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Transcribed by Liz Patton


Sherry Talk Radio
August 31, 2009

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Interesting this week; I’ve been doing a lot of code work on the H1N1 vaccine. I went straight to 666
and started doing code work.I have to say, one of the biggest joys I get doing codes is when I just go
straight to Satan himself and start doing his codes. (laughs) It’s usually the most interesting, because
it’s such a straight up battle. It’s such a straight up battle. The Orgone dominates him.  And everything
I’ve been talking about for the last six or seven years is just dominant. It dominates the Codes.

If anyone would have a real understanding on how to read the Codes, they would see this. It’s just so
amazing. It just doesn’t change, because we don’t always know when things are going to happen. So it
stays there because it will happen in the near future. It’ll just get different months or different time
lines. Some things are never canceled; they’re just delayed. Like things I was warning about for
September, now I see the month of November creeping in. So if it doesn’t happen in September, it gets
pushed back to November. It just goes on and on, folks. There are always delays. Even in July; a lot of
things should have happened that didn't’.

One thing that I’m noticing is they put out so many rabbit trails so that people are confused and always
looking for the wrong things to happen. It’s not really harming in a way, because it prepares you.
There are so many different trails, and you never know which one is going to happen until it happens.
So at least you are prepared for all of them. It’s better to stay alert and learning and watching, then to
be caught completely unprepared. Just because all those things that could have happened in July didn’
t, doesn’t mean they won’t rear their ugly heads later. I found that interesting.

What occurred to me; this H1N1 flu vaccine comes up as the flu and all this…but it doesn’t come up as
a vaccine. So I’m like “Why doesn’t the word vaccine come up in this?” I think the most important
things about it are that one; it has some kind of chemical in it, and two; it has a chip in it. There are
the only two main things that we really need to know, unless you want to get into details. I’m not
going to try to find the word mercury and all these other things that could possibly be there.
Translating them into Hebrew would be something else. But it has a chip implant.

One of the concerns has been lately as we keep rethinking this whole H1N1 thing; is this the Mark of
the Beast? I even looked for that in the Codes. Different variations – chip of the beast. Mark of the
beast. Mark of different names that could relate to what we refer to as the beast…the Antichrist.  I am
definitely seeing that…and I’ve said all along that all these vaccines  and flu shots have chip implants in

The thing that struck me the most was that this whole thing with the H1N1 is retaliation and
vengeance. So I thought that was interesting because you can read in Revelation chapter 13 where the
first thing the Antichrist does is begin his war on the Saints. So I’ve warned about martial law being a
mask for the Antichrist’s war on the Saints. It’s a way to come after the Christians and eliminate them
under the guise of martial law.  I’m seeing the same kind of hidden tactics with this H1N1 vaccine,
where they are hiding the fact that this is a chip implant. It’s very interesting, because it just makes it
all the more dangerous.

I know previously on this show I had stated that if you had to get the vaccine, you’re at a police stop or
whatever. And it’s ‘get a vaccine or get on the bus'. And I said to just ask the Lord to turn it to water.
Now I say, just get on the bus.  I can’t see how any believer could get this vaccine now. Other terms
coming up in relation to it are, “unholy” and “demonic.” It brings me back to things I talked about
years ago; the coming chip implants and even the mark of the beast. Warning about getting this mark
of the beast/this chip, because what would happen is you automatically at that point sell your soul to
the devil, and demons will attach themselves to that chip and possess you. At that point they could
either soul-scalp you, keep your body, kill you and send your soul to hell. They keep your body and
keep it animated so you still look human and still look like you. They could possibly, very well do that.
I’m seeing that with this H1N1. It’s a chip implant.

I’m seeing with the H1N1, it’s a chip implant. If you look in the Obamination health care report, he
talks about authorizing (on page 1000 and something) a class two medical device, which is an
implantable device. They don’t come right out and say chip, but that’s what it is. So if this Obama
health care reform passes, it will be mandatory for everybody to get a chip implant. Of course,
Christians cannot do that. Any sane and normal thinking human wouldn’t want to do that….that is
aware. They are sneaking it into this bill. And exactly what will be required is a chip implant.

It caught me off guard a couple of weeks ago. It just amazed me really that he would admit it.
Someone had asked him (Obama) a question about the healthcare reform and he said that he hadn’t
read that part of the legislation, so he wasn’t sure what they were asking him about. Good grief! They
don’t even know what they’re pushing. They just push it because they are told to. Just a classic
example of what I’ve told you Obama is. He’s kind of like a stand-in.

I found it interesting in the Codes, that he is a director of the personalities that are in the abyss. I’ve
talked about how there is a council. The New Age refers to it as the Ashtar Command. It’s a council
that rules above the earth. Obama is a lizard. He’s a cloned being. I’ve heard that one from people that
have come out of Illuminati families, that he is coined from that Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton. I told
you how that thing was true. That was confirmed by someone formerly in the Illuminati. Basically, he
is not a human being. He is not one of us. He’s taking his orders from Maitreya.

One of the things that I had warned about years ago, back when the Codes were detailing that more or
less that Hillary Clinton would be president. There was certainly a route that she would become
President. And basically she’s always been in charge of martial law in America. And she still comes up
that way. She’s still very dominant. If you look in the Bible Codes she is more a dominant political
person that Obama is. He hardly ever comes up. And when he does, he’s just a puppet. He’s a pawn.
He’s doing somebody else’s bidding. So it’s interesting that even a year after the election, Dick Cheney
still comes up. He’s still very powerful behind the scenes. And Hillary Clinton.
I don’t know if Obama is just this temporary being thing that’s going to hold. Either way, he’s just
going to give the power of the United States over to the UN and these ascended beings. I warned
about that years ago, whoever is president (man or woman) they’re going to hand the power of the
United States over to the UN or whoever is the coming global leader coming via the UN, which would
be this Maitreya. That’s exactly what I’m seeing in the Codes with Obama. He is taking orders from
them. It says “direct personalities”.  So he’s working with them,  perhaps several of them work through
him at any one time. They can just access his body because he’s basically just an animated human. He
doesn’t have a soul. So they can basically work through him. You might think of it as possession,
demonic possession or alien possession. They can just work through him. They can step in. They can
walk in and work through him. Either way, he’s taking his orders from Maitreya right now and he’s
doing his bidding.

What I find interesting is that…I told you a long time ago when Bush was President how he was getting
into a lot of trouble because he had thought that the whole Orgone war was a joke. He had told them if
they really wanted to go after someone who is a pain in his butt, to go after Cindy Sheehan, because
she was more of a pain to him than I was. I remember talking about this a long time ago. It was funny
back then, and still is. He basically thought the entire Orgone thing was hysterical. He didn’t take it
seriously. So when Obama became President, he inherited this whole mess about the Orgone Warriors.
Bush never took it seriously, and yet its destroying…it’s the one thing that’s singlehandedly destroying
Satan’s New World Order.

Years ago when I prayed and asked the Lord how to tear down the strongholds of the New World
Order, I kept praying for that. I didn’t just want to sit here and be one of those church pew Christians
who just sing about being warriors in the pew and, ”Oh the Lord is going to take me on rapture day”
and “we’re not going to see all of this.” I didn’t want to have my head buried in the sand and started
praying for the truth in all things. Then HE started opening up my eyes to the truth. I was like,”I can’t
just sit here and watch it happen. Give us a way to tear down the strongholds of the New World
Order.” And He led us to this Orgone. We’ve been making it since. We have it plastered everywhere.

One of the things that infuriates them is the fact that it will protect us from them. Not only will it
protect us from them, but it tears down their strongholds. It will
counter-attack their weapons used against us. It will bring down their UFOs that try to morph into our
dimension. You see that all the time…the UFOs crashing. They’re calling them meteors. So we have all
these meteors crashing. The military is like, “We gotta classify all this stuff that’s crashing.” So the
military classifies it so that when a meteor crashes, it’s classified. They are trying to hide it. They are
trying to hide what exactly it is that’s crashing. Like I’ve said, if it was a meteor, do you think they
would classify it? We’ve got tons of their UFOs crashing to earth.

You can even go to
Wikipedia.org and do a search on Wilhelm Reich. He even talked about how
Orgone would bring down UFOs. Interesting that 4 – 5 years after I began an Orgone war against
Lucifer and his kingdom in the heavens, that I would even read that on Wikipedia. Me and Wilhelm
Reich were on the same page, but I would find out many years later. I didn’t know who he was back
when it was all starting. I was just looking for a way to protect myself against their ELF weapons and
attack Satan’s strongholds of the New World Order.

So Obama gets elected into office and all of a sudden, he is facing head to head with a remnant of just
a bunch of rag tag believers that don’t have any influence, no affluence. I’ve got a little radio show on
the internet. I’ve got scattered listeners around the world. Just a rag tag bunch. There is no fancy
studio, no jets, airplanes, limos, Mercedes Benz’s and mansions and vacation homes. We’re just a rag
tag band of people that love the Lord and follow what He tells us to do. I think that’s why Bush couldn’t
wrap his mind around it. You look at religion today; it’s all so commercialized, it’s wealthy and they're
all very rich. You’ve got the charlatans leading the churches. The Joel Osteens, the Kenneth Copelands,
TBN (The Blasphemous Network) and all these rich apostates that feed people garbage while leading
them to Hell. So they couldn’t understand why anybody would take us seriously. “Nobody is going to
take her seriously.” And to their detriment, the handful of people that have stood up and done
something with this Orgone has become the biggest threat to them out of anything on Earth. Out of
anything, out of any group, remnant, faction or anything you want to call it. No one has been a threat
to them but this Orgone remnant. So now its rising up to bite them in the butt, and they’ve got to do
something to stop it. That’s why you see Obama taking his orders and directions from Maitreya and all
these ascended masters because Bush wouldn’t believe that it was destroying them. He thought it was a
complete joke, but now he’s held accountable. He is being held at fault for all of this. So it’s all really
kind of funny. It happened under his watch. It started under his watch and he didn’t do anything about
it. So in their little Satan freak world, he’s the one being held accountable for that.

This whole H1N1 thing is to destroy the remnant; to destroy the Christians and to depopulate the
world. That’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They’re retaliating against the Orgone remnant. They’re
retaliating against America for being the home base of this whole Orgone movement that started and is
tearing them down. It’s their retaliation and vengeance against us. They want to enforce this chip,
because this chip will kill people. It will kill you. It’s not just some kind of implantable chip. It very well
could be the mark of the beast. So that’s just another reason to stay away from it. The Bible Codes call
it “unholy” and “demonic.” So it very well could be the mark of the beast. Either way, it is their plan.
Like I’ve said, they're not going to bring it out into the public light that there is a war going on between
them and us and they are going to do everything quietly and silently behind the scenes. That’s exactly
how they’re working. Obama is silently taking orders about this whole H1N1 chip implant/vaccine. This
whole Obama care health reform thing was already for him when he got into office. They had it all
ready for him. So that’s their war against us.
It’s the war against us, the Saints. If you look at it, it’s exactly what Revelation 13 says the Antichrist
does when he rises to power. He begins his war on the Saints. Which begs the question - Is Obama the
Antichrist, or is he just going to be a pawn taking orders and then be removed and be replaced by this
Maitreya that’s coming?

I’ve talked about how Iran is calling for the Muslim nations to unite in preparation for their Mahdi,
which is this Maitreya. He could be arriving in September. He has a date in September. They’ve been
trying to…one of the terms used in the Bible Codes is “bandage” the Shema to keep it in the air until
November. They’re trying to hold onto November because November is the holy month for Islam. They’
re probably trying to have this big to-do where their messiah arrives in November. I know my group of
warriors and all of us are praying that the Shema will crash before November just to destroy their
plans…just to piss them off.

People ask me how we can know without a doubt that we are in the Tribulation Period. I’ve always said
Maitreya will be here. One of the stark ways of him being here is the Shema crashing. The big Shema
star. I’ve talked about it. It’s their big Bethlehem star in the sky that’s out every night. We’re just kind of
watching and waiting for it to turn yellow and crash. So many of them are. You look up in the sky at
night…the starships…they pose as stars and turn yellow. You can look up in the night sky and see
hundreds of white stars, then you’ll see about 10 or 15 yellow stars. Those are the starships that
burning and are eventually going to crash. That’s what the media is calling meteorites. So very
interesting; not just the starships, but also even their little UFOs that try to materialize in this
dimension and crash because they hit orgoned areas. It’s a war. It’s us against them, folks.

I found it interesting that Obama is just taking marching orders from all these alien beings….these
ascended masters, and they have already started their war against us through this vaccine chip. It will
be the beginning of their war against the Saints. We have to resist it all. We have to resist it. I don’t
know when it will become mandatory. I’ve heard several others say that it will become mandatory by
October. It would start in September, because they can start making people sick. We’ve had worse
bouts of the cold around here than this bird flu…this swine flu…whatever you want to call it. Regardless
of what they are telling you around the world, there aren’t people in America dying from that…maybe
one or two people. We’ve had more people die from pneumonia then this swine flu thing. So now they
want to make it sound like it’s this big deadly pandemic that’s killing people, when it’s no worse than
regular pneumonia/stomach flu thing around here. It’s very interesting on what they’re going to do to
start killing people, because no one is dying from the swine flu here.
I think they’re going to start enforcing this vaccine, because once people get this vaccine, they will then
get the flu, because it’s going to give it to them. Then they’ll be the ones who are dying. It’s kind of
circular; they tell you the vaccine will protect you from getting it, but it’s the very thing that will give
you it. Just stay away from the whole vaccine thing.

They are preparing for people to resist. They’ve got their internment camps ready. The National Guard
has job postings for internment specialists, which are nothing but jail guards. You need to resist the
camps as well. You don’t want to go to the camps. You know what happened with the Jews in
Germany was that they didn’t resist; they just got on the trains. I remembered reading somebody’s
essay about several years ago. He was musing, thinking back over that and said, “What would have
happened if every time the German soldiers came to a Jews home and knocked on the door, and they
faced a gun battle, how far would it have gotten them in filling up the trains with so many people?
Because the soldiers would have thought twice because it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park for
them to just round people up if the people were going to fight back.”  And that’s exactly what we need
to do in America. We can’t just go as sheep to the slaughter in these internment camps. That’s what
they're going to do. They’re going to abuse you, torture you and torment you long before they finally
kill you. We need to fight back. And we need to keep ourselves out of these camps. So people who
have been stocking up on guns, bullets to be able to protected themselves and their families. You have
a right to resist any kind of enforcement. In fact, the book of Leviticus talks about a prohibition against
vaccines; against putting any kind of live substance in your bodies, which are vaccines. The same one I
use, because I don’t vaccinate my children. Most states have religious exemptions from taking vaccines.
For them to enforce it, you have a right to defend yourself, because they are intending to cause you
bodily harm with that vaccine. They are intending to cause you bodily harm.  

It’s interesting that years ago when the X-Files was on…it’s been a long time since X-Files was on the
air. I rarely watched this show, but I remember this one and funny that now it’s so relevant. They had
a show about vaccines. They were all categorized in case lot numbers. There was a big warehouse
somewhere…I don’t know where…maybe D.C. where they kept it. They kept all these records on all
these vaccines that were given throughout all the years with the case lot numbers. You could actually
look at the case lot number of a vaccine and what city it was given in. You could see by the case lot
number, a certain case lot number would cause tumors. Another would cause cancer. All these vaccines
were earmarked so that the people who got that vaccine would get the disease or plague that was
attached to that case lot number. That’s what they can do now. That’s why they're very case lot
oriented. They want to know which number of the vaccine in the case lot number, because some will
be very deadly compared to others. They’re playing with you like you are sheep. “Oh, whoever gets
this vaccine with this case lot number will get a brain tumor. And everyone who gets this other one will
get Multiple Sclerosis or cancer or something rare.”  Not only that, but on top of that you have chip
implants in the vaccines. Before, they were pretty much used as just RFID tracking devices.

I’ve always warned about the mark of the beast because it will be a two-way device. What that means
is, not only can they hear, they can watch you; they can track where you are through their GPS
satellites. Also, they can hear you talk and you can hear them talk. People aren’t catching on to that
one right away, but you will be able to hear them talk through this chip. I’ve always wondered if they
know that. Do they know that you can hear them talk with these two-way chip implants? So many
people thinking that they're suffering mental problems and are schizophrenic. I’m like, “No, you’re just
chip implanted.” You usually hear the military or the underground base or whoever is on the other end
of your chip implant that has control of it. That’s who you hear talking. For the tracking devices, you
can always deactivate them with neodymium magnets. They are strong enough to deactivate those
types of chips. But I do not believe you’re going to be able to deactivate these kinds of chips with
neodymium magnets. The newer, more powerful ones that are coming out. These things will damn
your soul when you get them. The Bible Codes refer to them as a “splinter.” Of course we refer to them
as the size of a grain of rice they’re so small.

Definitely back when the Lord created the Earth and the Torah was written, even knew in the last days
that we would be dealing with chip implants. He did know the end from the beginning. Everything that
we’ve thought, we could have done, we did…just everything is there. Everyone who has ever been born
can be found in the Bible Codes. And everyone who has died. The fact that you had a miscarriage or an
abortion. Everything is detailed. You can find all these things just in the Torah in the Bible Codes.
People say that the Lord didn’t decode the Bible…then who did!? Who has all this information about
people that are going to be born 6,000 years in the future? And who their mom and dad’s were. Who
their kids were. Who would know all that kind of info? It’s really funny.

What I do dispute are people who call themselves Bible Decoders, and the way they interpret what they
are seeing. It’s all in the interpretation. I haven’t seen anybody else hit it on the head. I’ve seen a code
and looked at the words and the spacing that was used and haven’t agreed with it. There are a few
good guys out there that have decoded music out of Bible Codes. Tom Mack does that. Bible Code
music is really cool. He used to send me some CD’s on that. Tom Mack has done a lot of work with
Bible Codes and music. These Rastafarian's and these Satanists try to decode the Bible and are always
going to fall flat, because they don’t understand how they operate and how to interpret them and
exactly how things work. Years ago, the Lord told me that He was giving me the key to understanding.
And it’s taken me years. I work on Codes constantly. He’s always leading me and teaching me new
things about them. One of the things is no matter how many routes that they have, we will be able to
detail them. We’ll be able to find them and expose them. That’s one of the biggest laughs I always get.
Every time they change their plans, we’re on to them. There is no rest for the wicked. We are on to
them. We are exposing them.

This is just another route of theirs, folks. This H1N1 chip implant and vaccine is a route of theirs to
come after the Christians. We always figure it’s going to be martial law. They could declare a bank
holiday and close the banks and there would be unrest everywhere, declare martial law and start
herding people into the camps. The chip implant pandemic seems to be more of the route they are
going to take. So they’re working on that one for now.  That’s the one we have to get ready to resist
and fight against. It very well could be the mark of the beast. It has the chip implant in it. In the 666
code, in Satan’s code, H1N1 chip is all over it. It’s going to be very interesting.

I don’t think people are ready for it to be this soon, but like I’ve warned, and like the Lord warned me,
things are going to happen in ways we don’t expect them to. We get into a mindset reading prophecy
in the Bible that things are going to happen in a certain route or a certain way. The Lord has said
things are going to happen we are not expecting. You could know the Book of Revelation like the back
of your hand…or the book of Daniel or the prophets of the Old Testament and try to get a timeline in
your own mind of exactly how things are going to work. You can just throw all that out and be ready
for these loopholes that are coming; these things that we don’t expect. That’s what they want to do.
They want to catch you off guard. That’s why we have to stay vigilant and alert to what the plans of the
enemy are.

I don’t fear them, and I don’t think you should have any fear of them. Greater is He that is us, than he
that is in the world. We just continue in our fight against them with what we are doing, because it’s so
effective…and we don’t have to hide. We don’t have to hide our plans and secrets in 2,000 page bills to
tell them what we’re doing and what we’ve got coming. Everything I do is out in the open. I’ve been
doing this show for six years now and everything I’ve done is out in the open.

A couple of interesting things people are picking up in commercials, movies and TV shows. I’ve talked
about how they reveal their plans through Hollywood. A lot of these shows companies are owned and
run by the Masons. You have producers and script writers writing all this stuff straight from the
Masons…Satan freaks.

Somebody had sent a
link to a You Tube video to one of my lists detailing some of the subliminal
warnings in
The Simpsons shows. I thought that was interesting, especially when they started detailing
and showing you exactly what the Simpson’s were showing. Before 9 -11, they had warned about in
various movies about 9 -11, and of course nobody understood it and put two and two together until
after 9 -11 happened. Years before 9 -11, the Masons were showing us in movies and television that it
was going to happen, and sure enough, it did. Now people are starting to look at things in a whole
different light. The things they see in the backgrounds of TV shows and movies.
The Simpsons are one
of the shows being detailed lately. Some of the warning from
The Simpsons is that there would be no
Christmas. And they’ve been showing barley and characters from boxes of cereal; Captain Crunch and
Trix. I think that’s General Mills or Kellogg’s. I don’t know who makes all those different types of
cereals, but that they would be contaminated. I thought it was really interesting because I’ve been
seeing for a long time in the Bible Codes the terms “cereal” “barley” and even “coffee”. I was thinking,
is that coffee, coffee or Kofi?  (the leader of the UN). So I didn’t pay much attention to that one. Barley
and cereal would always stump me. So I think they are warning us in their own way, that there is
going to be some kind of attack on our barley. And if there was some kind of an attack contaminating
it, most of our cereals, breads and things like that; anything made with barley would be affected. There
very well could be some kind of deadly food contamination coming this fall….our cereal, anything with
barley and our coffee. So I encourage people now, go stock up on cereal for the next 3 – 4 months;
anything with barley in it, and wheat for that matter. Start stocking up on food ahead of time and then
don’t buy it come next month, because all the stuff coming out will probably be the stuff that’s
contaminated. Get all the stuff now that’s not contaminated.

Another warning being no Christmas. I thought that was interesting.
The Simpsons were flashing signs
of "No Christmas" because there was going to be an attack on Washington. I saw that last year in the
Codes. There are always possible attacks on Washington. I’ve been warning about that since 2004, that
Congress was going to be destroyed. So here,
The Simpsons, in their own indiscreet way, showing
there is going to be no Christmas. Then they flash symbols and you see the Washington Monument in
the background. It’s standing, but everything else around it is destroyed. They’re not going to knock
down the tallest penis in the world that’s a worship to Lucifer. That’s the biggest Masonic phallic symbol
that they have…these Satan freaks. Yeah, some subtle warnings that besides Congress, but the White
House and the Pentagon are major areas around the Washington Monument being destroyed, that
there would be no Christmas. I was just seeing the other day in the Codes, “December 25th death.” So
there is certainly some kind of attack that’s been planned and they are subtly showing it to you through
The Simpsons, the same what that I’m subtlety seeing it in the codes, “What’s going on?” December
25th always seems to be a target date of theirs; so something to look forward to this fall besides this
forced vaccination crap we have to deal with is contaminated food and terrorist attacks (or government
attacks) in Washington. They are the only real terrorists around; our own government. I guess they’ll
blow up D.C. when they are fit and ready to. I know Obama can’t stand to be there. He’s the most
traveling President that we’ve ever had. He’s always looking for that ‘get out of D.C.’ vacation or card
because he can’t take it there; it’s been orgoned. Just about any area that he goes to has been orgoned.
He can’t run forever, because wherever he goes, we’re going to track him down with Orgone. It’s really
kind of funny.

So just a couple of heads up. This whole forced vaccination. Stay away from the H1N1/Flu vaccine.
Stay away from all of them. They are designed to kill you. And very well could be the mark of the
beast. Just stay away from it either way. The arrival of this Maitreya; watch for that, because Obama is
just his puppet. Obama is just a ‘yes man’ right now. Not even a yes man, but just a vehicle for them
to use to implement their agenda and their plan on earth. While they tell everybody in their little New
Age circles “Oh, we’re loving beings…
we’re teachers. And we’re going to help mankind. We’re the nice aliens. We’re the friendly aliens.”
Meanwhile, they go through people like Obama to enforce worldwide death on their populations. They
use Obama to enforce the vaccines that will kill people. I’ve always tried to get these New Agers to
wake up and see the two-sided hypocrisy of these beings, and they won’t get it…they won’t get it. They
are so stupid. People really want to believe there are nice aliens out there, so they fall for all these
wicked beings. Never mind what the Bible warned about how Satan can morph into an angel of light;
he can pose as a minister of righteousness. A nice guy. Hello?! Yeah, the next 3 – 4 months could be
very interesting just on our home front.

Also keep your eyes on the Middle East with the arrival of Maitreya; the crashing of Shema. I don’t
know where it’s going to land when it crashes. That’s not real important. I mean, it’s funny, and we’d
like to see it to celebrate when it crashes, but the end result is that Maitreya is going to be here. He’s
already enforcing his agenda on earth through Obama. Pissed off at all the Americans for producing
this Orgone and putting it around the world and coming after the Christian remnant for doing that.
Also at the same time, pushing their ‘Agenda 21’ to where they can eliminate the world’s population by
5.5 billion people. This forced vaccine/this worldwide vaccine would be the one of the things that does
it. You look at the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the pale horse rider and the black horse rider ride
together. One-third of the world is killed because of the plagues, diseases, famines and wars. We’re
going to see billions die. It’s not something we are going to prevent. We’re going to see it. But you can
prevent tens of thousands, perhaps millions as opposed to billions. You have to fight for just about
every soul that survives. Its like, “They're going to do this…they’re going to try and do that.” And it’s
our job to fight against them.

Wouldn’t it be funny if we turned the tables around and kill them off instead? If you look at the
Tribulation Period,
it’s about the wicked being removed off the earth, not the righteous. Satan has his war against the
Saints; it doesn’t mean that he has to be successful!  You know? It doesn’t mean that. It doesn’t mean
that he has to win. We already know from the last page of the book that he doesn’t win. We’ve got to
stand up and do things and stop having that defeatist mentality because something was translated a
certain way in the KJV. I think we could win this war from what I see in the codes. It’s just such a war.
There are many of them that are dying right now. Millions. Millions of them are dying in the abyss. All
of their planets, their stars and their ships where they have their homes are dying. They are dying
because Orgone is saturating the atmosphere and killing them. I think we have a chance of winning
this thing more so than what we thought we could.  So that’s what I’m going to do; keep fighting
against them. What else can we do? Just sit here and wait to die? We’ve got famines coming. Are you
prepared for the famines?

If we keep going in delayed route mode; the one that we’ve been on for the last two years especially,
and Maitreya doesn’t arrive by September or November and we’re still in delayed mode, their plan on
the other hand (switch the page or whatever) is to go into forced famines. Another thing that Maitreya
is demanding Obama is to do. I’ve told you that they’re going to annihilate the economy. That’s still in
the plans. And annihilating food sources. So not only do we have plagues that they are implementing
through their vaccines, but also taking the food away and destroying food sources. By this time next
year, the world will be in a complete famine. So if you look at September this year, we could have the
arrival of Maitreya or in delays up to the ying, by this time next year we could be in a complete
worldwide famine by September, with hundreds and tens of millions of people dying from starvation
by this time next year.

It doesn’t get any better, folks. It doesn’t look any better. They’re going to keep coming at us with
everything they’ve got; starvations, chip implants, vaccinations, wars, internment camps, martial
law…they’re going to throw the kitchen sink at us, because of Satan’s retaliation against mankind…his
vengeance against mankind. They hate humans. They hate mankind because Yahushua destroyed and
defeated them on the cross. So they’re taking it out on the Most High’s creation. They hate mankind.
Vengeance against everybody. So stop thinking we have nice aliens and that aliens are our friends!
They just want to kill and destroy mankind on Earth.

We still have some time to fight against them. Prepare as you can; food, medicine and water. Come
November and December; try to stay out of the stores as much as possible. Just get things that you’ll
need. Try to get off the dairy. Of course I’ll still be having the show. I can see that. I’m always
refereeing here. I sit and referee everything. I always crack up when I see that in the codes - “referee”.
Someday they will be arriving and it will be more interesting when they are here, because it’ll be totally
in real time, and making them work and move in the public and in the public eye, I guess you could
say, instead of behind the scenes all the time. The Lord keeps me in behind the scenes stuff, so I think
it would be more fun if they were here.

I’m going to answer questions. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to

Question from a listener: Have you heard that CNN is announcing that a great master teacher is going
to arrive on earth soon?

Sherry: Yeah, they’ve been doing that for a while. Talking about Maitreya. They were doing it during
Obama’s campaign, stopped and started it again. They give an 800 number that you can call to learn
more about the ‘coming great teacher.’  Yeah, this is CNN folks; this isn’t make believe stuff I’ve been
warning you about.

Comment from a listen: Every time I talk about the New World Order or the FEMA camps on the news,
they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Sherry: Yeah, I think they’ll be great burial spots for all these forces that come against us. They’ll use it
as their burial grounds. We’ll just stand up and fight against them. I’ll be darned if I’m going to just
walk to a train and get on it.

Question from a listener: Are Satan and Lucifer the same person but with different names? Or are they
two different beings? What are your thoughts?

Sherry: That’s because the witches and all them claim they aren’t the same beings. Satan means
adversary. Lucifer means light bearer. It’s the same person, just different titles…different monikers for
the same being. I know that we get into a mindset when you hear all these names and we think that all
these different angels are all Satan when they’re not. They’re different satanic beings. That’s one of
those things I just put up on a shelf and leave it there, because there are so many of them. There were
200 that met on Mount Hermon, left Heaven, fell to the earth and started procreating with human
women. Enoch goes through and gives you the names of a lot of these chiefs of these angels. Some of
the names like Azazel, which we thought was another name for Satan, was actually one of his
chieftains; one of the angels that fell. There are more wicked beings than Lucifer, but he is above them
all. He’s the boss of all of them. That’s all we really need to know, I guess you could say. I know
Solomon at one time had written a book and wrote down all of the demons, their names, how to call
them forth, what their jobs and responsibilities were, who their bosses were (Satan’s kingdom is
hierarchal).  I believe that the Masons have those books now, because they stole the books out of the
Jerusalem Temple before it was destroyed, which means all of Solomon’s knowledge and information
is in the hands of the Masons today, if it survived. So very interesting. I don’t know why they’d want it.
Call up demons? There is some speculation that he forced a lot of these demons to do a lot of the labor
work in getting the Temple built. I’ll just throw that out for your information. An FYI type thing.
Solomon was very knowledgeable before his wives had turned his heart away from the Lord…and so it
goes. He started worshiping idols before he died. He had I think it said, over 700 wives.

Question from a listener: I just found an article about the Dulce Base and learned more about it on
your site. On one of your audio shows you mentioned that Dulce was shut down. Do you still feel that
way or has it been moved somewhere else?

Sherry: Shut down as far as accessible by aliens because we killed them off in Dulce. I don’t know
about the humans. There may still be humans there. Again for the 100th time, Orgone doesn’t affect
humans. It affects evil beings. Humans that are chip implanted, possessed or whatever by evil beings
will be effected by it. As far as it being in operation, I’ve heard that it is not. I couldn’t tell you. I couldn’
t tell you one way or the other, but we’ve done a lot of work there and did a lot of work in Taos as
well. It was interesting…if you go out to Dulce Lake, which is quite a way from Dulce Base, is the only
lake with a guard tower around it. Its way off the road…about 10 miles off the road down nowhere
land, and it had guard towers on the lake. Interesting.

Question from a listener: Sherry, did you hear about the Chinese UFO phenomenon the last few
weeks? The story is, a few million people have seen these huge crafts. What is your opinion?

Sherry: Yeah, I caught a blurb of it…a headline on the internet and didn’t pay much attention to it.
UFOs are going to become obvious because they will lose their cloaking. When the veil is lifted we’re
going to be able to see not just UFOs, but alien and demonic beings. I don’t know if they are revealing
themselves to mankind on purpose, or just losing their cloaking and its taking them by surprise. They
travel all the time, folks. They usually hide. People will see what they call cloud ships, where they hide
in clouds. Or they’ll just cloak and stay invisible so you can’t see them. More and more and more, they
are becoming more noticeable because they’re losing their cloaking and don’t realize it. Getting caught
with their pants down, so to speak. It makes people aware about what UFOs are. They do have to have
some level of revealing themselves to the public; slowly conditioning the public for their arrival, instead
of all of a sudden appearing en masse to mankind and freaking everybody out. Doing it slowly. “We’re
here. We’re nice aliens.” (laughs) you know, the whole charade.

Anyway folks, I’m going to wrap it up tonight and pick it up again next week.

'til then, Yah bless.