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Transcribed by Liz Patton


Sherry Talk Radio
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June 22, 2009

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Sherry Talk Radio Monday night June 22nd.
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Iíll be checking those. I know Iíve heard a lot lately; the past couple of weeks,
ďWhereís your show. Have you been on?Ē

I tried last week; couldnít get on to the server. So I had to delay it Ďtil this week.
Yeah, things happen. And Iíve warned you guys; every week Iím on the air itís truly
a blessing. Things are heating up; time is moving on and not waiting for anybody.

I know a lot of people are waking up now and just learning about the New World
Order and coming out of churchdom and realizing there is more to God than what
churches are teaching. They just kindof put you in a box and want you to think they
are telling you everything you need to know. All you have to do is keep coming
there every Sunday. And by giving them your time, attention, financial support and
presence week after week after week after week, that youíre getting everything
you need. Itís just not the way it is. Itís not the way religion is. Yahuah is not
religion. And He has told me many times that there is a bit of truth in all of them,
but that not one has it all right.

Itís very interesting that in the last days He just calls His people out of them
because theyíre just so apostate.  The Lord tells us to go to Him direct. And thatís
been my message for years. The Lord told me, ďLead My People back to Me.Ē If
you really break down what He said, ďLead My People back to Me,Ē His people
are apostate and away from Him. Who always thinks they are His people? Those
sitting in the churches. They think they are just Mr. and Mrs. Joe Religious
Christianity. They think theyíre ďthe onesĒ that are ďitĒ. I donít know any nicer way of
saying it. Just Mr. and Mrs. Self Righteous Joeís think thatís all there is. If you
donít go to their church, they snub their noses at you. Thatís typically how all the
denominations are and how all the religions are. And the Lord wants us to come
out of all of them. And He says ďBring them back to Me.Ē He knows that they love

This is one of the things I had to learn myself. I was in the same ruts, going down
the same paths. You assume that the Lord is allowing you to get the truth. And that
since you love Him so much, reading His Word, talking to Him every day and
trying to do everything right (as you should be) that He wouldnít allow you to get
into errors and apostasies and allow you to become embroiled in an apostate
church or religion. And you know what? Thatís just not the truth. He does allow you
to do that. He does allow you to go down the wrong roads, to make the wrong
decisions and do the wrong things.

Itís because we as a people seek man more than we do Him on what we should
do. We think all the answers are at our pastorsí feet. That we have to go to church
to keep learning more and more about Him. And He says to go to Him direct. So
weíre not listening to Him. Weíre reading the Bible, but weíre just reading words.
Weíre not soaking in what it actually says and what it is teaching us because we
are just reading words. If you read the Bible all the time and are in errors and
apostasies, they are just words to you. You arenít allowing Him to teach the truth
to you. People miss that part; in asking Him to teach them the truth in all things,
because they assume they have it.

We get these blocks in our minds where we think we are doing everything right.
We have what the truth is. That we have what we need to know. So we donít go to
Him direct. Thatís one of Satanís biggest toys. One of his big deceptions in the
last days is to get people comfortable in their religions and their apostasies. They
get comfortable. They think they are doing everything right.

Thatís one of the first things that the Lord will teach you; that He will allow you to
go into those things because you are not seeking Him. It always comes back to
Him. Everything is about Him. We kindof make religion around HimÖour beliefs
around Him. What weíve been told by our parents. What their parents believed.
And we hand these things down through the generations; denominations,
religions and beliefs. Sooner or later itís got to stop. Youíve got to stop it.
ďThis doesnít seem right. I donít know why I donít feel comfortable about this.Ē

And then a lot of people do that, yet still go into the robotic Sunday syndrome,
where every week they go because they have fear of going to Hell if they donít.
Thatís basically what it comes down to. You love the Lord and are just fearful of
going to Hell, so you are fearful of doing the wrong thing and you get afraid when
someone tells you, ďHey, you know what? Itís okay to leave church. Itís okay to get
away from that and just seek Him directly. Itís okay to do those things!Ē

I found it interesting Ted Pike had put out something on the Hate Bill this week.
I like his stuff. Heís one of the people online that I really enjoy reading because he
usually hits everything on the head. It goes along with things that the Lord was
telling me this week.Öleading me to. Iíll talk about this Hate Crime bill. We get
these all the time on the internet. You guys have read them; where itís going to
become a crime to preach against homosexuals. Their agenda is more powerful
than any agenda the church has. Does anybody know if the church even has a
lobby in Congress? Certainly weíve been railroaded for the last umpteen years by
all these pagan legislations. All these groups have their lobbyists in Congress.
They lobby Congress and they pay for all this stuff. Where is the Christian voice?
What are you waiting on? Billy Graham?  He doesnít do anything. Heís one of
them. Jesse Jackson? He doesnít do anything. Heís one of them.

Where are the real believers? Do we actually have a group in Washington
lobbying against this legislation coming out? What it usually comes down to is
people sending faxes and emails to Congress. And those groups are good
because they keep people alert to what the lizards in Congress are doing. But
what kindof voice do we actually have? This stuff keeps passing. It gets hidden
and then comes back later.

It would make it a crimeÖthey're pretty much singling outÖand Iíve said to watch
what other countries are doing because itís coming to us too. All the countries are
on the same plan to get to the New World Order, but every country is on a
different part of that plan. Eventually all countries are going to be on the same
page. So some countries pass things ahead of what we do and weíre behind
them. In some ways America is ahead of other countries, and then they catch up
to us. Everybody has the same plan to get on; theyíre just on different parts of it.

In the United Kingdom and Canada, even wearing a cross is considered hate.
Teaching homophobic sermons in church is considered hate. Considering most
New Testament believers as judgmental haters of other people. And just really
coming against Christianity and believers as a whole and making it legal to do
so. They are hate crimes against us. Itís not that we hate them; itís them hating us.
And there is no voice for that. They can make it a hate crime to post the Ten
Commandments.  They could make it a hate crime telling people that they are
going to die in their sins and go to Hell. Itís all going to become hate crimes. They
are going to legislate religion out of existence. Thatís what theyíre trying to
doÖand legislate all kinds of morality out of existence.

I find it interestingÖthis is the part that had raised my eyebrows. What kinds of
people pass these kinds of legislations?
As Ted points out,

The kind the prophet Isaiah contested in his day: the esteemed, yet corrupt
Jewish priests and leaders.  They were "those who decree unrighteous
decrees." (Isaiah 10:1) The kind Jesus said "sit in Moses' seat" as exalted
lawgivers to the Jews "that appear righteous unto men, but inwardly are full of
ravening and wickedness and dead men's bones.  

And heís talking about the Pharisees.

The kind who today are praised by presidents and honored by the legal
profession, academia, legislators and who describe themselves as "the world's
leading organization fighting anti-Semitism.Ē

And pretty much label all of the churches in America and the Christians in them as
being anti-Semitic. These are the religious leaders; specifically the Talmud
Jewish leaders that push for this kind of legislation in our Congress to destroy our
country. These are the same kind of people that Yahushua had to stand against
when He was here and that the Apostles stood against. They have always
dominatedÖseems to be the Jewish people themselves; the Israelites. And they
always work behind the scenes. They call anybody who comes up against them
anti-Semitic. We arenít anti-Semitic at all. They call you Jew hatersÖthey call you
Naziís, whenever you expose something evil about them and the fact that they are
plain evil people themselves. They call you anti-Semitic to try and shut you up and
shove the whole thing under the carpet because they donít want further exposure
on exactly who they are. They call the kettle black.

Thatís the kindof people weíre against. Thatís the kindof people Israel has always
been against. Notice that back when Yahushua was on the Earth, many of the
Jews had taken to the deserts just to get away from the Roman occupiers and the
Pharisee heathen that were ruling the Jewish people at the time.

Like the Essenes; they stayed away. They stayed in the desert. You had John the
Baptist who came from the desert. There were a whole group of people who didní
t want to be ruled over by not only the Romans, but by their own Jewish leaders
because they were heretics and Pharisees. Pharisees were the serpent seedline
that always dominated Israel. So interesting because they were allowed to sneak
in under the cover of adopting Judaism and then take it over and turn it into an
apostate/satanic religion which is what you have under Talmud rule.

It never changes, folks. Even back then all the great patriarchs had to go through
adversity, hatred, mockery and the majority coming against them. But yet they
moved on. They stayed focused on the Lord and they moved on. Noah, Moses,
James, Peter, the Apostles; they stayed focused on the Lord Himself.  They didnít
let all the other attacks and hatred and mockeries get to them. Even back then as
they do today, some will join and they wimp out and become adversaries instead
and become like Judas. There are always Judasís around folks. There are always
Pharisees around because Satan is always around.

Even those people today who think youíre alone practically in the wildernessÖthe
only one who sees whatís going onÖthe only one with their eyes open. Just stay
focused on the Lord. You learn to develop a thick skin and stay focused on Him
instead of all the other garbage and noise just bounces off of you and you
becoming like Teflon steel in Him. There is always garbage and noise. The
majority has always come up against the minority; and itís always been the
minority thatís been right. Israel has always killed their prophets; otherwise they
would have been hailed as prophets and given respect. No, they hated them!
They hated them! They always killed them.  So thatís what itís like to be right in
this world and be hated by the majority, because you are. Hang in there, folks.
Hang tough. Teflon steelÖ.youíve got to be Teflon steel in these last days
especiallyÖand in every age. So we have patriarchs like Noah, Moses and
James and Peter and the apostles to learn from. Just keep your faith and develop
a tough skin as Teflon steel.

Some thing is moving on in the codes. One of the interesting things I always see
is Hillary and Rome together. Itís one of these things that always lingers in every
code I do Ė Hillary and Rome. I canít quite figure it out. Either she is punishing
them, or she is punishing her. Iím, not sure what it is about. Itís always in the
codes. Thought I would mention that. There is always some kind of penalty or
punishment and it always has to do with Hillary and Rome. I also see Romeís
destruction coming. I donít know if itís a physical destruction or just an adjective
describing them. Apparently Obama enjoys it. Heís celebrating Romeís
destruction, so weíll see what happens here. Either the Vatican and Rome are
totally destroyed, or itís just a loss in stature to where Islam would overtake
Christianity.  Itís going to be interesting to see either way; Obama cheering it
onÖno surprise there.

A lot of people this past two weeks talking about Obama swatting the fly during a
TV interview. I heard from our brother Watchman X in the U.K. He had just
listened to the archive of my show I did two or three weeks ago. Someone had
asked me, ďWhat would you ask Obama if you had a chance?Ē That kindof floored
meÖwhat do you ask a lizard? So I merely replied on the show, ďIíll probably ask
if he caught a fly today because heís just a lizard.Ē  Then on the TV interview he
was swatting a fly. It was kindof amusing. Sometimes youíve got to wonder if Yah
Himself doesnít have a sense of humor and was bugging Obama with that fly
himself. Either way, itís just amusing.

Iíve been spending a lot of time setting up a new location. And a lot of things
going on the past month or so. So itís just been pure chaos for me. What I need to
doÖthere is no doubt, especially since the on the last radio show I was hit with
satellite beam attacks during the show itself. What I want to do is dig out an
underground bunker of sorts to be able to broadcast my radio shows from. I need
to raise a lot of money to do that. Iím not asking those who already contribute to
this ministry and keep it up and running week to week and month to month. Iím
asking those who have never contributed to this ministry and should be, to step
up. Iím asking those people that have never contributed to this ministry. Iíve got
hundreds of thousandsÖ.even millions of people over the years who have
benefited from my websites, my free downloads, my free archive and my free
radio show. They need to step up and help support this ministry. If 1% of those
people would stand up and support this ministry, I would have $10,000 - $20,000
available to start to dig this underground bunker to broadcast from.

So thatís what I need to do folks. And time is winding down. If I had 1% of the
support that the big wolf ministries get, can you imagine what we could
accomplish with that kind of money? I donít have any interest in building buildings
or buying TV airtime or anything like that; Iím talking about being able to hit the
road and go on Orgone missions for the Most High; placing Orgone around the
country and the world, protecting people from the things that are coming. We
could accomplish so much. But itís His people that wonít stand up and help His
true prophets on the Earth. They keep helping and funding the wolves, the snake
oil salesman and the Satanists posing as Christian leaders. Itís time to put a stop
to that. I canít do it for them. People have to see it for the way it is. And they could
see it the way it is if they would just start asking the Lord every day to reveal the
truth in all things to them. They have to reach out to Him for the truth. He doesnít
just give it to you. Thatís one of the biggest things; people just dropping what they
are doing and going to Him direct in these last days.

Things could really start spiraling downward at this point. I always said from July
1st on, if we have a normal day, it will be a blessing. Especially when you know
that Hell is about to hit Earth and itís only been delayed because of their own
destruction by what? The Orgone. The Orgone is the only thing that has delayed
everything from becoming complete Hell on Earth right now, because itís burning
and destroying them. So we need to keep that going. We need to keep that up.
Not to delay, but to protect the people on Earth from what we know is coming to
Earth.  Theyíre all coming.

Iíve been telling you for years, there is going to be several different alien invasions
on this earth. When people think of aliens (and they laugh) Iím not talking about
greys that are manufactured like a car in an auto plant. I am talking about fallen
angels that control the greys and all these beings in the background that you donít
see. The Bible describes them in several passages. Joel chapter 2. Revelation
chapter 9. The locusts of the abyss. It talks about the 200 million man army which
the churches erroneously teach is AsiaÖand itís not. Joel chapter 2 you read
about an army from the extreme north which the church teaches is RussiaÖand ití
s not. Extreme north has always been where they Lord Himself will arise from. So
you know that wherever the Lord is, Satan is going to be at. He has his planets
and stars that he lives in. The Lord has always said to keep your eyes on the
north. I find that particularly in the north or northwestern skies, thatís where most of
the activity for these alien influences and presence here around Earth.

You can just look to the north-northwest and see all these stars glowing yellow
lights. Stars arenít yellow, folks; alien ships are because theyíre on fire. Theyíre
burning. Itís the Orgone burning them. If you donít believe me, take out a pair of
binoculars, focus it up at a yellow star in the sky and you will see that itís not a star
at all. Itís got green and blue lights. Some of them have red lights. Youíll see that
theyíre not stars. They are alien ships. Now itís so easy to go out and peg them
out of the skies. You no longer need one above you house shining its lights, ďOh,
thereís a UFO.Ē

They are so prevalent in South America, itís so unreal.  Itís not even a second
guess. The Mexican government, Brazil, Peru Ė they tell their people they are
UFOs. They donít hide that kind of stuff from their people that America holds from
their people.

I posted this on my list a couple of weeks ago where space.com had reported all
these fire balls crashing into the atmosphereÖIíve told you that they are the UFOs
crashing because they are hitting our orgoned areas. It burns their steel; it
messes with their guidance systems and causes them to crash. Now itís
classified information. All these fireballs that theyíve been claiming are meteorites
and Iíve been laughing about for the past several months. Now they just confirmed
Iíve been saying because theyíve classified it. Why would they need to classify
these meteorite fireballs if they were just meteorites?! Who is right here? Iíve
been right all along. Iíve been right for years. When you guys wake up and realize
this, youíre going to freak out. Some of you already haveÖand itís just another
day. But all these fireballs are classified. Because Iíve told you, itís all these
UFOs crashing. The military is getting involved. The government is getting
involved. And the fireballs are now officially classified. So much for just
ďmeteoritesĒ huh, folks? So we need to just continue what we are doing.

I like building walls and barriers around places. What you can do is, if you live in a
cityÖin particular Phoenix. Thatís been a haven lately for all these government
and military planningís or whatever theyíve got going on out there. If you live in
Phoenix or Colorado SpringsÖI spent some time out there. Any one of these
places. VegasÖif you just want to piss them off in Vegas. There are so many
aliens and lizards out that way. The list goes on. I donít even have to talk about
that one.

Grid an area. Get a map. Circle around your area, drive around it and put an
Orgone puck every mile or two all the way around it. Then go through the center of
it and get areas. If you put a circle around a city like Phoenix, then find a map that
has roadways that will lead all the way around Phoenix. Take those roadways and
take Orgone pucks and throw them about every mile or two, as the Lord leads.
Then go into Phoenix itself and get some center areas. Then it all connects in the
atmosphere above Phoenix. So you pretty much have an invisible Orgone barrier
all the way around. So youíll have a circle all the way around Phoenix and then
even parts in the center of Phoenix so that the entire atmosphere itself above
Phoenix will be an orgoned atmosphere. Do that. An easy way to Orgone city

If you are targeting towersÖ.youíre just putting pucks around towers; thatís a
different type of mission. There are different missions you can do. Certainly the
pipe blasters are much more powerful than anything. Bucket blasters and pipe
blasters are very powerful. Iíve been UFOs back away from my house just
because they enter an invisible Orgone shield above the area and get tired of
crashing. So when they hit the area, theyíll back off and go way, way up in the air
to try and outrun the atmospheric Orgone around here. Just a lot of things we can
do, because time is running out.

Maitreyaís arrival is delayed. Delayed, delayed, delayed because heís burning.
Heís burning, heís suffering and heís miserable.      

Something I thought was interesting. I started talking with a friend a little bit about
it last night. The Capricorn is a ship that Sananda is chief over. Itís the cigar
shaped one. Many people have seen it in the sky. I remember last year in Texas
there was a big hoopla about this huge 5-10 mile long ship over Houston. That
was the cigar shaped ship; most likely the Capricorn. Thatís what Sananda, this
New Age Jesus rides in. Thatís his ship.

Then you have Maitreya and the rest of the Ashtar Command. They have the
Shema star; the white palace in the sky Ė thatís Maitreyaís. They have many
places in the sky, under the earth. Shambhala in India beneath the Earth. There is
a base in Brazil and Peru, Belize and Balham. I always see those in the codes.
The New Age would have it that Maitreya outranks Jesus. Even in the New Age,
heís just a low ranking ascended master. One of the lower level ranking ones. So
wouldnít it be interesting, since Jesus/Sananda represents Christianity and
Maitreya represents Islam. You have to understand, everything we have on Earth
is replayed in the spiritual realm, where they have demons over them. Thatís why
they changed the name from Yahushua to Jesus. Because they have everybody
worshiping this Jesus, and its Satanís Jesus, because the Son of Godís Name is
Yahushua. Thatís how Satan steals the worship and praise from people.

Back in his first rebellionÖ.did you ever ask how he did it? His rebellion Ė he
wanted to be worshiped and praised. He was the chief cherub and archangel on
Earth at the time. Lucifer ďthe shining one.Ē And he rebelled against the Lord
because he wanted all the praise to go to him and not the Most High. How do you
think he did that? People donít ask those kinds of questions. I bet that he started
changing names or giving different attributes to the Most High, so that when
people started praising those different names and attributes, they were actually
going to Satan because he took over those attributes.
Thatís how he does things. He changed the name of the Most High and had
people calling Him something else. Because thatís one of his generals or

So you try and think how he would be doing it. Thatís what he does. I mean, if you
could change the Son of Godís name from Yahushua to Jesus and have an entire
2,000 year church age of church worshippers worshipping JesusÖ.Iím sure
Yahushua doesnít even know who this Jesus is. My name is Yahushua, not Jesus.
I could just hear it now. But, he knows your heart. He knows weíre stupid. We get
born into this stuff and donít know what war weíre in or what kind of war is going
on, so we just go along with everything status quo. Everyone is keeping you in line
to stay in the status quo. Your church leaders are nothing but Satanists
themselvesÖmost of the bigger ones. The Joel Osteenís, the Kenneth
Copelandís, Benny Hinn. All these Satanists leading all these huge churches
keeping people in stupidity and in the dark soÖitís just a mess.

But thatís how he does it; he changes names. So the New Age has this Jesus.
This Sananda and Islam has this Maitreya. These two could very well go at it.
Maybe thatís why there is such an epic battle I know eventually MaitreyaÖsince
he is the clone of Cain. Cain is always closely associated with this Maitreya. I
donít know if he is a clone. I donít know whatís going on, but Maitreya says that
his body is manufactured. It was made for him because he doesnít have a human
body. Typically heís just a tall grey. So very interesting. They are going to have a
battle between Christianity and Islam in the last days. The one world religion will
probably be some perverted form of New Age and Islam. That seems to be where
itís been heading and goes with the visions that Iíve had with Islam and aliens all
over the world. Just one disaster after the next. All these Annuniki returningÖthe
return of the giants. Just so muchÖjust so much coming.

I was looking outside the other night. Theyíre getting busy at night. I look up in I
donít want to say fear anymore, just ďOh no,Ē because in the visions Iíve had the
last year or so when I just look up in the sky, they're everywhere. There are UFO
type ships everywhere blinking. And all the visions the thought I had was,Ē Itís
starting.Ē I look up in the sky now and start to see it increasingÖmore and more
blinky ships at night, I start to think, ď Oh, no itís starting soonĒ because itís really
getting crowded up there at night more than usual. So I keep an eye on it now.

Things are coming, folks. Itís going to heat up. Itís going to be a whirlwind effect.
Some people call it whirlwind or tornado.
I refer to it as a toilet bowl or a bathtub. Just where it all starts going at once. Donít
be surprised. Donít be surprised at everything; just be prepared.

What a lot of people need to be doing is orgoning their areas, stocking up on
food, water and supplies. Waiting for the eminent dollar crash. Itís interesting that
Iíve been talking about it for a long time now. Itís also now being decreed by the
Satanists themselves at the latest Satanist conference. Theyíre going to go
ahead and crash the dollar instead of having this long, drawn out depression type
thing. That would certainly stop this economy on its tracks for quite a while if they
did that. You need to be prepared for that. I know a lot of us arenít. You can talk
about it as much as you want but it seems like there are always times where you
have to dig into the stuff youíve stocked up on and need to replenish it and there
is no money to do that. Youíd rather get Orgone out than do that.

Iím a warrior. All I think about is my next target and the next mission I can be on
and stuff like that. I really canít really hit the road myself anymore. Itís just too
dangerous. Theyíve got my number. They know when Iím on the road. They target
me with their satellite tech attacks. It about killed me the last time, frankly. Even
30 miles from home, it finally zeroed in on me and found me. I just about couldnít
get home. By the time I did I was so fried and in so much pain. I could bless
others, but I canít do that if people arenít supporting this ministry so I can do that.
Getting other people out on the roads, being able to fund missions for them.  
Helping them get out on the road. Thatís what we need to do, folks.

Iíve got several acres now on top of a hill. Obviously with the weather going to pot,
like itís going to, you donít want to be on a hill. I need to dig some kind of
underground bunker as a safe zone. Especially to do my radio shows from. So
Iím thinking maybe a small basement area or a bunker area so they canít get to
me with their tech weapons. People need to stand up and help support this
ministry, especially now. Iíve been saying it for four or five years. So far weíve
managed with the minimal support that we have from the real true warriors who
have always supported this ministry and being able to accomplish the things weí
ve needed to do.

Albeit we are slow, we get it done. Thatís one thing I see in the Bible Codes,
ďslowly, but surely.Ē I was given a mission and itís taken me a long time to get it
done, but I can only move as fast as the Lordís people allow me to do that
because I need their financial support. I donít work full time. My full time is the
Lord and being able to do this and lead His people through websites, lists and
radio shows. I can only move as fast as the support will allow me to. So that s one
thing Iíve seen, ďslow, but dependable.Ē Eventually we get it done. Thatís the truth,
as much as I hate it. I like the dependable part, but the slow kindof gets to me.
You can also think of it as - it gave people extra time to wake up. I know If things
had pulled together last year like they were supposed to, there would have been a
lot of people who wouldnít have woke up and I wouldnít have been able to meet
that I met. Some real warriors standing up.  

Every day really is just a gift from the Most High Himself who can look ahead and
see the things that will come. And when there is nothing else in the future that is
quite bright. I think thatís why He is just going to let things crash. We know His
Judgment is coming. Iíve talked about how He is going to crank up the Orgone.
And when He does that itís the Swine Flu and judgments, plagues and fluís. You
canít imagine it. Itíll be fun to see the names they try and come up with.

Now donít fear them, folks. Put your eyes, your faith and your trust in the Lord
Himself. Donít fear the things they are planning to do, because we know what He
is going to do. The last days are a time of judgment on the wicked. Itís a judgment
on the wicked. So why would I be worried about a judgment on the wicked? Iím
not wicked. Iím a child of the Most High God. So let them be worried. Iím not. I
may be inconvenienced, and I donít want to be inconvenienced. So thatís why we
need to stock up on food and water and things like that.

The one thing I have learned through trials over the last five years is that the Lord
always has my back. Thatís one thing you learn in walking with HimÖa daily walk.
You learn through all the things you go through that Heís always had your back
and always will. He does expect us to stand up and do things for ourselves and
not sit on our couches and say ďOh the Lord is going to take care of me. Heíll
have my back.Ē And you sit down and watch Jerry Springer for an hour. Címon
folks, show you faith. Get out and do stuff. Show yourself as a worthy believer and
warrior for the Most High.

One of the things I hear from people often and even prayer warriors is, ďOh I wish I
could be an Orgone warrior and go out and do road trips and things like that, but
the only thing I really feel about myself is that Iím a prayer warrior.Ē Iíve heard that
several times. And that just gets under my feet. Let me tell you something prayer
warriors, you are the strongest line of defense we have. That the Lord has. It starts
with the prayer warriors. They donít realize how big they are. They donít realize
how powerful they are. The prayer warrior is more powerful than an Orgone
warrior. They are the most powerful line of defense we haveÖand offense. They
are the most powerful lineÖpeople that just have a gift for praying and just pray
and pray and pray all day long. The Lord will just lead them to what to pray for and
who to pray for. It really is a special calling. Being a prayer warrior is just a special
anointing. Iím telling you, itís a gift all in itself. They are the strongest offense and
defense that we have and they donít see it; they donít realize it. So itís kindof
funny. But Iím here to tell you, youíre the strongest line we have. Donít ever stop
being a prayer warrior, if you are a prayer warrior. We need you. We need the
prayer warriors. They are more powerful. Itís like having straight access to Godís
ear. You donít think He is listening? He acts on our prayers. When His children
are empowering Him to do thingsÖpeople donít realize that He isnít going to act
unless we ask Him to. We have to allow Him to do it.  So thatís where the prayer
warriors come in. They empower Him to act on our behalf. And its Him that brings
things to their hearts and minds to pray about because He wants to act on
something, and He canít unless we allow Him toÖunless we ask Him to. So He
has access to prayer warriors. They are dependable. He has access to them. He
can put it on their heart to pray about something and they will and they do. It allows
Him to act on something on our behalf. So they really donít realize how powerful
they are. They just think they are sitting, praying everyday and that anyone can do
that. Iíll tell you what; most people donít. And you are really called and anointed to
be a prayer warrior, it is one of the most powerful warriors that there is. Donít cut
yourself short because youíre not one of the ones that has a website or a radio
show or a ministry or youíre not physically on the road doing something. If you are
a prayer warrior, embrace that calling. Embrace it and take it and run with it. It is a
very powerful calling. I just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

Iím going to answer some questions for the show. You can send them to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Itís been a while. If I havenít answered a question
that you want answered, just resend it.

Comment/Question from a listener: I took some Orgone to Cheyenne Mountain at
the base of NORAD. I felt like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings when he dropped the
ring into the abyss. Since I have Orgone in my house, I have a friend of mine that
cannot stay in my house for very long. Could it be that itís acting like a repellent?
(Sherry: Yes)  Does it mean that he one of them?

Sherry: He may not be one of them, but he may be possessed by demons that
make him uncomfortable because they are uncomfortable in there. It could be
either him or demons he is possessed by. Yeah, itís like a bug repellent. They
donít like it. Itís very funnyÖitís amusing.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, Iím glad you are back on the air. Iíve all the
time we should be in church every time the doors are open, not forsaking the
assembling of ourselves together. What are your thoughts on this?

Sherry: It doesnít say that we have to be in a church for that. I have lists online. I
congregate with other believers online all the time. Iím assembling with other
believers; talking with other believers. I have two group discussion lists online and
two announcement lists. What does the Lord say? Where two or more are
gathered together He is in the midst of them. So that could be anywhere. That
could be physically. That could be online in a forum. You couldnít imagine how
dominant internet forums are in the Bible Codes. I see it all the time. You donít
think itís powerful? Think again. Our little Orgone Blasters forum is so dominant in
the Bible CodesÖso dominant. Satan hates it. Heís always trying to infiltrate and
destroy it and cause problems because itís powerful. People donít think of stuff
because we have access to it every day that it would have much meaning in the
things of the Lord and the way things are, but internet forums (they are called
ďpavilionsĒ in the Codes) are very powerful and do have meaning and purpose.
I would rather be with my warriors on my internet forum than in a church made of
walls any day.

Itís good to be back on the air tonight. I know that a lot of peopleÖIíve been
hearing from them over the weeks. Iíve always said every time I take my show off
or itís been sabotaged, Iíll hear from people Iíve never heard from. So itís always
a good thing that comes out of it; getting to learn some of the warriors that are out

Comment from a listener: Sherry there are so many dangerous situations going
on right now. We need your feedback. What is your opinion on Iran and the North
Korea situation?

Sherry: I think they are just distractions, basically. When Maitreya comes, heís
going to handle Iran and take over that whole Arab confederacy and even build a
10 nation Arab federation. I donít see anything in the codes about us going up
see Rome being destroyed, but I donít see America as being the one destroying
it, but we are celebrating its destruction.
I donít know if thatís a physical destruction or theyíre just being brought down low
and someone else is taking over. I donít know if itís physical or what. You know
what? I see a lot of it as distractions.

Iíve said that June would be quiet and it has been. If I think back on what is going
on in July and on, is more of behind the scenes stuff that I have seen; where some
of this New Age and alien stuff is becoming more dominant. I think that is what we
should be prepared for more than worrying about Iran and North Korea and stuff
like that. I think they are just distractions. Even they are kindofÖ.sidetracked on
the behind the scenes things. They have to keep up appearances for the public.
ďYeah, we care about Iran and North Korea,Ē when they are actually fighting with
their own alien factions and stuff. Our presidents see these aliens and have to
deal with all these different federations and stuff. Itís something they have always
kept away from the public. Then they have to get on TV and act like they really
care about some of the things that are happening.

Itís almost like two different universesÖ.literally two different Earths. One the
public sees and the one the government deals with because they are in cahoots
with some of these alien federations that are ruling over the Earth. They are all in
the same page of the reptilian agenda, implementing all the governments to head
towards this New World Order. And theyíre not being distracted from that. Every
legislation they put out is set to do that. These hate crimes to shut up the
Christians, to shut people up about moral values and morality. Just shutting
people up. Eliminating our constitutional rights because they want to implement
their own socialistic alien agenda on Earth. Theyíre moving along with that one
just fine.

As far as North Korea and Iran; that was always the Bush New World Order plan.
To attack Iran and North Korea, and at the height of a Korean Peninsula nuclear
exchange to have Jesus arrive in the skies at that point. That was always a Bush
New World Order plan, and heís no longer in office. So now you have Obama.
People need to switch their lines of thinking as well. Heís a different lizard. He has
his own lizard agenda, this Obama.

Some people say there is no difference between Obama and the Bushís, but
there isÖa slight one. He is more Arab and Muslim than they were. They were
pro-Talmudists, bringing in the New World Order via Talmud rule, where Obama
is going to be more like an alien New World Order agenda.

I find it interesting. The Muslims donít trust him. And the Jews donít trust him. Then
you look at his office and itís the Jews; Ron Emanuel and them that are in it. And
he turns around and does all this anti-Israel stuff and looks like he is pro-Arab.
Neither branch trusts him. Nobody trusts him. Itís going to be really interesting.
You canít tell what heís going to do next. He talks about how heís going to go with
the Bush plan in implementing a Palestinian state, but then has all these Jewish
people in his cabinet, acting like he is pro-Israel. Why would somebody pro-Israel
establish a Palestinian state?  They do that to keep people guessing. Like the
octopus I told you about.  It always leads back to Satan. All the octopus legs.
Obama is just a like a centralized Satan. He has his tentacles in every little faction.

Question from a listener: Why do you think they are sending that spaceship to
bomb the moon?

Sherry: Donít believe anything they say; always look for the backward agenda.
Like Iíve said, theyíve been taking up these aliens that have died from
OrgoneÖfrom underground bases and a lot of these starships that are in our
skies. You look up and see a lot of the yellow ones. A lot of them are empty now.
The aliens that were inside of them are dead. They take them to the moon to be
incinerated on the moon. So maybe itís just piling up to the point where they need
to keep burning and eliminating all these alien/fallen angel bodies to where thereí
s going to be some kind of huge explosion or something on the moon.

Do I think a spaceship is going to blow it up? No. I think there is some backward
arena. What I see going on is there is a huge incinerator on the moon. They are
burning and using it to dispose of all these dead aliens. Clearing out the ships
and underground bases and getting rid of them. They take them to the moon to
burn them in an incinerator. No, I donít know what their plan is for the moon.

We certainly donít need a spaceship to go to the moon; we can just use a portal.
This whole NASA thing is for comic relief.
Itís really for the simpletons in the country who really believe NASA is our space
agency program. Itís interesting that the moon is always in the codes. But in the
codes, moon can be a satellite as well. It can be one of these alien ships. The
Shema star satellite is considered a moon and a lot of their ships are considered
that. You never quite know when they are talking about our moon because there
are so many considered satellites in our atmosphere.  

Yeah, donít believe anything they say. I would look for the real agenda behind
what they are talking about. The only thing I really know at this time is about the
incineration of all the dead bodies thatís going on, on the moon.

I have not been able to do a lot of reading or anything on the internet lately; Iíve
been so swamped with things. Moving, getting set up in a new location and now
needing even more to get even better set up for the things that are coming. I need
your help and support in those areas, folks. You can send all donations to:

Sherry Shriner
PO Box 531
Carrollton, OH 44615

We do need to get going. I need to get moving on things. Like I said, I can only
move as fast as the support is for this ministry.  With time winding down, there are
many things that need to be done. Especially getting more barriers around the
country and around the world. Iíve talked about grids and barriersÖOrgone

The proof is in the pudding. If it was really meteorites crashing, why are they
classified now? Because they are UFOs. Everything that Iíve said is true.
Everything I said would happen, has happened. Everything Iíve said is going to
happen will happen unless they change their mind down the road. Thatís always
an option. Iíve always been the one true source of information on the internet. Iíd
like to keep that going. Shut up the naysayers. It also makes more enemies stand
up and rise against me. I have to deal with Pharisees like the former patriarchs
did. All you guys do too. Do you think itís easy to tell people that you listen to my
show or that you like my websites? People hate me. It takes just as much strength
to even admit you are listening to my websites and shows than it is anything else
on the internet.

You know what? We just got to hang together folks. Not much time left.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.