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Transcribed by Liz Patton


Sherry Talk Radio
June 1, 2009

And hello everybody. Itís Sherry Talk Radio. Youíre live. Its Monday, June 1st. If you have
a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking
those out later. Also, the questions that were sent in a couple of weeks ago that I never
got to. Iíve been trying to dig back in my email box and find those. Iíll try to answer those. I
donít know if Iíll get back to them. Theyíre way back. I get a lot of emails for my show. So if
you want to resend thoseÖ.put them to the front so I can get to them.

A couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. Actually, I had no idea what the Lord
wanted me to talk about tonight. I just ask Him to bring things to my mind throughout the
day. Just some of the stuff that keeps coming; itís nothing I havenít talked about before.
Just getting more intense, I guess you could call it. Time is winding down.

Itís one of the things Iíve kindof been in myself the last couple of months is just
preparatory mode. Getting ready. Right now, weíre in a delay. I told you before that with
the wakeup call; what they were calling the Swine Flu. That was definitely just a wakeup
call. Weíve been in a delay since then. This is kindof a time where people should be
getting ready to stay in their homes. Iíve talked about this before. When things start to
get chaoticÖ.chaos in the streetsÖ.martial lawÖ.stores closingÖ.government shutting
downÖ.things like that; people need to stay in their homes.  Somebody posted a
scripture to the list. Kind of a confirmation scripture. I wanted to read that. You can find it
Isaiah 26:20-21

Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee:
hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be past. For
behold, the LORD cometh out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth
for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more
cover her slain.

This kindof goes along with the warning Iíve been giving the last several months, to just
stay in your homes when things start.  I know the Lord has told me that He will protect His
People, but they need to use wisdom. You need to be where He can protect you and
where He can surround you with His angels. In our homes is exactly that. If you think
Satan has us all targeted with his little GPS toys where they can hone in on you; the Lord
has us targeted as well. His angels know where weíre at. I would much rather put my faith
in angels; the things I canít see, then Obamaís little satellite toys and the things I can. Our
faith in the Lord is what is going to persevere and get us through these things that are

Iíve been the target of their weapons. They are nothing compared to the Lord, folks. Iíve
been targeted with satellite ray guns, beams or whatever you want to call them. Meant to
blow up my house and all it did was give a loud boom.  Shook the house a little bit. What
they're plans were was to blow up my house and obviously it didnít happen. They still
havenít given up on that idea. They still havenít given up. So I find that interesting that
one of the things that the Lord keeps bringing to my mind is for His people to stay in their
homes. I know He can protect us there. If you donít have Orgone in your homes, you
need to do that.

I even remember back when I had written my first or second book. I canít really remember
which one it was. They were both back to back as I recall. Even before I had uploaded
the entire thing and sent it off to the publisher, the Lord had warned me to Orgone my
entire yard and get Orgone out in my house. I was basically still pretty new to the Orgone
back then. I really had no idea the things it could do back then. I was just learning about
it. I was seeking a way to stop all the ELF weapon attacks through the computer monitor
at me. It was shortly after that; probably about two or three months when that satellite
attack occurred. Is there a correlation? Was that satellite attack made null and void
because I had Orgone in the yard? I think there is some kind of correlation there.

I think itís some way of marking ourselves that we are warriors. This is a Lords believer.
Heís given us ways to protect and defend ourselves in the last days. What better way
than to know by what areas are orgoned? My people must be in that area. You canít
touch it. Anything you do to that area is going to come to no effect because theyíre

The Israelites were told to put blood on their doorposts for protection. Can you imagine in
2009, if the Lord was telling us to put blood on our doorpostsÖthe outcry? You hear
about it just from the Orgone. Just put Orgone pucks in your yard for protection. You can
imagine the outcry that we get on thatÖthe backlash. Can you imagine if He told us to
put blood on our door posts? This is much easier. Much, much easier.

People always say, ďwell the Lord is going to protect us,Ē and ďthat stuff is witchcraftĒ and
ďwe donít have to do anything.Ē These people are just stupid. They are stupid. I canít
remember a time when Israel needed help from the Lord that He didnít lead them to do
something. They marched around the walls of Jericho 7 times when they could have just
sat on their couches and said ďoh, the Lord is going to take care of us. Whatís on TV
tonight?Ē Even David went to the river or pond and picked up three smooth stones. He
didnít just take out Goliath, but took out his brothers with him. They had to do something.
Even looking upon a staff with a serpent on it to be healed of some plague that was going
on amongst the tribes at the time; the Lord will have you do something.

When John looked ahead into our day and age, he couldnít even describe a helicopter.
Can you imagine looking 2000 years into the future and trying to describe what you are
seeing? Obviously, they had no idea of high tech weapons back in Johnís day. They had
no idea of tech weapons. What they did understand is suffering, misery and death. They
did understand Satanís war that he was going to have against the world when he arrives.

The Lord hasnít been remiss. He has given us ways to protect and defend ourselves
against these high tech weapons attacks that we face on a daily basis.
People see all these mind control towers going up. ďOh, itís just for cell phones.Ē
YeahÖyou know what? The red towersÖif you see a tower flashing a red light; it is
typically a cell phone or radio tower. The problem with all the towers is that the
configurations they put on it of ELF weapons. (Extreme Low Frequency) weapons. Then
you see a lot of towers with the white lights. Those are blasting subliminal messages and
mind control messages. Then youíll see many towers that donít have any lights on them
at all bit are out there out in corn fields and various places. These are all used for the
whole network of ELF towers. There are very few, probably about 10 or 12 around the
country that are actually used for HAARP, for weather weapons, because they donít need
as many of those as they do the ELF towers. So there are only a few throughout the
country of those huge monstrous HAARP towers. Iíve seen them. They are just
monstrous. They are outrageous. Iíve seen one in Columbus. Iíve seen one in
Indianapolis, I think, towards that way. I canít even remember the other states Iíve seen
them in. There are not half as many as these ELF towers that are everywhere. They
spring up in cornfields overnight. All of them are the ones we need to target with Orgone
so that when they are blasting their ELF weapons towards the communities that these
towers are in, that it nulls their frequency. It dulls them so they arenít as powerful.

So thatís what the Lord has had us been doing in leading us to do in going after these
towers. Not only that, but protecting communities and towns and cities. Surrounding them
with Orgone and getting Orgone in them. And for various reasons. I know some places
the Lord is going to leave for judgment. Basically what the Orgone does in those is just
piss off the reptilians that are living in them. Just piss them off and make them leave.
There are a hundred fold things that this orgone does. We need to just do and be faithful
to what the Lord tells us to do.
The Bible talks about the last days believers being faithful unto death. Thatís the way we
need to be. We need to not be afraid of the enemy. Thatís one thing that pretty much
seems to be the overriding factor within the church communities; they talk a big game but
are the first ones to run and hide when Satan breathes hard. We canít be wimps in these
last days. Youíve either got to put your faith and trust in the Lord and put the pedal to the
metal and get things done, or youíre going to be swept away by all the things that are
coming and the Lord is going to allow it. People donít understand that. People are waiting
for this multi million rapture thatís going to whisk everybody away and keep all Christians
away from every harm and everything possible coming because theyíve been put to
sleep by their church leaders. ďOh, no harm will come. The rapture will come and weíll be

Iím finally starting to see some of these people that have had their head stuck in the sand
as pre-trib rapture believers all their lives. Finally not putting so much stock into that
because theyíre starting to prepare for whatís coming. Itís always a good sign that people
are starting to wakeup. These church leaders that are putting you to sleep are the very
ones who want your demise. They want you to die. They want you to be swept away in
the things that are coming. Thatís why they run the seminaries. Youíve got new agers
and Satanists running the seminaries and pumping out these men who say they are
called to be pastors. ďOh, Iíve got a calling on my life to be a preacherĒ and go and star
up another sun god church that meets on sun god day. Then they preach the same
garbage theyíve been taught in their seminaries and are leading their congregations to
sleep and into error. Itís just a never ending cycle. Just a never ending cycle.

Youíve got the beast prophets. Youíve got Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland and the TBN
Network. Then youíve got the Hal Lindseyís and the Jack van Impeís and Masons acting
like they are prophecy gurus. You just have all these things working against the believers
in the last days. But the one thing; the one person who is never against us and for us is
the Most High. And Hes the one we are supposed to go to. He said He is the Door. I am
the way the truth and the life. We are to knock on Him. When you get away from the
manmade control and Satanís control on the churches today and start asking Him for the
truth in all things, youíll start to see the layers of the onion start to be peeled back, start
to see things for what they are and start leaning what the truth is and youíll start
preparing for the things that are coming.

I often have been having very strange freaked out dreams. Sometimes Iíll post them to
the listÖmy Orgone list and talk about things. One of the recurring themes is just so
much going on in the skies at once. In all my dreams, Iím looking up in the skies and Iím
seeing all these UFOs and objects in the skies and Iím thinking, ďItís starting. Itís startingĒ.
Thatís the first thing I always think when I look up and I see it. Itís starting.

Something else thatís been jumping out at me about these reoccurring dreams that Iíve
been having is the red lights. I keep seeing all of these different UFOs I guess you could
call them, with flashing red lights. The red light ones to me have always been always
government and military. I donít know what the significance of that is. I know we have
several different alien invasions coming. Iíve talked about that on the show before. But
there is some kind of heavily influenced military and government invasion thatís coming,
posing as aliens and UFOs. Theyíre posing as them. I donít know why. And I donít know
why I keep dreaming that. Maybe itís like a false invasion before the real invasion that the
Lord is trying to get my attention to. I donít know.  The red lights are typical. You see
these stars at night with the red lights. We usually associate them with airplanes or even
the space stations or satellites that are manmade. So I donít know why I keep seeing a
red lighted invasion. Itís something maybe that our government or military is behind. I doní
t know. Hopefully Iíll get back to that in the coming week or two in this show and have
more information on it, but itís something to think about too. Either way, things are coming
to a head. Things are coming to a head, folks. Any kind of invasion is no good for us.

So we are definitely in a delay since the Lord started the Swine Flu things a couple of
months ago. Itís going to pick back up mid July, end of July. Itís going to yeahÖIím getting
pounded here. Something is really pounding at my heart and its causing me a lot of pain.
Itís going to pick up mid July to end of July.

Iíve seen in the codes where Iran is very fearful of this virus thatís coming. I just told you
what it is. Iíve been telling you all along that this Swine Flu virus is the Lords judgment on
mankind. This Swine Flu thing is no different. You can always tell when itís the Lord
because itíll catch them off guard. If it had been off them, planned by them all along, they
wouldnít have called it the Swine Flu and wouldnít have been trying to back track
because swine was offending the Jews. They did a lot of backtracking on that one. You
can always tell when itís the Lord throwing a monkey wrench at them. When itís
something theyíve planned, they would have been all prepared. They would have had
people in lines for vaccinations already. Itís going to come back. I donít know what theyíre
going to call it again. Maybe something new. Maybe theyíll say a different strain is out
now. I donít know what theyíre going to do. Either way, itís going to come back by the end
of July. Iran is very fearful about it.

I find it interesting that JapanÖthey're always in the codes. I havenít quite figured out
what their deal is. Are they going under the ocean? What are they doing? They're in the
codes often and itís such an insignificant country in the scheme of things that weíre
looking at here in the end days. And here itís Japan thatís trying to talk the United States
into rounding up and arresting all the Orgone warriors.  Theyíre really freaking out about
the Orgone warriors over there in Japan. I donít ever remember ever sending Orgone to
Japan. Maybe theyíre getting some stuff blown over there. Maybe when the wind blows,
its heading right to Japan. When it rains, itís raining right on Japan. Either way, itís ticking
Japan off. Japan wants the Orgone warriors rounded up and arrested. So this is getting
interesting. Though I donít think the Lord is going to allow it to happen. But we know that
theyíre going to come up against us.

We know that the first thing that Satan does when he puts his scrawny, scumbag feet on
this earth is begin his war on the saints. That exactly what heís going to do; come after
the warriors. What do you thing the Lord is going to doĒ heís going to protect his 144,000
warriors and take them off the earth. The only ones left that Satan has to take his wrath
on is the churchdumb crowd. These are the very ones who arenít prepared for the things
that are coming. The ones who are prepared will be taken out of here. Very interesting.
The Lord is not going to allow them to get us. There is just no way. We have been His
biggest delight the past several years.

Iíve built this relationship to where Iíve often experienced all of His emotions. Iíve
experienced His sadness. Iíve experienced His angerÖand you donít like those. Iíve
experienced His joy and His happiness. Just all the emotions that we have, the Lord has.
People donít think of that, but we are made in His image folks. We have the same
emotions that He has. Without a doubt, it has been one smileÖ.one bright spot in His
timeÖ..our timeÖwhatever.  You know what Iím talking aboutÖthat He has because off
all His little warriors here on earth that are willing to just step out and be different
amongst all the criticisms and hatreds and attacks that we suffer because of what we do,
and do exploits for Him in these last days to stand up against the New World Order. Weí
re fearless. Weíre standing up against themÖand ďtake thatĒ as we toss pucks at them
and cover their strongholds across the country and go after their towers that theyíve
been putting up so they can run their billion dollar technology against everybody on earth.

Just a handful of people. Iím not even sure if its 144.000. What I see in the Bible codes is
a fraction. Itís a fraction of the 144,000. So itís very interesting. I know there are not
144,000 I talk to. Maybe 144 people. Certainly not 144,000! Iíll tell you what. Itís that
fraction of 144,000 that are tearing down the strongholds of the New World Order. The
exact website that I have is tearingdownstrongholds.com. You can go to orgoneblasters.
com and orgonewarrriors.com. Itís just something that the Lord had stood me up several
years ago; in fact back in 2004 and 2005. And weíve been at it ever since. New people
joining all the time and just getting out and getting their areas and stuff. The time is going
come when the Lord shuts us up in our homes where weíll no longer be able to go out
and Orgone our areas, towns and cities. So we need to do that now. This time of being
shut in; I can feel it. I canít give you a date. I just know that its coming and we are in a
delay now. So this delay, I have to believe that itís the last thing we are going to have.
The reason He is giving us a delay is so we can do last minute preparations. People want
to know how long weíre going to be locked up in our homes. Iím telling you, have at least
6 months preparations in your homes. If you had to stay in your house and not go
anywhere, you have enough things for 6 months. This is even the warriors; this is
everybody, simply because we donít know exactly what all things are going to happen
before the Lord takes His warriors off. All we have to look for is Maitreya to arriveÖ.the
scumbags to arrive. I think weíve got things happening first before they arrive. September
has always been a dominant month for Sananda to arrive. Maitreya keeps overshooting
all of his arrival dates. He plans them and he doesnít come. Because heís suffering. He is
suffering from all this Orgone we have saturating the atmosphere. Itís bringing down his
ships. You see UFOs crashing all over the place. The media calls them meteorites. We
know what they are. Theyíre his UFOs. The shema is under severe attack from the
Orgone. The shema is the main star for the Ashtar Command. Theyíre burning. Theyíre
suffering. Theyíre in affliction. So with all this distress and derision going on, he keeps
overshooting his arrival dates. Talk about throwing wrenches in his plans; he would have
been here a while ago. He would have been here last year. Thatís the only reason folks.
He canít exactly come to earth claiming to be some ascended master and be burned and
sizzled. He canít heal himself. I think heís probably making himself a new human body to
get into so he can come to earth. If you look at the New Age websites, they actually admit
that the bodies that they have are just manufactured human bodies. So thatís what I think
theyíre doing; theyíre creating new bodies. Weíve burned their old ones. I donít knowÖit
would be funny.

One of the things that amuses me is one of the terms associated with Maitreya is
ďparaplegicĒ. Iím wondering if itís gotten that bad where he will be in a wheelchair when he
arrives. So that will be funnyÖsomething to watch out for. The term paraplegic is not
always used in the literal sense; it could just mean that heís handicapped. We know heís
handicapped because weíve been crashing his forces with the Orgone; by saturating the
atmosphere with Orgone. I donít know if itís literal or not; it remains to be seen. Eventually
weíre going to know one way or the other if itís literal or just symbolic. Itís just one of
those amusing things to watch out for. Either that or he comes and his spaceship
crashes. Wouldnít that be a sight? Here comes God from spaceÖ.BOOM! Call out the
Fire Department. Oh yeah, itís going to be interesting. So just some heads up, folks.

So weíre in a lull. Look for the virus to pick back up in the middle of July towards the end
of July. July 4th is always a time to watch out for. I now theyíve always had a blow up D.C.
code for July 4th; which at this point I donít think anybody would care. So if they want to
do that on July 4th, they can roll the red carpets out. I donít think anybody cares. Itís just
something to look out for.

Several months ago, I talked about how June was going to be a quiet month. Now I know
why; because of the delay. I didnít know back then there was going to be a delay, but we
are in one. Whatever they have planned for this month, I donít see anything in the
codes.  I know whatever they have wanted to do has been delayed. I think this is just a
delay from the Lord Himself for His people to get ready. That next time this virus hits; itís
going to be at the end of July itís going to hit. Itís going to hit hard and thereís not going
to be any relenting after that. So people just need to get ready.

Also keeping your eyes on the skies. My dreams become more and more frequent of
more and more things in the skies and not necessarily alien, but supposed aliens. Our
military acting like they are aliens.  I donít know what their deal is with that. Hopefully the
Lord will let out one of their plans soon. I donít know what the name of it or whatís going
on. Usually when I mention something on this show, bits and pieces of it with more info
shows up everywhere else on the internet. I donít know if youíve noticed that. I think half
the internet listens to my show on Monday nights. When I say something, later on the
internet, the next week more stuff will come out about anything Iíve exposed or revealed.
Find it interesting. I donít do a lot of internet surfing; people just send me things I find
very interesting.

Yeah, I think weíre looking at some kind of false flag military/government/alien UFO
attack. Interesting. I donít know where you fit that in. Maybe they're going to blow up D.C.
I canít imagine the aliens really caring about D.C. or Congress blowing up because most
of them are in Congress. Most of them are in Congress as Congressmen. Theyíve soul-
scalped and have human bodies and are happy to be where theyíre at.
It is a literal fight in the last days between Satanís factions. If you think Christians are at it
all the timeÖand weíre brethren. We are supposed to be brothers and sisters in
Yahushua and here we are just fighting all the time. We have all these enemies across
the internet and everybody hates me and blah, blah. And theyíre supposed to be my
brothers and sisters? And I gotta be with them in Heaven.  I go in tirades with Him about it
and He doesnít necessarily like it all the time. He says they're my brethren and I need to
learn to forgive and things like that. Iím sure the time will come when I wonít care. Iím sure
Iíll forgive everybody when Iím in Heaven. I just wonít care. Iím just so tired of this earth.
But you see how we have to deal with it in our own ways. Imagine the Satanists because
theyíre backbiting too. They hate everybody and have their own groups and their own
factions and are all fighting against each other to be the ones in control of this or the one
in control of that when Satan arrivesÖ.when Maitreya arrives. A lot of backbiting going
on. Iím seeing that in the codes as well. Every time I see the term ďbackbitingĒ, I just
assume itís talking about us because thereís so much crap all the time going on amongst
the believers with all the different denominations, churches and religions and ideas and
opinions. All that would be null and void if people would just pray and ask the Lord for the
truth. All that would be null and void.

All these religious leaders and those who appoint themselves up as watchmen on the
internet. You can tell the ones who do no praying at all because if they prayed for 5
seconds and asked the Lord if I was His, they would get their answer. But they wonít.
They just put up websites and webpageís about me and they have no idea who I am.
They have no idea what the truth is. So you can tell they do no praying at all. I donít
spend any time on these peopleís websites. I hear about them. I donít waste my time on
them because they donít pray. You can have 100 million websites on the internet calling
yourself some religious guru, but if you canít pray and donít have a relationship where
you can talk and hear from Him, what good are you? The Lord said the sheep hear my
voice, and  I know them they know me and He can lead us and guide us. All these little
gurus who just think theyíre all that. And they donít even know how to pray.

I would stick to my little ragtag band of Orgone warriors over them any day. I would take
my grannies and my kids and everything in-between and weíll go out and tear down the
strongholds of the New World Order and weíll destroy Satanís kingdom and just leave all
that behind. Thatís what we do. Thatís what we do. If we have to do it alone, so be it. This
should have been something in the last days where all of the Lordís people were able to
get together and fight against Satan. Instead Satan has them standing up fighting against
everybody else. He stands up his little beast prophets and these mouthy women who are
run and controlled by demons. They just stand up and rail against the brethren. Thatís all
they do. They buy advertising on websites to rail against the brethren. They are abusers
and accusers of the brethren. Instead of actually doing something thatís worthwhile that
the Lord will reward them for. Heís not going to reward them for that. Youíre not going to
be rewarded for that. You donít get one dime for sitting and ragging on the brethren. You
get no bonus points, folks. He hates it. He hates it. So get off your butts and do
something worthwhile. Quit running you mouth and run your feet. Get some Orgone out.
Do something worthwhile. We donít have too much time left.

Iím going to start answering questions for the show. If you have a question for the show,
send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

Question: What do you think about Russiaís PRAVDA newspaper saying that America is
falling into Marxism?

Answer: America is. Itís disgusting because so many Americans wonít believe it and still
donít believe it. How long have we been warning them that our economy is going to
crash? That weíre out of money. Iíve warned about CaliforniaÖ.several months back,
how this was all going to startÖone state after the next would just stop all welfare
payments to the people. I gave a more descriptive description of how things were going
to start. Sure enough, the L.A. times reporting that Governor Schwarzenegger is stopping
all welfare payments. This is the trickle, folks. Itís going to start there and roll everywhere.
Chaos is coming; just as the Lord told me it was.

Obama admitted on C-SPAN that weíre out of money. And all of the automakers are in
trouble. Most of them declaring bankruptcy or even closing down. The trickledown effect
on that is humungous. The thousands and thousands who are losing their jobs not just
from the auto plants but itís the trickledown effect. The people that have built their
livelihoods on plants that make car parts. All those people involved. Then youíve got car
dealers and car salesmen and accountants and bookkeepers. The trickledown effect is
huge. So when you knock down one of our biggest industries, the trickledown effect is
huge. When you see salesman being laid off, thatís usually the last person to go in a
company is the salesman. I see that happening in companies now; the salesmen being
laid off. Basically weíre just going to be under socialism and a Marxist surrender. With all
the layoffs coming and the welfare payments being shut off and all kinds of government
aid being shut off, itís all going to come folks. Itís all coming and people still have their
heads in the sand. So while they have their heads in the sand, you get to go to the stores
and prepare while the stuff is still there.

Question from a listener: Will the shooting of the Missouri abortion doctor in his church
be ultimately used against Christian believers?

Answer: Of course. They always have an agenda. Who they are going to blame when the
stand up one of their mind controlled sleeper assassin when they assassinate somebody.
When they want to make a certain group or whatever, theyíll do something and blame it
on that group.

Question from a listener: Will June be relatively quiet as in the calm before the storm
coming in July?

Answer: Weíre in a delay. I told you several months ago that June was going to be quiet.
Just the other day why; because weíre in a delay. So you folks better be taking it and
running with it while we have it. When the crap starts to hit the fan, itís going to hit. So
probably in July sometime. Just get ready, folks.

Comment from a listener: Hello, I just want to tell you about a tower in Fayetteville,
Arkansas disguised as a tree.

Sherry: YeahÖ.Iíve seen those too. Fayetteville, I love the area.

Question from a listener: If you could interview Obama, what would be your first question
to him?

Answer: Literally, my first question would be, ďWhy are your lips black?Ē itís the most
annoying thing when you see him on TV that his lips are black. Itís just annoying. I would
ask him why his lips are black. I mean, what are you going to talk to a lizard about? So did
you get a fly today? What do you talk to a lizard about?

Question from a listener: Dear Sherry, great show a couple of weeks ago. The sad thing
that church people donít realize is that all they have to do is look into their Bible to read
the description of Yahushua Messiah by looking at Isaiah 53, verses 1-3.

Answer: I have to disagree with that. Because it says:
    Ö..he hath no form nor comeliness; and when we shall see him, there is no beauty
that we should desire him. He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and
acquainted with griefÖ

I had asked the Lord to reveal His face to me several years ago and He did. I wasnít real
sure at the time it was Him, so a year later I started praying again, show me your face.
Show me what you look like. And He said,  I already have. Thatís when I realized that it
was Him who I had seen. He just has a gorgeous smile. A beautiful smile. No, Heís not
Sananda. Heís doesnít look a thing like Sananda, the pictures of Sananda in the
churches today. He is gorgeous. I donít know what those women thought were back then,
because the women and men had a different view of what comeliness was or handsome
was; when I saw Him, He looked handsome to me. That smile is a trillion dollar smile.
Looked beautiful to me.  And noÖdonít send me emails asking what He looks like.

Question from a listener: Would God have to resort to mega disasters to shake folks out
of their hypnosis?

Answer: No, Heís going to allow them to just die. Seriously, He is. Heís not going to shake
them out of their hypnosis. Heís just going to allow them to die because they're in errors.
Part of the dream I had was that I was in a baseball field. The people around me all of a
sudden were struck with this ďlove bugĒ thing. Everybody all of a sudden was in a love
fest. They loved everybody else. They were hugging each other. And Iím looking at them
like, ďWhat is going on?Ē It didnít affect me, but it was affecting people around me. They
were all lovey dovey and ďOh I love youĒ. Then they were getting in their cars because
the game had ended. This is where I came up with a thought about that. I was just kindof
following the route out of there. I just wanted to go home following cars. All these cars
were headed towards this local airport; this airfield of some kind. When I saw that sign, I
just hit the brakes, turned around and got out of there while all these other cars were
heading right to that airport.  I was thinking, ďWhy is everybody going to the airport?Ē  It
occurred to me that most of these newer cars have GPS chips in them. Here is something
thatís way out there. The 9-11 planes; youíve heard one of the theories that they were
hijacked, remote controlled and slammed into the towers. ďOh they canít do that.Ē LOL.  
We know they were. What if they can hijack remote control your car via the same
technology, and drive you wherever they want you to go. And youíre just slapped and
stuck into this happy love fest feeling. You donít know where your car is going, but youíre
going to go. What if they drive your car for you and drive you to an airfield?  And there
are all these UFOs there. All these people are just lining up and getting on the UFOs.  
Hello?! Hello, people! Stay away from UFOs. People that were born again believers were
in line to get on this UFO. And they had been slapped with this love fest bug thing or
whatever happened to them. But I wasnít affected. I got in my car and started to drive
away. A car came towards me to stop me, but I just looked at him like, ďWhat are you
going to do? Make your move.Ē And he just left me alone. Then it occurred to me that
they cannot make us involuntarily do anything. They canít force us to. If we wanted to we
can leave. They canít force us to get on the UFOs. They canít force us to submit to the
mind control that everybody else is doing. We will have the option to be able to come to
our senses and get out of that situation to leave. It kindof goes along with the rules of the
universe type thing to where Satan canít force you. It has to come from you. You have to
volunteer it. Now what about the people that are under this love slap bug? They donít
know what theyíre doing. Theyíre getting on this UFO because something is telling them
to. Are they going to be held at fault? I donít know. All I know is that for some reason I felt
at the time the reason they had absolutely no control over me was because I had the
Orgone in my car. So they couldnít overcome my mind and my senses. When I went
home the skies were clear above my house because I had orgoned my home as well. At
the time all this happened, I was in an un-orgoned area.

Itís one of these wakeup calls that yes, you will be safe with the Orgone and will be to
those who donít have it and arenít in orgoned areas. I donít know how else to describe
the things Iím seeing. Hey, itís better than watching 10 foot giants coming down and
ripping limbs off of people and eating them. Iíve had those too. Iíve seen that. Itís just very
eye-opening the things that are coming, folks.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, when you say to have enough food to put away for
six months, do you think we should put away water for that long also? What about
electricity? Do you think weíll have any utilities?

Answer: I really think thatís a blessing if we have electricity. I think people need to have
an alternative form of power. I think with the things that are coming; our grids could be
knocked out of whack. Things could happen. Donít count on having electricity; if we do, ití
s a blessing. Have alternative forms of electricityÖof power. If you donít have a well. If
you donít have access to a well, river or someplace you can get water, then you need to
be storing water. The best thing Iíve seen are those emergency packs at beprepared.
com. Those little 3-pack of 4oz water packets that they sell. You can get boxes of those. It
doesnít waste as much water opening up one of these packets as opposed to opening up
a bottle. It gets warm and just goes to waste. You know how any open bottles or cans go
to waste if you donít drink it all. Yeah, just ask the Lord to guide you on exactly how to
stock and what to get. Heís great at this stuff. A lot better than me. Just ask Him exactly
how you should prepare and how you should do things.

Comment from a listener: Wheat and tares are identical when sprouting. Only at harvest
time are the differences obvious. Harvest time is coming soon.

Sherry: Yeah, judgment is coming soon. Judgment is coming soon. The Lordís judgment.
Itís going to be interesting.

Question from a listener: Are the aliens changing our food, water and air to change our
DNA so that we taste better?

Answer: Yeah, thatís exactly what they're doing. Iíve warned about the energy drinks. The
GMO foods. The DOE (dead orgone energy) air, taking oxygen out. I donít know if
oxygen bothers them. I donít know what kind of air they require to breathe in, but I know
theyíre changing our food and water. Trying to tweak mankind so they can be possessed
more easily. What better way than to start changing their DNA or making them all
vegetarians. Vegetarians can be easily controlled. Theyíre knocking your body out of
whack. People need to be careful in the different ways that they work.

Comment from a listener: To the New World Order, Washington D.C. is just a bunch of
old monuments and a million welfare recipients. Itís ready to blow.

Sherry: Yeah, wait Ďtil they stop paying the welfare payments. This whole country is going
to blow. It was a perfect setup. You let all these 100 million illegal aliens in, set them all up
with welfare and all of a sudden take it away from them. BOOM! Itís like a bomb waiting to
ignite. So yeah, the booming is coming.

Comment from a listener: This is off topic, but the skies are absolutely gorgeous. Filled
with huge fluffy clouds. Thank you Yah. Thanks Sherry.

Sherry: Youíll know when your area is nice and orgoned because youíll no longer get
chemtrails in your area. Itís one of the things we stumbled on when we started putting the
Orgone out; it was the one thing that would combat chemtrails. So if you have enough
Orgone in your area, chemtrail planes come and go because the chemtrails wonít stick,
and you get back to these big fluffy clouds you havenít seen in months or years. Itís very

Question from a listener: Are there any exceptions for entering Yahís kingdom such as
the mentally handicapped or children? Thanks and Yah bless.

Answer: Well of course. People that are born defective with handicaps or not of the right
mind; the Lord has them in His hands. Leave that in His hands.

Question from a listener: Many people are having tsunami dreams? Are you?

Answer: No, Iím having space dreams. Iíd rather have tsunami dreams. Iíve had those. I
donít live anywhere near water, and Iím like on a raft and surrounded by water. I havenít
had any tsunami dreams lately.

Question from a listener: Do you think Mike Huckabee is a believer or just another New
World Order pawn?

Answer: Heís just a pawn. Isnít he a Mormon?

Question from a listener: I purposefully have not watched Obama on TV since he was
elected. Do you watch him?

Answer: I try not to. Iím usually not watching one of the network stations because they
make me gag. I like watching sports and UFC fights. I love the fights. I donít get into
regularly network programming, literallyÖnetwork programming.  So I try not to watch
him. He just makes me gag. I just turn the channel. His black lips. His demonic voice. His
voice is just so demonic, it just makes me gag. I get really nauseous. Iíve always been
really sensitive to things, I guess you could say. So when something demonic is around, I
get really nauseous. If Iím eating or drinking something that has poison in it, I get
nauseous. So I pretty much tune in to how my body is reacting to things. Iíve learned that
Iím always right when it comes to things. Iíve been screaming at my sister for 30 years to
stop drinking the diet cokes. They have poison in them. She wonít stop drinking it, and
that stuff is pure poison.

Sherry, do you think Alex Jones is a fake? What is your opinion?

Answer: Alex Jones has great information, but I think he is a snake. William Cooper, who I
do respect, warned against Alex Jones, said he was a snake and not to trust him. So thatí
s good enough for me. I have a lot of respect for William Cooper. Iíll just leave it at that.

Question from a listener: Will the beast internet be killed for three days and rise again to
be more powerful than ever?

Answer: The internet is not the beast. I mean it is a beast. If you want to give it a verb to
describe it, itís not the beast. The internet is going to go down. All its going to take is a
large wind blowing, everybody loses their electricity and the internet goes down. Donít
count on the internet to be here when the crap hits the fan. Itíll be one of the first things
taken down.

Question from a listener: Did you ever hear anything new on them shutting down the
internet and them starting a new lizard Nazi internet?

Answer: I know it in the works. Theyíve had some colleges that have been testing it out
for years. So whatever. By the time they establish that and get that going, weíre going to
be in martial law. Thereís going to be death and destruction. I donítí think anybody is
going to care. All the real people are going to be gone. I think itís down the road a ways.
When they do start implementing martial law here in America, they will go after the big
mouths on the internet.

Question from a listener: Sherry, how do you feel about the vitamin water drinks? You
said to stay away from Sobe and the Life Water drinks with the lizards on them. Are the
vitamin water drinks okay?

Answer: I donít think any of them have vitamins in them. Donít buy it. I donít even like
bottled water because George Bush is the one who owns one of those big plants that
distribute bottled water. They own all the water. I always get the feeling they are always
putting fluoride and everything else in them. I donít even like bottled water. If you have a
funny feeling about it, donít drink it. Ask the Lord. If you have to drink it, ask the Lord to
bless it. That way it wonít cause any harm or poison to you if you ask Him to bless it first.

Question from a listener: What is the government going to do with all the senior citizens
when Social Security stops?

Answer: Let them die. Címon, do you really think theyíll really give a ratís rip about people
and their feelings?  These are sociopaths. They want you to die. Donít expect sympathy
from the government. Now whether there are some groups out there that can stand up
and help them and things like that, where real humans are involved that do have
compassion and pity. Donít expect it from our government. Iíve heard about these
Census questionnaires being taken. Theyíre being used as targeting forms, knowing
exactly who is where. 25 pages of questions. I would just write in big letters KISS MY
WHITE BUTT. I havenít gotten it yet. The questions they are asking are very telling on
who lives where and what kind of target you can be. Are you a senior citizen on Social
Security and you put ďyesĒ, they know where the senior citizens are. They can put them
for round ups. Itís just a big questionnaire telling them who is where so they know where
to go target and pick people up.

Question: Sherry, you always sound so strong. Donít you personally ever get scared?

Answer: I get freaked out. I donít get scared. I get freaked out at the things I see. No, I
donít get scared. Iíve got the Lord with me. If they want to kill my body, big deal. Big deal.
I gave that to the Lord a long time ago. You either commit or youíre just a talker. Walkers
and talkers are two different things. If youíre going to commit your life into the hands of
the Lord, then do it. Thatís the difference between a talker and a walker. Iím a walker. I
walk and talk. Iím definitely a walker. I donít talk where I donít walk. You either do it or you
donít. And when you give Him everything, donít be an Indian giver. You know the old
saying donít be an Indian giver taking it back? Give it all to Him. He can handle it. You
know what? The Bible says perfect love casts out fear, so you donít have to fear. Just
love the Lord more. Love Him all the more.

This is definitely been one of those nightsÖ.one of those reasons that the Lord has been
putting on me to get a more secure location. Thatís exactly what I need to do. I do thank
everybody for supporting this ministry. The ones who do, I know who you are.  I love you
all to death. And I want to thank everybody who does support this ministry. What I need is
for those who donít, to begin. There are 30 or 40 thousand that listen to this show and by
the end of the week itíll be up into the hundreds of thousands. I need for people that
listen to this show to start supporting it because what I need is a secured,
undergroundÖsome type of basement or facility that I can broadcast from that I can
secure from attacks. No matter how I think I can secure myself where Iím at now, they can
still get me. They can still come right through walls and get me with their attacks. Theyíve
been doing it all night. Hitting me with some kind of attack. I donít know what. I would say
its ELF, but Iíve pretty much stopped the normal ELF. Iím not particularly sure whatís
going on tonight, but theyíre hitting my heart with a lot of thingsÖa lot of pain. Feeling a
lot of surges of pain. I need to get a more secure place to broadcast from. I need support
and donations so I can do that. I definitely need to be able to build undergroundÖ.to
build something underground so I can broadcast from underground and get something
from all their stupid tech attacks and toys. Every time they start something itís just gives
me an avenue to learn how to defend against it. When you find one way to fight against
an attack, they start another one. Then the Lord will reveal another way to defend
against that.  

What always comes to me is Enemy of the State, that one movie that Wil Smith is in.
Thereís one part where they guy has his computer inside of an aluminum cage. Thatís
what I think I need. Some kind of cage underground with Mylar around it. With Orgone
blasters and pipes. Every weapon we have seems to target a certain type of attack that
they do. The Mylar fights against one thing. The Orgone fights against another. Iíve used
mirror before to fight against laser attacks. I definitely need to get underground. I need
your support to do that.

You can send donations and support to:

Sherry Shriner
PO Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

We donít have a whole lot of time. If Iím going to be here to lead the Lords people in the
last days, I canít do it if Iím not physically able.

We need to start preparing.  We have a very short time left. Like Iíve said, use this month
wisely. I hate to say it, but folks, youíve got to curtail the vacation time this summer. You
need to use that money towards medicine, food and things that your family will need for
five or six months. Should you be having to stay home to be safe and locked up in your
homes and things like that. Think wisely the next several months and on. Really, weíre
just simply on a countdown to when the invasions are coming. Thatís what I keep seeing.

Anyway, Iím going to end the show tonight. Iíve had a good time talking to you guys. Iíll be
here next week, hopefully. I need to do some thingsÖchanging providers and things like
that, so hopefully there wonít be a disruption with my internet service. If there is, Id bee
back the following week. I plan on being here Monday night. Just letting you know ahead
of time because these things are planned. Itís not like they are attacking me and taking
me off the air. I do have some maintenance things to do. Hopefully itís taken care of by
the time the next show is up and doesnít hinder having the show on next Monday night.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.