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August 3, 2009

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night. Monday, August 03, 2009.

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Iíve been doing some work this week in the Codes. I do work every week in the codes.  
What I find interesting is that August seems to be kindof quiet. So it might a prep month for September. I might change it next week because I only got into aboutÖhang on a second folks.

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August seems like a preparedness month.  A lot of people have been talking about
seeing military equipment moving east. I noticed some military movements myself. Two nights ago at about midnight, two or three very loud military helicopters were flying directly over my house. Of course, they were heading south and the arsenal was the other way. So I donít know what their point is. It seems to be people are talking about a lot of activity from their arsenals. Usually that starts taking place when weíre going to head to war. Usually if thereís a Persian Gulf War, you see the arsenals starting to get busy because thatís where they stock and load ammunitions and things. So now they seem to be getting busy for something. I donít think theyíre going to war in Iran and all that; I think thatís just a distraction. I think they may be getting ready to go ahead with their plans for forced vaccinations on the Swine Flu. I think thatís what we can be dealing with in September. Remember I warned that when one thing happens, everything is going to happen like a bathtub effect. So itís something to look out for; these forced vaccinations.

I sent an email out on one of my lists this week. I asked, if you are at a military
checkpoint. And your choice is to get the vaccine or get on a bus. Because if you donít get the vaccine they would take you to someplace where theyíll quarantine youÖwhich will be an internment camp, where they would try to talk you into getting the vaccination or probably eventually just take you on to your death, either way. So I threw that question out there because Iím not ready to go to an internment camp quite yet over a stupid vaccination. I have too much to do myself. So if I found myself in that situation, I would just ask the Lord to turn the vaccine into water the second their needle hit my arm. Just turn it to water. HE says in Psalms 91 that HE will save us from the snare of the fowler and all the poisons and wickedness and things that are coming, HE would save us from. So I think thatís a pretty good thing to do.  To just ask HIM to turn it to water.  Of course I wouldnít voluntarily take the vaccination; I would have to be at the point where I was under arrest or being forced to take the vaccination. So thatís how I would react to that.

I think itís very important that everybody learns to listen the Lord and how HE leads them in their spirits. HE may tell you to take a different route home. Not to take the side roads home. To do something different. To do Something you donít normally do. Break up the normal routine. because they may be setting up check points for vaccinations. Of course they are talking about giving out wristbands for people who have had it, so that they know. Thatís all just conditioning. Itís conditioning. Itís getting people prepared to have to act in massive amounts of ways as groups, especially when they enforce the mark of the beast. And getting people acclimated to that. When that comes down, people are going to be forced to have the mark of the beast to do any banking, cash a paycheck, go into a grocery store, buy gas. If you donít have that mark of the beast, youíre not going to be able participate in active society.

Interesting that these forced vaccinations are coming to the forefront. Of course, they
are nothing but poisons and cancers and things that will kill you. Most people probably wonít live past a month after getting these vaccinations. Weíre talking about a worldwide turning our entire earth into one big tombstone from these vaccinations. Thatís pretty much what you have to look forward to with these vaccinations.  So I encourage everybody to stay away from the vaccinations. If you have to get it for one reason or anotherÖa vaccination or a bus to a prison camp, then just ask the Lord to turn it into water. I have full faith in HIM that HE would do that. And if HE doesnít, then so be it. Youíre going to die with or without the vaccine. The majority of the people on this earth are going to die during the first 2 Ĺ years of the last part of the Tribulation anyway. The Lord says HE will protect HIS own. So I believe HE will, but we have to act in faith as well and use wisdom in all things. Thereís a lot of death and destruction coming. Plagues and diseases are just part of it. They are just part of it.

I wanted to answer some emails that I got last week because I couldnít get to it on my
computer at the time. Someone had sent in an email asking if we are in the Tribulation.

I know the white horse is riding. I donít know when the time clock starts. Some people are so adamant that itís a seven year tribulation. Others are from the time that Lucifer
arrives, we have 42 months. Thatís the one time clock I have always held onto; the 42
months of Luciferian rule. I know that the churches teach that weíre going to have this
treaty between the Jews and the ArabsÖ.the Temple is going to be rebuilt and all this
stuff. I just have too many questions on all of that. So the best thing for me to gauge
about the Tribulation Period is Revelation chapter 12, when Satan falls to the Earth. He could fall to the earth and then piddle around for 3 Ĺ years before he comes to power. I donít see him as the type to piddle around for 3 Ĺ years; maybe he is going to. I guess you just have to watch events, folks.

Iíve been talking about the Shema star crashing. The Shema star is Luciferís star. It is
the star that Maitreya is inhabiting. I do believe Maitreya is playing the role of the
Antichrist in the last days. When his star crashes to earthÖand Iíve been talking about it crashing, we would have to see what he does from that point on. If he starts his immediate war against the Saints as described in Revelation chapter 13, the first thing he does is start his war against the Saints, then you can count 42 months from that time. So itíll be interesting.

Iíve been keeping an eye on Shema. Iíve been talking about yellow stars and how the
Orgone is saturating the atmosphere. The first thing you can do is watch the yellow stars start crashing and the media describes them as meteors crashing to earth. The Shema star is kindof turning an opaque yellow. It looks more like its dividing in half; like its two halves put together. Itís not as brilliant white as it once was. I donít expect that thing to crash until September. If it crashes in September, that certainly puts a lot of things in a timetable in the fall. I know thereís a heads up from other countries, hearing there is going to be a bank holiday in America, some time from now until October. It would be a bank holiday for two to three weeks. So not only dealing with a bank holiday, where all the banks would close, which would mean that most of the stores would close, youíre looking at forces vaccinations in September. Thatís another heads up that theyíre going to start forcing vaccinations. They could move that up earlier in August. I donít really have a time line on that; Iím just watching to see what they are doing.

This healthcare plan of Obamaís; if they start enforcing that. That immediately just gives them a whole euthanasia license to murder people.  If it doesnít bother you enough that they can decide at 65 that your parents have lived long enough, now they have to go and die, whatís to stop them from going on and on and on and deciding every person out there that has a handicap, or in some way or another is a burden on society, so they just eliminate all of them. They eliminate the prisons, the mental institutions, hospitals, because if you are sick you arenít contributing to society. It would turn into a survival of the fittest. They could keep going on and on, narrowing their definition of who has the right to live or die based on what they government thinks. It gives them a license to kill. And you know that theyíll take it to extremes. Everything the government does always does. It just gives them an out and out license to kill. I pretty much think thatís what theyíre going to do. So watch for his healthcare reform. Another thing to worry about.

If Maitreyaís satellite crashes in September (which I think will be the month it does) then just keep your eye on Saudi Arabia because he will form his alliance over there. This 10 nation group. The first thing he will do is come after the Christians, as his official act of ďgod on earth.Ē If thatís what you want to call him. I donít think heís anything but a fool.

Interesting that I was talking to Cisco Wheeler. I spent a long time talking to her
yesterday. Sheís just one of the most brilliant people that Iíve ever met. Very, very
intelligent. I havenít read her entire story. Sheís done interviews online. I know my
website thewatcherfiles.com gets a lot of traffic from my 13 families of the Illuminati
articles that I have on there. All that information is from Cisco Wheeler, who grew up in
an Illuminati family. I spent a lot of time talking to her. I told herÖI guess you could call itÖmy hesitation towards anybody that claims they are free that has come out of that family. Iíve had reservations for quite a few people who claim they are free and now go around speaking on interviews and things like that. She told me several things about her healing process that was enough to convince me that the Lord has healed her to where she is almost whole and that her story is completely true. I told her at the time that I believed her, because I do. But Iíve heard so many things from so many people that have come out of the Illuminati that have experienced mind control and programming, that the things she was able to tell me of the experiences she had with the Lord during that time were things I had heard from other people. So I have no doubt in my mind that this woman is totally healed and one of these angels in the flesh that I talk about in my article Angels in the Flesh. You can read it at Sherrytalkradio.com at my articles page. Being sent here being born into an Illuminati family, and then with the work she is doing now, just totally being sent to be here in the last days to do exactly what she is doing now. And thatís expose the Illuminati. I just love her to death. Iíd love to have her on this show if I had the capability of having guests on the show. One of the interesting things is how we were able to talk and confirm things with each other. I had never had anybody so high up in the Illuminati that I could confirm things that the Lord has told me or things that I have learned that she could totally confirm. I just found it amazing. I think what amazes them equally, is the fact that what she stated was that my information is so dead on accurate, I think it amazes a lot of them that having no ties to the Illuminati myself, never having been brought up in that kind of a life, that the information that I have is so accurate. The Lord has been my source of info. The Lord has always taught me Himself. Iíve set at His feet. HE pulled me into this alien agenda 10 years ago.

So it amazes me, as it does her, that the churches could be so blind to all these things that occultists already know. And when Christians try to wake up and warn the churches of whatís going on, the Christians attack them. The Christians attack their watchmen and their prophets and call them crazy and call them liars and discredit and smear them. Thatís what they do. I just found it amazing.

Cisco has written a book Behold a White Horse. She says where she quoted all my
serpent seedline material. I havenít read the book; Iíve ordered it so I can read it. She
said she was going to write an entire section on the serpent line for that book, but when she sat down to write the book, the Lord brought her to my website, so she just quoted the stuff from my website. Why just reinvent the wheel? She has the same kind of attitude I have. If somebody else has already said it, I just use their material. Just totally amazed. I told her how much flack I get from the Christian community about the serpent seedline. Itís just one of those things. One of the truths that our pastors work hard trying to bury so that the people canít recognize that Satan has a seed on earth. It keeps them in the dark. If you really canít figure out whatís going on around you, an make sense and put together the pieces of the puzzle why things are happening the way they do and where its heading, then youíre always in the dark. Youíre always clueless. You canít understand what is going on around you today because you donít know what your real history is. A lot of these seminaries that our church pastors come out of are all operated by Satanists.

The biggest and stupidest thing about Christians is that anybody who claims to be
saved, they believe. ďIím saved!Ē and start quoting John 3:16. Just start quoting the
Bible. Hitler loved the Bible. He used to quote it all the time; and so does Maitreya and so does Sananda and so does Lucifer. They love the Bible. They quote it all the time. And they know as soon as they start quoting it, the Christians go to sleep and accept them as being Christians. To make themselves more easily gullible and easy to be deceived. People need to get in and start reading the Bible for themselves and not leaving their growth or lack of what their knowledge is to the snakes leading the churches today.

We had a long conversation about how these Satanists infiltrate the churches. They
have various ways of doing it. Theyíll start targeting women at young ages as wives so
that these men can marry these religious women, get them set up in churches, come in the back door as husbands so they can infiltrate the churches that way. They're very methodical in the things that they do. Iíve never looked at exactly how they do it over the long run. Iíve known for years, theyíll come in to the Pentecostal churches because that seems to be the easiest and most gullible to infiltrate, because they can do the most damage there. I donít know how many people flock to Pentecostal meetings. Look at Benny HinnÖthousands. Kenneth CopelandÖthousands. TBNÖyou mention a fire crusade or a fire ministry or a healing; everybody wants to be healed of something.

Everybody is aching and ailing of something and wants to be healed of something. So
they go, believing they might be getting a healing for something. And they end up
coming out of there worse then they went in. These pastors and people like Benny Hinn they put demons into people. They donít take them out of you. They donít deliver you from anything. They put demons into you and youíre accepting it. One the first things before they start probably has everybody ask for the Lord to come. ďJesus, come.Ē Iíve told you that Jesus is not the name of the Son of God, its Yahushuah. So Satanís Jesus comes. The one thatís taken on the name of Jesus comes. They take on attributes of everything that there is. Demons will attach themselves to names, and things and emotions. Thatís why you have to be careful. I always say If you know His real Name Yahushuah, then call Him by His real Name because Satan has this Jesus. And itís this Jesus thatís coming to deceive the Christian crowd. This Maitreya is coming to deceive the Muslim crowd, at the same time heíll get the Buddhists, the Hindus and New Agerís. Billions of people just with Maitreya, then you have Jesus; the entire Christian crown deceived by him because he looks like the picture theyíve seen in the churches all these years. And that was just a Michelangelo depicting of Satanís general Jesus. The churches adopted that as the picture of their Jesus. Itís just a mess, folks. Itís just a mess.

Just a lot of things are coming up on the horizon. It seems like as time gets closer to a crunch, I keep learning more and more and more about how Satanís kingdom operates. Being able to put more and more pieces together. Iíve got an article on my website at thewatcherfiles.com called Agenda 21. You can Google this Agenda 21. Itís the United Nations plan for the re-wilding of America. It includes other things.

What I thought interesting was that me and Cisco started talking about the Council of 21. The Council of 21 is the supreme council of how Satan rules over the earth. Iíve talked about this council. The New Agers want you to think that itís the Ashtar Command, if I remember right. The Galactic CommandÖthe Ashtar Command is the only council above the earth. Those are just ascended masters. I have them on my website at sherrytalkradio.com. They fly around in the Capricorn with Sananda. A cigar shaped ship. They can also be seen with Maitreya in his Shema star. Itís also a habitation of theirs. The various pictures of who they areÖthey call themselves the ascended masters. Hatton and St. Germaine and Maitreya and Jesus and a couple of others.

I want to talk about this council of 21. What it is is a tier structure. Seven layers of three people on each tier. I remember years ago, back doing research on lizards and
reptilians. Iíve had my website up for ages. Learning that it was the white lizards that
were in charge. There were green lizards and there were white lizards. The white lizards were the very secretive lizards and no one ever saw them because they were the council; they were the ones in charge over the fallen angels on earth that were working with mankind to prepare the world for Satanís arrivalÖto institute the New World OrderÖto crash the economies. Theyíre the ones who instigate and work behind the scenes on all this. All the politicians and the bankers around the world are under their control. So I knew about the white lizards. At the time, I had been told that they lived in an underground city under a desert under Libya. I can remember learning from a Christian years ago, how real that the Star Wars series was. He was the one who had pointed out to me that there was an underground cityÖI canít remember the name of it, but it was located in the south tip of Egypt. The way southern part of the countryÖthat there was a huge subterranean city under the earth right there. That whole Star Wars sagaÖyou know where the planet is and the council meets? This was actually taken out of that underground city in Africa. Of course in the movies they make it look like itís a planet out in the atmosphere somewhere. This was actually a depiction of this huge subterranean city under the earthÖunder the southern part of Egypt. I thought that was interesting, and to me, I thought that was probably where this 21 Council rules from. Right out of this subterranean city in Africa. It could be located under the desert of Libya. It could just extend from one point to the other. Both Egypt and Libya are right there, together in Africa. Very interesting that it all kindof points over that way on where the location of this top tier structure of Satanís whole hierarchy of his kingdom. And of course, he sits above the council. He rules over the whole thing. Itís like a pyramid type thing; even layers of three, and a mixture of humans and fallen angels (what I call reptiles) that rule on this council. So I found it very interesting, talking to Cisco wheeler that Al Gore himself is on this council; this tier structure. I donít know where he is on the ranking; I couldnít care less. Theyíre all just freaks to me. There are 21 of them. I donít care where amongst they areÖbut interesting, because Iíve always said that Al Gore was the highest ranking alien in America on earth. Heís very high ranking with the whole alien agenda. I put that up on my website omegansareliars.com, warning about Al Gore and what a lizard he is. Of course, Cisco confirmed that. And confirmed Cheney being soul-scalped. I talked about that two years ago on my show how Dick Cheney was soul-scalped and the person being totally gone. She was able to confirm that.

Also Obama, being a lizard. Youíve seen the stuff going around the internet about
Obama being a clone of that pharaohÖ.and Iíve seen a couple of emails on that. You
could probably get more info on that at Alex Jones siteÖ.but thatís true. His wife, his
children and Obama all are cloned and groomed from the DNA of that pharaoh,
according to Cisco Wheeler. That doesnít surprise me. You can usually tell in the Bible Codes what you are dealing with because when someone is empty, they are just a shell; it has nothing to say about them, because there is nothing there. No soul, no spirit, the person is just empty in a shell. Thatís how Obama comes up. Very interesting that Cisco confirmed that he has been cloned from this Pharaoh DNA. And she knows how they work.

She told me that back when she was in the Illuminati as whatever job she did, her family was directly one of the 13, where she got all of her informationÖthat at that time, they (the occult) had been trying to perfect the perfect receptacleÖ the perfect body so that Satan could come to earth and rule and have a body. Thatís what they were doing when she had left the Illuminati and sought pastors and churches for help and started going into healing. She was doing that for 25 years or whatever it took her to become whole again and healed from all of her torture and abuse. Fragmentations. When she had left, thatís what they were working on; trying to find a body for Satan. InterestingÖI was talking to her, ďWell you know they cloned the body of Cain, and thatís what this Maitreya has.Ē This Maitreya; this world teacher that CNN keeps promoting, doesnít have a human body because heís a lizardÖheís a tall grey alienÖsome call him a lizard. He needs a body. So theyíve been able to clone Cain. They found his bodyÖI donít know how; I just see it in the Bible Codes all the time that this Maitreya that is coming is Cain. So I believe they have cloned his body and thatís the receptacle that Satan is going to use. I guess it takes a special body to be able to hold Satan within it. I donít know if itís because of his past, being an angel or whatever, but he canít just inhabit a normal human body very long. What happens is they die. They get destroyed or whatever. I find it interesting that theyíve found the receptacle they can use; the cloned body of Cain. Itís this Maitreya thatís coming in this cloned body of Cain. It kindof puts it all together for me in piecing the puzzle together.

Itís the Antichrist and False Prophet who are cast into the Lake of Fire and Satan who is bound and cast into the abyss for a thousand years. So even though Maitreya isnít
Lucifer himself, Lucifer can rule through Maitreya over the world. And thatís what heís
going to do. Lucifer himself will be bound and cast into the abyss for a thousand years
while the Antichrist and False Prophet are chained and cast into the Lake of Fire for
eternity. So there are three separate beings there; itís just that Satan would be allowed to access this cloned body of Cain and use it as he wants to through Maitreya. So itís going to be very interesting at that time.  

A couple of comments from listeners.

Comment from a listener: The worldwide church of Satan in San Francisco is now
completely surrounded by Orgone.

Sherry: (LOL) Very good. Glad to hear that.

Comment: Spiritual attacks are getting out of control in Los Angeles. Is this happening
anywhere else?

Sherry: I live in Ohio and most of my audience is scattered around the world.  Whenever you just think of L.A., it just seems like a nut place to all of usÖso I donít know if that is new for your area. I donít mean to put down your area, but L.A. is the nut capitol of the world. I think a lot of places are getting stranger. I donít know whatís particularly going on out in L.A., but I hear from people that are seeing a lot more people with the black beady eyes. Soulless beings have black beady eyes are the ones that are completely soul scalped. Even serpent seedlines have normal eyes. While talking to Cisco, she mentioned to me that a lot of these Illuminati children can be born without souls. She mentioned the Rothschildís in particular and that part of peoples jobs within the Illuminati are determining the babies born with or without them. I thought that was really wild. One of the characteristics of a person born without a soul is the black eyes. Another thing somebody made a comment on, I was reading about was people having sharpened teeth.  I donít know what thatís about, but sharpened teeth and black eyes seem to be things are noticing more and more about people that we are sharing this earth with.

Comment from a listener: Doesnít it seem like the media is baiting us to get angry, get impulsive and get arrested?

Sherry: Yeah, thatís one of their things to create chaos so they can implement martial
law. I donít see what the point is. If the stuff thatís happened over the last 1 15
yearsÖthe stuff that Clinton started, stuff Bush Jr. started and now stuff Obama is doing and it hasnít caused chaos yet in the streetsÖwhatís it going to take for people to get angry and riot in the streets and protest over something? There is always baiting going on. Thatís what Iíve warned people. Stay away from the groups and organizations and things that want to get you out in the streets and protest. They want to use that to be able to call in the troops and throw those people into martial law. The Lord has always told me to warn people to stay home.

Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, is the H1N1 virus a judgment from the Lord or is it a man-made virus?

Sherry: Iím really up in arms about that because when you read this stuff on the internet, they make it sound like is the manmade virusÖthe one the military put together. Then when I look in the Bible Codes I see that itís a plague from the Lord Himself. Itís a judgment on them. I donít know if itís H1N1, but it has to be the same plague. How many plagues can we be talking about for right now? And they're mad about the Orgone. Especially because of this plague. So why would they be so mad about the Orgone. I always see that theyíre in a panic. One of the reasons they are meeting in Pittsburgh next month is because they are in a panic over the burning and falling stars. Plus they want to continue what theyíre doing in destroying all the countries economies. So thatís why they're meeting much more frequently. At the same time theyíre trying to continue their agenda to destroy everyoneís economies, theyíre burning out of the skies. YeahÖtheyíre not meeting to help. Theyíre patting each other on the back and deciding what else they need to do to continue to destroy your countries economy.

But yeah, the H1N1 Swine Flu, the Bird FluÖthese are all just terms for judgment against the wicked. Against the aliens, fallen angels and serpent seedline, the chip implanted, the soul-scalped, the walked-in. Beings that arenít really human beings to begin with. Notice where this whole thing started Ė in China. Iíve warned you how these Asian nations are serpent seedline nations. And thatís where they started. And in Mexico; another serpent seedline nation. I also know how the Lord works, in that HE would allow it to happen and use humans to bring it about and allow it to come about, because HE would use it as one of HIS own judgments on mankind. I had talked about it before with Bird Flu, especially last fall when it started hitting as Bird Flu in China. I said it would die down for a while and come back with a vengeance. Thatís what this Swine Flu is. Itís going to come back with a vengeance. Is it going to affect the Lordís people or just affect those who donít love and serve HIM? Very interesting.

Even if youíre a citizen from a serpent seedline nation, that doesnít mean that you canít be saved. It doesnít mean that the Lord wonít protect you from these judgments and plagues that are coming. The Lord will protect HIS people from the hand of the fowler and snare. HE will protect you. You have an opportunity to have HIS redemption. All these countries need to be looking to HIM for help and not their governments. They are just complicit in it. Theyíre just going to get ready to start burying from the massive deaths that will be coming out of it.

Question from a listener: Sherry, do you think this national health care and the forced
vaccinations have anything to do with the NWO plans for global depopulation?

Sherry: Yes, so course. Itís all working together. They want to cleanse the earthÖwhat they call ďcleansingĒ of 5.5 billion people. We need to fight back just as equally hard and cleanse the wicked off the earth with our Orgone. I remember the Lordís ways are not manís ways. You donít need bullets and guns to fight back. We have spiritual warfare prayers and we have the Orgone. The horse riding. A bow without an arrow Ė unconventional weapons. Thatís not legislation; that unconventional weapons. A bow without an arrow. Itís an unconventional weapon that can destroy. What is
unconventional? Orgone. We are seeing the Orgone destroy the wicked, the aliens and the fallen angels. That is the horse riding on the earth right now. For those of you who have been sitting on the fence, you need to jump in, get involved and actually do

Question from a listener: Sherry, do you think the chemtrails are destroying the sylphs. I searched on the internet. What are your opinions on sylphs?

Sherry: I have codes on sylphs. Thatís their judgment. They keep our skies clean. Thatís why youíll see in chemtrailed areas; sylph clouds move in and eat away at the chemtrails. Theyíre in judgment. Theyíre forced to do that, so they do it. I have codes on it at hiddencodes.com. You can see my comments and my codes on sylphs.

They always have to start this. I donít have problems during the week, but at show time I canít get into my mails.

I wanted to make a comment. People have been asking me about Hal Turner and Alex
Jones. I think I talked about Alex Jones last week. I know that somebody had sent me a thing stating the Alex Jones mentioned Orgone on his show last week. I thought that was really interesting because they must be getting bothered by it to even mention it. Of course his comment was that Orgone wouldnít protect or save anyone. Well, itís not going to protect people like him, but it will the Lordís people. Alex Jones has always been a big promoter of Ron Paul. You can read my codes on Ron Paul. He is working the lizard agenda. I started warning about him years ago when he was throwing his hat into the presidential race as a third party ticket. Heís just another lizard. He plays the alien agenda. Heís what they call a white night in the New Age movement. Just certainly one to stay away from, are the white nights. Cynthia McKinney is a white knight. Iím sure they consider Alex Jones a white night. Tom Hennigan, they consider a white night. They work the alien/New Age agenda. Thatís what these white knights are; they work with the alien agenda. So thatís Alex Jones game as far as I know it. Working the New Age/alien agenda while he denies they exist. Of course he doesnít want you to think the Orgone is working because its effectively destroying them.

Another thing with Hal turner. I warned several years ago how heís just an agent
provocateur.  You canít be so extreme and not be government. Everyone knows how
extreme he was on the internet. Instigating people to go hurt, kill people and burn down Congressmanís houses. Iíve never listened to his show. I just heard about it from
everybody else. Reading his blog and seeing how extreme he was. Then last year
someone hacked into his account and found information that he had emails back and
forth with his FBI handler. Revealing even then from a hackerÖthis hacker stating that
he was an FBI informant. People were quick to forgive Hal. He put his website back up
and went back to his usually shenanigans. Eventually he got arrested by the people that were supposed to be loyal to him and protect him. Now heís sitting in prison somewhere. Now heís looking for help from the same people that he was throwing to the dogs earlier. If you sent Hal an email, ďHey Hal, keep going. I love your show. I love you, man. Iím gonna go to D.C. and protestÖdo this and do that,Ē and all the while Hal was forwarding your name and contact info. The FBI can trace your IP address straight to your computer. He would forward all that to the FBI. ďThis guy agrees with me.Ē ďThis group agrees with me.Ē He would forward all that to the FBI so they could build up their database list for those who stand against the New World Order. You would be put on a list to target you for harassment, pick up during martial law when they start doing the red and blue lists for pickups. He would work for the government and help them build up their martial law listsÖinternment camp lists, betraying all the patriots and people who listened to his show, and turning them over to the FBI. So now he wants help from these very same people to fund his defense against the very FBI that now has him in jail. So very interesting. You canít say I didnít warn you years ago folks, on that one. Like Iíve said, I never personally listened to his show. Thereís a lot of shows Iíve never listened to. Iíve never listened to Alex Jones show. Iíve never listened to Coast to Coast.

I heard that George Noory had Benjamin CrŤme on the other night talking bout Maitreya. I heard that he was confirming everything that I was saying about the Shema star. How itís Maitreyaís. Of course he wasnít talking about how it was going to crash to the earth. Iíll tell you that one. You got the inside scoop on that one. He pretty  much admitted and confirmed everything Iíve already said about the whole charade, except they have their little spin on it.

Like Shema star being a signal that a great leader was going to arrive to arrive on the
earth, just like the Bethlehem star signaled the birth of JesusÖ.the one they totally
reject, mind youÖ.that it would signal the arrival of the great world teacher onto the
earthís scene, which is this supposed Maitreya. This 12th Imam. This Muslim Mahdi. You can go out every night and see this thing. Itís brilliantly lit usually. Get to see it now while itís still somewhat medium or half way what it used to be. Itís very low in the atmosphere; about 30 degrees. Iím in Ohio and it was south of me last night. Interesting, because my south is somebody elseís north.  I think on the west coast itís out there at about 2 oíclock in the morning. I donít know. This thing kindof moves around. Itíll be here for a while and then leave for even days or weeks at a time. You can listen to the archives of my past shows.

So interesting that Benjamin CrŤme is hitting the road. CNN is starting their cheerleading of Maitreya again. ďCall an 800 number; learn about the teacher to comeĒÖand all this crap and garbage. Of course you would expect it from the lizards to promote another one, so youíll see it on Larry King Live. Yeah, they started this last year during the campaign. They kindof quit for a while and now theyíre coming back with it.

Question from a listener: What if I make Orgone crystal blaster with smoky quartz crystal?

Sherry: Clear, quartz crystal is what we use. If itís all you have, and youíre kindof stuck using smoky crystal, ask the Lord to remove all the impurities in it and to make it a clear, beautiful crystal. Otherwise, get clear crystals. You can ask the Lord for a miracle or just go and get some clear crystals.

Question from a listener: Iím trying to figure out if you are the real deal. There have been so many neutralizers in the past that have distracted us conservatives and sent us down the paths to our own destructions. Do you focus on destroying the liberal agenda or do the Bible Codes say to simply dig in and preserve ourselves?

Sherry: Iím not digging in and doing nothing. Iím not taking it to the liberal agenda; Iím
taking it to Satan. Thatís what our focus should be. Satan is our enemy. Satan is our
enemy. That might put liberals in that kindof a line because they seem to align with
Satan more so. My war isnít against humans; my war is against Satan and his forces and the wickedness that controls from behind the scenes. Thatís where the Lord has me. By doing that weíve got the Orgone and weíve got spiritual warfare prayers that we go to war with. If you just want to sit around and attack the liberal agenda, thatís fine. The Lord uses watchmen to alert everybody else to what Obama and his agenda are up to. We need those people. Everybody has a different calling. Your calling may not be my calling. I used to be a watchman too. I used to sound the alarms about George Bush up and down. I was kicked out of every Christian and religious list on the internet because I dared say that George Bush was a Satanist. You have your own battle is going to be your own circle. Your own churches, the believers, the conservative crowds. Waking them up to the reality that those who profess to be Christians are Satanists. Thatís a job in itself. You canít do what Iím doing. Do what the Lord leads you to do. If HE puts you with me to do what Iím doing, then fine. But not everybody is called to be a warrior. Some people are prayer warriors. Some people just have different callings. Weíre an army with different specialties, different areas and different callings for the Lord, but we should be able to act as a team as well. Thatís the bottom line. Conservatives fighting the liberal agendaÖHow good have we been the last 100 years fighting the liberal agenda?! How effective have we really been when the homosexuals have more of a say in Congress and getting more rights than any conservative on the planet is going to have? Interesting. I would think twice before I got on the bandwagon of conservatives verses liberals because we havenít been effective at all in 80 years.

Question from a listener: You mentioned that the Bible Codes mention Bohemian Grove. Can you tell us if their party was affected by the Orgone?

Sherry: I canít tell you that yet. The Lord hasnít shown me that yet. Probably will next
month. HE tends to do things in retrospect. I do the same thing myself. When I Orgone an area or I go on a mission for the Lord, I talk about it a week or a month after Iíve already done it because I donít want to be hassled during the time that Iím doing it. HE may reveal it to me later; HE may not. It was a year or two after I had gone out and done all that work at Dulce Base before I started to see in the Codes how much destruction I had actually caused at Dulce Base. I can tell you that they are in complete derision, folks. Thatís one of the reasons for this G-2 summit. They are in a panic over the Orgone. They are burning, their starships are falling. How much longer can they keep saying that meteorites are falling to the earth? Theyíre in a panic over that. Yeah, pat yourselves on the back. Weíve done a great job. Weíve got Satanís kingdom on the run. Theyíve got their backs up against the fence and theyíre in a panic.

Question from a listener: Do you think Oprah is a lizard since now she has her own New Age church?

Sherry: Yeah. I didnít get it confirmed from somebody that would know like Cisco. I donít think you really need a confirmation. I think she was walked in and soul-scalped a long time ago and the Oprah that we have now is not the Oprah that started out as Oprah. I think she was soul-scalped. Yeah, what we are looking at now is a lizard.
Question from a listener: Iím trying to search for Cisco Wheeler on the web. How do you spell Cisco Wheeler?

Sherry: Cisco Wheeler. And she also has books at Amazon.com. If you want to know the inner workings of the Illuminati, I would suggest her books. One of her books is $89, but they are excellent books. If you want to learn firsthand knowledge from someone who was thereÖsomeone who has been involved with eh Illuminati, it would be Cisco Wheeler. Sheís just an amazing woman. I love her to death. And how many people have I said that about? (LOL) How many people have I ever saidÖusually when I get in contact with people itís a very slow process. Theyíre lucky if Iíll even talk on the phone to anybody, and I talked for five hours to Cisco Wheeler.

Question from a listener: What do you see in the Codes for October and November?

Sherry: Iím not looking ahead that far, but it seems like they will be pretty interesting,
especially in Israel and Arabia with the ascended masters. If they do arrive in September, which I think the Shema star could crash this SeptemberÖyou just have to watch it. Go out and keep an eye on it. As soon as you see it turn dark yellow, thatís when itíll crash. Thatís my belief. Theyíve all been doing that. Youíll see all these white starshipsÖthese fake stars in the skyÖthey portray themselves as stars, turn yellow and crash. I think the Shema will fall in the same steps as the others. Itís going to turn yellow and crash. If so, then October and November will be very interesting because Satan will be on the earth at that point. Weíll know without a doubt that heís on the earth. It could be very interesting. I know it scares some people, but frankly Iím ready to go. Iíd rather deal with knowing that Satan is on the earth and getting busy, than having to worry about vaccinations and checkpoints. Weíre going to have so many things to worry about folks, thatÖyou just have to put it all in the Lords Hands and not worry. Just stand on His Word that HE said their pestilence and disease wouldnít harm us. Just stand on His Word.

Question from a listener: I was doing a study on Revelation 12. A revelation came to me. I think I know what it means when it says she gave birth to a son that will rule the nations with an iron scepter that itís talking about Yahushuahís 144,000.

Sherry: No, thatís Israel giving birth to the Messiah, Yahushuah.

Question continues: It says that her child was snatched up to God and His throne. Do
you think thatís twofold?

Sherry: I think that is Israelís child. When the Lord died and ascended up into Heaven. If you want to know where we are in Revelation 12, I think I started in verse 7 last week. In the first part of that chapter, it talks about how Israel gave birth to the Messiah, Yahushuah. He came down, died on the cross and arose. From verse 7 on, speaking about Satan being cast out of heavenÖthe war being in heaven against Michael and his angels. Thatís where we are at. That part right there is symbolic being that Michael and his angels are a leader on earth and the warriorsÖthe Lordís warriors going to war against Satan in the skies. Thatís exactly whatís happening now with the Orgone. It permeates the atmosphere and is causing Satanís starships to crash to the earth. When the Shema crashes BOOM, itís on. The tribulation period will be officially on when that Shema star crashes. I find it exciting.

I was put here on earth to be here in the last days, directly from the House of David. To be here to lead the Lordís people in battle against Satan and his forces in the last days. And weíve done a good job. It may have been slow. Itís taken us longer than it should have because there are so few of us, but we got it done and weíre continuing to do it. I couldnít be any more proud of the people that have stood up to stand with the Lord in these last days and just sock it to Satan. Sock it to him. Take down his kingdom. Go after it. Take down the strongholds of the New World Order. I couldnít be any prouder because these people are doers. They arenít just talkers. Theyíre prayers.

I get it all the time, ďAre you the real deal? Who are you?Ē Why donít you just ask the
Lord for Peteís sake? If Cisco Wheeler can take two seconds to ask the Lord if I am the real deal, canít anybody else? Iíve got the few over the yearsÖthe handfuls that have had enough cohunes to go to the Lord and ask, ďIs she the real deal?Ē It doesnít take much to just ask Him instead of just wondering and going off and being led by the wrong people and getting involved in things the Lord doesnít want you to get involved in, like todayís churchdom so you can be led further astray in apostasies instead of being prepared and active warriors in the things that are coming.

Like Iíve said, the Lordís ways are not mans ways. HE has us doing things differently
than man would. We have no interest in guns, bullets and weapons. We have the
weapons that the Lord has given us. HIS Orgone, Orgone water, spiritual warfare
prayers that we can use to destroy their weapons, their planes and their computers. Weíve caused so much derision in their underground bases, above ground bases, in space, on the groundÖand weíve not used one conventional weapon in doing so.

Anyway, thatís all Iím going to answer for tonight, folks. Hopefully Iíll have more to say
next week. For right now, for the month of August Iím not seeing a whole lot of exciting thingsÖexciting to me. Maybe fear and trepidation to you! Iím not seeing anything. It seems kindof quiet. It may be prep month like June was. Remember when I said June was going to be quiet? Thatís how August looks. And the Lord isnít warning me of anything in particular either. Maybe HE will next week. Until then, youíll probably have a peaceful week.

I did send out an email warning to get ready for winter. Itís going to be a brutal winter. If youíre caught without heat, the first thing the government is going to do is round people up into massive locations so they can keep them warm should the electricity go down in whole cites. Then it just makes it easier for them to put you on a bus and take you to an internment camp. Stay away from government help services if there is a crisis. Iíll talk more about that next week. In the meantime, you need to prepare to take care of yourself if there is no food, if there is no heat, no water. You need to have backups.

Anyway, Iíll talk more about that next week.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.