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Sherry Talk Radio

September 14, 2009


And hello everybody.  Youíre live. Itís Monday night Sherry Talk Radio. This is Sherry Shriner. Itís September 14th. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be checking those. Getting into those early tonight.

A couple of things I wanted to talk about. There is a lot of bio-warfare going on right now. Iím seeing it in the Bible Codes and with a lot of people getting sick, claiming that itís H1N1 Swine Flu. Itís not. Itís not Swine Flu, folks. You are being attacked. We are under attack. What Iím seeing is a lot of poisoning. I warned about this in the last show, because I was seeing for September.  I was starting to see the terms ďcerealĒ and ďbarleyĒ and ďcoffeeĒ coming up a lot. So itís exactly whatís happening now. Iím seeing it ďnowĒ in the codes. Youíll see barley contamination now, cereal contamination now. And youíll also see whoís in charge of it all; interestingly enough, this whole ascended masterís clan that Iíve been talking about for years. This whole New Age agenda. They are the ones behind all the poisonings and bio-warfare against the population right now. And their front man is Obama. Iíve warned you guys that Obama is part of their agenda. He is simply just their front man.

So itís very interesting that it is kicking off. Of course, we always see delay. Delays, delays, delays. And in many instances, all those delays have been things that could have been causing martial law or an untold number of things they could have causedÖnuking cities. They have more than one plan at one time and weíve seen a lot of their plans get cancelled. 

I never get hyped over anything I hear from any other news source or anything, because I know that if itís going to happen Iíll see it in the Codes. So there are always these false flag type things just to keep people on the wrong tracks. So thatís why I always just kindof stay in my own little worldÖin my own little corner of the internet and just wait to see what the Lord is going to show me and what I see in the Codes. Theyíve been dead on for years, minus all the delays. What I have been able to do is give you general time frames of things they are planning to do and the months theyíre going to do them. And if they change their routes, then weíre always on top of that too. Weíve always been one step ahead of them. I canít remember a time that weíve not been one step ahead of them. Very interesting that these attacks are going on now, and at the same time, you are seeing a lot of people getting sick. I know in my own town, people are getting different types of fluís; different types of sicknesses. If you go to the doctor or hospital or anywhere, theyíre automatically classifying it all as H1N1, because they want those numbers. They want Swine Flu to be the fall guy, I guess you could say, out of everything thatís happening and people getting sick, and itís actually the food thatís making them sick. Theyíre contaminating our food. They're attacking our food. Thatís exactly whatís causing everybody to be sick.  

I warned last month for people to buy cereal then, because they would be selling the good stuff off of the shelves, so they could bring in the poison stuff. Donít buy it now. Just donít buy it because itís contaminated. I canít tell you what expiration dates or what cereals or what stores are going to be the good ones and which ones will be the bad. So just donít buy it. Stay away from cereal for awhile. Eat something else for breakfast or before you go to bed. Also with the barley and the coffee. Anything with barley in it. Youíre looking at grains and even beer. I heard they put barley in beer. Anything made with barley. I was going to do a check on that tonight and see what all they make with barley because it comes up. 

 Interesting, another correlation with barley, and Iím going to read that tonight too, because itís in Revelation chapter 6 where you read about barley and the black horse. Very interesting. So just watch out.   

A lot of these fluís; people are getting attacked in their sinuses. You might want to stock up on sinus medication and the other one with the stomach cramping; Mylanta or Pepto Bismol might do for that. Mylanta will probably work the best. You just get the stomach cramps and start puking. Itís a real unsettled stomach for a few days when you get that one.  

Again, this is coming directly from them. They are attacking our population with this. Itís just not America; it will be all over the world. The reason is because they are in retaliation mode. They are angry. Iíve told you that the Orgone is causing their ships to crash and even attacking the Shema star now. If you look outside; it used to be that brilliant white GE huge light bulb in the sky, very low to the horizon. Now itís the big orange star in the sky.  And Iíve been waiting for this one. Iíve been waiting a long time for this one. It basically means itís on fire. What they do is try to bandage this thing. Youíll go out one night and itíll be really yellow. Youíll go out the next night and itíll be orange. You go out the next night and itíll be white. Its like, ďokay, what color tonight?Ē They are simply trying to bandage it. Theyíre trying to keep it and hold on to it in the air until November, because that was their ultimate plan to have Maitreya come down to earth and announce that heís the great world teacher is here. CNN would all be happy and cheering. Weíd all be saying, ďGrossĒ and gag us and everything else. Heís got his support group at CNN ready to go. Youíve probably heard them advertising the great world teacher coming.  

Theyíre trying to hold on Ďtil November, but you know what? The warriors have been working, getting Orgone around the world and now itís time. We just want to ruin their plans because we know they want to come in November. So we just need everybody out there, pumping the air with positive energy Orgone. You can read about it at orgoneblasters.com. Get that POE Orgone out there because that is whatís destroying their ships. Itís whatís causing their UFOs to crash. Itís whatís turning them yellow. And so the more we have out there, the more it saturates the atmosphere. It goes straight up to these alien starships that are very lowÖ30 Ė 33 degrees above our horizon. And itís causing them to catch on fire and crash. Very interesting that weíre seeing a lot results with that. Theyíve been crashing for a long time. The military and the corporate media have been calling them meteors. They know itís the UFOs and starships that are crashing to earth. 

Just waiting for the Shema to crash. Now, will Maitreya survive it if it crashes? Yes, he will. He will survive it. It doesnít mention any of his forces surviving it. He has a role to fulfill. So anybody with a role to fulfill will survive it to fulfill their role, because theyíve been allotted that time.  

Thatís the whole defeatist mentality of the churches today. They talk about the Antichrist coming. ďOh, boo-hoo. Satan is going to rule the world. We canít do anything about it.Ē Well, like heck we canít. We can get up there and make it so Satan is the only one running. All his forces are dead. Weíve gone after all of his forces. Donít defeat yourself. Donít stop short. We can do a lot of damage to his kingdom so that when he does come to earth, itís nothing compared to the thousands of years of waiting and anxiously waiting for the time when he gets to appear on earth as God and have everybody worshiping him and stuff. He has a whole different view of how things are going to be when he comes to rule the world.  

So what I love doing is just combating all of his plans, destroying his dreams and just making it downright miserable for him. Thatís what we work for and what weíre doing. Face it folks, his forces arenít going to be surrounding him while heís ruling the world they're going to be out in the world destroying the people that are on the planet. Theyíre going to be busy eating you, your children, your neighbors, your towns, your cities. They like humans. Itís going to be time of sheer lawlessness. No justice. Just anarchy. People freaking out seeing demonic and alien beings all over the earth. Because when the veil is liftedÖwhich is going to happen very shortly, you are going to see these things. The third and fourth dimensions are pretty much going to merge at that point. Everything in the fourth dimension is going to be visible and seen in our third dimension. So itís going to be very nasty.  

Our corporate media has been conditioning the public for years on this. The Geico commercials with the ďcuteĒ little reptilian. And you go to work and have a jackass as a boss. They make it cutesy. They put a bunch of donkeys in the office. Youíve seen all these Fed Ex commercials, and these American Express commercials just conditioning you for whatís coming when the veil is lifted and you realize you are working with a bunch of jackasses  and youíre the only human in an office full of aliens. They have lost their cloaking and no longer look human. Theyíre just going to be coming to work in their normal form.  

Thatís what Iíve been warning about for years, folks; that there are so many among us. The Lord told us about 3 or 4 years ago that the invasion had already started. Simply meaning they had already been coming to earth by the tens of hundreds, maybe thousands, and taking up residence in human bodies and fulfilling that personís life as that person, but not really being a person, just being a reptilian.  

I posted some videos on my website thewatcherfiles.com. And you can go to YouTube.com and just type in ďreptilian shape shiftingĒ. There are so many videos out now. So many people have woken up to the things Iíve been talking about for the last 8, 9, 10 years; you can go to YouTube.com and type in anything nowÖeverything is there. I have a couple of You Tube channels there. You can go to YouTube/The Watcher Files.  You can go to Sherry Talk Radio or Sherry Shriner. You can look through for all three at You Tube. I donít run the Watcher Files YouTube site, but he does a great job keeping it updated. I try to update the Sherry Shriner You Tube channel. There are other waysÖother avenue of research. See what else is out there on the internet. Everything Iíve been talking about is coming to fulfillment.  

Another thing I wanted to talk about tonight; I hear from a lot of people. It just seems so many people are getting beat up and beat down by ELF programs. They donít even realize that its ELF programs that theyíre under. I wouldnít even spend much time on it, but it just seems like itís global. We know what ELF (Extreme Low Frequency) weapons are. Thatís why they have all these ELF towers everywhere. Weíve been attacking them with the Orgone. If you can get Orgone pucks around these towers, they will diminish the effects and the potency that these towers put out. Theyíre all beaming ELF weapons at peopleÖat the population. Iíve noticed that there are several programs that theyíre running. Theyíre not only used for subliminal messages, but they actually run programs through these things. There are just so many people that are becoming so preoccupied with themselves. Theyíre like drowning in their own minds and distracted with fantasies.  This is a program of theirs to target people to keep them distracted and preoccupied with their own thoughts so that they are too busy daydreaming to be busy doing anything worthwhile; anything against themÖanything resisting them or denouncing them in any way.  

Theyíve got several programs. Youíll get the rock star, punk star, the country star, the movie star programs where theyíll keep people preoccupied with becoming a rock star, a pop star, a country star, a movie star. Youíll get the one of sexual perversions. It seems to be a homosexual program for men, trying to lure them into he homosexual lifestyle. I know a lot of people think they are just demon attacks. Well, they are but anything thing is that we also have military programs that are targeting people for this. They target you with specific sins to get you involved with, and they preoccupy your thoughts all the time with this.  

Another one I used to laugh about all the time was the witness program. I was just hearing from so many men all the time who would declare they were one of the two witnesses that are mentioned in Revelation chapter 11 in the last days; the two witnesses that will return. I would just get all these emails from men ďIím one of the two witnesses.Ē So I was convinced there was an ELF program out there after a while that was just hitting all these men, making them think and believe that they were one of the two witnesses that were returning. I havenít heard anything anymore. Maybe itís because I laugh too much about it. I donít know. But itís been quiet for a while since I heard from anybody that says they are one of the two witnesses. But Iím sure they still have that program going on.  

It seems to be the biggest ones are the movie stars, the pop stars, the rock stars, the sexual perversion ones. These are ELF programs, folks. You can fight against them. You can ask the Lord to destroy their equipment. You can ask Him to melt it, fry it, burn it beyond repair. You can ask for His Judgment on those who are targeting you with this equipment and these programs. You can ask Him to keep you from evil. Every day, just ask Him to keep you from evil, and it will diminish these programs from occupying so much of your time. You can ask Him to seal your mind with His Holy Spirit. So there are various ways you can go after this. If you find yourself obsessed all day long in fantasyland, ask the Lord to fry the equipment being used against you. More than likely, 95% of the time itís going to be one of these ELF programs. So theyíre just targeting a lot of people with this, especially church goers. They really have your number. They know who you are, and are just targeting the Lordís people to keep them ineffective.  

Another thing is, if you are on anti-depressant drugs, any kind of street drugs, or drinking a lotÖyou consume a lot of alcohol; you give them access to you. So if you are under a lot of demonic and military attack, specifically demonic attack, because the military doesnít need permission, they can just target you. You can ask the Lord to destroy their equipment. But when you give demons access to you, theyíre the ones who can just walk in and possess you and cause all kinds of misery in your life and problems. If you are in drugs and alcohol, you are giving them open door access to you. So you need to get off the crap. Get off the crap and get into HIM, so that they donít have direct access to you.  

If you look in the Old Testament days of old Israel; the Lord always stood up His people to fight against His enemies. And who is Israel today, folks? Itís the people who love Him. Itís His people. Itís the people who love Him. Itís no longer tied to bloodlines or genealogies. The Israel of today under the New Covenant is all those who love and serve Him. We are the ones today that the Lord has stood up to fight against His enemies, which is the New World Order and the New Age alien agenda and this whole ascended bullcrap. Weíre standing up. Weíre fighting against them and everybody else needs to start getting busy. If you are not busy fighting against them, they are sure busy fighting against you and are going to take you down and make you miserable. Are you going to take it sitting on your butt doing nothing?  

I encourage everybody to get up and start fighting against all of these agendas and programs, because Obama is just a pawn. He is just a pawn. I found it interesting that for September I kept seeing the term ďvideo.Ē So far, Maitreya hasnít arrived. He has not shown his big 3-D presentation in the sky about how our past was. They have all these clips when they arrive and its going to be a big digitalÖI donít know what youíd want to call itÖa digital movie in the sky? And theyíre going to show us everything that happened in the past. Of course, with their narration  their view, their editing, their stars. But supposedly, itís supposed to be legitimate photos and movies of everything thatís happened in our past. Donít believe it. Donít by it. You know most people are going to because theyíre just so stupid. But they're going to show this big presentation thing. So that has not happened in September yet. I donít know if it will. I doubt it does. If it does, fine and thatís the video Iím seeing in the codes. Otherwise, itís gotta be this educational video that Obama was trying to get all of the schools to play. I donít know. The feeling pretty much around the country was people were having a fit. Parents didnít want their kids to see it. But there were other schools closer to Cleveland who decided to show it, parents stood up and they didnít show it.  

Thatís the kinds of things we need to do, folks. We need to stand up against him because he is a beast. He is not fully human. And he can be walked in. Another thought of mine; because this video that he did. You might think it was harmless. It was, ďServe your country and get good grades and go to school.Ē You know what? Itís the 10% poison that kills you. Just like Paulís books. 90% truth and good things, and then that 10% that kills you. Thatís why Iíve always said; donít read Paulís books because that 10% will kill you. Same thing with the video. At the end heís talking about ways you can serve your President. Well, we donít serve the President. Heís our public servant. He serves us.  Basically, Obama is a tool to get the world conditioned into serving and worshiping and honoring a dictatorial position. Because when the Antichrist comes, weíre going to be looking at one world religion, one world government, and the worship of one world leader. So everything is conditioning for that. Good to see a lot of people standing up, fighting against the baby steps of trying to get people conditioned for that. This video, none the less, was authored by Maitreya himself. It was a whole Ashtar Command thing that was behind this video. Obama, just being the puppet to get up and do the video presentation.  

So what I find interesting; I was reading an email earlier today talking about Obama chairing the National Security Council of the UN. Interesting that position has always been kindof held open for the Antichrist to come; this Maitreya, or whoever theyíll open it for. At this point, you gotta wonder if Maitreya just going to do a walk in and use Obamaís body and operate through him as the great world teacher. I still have hesitations on that route, simply because I donít think that Obama is going to last long. Heís not that dominant in the Codes, really. Heís just a puppet. So if they're going to use him as a vehicle, as a body for Maitreya to use, then thatís one route. Otherwise, I just see Obamaís death coming. Obama always has death codes. Not necessary because itís his own death and heís going to die, but because he is causing so many other deaths. He is going to be directly responsibleÖbut how do you hold a soulless being responsible for the deaths of other people? He has no soul. So I guess whoever created this Obama. I donít know where they real man is, but the one we have as President is just a shell. And he is a shell so that other fourth dimension personalities can operate through his body. I know itís hard for some of you to grasp. Thatís why I just keep saying the same crazy stuff all the time. So it doesnít sound so crazy anymore and you can kindof grasp what it is Iím talking about. Theyíre using him. His body is just a vehicle. Interesting that the video is dominant for September.  

The thing I keep seeing next is the Shema star crashing. The funny thing is I keep seeing terms like, ďparachutistĒ and ďbasketĒ in regards to Maitreya. So we gotta wonder how it is he jumps shipÖhow he gets off the Shema star before it crashes. Does he parachute down? Does he get a basket ride? What is this stuff Iím seeing in the codes thatís always so comical? I donít know. I see ďparachutistĒ, ďconvertibleĒ, ďplaneĒ, ďbasketĒ. Itís trying to describe something.  So very interesting. He does escape from the Shema. He wonít crash with it, but certainly not the big to-do that he wanted. The whole idea of the Shema star was to herald his arrival. Of course, the Shema star is his space ship. Itís where he lives. Of course itís on fire and they canít look very heavenly then, when their own starship is on fire and itís going to crash. Theyíre trying to be heavenly angelic beings.  

When that one doesnít work, they just go to the ascended masterís thing. That they're ascended masters and are going to help us all ďascend to the fifth dimensionĒ. Yeah, theyíre really trying hard here to look angelicÖlike they're angelic beings. Itís going to fool a lot of people. I can sit here and laugh all night about it, but the truth of the matter is, itís going to fool millions. Tens and tens of millions of people are going to buy this garbage because the Bible says so. The majority of the world is going to be deceived by them, and the only way youíre deceived is not knowing you are deceived. You donít believe you are being deceived. They believe itís the truth. So thatís how good it is. Thatís deception. Itís good. People are deceived and donít believe they are. Thatís why He says, Narrow is the gate, and few who find it. You know? 

Anyway, Iím going to go into questions tonight. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. 

I got a comment from a listener before the show started. It says: I live south of you, in Kentucky. I am seeing a huge orange star in the east by southeast sky. It is just slightly above the horizon. Is this the one you said is falling? 

Sherry: Itís not falling yet, but itís on fire.  

Comment continues: It hasnít moved for the last few weeks. I can see several smaller orange ones from my backyard. Thanks for all your hard world. I miss you when youíre gone. I hope to shake your hand in Heaven.  

Sherry: Yeah, thatís Shema. Itís so low. Itís so low.  I was on my way to Pittsburgh last week, and it was yellow. The other night it was orange. Just cheering it on; Burn, burn, burn. Crash, crash, crash. Think of it, folks. As soon as he is hereÖas soon as CNN finally does get to produce this world teacher theyíve been toughing for so long as the new Age does. ďLook, we told you he was coming, and here he is.Ē You knowÖyou know thatís the Tribulation Period and weíre smack in the middle of it. Thatís when youíll know that you know; when you see that idiot. No doubt about it, folks.  

Question from a listener: Sherry, I read an article August 29, on whatdoesitmean.com from Sorcha Faal about Obama ordering billions on making mark of beast microchips. Have you heard about this? 

Sherry: I think I did read her article. I donít remember it, but a lot of times we are on the same page. Thatís what Iíve always said about Sorcha Faal, which is an order of Sisters that somehow have some kind of lineage to something through Solomon. Itís thus ancient biblical order that has their roots back to Solomon or something. I donít know. I might be wrong. You have to read at the website. But what I find different about her is that we are often on the same page. I was saying the same things; that they can easily convert this H1N1 vaccine virus as having the beast chip and enforce people to have it. That seems to be the route that they were going, because they were claiming if you didnít have this vaccine you couldnít do any banking, which is the big tipoff of beast anything; that theyíre going to cap off the banking unless you do it. So yeah, you would not be able to get this vaccine. You have to stay away from this vaccine. There is no Christian or person who loves the Lord on this entire world anywhere that can get this vaccine, because then you would be joining their kingdom and damning your own soul by doing that. Interesting that they are trying to deceive the world by this vaccine. Again, it says by deception they are deceived. So this is one of their deceptions. ďOh, give them a vaccine. Donít tell them the beast chip is in it.Ē Meanwhile, the entire church crowd is asleep, thinking there is a literal angel thatís going to fly through the heavens warning people not to get this vaccine or this beast chip whenever it arises. And itís not going to happen, folks. A literal angel is not going to happen. What will happen is the Lord will stand up one of His people to warn the people not to get it. And Heís definitely doing that. Even in the health reform act. I didnít jump on that bandwagon until I saw in that clause in the health bill that requires and mandates that everybody get a class 2 implantable device. They donít call it a chip, but thatís what it is. Itís in that health care reform bill that Obama is pushing. Again, written and authored by none other than Maitreya himself and these ascended masters as they prepare the world. Before they come physically they try behind the scenes to take it over. This is preparatory work by them, folks. Just recognize it when you see it.  

Comment for the show: This is more for the listener FYI. The contamination of wheat and barley is called Codex Alimentarius, which is headed by the FDA for nutrient deficient food for global depopulation.  

Sherry: Yeah, someone was asking me about GMO food and why I donít talk about GMO food. Other than being disgusting, I donít know much about it. Itís pure poison. Maybe do a show on GMO food and look more at it? But I just wouldnít eat it to begin with. Theyíre thinking of ways of destroying our fresh food supply and contaminating it, and then coming up with this false food that will just kill you either way. 

Question from a listener: Would someone be okay with organic cereal or coffee?  

Sherry: I donít know. If itís not made from barley. And another thing is there is a YouTube. Did I post it on my website? There is a Simpsons You Tube video. Someone went through and started pulling out scenes from The Simpsons shows because they were forewarning future events. They had done so in the past. If you went through The Simpsons shows you would see that they were warning about 9-11 and the towers coming down. So now, since people have been looking closer at their shows, someone else also picked up Kelloggís cereals and other name brand cereals that would be contaminated, and also that there would be no Christmas. I believe it was the Capitol that would be blown up shortly before December 25th. Kindof giving subtle hints in The Simpsons shows. I donít watch it, so I canít tell you, but you can pull it apart on You Tube videos. Stay away from name brands; Kelloggís and all these Illuminati owned corporations. So I really doubt they have their hand in the organic stuff. Just use your own sense of discernment on that. If you donít feel like you shouldnít eat it, donít eat it. Ask the Lord. Other than that, I would stay away from coffee.  

Another thing about the coffee; Iím not 100% sure if its mocha coffee or itís talking about Kofi Annan. So itís one of the two, but seeing that weíre talking about contaminated food, then it would most likely be mocha coffee and not Kofi Annan, unless heís behind it or whatever. Itís either Kofi Annan, or its mocha coffee. I donít know. That ones got me, because itís not a cut and dry one like barley or cereal. So I just throw it out there, just stay away from coffee. I know most of you wonít anyway. Once youíre addicted to coffee, youíre just hooked. But you know what you can do is ask the Lord to remove all impurities from it and to bless it. Put your hand over it after you open it and ask the Lord to remove all impurities and to bless it. That might help.  

Question from a listener: Can ELF weapons be used to alter your dreams? What are some ways to defend yourself against them? 

Sherry: Yeah, thatís called Dreamscape Manipulation. I have articles on that at tearingdownstrongholds.com. You can go there and read about Dreamscape Manipulation and other ways they attack you with ELF weapons. They give people false visions, false dreams. This is all run out of NORAD.  This was technology that was developed at Dulce Base, now they run it out of NORAD.  Thatís why I always refer to the Church of NORAD, because they love targeting the Pentecostal crowd with this stuff. With Christians they give them false visions and false dreams. Then all you hear about is, ďI had a vision. I had a dream.Ē And here itís the church of NORAD jut having some fun targeting Christians with false stuff.  

You can limit it. You can put Orgone under your bed, in your bedroom. Seal up your windows with Mylar blankets. Out orgone in front of your computer monitors, in front of your TVs. Orgone can diminish any kindof ELF weapon that is coming at you. I know some people are being targeted by Remote Neuro Monitoring. Iíve talked about that before. Where you hear noisies. Where as soon as you try to lie down and go to sleep you hear bowling balls running down a wooden floor or whateer. Just silly stuff to keep you from falling into that REM starge of deep sleep. So many people just canít reach that, and thatís why you see so many people wigging out on sleeping drugs. Just get the orgone in your bedrooms. Itíll numb out a lot of their equipment. If you know youíre being targeted, itís obvious. Youíre trying to sleep and your hear bowling balls. Something weird going on. Just ask the Lord to ttry thir equiepment being used against you. Thatís the biggest and ewasie thing to do. Thatís easier than making orgone, buying orgone or doing anything with orgone, Just ask the Lord to fry their equipment. If enough people would do that, and they lose enough equipment, maybe theyíd just give up. Anyway, thatís just a thought. And it works too. Just ask the Lord to fry their equipment.  

Comment from a listener: Also be aware of the ingredient barley malt, which is a sweetener used in many baked goods and snacks. Chips, cookies etc. Also used as a main ingredient in many organic baked and packaged goods. 

Sherry: So maybe thatís how they're attacking the organic crowd; by barley malt. Stay away from barley, folks. Its definetly toxic right now and making a lot of people sick. And they donít know whats making them sick; they think its Swine Flu. And here weíre just eating contaminated foods and weíre getting sick. Its giving them an excuse to say, ďOh look, weíre under a Swine Flu attack!Ē Itís just contaminating everybody and making everybody sick. 

Question from a listener: What foods have barley in them? And how bad of a contamination will it be? 

Sherry: I just see that they're on an agenda right now to poison mankind, and they're doing it through the foods. Like I said, you need to read the labels of stuff you are eating and drinking and make sure it doesnít have barley in it. I donít know how long itís going to last, but its very dominant for right now. And when I see that itís done with, or no longer being listed in the Codes, Iíll give you a heads up. But for September itís very dominant and going on in the present that we have contaminated barley and cereals and grains and coffee. Just be very careful. Ask the Lord if itís okay to eat something or buy something or to lead you to cereal thatís not contaminated. Or find something else to eat besides cereal. Stay away from the Illuminati brands; the Kelloggís stuff. Like she said, the barley malt theyíre using in organic foods, because thatís how theyíll contaminate the organic crowd.  

Comment from a listener: Sherry, Iím being attacked by my neighbor and his super loud rap music. The low bass makes me sick and suffer from headaches. When I ask him to turn it down, he turns it up. If I pray, will it melt his stereo? Can you please pray for this? 

Sherry: Just get some Orgone. If this dude is really evil, heíll just move out. Iíve heard from so many people that have bought Orgone and started plastering their neighborhoods and houses with it that their neighbors have just gotten up and moved out for no reason. In the middle of the night just gone. So try some Orgone. Try the police. Youíre walking a very fine line when you are dealing with humans that are just being annoying, as opposed to demons and aliens that we have power over. We can cast them into the abyss. But with humans that are being annoying, to exercise power over them would be witchcraft. And you canít do that. But you do have authority over the police departments, through the courts and asking the Lord to do something about it and leaving it in His hands. I love the Orgone thing; just causing so many people to get up and leave their neighborhoods. They want to get away from the Orgone. They probably donít know what it is thatís bothering them and annoying them and here it is the Orgone. Yeah, and you can look at the webpage at orgoneblasters.com/make-your-own.htm where you can learn how to make your own. It seems to work pretty well.  

If you have a question for the show folks, send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. All Iím going to do for the next couple of minutes is answer any kind of questions that are coming in because I donít want to stay on too late tonight.  

I just wanted to give you a heads up on the contaminations that are going on with the cereal, the barley and the coffee. And also the full on attack right now; thereís going to be a lot of chemical attacks through chemtrails, where theyíre going to be sickening the population and just targeting them and that way they can classify everything as Swine Flu. Yeah, itís not Swine Flu; we are just under extreme attack by the whole ascended master crowd, trying to weaken the world for their arrival so people are too sick to fight against themÖ.basically their big plan. And also using their puppet governments and their pawns like Obama and the Queen of England and all their other little puppets, to prepare for their arrival and their world takeover of the government.   Thatís what they fully plan to do, folks.  

Everything is being orchestrated by the Bilderbergerís and the global finance people right now. And clearly being led and directed by the Ashtar Command. They are meeting in Pittsburgh on the 26th of this month. All of the global elite financial backers are meeting in Pittsburgh. I do hope they enjoy their time in Pittsburgh.  Iíve done a lot of work in Pittsburgh. I hope they enjoy themselves. Anybody else that wants to make their way to Pittsburgh and gift Pittsburgh with Orgone, feel free to do so. I know some warriors have. I always have a good time just getting out on the road and going on some assignment trips for the Lord, just getting things covered.  

The war is on, folks. Itís on. Theyíre mad because weíre crashing their stuff, and theyíre coming at us with the chemtrails and food contaminations. They want to make us sick and they're retaliating. Its just the war is on. Theyíre mad. Weíre mad. Everybodyís fighting. With them itís just positioning and trying to survive, because when they lose their numbers they canít get them back very easily. They have to go to clones. So we are probably going to seeÖI think Iíve seen up into the millions. Ten million automaton robotoids. Heíll use clones if he has to. If we kill all of his alien and demonic forces off, heíll use clones. Thatís how desperate Satan is, when heís ready for anything. Interesting that he knew he was going to lose his forces and have to resort to clones. It means weíre doing our job. His worst fears are coming true.  

I do have arrival dates in September and October and November for this Maitreya. So just keep your eyes open. Watch the Shema star. The more yellow it gets, the more orange it gets, the closer it is to crashing. And when that thing crashes, then Maitreya will arrive to earth in his convertible basketÖhis parachute, like I was seeing in the Codes. Itís pretty comical. He will arrive to earth and the end game will be on. The last days will be on. Until then heís just operating through Obama. Anything Obama says, anything he does, anything he produces, heís doing it straight from them. He is their man. When you see Obama, youíre basically looking at Maitreyaís right hand man, folks. So times are going to get interesting with him.  

Thatís all I have to say for tonight. Just keeping an eye on the skies. Watch for the Shema. The only thing else, any other contaminations coming out and just a heads up on all this stuff folks, is directly from them. From all these alien brother that are ďcoming to help mankind.Ē Right now, theyíre the ones making mankind sick with all their contaminations and poisons. I told you they speak out of both sides of their mouths. Of course, I donít have to tell some of you anything; you already know. Their whole agenda is very deceptive. They claim that they are coming to help and love mankindÖand theyíre ďour creatorsĒ. In the background you see exactly what theyíre doing. They are working to destroy mankind, which is what Iíve been trying to wake up these stupid New Agers with this information for years, and they wonít listen that they are planning to destroy and kill mankind. Coming in the name of peace, they will destroy. So just a heads up on that.


Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.