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September 21, 2009


And hello everybody. You’re live. It’s Monday night September 21st. If you have a question or comment for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I’ll be answering a lot of those tonight, so go ahead and start sending them in, folks.   

It’s been an interesting week. I traveled about 3,000 to 4,000 miles last week, just doing a loop around the country. And it was horrid, really. Rain through three states, but it went pretty well though. So those of you who have been waiting for Orgone or anything else, I’ll be getting caught up this week, simply not have been here last week. Just getting some things I had to do, done.  

Interesting this week, though. All the global ranking lizards will be descending on Pittsburgh. Imagine that. I hope they roast to Hell in Pittsburgh this week. I really do. Keep a heads up and let me know if you see any of them wearing face masks or breathing aspirators or anything. Yeah, give me a heads up on that, if you see anything out of the ordinary happening in Pittsburgh. You never know what’s going to happen with a bunch of lizards meeting in one place. And this is fairly common for them. Their meetings have been becoming more and more frequent as they plan to continue their agenda. All the twists and turns that it’s been taking, it’s almost amusing. You’re seeing a lot of the factions fight it out.  

Interesting with Obama. I’ve warned about him for eons, folks. I’ve been warning what’s becoming ‘the choir’ about Maitreya’s arrival and all the behind the scenes influences; that Satan’s kingdom has control of this earth, the worlds governments, the militaries, the factions that are all loyal to him, working his agenda’s. One of the things coming out more and more… something that I said last year was that they would bring in the New World Order through music and entertainment. Now people are waking up and seeing just how satanic and demonic the music and entertainment industries are. All the actors, the singers, the bands. Everybody… just on a “we love Satan” charade.  Definitely was going to be one of his tools to usher him in; music and entertainment.

Also with the politics and also with the food. I’ve been warning about food contaminations and the flu’s that are going on. It’s just another way for them start working behind the scenes in getting the population ready for the things that are going to be happening. Also sickening them, killing them off, starting their massive depopulation program. Every sickness that’s coming out, they’re labeling as the “Swine Flu” so they can get people hyped up and afraid and running to get this vaccine. And of course, there are many, many voices warning people, “Do not get the vaccine. It will kill you! It will make you sick.” You have nothing to worry about with the “Swine Flu.” They might, because they’re hybrids and aliens and demons and this kindof thing that the Swine Flu attacks. It doesn’t attack regular humans. We typically as humans get sick. Flu’s and colds…it’s typical. It’s normal. You don’t need to run out and get vaccines. Get you some good old homemade remedies. Eat some chicken soup or whatever the natural remedies are for all this stuff. You don’t need pills galore.  

I know some people; their homes are pharmacies. I can’t even remember the last time I took anything. I’ll take an aspirin or an Aleve for a headache. If I’m sick, I just suck it up. You know? Stay in bed for a couple of days. Suck it up! You’ve all been sick all your lives, off and on. You know how to handle it. You don’t need all these over the counter pharmacy drugs. And you certainly don’t need behind the counter pharmacy drugs because their drugs will kill you. They are poison. They might cure one thing, but they are causing another. So just stay away from pharmacia. The Bible refers to it. The Greek word pharmacia is pharmaceutical drugs. Stay away from them, unless you really, really need them.   

I just really try to listen to what the Lord is telling me. And I’m not in the best of health. I’ve had many problems, but I try to listen to Him. I know that I’m very toxic. I try to research that, “Okay, what’s toxic? I’m toxic again.” I know a couple of years ago He told me that I had enough poison in me to kill 10 men. So I had to detox…just eating oatmeal and drinking water for about three days. Just detoxing. Another good thing to eat is eggs. You need that Vitamin K in the egg yolk. So just listen to Him. He will tell you what’s wrong with you, what you need and what you need to do. For most of us, we just need to get off the caffeine’s. We need to get off the sugars. I know sugar is wreaking havoc with me lately…and so just cutting out everything with sugar in it. Just listen to Him. Listen. He will tell you. Just a heads up on that. 

Interesting week this week. A lot of stuff is going on. Like I said, the lizards are descending on Pittsburgh. I like how somebody detailed out their agenda, so I’m going to run through it. Starting on Sunday night, the Chinese flag will be flown somewhere across the street from the White House. Ominous symbolism that it will be flying in America. Could it be foreshadowing the significance of Tuesday's event? Which is September 22nd, when 'president' Obama is to be sworn in as the Chair of the United Nations Security Council. And that is tomorrow, September 22nd.  

Now what was that I was reading a couple of years ago about the chair? All of the seats in the Security Council were numbered except for one, and they were waiting for their leader to arrive. And the number of that chair was 666. I can’t correlate if this is the same thing here that I’m talking about. I’m sure it is. And guess who is sitting in it. Lizard Obama. Yes! Okay? So he’s going to be chairing the United Nations Security Council. Its interesting. Somebody’s going to have to give me a heads up if this is the same thing. I’m sure it is. They were waiting for that final leader to come and take his seat that has sat empty all this time.  

Then on Wednesday, September 23rd, the Summit begins in Pittsburgh. And so that should be interesting. They’ll all probably started arriving yesterday…today, and tomorrow. So their global summit officially begins on Wednesday. 

On Thursday, September 24th there is likely going to be press conferences telling us about the fate of our Dollar, economy and market, and how we will now have a new global currency. Some people expect a new global currency to be announced. If this is the real cliffhanger that everyone is waiting for, then they are warning to watch for bank holidays to follow next week. And if not, there are just more delays. But there could be…watch for anything about currencies being announced this week, and then bank holidays next week, which means you’ll want to have cash on hand, because the banks will be closed.  

Then on Friday, September 25, they’re going to have a Muslim prayer march in Washington. By the last day of the week, besides the Khazars dancing on the graves of America, we will probably see a 24/7 coverage of some event that erupted as a result of this week of climaxes. So it might be civil unrest after the right-wing terrorists erupt into violence’s. Of course, ‘right wing terrorists’ are anybody that disagrees with their agenda.  

There are some people warning there could be a false flag event of some kind. Interesting that they can step in and prevent assassination attempts against Obama, but they sit back and allow towers in New York City to be destroyed. They always know what’s going on. They always know.  

Interesting…all these assassination attempts on Obama. And they’re not going to stop. They’re going to keep going on and on and on. I always see that around him. He doesn’t have very many friends. Even his own people that put him into power…now they are starting to have doubts.  

How do you kill a lizard? He’s just a cloned replicated being of that Pharaoh that I’ve been talking about. So how do you kill it? You don’t. You have others in waiting. So if they kill this Obama, he can just go back, they pull the other one out of the closet or whatever…the backup A, B, C of these clones. I’ve told you from the start, Obama is just a shell. He’s just a cloned being. And they’re using his body to walk in. And who’s walking in and using him? Maitreya. Maitreya is using Obama’s body to further the agenda of Satan’s Ashtar Command and council.  His elite. His real elite. These humans down here…they call themselves “the elite”. Yeah… (laughs) They all think they’re something. Some kind of a rank. They all pat themselves on the back and feel like they have so much power in Satan’s kingdom. It’s such a joke. Folks, he doesn’t share his kingdom with anybody. When they die, they go to Hell, and they are tortured. They are tortured, literally for eternity. And Satan mocks them for listening to him and believing him. So that’s what they have to look forward to after all their hard work on Earth in servicing him. Then when they die they go to Hell and they’re tortured for eternity. Then the Lord is going to cast them all into the Lake of Fire. What do they really have to gain? Nothing. Nothing. And none of these ‘stars’ in Hollywood and these entertainment icons; Nothing to gain. Nothing. Because money runs out. Money crashes, but their souls will never die. So it doesn’t pay to be on the wrong side of the fence. It’s not going to pay them. It never has. It never will.  

So interesting that Obama is being set up with the things I’ve warned about. Of being a walk-in for Maitreya.  

Another thing I wanted to talk about, other than the food contaminations and the Swine Flu coming up. I want to talk more about the Swine Flu, This thing that was going around with this woman soldier warning everybody that the military is to work alongside with the police in California so that people who refuse the vaccine. That’s basically what I was mentioning a couple of week ago; where you’re at a check point. They have the vaccine. And if you don’t get the vaccine, they’re going to take you on a bus and take you to a camp. So at that point I was saying, just pray and ask the Lord to turn it to water. Then it came out that the vaccine has a chip in it. So the Lord is not going to turn that into water. What we’re going to have is a choice; Him or Satan’s kingdom. So don’t get stuck in checkpoints. You have a right to defend yourself, folks. You know? Don’t let them put you on a bus. Once you’re on a bus, they’re going to take you to an internment camp and starve you and possibly torture you into accepting this RFID bracelet with this vaccine. They're not just going to leave you alone. They’re going to torture you. They’re going to starve you, to where people will get this stupid bracelet just for a plate of food. And this bracelet is some kind of RFID bracelet with a chip in it…and you cannot take it off. I don’t know how they have it, but I’ve heard from several people that you will not be able to get it off of your wrist. One of my first thought was, “What are they going to do with all these people who swell up all the time?” I had to take my wedding ring off years ago, because my fingers swell up all the time. Same thing with bracelets. How do you put a bracelet on somebody when they’re liable to swell up all the time? They don’t really care, folks. Just getting that vaccine means you are a walking target from that point on. They want to see how long you have until you die. That’s why it’s an RFID chip on it; they want to know how long you survived the vaccination shot…so interesting…and where you’re at…and which group and which batch is where…and who is getting effected by what.  

I find it interesting because I just rented a car. When I came back, they knew exactly everything from their little reports, and even from their computers at their place, where I was, how their car was working, how it was doing, that it needed an oil change. They knew all this stuff. And I’m driving their car…just because there’s a chip in that car. So just imagine everything that they’re going to be able to detail on people just from having an RFID chip on them. They can be targeted. They can be located. It’s like a two-way transistor radio. I’ve warned of chips before, especially the new ones they’ve come out with since the 1980’s. Most people, when they were born were given tracking chips. That’s why you hear of most children having night terrors and nosebleeds and going through things like that when you’re growing up, because you’re targeted and they put chips up your nose and chips in your vaccinations. They are targeting chips. It’s the same thing now except they are more advanced. These RFID chips serve more as a transistor type radio to where they can hear you and you can hear them…at the same time, you can hear them. Interesting when most people think they are having mental issues hearing voices, you are just hearing the people on the other end of the chip that you’re implanted with that you have no idea you are implanted with. That’s one of the things I tell people who send me emails and tell me “I’ve been sent to this mental institution. I’m hearing voices…” And this and that. I say, “It sounds like you are chip-implanted.” That’s basically what it is with a lot of these people, because they already have these RFID chips.   Sometimes you don’t know how you got them. I have a picture on my website at thewatcherfiles.com. I posted it several years ago. It’s showed a chip gun. What it is is a gun that shoots chips into people. Like if you are walking into Wal-Mart you could actually be shot with a chip gun and not even know it. They don’t have to be right upon you when they shoot it. It’s like a chip sniper. There’s a sniper sitting something shooting people. And all you feel is a sting like you got bit by a mosquito. You feel a sting and it goes away. Just various ways they have of putting chips in people, let alone flu shots, vaccinations, any kind of dental work that’s being done. The Illuminati is well behind the American Dental Association and the American Medical Association. Behind all of them, pre-load everything with chips. So even if you do have a nice doctor, if he is using their medicine that he buys already prepackaged, it’s already loaded with chips. So he’s not necessarily the bad one, but using their medicine which is bad. So…just all different ways that they are putting chips into people.  

The Swine Flu vaccine; I’ve been reading about how in Canada they’re forcing it on the Canadians. They did a trial run on the Native tribes there and hundreds of them died within the first month of getting this Swine Flu vaccination and this Tamiflu vaccine is just killing them. So they are targeting the population for mass murder. Watch for their sending the body bags. Where was it last year, people said they saw like 500,000 body bags? Was that Colorado? It was somewhere up there…somewhere over there. Watch the places they are sending them, because that’s where the deadly vaccines are going to be, and they full intend on having tens of thousands of dead people. That’s why they have the body bags. They are just getting ready. And should the Americans erupt in protest, they are ready for us too, because they have their FEMA camps ready.  

It’s just a general time of eye-opening events coming. People have been warning about for years. Not just me, but other people have been warning for years. As time goes and goes and goes and people wake up…it seems that now is the time when most people have woken up more than any other time, so it’s probably the right time that all this is going to happen. The Lord is giving people time to wake up. Yeah, all of these things could be coming about.  

Keep your eye on the Shema star. Of course if that crashes, that begins a whole new set of events to come on to the earth. And right now we’re just trying to deal with the ones before us. It will be interesting to see how this month and next month play out. I know that Maitreya wanted to hold off until November before his arrival. That’s why we’ve been praying for the Shema star to crash way before then, just to ruin his plans, so he’ll be arriving to earth on some kind of escape pod that he’ll use to escape Shema with, because Shema is on fire. We’ve been battling that one all month long. As I’ve said, the Orgone saturates the atmosphere and catches their ships and starships on fire. That’s why some nights you’ll see its yellow and orange, like it’s going to fall to the earth. Then a couple of days later, you’ll see it’s white and shiny again and bright again like the GE bulb. And you’ll notice a lot more activity around it. Even my kids will look up in the mornings, waiting for the bus. And you can see those ships flying around the Shema star. So you gotta wonder if they are trying to help them patch it up and put the fires out, so they can keep it up there. Or if they are unloading people off of it. That’s another possibility; that they are unloading the live ones off of it…probably just leave all the dead ones on there, because it does kill them. Like I’ve said, Maitreya will survive. He’s got a role to play here on earth, so it’s not going to kill him, but possibly be killing his other forces on that starship with him.  

It’s interesting that all this is playing out at this time. One of the things that I’ve always dreaded; I remember talking about it last year at this time…was the fact that they would do martial law roundups in the winter time. If you look at all these FEMA camps; there are no shelters, there are no bathrooms, and there are no facilities. It’s just a fenced in field. So can you imagine in January, anywhere in the North or Northeast, being herded up and put into these temporary holding facilities is what they are called. What they’re going to do is haul people off to these FEMA camps and hold them there. Then a train will come will come and pick them up. Once you’re on the train, guess where you’re going? You’re going to go to a burning facility…a poison gas facility. The Amtrak station in Indianapolis is being retrofitted as the largest facility on tap. I think there’s also one in Alaska that can burn up to 150,000 people a day or a week. And there’s one in Indianapolis. And there’s one in Oregon or Washington somewhere up there. So that’s your fate if you get on one of those trains. You are going to die.

People that are in these internment camps, get out of them. Do what you have to do to fight to get out of them. They aren’t going to release you and let you go home to your families anytime after that. You’re never going to leave alive. So fight for your lives. With 1,000 to 2,000 people in a camp, how many armed guards could there actually be? Maybe a few with rifles. They could quickly be overcome by a mob of angry people. You know, do what you have to do. Don’t get taken and put on these trains, because your death is sealed at that point. There is no getting off the train. They don’t even have to take you off the train to kill you. What they did was build these trains so that the floor gives out. They pull you into a facility like Amtrak; turn the gas on, everybody in the train dies, and then they just open up the floor and dump them out like they are cargo or something. Then they just burn the remains. Yeah, that’s what’s coming, folks. 

Just a heads up. If you see one of these checkpoints, get around them. Don’t stop at them. Go a different route. It’s going to be different than a sobriety checkpoint. If you don’t have on that RFID bracelet, they’re going to give you an opportunity to get that bracelet and the Swine Flu vaccination, or you’re going to go on a bus. Do not get the vaccination at all costs, even if it means getting on a bus. At this point the thing that is so similar about this whole forced vaccination thing is in Revelation chapter 13, it talks about the beast. And it talks about how the entire world will be forced to get his name, or number or symbol on or in their right hand or forehead. A lot of times we take everything literally. What we have to understand is literal translation have changed things as well, from Greek to English, translations have changed. So don’t ever take anything for granted. Look at the other requirements. If you do not have the mark, name or number of the beast, you cannot buy or sell. And what are they saying about this vaccination? If you don’t have the RFID bracelet, you can’t buy or sell. It’s the same requirements. I would not want to risk it and say it’s not the same thing. It very well could be, folks. Especially since the RFID has a chip in it…and it’s on your right hand and you can’t take it off. And cutting your arm off isn’t going to do it. Just a lot of warnings that there are too many correlations between the requirements; that you can’t buy or sell, or even use a public toilet if you don’t have that bracelet on. What’s that sound like? It’s the same thing. You can read it in Revelation chapter 13, starting with verses 15 – 18. Make that correlation, folks and stay away from that RFID bracelets…these chips. They know everyone is expecting like a tattoo or a chip to come out. So what do they do? They change the plan to try and deceive people. And what does the Bible always warn about? By deception, he rules the world. By deception, the world is destroyed. By deception, many people will lose their souls because they are deceived by Satan. That is clearly a deception, because people don’t expect this RFID bracelet to be what the Bible is warning about in Revelation chapter 13. You always have to keep your eyes out for the coming deceptions folks, because that’s how Satan deceives the world. He wouldn’t be able to do that if the people weren’t deceived. I love how people are so, “I’ll never be deceived! I’ll never be deceived!”” Then they vote for people like Obama or they have no discernment to begin with and they are the first ones always deceived. Just another heads up. 

If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com I’m going to start answering some. I know some people were sending them in earlier in the week. I only got to check my mail once or twice when I was on the road so…It was nice. I kept hearing about how “hot it is out west and blah…blah.” And Lord knows I can’t take heat. I was looking at the weather before I left, and saw there was a cold front hitting out there. I had to laugh. Every time I’ve gone out west, there’s been a cold front, and this time was no different. It was funny. I just cannot take that hot heat. I hope you all enjoyed that cold front.  

Question from a listener: A couple of weeks ago I woke up and had my finger pricked, like checking for sugar or whatever. I felt the sting and it woke me up. I wondered if you heard that before. What your thoughts are on it? And there was blood there when I squeezed it. 

Sherry: They get your DNA at night when you’re sleeping. I’ve been in bed before and have felt hair being plucked out of my head. It’s almost like you expect one of my kids to be sitting there picking hair out my head, and there was nobody there. I could see in the spirit realm that there was somebody there. Yeah, they get your DNA while you are sleeping, especially when they want to know who you are. I don’t know what they’re doing with it, but it’s common. It’s not uncommon. 

Question from a listener: Last week the YouTube user entime777 posted a video about her discoveries while performing a drill for the Army. It seems that they are drilling to run quarantine roadblocks where you get pulled off the highway to get a flu shot or get on a Wackenhut bus to the nearest FEMA camp. Also reveals permanent RFID bracelets that keep track of citizens who get the shot. 

Sherry: Yeah, I’ve heard about that. I haven’t seen the video. At Alex Jones site the video was pulled already. I have to go to YouTube to see that. I’m aware of her warning to the world of what they are training to do, and I believe she was based out in California.  

Sherry: Can the four horsemen refer to the collapse of the economy that’s underway right now? 

Sherry: The sixth seal is a huge earthquake. Another term for earthquake is crashing. It’s one I often have trouble with in the Codes, dealing with that term myself, because of the way that the Hebrews do things. One word can mean four different things. So it could be an economic earthquake. An economic crashing for the sixth seal. But that takes place after the fifth seal, which is millions of the souls under the altar of those who have been killed. So clearly the third and fourth horses represent wars, famines, plagues and martial law roundups to accomplish their plans. I’ve been warning how they use martial law and FEMA roundups to accomplish their plans. I’ve warned that the third and fourth horsemen (the black and the pale horse) are this Maitreya and this Sananda that are coming.  It all ties in together. So yes, an eventual total economic collapse before millions are dead or after. If it goes with the sixth seal, it is after. They can do anything they want to now to try and take control of the global economy to force people to get the mark of the beast. Now remember, the warning that things are going to happen the way you don’t expect them to. That is a warning the Lord gave me years ago, and one I’m reiterating to all of you; that things are going to happen the way we didn’t expect them to. We all get fine line events tattooed and planted in our thoughts and minds about how things are going to happen in the end days. Don’t be so stuffed in a box. Be flexible, because things are going to happen the way that you don’t expect.

 Question from a listener: Hey Sherry, Google has been putting UFOs in its logo a lot lately. Right now it’s showing The War of the Worlds. Are they trying to tell us something?

 Sherry: I wouldn’t doubt it. They warn us through various things….cartoons, television commercials, through movies, through logos. Yeah, if it was my guess, I would say they are getting ready to make UFOs more known around the world to stop hiding their appearance. Because the veil is going to be lifted soon, and they know this. When the veil is lifted, we’re going to see them for what they are. So they're going to try and condition mankind. And they’ve been doing that. Everybody has seen the television commercials, the sports athletes. What is that Nike thing? Some kind of gear they have, where in the commercial at the very end the guy looks like a lizard. Yeah…and I’ve been warning about that for years; they’re conditioning us for their arrivals…or their unveilings, I guess you could say, because they are already here. They’re just hiding amongst us as humans. Once the veil is lifted, you’re going to see them exactly how they are. Your office co-workers very well could be reptilians and everything else.

 Question from a listener: When using neodymium magnets to deactivate RFID chips, any idea why after about four hours of wearing them, there would is a sharp pain in that spot?

 Sherry: I don’t know. I don’t know if a neodymium magnet can deactivate an RFID chip. I know it can deactivate the older tracking chips that older people were targeted with, but I don’t know if it can deactivate an RFID chip. They are newer chips. A newer class of technology. I simply don’t know if that can be done.  

Question from a listener: Have you seen the processing centers for the dead bodies in the Bible Codes? 

Sherry: No. what I’ve seen in the Codes a lot is their dead bodies. Not ours; theirs. The Orgone is killing tens of thousands of them. I just go where the Lord focuses me and puts me at. I do know that they’re coming. There is a huge cistern on the Moon and on Mars for their dead bodies. They have their own people on the world through places like Amtrak and all their own cisterns located throughout the earth.  

Question from a listener: Has the Ohio River near Cincinnati been covered well with Orgone? I’m trying to decide if I need to order more. 

Sherry: You always need more Orgone. I was just through Cincinnati. That place is just huge. It’s really gotten grown up down there. Ohio River has been targeted for a couple of years now. Various people living along the river at different point. Whatever the Lord tells you. I don’t think there’s ever going to be enough Orgone. I’ll tell you what; Driving around the country as much as I have the past week, the only place I saw chemtrail planes was Indianapolis. As I was sitting there…and mind you, I have been in Indianapolis a couple of times myself….as I was sitting there on the highway, I noticed that the chemtrails themselves were dissipating after about 5 or 10 minutes. (laughs) The Orgone is doing its job. It’s knocking the chemtrails out. I didn’t even see it anywhere else. Anywhere else I was at, I didn’t even see a chemtrail plane. So I know we’ve done our job, because they will give up after a while. Oh, they’ll come back like six months or a year later, but what’s interesting is that they’re not wasting as much as they used to. We’ve been so effective with the Orgone. One of the things the Orgone does is, it keeps the chemtrails from sticking in the atmosphere. When they spray it, it won’t stick and they give up and leave. A lot of places are chemtrail free. I had nice fluffy clouds everywhere I went, except for a couple of states that just poured rain.   I’m impressed…I’m happy with the work we’ve accomplished here.  

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry, I just recently noticed a larger, bigger star. In the early morning it’s in the southeast morning sky. Yep, I’m an early riser. 5 or 5:30 and disappears just before daylight. Any info on this new starship? 

Sherry: That’s where Shema has been hanging out. In the southeast sky in the morning eastern time. That’s where I see it in the mornings. It also has a smaller one that’s been with it. The smaller one looks like it’s just toast. It looks like it’s ready to crash to the ground. Sometimes Shema doesn’t look to good either. If you sit and watch it for a while, you’ll see the lights. You’ll see blue and green and sometimes red lights on it. Usually they’re blue and green. That’s where it’s been in the mornings here. Most of the time it hangs out in the north northeast, then I’ve noticed for the past month, it’s been in the southeast. It moves around. It’s not stationary. It moves around.

 Hello again. The YouTube user entimes777, took the video down. I reposted it. My YouTube name is mcswice if anybody wants to check it out. 

Sherry: I want to check it out. I didn’t see that video. I’d put in on my own website. If you go to YouTube, look for the user mcswice. He has that video from the woman soldier trying to warn everybody of the checkpoints that are coming. And their agenda is online.  

Interesting that we’ve got the global meeting this week in September. Then by October 15th, is their scheduled time to start enforcing Swine Flu shots. Interesting. I know that October 10th was always a date for some kind of missiles hitting American cities. So that’s a possibility. That’s always been a date out there. And then we’ll probably start seeing a lot of social unrest because of that. This puts in the January timeframe that I’ve dreaded before, where people have to be rounded up in the wintertime and just freezing in those internment camps.  

Just a heads up people; to be aware, be careful and be packed. You are defending your own life and your family’s. That’s just going to be a real eye-opener I think, for a lot of people. To realize that you can’t even leave your home unprotected because you’re afraid of your own government. I think a lot of it. I think a lot of us will be just staying home. Plan to be home. Plan to be home. Stay off the major roads. Some of you who work and things like that, you’ve got to get too; ask the Lord to guide your thoughts for different alternative routes to take or whatever,  and to be doing what He says. Basically once they start this crap, we’re just so far into their agenda at that point, it’s just time to survive and stay away from them.  

As soon as they start to do stuff in schools, I’ll pull my kids out of school. I’m not going to let them get their pig shots….their assassination vaccines. That’s all they are. Full of poison. Just want to kill people. You have nothing to fear about the Swine Flu itself. It’s just a regular flu. What is going to kill you is the vaccines.  

So just a heads up for people that don’t even believe in conspiracies; now is the time to wake up. like I’ve said before, a conspiracy is an event that has unanswered questions. They always make it sound like it’s such a horrible thing for conspiracies and it’s not. You should question everything. You should question. They try to make it sound like it’s some kind of bad thing to do…taboo thing. And it’s not. You should be questioning everything; especially the government.  

Comment from a listener about Jay-Z and his Masonic affiliations.  

I was watching this stuff on You Tube before I left. It was about all these stars. They take some kind of oath…an Illuminati oath. Then they have to give a blood sacrifice. So all these people that we’ve seen murdered, like Kanye West’s mother and Jennifer Hudson’s mother and sister were all blood sacrifices. They sacrifice them for their own personal gain; their own success and fame. I don’t think much of these Hollywood stars. They’re nothing but greedy idiots who would kill their own mothers for fame and fortune. So that’s what you get with Hollywood, folks.  

Question from a listener: When do you think the forced vaccines will happen? 

Sherry: Their timeline is October 15th. So their timeline is October.  

Question continues: Where did you go on your trip? 

Sherry: I really can’t say. I looped around the country. I was a little bit busy….all these people…all these people sending questions are just part of the choir. (laughs) People have been talking to me for years on this show.  

I wanted to bring something somebody had sent me about the coffee. Remember last week I talked about the term coffee I had seen in the Codes? I didn’t know if it was coffee or Kofi Annan. Interesting observation by a listener: 

“I figured out why coffee keeps popping up in the Codes. It’s Starbucks. They are Illuminati owned. First off, their logo is painfully evident of this fact. This coffee makes me and others feel sick. More recently people have been complaining that their coffee isn’t tasting right or like they used to. In fact, they now taste horrible. How do they remedy this when people complain? By giving away free cards for more coffee. When the most overpriced and greedy coffee starts handing out freebies, you know something is wrong.”  

Sherry: I’ve always known about Starbucks. It’s an alien hangout. Just think of the name Star…bucks. The Illuminati owns it. They’re poisoning you in the coffee. I’ve warned about coffee and poisoning, along with products made from barley, which would also include beer. Also watch out for soda pops. Everytime you turn around they're going to put poisons in. This is all real. 

Question: Will magnets negate some of the chip effects? 

Sherry: I don’t know about some of these newer chips. It will the older ones.  

Question: Last week you mentioned POE Orgone. Is that something different than the pucks and generators you make? 

Sherry: No. My Orgone is POE Orgone. POE is just Positive Orgone Energy. And that’s all we make.  

Question: Any EMP protections you know of? 

Sherry: Just use Orgone and Mylar blankets on your windows, especially your bedroom windows. If you’re suffering attacks at night…different things, put Orgone under your bed, in front of TVs, monitors or anything you have in your room, and get Mylar blankets on your windows. You can get Mylar blankets at Amazon.com. They’re like $ 4 for 12, and they're huge. You end up having to double them over just to get them on your windows because they are so big.

I’ll answer one more question for the night, then I’m going to close it out.  

Question from a listener: What can I do when my husband gets the shot and I don’t because I’m a believer?  

Sherry: It reminds me of Matthew 24, when it talks about how father would turn against mother…and mother her children…husbands turn against wives and wives against husbands. Read Matthew 24. Welcome to the last days. Very few households it seems where husband and wife do see eye to eye on things. So you’re just going to have to deal with it then. I know, most of my listener audiences’ spouses just are not on the same page. Just pray for them. Ask the Lord to open their eyes to the things that are going on. That’s all you can do. I wouldn’t get it just to please my spouse. I’m not going to Hell because my spouse wants to. You’ve got to think for yourselves, folks. Nobody is going to stand in your shoes come the day of accountability other than you. And you can’t sit there and blame everybody else for your actions, your mistakes and your faults. You are going to be the one held accountable. Keep that in mind.  

Anyway, be back next week hopefully with some updated information on the lizardfest this week in Pittsburgh. Keep your eyes open if you see anything funny, like anybody wearing a face mask or oxygen tanks. They’ve said that Orgone has an extreme odor that they hate. Yes, we’ve Orgone Pittsburgh very well. So I’m wondering how this Orgone will affect them while they’re in Pittsburgh. I can only hope that Yah cranks it up to where they are boiling their skin and we see them in boils and oxygen tanks. I would die laughing.  

So other than that, prepare folks. Prepare to be in your homes. To stay home this coming fall if they’re going to start their forced vaccination shots and anything else. Get things now while you can, especially if they declare any global currency this week and have a bank holiday.  

A lot of symbolism with Obama taking that National Security chair. Remember I warned, “what if Maitreya just takes over Obama’s body?” That might be what he’s doing. Who knows? He’ll just work through Obama s body. Like I said, there is nothing there. Obama is just a soulless being. Right now he’s being influenced by ‘personalities’. He’s being used as a walk-in shell for the Ashtar Command Council and the alien beings that run all that and they’re just running Obama.  

Interesting that no other video has popped up. That education video that Obama was pushing two weeks ago… he wanted the schools to show it and that video having been made by Maitreya. I’d seen that in the Codes, that Maitreya was the author of that video, Obama was the presenter. Clearly, Obama just a puppet of Maitreya’s right now. Interesting to see what happens this week. I think you’re going to see things start rolling. The symbolism of him taking that chair at the National Security Council; I was reading somewhere that’s akin to that – the capstone on the pyramid, how they’ve always had it hovering above the pyramid, that when he takes that chair the cap will be on top of the pyramid which means he is the man of the hour. He would be anointed as what we consider the Antichrist. The man of the hour. The global New World Order. Satan will work through him. It very well could be Obama, folks.  

Interesting to see what happens this week.


Until next week everybody, Yah bless.