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Transcribed by Liz Patton


Sherry Talk Radio

August 10, 2009

Transcribed by Liz Patton


And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday, August 10, 2009. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com or you can send it to my AOL address sherryshriner@aol.com.  I canít always get into my Yahoo box during the show.  

Itís pouring rain here. Weíve had quite a storm coming in. So if you hear the rain pounding behind me, donít worry about it. Itís just rain.  

Yeah, itís been an interesting week. A listener this morning sent me a link to a message board. Apparently a couple of UFOs were being downed in Texas. My understanding is that it happened yesterday in Arlington. A lot of people hearing some loud booms and seeing lights go down and got pictures of one actually landing in I-20, the highway down there. A picture of a UFO landing on the highway. It just tickled me to death. A good job the Texas warriors have done getting the Orgone out.  

Iíve told you that the Orgone will bring down these UFOs. If itís bringing down their mother ships, you better believe its bringing down their UFOs. Iíve been talking about the mother ships coming down for a while now. If you look at the nighttime sky, youíll see these yellow stars. They fake looking like stars; only what they used to be was brilliant white stars and blended into constellations in the sky. Nobody noticed the difference. Now because of the Orgone saturating the air so much, they are turning yellow and are crashing. The media has been calling them meteorites. Now the military has classified what can be talked about with all these crashing UFOs.  

So we are definitely doing our job as warriors in combating Satanís army in these last days. Weíre watching Revelation 12 come alive. It symbolically talks about Michael and his angels fighting against Satan and casting him out of the sky. I talked about that a couple of weeks ago and how thatís the Lordís warriors here on Earth going to battle against Satan in the skies; and weíre doing that with the Orgone. Eventually that Shema star of theirs is going to come crashing to the earth.  

People always ask me, ďHow do you know for sure when youíre in the end times?Ē When you see that Shema star crash. When you see Maitreya walking the earth; these ascended masters theyíre blabbing about. CNN is promoting the coming ďworld teacherĒ and blah, blah, blah. Yeah, youíll defiantly know youíre in the last days then.  

Thereís some hype lately of the vaccine being hooked up with banking. That if you donít get the vaccine you wonít be able to bank. So thereís a lot of concern that they are switching their tactics. Everybody knows Revelation and that the mark of the beast will be the number of his name 666 or a tattoo or a chip implant, in or on your right hand or forehead. So people are looking at this as a back door way of them sneaking in this chip of the beast. I donít know if it is, but I know if the Lord told me not to get it, I certainly wouldnít. You really need to be leaning on the Lord. Ask Him to guide your thoughts. I know I had mentioned earlier that if they really are going to enforce this vaccine, whether to get a vaccine or get on a bus to an internment camp, I would just pray and ask the Lord to turn it to water when it hit my arm. Iím not one particularly in a rush to get to an internment camp, but it changes the whole thing if this is the prophesied mark of the beast. If the Lord said not to get it, I certainly wouldnít; Iíd be the first one on the bus. So you just really need to be able to listen to the Lord in how He guides your spirit on that. 

Some interesting things for this week. Iíve told you that August pretty much looks quiet. I havenít seen anything that changes my mind on it. It really does seem like a quiet month. Maybe a preparation month for all the chaos that could happen in September. Possible banking holidays, forced vaccinations, increased Swine FluÖjust all kinds of things that could hit the forefront in September. So this seems to be the case; they seem to be moving military equipment and troops around the country to start preparing for forced vaccinations next month. It could get interesting, folks. You could find yourself with the Lord telling you to stay in your homes. I hope the Lord tells you to stay at home and not leave. 

 I was just reading tonight a highlight; that the world is running out of toilet paper. The first thing that came to my mind is, Iím going to have to go to Wal-Mart or the dollar store and start stocking up on more toilet paper then. I certainly donít want to be left without that, if the world is going to run out of something first, I donít want it to be that. So you may want to start preparing.  

I spent some time last week talking about my phone conversation with Cisco Wheeler. During that time, I had ordered some books off of Amazon and spent some time flipping through them the last couple of days. As I sat here reading Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula. It just gets burdensome after a while. Iíve read this stuff before about all this stuff they do to their children. It is mind-blowing to the average person to even be able to believe that this stuff actually goes on. And yes, it does. It happens in all of these families. So Iím thinking, ďLord, you really donít want me to have to read through all of this, do you?Ē  It just goes through all the ways they program their children and the torture, the pain and the abuse that they suffer even from in the womb of their mother. Even before they are born they can start tormenting them with shocks and pokes. Then when they are born they have different ages and different stages of programming that they put their children through. Itís just mind blowing to have to read this stuff, let alone to actually live it. Some of these people that have come out to expose the Illuminati who have lived through being parts of these Illuminati families. Iím going to spend some time tonight talking about the Illuminati itself. They have their 13 bloodlines. They intermarry throughout the generations over hundreds even thousands of years especially since the 1800ís they have picked up strong with the mind control. These families are always doing rituals and sacrifices to Lucifer for whatever reasonÖfor power, for wealth, fame and fortune. One of the interesting things is each family is to sacrifice their firstborn son on his 11th day. They sacrifice it to the owl. I remember Cisco telling me about that. I was thinking, is this the same owl these freaks go to Bohemian Grover every year to have a mock sacrifice to? They call it a mock, but probably really do have a real one there. They worship the owlÖI was thinking, the owl is Lilith. I know a lot of people, when they think of the owl, they think of the Satan. The Bible refers to Lilith as the owl. So itís very interesting that they are actually sacrificing to Lilith. She has always been known as the owl. InterestingÖ 

Some of the other things that I wanted to talk about was the fact that there are more than just 13 families in the Illuminati. They want you to think there are 13 main families. They take the number 13 because they want to mimic the number of Yahushuahís group, which were 12 Apostles and Him beginning with 12 disciples and Him. So they took the number 13 and thatís always been their occultic number for the amount of people they would have in a certain coven or whatever. These witchcraft groups will have covens of 13. Itís always been a witchcraft number, 13. But there are many more families than that that are part of the serpent seed. They all refer to themselves as sons of Satan; as children of Satan. So I find it interesting, and I told Cisco that the church spends so much time negating the whole serpent seed doctrine; trying to claim that it doesnít exist, but it does. All that does is serve the people so they cannot understand their past, so they canít understand the present and what is coming in the future The Lord said if we want to understand our future, we need to understand our past. Itís amazing how many people in the churches today really just have no idea what our true past was really like.  

Some of the other things that the Lord was pointing out to me was that not only are there many more than just 13 family lines, is the fact that if you compare a believer, a worshipper of Satan to a believer of the Lordís; Satan runs his kingdom in fear, intimidation and control and yet the Lord runs His in love, joy, peace and longsuffering. You look at the fruits of the Holy Spirit and compare those to Satanís kingdom and how he runs it on fear, control and intimidation. And all the Lord asks you to do is let Him be your Messiah. Then you build a signature relationship with Him. Iíve talked about signature relationships. How you build your own relationship with the Lord. Itís very interesting just the sheer opposite types of kingdoms. Right now, allegedly just in the tens of millions of people who have been programmed under the Illuminati and the New World Order mind control.  

One of my questions as I am reading this is, ďWhy all the programming?Ē The thought came to me at the time that itís because of Satanís deep seated insecurity and fear of free will. He first hand knows that free will of any kind can lead to rebellion and he wants to control his kingdom. So he controls his kingdom through mind control, through occults, through programming. And not only with the families that are related to the Illuminati bloodlines, they go after just regular people as well. Weight loss centers and any type of nicotine addiction centers where they practice hypnosis; these are CIA fronts. And what they do is target people that come into their centers that are susceptible to hypnosis. Theyíll target these people, hunt them down and end up using them to become victims of their Monarch programs, which are mind control programs. They go after regular people as well, not just the ones in the Illuminati.  

Satanís idea is that...since the 1800ís when all this mind control was found and the science of mind control began to grow, Satan has even tried to control the thoughts of anyone in his kingdom. And not just in his kingdom, but as the New World Order rushes to prepare the earth for his arrival, he not only wants the earth prepared, but also controlled. Because he knows what free will is. He used his free will to rebel against the Most High God and was cast out of heaven. He knows full well that if anybody in his kingdom has free will, they could rebel against him. So not only are even just humans going to be controlled by him, but even the closest to him. Satanís henchmen. The New Age calls them ascended masters. Theyíre also going to be controlled, and they are. Theyíre chip implanted. So heís not only getting control of the world through the programming at infant stages to where these people always have handlers the rest of their life and have deep seated programming so they are always serving the agenda. His whole kingdom is built on control, fear, pain and intimidation and spreading out to the masses. Spreading outÖthere are tens of millions of people now that have been indirectly or directly controlled and mind controlled by the New World Order.  

You look outside your house and you see these towers. When they first started popping up or maybe just when the Lord started opening my eyes to them, I had noticed in my own area there was a tower that flashed white lights all the time. I was wondering what that was and figured they were radio towers or cell phone towers. No, the ones that flash white lights are mind control towers. What theyíre doing is flashing subliminal messages to people. Theyíve been readying the world for the arrival of the Antichrist through subliminal messaging, through dumbing down the populous with all these ELF towers and through chip implants. Their biggest kick to control the world is through chip implants. With this forced vaccination thatís coming up thereís going to be chips in these vaccines. Thereís such a rush to it. I believe they knowÖthey kindof have a timetable on when Satan is going to arrive to earth. So they're getting kindof panicky over itÖto the point where they will force people to get implanted at gunpoint. Satan doesnít want anyone to have free thoughts and freewill. To have your own thoughts to be able to do your own thing. To be able to reject him and follow the Lord. His biggest enemy are those who are filled with the Holy Spirit, who are followers of the Most High who will reject him. Those are his enemies. So the conspiracies about the whole New World Order isnít as much as about preparing the world for Satanís rule on earth, but getting the world under control for his arrival.  

When you think of the occult, you think of covens of people wearing long, black robes, too ashamed to show their faces and doing rituals to Satan. Itís much, much wider and vast than we can even imagine, folks. It stems far beyond the Illuminatiís generational lines; far beyond these witchcraft covens and masonry groups. The Knights Templar groups, the VaticanÖall of that. They want everybody committed to the serpent seed. Those who canít will be killed. They want everybody in their kingdom, which can be controlled, to take over everybody else. You think about it folks. Satan does not care about the welfare of people. If you donít want to be a zombie, you will be killed. People are expendable to him. He doesnít want people with thoughts and emotions. He wants people to praise and act like they love him and worship him because he has this huge ego and unless he forces people to, they wouldnít. Thatís basically how big his ego is; he has to practically turn people into zombies with no control of their own minds just to worship and praise him. And thatís their plan basically; to take over the entire world by chip implants and programming so that people donít have minds of their own to exercise their free will to reject him. So you can see the battle thatís coming; A huge battle. The Lordís people will never join this Luciferian kingdom. The Bible warns about what happens to people that do. They will be cast into the Lake of Fire. You have to choose who you will serve. Either consciously acknowledge Yahushuah as your Savior and follow Him or Satan claims you on default. Even if youíre not a default and you willingly worship Satan, your future is the Lake of Fire.  

One of the things I thought was pretty heartbreaking is that a lot of these people that have been born into these generational and Satanist families are told from the time they are born that God has rejected them, that God doesnít love them. So they grow up their entire lives as adults not knowing that He really does love them and that Yahushuah will redeem them. For many of them, the word of ďYahshuah loves youĒ is almost unbearable to take. They canít believe that He doesÖthat He wants to share His kingdom with themÖthat He will heal themÖand offers them a home in heaven with Him. They are so beaten up their entire lives and know only rejection, abuse and hatred, that they donít think any of the good things on earth are for them or that Yahushuahís death on the cross was for them. All He asks is that they accept Him as their Messiah and renounce Satan, renounce their participation in Satanís kingdom and walk away from it and seek HIM.  

The biggest lie in Satanís kingdom on earth today is that the humans in it canít be redeemed. Thatís nothing but a lie. The Lordís redemption is offered to all of them. Many of them are killed for renouncing Satan and turning to Yahushuah. You canít trade all the hate, torment and control they have to live with on earth, they just leave that and go to eternity where there is love, joy and peace in Heaven with the Most High. What a trade off. Most of these people have been beaten up, tortured, tormented and controlled from the time they can remember. They donít even know what having a life is without having that control. So just a shout out to all those involved in Satanís kingdom. Itís really not worth it. Itís really not worth the small amount of whatever you might get from him now; fame, fortune, to have to spend an eternity in the Lake of Fire in Hell. He lies. He tells these people he will share his kingdom with them in Hell. Then they get to Hell and learn different.  

The plan is to control every human being on earth; you look today at politicians, entertainers, religious leaders, doctors, lawyers. A lot of the successful and rich on earth, the majority of them are controlled. Satanís plan is to take complete control over all of that so no surprises happen such as Christians becoming wealthy or someone not part of the plan becoming wealthy and influential. Itís very hard even today for someone not a part of the New World Order agenda to even get in an influential position; politics, entertainment and the media. All of it is being controlled by chip implanted and programmed people. Theyíve been programmed their entire lives. Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears, Rosanne Barr, Barbara Streisand. The list goes on. Any rappersÖanyone against the New World Order.  

One of the things in Hollywood to even become a contender for being a huge known entertainer and winning awards is you have to be a Mason. You have to be involved with one of the groups that worship and honor Satan. So itís interesting that 2 years ago, Kayne West was throwing a fit because he wasnít being nominated or winning any awards or being noticed or recognized for his music. The next thing you see is him getting involved with some of the other people in the industry heís in and heís starting to display the Masonic symbols and getting all this recognition now simply because he went to the dark side. He went to the stupid side. Now that heís on the stupid side, he can get recognition for his music. Is it really worth trading your soul for? Is it really worth it?  

All these peopleÖthe Jonas Brothers look like a bunch of programmed freaks whenever I see them. Miley Cyrus. Itís all the entertainers, folks. All been programmed. The worst one lately, being this Lady Gaga. Itís really blatant. She has the Monarch butterfly. The symbolism is all over her. The tattoos and the clothes she wears and everything else. Youíve really got to feel sorry for these people, especially when they are children and babies born into these families where their fathers abuse them and their whole lives are controlled. Itís decided upon whether they will be actors, singers or whatever at that point.  

Even well known religious leaders today; look at Hinn and Copeland. They are all Masons. They are worshipping Satan in the evenings and in the days they are getting on TBN and ďOh, praise the Lord, send us your money.Ē Just a bunch of Satan freaks. And itís just dominant, folks. The media that wonít report the true storiesÖthat hide the true stories so that the agenda can keep going without interference; so that people donít know the true news is in the world. Thatís why so many people have shunned network news and have hit the internet to find out what the real stories are, the real news is and what the government wonít tell you.  

Itís just bigger and itís getting ready to come to a full head.  Theyíve been chipping away since the 18th, 19th, 20th centuries now, to the point where their control is just massive. Probably 100, 200 million around the world have gone through their programming. They use Disney. Youíll see that a lot with entertainers. Michael Jackson with the palace and all that. Michael Jackson was a programmer for the Illuminati. He was a programmer for his children and all the children that would come to his estate, he would program them with Disney and different programs they program children with. Itís just so massive and getting to the point where the completion is around the corner. Thatís the one thing that real humans on this earth have to fight against.  

Once youíre just another chip implanted pawn of the New World OrderÖ these chip implants are so sophisticated now, where before, back in the 1960ís, 70ís perhaps 80ís they were used as tracking devices. Notice that animals that get these tracking devices in them end up with tumors and cancers end up dying? They always push it on the animals. ďWeíre just tracking animals and blah, blah.Ē Now even the humans that willfully got that RFID chip a couple of years ago are ending up with tumors and stuff. They donít tell you about those. Thatís their big plan. Now these chips are so sophisticated that they're like two-way transistor radios. So not only can they hear everything that youíre doing, but they can talk to you through these chips.

You hear a lot about people talking about hearing voices in their heads. People just look at them, laugh at them and think theyíre crazy? The first thing that comes to my mind is that theyíre chip-implanted. Our military today and our black op government had such sophisticated technology that they can speak to you through these chips and manipulate you and coerce you into thinking you are crazy or into doing something they want you to do. A lot of these murders where the mother was found guilty or whatever of killing her children; and them all saying that ďGod told me to do it.Ē Thatís the military through their chip implants, manipulating women to kill their children. And they do this stuff all the time, not only because they are evil and wicked, but because they want o see how effective their technology is; if people will actually do what they tell them to do.  

Itís these chip implants they will be inundating the population with. They want mass vaccinations so that everybody has these chips in them so that everybody will be hearing these voices and being manipulated and controlled. The ones that havenít been abducted directly or indirectly and put through these mind control programs that they have will be handled via chip implant. So just another route for the New World Order and the whole control mechanism; the whole plan to have the entire population of the earth controlled. So that nobody can have their own emotions, nobody will have their own free will and there wonít be any open rejection of Lucifer on earth.  

Another aspect falling into that is the Christians and the Torah Jews that will be rebelling against them and wonít go along with their plan. They fully plan on killing off the Jews and the Christians. They fully plan killing them off. Thatís why we have all these internment camps. KBR, Dick Cheneyís former company he was CEO of KBR and Halliburton. The government gave them contracts to build all of these internment camps across the country. They know full well they are for Christians and Jews when they start to declare martial law or whatever it is to use as an excuse to round up Christians and Jews and all those who resist the New World Order. Rounding them up and putting them into these camps to kill them. And thatís right around the corner. Any kind of resistors to the whole New World Order will be killed. These are the types of things that are coming, folks.  

The only thing we can do is lean on the Most High. Learn to hear His Voice and recognize the ways that He works, so that we are doing what He needs us to be doing. If He tells you to avoid a certain road, avoid it. There may be a check point on it where they are checking to see if people have been vaccinated. They donít care about your health, folks. Itís a far cry to say I love you by putting a gun to your head and asking if you are vaccinated. They know that these vaccinations are going to destroy you. They want you on the list of mass depopulation.  ďYes, we depopulated the state of Ohio by 78 million. At least 78 have taken to the chip.Ē Iím sure they have some kind of time capsule thing attached to this chip so that within 3, 4 or 5 months of taking the chip, the person will fall over dead, or they will end up with some kind of cancer or tumor. They're not designed to protect you, folks; they are designed to kill you and destroy you. Thatís why the enforcement. Thatís why theyíre bringing in Russian, Chinese and German soldiers. Theyíll have NATO and the whole UN taking over because they want to mass exterminate the whole population of the United States. And not just the United States, we are looking at the United Kingdom as well and Canada; our sister and brother countries and nations. They truly just want to exterminate all of the white races. That is who they are coming after, folks. Thatís another thing to be on guard against.  

These are just some thoughts Iíve had, as Iíve only gotten to maybe page 40 of this book thatís about 500 pages long. And Iíve read this kindof stuff before. Itís always the same; abuse, torture, torment. And not just their own, but other gullible people they can suck up into their black op projects. Now they are spreading their plan of control throughout the entire population of every country through chip implants. Thatís what we are up against, folks. Thatís what we are dealing with. This whole Luciferian government and all these occult freaks.  

Do you ever wonder why they wear robes and cover their faces? Are they so ashamed of Lucifer that they donít want anyone else to see and recognize who they are? Thatís all I can think of. I donít wear a robe when I talk about the Lord. Iím the opposite. I want people to see my face light up and how He makes me smile and how much joy He gives me. I donít need to hide that by putting a robe over my face! They are such freaks. They really are. They are just evil, evil beings and the Lordís Judgment is going to be on them. But for a while, for a space of time, Lucifer will get to reign on earth for 42 months.  Like Iíve said, the one justice that weíve had in all these prophecies are the loopholes. The loopholes being, it doesnít say howÖhow easy he has it to rule the world. So thatís why I encourage people to get Orgone in these areas. These fallen angels, chip implanted beings, soul-scalped, walked- in and everything else how Satan runs his kingdom Ė they canít stand the Orgone. It burns them.  If you want to protect your area and make protection areas for people to run to, then get Orgone in those areas. There are so many thingsÖ.it not only causes their space ships and mother ships to crash, it also destroys chemtrails, keeps the evil beings away from you. Itís interesting, with all these troops coming and all of them being chip implanted, itíll be interesting to see how far theyíll challenge to go into an area that has Orgone in it because it will start burning them. Iíve heard from many people that have chip implants that it would burn them. It would burn them. Thatís how I know. So itíll be interesting, folks. 

Just a couple of thingsÖa heads up. If you look at it and just certainly are running out of time. Once the Shema star crashes and Maitreya is here on earth, the crap is going to hit the fan. The first thing he does according to Revelation chapter 13 is begin His war on the Saints. And how has mankind been preparing for that? Through martial law, internment camps and forced vaccinations. They are preparing for their war on the Saints and thatís how that would be fulfilled. Thereís just not a lot of time.  

You want to get out of the cities, folks. A lot of the cities are just going to be overcome by waterÖsink into the oceans. New York, California, parts of Florida and Texas are just going to be sunk. Theyíre going to sink right into the oceans. Even the Great Lakes areas. You want to get away from Lake Erie and Lake Michigan. Iíve seen Chicago sliding into the water. Iíve seen New York sliding into the water. L.A., San Francisco, the big cities on the west coast, sliding into the water. So thatís going to be a huge devastation impact on this country when we lose whole cities going into the water. A lot of that is coming about from comets hitting our lakes and oceans. People always say its Planet X coming in, but I always see comments and things like that hitting the oceans which causes a lot of this destruction. Thereís not going to be a whole lot of warning time ahead. We have a lot of destruction coming. A lot of it has been delayed. Back in 2003 when I was looking at the codes for 2009, I saw at least 3 comets that would hit the earth. So a lot of it has been delayed.  

The Lord is merciful. He wants as many people to wake up as possible, and doesnít want His people to perish. What does He tell usÖHis people that have been faithful to Him? He will protect during the last days. The bad thing about the church is they erroneously preach the rapture theory. They believe they wonít be hereÖthat as soon as things start to get really bad, this huge rapture is going to happen and they will never see a bad thing happening in this country. They are going to be the ones rounded up and sent to these internment camps. Itís going to be a rude awakening for many in the churches today, while His other people that have been listening to Him have left the churches and are prepared for the coming times. Certainly two different types of brides going on. Youíve got the warrior faction, the ones that hear Him and have left the churches and started to prepare for the things that are coming. Then you have all these people that claim they love the Lord and they are totally asleep and totally unprepared for the things that are coming. Thatís the Lordís to judge and deal with.  

Basically, thatís what I wanted to talk about tonight folks. What their plan is and how they are incorporating world-side control and how they are doing it. When you look at what we are surrounded with now; not just chip-implanted humans, and all these tens of millions perhaps hundreds of millions of people by now that have been forced through these Monarch type programs where they have gone through programming. Then you also have the walk-ins, the soul-scalpedÖwe are just surrounded. Everybody at a top level position is controlled and a pawn for Satan. You know what? The real humans really are just scattered about and the ones on the bottom levels of everything. Weíre the ones they are coming after next. So weíre going to need to prepare to fight against them. Remember, the Lordís weapons and ways are not mans ways.  

Weíve been preparing and fighting with the Orgone, getting prepared with that. Getting prepared to just stay in our homes and not leave them. Not get involved in the civil riots that are coming. They want you to go out and get involved with all these riots and protests that will be happening in the streets. They want you to go out and get involved in those so they can round you up. Itís just very important that the Lords people donít fall for Satanís tricks, and that you learn to listen to what the Lord commands you to do and asks you to do, so that you arenít caught up in Satanís tricks in the last days.  

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Question: How can I listen to your radio show? 

Sherry: Go to sherrytalkradio.com and click on the listen link. 

The server is cutting in and out on people. Thatís typical because itís been raining. We pretty much expect that one. Even if I am off the air and come back on, this show is recorded, so the recording will come back on. Even if for some reason you canít get a hold of me, just listen to the archive show. Server is down and a lot of people are just not being to access the show. Thatís alright. My recorder still goes whether I am on the server or not and will be archived and on the website for you guys to listen to the show. 

Question from a listener: If you acknowledge the KJV as a Masonic forgery (Sherry: Iíve never said that) what Bible do you take to heart and how do you feel about the deceit? 

Sherry: I read what the Lord leads me to read. Usually itís the Old Testament prophets. I donít read Paulís books at all. If I get led even by Him to read anything in the New Testament, itís Matthew, James or Revelation. Those seem to be the only three books in the New Testament that the Lord leads me to.  

Question continues: Iíve also recently purchased some of your Orgone and Iíve noticed zero effect on those I know for a fact are reptiles. Is it possible that the whole Orgone scene is just another way to occupy our time and keep us from getting prepared to go to war with these lizards? 

Sherry: Not at all. 

Question continues: Do you promote the acquisition of firearms and body armor in addition to the orgone? I have noticed that you downplay the use of tried and true conventional weapons.  

Sherry: I donít downplay conventional weapons at all.  Go out and get a 12 gauge or one of those 50 caliber guns or weapons. The only reason I downplay them is because the Lord downplays them to me. He keeps telling me that His weapons are not mans. The Lord is my Boss. You can go out and stock up on guns and ammo all you want to; Iíll stock up on the Orgone and do both. You say the Orgone doesnít have an affect around reptiles?  Maybe itís the Lord not allowing it to. Thatís His Orgone. He can amp the power of them or do nothing with them. Itís His Orgone. All we do is make it and get it out. When He amps the power on those things, youíll see UFOs crash. Thatís how powerful it can be. Another thing is, donít rush into the fact that, ďI have Orgone. Iím gonna go and piss off some reptiles.Ē If it does make them irritable, they could hurt you. So that could very well be the Lord protecting you from that. I learned that one the hard way. Just because you are wearing Orgone, that doesnít mean it will make people around you be nice. In fact, itís usually just the opposite; people around you become more irritable and wicked. I kindof keep my own home and my cars my Orgone havens. When I go out in public, I just leave the Orgone in the car anymore because you just tick them off. So whatís the purpose of them going out in public places just to tick off reptiles? You never know what they are going to do to you. I learned not to tick them off. If they want to come to my house, theyíll have to deal with my safe haven here and put up with the Orgone. If theyíre going to be irritable Iíll kick them out of here. Itís not going to happen anyway because I donít have people over here. I donít meet with people. I stay secluded. Thatís pretty much it. If you want to pile up on guns, go ahead. Iíve got nothing against guns. I just donít think they're going to be worthwhile against a 15 foot giant. If I have to use a gun to shoot a 15 foot giant in my yard, he is way too close. I would rather put in a 50 mile border around my yard so that the giants donít even come within 50 miles of my house. I would rather have Orgone water, where one shot immediately burns them, than hoping that something I shoot at with a conventional weapon will hurt them. Itíd be like shooting a bear; you just piss it off and it comes at you with more vengeance. Thatís what tantamount to trying to shoot one of these tall giants that are coming. As far as the unseen; all of these alien and demonic beings that travel inter-dimensionÖthey are spirit beings. A lot of them are impossible to kill unless the Lord downs them with the Orgone in the UFOs they are riding into as they come into this dimension and they crash. I just donít think that counting on rifles and ammunition thatís going to run out anyway, is a sure route to go. Especially when the Lord keeps saying ďMy ways are not mans waysĒ. So, to each his own in how he plans to prepare and defend. Now certainly have guns around the house to keep Federal goons away because Orgone doesnít hurt humans. It doesnít affect humans, but a 12 gauge will. So itís using wisdom, folks. Itís just using wisdom. 

Question continues: What part of Yahushuahís life is correct? Like when He was born or any other info? 

Sherry: Well, I think the Bible pretty much details that. All that info is correct that I know ofÖwhatever the Bible says about His birth, His life, His death and His resurrection. You look into after he left; then all the serpent seed snakes came in to try to destroy everything He established. They did that through Paul and then all of the ones that Paul taught and replaced Paul. Then you just go into 2,000 years of church-age apostasy after that after that.  

Question from a listener: I noticed north of Detroit, Michigan this past week, I was looking for the Shema star. Is it in the northeastern sky? 

Sherry: The Shema kindof floats. Itís in the north, northwest. It kindof floats around. You just have to look for it. Itís very, very low to the ground. It was usually very bright and obnoxious at one time; now it tends to get dimmer. Itís got like a twinge of blue and opaque yellow to it. It looks now like its being affected by the Orgone. Youíll see much darker yellow mother ships around it that are ready to crash. Once they turn that dark yellow color they are ready to crash. You just have to go out anytime at night and look for it in the northeast and northwest skies. Sometimes itís in the southeast or south. You just have to look for it. My directions will be different than yours. My west is your east. Itís a really low lying star, about 30 degrees above horizon. Typical stars and constellations are much, much higher than 30 degrees. Itís going to be very low to the earth. Anyway folks, Iím going to cut out for the night.  

Either way, there is some movie coming out in August. I think itís called the 9th District. I think it comes out in two weeks. That looks really interesting; where the military and government and earth people are in a war against the aliens. Thatíll be interesting.  

Question from a listener: Do you see the locust and buffalo dropping over in the U.S.? 

Sherry: Locust and buffalo are just names for these ascended masters and the humanoid aliens that are coming. Theyíll be everywhere. I believe theyíll be in the Middle East first. 

Question continues: I am wondering where all the chemplanes originate from? Michiganís seem to fly from the west. Lake Michigan to the east out of Dayton, Ohio. Thank you for closing all the satanic doorways. You rock. An ardent listener. 

Sherry: The chemtrails are from all the different Air Force bases around the country. I canít tell you if theyíre coming out of one area when theyíre not. When theyíre not they come from different Air Force bases around the country.

 Anyway, a lot of people are having difficulty listening to the show tonight. Weíll have the archives up tomorrow so that people can hear the show. Regardless what they do to my server and cut in and out, Iíll have a full recording of the show so you guys can hear everything I said and catch up on whatever you missed.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless.