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August 24, 2009

And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night with Sherry Talk Radio. I’m Sherry Shriner. If you
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towards the end.

One of the things I started talking about last week was aliens in the Bible, because you get so tired of
hearing there are no aliens in the Bible, when they’re all over the place. People just need to know what to
look for and the terms that were used. So I’m going to pick up with that tonight and talk about some
more references.

Most people don’t realize that aliens are nothing but fallen angels. We know them as the Nephilim and
the Annuniki in the past…and they are coming back in the last days. The Lord said, if you want to know
the end, then you need to know the beginning. So that’s what I’ve been focusing on. And I have a 4 part
series As in the days of Noah at my websites,
thewatcherfiles.com and sherryshriner.com. I’m simply just
bringing that up again so people learn how to recognize things.  

I mentioned quite a few scriptures last week where these fallen angels are found; aliens in the Bible. So
we’ll pick that up again this week. Like I’ve said, if you want to really get into research, you can go to
Wikipedia.org, and spend days there just putting in search terms. It’s all there now. It’s much easier now
than it’s ever been. People really have no excuse for not obtaining knowledge and learning things. All
this stuff is right there at your fingertips basically now.

If you look in the Bible, the word Anak occurs 9 times in 8 verses in just in the KJV.

In Numbers 13:33
And there we saw the giants, the sons of Annuk, of the giants: and we
were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

This is Caleb and Joshua describing to Moses. He had them go out into the Promised Land that the Lord
promised Moses. They were in the desert now… Just to backtrack in the Exodus they crossed the Red Sea
and are wandering in the wilderness and the Lord is finally going to let them obtain the Promised Land.
The problem is there are giants in the land. You’ve all heard the story about the 12 spies who went out
to spy on the land and came back and gave Moses the report. What they were saying is, “There are
giants. They’re huge. We’re like grasshoppers!” This is literal.

When you get into studying the history and topography at the time, one of the things you’ll find that
there wasn’t just one or two cities of giants folks; there were hundreds of them. And so interesting,
because even if you jump ahead to the time of King David, the Philistines had 60 walled villages just
within the Philistines. So it’s a much different picture of how things actually were back then, than the
ones the churches give you today. And I know it’s huge to get over the mind block, because so many of
us have pre-conceived notions on how things were back then. That’s what I like doing; I like shattering
illusions, because I have to shatter my own to even begin to teach anybody else what things were really
like back then so we can get a grasp of it. We are really so clueless as to what our ancient history is and

Considering who runs our seminaries today; the New Agers and Satanists and who holds a lot of the
truths in all their secret societies. You have the Masons, the Templar’s and all these satanic groups that
withhold truth from the public. You have the Rockefeller's publishing all our school textbooks. They do
their best to suppress truth so that people are ignorant of their past. They suppress all the truths. It’s
very interesting when you start to get into learning about the past. They have blocked and marred it to
the point to where they call them myths. They label everything as mythology…Greek Mythology or
mythological. So people stop thinking at that point because they think its fiction. And they can’t grasp the
fact that the people that are over you, that are giving you the things for you to read are lying to you.
When you start to throw out everything you’ve learned and learn everything all over again, the things
that are true start to ring out.

So that’s the biggest thing in researching; just asking the Lord to reveal the truth in all things. And don’t
be so quick to throw things out just because a Satanist tells you to. They don’t want you to know the
truth. There is a continuation again of the Anak in Numbers 13:32-33.

And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children
of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth
up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.
And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in
our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

So it’s a land that devours its inhabitants. They eat their own. I don’t know how much clearer that can
get. I don’t even have to go into “Oh let’s see what they really meant to say there”. They would eat their

One of the things that Enoch talks about…people want to know which version of Enoch to read, because
there are two different versions of Enoch. There’s the Slavonic version of Enoch and the Ethiopian
version of Enoch. I have them read the Ethiopian version of Enoch. It’s on my website at sherryshriner.
com. One thing that he talks about is two particular kinds of giants back then. They were 33 fathoms tall.
I think that translates to 500 feet tall in our language. 500 feet tall. And they would eat 500 cattle a day.
That’s how much food they ate. And when they ran out of animals, they would start eating humans. So
not only do you have two giants who were brothers, that were both at least 500 feet. Okay, even if we
say a fathom is less than that…say half…that’s 250 feet; you can’t even see his kneecaps at that point. So
it gives new meaning to Jack and the Beanstalk. If you can just imagine what these people were living

One of the reasons that the Lord destroyed earth with a flood was because of all the cross-breeding that
was going on; not just between humans and fallen angels, but with the animals as well, because they
also took the animals and were cross-breeding the animals.  A lot of these mythological creatures that
you hear about (that they call mythological creatures) actually existed. A lot of them actually existed. One
of the things I found interesting while studying Greek Mythology, is that a lot of these beings they talk
about actually existed. They will go into the Hollywood thing where they’ll start glorifying
something…especially when they died. They would put them as a constellation in the sky. Some of it is
chew the grass and spit out the hay, and they do Hollywood-ise a lot of things, but a lot of it is true. So a
lot of these beings…Hercules and all these figures that people think are myths, actually existed at one
time. It’s very interesting.

The Anakin…you’ll find them mentioned 8 times like I said in the Old Testament in the KJV. The Anakin
are a branch or a faction of the Nephilim. Nephilim is a term for overall giants in those days. Annuk are a
branch of them. They are the long-necked ones. They were the Egyptian giants you see in past history.
The long-necked Egyptians weren’t human, folks. Those were part of the giant class. They were the
Anakin. They had the long necks and big elongated heads. The big eggheads. Those were the former
Egyptians actually descended from Mars.

So what I find interesting about this Maitreya coming, and I actually laugh about the different aspects of
him. One of the things I’ve said to watch for is his big egghead. I’ve actually seen in the Bible Codes
where it refers to him as “egghead,” because he has one of those big elongated heads. Archeologists
have unearthed skulls of beings in the past with these huge heads. That’s what he’s going to have and
why he wears that turban; to try and hid that egghead of his as he comes here telling us that he’s a great
world teacher and how great he is and blah, blah, blah. He’s just one of them. I’ve talked about how they’
re returning. The Nephilim and Anak are returning. We have several different groups of giants and
different types of aliens that are returning. That’s what I talk about in my articles on my websites and my
book The Bible Codes Revealed. The Coming UFO Invasion. There are different groups and different
factions of aliens.

In the Bible, you’ll see different terms related to these different types of groups. Emim are referred to as
“the fearful ones.” Rephaim “the dead ones” and Anakin “the long-necked ones.” These aren’t always
referring to one group of giants, but several different classes of giants that existed in the earlier days.
The Rephaim is the title that the book of Joshua states was given to the Aborigines who were conquered
and dispossessed by the Canaanite tribes. The text states that a few Rephaim had survived, one of them
being Og, the King of Bashan. Og of Basham is recorded as having a 13 foot long bed. The Rephaim
lived in Canaan. The Ammonites and Moabites referred to as the Amons, “the fearful ones.”

The Moabites and the Ammonites are all children of Lot. If you remember that story about Lot. They
thought that the world was going to end. So his daughters didn’t want the world to end without having
children got their father drunk and he ended up impregnating both of them. The Edomites, the Moabites
and the Ammonites are children from these incestuous relationships that he had with his daughters. That’
s why you’ll see in the Bible where it was forbidden to anyone of those generations from entering into
the congregation of Israel to the 10th generation. It’s because of the way those races came about.

Other interesting things; if you look in the books of Samuel, you’ll read about the Philistines. The
Philistines were another race of giants that existed in David’s day. If you look at the Garden of Eden until
the flood, you have giants as tall as 500 feet. You have them eating all the animals and the herbs of the
land. Then when they ran out of animals, they ate people. So you can just imagine…we see it as T-Rex’s
on the Saturday morning cartoons and some of these movies they come out with; The Lost World and
Jurassic Park where the T-Rex’s are chasing the humans. There were people being chased by giants for
almost a thousand years before the flood would destroy them all.

It’s very interesting that if you read at world population sites, what our world possibly looked like back
then. There are scientists and biblical researchers that estimate that there could have been close to 2 or 3
billion people on the earth before the flood wiped them out. 2 to 3 billion people would be just under
half of the population of the world today. You have to understand, they didn’t die (early) back then. You
have Methuselah who lived almost a thousand years. You have Adam, Noah and others living 700 – 900
years each. And they produced many children. Just because the Bible lists only several of their sons that
were born, that doesn’t mean that they were the only children that they had. The Hebrews never listed
the daughters that were born. They could have 100 daughters before they finally got a son. It seems
strange doesn’t it, that Noah…I think he had his first son was listed 100 years or so after he was even
married. It’s very interesting they didn’t list all the children that were born. They probably had no way to
do that, but listed only the children that were known. So there were tons of children being born. Adam
and Eve had many sons and daughters after the three boys, it’s just not detailed. If you look at the books
of Adam and Eve, they talk about Adam having children with another woman. So it goes on and on
more than we know. With long life spans and within a generation, people were having eons of kids.
People are estimating that between 2 and 3 billion people could have been on the earth. The lowest
estimate that I’ve seen from anybody is 250 million. That’s the lowest estimate. And that’s a far cry from
picturing people living in a desert in tents. It said the first thing Cain did was build a city and named it
after his son.

Cain and Seth had similar lineage names. Seth has an Enos. Cain had an Enos. Seth had an Enoch. Cain
had an Enoch. They have similar names that they named their children. So a lot of people think when
you are talking about Enoch that you’re talking about Cain’s son Enoch. There are two different Enoch’s;
one from Cain and one from Seth. There are two different genealogies.

We not only have that to deal with, but by the time the flood came upon the earth, Noah was the 10th
generation from Adam. So there were many, many thousands…we are talking 250 million to 3 billion
people on earth at that time. Just between those generations there are thousands of children born in Seth’
s line and Cain’s line. Then you have the different lines from other children. Then you have the Watchers
falling, procreating with human women and producing their own races and lines. So just pure havoc on
the world. Cities everywhere…it’s not as dirt and camel run as we tend to think it is. We have this view
that there was nothing going on back then, so why not just flood it all? It wouldn’t hurt anybody. Just
kill a couple of people in Noah’s city. We have to change our concepts, folks.

I was reading what some pastor wrote; a synopsis of the Genesis flood. He stated that if you looked at
today’s population and the statistics of Noah and his family, only 8 surviving from the flood at that time,
if the flood were to happen today, only 56 people would survive. 56 righteous people would be found on
earth. So this is what…about 4 or 5 thousand years after the flood? And we have a population of 7
billion…so if we went on those statistics, there were so many people on the earth in those days in Noah’s
time and only 8 survived; today with 7 billion, only 56 would survive. 56 righteous would survive. That
gives new meaning to “narrow is the gate.” The Lord will never destroy the earth with a flood again; He
will destroy it the second time with fire. It’s very interesting when you study about back then and start
looking at what the actual cities, people and times were like.

I know if you look at maps. I’ll post some on my websites later this week. I was actually going to go
ahead and write some kind of an article about our ancient past. If you look at the maps of just Europe. I
don’t have any maps of the west; the United States. I think there is an overall, general view map of the
entire world. All of Africa, all of Europe, all of Russia and all of Asia were all populated areas. All
populated areas.  Even Australia at that time looked to be a lot closer. Of course you know how they
move stuff on maps so it does look closer. But the Aborigines that do inhabit Australia who were
probably the original inhabitants of Australia got there somehow. They used to be all connected in one
big land mass until they were all split up and the continents divided. And that’s happened over time.
When you look at the races that inhabited different areas and regions; the Chinese were dominant in the
Middle East before they migrated further east. You look at Cain when he was expelled away from the
family; he went east to the land of Nod, east of Eden.

Most people have a general view that the Garden of Eden was in today’s Mesopotamia, today’s Iraq. If
you look at non-canonical books, they place the garden over towards the Gulf of Aden, over by Africa
and Jordan. So it’s interesting that we have two different views on where the Garden of Eden was.

But either way, we have the flood and it wipes out 2 to 3 billion people on earth…if that’s the true
number. The Lord starts all over again, and what happens is it starts all over again. The angels continued
to rebel and fall from heaven. They are not held in heaven. They have free will. Angels today can leave
heaven. They don’t have to stay there. They can leave. So they continue to fall. Genesis 6:4 says they fell
before the flood and after. So they continued to fall and we have giant’s springing up in the land again.
By a thousand years after the flood when David is king, he has the Philistines who have 60 walled cities.
Goliath was 9 ½ feet tall. All of the Philistines were a tall giant race. They were not the Anaks; they were
the Philistines. So you have them all over the place.

If you look into Greek Mythology, we have the Greek Olympians against the giants. I thought that was
interesting. I had never really had paid attention to that before. I had never really got into Greek
Mythology before. To me, it was all a bunch of hocus pocus. Then you start realize that a lot of what
they were saying is true. I gotta study this. I gotta relearn all of this. So we’ll get into that a little bit.

Books you might want to read are Jubilees, the book of Jasher and the book of Enoch. All three books
are mentioned in the KJV, but then the  actual books themselves were never put in. Why? To suppress
the truth. The Nephilim . The fallen angels. What our past was. The Grigori, who are the Watchers.  
They suppress a lot. If you take those three books out, all we have is the mention of them in the book of
Jude, a mention of them in 2 Peter and then scattered references throughout some of Paul’s books and
mostly the Old Testament. So people have a very limited view.

I just want to continue on to some of these passages in relation to fallen angels in the Bible. If you look
at the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy, you’ll see a lot of these races that Joshua and Caleb
encountered in overtaking the land of Israel.

Joshua 15:13….
Arba was the father of Anak. The greatest of the giants was Anakin.
It was the city of Arba.

Deuteronomy 9:2 confirming once again about the Anakins being long-necked, dwelled in southern
Canaan and also Egypt. You can see Egypt’s history being dominated by the long-necked giants. One
thing they did was just group everybody up into the same category as Nephilim or giants. Instead of
referring to a certain faction of giant, they would just refer to them as one group of giants.

The Canaanites were Cain’s children. What you see is them coming through even after the flood through
Ham’s children. You have the Hittites, the Perrizites, the Amorites and the Gergasites. These were the
children that Esau mingled with. Remember the scripture Jacob I loved, Esau I hated? That was the
reason why Esau was hated.  Esau mingled with Cain’s seed. The defiled seed was brought back through
Hams sons, Canaan and Cush. You would have to follow the migrations after Noah’s flood. Noah had
separated his sons and gave them each a portion of land to go to. Ham was supposed to have all of
Africa, but what he did instead of going to Africa (which he did eventually) he also settled parts of
(Israel) Palestine that was given to Shem. Ham went all over the Middle East. You have to follow a lot of
these tribes. Not only did Abraham have two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, but he had three other sons with
another woman. So not only does he have the races of the Jews and the Arabs, but who knows what
else his other sons had? It’s all over the place. Abraham is the father of many, many, many different
races. And not only at the time of just Arabs and Jews, but you have Lot’s children…Lot’s races at the
time...Cain’s coming through Ham’s children. And you have the angels starting again defiling and
breeding more giants again.

So what I find interesting about the giants this time is that a flood didn’t take them out; the Lord used
man to take them out. You’ll read of David going up to battle against most of the cities of the giants in
Palestine (Israel), in Jordan and those cities, taking out the giants there.

What is interesting is you also have the Greeks. People like Hercules were not giants, but people born
with supernatural powers. So they went after the giants because they were rivals of the giants. If you
look even in Greek Mythology, you’ll see that it was the Greeks taking out the rest of the giants.  
Eventually they just extinguished themselves off the earth. People want to know what happened to the
giants. Well, that’s what happened; they just eventually extinguished themselves off the earth. The
people hated them. That’s why the giants would live in their own walled cities. I think they weren’t afraid
of anybody else coming up against them, but maybe
that’s exactly what happened because the humans hated them. You have to think, “Why would giants be
scared of little grasshoppers coming up against them?”  If you look at how these people killed the giants;
David got Goliath to his knees. He knocked him out, then took a sword and cut off his head.

You’ll find that with those who called themselves the Greek Olympians fought against the giants. They
could be overcome. Once they were overcome, they would just chop off their head to kill them. It’s
interesting in the fact that even though they were part man, part beast, they could be killed. We know
and we saw them killed. There were millions of them killed in the flood. I don’t know the numbers killed
in the flood compared to humans. Then they came back again after the flood. Also the two sons of
Ham.  You have Canaan and Mizriam; both of those sons breeding into mixed races where they mixed
with angelic offspring. Ham’s son Canaan’s race was cursed by the Lord. That he would be servants for
his brothers. You look at the ancient Canaanites, which is what we call Israel and Lebanon. A lot of them
are children of Canaan, Ham’s son. In Africa you see Mizriam settling and having a lot of children.

It just goes on and on. If you look at these biblical genealogies of where people settled, one thing is
clear; there was a huge mix of people and giants back in the days. The giants eventually were
extinguished. By the time the Lord arrived in 1 AD…if you look at the topography maps of 1 AD, you’re
going to see all of Europe, all of Africa, all of India, Asia and Russia. All of the continents are just dotted
with cities with cities and people. Even at the time when Yahushua was born in 1 AD, 250 million people
were on the Earth already. The Earth built up to 2 to 3 billion and then everybody was killed in the flood
but 8 people…time starts all over again, and by the time you get to 1 AD, when Yahushua was born on
Earth, its back up to 250 million people. So that’s still a far cry from people living in tents in deserts with
not much going on back then. (laughs) You get a new perspective on what the world was really like back
then. I found that interesting.

You can just go online and research. Everything is right at your fingertips. The flood may have killed off
2 or 3 billion people, but like I’ve said before, if you look at the ancient races on Earth. The Asian races,
Central America, South America…all of these races…the Mexicans, the Chinese, the Japanese…anything
ese, really. The Vietnamese, the Taiwanese. All these Asian nations worship the serpent and the dragon.
So in folklore and in the ancient. When the Lord walked the earth, China was in the Han Dynasty at that
time. China and India, even back then the population numbers were prominent. If you look today, the
probably have 20 - 40% of the worlds population. And that’s the way it was back then. I’m sure a huge
bulk of the 250 million were in China and India. Also scattered throughout Europe. And they don’t even
have a representation of America at that time. They do know that there were a lot of settlements in
North America. Today where some of these Indian tribes can trace their lineage back to the Chinese,
Japanese, the Atlantians, South America and Central America. The native tribes in the old west actually
were just different cultures and different tribes from various races that had migrated over here. At one
time, everything was very accessible. There was even a lot of exploring going on back then. I know they
say that America was discovered in 1492 by Columbus. That’s a bunch of hogwash.
It’s always been here. There’s always been people living here. They didn’t discover anything; that’s just
the year the British decided they were going to take over the land. (laughs) Whatever the history books
want to tell you. Yeah, don’t always believe the Rockefeller's. Everytime I want to look at textbooks and
even my kids (textbooks) I just want to scream because it’s the Rockefeller's and Satanists who are
controlling what your children learn and are suppressing and keeping the truth away from what our
children learn. But that should give you a brief overview. Even in the last days, Daniel in 2:43 warned
when given a vision:

And whereas thou saw iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the
seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

He was talking about the fallen angels in the last days mingling themselves with the seed of men. Even
the last empire that would rule on Earth is going to be and what we are starting to see and what I have
been warning about for years, is this alien agenda. This new age/alien empire that’s going to come up on
the Earth. The serpent seed is dominant here. I’ve talked about the soul-scalping and the walking in and
the different ways they take over and inhabit bodies in America and around the world. I remember a
couple of years ago the Lord had given me a warning that the invasion had already begun. They had
already started taking over human bodies. I’ve been getting emails from people asking “what are the
numbers today?” How am I supposed to know? That cracks me up. How am I supposed to know what
the numbers and percentages are of humans to non-humans today? I know it’s getting noticeable. A lot
of people are starting to notice it. You know that when something gets noticeable, it has to be getting up
there in numbers. Just the sheer sociopathic society that we have. One of Satan’s traits is just being a
total sociopath. And people are seeing other beings with weird looking eyes, weird skin, very tall giants
amongst us.

Yeah, our topography…our own landscape is going to be changing. Not just with generally the people
that inhabit our earth. The commercials on TV have been warning us for years, trying to prepare us for
years. All these commercials about animals in office buildings.  Your boss is an animal. You’re working
with animals. American Express does that all the time. Conditioning. Geico commercials. A little lizard
insurance guy and stuff that just wants to make you scream and get out a 12 gauge and shoot the things
head off? Yeah, those kinds of things are coming. In the last days when the veil is lifted, we’re going to
be able to see these alien and demonic beings amongst us. Demons are taking over bodies. Aliens are
taking over bodies. Everybody wants a body for the last days so….it’s what I’ve been warning about. This
is the Age of Aquarius. The arrival of the ascended masters with what the Iranians are calling their
Mahdi. Just stuff that I’ve been warning about for years, you’re going to see slowly. Of course, we haven’
t been sitting around doing nothing. We’ve been busy warring against them.
Anyway, I want to get into questions for the show. If you have a question for the show, you can send it

Somebody keeps asking me about honeybees in the Bible Codes. I don’t know. I wouldn’t spend 40
hours looking for that. I don’t know about honeybees. I'm sure they are. Anything that’s ever happened,
will happen or was even thought of happening is in the Bible Codes. I’m just not going to spend a week
looking for it.

Question from a listener: I just got an email from my work saying that I have to get the Swine Flu
vaccine or else I can’t work. What should I do?

Sherry: I don’t know what state you are in, but in Ohio there is a religious exemption. There should be a
religious exemption in every state. You should have a religious exemption.

Question from a listener: Sherry, do you still see bad things in the Codes for September?

Sherry: September is always an arrival date for them…an important arrival date. I saw a lot of things in
July and they were delayed. They delayed them. I don’t know if that effects September….if things will
still happen in September seeing that so much was delayed in July. I can tell you without a doubt that
whatever they had planned for October 5th is going to be delayed. I don’t know what it was, but I see
“October 5” and “delayed”. So whatever they had planned for October 5th was delayed. I know that they’
re trying to hang on to Shema and keep it from crashing out of the sky. I’ve talked about how we are
crashing and downing their starships with the Orgone. They turn yellow and crash. They are trying to
keep it (Shema) up there until at least November. November is a really important month to the Muslims
because it’s their holy month. I know a lot of warriors are busy praying and asking the Lord to crash that
thing and ruin their plans for November. (laughs)  I can’t tell you anything that’s going to happen. I just
keep seeing delayed, delayed, delayed. So all we can do is sit and watch. September could be a lot of
things. We could see a lot of things happen. The problem is they are delaying things. They are in a
panic. They are in chaos. They are in derision. So I couldn’t tell you.

Question from a listener about the dimming of Shema.

Yeah, I’ve seen it myself and everybody else is noticing it as well. One minute it’ll appear really bright, it
will dim low, then get bright again. It moves around and goes from one spot in the sky to another
during the night. Like I’ve said, when that thing crashes, it will be akin to Satan falling to Earth like
lightening from the sky. Shema is one of his abodes…one of his main bases. It was supposed to be the
star that they were going to use to mimic the star of Bethlehem. It’s nothing but a starship in space. We
call it the 10,000 light bulb GE creation in the sky. I know that a lot of people are seeing it turn yellow.
Sometimes it’s an opaque yellow. Sometimes it just looks blue to me. I think it depends on what else is
going on…like if you have a lot of moisture in your skies. If it’s been raining, it tends to look a little more
blue and white. Then on other nights it tends to look like its getting yellow. I’ve been warning about it
yellow. We want it to get yellow! Yellow means it’s on fire. Yellow means its burning. There’s been a lot
of activity around Shema. People see different ships around Shema. They are trying to fix it. They’re
trying to make it stay there until at least November. Yeah…there’s a lot a chaos going on with that.

Question: Sherry, last year the financial breakdown of our economy basically collapsed for the public to
finally see. What do you see as the proposed big event to happen this September? Also, did you see
District 9?

Yeah, it was the stupidest movie on the planet. I just don’t like foreign films. I just didn’t like District 9.
It was so stupid. It wasn’t like anything you would think it would be…and alien ship lands and there are
aliens on the earth, running amuck. It wasn’t anything like the trailer showed it to be. It’s basically about
this UN guy or some other agency who starts turning into one of the aliens, so everybody wants him; to
tear him apart and use him for bio-warfare experiments. It was just stupid. Even my 10 year old son was
ready to go after the first hour. I was ready to go after the first 30 minutes. So don’t waste your money
on that, folks.

I did actually get the whole series Alien Nation and the V series, and I’ve never sat and watched them.
Those are probably the closest to the truth of a lot of things. That V series; they revealed a lot of info in
that. So very interesting. They also used the X-Files as a platform to reveal a lot of info to the public. The
writers of X-Files were Masons. They do reveal info to the public. When you sit and watch something,
you look for, “What are they trying to reveal?” as opposed to the Hollywood-ising stuff and look for the
kind of information they are trying to reveal to people. That’s how they do things.

And the Lord doesn’t keep anything from them. We reveal quite frankly how we’re going to destroy them
when they come to Earth. We’re not hiding anything from them. I’ve been putting Orgone around the
world for 5 or 6 years now. And there’s a bunch of other people standing up, doing the same thing in
every country around the world. So I just hope these lizards go prancing from one country to the next
and one state to the next and just fry. Orgone doesn’t affect humans, but it’ll make aliens and demons
burn. It’s interesting that Obama can’t sit in the White House for longer than three days. He’s
everywhere. And I have to laugh. You look at his schedule. Everywhere he’s going is a heavily orgoned
area. So he just heads from one orgoned area into the next. It’s really kind of amusing. There are just a
lot of warriors out there doing their work in getting the Orgone out. The Lord is able to stand people up
as they listen to Him.
It’s just interesting.

Anyway, I’m not going to stay on too long tonight. I know a lot of people have school starting
tomorrow. Thank God, huh? (laughs) I finally get my days back, and I’ll get on some kind of a schedule.
My house is always a zoo, especially in the summer with kids. I’ve just been very, very busy. This
summer has been busy. There’s so much…at points just feeling like I’m going to completely lose my
mind. I’m one person doing a thousand different things and I don’t have any help. It’s just very
frustrating. And the help you do get is from people miles and miles away. (laughs)…Come get us, Lord….
that’s all I can say. Come get us.

People want to know about interesting things coming. You know what? We just have to watch them. If
Maitreya arrives…if Shema crashes and all of it hits, then we’ll have a lot to laugh about and look forward
to and talk about. But until they actually do something and make a move, I
don’t want to sit here and twiddle my thumbs on it. They keep delaying. They keep going into delays,
and it gets tiring warning people, “Hey, they’re pulling up white trains outside of Chicago, and New York,
and New Jersey, and Phoenix, and they just sit there and things are in delays. One delay after the next.
It gets frustrating. So I’d rather talk about other interesting things right now, while they delay themselves
into oblivion (laughs) and go back and look at our ancient history and get a better picture of how it was
and compare it to how it is today. And just try to look at some more interesting things we can learn from
instead of talking on a show about what they are ultimately going to delay into oblivion.

So just keep busy praying for the Shema star to crash. Pray for that to crash. Pray for the Lord to crank
up the Orgone. And watch for the forced flu vaccinations. These are telltale signs that if they're going to
kick in the forced vaccinations, they are going into high gear to eliminate the population. These vaccines
are just a pure murder tool. We’ll know what we’re going to do when they start enforcing things.

So until next week everybody, Yah bless.