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Transcribed by Liz Patton


Sherry Talk Radio
June 29, 2009

And hello everybody. If you have a question for the show you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com I pretty much would prefer to just answer questions tonight. I
have no idea….

It’s been such a chaotic month. For most of you who know, I have changed locations. I am still
looking to get underground. I do need a basement that I can dig here, just to get away from
the satellite attacks and stuff. I’m still looking for donations for that. I’m not asking those who
support this ministry on a regular basis; I’m asking those who never have to stand up. This
website reaches millions of people a year; tens of thousands a month. So I’m asking the
people that have never supported this ministry to stand up and make it possible.

I know a lot of people are hurting. A lot of people are out of jobs…out of work. Things like
that. We still have to keep going. We still have to prepare. There is no way I can keep being
a mouthpiece and keep doing what I am doing and not get some kind of better protection
than what I am doing now. We’re supposed to have faith in the Lord, but we are also
supposed to use our brains and have wisdom. I’m not just going to sit on the couch and say,
“Okay Lord you take care of things”, and sit down. I’ve never been that way and not going be
that way now. I just count on the Lord. It’s just giving a lot of you an opportunity to stand up
who haven’t stood up. The Lord can’t bless and reward people who don’t do anything. The
people who have supported this ministry are going to have the rewards in Heaven. I know
that and they know that. I think they’ll believe it more when they see it and I think they will be
pleasantly surprised and shocked. So those who have never stood up need to so that the
Lord can bless you later. Our rewards aren’t always here on earth; our rewards are in
Heaven. That’s the only ones I have ever worked towards.  

I can remember back when I first started waking up and asking the Lord for the truth in all
things; one of the first passages He took me to and kept me in for a long time was James
chapter 1. If you look at James chapter 1, it’s just filled with so many morsels. I would sit here
and read it word for word, but I won’t do that. A lot of James chapter one is telling us basically
to get out of the world. Get out of the world. What I had to do was give up all my wants and
dreams and everything that I had planned to do from the time I was thirteen…fourteen years

I went to college; got three degrees. Had my life planned out. I had goals and things I wanted
to do. Careers I wanted to have. And I had to give that all up.  I gave it all up for HIM. I had to
realize that to be a part of HIM; we have to give up this world. We have to become 100% HIS.
Some of you still can’t do that. Some of you still don’t understand that concept at all. Some of
you have never grasped it. Some of you have never thought of it. But that’s what the Lord had
me do; pull away from the world. Give up everything that I wanted from the world and start
seeking the things of HIS kingdom in Heaven…and start seeking things from HIM. So I went
from me, me, me, me to HIM, HIM, HIM, HIM. It was, “What to do you want me to do Lord?  
What do you want me to be? What do you want me to do for you while I am here?”  I learned
that I am here for HIM in these last days.

We’re all here in these last days. And we’re all supposed to be here for HIM. We’re not born
to have our own agenda’s on Earth. We are put here on Earth for purposes and callings that
HE can use us for.

I hear people all the time, “Well, I would support your ministry if I had the money, but I lost my
job. I was making great money.” Well, duh…why do you think the Lord let you lose it?
Because you weren’t doing what HE told you to do. I hear it all the time. There are people
that have been listening to this ministry for years have known. Two years ago on this show I
said the Lord was going to start taking peoples blessings away and start taking their funds
away because they were not doing with them what they were supposed to be doing. So that’
s what I hear all the time now.  So I just laugh…you know, I just laugh. What else can you do?
When the Lord says HE is going to do something HE does it…it takes different things to
wake different people up. Sometimes HE will take your health. Sometimes HE will take your
finances. Sometimes HE will just throw your whole life and everything into turmoil so that you
will learn to turn to HIM and to depend on HIM.

The Bible always talks about the rich. How they “fade as the grass.” It doesn’t condemn
people that are rich; it’s the attitude that they have. When things are going good and you
have lots of money, those are the times that people don’t need the Lord. He is the last one on
their list. That’s why they always say that religion is for the poor. When you are poor, you have
plenty of time to think about HIM because you don’t have anything else. So that’s what HE will
do. HE will take peoples finances away, so they focus on HIM. You have to learn to depend
upon HIM. Come back to HIM. Quit backsliding. Give up the things of the world and be ready
to humble themselves to HIM. So HE gets people s attention in different ways. Definitely
does that.  What HE taught me was to give up my wants and dreams that I wanted for this
world, and lay them at HIS feet and take on what HE wanted me to be and do. I haven’t
looked back since. It’s been about….I don’t know…fifteen years now. I always say
ten…twelve…I have no idea. It’s been a while; over a decade. So it’s been a journey. It’s
been a trip.

Everything I have learned, I’ve had to learn the hard way. How to defend yourself against
satellite and government attacks, because I’ve been attacked by them. Yeah…that’s how I’ve
learned. I’ve learned by getting things; by having things done to me. That’s how I know to ask
the Lord, “Okay, how do I stop that one? What do we do for that one?”

That’s why the Orgone war has been so effective in these last days; when we needed
protection against government attacks and their extreme low frequency weapons and their
remote neuro-monitoring weapons, the Lord gave us ways to combat them. That was a big
part of their whole New World Order plan. All these separate attacks. That’s what we’ve
learned. And how we’ve gotten here. And why we are so effective now.

The Orgone is just so dominant in the Bible Codes. The destruction and the dominance is all
over the place. That’s how I know we are on the right path. We are on the right path. And we’
re doing exploits and things that the Lord needs us to do. It’s very exciting to know that we
don’t have to sit and sing about being a warrior for the Lord; we can get out and be one. Get
out and be one. It’s great. It’s awesome.

For those of you who haven’t been to my website, you can go to orgoneblasters.com or
orgonewarriors.com and learn how to protect yourselves and your families from the coming
onslaughts that are coming.

A couple of things I want to talk about that have caught my eye in the news simply because it’
s what I’ve been seeing in the Codes myself…things the Lord has been leading me to.  
There is so much going on out there. You’ve got this whole octopus effect where there are so
many tentacles leading to Satan. Everybody gets off on one tangent…one octopus leg. So
you have a lot of different legs out there and you don’t always know which one to focus on
and which one they are actually going with. So I just kindof get tunnel vision and don’t go to
other peoples websites very often. I don’t follow what everybody else is saying or doing. I just
pretty much keep to myself. And when something comes across my emails… my news lists
that raises my eyebrows, those are the ones that I look at the most because they are already
going  along the lines the things the Lord has been showing me.

It’s nothing new. I’ve already been warning you guys all year long about the banks crashing. It
seems like they are putting more of a timeline on it now. They are putting a September
significance on the dollar crashing. I always say, don’t go by their timelines, because they
could be in code. You know how they are. They have all these dark sentences that Daniel
talks about where they speak in code. So just expect it. Expect a bank holiday. Don’t wait for
September. It could be July. It could be August. Just expect it. Prepare for one. If the banks
would close for a week or two. Especially if you have newborns or infants around. Prepare for
that. Have extra cash on hand. Have extra supplies on hand; diapers, formula, baby
food…things like that.

I know that different folks have different things that they have to prepare for and think about.
So you need to be ready for that. If you’re a grandparent and your kid’s heads are stuck in
the sand, then you need to get ready for your kids and prepare for your grandchildren. Think
ahead. Most people’s heads are stuck in the sand. Most people do prefer their heads stuck
in the sand. Trust me; I know how it is with younger people. I’ve got a lot of really good young
warriors, but at the same time they just kindof get “Oh it’s not going to happen right now…it’s
going to be later” and stop thinking about things and think everything is going to happen later.
Even with the Lords people; they’re still waiting for that rapture to come. Still waiting for that
multi-church, million, million rapture to come! Yeah, folks it’s not coming…it’s not coming for
them. Yeah, that’s another one for you. There is so much to battle through.

I hear it all the time from people, “My wife thinks I’m crazy. My husband thinks I’m crazy. My
kids think I’m crazy.” Just get tunnel vision. That’s all I can say. Get tunnel vision. I had to learn
that one a long time ago. Tunnel vision and skin of steel. You need skin of steel.

Comment from a listener: The Ark of the Covenant is supposed to come out this weekend;
possibly Friday or Saturday.

Sherry: Is that in Ethiopia? I’ve been warning about that one for years. That they were going
to pull out this Ark of the Covenant out of Ethiopia. There are a lot of Rosicrucianists and
Satanists out in Ethiopia. They’ve been talking about for years how they had this Ark of the
Covenant. I’ve already warned you guys that it’s fake. It’s not the real one. It’s a fraud. Actually
what was supposed to happen was I thought Sananda was supposed to bring that one with
him. There was always the chance that when Sananda would arrive as Jesus Christ in the
skies in September of whatever year, that he was going to bring the Ark of the Covenant with
him to even validate that he was the Son of God. So the other plan was to haul it out of
Ethiopia. They had this whole Jeremiah thing. Where Jeremiah took it and hid it and
eventually it found its way to Ethiopia. They have all this.

You guys have no idea what they’re going to come out with. You can’t even imagine the
stories and supposedly the proofs to back up everything that they’re saying. But just know
that it’s all fraud. It’s all a setup. And you can take my word on that. Usually don’t take my
word on it; do research yourself, but some of you are just so lame – take my word on it. It’s a
fraud. Some of you don’t even have to think twice; you know it is. You can already add two
plus two. Just very, very different types of people. Yeah….Ethiopia. That part of the plan is
already coming out.

Somebody else had mentioned that to me earlier. I thought they were kidding and haven’t
seen anything since. Interesting if they do pull that out this weekend. I told you that July could
be interesting. When you look in the Codes for July; for anybody that is out there and into
codes. Most of you don’t know how to analyze codes…it’s a mess. But you would see…for
those of you who really somehow know what you are doing. You would see that it is a war.
The whole month of July is a war between the Lords people and Satan’s. We could see the
manifestation of these ascended masters coming in July…more so towards the end of July. It
doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be destruction in the beginning of July to wake everybody up
and alert everybody to the fact that they are coming.

What I find interesting is that the Lord is cranking up the air in the Middle East and its
agitating them. Yesterday I was talking to somebody on the phone and they were saying how
windy it was. And they live two hours from me. Then all across the country you’re hearing how
windy it is. I just got amused by that because I had just seen in the codes the previous couple
of days how the Lord is cranking up the wind over in the Middle East. I had thought it would
be later; like in July. I had no idea it was going to be this early. So when I saw it in the codes
and heard about it so soon already, it was kindof amusing. So yeah, they could be very well
planning on manifesting in July in the East.

I’ve definitely noticed that the Shema star which usually sets in the north…I am terrible with
directions. The thing is,  my north is somebody else’s south. And my east is somebody else’s
west. So it doesn’t even matter. You just see this obnoxious Shema star. But it’s moved
directions. I had chased it out of the northern area. It looked like it was sitting on the Ohio-
Pennsylvania border since September of last year….it sat there for months. I started putting
bucket blasters out. Then it disappeared for a long time because it was starting to burn from
the saturated atmosphere. So now, just recently, it came back. I was musing to my list on how
this thing was mocking me or what. It disappeared, now it’s back two nights in a row. It’s on
the opposite side of the sky. It’s more east now. The one day it was east, the other day it was
west. I actually did order a glow in the dark compass from Amazon so I wouldn’t be so
clueless when I’m telling you guys. I’m in Ohio…so my west is the west-east. Just look
outside for this obnoxious big GE light bulb in the sky. That’s what it looks like. It’s very low. It’
s about 30 degrees above horizon. It’s very obnoxious. You can’t mistake it. You won’t
mistake it for a regular star in a constellation. You won’t mistake it for a space station. It’s just
very obnoxious, very white, GE ten thousand light bulbs in the sky.

So that’s it folks. Watch for that. It was supposed to be their Bethlehem Star. They wanted to
use the Shema star as a sign, as a signal that the Lord has arrived. I’m not sure which
Lord…which one of the ascended masters. There could be up to 200 of them arriving, folks.
Remember back on Mount Herman, at the second rebellion when the angels met. They were
the captains and chieftains…the chiefs of the brigades of angels. There were 200 of them.
They met on Mount Herman. That’s where they made a pact; that they would leave
Heaven…they were doing it as a team thing…we’ll leave Heaven now. We are going to go to
Earth and procreate with human women. The whole plan started with 200 of the Lords
angelic officers on Mount Herman. We don’t know at that point, how many of their
soldiers…fellow angels, followed with them. We know from Enoch, that 200 fell. Left Heaven
came to Earth to procreate with human women. So it could have also been all the ones they
were in charge of. So we’re talking about hundreds of thousands, possibly even millions of
angels that fell…that actually left Heaven in the second rebellion and came to Earth to
procreate with human women.

Now all these thousands of years later, we have this different circumstance…maybe it’s the
original 200 that fell.I don’t’ think. So I think these are going to take their place. The kids of
the angels that fell. These angels procreate. I now the churches put you to sleep and say that
angels don’t procreate. It doesn’t mean they can’t. It doesn’t mean they don’t. It doesn’t mean
they can’t. They always have. The angels that fell rebelled with Satan had children. And their
children had children and their children had children. We are looking at thousands of years of
generations of fallen angels. They are the children of the angels who fell. So we have
generations of these beings in our heavens and under our earth. We call them aliens. Some
of them lost their angelic looks. Some of them didn’t. There is a difference between the

In the first rebellion, they lost their angelic looks. That was Lucifer’s rebellion when he wanted
to be worshipped as God. He gathered one-third of the angels to rebel.

In the second rebellion, the 200 angels met at Mount Herman, left Heaven and came to Earth.
Those angels did not lose their angelic looks. They were very tall beings. That’s where we
get the Annuniki and the giants now that I’ve been talking about that are coming. The giants.
They were very big angels. They were giants. They didn’t lose their angelic looks. That’s why
they look very humanoid.

So that’s why you have the ugly angels – like the Greys, the lizards, the snakes; different alien
factions that you hear about. The insectiods and all those different factions. Those are from
Satan’s (Lucifer’s) rebellion against the Lord. Then you have the Nordic, Annuniki and the
different humanoid factions…the Pleiadians that you’ll hear about that look human and very
tall. Those are part of the Mount Herman rebellion. So yeah, that’s the two different types.
There are also factions amongst them as well. That’s where you get…people think that Star
Trek and Star Wars is pure fantasy. Its more truth than people can believe. It’s very
fascinating when you look at it with your eyes open because it does reveal a lot of truth in
those movies. But either way, these 200 ascended masters could be arriving. Just be
prepared for that. And be prepared for some of them to take on religious figure names –
Moses…Elijah…maybe Jeremiah. We know that Sananda is going to be Jesus. They’ll take
on a biblical figure. Mary is coming. No it’s not really Mary. Probably Elizabeth too and John
the Baptist….who knows?  They will take on religious figures names. So expect that as well.

Don’t get deceived by that folks. And you people are. That’s the sad part. That’s the sad part.
People are going to fall for this hook, line and sinker. The majority of the world will. So all you
can do is fight for every soul that doesn’t and fall for the charades that are coming.

Either way it will all start in the Middle East. So keep your eyes on the Middle East. Ethiopia,
Kenya, Libya…seems like they are trying to start it with a bang by pulling out the “ark of the
covenant.” That’ll be interesting. Maybe Maitreya will arrive soon after. The Islam’s Mahdi.
They’re waiting for their 12th  Imam to arrive and supposed to be this Maitreya. So maybe he
will arrive soon. Then in September, Sananda. And in-between all of this, we have the dollar
crashing in America.

And we have…I thought it was interesting. Everybody has been sending this article about an
Australian journalist who is charging the World Health Organization and the United Nations
for bio-terrorism and intent to commit mass murder. These stories have been circulating the
internet for years and people sweep them under the rug as conspiracy theories. So now, you
have this Australian journalist filing these charges…she has tons of proof. She is basically
saying what everybody else has been saying for years about how the vaccines….in specific,
how the one for this Swine Flu is actually designed to kill people. I’ve been warning that. And
linking all the bodies of the World Health Organization and the United Nations and the United
States who are all conspiring together to mass exterminate tens of millions of people. So it’ll
be interesting to see how much coverage she gets, other than the internet, because it’s like
preaching to the choir on the interesting. Everybody already knows this stuff.

It’ll be interesting if the fraud media announces anything about it. Satan will always announce
his plans. He will allow his plans to be exposed. It’s just part of the Laws. Part of the rules.
You have to tell the other side what you are doing. There is no blindsiding, so there is no
fault.  If you suck on; if you find yourself a victim to their tactics, it’s your own fault, because
they’ve told you what they are going to do. You can see the game playing. It’s also part of the
rules. It’s also why nothing that we do is in the dark. Everything we do is in the light because
we are children of the light. We are children of the Most High. There is nothing that we do that’
s hidden; that’s secret.

I’ve been attacking Satan’s kingdom for years and doing it through the Orgone. I’m not hiding
it. I’ve got three websites on it. I’ve got many radio shows telling them exactly what we’re
doing and how we are doing it. That’s just the way that the Lord works. That’s how the
universal Laws work. The Lord keeps nothing from Satan. He knows all of HIS plans and
Satan on the same hand reveals his plans. But people don’t believe it. They don’t believe us
either. They don’t believe me about the Orgone. And they don’t believe this journalist about
what the United States and the United Nations are conspiring. Then you have the few in-
between that do, and can actually add two and two and do something about it and decide
which side they are going to be on.

What I found interesting was that Hillary Clinton who was supposed to be the President this
year. I had seen that back as early as 2001. Some finagling taking place and for some
reason that route not being taken; Hillary not being President. Obama being President. If you
can remember the warnings that I had…even if Hillary wasn’t President, she would be
dominant. She is always dominant in martial law. That whoever was leader of the United
States in 2009 would basically hand the keys of sovereignty and power and control of the
United States over to the Antichrist. That’s why I could never settle on….even if Bush had
done something to stay in power, which he fully wanted to do, or it would be Hillary Clinton
and even now we’re looking at Obama.  He’s going to pick up where her agenda would have
been. And he’s going to be the one who hands over the autonomy of the United States to the

So interesting because we’ve got the two things to watch out for that are coming. The
economy totally crashing and the pandemics that are coming. What I caught in one of these
articles that I was reading…either the one about the Australian journalist or the latest
Bilderberger stuff because they pretty much….their article came out after what I had said that
the economy was going to crash…and they are verifying the same thing basically.

The two things to watch out for; the pandemics…the vaccines that are designed to kill
millions and the economy totally crashing. Amongst all of this we have the supernatural things
going on that could manifest in our realm with the New Age/alien agenda. This is the first full
year that we are in the Age of Aquarius. For some of you this is hocus pocus; for me it
always is too. But to explain it for people out there - the Age of Pieces (the fish) was the
church age, which lasted 2,000 years. I told you a couple of years ago on the show that age
would be ending and when we came into the Age of Aquarius, that’s when they would start
implementing their whole New Age fifth dimension hoopla, boopla stuff. This is the first year
that we are totally in the Age of Aquarius. I believe it started in September/October of 2008.
2009 being the first year that we are in the Age of Aquarius. Age of Aquarius being the age
of Satan’s arrival. His arrival on Earth. You are going to see that happening through Obama.

People always ask me if the President of the United States the Antichrist. Like I’ve said, he
very well could be. The apostles and the prophets in the Old Testament said the “leader of
Babylon”. So who is actually leading Babylon at the time the Antichrist arrives or whatever?
That could be the President Obama or if he gives the power of the United States over to the
U.N. or whoever is leading the U.N., then that leader becomes the leader of Babylon and that
very well could be Sananda or Maitreya or whoever. Obama definitely has a hand in it.

This whole pandemic thing…and I told you that this whole pandemic thing is going to crank
up…remember that the Lord will use man to fulfill HIS purposes on Earth. He will allow man to
do things. People say, it’s the government or the military releasing the Swine Flu and causing
the pandemic. Don’t take the Lords hand out of it folks. It’s the Lord allowing them to do it
because it’s HIS judgment on them.  Remember the last days…the tribulation is a judgment
against the wicked; not the righteous. The Antichrist comes after the righteous and there are
many that are martyred and killed for their faith. But it’s more of a time of the Lords judgment
on the wicked.

This pandemic that’s coming…I was reading in this journalist’s article. If there is a sweeping
pandemic…and we’ve all heard the hype lately. And we’re all thinking what pandemic. I don’t
know anybody that’s sick. It’s not even in our mass media, but to read international news,
they make it sound like it’s a worrisome pandemic thing in the United States and we are all
worried about Swine Flu. I don’t know anybody who is worried about it except the media who
is trying to hype it up. They need the pandemic. What they want to do is create fear and
create this whole society of hype and fear so…what happens through legislation is the World
Health Organization and the U.N. can take over the United States in the cast of a pandemic. I
didn’t know they had already passed that legislation. Slipped that in, didn’t they. But this
journalist reveals it right in her article that in her charges she is filing against the United
States, the WHO and the UN is that exactly what would happen. If the United States had a
pandemic, the UN could step in and take control of the United States. And so that kindof
raises my eyebrows.

Back in 200 1, when I was looking ahead to 2009 and seeing that whoever was President in
2009, would just give control over…away. So very interesting this one route they are going to
use to fulfill that is through a pandemic. Right now they’ll have to do a whole lot more than just
hype it. Everybody is getting sick of the hype and doesn’t know anybody that’s sick. They're
talking about the pandemic, but I don’t know anybody who is sick. Supposedly there are
thousands and thousands sick with Swine Flu in the United States. Really??? Okay.

So anyway, that’s where it is. That’s where it stands. If they can pull off a successful
pandemic then the UN can take over the United States.  And don’t think that Obama is going
to hype and cry too much over it, folks.

One of the reasons probably that he got the position instead of over Hillary (it was practically
handed to Hillary years ago) is because he is not human.  From what I can tell, Hillary has
been soul-scalped anyway, so what we are looking at is alien factions fighting it out in

The fact that Obama comes from Chicago…the whole crime syndicate. The whole CIA
control thing in Chicago. The fact that so much evil and wicked things are coming out of
Chicago. AIDS coming out of Chicago in their laboratory. Osama bin Laden (Tim Osmond)
coming out of Chicago. You’ve got Obama coming out of Chicago. Interesting that Osama
still comes up in the codes more than Obama does. It makes you wonder why Osama comes
up in the codes more than Obama does. He hardly comes up in the codes as any kind of
leader in the United States or a leader in the last days. He’s not dominant. He’s not. So very
interesting. You would think that in the last days the United States President, one of the
greatest countries on Earth would be dominant…and he’s not. It goes to show you that
behind the scenes is where the real power is.

Our perception as sheeple following the daily news…following the mind control pattern-how
we are supposed to live from the time we are born to the time we die. We see things one
way, and in the background things certainly operate completely different. That’s the route that
I’ve always been in. Once in a while I have to peek my head out and see what’s going on with
the mainstream news…mainstream society. My head is usually not there.

A few years ago, the Lord pulled me aside and put me into the alien/New World Order
agenda. Years ago…and I’ve been taking the mockery and the name calling for years.  But
look where it’s heading, folks. You gotta laugh. You see these UFOs crashing every day. I’ve
been warning about that and now it’s classified. Classified fireballs from the sky. (lol) Yes,
they are classified fireballs because they can no longer get away with calling them fireball
meteorites. That’s because they are UFO ships. They are alien ships coming into this
dimension and they can’t operate in this dimension because the Orgone energy just zaps
them and they're crashing out of the sky. That’s probably why we will start seeing more
military and German GE type UFOs. Orgone doesn’t affect them. Orgone only affects the
inner dimensional craft...the real alien crafts. Very interesting.

But for July you see a total war between the camps; between Satan’s camp and the Lord’s
warriors. It’s going to be very interesting. Going to see some manifestations more and more.
Things are intensifying. Don’t get the impression because things have been quiet that
somehow we are going back to baseball and cherry pies. Things are intensifying. I told you
that June would be quiet. Certainly chaotic for me, so I’m glad it is quiet. I had a lot of things
going on.

We need to prepare for July, August, September, October. I know people are sending me
dates all the time for 9-9…September 9, 2009 and October 10, 2009. Those two dates
being significant. I think 9-9-9 would be significant for an economic crash and the 10-10
would be significant for missiles hitting the United States. But don’t…I’m just throwing that out
off a limb. I haven’t seen it in the Codes. I have seen things in the Codes, but I don’t see
dates on things. But when people say dates, I think about certain events that could happen.
Missiles hitting America has always been a dominant thing for October. The economy
crashing and Sananda and some of these New Age manifestations in the Middle East
happening in September are very dominant. Also destructions just here in America in July
have always been dominant. Very interesting what could be coming up.

Still got the July 4th code….never knew the year, but had a July 4th of Congress being blown
up. So it just remains to be seen.

I’m going to start taking questions from listeners. If you have a question for the show, you can
send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I’ll answer a few questions then wrap it up for the night.

Question from a listener: Are we Israel or Babylon?

Sherry: We are both. Especially in the Bible Codes. We can be either one. The people of
Israel are the Lord’s people. Sometimes it does refer to the United States; and other times it’
s not. You have to know the context you are seeing it in the Codes. Last days Babylon is
America. That’s a definite. You never know in the Codes if it is talking about the land of
Israel, or the people of Israel. But definitely, last days Babylon.

Question from a listener: In a September 2007, you said there were nine Shema satellite
ships. Do you think there are more than 9? Thank you for being the voice of Yahweh on
Earth. God bless.

Sherry: I don’t know how many there are.  I usually just see one or two at the most. Two at the
most is all I have ever seen.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry I just wondered if you aimed that pipe blaster east yet. It
usually shows up this time in the evening.

Sherry: I have not. In fact, I need to get out there and do that. Everybody who has a pipe
blasters and bucket blasters…if you have them, I sent a thing out to my list asking listeners to
start aiming them east and west because that’s where the Shema ship has pretty much
moved. It used to sit in the northern sky; now its kindof  been burned out of that area. It’s
kindof moving to east and west now, so we’re just going to move our pipe blasters around
and saturate the atmosphere so it has nowhere to go. I don’t want it to have anywhere to go.
Just because it can’t go north or south, I don’t want it to feel comfortable east or west. We
need to get every direction possible. We need to get more blasters out, folks.

Question from a listener: William Jefferson Clinton will be the Antichrist. The Lord showed

Sherry: Well, um…well you know, he has had years in the UN. He’s not human either,
so…you never know. I don’t expect it, but…he has had a route, let’s put it that way, just like
Bush did. Clinton had a route. Bush had a route. Obama has a route. Maitreya has a route.
Sananda has a route. Different routes. We have to watch for which characters step on to the
stage. You know what I’m saying? It’s almost like a chess game…this guy over here…and
this one over there. Which one is actually going to be king…whatever. We’ll have the Islam
and Christianity showdown with Maitreya and Sananda. That’ll be interesting. Interesting.

If you have a question for the show, you can send them to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

If you sent questions last week, just resend them. I get so many emails during the week
because of news lists and stuff like that. So I just can’t go digging for them.

I got a question from an Australian listener. A lot of Orgone warriors fighting against the
droughts out there. That’s what you need to do to break the droughts out there. Get Orgone in
the drought areas.

Was anyone else in Australia orgoning? Yes there are a few warriors in Australia. So you are
not alone…but you need more. You do have some warriors out there.

In every country and every island…this show is reaching almost every country and island in
the world. I have listeners in almost the entire world listening to this show. All it takes is one
person to stand up to make a difference. Just don’t think because you are the only one or you
think you are the only one in your little country or island, you are making a huge difference.
Just what you can do in your area will reach the atmosphere and lock on to the other areas
that have already been done and are traveling through the atmosphere. We don’t see that,
but the weather patterns do. Once the Orgone is in the atmosphere it is automated. It’s like
the Energizer bunny. There’s no stopping it. It saturates the atmosphere. The Lord will blow it
around the world where HE needs it.

Everybody needs to do their part. Everybody in every country, in every island on this planet
needs to do their part in getting Orgone there. It’s our way of destroying Satan’s kingdom
and all of his billion dollar technology just through these Orgone blasters. I have the directions
on my website at orgoneblasters.com. If everybody does their part in how the Lord leads
them to do it…HE has the master plan. HE knows exactly the master map on where it all is
and what HE can do with it. That’s not up to us. The results aren’t up to us. Our obedience
has to come in just doing as HE asks. So just do it. Just do what HE asks you to do.

You might think you are alone, and you are not. The reason that we stay separate is so we
can be protected that way. That’s why the Lord keeps HIS people separate and HE keeps
them….they feel like they are alone and the only ones on the planet. But you are not alone.
Some of you have warriors in your backyards and don’t know it. I’ll never be one to match
warriors up. I won’t do it simply for protections sake. If they want to get on my list and out
themselves and stuff like that…who they are and where they live and whatever, that’s up to
them. But I’ll never do it. And I stick to that.

Anyway, just a heads up folks on what to look forward to this month. There could be a lot of
supernatural events. It seems like with this Ark of the Covenant coming out of Ethiopia; it
could certainly be one of them. They are pulling that one out already. I would have thought
they would wait until Maitreya arrived and then pull it out. You can never really grasp what they’
re going to do until they do it because they always change their minds. So this should be
humorous. This should be funny. But if they pull that thing out, then we are really getting going.
It’s really getting going because that was part of their big plan; the whole Ark of the Covenant
thing. They are going to use it to try and verify who they are. They need confirmations and
verifications and blah, blah. And everybody goes, oh, you really are an ascended master or
angel or whatever…people will worship them as gods…whatever.  

Yeah, things will really be kicking off if they do that one.

Until then folks, get your bucket blasters out. Get them east and west. If you haven’t made a
bucket blaster yet, the directions are on my website at
orgoneblasters.com.  They are much
more powerful than the Orgone Blasters and specifically, they target the atmosphere in a
much more pounding force. That’s what we are definitely going to be needing, especially as
Satan begins to arrive on Earth in larger numbers. So we have a lot of different things...
different uses for the Orgone.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.