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Transcribed by Liz Patton


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And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night July 27, 2009.

If you have a question for the show, you can send to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I
noticed that I started getting a lot of questions about 10 minutes ago, even before the
show started. This is going to be a question kind of night. Iím only going to speak for a
few minutes, then start answering. So letís have at it. If you have questions, send them to
me. Iím here to answer them tonight.

We are surrounded by those who want to destroy us. Itís so true. I said that several years
ago. Lectrosoul put that to some music. Iíve used it as my intro since. Itís just so true. We
are surrounded by those who want to destroy us. And you know weíre not left
defenseless. Thatís the funny part because thatís what most people donít realize. Sure,
His warriors do and half the time Iím speaking to the choir. The Lord will give us

When HE leads us to stuffÖ.when He leads you and answers your prayers and HE
shows you ways to protect and defend yourself, donít care what other people think. I think
thatís been my life motto for umpteen years. These critics and those who are our
enemies arenít the ones getting bombarded by tech weapons. They may be able to sit in
their homes and not be bothered at all by Satan and his kingdom. While others are
being hit in the head with high energy tech weapons.

Youíve got to develop a thick skin folks, because not everybody is going through what
youíre going through, because they werenít put here for a purpose that you were put here
for. They are just going to be one of the ones that go to the slaughter, as talked about in
the fifth seal. There are just many different reasons for all of us. You have to learn how to
just crawl into a shell and just put a hard thickening around it, and keep YAH close to you.
Push everything else off of you.

So many people are attacked from the time they are born. Night terrors, seeing things,
experiencing things that other people just donít. And they think theyíre crazy. Thatís just
the way itís going to be. The Lord isnít going to make all of it stop and everything back to
a nice, merry, ďletís all get alongĒ type world. HE allows things to happen for HIS reasons.
When weíre getting inundated by our enemies, HEís always there to help us.

Thatís another thing; I get emails from people. Most of the time they're just lazy. ďIím
being attacked and Satan said this to meÖand demons said that.Ē Why are you letting
them talk to you? Thatís always my first question. Why are you letting them talk to you?
Shut them up. If youíre a child of God, you have more power in your fingernail, in
Yahushuahís Name, than theyíve got in Satanís whole kingdom. Youíve got more power
under your fingernail than Satan has. We have Yahushuah. Yahushuah already defeated
him. So all HIS people have to do is go to HIM for help. Thatís very simple. And itís one
thing the churches donít teach you. ďOh, come back next week, maybe theyíll be a
sermon on it.Ē Maybe thereíll be a sermon that might help you along the way in trying to
live in a world where you are surrounded by those who want to destroy you. And they
never get to spiritual warfare. And when they do, itís ďput on the whole armor of God.Ē
They make it into a lyrical poem so that it never really sinks in. It never really hits your
heart that thereís some truth in that. Thereís some value in that. I really need to do that
instead of just hearing it and letting it go in one ear and out the other.

We need to stand up, folks. And when you learn to stand up against Satan and his
kingdom, thatís when your faith begins to build. And thatís when you start to become
bold in HIM, because you see HIM working in your life. And when HE starts working in
your life because you stand up and you allow HIM to do things; thatís when your faith will
increase. Thatís when your boldness increases.  Your knowledge. Your level of
understanding in HIM. HE canít do anything until you do something. Until you stand up.
So many people just want to sit around and do nothing.

The Israelites of old and the Israelites of today have never been about doing nothing.
Theyíve never been about doing nothing! The church age; the apostate age of the last
2,000 years; theyíve been about doing nothing. But the true Israelites, the true believers
in the Most High have never been about doing nothing. They have always been doers.
They have always put their faith in action by just standing up.

If youíre bored with your faith, itís because you havenít taken an active approach with
your faith. I see that a lot with people. Theyíre just kindof in their own zone, waiting for the
rapture to come. They think theyíre doing everything right. Theyíve got a relationship with
the Lord. They call themselves believers and they're just in a dead zone. Theyíre dead.
Theyíre tired. I donít know what the problem is. They donít even have a reason to be
tired. Do my job for a year. Do it for one week, then you can say youíre tired.

Take an active approach in your faith, then youíll see it start to grow. So many people
are stagnant. They just stay at the same level theyíve been on last year, the year before.
Theyíre at the same levels. Increase it. The only way you can increase your faith is by
stepping out of your faith. Doing things for HIM. Stepping out. Doing. Becoming a doer.
Not just a reader.

Youíre not going to get any bonus points, going online and attacking the brethren on
every board on the internet that donít agree with your views. The Lord hates that. HE
really does. The brethren need to be busy fighting Satan, not fellow brethren. They need
to be busy; not becoming active enemies and trying to split up the people that love HIM
and going up against the people who love HIM. Weíre all at different levels in our
understanding. Everybody is at a different level, so why attack somebody else because
they donít know as much as you do? You know? I donít know.

Anyway, thatís just my two cents for the night on that. I get all these emails all the time
about people being attacked and they're under attack. I have all these websites and all
these archives they can listen to. The transcribes they can read. Grow. Learn something.
Donít send me an email when you can spend ten minutes on one of my websites and
learn everything you need to know.

Everything the Lord has ever told meÖeverything HE has ever taught me is on my
websites. Itís right there. I havenít kept anything from HIS people.  In fact, I told HIM years
ago when HE stood me up and told me that I would speak to the nations. I told HIM,
ďanything that you teach me, I will put on my websites.Ē You know what? Thatís all I do. Ií
ve put them on my websites, and HE leads people to my websites. I donít go out and
activity promote them. Other people promote my websites, thatís fine, but I donít do
anything to actively promote them. I just keep them updated as I can, and I put on there
what the Lord leads me to. And HE does the rest.

Itís a team effort here. Yeah, thatís my team. Itís me, the Lord and some people that HE
has stood up along the way to help this ministry. I have sherrytranscripts.com for those of
you who wait to read my shows. She keeps that updated over there more so than I do my
own site half the time. So people get tired of me waiting to update, just go to
sherrytranscripts.com. You can read the transcripts of the radio show there. There are
other websites that are coming up featuring snippets of audios that I do. Iíll get that web
address out. I need to get that out. I donít think I put that on my website yet. I need to do
that. And so there are people standing up. There are a few mirror websites on the
internet promoting my audios and things like that.

Anyone can put my archives on your websites. My articles, my audiosÖ.anything. You
have my permission to do so. You donít need my permission. I give it out to use my
audios and stuff. As long as you are crediting me and not giving me the Shelly ShrinerÖI
put up with this a couple of years ago. Someone put up a website ShellyShriner.com and
put all my stuff on that website and acted like they were me.  And that, I wonít tolerate. If
you credit my information as belonging to me, thatís fine. You have my permission to use
my copyrighted materials.

A couple of things Iíve been seeing in the codes this weekÖand the Lord has just kept
me in ShemaÖand for good reason. Iíve noticed and also was alerted by a listener who
watches CNN, because I donít. CNN is back to promoting the star in the east and the
coming world teacher. If you remember, back during the campaign with John McCain
and Obama, CNN was starting it then too. They were giving out an 800 number on their
network. During Larry King Live and some other people were giving this 800 number to
call to learn about the coming world teacher. Folks, this teacher is the one we have been
preparing to battle for years now. Iíve known that heís coming for years and tried to wake
up the masses. I have not successfully been able to do so, but a handful of people have
woken up. Weíve been preparing for his arrival. We know heís coming, so weíve been
preparing for his arrival.

The thing I think is funny is that so many people get this defeatist attitude. ďOh Satan gets
to rule for 42 months, so we might as well just sit back and take it and try to prepare to
live though it and blah, blah, blah.Ē
It doesnít say how he has to live here when he is here. I love the loop holes.  Thatís what I
work so hard at; finding the loopholes that the Lord leads me to. Sure, Satan is going to
arrive, but instead of arriving the way that he wants to, why canít we change the scenario
a little bit?  

Heís had this GE light bulb in the sky since last year. It hangs so low on the horizon; it
numbs me to death that people havenít noticed this thing. What is this thing? Is it a star?
Itís too low to the earth to be a star. People donít notice that. Just look at the
constellations. Theyíre pretty high up there. This Shema star is so low; it looks like a jet
plane could run into it if it was flying in the same area as this thing. Itís just above horizon.
Very white and brilliant. That was supposed to be the signal star that Maitreya (the world
teacher) was coming. So weíve gone to work and weíve orgoned. Iíve talked about the
Orgone on this show before. Weíve got it everywhere. And we even stepped it up with
bucket blasters.  

Itís interesting that in the CodesÖIíve always seen different terms relating to the Orgone.
Oval is one of them. Cone fruit is another. The term ďboulderĒ kept coming up. I thought
ďthatís the Orgone.Ē I knew it had to do with Orgone. But what I found interesting that I
finally put two and two together. This ďboulderĒ thatís coming up has to be these bucket
blasters weíre making, because theyíre much bigger and much more powerful than the
little oval muffin blasters that we make. Even the 5 ounce sizes we make, and the 10
ounces, you canít compare them to these bucket blasters. You can read all about those
at orgoneblasters.com on the make your own page. I donít sell the bucket blasters. Itís
too much hassle to sell them. You can learn how to make them. Itís very easy and not
complicated at all. If you can make a muffin blaster, you can make a bucket blaster. That
term coming up a lot in the codes is ďboulderĒ because itís really saturating the
atmosphere with the Orgone. Itís what is causing the Shema star to now turn yellow and
crash. I talked about it last week on the show. How these stars are turning yellowÖthese
starships are turning yellow and crash. Then the media says a meteorite fell to earth.

Weíre already watching Revelation 12 commence, folks. So Iíve been keeping an eye
on this Shema star. It certainly has dimmed to about 30% of what it used to be. It used to
be just a white, brilliant, obnoxious star in the sky; now it has dimmed to about 30%
capacity of what it used to be. It kindof has a blue twinkle to it, but that might be due to
the air itself. Itís been raining on and off all week here. In one part of the country youíre in
a cool phase; in another part youíre in a heat phase and boiling to death itís so hot. So ití
s interesting. Iíve been watching it now for over a week. It does have a yellow tint to it.  It
is starting to be effected by the Orgone and eventually itís going to crash to earth.

People want to know when itís going to crash to earth. I donít know. If I had to pick, I
would have to say October, simply because it seems to be a little more dominant in the
Codes over any other month. We always have to be aware that things could speed up.
The two worst terms in the Codes you have to deal with are ďaccelerateĒ and ďdelayĒ
because one thing means the Lord is speeding something up; the other meaning
something is being delayed. So the two most annoying terms in the Codes, ďaccelerateĒ
and ďdelayĒ. You always have to be prepared for the accelerations; that something could
accelerate and the month that could happen, which is July. Then you always have the
delays, which is the October. Then you always have several months listed for one event.
Thereís never just one date that says this is going to happen on this date. There are
always several dates.

The one date you can be sure of that I find interesting that are in the Codes. I just picked
that up this month. Iím looking at all these July dates. The Lord doesnít go by dates. But
what Iíll do is Iíll put a date in the Bible codes to see what comes up on that date. The
Lord doesnít react to our time schedule, folks. I do, but HE doesnít. Interestingly enough,
most of the dominant dates listed in the Codes program are my radio shows. They are
dates of my radio shows. I thought that was interesting because my radio shows are well
known. Not just here on earth, but elsewhere. There are a lot of differentÖI would say
people, but theyíre not necessarily people...angelic beings, demonic beings, kingdoms
not of this world that listen to this show. People think thatís crazy?! No, theyíve got more
technology than you can imagine. We get our technology from them. So thereís a lot to
do. Things we donít see. Things happening in the backgrounds that happen.

Itís interesting that my radio shows are very dominant. Not even really that dominant in
America. America is my number one listening audience. Around the world Iíve got over
132 countries listening to this radio show. And many, manyÖawful beings, I guess you
could say that listens to this show. And the Lord Himself is very aware of this radio show,
obviously because HE is the one who leads it and tells me what to say; leads and guides
me. I have no idea what to say when the microphone goes on. I just ask the Lord to help
me be a blessing. ďHelp me to be a blessing to YOU and your people. Tell me what to
say. Lead me into what to say.Ē So thatís the way it goes with this show. I donít have a
producer. I donít have a director. I donít have any of that stuff.

So anyway, this week Shema. The Lord has kept me involved with watching the Shema.
HE led me to a code on the Shema star crashing, which I thought was interesting
because I had never even thought about it up until the point that HE led me to that. Iíve
dug out many matrixes on several codes that Iíve been working on, and probably still be
in it this week.

I find it interesting that while the world is distracted with FEMA. Theyíve got the FEMA
drills this week from today the 27th to Friday, July 30th. Another interesting thing that
seems to be pretty dominant in the codes and another thing in the codes that I totally
missed that I just realized last night was because I didnít recognize what I was seeing. It
wasnít because the Lord wasnít showing me, was the whole Bohemian Grove thing.
Sometimes I donít know how to catch things in the codes. Iíll see it, but I donít know how
to grasp it. Like the Bohemian Grove isnít going to come up; different terms are used for
that. I just caught on last night to the terms relating the Grove. It had to be the Lord
switching on the light bulb in my headÖgiving me some understanding. Sometimes I can
be really slow and stupid and HE has to turn a light bulb onÖthis is what youíre
seeingÖIím trying to tell you this. So very interesting. The Codes have been talking
about Bohemian Grove, I just realized it. So I have to dig some more into that to find out
specifically whatís been going on. I find in it interesting that itís an important week all
around. Not just for Bohemian Grove. Satan freaks all out there worshiping the owl. But
also FEMA drills and Shema. Keeping my eye on that. Itís like a three war front right
now. Very interesting.

Some of the codes I posted are at HiddenCodes.com. Shema crashing; some of the
matrixís I pulled out of that. I found it interesting. Everybody wants to deny it. Just show
them the Codes. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And it shows exactly whatís going on with
the Shema star, about its crashing and who is behind the crashing. So there could be no
doubt. There can be no doubt that it has been the Orgone warriors who are responsible
for the Shema crashing. To them, Orgone is a poison. Itís like a flame that burns them.
Thatís basically what causes the Shema to crash, the Orgone burning it.

And going after Satanís forces in the skies. I talked about it last week. Revelation
chapter 12; the whole scenario of Michael and his angels actually being the warriors
here on Earth going to war against Satan and his forces in the skies, hidden until now.
The Lord always brings everything to light. Another reason why HE has been pushing me
lately to post Codes and boldly proclaim that ďHey, were the ones doing this. Iím the one
behind this.Ē The Lord doesnít hide anything. He does everything in the light. HE wants
them to know who is behind it. So I sit here and boldly proclaim, ďHey, Iím the one
lending the warriors against Satan and his heavenly forces. And weíre going to crash
him. Weíre going to bring him down. Weíre going to burn him. We are destroying him.
Weíre the ones burning and killing them in their underground bases. Weíre the ones
burning and killing them in the atmosphere. Weíre the ones responsible for all of this.Ē

I know how the Lord works, in that everything has to be in order. So everything is on
audios. Everything is written. Some people can read it, and they can hear it. Everything
is being proclaimed. So we can move on. HE wonít move on until things are in order. So
thatís my job; to put these things in order. Itís set. I havenít kept anything. Itís like showing
your whole hand of cards. This is our hand of cards. Weíve never done anything secretly.
Iíve been proclaiming this for years; they just thought it was a joke. President Bush
thought that we were a complete joke. They were convinced that we were just in it for the
money. I donít know what they thinkÖin it for the moneyÖwhat money? What money?
Thatís all I have to say. You can see his little pawns go online to attack us about the
same thing. You can make it yourselves, soÖ

We are in a war and weíre going to win it. We may lose a few battles, but you know
what? You can read the last page of the book Ė WE WIN THE WAR!

You can read the codes at HiddenCodes.com. I included a lot specifically talking about
me for people who need to hear that, who need to read it, who need to see it. Thatís all I
can do, is proclaim who I am and why Iím here and what Iím doing and leave the rest in
the Lords Hands. So, itís there.

I donít know if any of the drills this week are going to go live. People have asked me
about that. It would be a good time for something to go live, donít you think? Like
Congress blowing up. Thatís an eventual. Thatís not an ďifĒ but a ďwhen.Ē And interesting
that in the FEMA drills thereís an attack outside of the United StatesÖ.this is also
supposed to be figurative or whateverÖan attack outside of the United States that then
comes and affects the United States itself. So very interesting. We all know they want out
cards. Obama hates Washington. Everywhere he goes heís burning up with the Orgone.
He was in my home state. This is what a fool he is. He came to my home state. I heard a
little bit about it. Very uncomfortable, burning up, taking off his suit coat, wanting to hurry
up and get out of there. Yeah, welcome to Ohio. I would encourage people to keep a
hold of his schedule. Him and Benny Hinn. When they come to your state, go and
Orgone the area heís going to be in.

One of the interesting things about the Orgone is it creates a very vile odor for them. So
not only does it heat them up and burn them on the inside out, it is a vile odor. They canít
stand the smell of it. Iíve been having a lot of fun chasing Hinn around the world the last
couple of years. And now having equal fun hearing about the warriors chasing Obama.

I love the way the Lord works. We donít have any weapons that would hurt a normal
person. Weíre not violent people; we just hate evil and wicked. If something good burns
them up and destroys them, so be it. Itís their own fault for being wicked. It doesnít hurt
normal people. And trust me, these people are not normal.

Iím going to answer a couple of questions for the show tonight.

My heads up tonight is just to keep on Shema. Keep watching Shema. Remember
several weeks ago when the Lord gave me a word. HE said HE was going to lift us up.
And HE was going to make it so even the blind could see. Itís so obvious, folks. If
somebody can take five minutes to go out and look up in the sky at night and see yellow
stars, then they truly are fighting to stay ignorant. To have thatÖI forget what the term is
calledÖto be able to say they donít know. To fight against us. If you took five minutes to
look at the skies, all your arguments, critiques and analysis go to nothing to come
against us. All it takes is that. Go out, look up, see yellow stars. Keep an eye on them.
Youíll see them start to crash. Itís so easy. So, how at this point there could still be
detractorsÖI donít know. Itís almost like the evolution and creation argument, where
evolution makes absolutely no sense even by the scientists who created the whole
theory of evolution. It makes no sense, even to them. They just wanted an out. They
wanted something so that they didnít have to believe in creation. So they had to have a
choiceÖan out. So they created evolution. Because they didnít want to have to believe
in creation. Itís almost like these other people that deny and spit fire against us about the
Orgone, because they donít want to believe it. They donít want to have to accept it. So
they stick to their guns even though they no longer make sense or they are no longer
logical. Everything Iíve ever said has come trueÖis coming true. All they have to do is go
out and look up in the skies and they still refuse to do that. Theyíre just holding on to the
arguments that they donít have to admit that we are right, or see that weíre rightÖ.for
whatever reasons. I donít care what their reasons are. I just really donít. Theyíll just be the
fodder. Theyíll be the souls under the altar in Revelation chapter 5 instead of joining and
being a part of whatís going on; they want to be enemies and antagonizers. It really just
hurts themselves. It really does.

Questions from listeners. Someone sent me an email about Leo Zagami. ďOh, heís an
ex-Illuminati defector.Ē I just want to laugh and puke at the same time when I read that
stuff. Ex-Illuminati defectorÖokay. Itís just not possible. It really isnít. Christians fall for
that stuff all the time, and the Illuminati know this. They know that Christians are gullible.
ďOh, but I became saved. I had a revelation and accepted Jesus in my heart and
became saved. So now Iím a defector.Ē They give him a line of bull a mile long, and
Christians are always the first ones to, ďOh, okay.Ē Thatís why the Lord said Look at their
fruits. Look at their fruits. Donít listen to what they are saying. Look at their fruits. Thatís
one thing that Christians donít do. So they fall for people like this Leo Zagami. Heís
nothing but an agent provocateur. I donít know how many other Christian warriors Iíve
had to strongly encourage to stay away from him that were falling for him. Heís an agent
provocateur. Leo Zagami is here to cause people to form riots and protests against the
government. At that time, the Lord gave me a strong warning for people not to get
involved with those. Because they are just traps. Theyíre baits. They want you to go out
and riots so they can trap you and arrest you in martial law and all that other stuff. They
are agent provocateurs, so stay away from them.

If you see someone saying ďOh, Iím a believer now. I was an ex-Illuminati defector.Ē
Unless theyíve been through years of psychological helpÖbecause every person
involved with the Illuminati, from the time they are very littleÖ2 or 3 years old, they are
MPD. They are Multiple Personality Disorder. What you may be dealing with is one of
their alters that plays the Christian while the others are still working behind the scenes for
their Illuminati handlers. They do this all the time. They program religious alters into these
children that are fragmented and split at very early ages. So thatís why it becomes such
a mess.

You can say Arizona Wilder is exposing the Illuminati and is a believer. Yeah, she may
be, but sheís not free either. One of her alters may be a believer, but she still has other
issues to deal with. You never break away from that unless the Lord deals with you and
brings you into one person and makes you whole. Maybe HE has with her. I donít know.
But certainly some of these other people are just players.

Leo Zagami, heís a player. You just have to take it and know what you are dealing with.
Chew the grass, spit out the hay. Thatís all you can do. But donít fall for it. Donít fall for
anything. Look at a personís fruit. Look at their fruit. Donít listen to what they are saying.
Thatís all I have to say about Leo Zagami. I donít want to waste any time on these fools.
The unredeemable, I just donít want to waste my time on.

Question from a listener. This is from a warrior out in Switzerland, I think it is. Yeah. Iíve
known him for several years. I donít know how many times Iíve heard from people from
different countries saying, ďIs there anybody else out here? I feel like Iím alone.Ē Chances
are you probably are. So your country is depending on you. If you look at it in that aspect,
instead of being overwhelmed, it should motivate you all the more to go out and do more
to protect your people. Itís always one person at a time. Just because I canít think at a
particular time when somebody asked me if there is somebody else in the country is
active duty Orgone and I canít remember if there is or not, it doesnít mean you should
stop, give up or become overwhelmed. It should just motivate you to do more. And these
warriors that single handedly take care of their countries, even half their countries or
even part of their countries, will be greatly rewarded for their efforts. The Lord Himself is
in charge of the record books, not me. HE will reward you according to your fruit, your
labors and your efforts. So donít lose focus of that. Thatís the only thing Iíve had to hold
onto for 43 years. Hold on to that. That should be your focus - what the Lord thinks. Thatís
my focus. Is HE happy with me? Am I a blessing to HIM? Is HE mad? I hate when HE is
mad. And I do things that make HIM mad sometimes. Iíll say something that makes HIM
mad. You can only strive to do things that make HIM happy. There is nothing greater in
the world than to hear HIM laugh, to feel HIS laughter in your spirit, to feel HIS smile.
There is nothing greater that replaces that. So, do it for HIM. Do it for your people. Do it
for your country. Do it for the Lords people that are there. So just some encouragement
for all of you out there on islands and in countries around the world where you are all
alone. Hey, we are all, all alone. Even us warriors here in America. We sit and gripe
about how there is nobody here in our areas that think the same way that we do. We may
be in the same country, but we are so spread out around the country that we are literally
just alone in our own areas. So we might as well just all be on our own islands
somewhere. Itís literally like that. Living on your own island and nobody else can relate to
you. Thatís how it is for everybody. Youíre not alone. You have the rest of the Lords
warriors scattered around the world feeling the same way you do. So just stay motivated.
One day weíre all going to be together. Weíre not going to have distance separating us
and weíre all be together. Weíll all be able to fight together and laugh together and talk
about ďremember whenĒ. So just hold on to that keep you motivated.  I just see the love
that the warriors have from one part of the world to the other ones around the world that
they donít even know. Itís just a strong love for warriors around the world to hang in there.

I also hear from those in Africa. Weíve been sending a lot of Orgone to Africa; some
warriors have. And there are warriors in Africa who can make their own. It can be made
in Africa. Iíve been getting emails from people in Africa that are making OrgoneÖgetting
it out. I know some people who have been sending a lot of Orgone to Africa to get it out.
Itís definitely making a difference in Africa. Considering the Middle East and how the
Lord can blow the wind in the atmosphere, HE can blow it all over the Middle East from
Africa. And even Europe. I think weíve got one warrior in Greece. Just this one island. I
see it in the codes all the time. What she does may not be a whole lot, but itís effective. Ití
s enough for HIM. All HE needs is one puck. And we do more and more and more,
because we want to make sure. Use wisdom. Donít sit and say, ďIíll do one thing, Lord.
You do your thing and thatís all Iím gonna do.Ē  Thatís testing HIM. Donít tempt HIM. You
donít want to do that. HE gets very angry. Do as HE leads you to do.

Question from a listener: Could Halliel (Satan) and his followers capable to create a new
heaven and a new earth, can they create an illusion or hologram to tell us what is ďtrueĒ?

Sherry: Thatís exactly what heís trying to do. Heís doing it with crystalcityfraud.com. Iíve
got it presented over there with his New Jerusalem that heís going to have come down
from the sky. Also, heís got something up his sleeve. I see it all the time and Iím not sure
what to make of it. If he descends down to the earth as Jesus, and he looks very
heavenly; heís got the lights and the angelic glow and all thisÖheís in a basket of some
kind. Iím seeing ďbasketĒ. When the Lord was here and HE ascended up into the
cloudsÖwhen HE left earth and the apostles and ascended up into the clouds, I donít
know how HE ascended. But interesting enough the term ďbasketĒ keeps coming up. I
think that if they try to pull that charade of Jesus descending to earth, to mimic the
descending Christ, theyíre going to use some kind of basket. I told you, everything is a
Hollywood production. Everything is technology. Theyíre trying to mimic and make things
as real and illusionary as possible. I told you, itís going to be very good. Most of us, weíll
just be sitting outside with our popcorn probably, watching this stuff and having a good
laugh while the rest of the world is deceived by it, because they believe it.

Question from a listener: The big transformation going on in our solar system perplexing
the earthly astrometry; are they real. Who is doing this?

Sherry: The big transformation going on in the solar systemÖ.The Lord said to keep
your eyes on the skiesÖsigns in the skies. It could be HIM, it could be the affects of
Orgone, weather weapons, Satan and his littleÖcreating the heaven and earth so they
can descend to earth and mimic heaven. It could be a number of things. I donít know
exactly what the specific answer is on that. I can tell you what weíre doing. If you look at
the yellow stars, thatís us. If you look at the atmosphere heating up, thatís us. The Orgone
is heating up the atmosphere because itís burning them. Anything else could be the
Lord. It could be the effects from what theyíre doing. Things like that.

Anyway, Iím going to get to some other questions. The computer is kindof slow tonight. Ití
s been like this the entire month. It seems like every Monday the rain starts. The rain
starts and the satellite service really starts to drag. And itís hard to pull up emails and get
to websites. Then after Monday, its fine. Thatís what I have to look forward to; one hassle
after the next. Thatís alright. We deal with it as it comes. It happens.

Question from a listener: I contacted you last week saying my friends and family have
been soul-scalped. I could use your help.

Sherry: Itís somebody looking for help, believing that their family and friends have been
soul-scalped. Maybe look for my help outside of a show format so I can deal with this in
a different format and a different basis. I really donít feel like wasting a lot of time on
government agents just trying to pull my chain.

Question from a listener: Sherry, do you think itíd be hot to make a bucket blaster
ASAP? Thank you for the Bible Codes. Theyíre delightful. Thank you for everything that
you do.

Sherry: Everybody should make a bucket blaster. I donít make enough. I made one. The
Lord stood up somebody else to make one for me. I havenít even covered my own
backyard very well. HE stood up Orgone warriors to come through Ohio and get parts of
Ohio that I just havenít done. I probably spent more time in other part of this country than
in my own home state. So the Lord had my back and stood up warriors to get parts of
my own home state.

Do what you can folks. If you can do the bucket blasters, do them. Iím so inundated with
getting orders out, with getting Orgone out, doing my own things that sometimes I donít
even get to myself. Everybody should get the ďbouldersĒ out. Thatís whatís really killing
the atmosphere Ė the Bucket Blasters.

Question from a listener: Will banks start closing in September?

Sherry: That seems to be the D-date for banks to start closing. Obama is doing his job.
Heís annihilating the economy. September should be the telltale month where finally they
just close it all. Iíve been warning about that for a long time folks, so donít be surprised.
Have cash on hand. Have supplies. Thatís all I can tell you to do. You can go back and
listen to archives. Iím not going to go back over everything Iíve been saying. I always
think if youíre asking a question, youíve already heard about it, so be prepared.

Question from a listen: Do the Codes say anything about hyperinflation beginning this

Sherry: I find it interesting that November comes up, but itís not about hyperinflation.
Benny HinnÖI think heís in Israel in November. He always is, if youíve noticed that. Every
November he takes off two weeks and goes to Israel. I think that if Maitreya hits his
arrival dates, he could be here by thenÖby November and there some kind of
agreement or pact in NovemberÖwhatever. He doesnít make his arrival dates so often.
Heís not going to make any of them. Whatís going to happen is the Lord is going to
throw him out of heaven. Heís going to crash.  Heís delaying his arrival because they are
having so many issues with their forces being burned and dying. You know? And their
crafts crashing. Itís one issue after the next. The Orgone warriors have been delaying
Satanís plans to arrive to the Earth. Eventually the Lord is just going to say, thatís it, and
HE is going to allow that thing to crash to the earth.

This Fall could be really interesting. It should have been going on in July. Things should
have went live in July that didnít. Iím glad I just stick to my guns and stay focused on what
the Lord has me on. Because if I had gotten distracted with all this other stuff that
everyone was proclaiming was going to happen, it just would have been a huge waste of

I like this; somebody is sending me the definition of ďbasketĒ. If I can pull it upÖthis is so
slow this week. Iím going to spend some time this week getting all these questions
printed so I can read them off next week without having to wait on all these computer
delays. They have definitely been giving me a lot of hassles during radio shows. And Iíve
warned about how eventually Iíll just be taken off the internet and blah, blah, blahÖso

ďBaskets are the children of the gods and the basis of our earth according to the ancient
Mesopotamians. They believe that the world began when a wicker raft was placed on
the oceans and soil was spread on the raft to make the land masses.Ē (LOL) I donít think
thatís the kindof basket Iím looking for, but thatís interesting. I do think theyíre going to
use some kind of basket. Iíve seen ďconvertibleĒ before and thought that was funny. A
convertible. A balloon. A basket. That all kindof rolls together with him descending to
earth. Something going on with that. It should be amusing for the people here on earth to
watch it happen. I would say thatís probably Sanandaís arrival, because Maitreya is
going to crash.  The world teacher.

There are two different arrivals, folks. Thereís Maitreyaís arrival and Sanandaís.
Sananda is coming as Jesus. Thereís really going to be a war at that point. Interesting
because Maitreya is going to be the one that represents Islam, and Jesus representing
Christianity; trying to merge the two. I donít think itís going to happen. I think weíre going
to see a lot of wars and destructions. Even maybe a lot of things going on with that. I caní
t really get into it right now, but there could be different scenarios when Maitreya comes
and tries to accomplish the world for Islam and dies and comes back later and Jesus
takes over andÖthere are just different scenarios that can be played out. Iíve warned
about the good Antichrist, bad Antichrist scenario before. So yeah, keep that in your
mind. Also the arrivals of them and possibly having to change their tactics. As their plans
are forced to change, they canít pull off what theyíve been planning to pull off. Just
keeping an eye on their own tactics. Yeah, soÖ

Question from a listener regarding St. Germaine on shortwave.

Sherry: Somebody had told me about that last week. And they're from Israel. Talking
about how St. Germaine has a radio show in Illinois once a week here in America. You
can catch it on shortwave. I canít pull up the thing to let you know what it is, so.

Iím going to have to go through emails and questions and print them out and answer
them next week because my computer just wonít pull up emails and things like that. Iím
just having a real hard time with that. Iím going to try and answer as I can.

Question from a listener: Can you please touch on when peopleís emotions are getting
the best of them, how they are inviting Satan to come in and attack them using a low
frequency waves?

Sherry: Satan can use peopleís emotions in various ways, creating loosh for them to
feed off of. If he can get you mad, he can feed off of your anger. If he can make you
tormented, he can feed off your suffering. If he can make you sad, he feeds off of your
pain and misery. They call it loosh. Somebody termed it as loosh and I picked up the
terminology on that as the same thing. A loosh that they feed off of. Itís an energy.

If you allow certain things to take over you and become dominant. Anger, sadness,
depression can take over you. Thatís when you allow demons to come in and oppress
and torment you. So you have to guard your emotions, folks. When youíre angry, be
angry, but then ask the Lord to take the anger away and forgive whoeverÖwhatever
made you angry. There is righteous anger. There is a righteous hatred. But as far as
dealing with the emotions that most people deal with daily, if youíre not guarding your
emotions you can allow demons to enter into you and take root and take hold of you.
Thatís why you always see when people are really angry, or youíll look at some people
that you donít even knowÖyou just look into their eyes and see Satan. You see the
devils. You see demons in their eyes. Because they live within that person. That person
has dealt with a lot of anger and other different types of emotions that they havenít dealt
with. They havenít sought the Lord for forgiveness for. When you hang on to these types
of emotions, Satan can take root and then posses and overcome people with them. You
have to guard your emotions, folks. Donít stay angry at people, just forgive and move on.
That way, Satan canít take root. I donít know how many people that Iíve seen that are just
angry and hateful. And theyíve been that way for so long, itís just part of who they are. Itís
because theyíve been that way for so long, that Satan has taken root and allowed them
to become demonically oppressed by demons of anger and hatred.

Take charge of your emotions, folks. Donít let Satan have his way with you because of
your uncontrollable emotions; emotions that you havenít dealt with. Burying something
gives him access because you havenít dealt with it. So deal with things. Thatís another
thing too; not inhibiting the Holy Spirit from working within you because if you are always
angry and are always dealing with issues that you canít forgive people for things they
have done, you prohibit the Holy Spirit from working with you as well, because you have
those issues to deal with.  Itís all part of spiritual warfare.

Iím going to close with this last email. And the rest Iím going to have to print off and
answer next week because this computer is just incredibly slow.

The 31st is coming up in the codes a lot. Thatís this Friday. And again, July 27th thru July
31st is also the week of their FEMA drills. Thatís also a week when they're out there in
Bohemian Grove. All the Satan freaks are meeting out there. A lot of warriors are
praying for a lot of sabotaging and destruction out there all week. So itís been a lot of fun
just praying for the demise out there. When they get involved with thatÖjoining in on the
prayers..just make that whole time that theyíre out there miserable for them.  

Question from a listener: If we enclose an object in a paint container and seal it tight,
would the object take on enough energy to become a useful weapon? Thank you for all
that you do and have done.

Sherry: I donít know. I like the Orgone water thing. Where you put Orgone in water, and
the water becomes permeated with the Orgone. Put that in a water gun and spray it at
evil beings and it burns them because the Orgone water becomes like holy water. Itís a
good energy. Positive water. I think itís funny. I have no idea about that. I have to think
about that for a while and see what the Lord has to say about it. I donít always have
answers right away. Sometimes I have to sit and think about stuff and wait for the Lord to
answer or lead me to an answer. HIS ways are not our ways. And whatís so fun is,
warriors weapons arenít manís weapons. So we just have fun with simple things and
destroy Satanís kingdom.

Anyway folks. Iím going to wrap it up tonight. I hope Iíve said some things to help some
people out there.

Just look for the Shema star. Keep your eyes on CNN and outlets starting to promote the
world teacher again and Maitreya.

The next several months are going to be busy. Remember I warned about the bathtub
effect? That when things start, everything is going to happen quickly around it. July and
September seem to be the DĖday months for a lot of things to be happening.

Just keep your eyes on the coming September because things have taken place in July
that people just arenít aware of. Maybe a show next month, Iíll go back and reveal
everything that took place in July. Because things arenít blowing up and people for things
to tangibly see, they donít think things are going on. There are a lot of things going on. A
lot of preparation work. A lot of things that the Illuminati has been up with, dealing with
and causing. When September comes, very well see a whole potpourri of things
happening at once. Knowing words you can hear are accelerate and dely. Not
necessarily accelerate. I like those. What I hate is delays. Sometimes itís just our own
fault. Weíre doing too good of a job.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.