miss you.

A nation of great wealth and merchandise has come to naught. Destruction is in your land. Destruction is in your land.

Take heed sons and daughters, keep you lamps filled with oil. Be watchful and pray always, for you know not the day or hour your Lord shall come. Blessed is he that watches and has his lamp full. A voice cries out into the wilderness of what’s to come. Come out of her my People. Come out of her My people, that you be not partakers of her sin. That you receive not of her plagues. For the hour of her judgment has come.

Strong is the Lord God who judges her.

Land of the free, home of the brave has become a morsel of slaves.

Whoa Babylon. Whoa Babylon. I cry for thee.


That’s a pretty good poem.


One of the things I was talking about last week to a friend of mine; the one thing that America seems to pride itself on…they’re so stupid about is that we’re the melting pot of the nations. They are so proud about being a melting pot and bringing in all these other nations peoples and letting them migrate here. That’s been the downfall of America. That’s been the downfall. The mere foundation for our total destruction would have been the fact that we became a melting pot and let all these other people and religions into our nation.


Nowhere in Israel’s history did you ever see them compromise or willingly allow other people to join and live with them as a nation unless the adopted their beliefs and ways and they followed the Lord’s Commandments. They followed the Most High. They would never allow any other nation or peoples to become a part of Israel that hadn’t accepted HIS ways. They didn’t allow them to come and live amongst them and carry on with their stupid voodoo and witchcrafts and sorceries and everything else. That’s been the downfall of America. 


If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.


Question from a listener: You always say and do what the Lord leads you to, so I ask, “Do you know anyone that the Lord has revealed all these truths, yet kept them at their church?” I don’t believe that my church is conventional because the predominant message everyone gave testimony about at a recent women’s retreat was that the Lord was calling them to a personal relationship, what you have been saying for years. I believe for some reason the Lord is calling all of our members individually.


Answer: I can’t say. I mean, the Lord tells me that they’re not HIS churches. I know there are a few handfuls out there that are pulling away from apostasies. What I’ve been seeing happening is, the churches that are pulling away from apostasies end up being small churches in living rooms again, because the pastors are losing their churches for doing that. And they start up all over again in the own homes or whatever. Most people want to hear the false theologies and the false teachings that are taking place today. That’s simply why the Lord said most of them are not His churches.


Comment from a listener: Sherry, please stay on the air as long as you can tonight. We love to hear you speak. Thank you for being a voice. I’ll pray for you. We all love you out here.


Sherry: I love you too. I love all my listeners. I love all my supporters. I want to thank the supporters over the years for supporting this ministry. I couldn’t have started it without listener support years ago and it’s definitely what’s kept it on the air all these years. We never know how much time we have.


Question from a listener: Sherry, is the crisis that Biden talked about the lizard Obama being tested?


Answer: No because they didn’t see this one coming. This one is from the Lord.


Question: Are people zombies? They have to know that they are making these bio weapons.


Answer: I was just talking about this to my friend the other day too. The biggest difference between me and Steve Quayle and everybody on the internet; they have their military and government sources on the next attacks taking place in America, and I just listen to the Lord Himself.  I don’t need military and government contacts. The Lord tells me what’s coming and that’s what He has me focused on. So that’s why I started warning you months ago there was going to be a pandemic coming, while everybody else was telling you these bio-attacks were coming.


That was their original plan. That was their original plan. What is was…whatever they were going to do; the Lord didn’t have me focused on it because He wasn’t going to allow it to happen. We were going to have nuclear and bio-attacks here in America, without a doubt…without a doubt. But the Lord threw a wrench in their plans. So now we have Swine Flu. I told you there was a pandemic coming. The Lord said it’s a wakeup call. What they’re going to do now is retaliate because they’ve lost control. All of a sudden they’ve got this flu, where it came from, what it is. I’ll tell you right now, its judgment from the Lord. Probably being able to use the Orgone for that. So what they’re going to do is come out with vaccinations that will kill and hurt people. Their cure is always worse than the problem to begin with. Don’t ever get vaccinations, folks. They are designed to kill you. I sent a thing out earlier this week, someone had sent me about this strain is already merging and becoming an airborne HIV strain. All that is them. They’re going to start throwing their hand into the mixture to try and offset what the Lord has done…what the Lord started. They’re retaliating, is what they are doing. That’s what we’re going to be dealing with now. I don’t know how far it’s going to go with their retaliation. We just have to sit and watch.


Question from a listener: Sherry, does this mean you are really done after this week? Are you saying this is it, or only if they shut you down? Are you retiring?


Answer: I’m not retiring; I’m just saying I’ve got aliens saying they’re going to shut me down. The government is after me to shut me down. And the Lord has confirmed that they will have partial success. So I’m just saying be prepared in case this is my last show. If I’m here next week, so be it. If I’m here the week after and the week after, so be it. But I can see the writing on the wall that I probably don’t have too much longer. Just be prepared. If I’m no longer on the internet, you need to carry on with what you are doing…what we are doing with the Orgone war against them and getting prepared. There will probably be some kind of quarantine thing. Or even with this huge alien and UFO invasion I’m seeing coming, you won’t want to leave your house. So be prepared to stay in your house for at least 2 – 3 months. Have food, have medicine, and have something for your kids to do so they’re not pulling the last hair out of your head. Be prepared to stay home. To be locked in your home. And not forcefully, but voluntarily, because you don’t want to leave your house. Be prepared either way folks.


Question from a listener: How would one person know what the real rapture is, verses the Blue Beam Project or artificial rapture?


Answer: What’s the real rapture? The real rapture is so small, no one is going to know what happened. The rapture of 144,000 off the earth. They get the Lord’s Name written in their forehead and get to come back to earth. It’s just so small and so quick, people don’t even know it’s happening. So there won’t be any confusion. There won’t be any multi-million people rapture off the earth where everybody is saying, “What happened? Where did they all go?” That is made for TV, TBN, Masonic satanic freak movie theater. That dogma has been rampant in the church for ages. Now the Lord does say, He will protect His people during the hour of testing. The hour of testing is not the Tribulation Period. An hour is a short period of time and in particular, this hour of testing that He’s talking about is when the mark of the Beast is enforced on the world. He will protect His people then. He doesn’t say how He will protect you. He doesn’t say that He’s going to rapture them off the earth; He just says that He will protect them during that time. People need to get out of their heads that they’re goig to be whisked off this earth before any of these prophesied last days prophecies start coming about, because you’re going to be here. You are going to be here. That’s why so many people are going to lose their faith in Him, because they believed these apostasies. They believed all these false teachings all these years. Then when they start to see these things happening; either Maitreya and Sananda coming, or Obama saying that he is god and they recognize him as the Antichrist, they’ll be like, “Where’s the rapture? Why am I still here? It must be me. I must not really be a Christian/” They're going to start questioning their faith and their love for the Lord. It’s going to be a mess. That’s why the Lord says, Leave your apostasies. Leave your teachings and just come to me with simple child-like faith. And ask Him to teach you the truth in all things.


Question for a listener: Do you think some of our leaders will die from this Swine Flu?


Answer: I would hope so. I mean, they’re all swine.


Question: Do you have any suggestions for some great underground bases to target? Thank you for all you do. An avid listener.


Answer: I’ve target Dulce. I’ve targeted the reptilian base in Taos. There are bases in Texas that I’ve never gotten to. I don’t know where it is. I think its somewhere around San Antonio. Somewhere in south Texas. If anybody knows about that one. We got the base in Kentucky. As the Lord shows them to me, I get them. There are bases…there are over 100, so how do you know where they’re all at unless something becomes so obvious that the Lord directs you and tells you where it is? Just ask Him. Just ask Him to lead you if there are any bases that He needs you to target.


Folks, if we got all the water supplies in our country, it would target every base. They need water. They need water. And they use our water supplies. You’ve seen lakes disappear overnight. Ponds overnight. Where’d they go. Gone to an underground base. Target private lakes, private ponds, rivers and streams, we would target every single underground base. Put Orgone pipes in the water. The Colorado River. The Mississippi River. The Ohio River. All the main rivers. Even some that aren’t even on the map. Just go target them. Get old maps. The new ones leave so much stuff off of them. Get maps from the 1970’s if you can. Those are the most truthful maps. Compare a map from the 70’s to a map of today. Roads missing. Lakes missing. Parks missing. And its on purpose. It’s not like they just accidently left it off. In fact, when I’ve been on road trips, we’ve had like 3 or 4 maps of one area because they always say something different. Just a heads up.


Swine flu. I do know Obama is burning from the Orgone. He needs a get out of D.C. card. He needs something. The thing with them is if they’re not human, they can just pull up another clone. All these leaders in Washington, they can just make another one. They’re just clones to begin with, so….is a human leader going to die? Define “human” leader. They’re all possessed. They’re soul-scalped. They’re possessed. Anybody that’s really in the agenda, there are no humans there. So you would think that swine flu would affect them, but who knows. Swine Flu is not necessarily targeting them to destroy them as much as it is to wake up the stupid sleeping people. It’s a wakeup call is what it is. The Lord has said His judgment is going to be on the tare nations. So its going to be all these other people caught in the cross fires of the Lord’s judgments that are going to get hurt. Meanwhile all these evil and cloned beings that are running our governments and militaries; I don’t know if they’ll be effected or not because they’re not even human to begin with. One of these days people are going to know I’m right. Maybe when the partition is lifted, the canaopy is open and people can see the difference between human and demonic and alien beings. They’ll see I was right.



Question from a listener: One of our major problems is Mr. Joe Six-pack. He works all day, comes home to watch football and empty a six-pack. Pays his bills. It’s an endless cycle. Joe Sixpack never studies the Bible and refuses to listen to news. Howe many Joe Six-packs do we have in America?


Answer: Too many. We have too many, Mr and Mrs. Joe Six-packs. People think they have the truth, and that’s the problem. When the start to feel guilty, they just pile up the beast churches on Sunday and that’s supposed to make them feel better. Give the beasts some more money and keep promoting and supporting them instead of the Lord’s real people. And it just gets worse. The cycle never ends.



 Question: Sherry, are allergy shots included in the vaccinations you’ve warned us not to get?


Answer: Don’t get any shots. Don’t get vaccinations. Don’t get allergy shots. You don’t need them. There are holistic and natural ways to deal with sickness, so research those out. Just stay away. More people die of getting hit by old ladies every year than have died from Swine Flu so far. I wouldn’t worry about it. What I would worry about is what they're going to do in retaliation. Part of their retaliation is the vaccine that they’re going to come out with, so stay away from the vaccine, folks.



If you’re in an area where you can even find 10 people that are open to the Lords truth and know half of the truths that I teach, that would be a huge rarity. Even on my lists, my Orgone list and my New World Order list, there are people alone all over the world that don’t have anybody else to talk to because nobody in their area is on the same page they are on. They don’t have the same faith in the Lord or the same truth journey they are on. So naturally everybody thinks they are nuts when they try and wake people up to what going on. So many people are alone. If you could have 10 people to have a church, that would be amazing.


Question from a listener: I had a dream. Me and my wife were fighting against an alien being. I also had a black heli with a thunderbolt down the side visit my home and I just got GPS from census. I got the Mississippi.


Answer: I’ve got the Mississippi myself a couple of time. Good old Mississippi River. This whole GPS thing; people wanting to know why they need exact coordinate of your house. I’ll tell you exactly why. So they can pin you exactly with their satellite weapons from space. They know your exact coordinates. I’ve had some kind of GPS tracking device out in one of my bushes once. My kids saw it, took it out and stomped on it into a million pieces. It was flashing a red color. And that was after the experience I had talked about previously on the show before getting hit with this satellite weapon. This huge loud boom. I thought that a truck hit the front of my house. It was a satellite beam weapon. The Lord wasn’t going to allow them to. But that’s what they want it for. They want everybody’s GPS location so they know exactly where you are so they can blow you up from space. Am I afraid of them? No. Should you be? No.


Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, I’ve been following Peggy Kane’s reverse speaking. They keep talking about a net that’s controlling us and keeping us from the Most High. In a nutshell, we’re all shutdown humans in a matrix. What do you think of this? They refer to Yahweh as the One.


Answer: The net is the canopy. The partition between God and man. The veil that’s over the earth. It keeps us from seeing into the fourth dimension. That’s what they are talking about. The matrix is coming down. Regardless of how they interpret things, the matrix is burning now and it’s coming down. All that is the part of space that’s being saturated with Orgone and that whole veil is going to be lifted. When it is, people on earth are going to be merged. The third and fourth dimensions will be merged. Literal hell on earth. Literal hell on earth. They’re going to be here with us. They're not going to be able to fly off and escape because their UFOs aren’t going to work. And they won’t’ be able to even access the fourth dimension any longer. They’re going to be stuck in our dimension. It’s going to be a literal time of Hell on earth. The Bible talks about it. It’s called the Tribulation Period. And the Lord’s judgment will be here.


Just remember, He’s removing the wicked off the earth. It’s the wicked that are removed off the earth. So all these plagues and judgments that are coming, are to remove the wicked. The way that Satan will come after the saints in the war on the Saints is through manmade means, such as martial law. Such as vaccinations. Any way that he can get you to accept his kool-aids, his poisons, his imprisonments. Those are his ways. So you need to focus on the Lord so you can hear Him leading and guiding you into what to do in these last days.


Comment from a listener: I was laughing tonight. What do I want? Swine Flu or Bird Flu? Chinese or Mexican?


Sherry: Take your choice. They are both tare nations….other than those who are redeemed by the Lord. Like I’ve said, it doesn’t matter what nation you are from; you can be redeemed by the Lord. It’s those who have not chosen His redemption that are going to be judged by Him.


Comment from a listener: Prayers are powerful. Maybe if we all pray for the Lord Yahushua to keep you on air and online longer, maybe our prayers will make a difference. All we can do is try our best and let Him do the rest. Faith, hope and gratitude to the Lord for all that is, was and will be. Thank you Sherry for the work you do in Him. God bless.


Anyway folks, I’ll say until next week. I may be here. I may be able to do a show, or may not. Like I’ve said we don’t know how long. The Lord is just giving a heads up that they’re plotting and planning to take this radio show down and my websites. We don’t know how much longer we have.


Until then, try and get everything off my websites. Try to download my archives. You can right click on the links and click save as. Also have all the shows in transcripts. You can go to sherrytranscripts.com.  A lot of my past shows being transcribed and even my current ones. She keeps it more up to date over there than I keep my own transcribe page on my sherrytalkradio.com site. You can go over there and print out the transcripts of past shows. She’s even gone as far back as 2007. She is just doing a lot of transcribing a lot of the shows I’ve done over the years. That would be a blessing to a lot of you if you could print those off.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless.