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Transcribed by Liz Patton


Hi Sherry, this is Jim from The Extreme Society Show. How are you?


Sherry: Good, how are you?


Jim: Doing great. Thank you. Thanks for taking the time to join us again tonight. Just to let everybody know right now that weíre on, and Sherryís site is sherryshriner.com. Sheís been on our show once before. We wanted to bring her back on tonight to help finish out one of our topics this month. We were talking about survival month and weíre touching base a little bit on the FEMA camps. But before we go into that, what have you guys been up to...over there in Sherry Shriner world?


Sherry: Itís just been one thing after the next; with chemtrails and Orgone and the falling meteors.  You know what a laugh I have over that one. Yeah, weíve just been busy. I started to talk about last week....about this whole thing....the Lord kept telling me that China was mobilizing for war against the U.S. and stuff. Three days later, Hal Turner posts that USA has given eminent domain to China. Itís hair-raising, and at the same time, just feeling a lot of pangs of the things that are coming to this country.


Jim: There is definitely a lot going on tonight. A lot going on in the country right now. Real quick, letís just introduce who you have with us here tonight. Youíve got myself, Jim. Weíve got Bill.


Bill: Good evening, Sherry.


Sherry: Hi Bill.


Jim: And weíve got church lady herself, Christine.


Christine: Hi Sherry. How are you?


Sherry: Hello. Good.


Jim: Actually, she had a question for you about the Orgone. Just so we can learn a little more about it. Weíve got actually a few comments on our page with a lot of out listeners asking more about that information. What I try to do is direct them to your site. A lot of them are going there. But for everybody listening tonight, can you kindof explain that a little bit more? Iíll pass it off to church lady, and sheíll ask you the question.


Christine: My name is Christine. Itís not church lady. (Everyone laughs) They mention about an Orgone blaster to protect you from the UFOs or the aliens. What exactly is an Orgone blaster?


Sherry: Well, what it is; several years ago, I started praying and asking the Lord how to tear down the strongholds of the New World Order. We were drowning by them five or six years ago, let alone now. All these towers coming up. All the UFOs. The alien presence. (Coughing) And He led me to Orgone. (Coughing) They donít like me talking about it. I start choking. What it is...itís just an organic device that we make. We make it in our garages. We make it in our homes, and in our yards. We have found that not only is it bringing down UFOs. It burns them. It burns aliens. It is also eliminating chemtrails. So most people are getting involved because it eliminates chemtrails out of your area. Most people are just so fed up with chemtrails. Itís a living energy. Itís called POE (positive Orgone energy). It just attacks and eliminates anything thatís evil and not of this dimension. The chemtrails; the poison program involved with the chemtrails. It eliminates it and attacks them. I did Dr. Carleyís show last week. I had sent her Orgone. She didnít even have it up in her yard. The chemtrails were disappearing, dissipating over her house the very hour she was planting them in her yard. Itís getting a lot more recognition now. The weather guys and the people out in Idaho. I had a scientist call me in Columbus. He was watching the weather maps from here to Columbus. Thereís a whole jet stream weíve been able to attack and clear, just from the Orgone Blasters against their chemtrail operation.


Christine: Where do you plant them?


Sherry: You can plant them in your yard. You can put them in your gutters. You can put them in flower beds. You can put them in water; in rivers and oceans. You can put them anywhere. You can put them in your house. Theyíll keep the ELF rays from computers and televisions....itíll minimize that. Itíll dull it. If you have night terrors, itíll eliminate and stop night terrors. Most kids and adults are being attacked by demonic and alien entities while theyíre sleeping. Itíll keep them out of your homes. There are just 101 uses for Orgone Blasters.


Jim: Do they come in different sizes?


Sherry: I make them in three different sizes. I also teach people how they can make their own. You can go to orgoneblasters.com. Iím not in this to make money. Thatís why I just shipped out 30 boxes of shavings to people last week so they could make their own. Itís just a way of reclaiming our Earth back from the negative forces that are running the New World Order. Their number one agenda is to kill mankind.


Christine: Right.


Sherry: So weíre trying to reclaim that.


Bill: What specifically do you put in these....in the actual blasters themselves? What is it made up of?


Sherry: We use a 12 or 14 gauge copper coil. We put crystals inside of the coil. Then we put aluminum shavings as an insulator inside and outside around the coil. The base itself is Bondo, a fiberglass resin. We make them in muffin pans. We make them in sundae glasses. They do get very, very hot when theyíre drying, so you have to use something like glass or metal to use as a mold. You have to make sure that you spray them first so theyíll come out. Yeah, itís very easy, very simple to make. People are finding that it does everything Iíve been saying it does for the last 5 or 6 years. Itís really attacking their entire chemtrail program. Itís attacking all the UFOs coming into our dimension. Itís wreaking havoc on Satanís kingdom right now. Thatís my main focus as a believer of the Most High, is to attack Satan and his strongholds. Other people just have their own purposes for it as in attacking the New World Order, the cell phone towers, the chemtrails and things like that.


Bill: I gotta ask you. This may just be totally off the wall here. Are you familiar with the movie Signs, with Mel Gibson?


Sherry: A long time ago.


Bill: I donít know if you remember when the aliens....they were always paranoid of the aliens. He comes home the one day and the kids have the aluminum foil on their heads and say that will protect them from the aliens. Are you familiar with that at all?


Sherry: I remember. Werenít they in the basement, hiding from the aliens who were attacking them in their house, trying to get in? Is that the one?


Bill: And they had the aluminum foil on their heads so the aliens couldnít see them or whatever.


Jim: That was a great movie.


Sherry: The aluminum foil. Some people believe that. If you use the Mylar material...like Mylar balloons. I have my windows covered in Mylar to keep their satellites attack out of my windows because they beam my house with those white plasma beams. Mylar will keep it from hitting your home. People believe that the aluminum will keep the ELF rays off your head. And it does help. I had a buddy from Australia send me a hat lined with Mylar blankets. So funny. Space blankets....itís that real thin aluminum. I donít know if it works, but they say it does, so...


Jim: You were saying something about satellites beams. When theyíre beaming these beams into peopleís homes, what are they trying to accomplish by doing that?


Sherry: Theyíre frying you. You just feel like youíre burning on the inside out.


Jim: Trying to make your home feel like the inside of a microwave, basically?


Sherry: It doesnít bother the home, it bothers you. If there is one crack of space in your window, they can get that beam through that crack and just target you. So you wake up in the morning....they usually get you while youíre in bed...while youíre sleeping, because they know exactly where you sleep and where to target.


Jim: That would make sense.


Sherry: You wake up and feel like youíre on fire; like you were in a tanning bed all night.


Jim: Wow. Let me ask you this. I donít know if you had a chance to catch our last show, but we had author Matthew Stein on the show. He wrote the book When Technology Fails. This whole month, we were trying to focus on survival-ism. In your opinion, based on survival-ism, so we would escape the FEMA camps and all that kindof stuff, would you consider the Orgone to be something as a survival tool?


Sherry: Absolutely. Iíve traveled the country two to three times now, just outlining whole areas and putting Orgone there as safety areas for people to run to. The aliens wonít go where the Orgone is, so those will be safety zones for people to run to.


Jim: Do you think....because we were also talking about something called the Bubba Effect. I donít know if you know about that, but from what weíve learned about the Bubba Effect, thatís basically where during martial law, people will develop their own communities which will be similar to gated communities where we will police our own streets, weíll govern our own towns and everything like that. When it comes down to alien invasions and so forth, do you think that type of protection that weíre going to create for ourselves will help us escape that kind of an attack?


Sherry: Well, if you could even form a community, livable during the times that are coming....


Jim: Right.


Sherry: Then, fine. But the Orgone will protect any area. Itís got a couple mile radius, depending on how much Orgone is in the area. As far as being able to build communities and survive during martial law....you know, unless you hide well. Youíre in deserts. Youíre in caves. You canít be out in the open where they can find you. The Lord is going to have His own pocket areas of protection where He will protect His people. The people that are there will have to live amongst themselves while all this is going on. Weíre heading into a time that people canít even imagine. People canít image a time when thereís no law. Thereís no justice. Everything is chaos. Itís anarchy. Youíre the bottom of the food chain. People are starving. Weíve got 10s of millions of Chinese here, hunting down Americans, throwing them into these FEMA camps. Theyíre not going to be out there living a farmer Joe style. Thatís over at this time. Itís mere survival, which means you have to hide.


Bill: The whole FEMA camp thing is pretty scary. Weíve actually done a little bit more research into that. Thatís some pretty scary stuff. It makes you really wonder what the heck is really going on there are what are they planning on doing.


Sherry: The thing that floored me....I donít know if you listen to my radio show on Monday, or last Monday.


Jim: Yeah, I caught it.


Sherry: I warned about the Chinese holding all the mortgage notes. The last several months, Iíve mentioned it....Hey, thereís something with this, because the Lord keeps telling me there is something with this about the Chinese owning all our debt. Then Hal Turner posted that thing about how Hillary Clinton has been over there and made some kind of agreement with the Chinese about giving China eminent domain as collateral to our debts. Well this is the same thing that the Lord has been showing me. It was confirmation. My jaw just hit the floor, because I can tell you exactly where this is going. Iím always very timid about revealing what the Lord is reveals to me, because I want to hear confirmations first. Iím always out on a limb. People think Iím nuts as it is. But Iíve hit it 100% every time. This whole thing with states declaring sovereignty and all this because theyíre trying to defend themselves against China coming in......itís not going to work. Itís not going to work. China isnít exactly going to do what everybody fears. Theyíre going to come in and reclaim all the homes and businesses. Everything they own a note to. Most people get a mortgage loan and think theyíre paying off the bank. Well, the Chinese have bought all the mortgage notes. They own the notes. Thatís why the lawyers are telling you, if youíre being foreclosed on your house, make them bring the note to court to make it stand, because they canít do it because they donít have it. The Chinese have lists of every person that owes a mortgage that they own. What theyíre going to do is come in, go through these lists and have all these....itís going to be very organized. Theyíre going to have all the areas...what they own in every single area. Theyíre going to go and kick these people out of their homes. Only theyíre not going to tell them to leave. Theyíre going to cart them off to camps. Itís going to be ďpay what you owe now, or youíre coming with us.Ē Most people cannot fork over the thousands they owe on their mortgages. So theyíre going to be thinking....maybe theyíre going to go and speak to the bankers themselves or something. But these Chinese are here for one reason....thatís to destroy and kill Americans. So theyíre going to be carting them off to these FEMA camps.


Jim: Right.


Sherry: Thatís why Iím putting out the warning on my sites tonight. I started to do it yesterday, telling people, ďDo not go where these Chinese want you to go. Run. Just run!Ē  They donít want the property necessarily. They just want to kill Americans. Theyíre coming in. This is a Chinese war against America without ever even shooting a shot; without ever having to fire a bullet. Theyíre just going to take over what they own, and they own 95% of the home mortgage loans. So thatís going to cause a lot of chaos in country, if people realize what the Chinese are doing. Theyíll get away with it for a little while, before I think people will wake up.


Bill: Do you think thatís why Hillary made it such a priority to go over there as her first trip for humanitarian...I put ďhumanitarianĒ in quotations there as well.


Sherry: Iíve warned about her since 2001 when she wasnít even a senator, that she was very dominant in 2009 in last dayís prophecy, because sheís very powerful. Sheís got more power then Obama does. Sheís very high ranking there and going to be the one behind America going into martial law. She has signed this agreement with China, and she is also the one behind our economy being further annihilated. Economic annihilation and martial law are her two major agendas. Everything Iíve said about her is coming true. People just need to start. Make sure you have camping supplies, if you need to run. Make sure youíve got bullets to defend yourselves against these Chinese that are coming. Theyíre going to work in squads. Theyíre going to work in groups. Itís going to be ďpay up or dieĒ. I donít know if theyíre going to outright tell these people theyíre going to die, but theyíre going take them out of the house they own.


Bill: One thing I want to ask you on that survival line there. When we had our guest, Matthew Stein...I donít know if youíre familiar with him or able to listen to the show. He wrote this book When Technology Fails.


Sherry: I have his book.


Bill: Okay. Do you keep something like that....he has that grab it and run kit. Is that what he called it? Do you keep something like that in your home?


Jim: The grab and run kit.


Sherry: Grab bags. I have grab boxes. I have four kids. You donít grab anything and run. I have camping gear and stuff. Thatís one of the best things that ever happened to me. I often talk about it, like how did it ever happen. I was mad. I was homeless for about three or four month about two years ago. We ended up having to live in a campground. It ended up being on of the best things that ever happened to me. It got me prepared. Weíve got tents. Weíve got the silverware weíll need. You learn how to live in a campground; you can pretty much learn how to live on your own, without the benefits of being able to run to a store, though. I got all this stuff boxed up and ready to go. I can throw it in a truck. Iíve got it in boxes and stuff; the plastic ones. You know the ones Iím talking about. Iíve got MREís and those emergency water pouches. I remember buying cases of those years ago. Yeah, I probably wouldnít be able to do it as quickly as other people, but if I had to leave, I could. Iím prepared to where I know where things are and can get ready and go. You know what? How prepared are people going to be at 3 in the morning when youíve got a group of Chinese soldiers knocking on your door?


Bill: And theyíre probably not going to knock. You know what I mean?


Sherry: Yeah, like shoot first and ask questions later, because theyíre not coming for any good reason. If you see Chinese coming up your driveway, you better be prepared to defend yourself.


Bill: Theyíre not coming for tea. Thatís for sure.


Sherry: Thatís right. Theyíre not. And whatever lie they give, like we have to take you to the bank so you can readjust your mortgage or something. I donít know what kind of lies theyíre going to come up with, but these are the things that the Lord has been showing me for a while now. When He hits you with something, He hits you until you get it. Now Iím more confident in coming out with it because other people are finally seeing it. Thereís more confirmation. And whoís in the middle of it all? Hillary Clinton. That just floored me. Just floored me.


Jim: You had mentioned something earlier about staying away from places that the Chinese would want you to go. In your opinion, where do you think they want us to be? I mean, what would be the ideal place for us to be to make easy access for them?


Sherry: Theyíre going to catch you at home. They need you at home because theyíve got a list of everyone whose mortgage they own. Theyíre going to be going to all these addresses of the ones they own. The people that own their homes outright or donít have a Chinese owned mortgage will be okay. But face it, they own all of them. Theyíve pretty have much taken care of all the mortgage debt of our country. Iíll say they own 95% and maybe thatís because there is 5% out there that somehow slipped through the cracks. You can only hope and pray, you know? But most people owe the Chinese.


Jim: It sure is...seriously, this is scary stuff.


Sherry: It is getting really bad. It is. And for it to happen...because Iíve seen it. And for it to start coming about and be...okay, this is the route weíre going down. There is no other route. This is the one. It just floors me.


Jim: Is there any way to kindof....go ahead Bill. Bill had something to say.


Bill: I just happened to watch a documentary. I donít know if it was on ABC or I donít remember which specific channel. They were going around New Mexico and Texas where all these people that have been forced out of their homes due to foreclosure or lost their jobs. They live in like these tent cities. Basically, we talked about this earlier, are you  familiar with the movie with Kevin Costner, where they had the government in each little city had their own government. Itís called the Mailman. Is that the movie was?


Jim: I think thatís what it was.

Bill: I donít know if youíre familiar with that. Basically they live in this area.  The land is owned by the government, but doesnít really cover it. Thereís no police or anything like that. So theyíve basically created their own government and how theyíre surviving. Itís amazing to see the things theyíve built up. Theyíve put plumbing out there. They brought in an irrigation system and are surviving off this land.  It was truly amazing to watch this. All these people that were down and out, as low as you could possibly get; like you said, with you being homeless. These people were down and out and they created this whole city. Now they have their own government, they police themselves. They have their own structure....council. I just wanted to get your opinion on something like that.


Sherry: It may work for now. Not the whole justice thing, unless our government was totally broken down. No oneís sovereign right now; were all subject to the government.


Bill: Right.


Sherry: Iíve heard on a blander note, probably....that these people are disappearing at night. Have you guys heard the same thing?


Jim: Um hmm.


Sherry: Because theyíre targeted and starting to become targets. When the Chinese are here.....their first plan was just to invade from our southern border. We put up an Orgone border and chased them all the way to Panama. Interesting that Panama is still showing up, but itís showing up with Obama. Heís still working with them. This whole thing isnít going away; theyíre just coming a different route. The mortgage route is the one theyíre going to use. Theyíre just going to come in and say, weíre taking back what they own. They were just going to invade from our southern border.


Jim: Speaking of the southern border, have you been reading about Arizona and the Phoenix areas? Got a high kidnapping and homicide rate. Murder rate.


Sherry: Yeah. Thatís terrible.


Jim: Would you like that to any of this possibly?


Sherry: Well thatís part of the crime that comes with illegal aliens. Theyíre coming over here for jobs and there are none. So what are they going to do now?


Bill: Theyíre not going to find much here.


Sherry: Theyíre getting desperate. They either go home or theyíre turning to crime. There are no jobs over here. We have the big fiasco in Texas, on the border down there.  When they start coming for people and rounding up. I just donít see people saying, ďWeíre going to form our own community. Weíre going to have our own townĒ. If you can do that and be hidden, fine.


Jim: Thatís what I think it would come down to. I think it would be a lot of people actually be able to escape it. You would have no choice but to team up because....


Sherry: What people can do...really...seriously is put up shower facilities in the forests.  You know like campgrounds? And put up shower facilities. That way thereís water and toilets and showers. Just having a place to go. They can live in their tents, but at least they have some hygiene.


Jim: I agree.


Sherry: I had thought about that a long time ago. I wanted to go and build a safe haven for the Lordís people. Everyone thought I was crazy and nuts. I got blasted all over the internet for that. You know? Because I wanted to build a safe haven for the Lordís people. It would have been campgrounds everywhere. Get a big...200 Ė 300 acres. Make circular areas so the campgrounds have shower facilities or whatever, for 30 families over here and 30 over there. You know what I mean?  Just something where people could come in. Most people are going to be on the run. Theyíre not going to have a whole lot of belongings and stuff with them. Most are going to be lucky to have a tent...to have a can opener. Stuff you donít think of when youíre running out the door. Especially guys. You guys donít think of a lot of stuff. Especially things women wouldnít think of. Then we think of stuff we wouldnít think of. Youíll need each other. But it is going to be very hard. Just knowing whatís coming with the Chinese. Iím speechless. Iím floored, because I thought ďokay, maybe this is just a routeĒ. And Heís actually telling me, ďNo this is whatís comingĒ. So just seeing whatís coming. I know about seven or eight years ago, I had a vision where I was taken by a group of Chinese soldiers over to a field and shot in the back of the head.  I was thinking, ďWhy are the Chinese in America?Ē This was eight years ago.


Christine: Yeah.


Sherry: So very interesting that now. And Iíve said on my radio show Monday night, the Lord just has the Chinese dominant on my heart today. And here, boom. Eminent domain. Itís paved the way for the whole thing to start happening.


Jim: I donít think itís a big secret. A lot of us know, even people that donít necessarily believe in conspiracies or Illuminati agendas. A lot of people I think already know that China pretty much does own America.


Sherry: I think all the stuff. If they were ever going to have a war on America, they would come blazing.


Jim: Yeah. Definitely.


Sherry: Not just walking in and saying, ďWe own your mortgageĒ. And our government standing by and allowing it to happen. Iíll tell you why our governments going to be. Theyíre going to run to NORAD. Theyíre going to be run to their caves in the rocks and dens. Their underground bases and their NORADís and whatever else they have in the mountains. Theyíre looking for a ďget out of D.C.Ē card. Obama needs one bad. He needs one fast. So he needs to get out of D.C. , get into a mountain cave somewhere away from orgoned areas because itís killing him. They need to act fast.


Jim: What do you think about this whole thing with Obama? He keeps saying the word ďcrisisĒ. Everythingís a crisis...crisis...crisis, in every speech he has.


Sherry: It is because when he tells you...when he looks at you and tells you that our economy is recovering, he knows itís sinking. This stimulus package was to put people to sleep, not help anybody. Theyíre trying to buy time, because they need to get their cards in order to get out of D.C. and hide.


Jim: That makes sense. You talk about people in D.C. building safe havens. What do you think the reason is that most of us as every day citizens....how come weíre not smart enough to try and do this on our own? Why is everyone just sitting around doing nothing?


Sherry: Well because they need our money to do what they have to do. We donít have money to do what we want to do. Theyíre taking America tax dollars for years and built their bunkers everywhere. Look at the big one they have in West Virginia for Congress. They have them everywhere. Meanwhile, weíre left with nothing to defend for ourselves. Thatís the whole bottom line; they want to kill off Americans. So why would they try and protect us when they want us to die? Itís going to be our battle just to survive.


Jim: What would be the real reason to kill off the people? I never really understood that.


Sherry: They want to return Earth to a Garden of Eden type atmosphere, which would mean the whole Illuminati plan of 500 million people being left on Earth, out of 6 and a half....7 billion. They only want 500 million left to act as Earth caretakers for the rich or whatever. They have their own dreamland thing planned.


Jim: Do you think its going to get to that point before the return of Jesus?


Sherry: Oh, it does, but not necessarily because of their plans. I mean, the Lord has His plans. The Day of the Lord is three and a half years. 42 months of nothing but one judgment after the next. Heís going to pound them into judgment. So nothing that theyíve planned is going to happen the way they thought it was. Theyíre already seeing that just with loosing Dulce. Losing their underground bases. Losing their UFOs now. Theyíre losing a lot. And a lot of their plans arenít happening the way they want it to. Theyíre in derision. Theyíre in chaos. Now theyíre just mixing and matching agendas. ďLetís not do this. Letís do this and thisĒ. Theoretically, Hillary should have probably been President, but now we have this Obama instead. Sheís Secretary of State; the most powerful one there. It doesnít really matter which position sheís holding. Sheís the most powerful.


Jim: Why didnít she become President? A lot of people predicted that she would be president. How come the sudden change? A lot of people that are conspiracy theorists said for sure that Hillary would be the one and they really threw us all for a loop.


Sherry: Yeah, I donít know. Maybe she decided that she wanted to be Secretary of State. I donít know. In 2001 when I started warning about Hillary, I would assume she was going to be President because she was the most powerful.


Jim: Right. A lot of us did.


Sherry: She is still the more powerful. She just doesnít have the title president. Sheís the Secretary of State. Sheís still up there. I donít know why he walked in. Probably because heís just a pawn. He can be incarnated by Satan. Heís practically been raised by the Communists and thatís the direction theyíve been heading into. This Socialist and Communist agenda they have.


Jim: What do you think about the nationalization of the banks that theyíre talking about?


Sherry: Weíre heading into a pre-Russia...the Russia of the 1980ís is where weíre heading. Everything is going to be Communist.....Communistic. Socialism is exactly what their agenda is. The government owning everything is how itís going to be. Even in Russia the government owned all the real estate. If they have time to step into that route where they own everything and tell you where you can live.


Jim: I think they want people to be behind on their mortgages. I think they want to purposefully bail these people out so they can own their properties.


Sherry: Well, I think thatís what it is. If people can outright pay something to own it outright; thatís what they need to be doing.


Christine: But you never own your property. You never own the land.


Sherry: You still owe taxes. Yeah, but the Chinese will pass your house up the day when they come to your area going through their list.


Christine: Yeah.


Sherry: Iím worried about the same things. Iím saying, ďLord, I just rent this house. Iíll be homeless again if I canít come up with the money to pay for it. Iím going to be in that mess all over again.Ē


Jim: So what is your prediction? How fast do you think this is all going to happen?


Sherry: Well, Iíve always said, its going to be a bathtub effect. When one thing starts, itís all going to go very quickly. It just doesnít look good. 2009, Iíve been warning is the year from Hell. It could happen very quickly. May....April. By the end of the year things are going to be drastically different. Itís got to start sooner or later.


Bill: For all our listeners out there, what do you recommend that they put in this grab box, as you call it? What would be the necessities for that?


Sherry: For the grab bags? You know what? Everything I think I think is a necessity couldnít fit in a bag. You need flint. You need shelter. You need medicine. You need food. You need water. You need utensils to be able to fix food. Clean water. I mean, the list is huge.


Christine: If you do go into hiding; you know, like people that have seizures or diabetic, whatís going to happen is you canít get your medicine anymore, because then theyíre going to find you?  


Sherry: I like the one guy who said it doesnít make sense to make a grab bag and plan on running when you should just stay where youíre at and plan on defending what you have, where youíre at, because you canít survive on the run.


Christine: No you canít.


Sherry: You run out of food. You run out of water. You run out of everything. Youíre better off just hunkering down and protecting and defending where your stuff is, where you live. I thought that was a good idea. Of getting together with other people and getting a cabin somewhere and getting it stocked and being able to live off the land. Some people are really brilliant with that.


Christine: Now that I could completely agree with. Getting a cabin and live off the land somewhere else. And taking as much as you can of canned goods there.

Sherry: And getting it ready. You need, like Jim and Bill said, you need other people.


Christine: Definitely you do.


Sherry: You canít stay awake 24 hours. You need to be able to sleep in shifts to protect what you have and things like that. Iím just at the point now where itís like, Lord protect us. I canít do it. I canít do everything I know I need to do and canít do it. I canít plan for the future when I have to work day to day on just the things Iím doing now, warning everybody. You know?  I work 18 hours a day as it is already. Iíd be the last one prepared to just get up and leave. I never felt I would. I would just go down with the ship. Telling other people what to do...everybody just has to listen to the Lord. I just give up and say, ďLord, I canít do it. Youíre going to have to take care of it for meĒ.


Christine: Iím with you on that one. I think God will protect me.


Sherry: Yeah, and you know what? There are people that have seen Chinese walking down their roads and just walking right by their houses because the Lord made them invisible. The Lord has made me invisible, so I know He does it. When I went to Los Alamos, the most secured facility in the world, mind you, I just drove through the back of it. They just never say us. I know the Lord can make you invisible.


Christine: Yes, He can. He can do anything.


Bill: Iíd like to ask you a question. I was actually talking to somebody that heís not really a big believer in Christianity or God or anything like that, but he had mentioned that the government uses religion as a form of control.


Sherry: They do.


Jim: Meaning that the whole world to Christianity is to not fear but to have faith and basically the way some people take that is they take that as a way of just sitting back and just letting happens whatever happens and not doing anything back because theyíre figuring...if I just sit here, whatever they do to me, God is going to come and take me anyhow.


Sherry: Go into complacency and be totally apathetic and do nothing. Or Romans 13 everybody to death and have them listening to and obeying their evil government.


Jim: What do we tell people to do in this particular case? I mean, do people just sit back and think okay...well Iím not going to do anything. They can barge in my door and do whatever they want to me but I know God is going to come and take me because thatís what theyíve said. Or do we seriously try to escape and fight back. Whatís the right thing to do here?


Sherry: I think we have to prepare and do what He leads you to do. All you can do is your best. Itís better than doing nothing. I canít stand a couch pew Christian or a couch potato Christian. I just canít stand these people because even the ants prepare for the winter. The Lordís people need to prepare for the last days. They have this apathetic attitude, ďthe Lord will take care of meĒ. Well youíre going to be saying that all the way to a FEMA camp. The way I look at it; if I go to a FEMA camp, itís His will. Thatís what He wants, because Iíve done everything.


Jim: Would you go there willingly, or would you honestly try to escape it?


Sherry: I would be shooting Chinese on my way there.


(Everyone laughs)


Sherry: I mean, Iím not Annie Oakley or anything, but if they come here at 3 oíclock in the morning, Iíll be up. Iím hardly ever in bed at 3...


Jim: So should we stay away from Chinese restaurants? Thatís what I need to know.


Sherry: I like Chinese food.


Christine: Me too.


Jim: That was just a joke.


Sherry: I like Chinese food. I couldnít handle if for breakfast, but...yeah. People just need to be aware and do what He leads.  You know what? It all comes down to Him. Like Heís telling people, get away from the coasts. We need to get away from the coasts then. The oceans are rising; cities are going to be sinking. Weíre going to see tens of millions of people die just from cities falling into the ocean. So Heís leading those people out. Itís always just listening to Him. I talk that you need to be out in the country somewhere where itís safe and Iím stuck in the middle of town. Off Main Street practically.


Christine: Oh yeah. Iíd probably be a little more scared living out in the country than I would in the city.


Sherry: I thought it was kindof funny. For years Iíve been under 24/7 surveillance.


Jim: How did you discover that you were under surveillance?


Sherry: Iíve seen them. Iíve heard them. Itís the Lord showing me who they are. I have no fear of them. Iím just so used to it.


Bill: Do you think thatís then pawning off...you know how they have at the intersections the cameras there. You see more and more cameras popping up.


Sherry: We donít have any here that you can see, but I imagine theyíre up in the trees. I live in a two-horse town. You canít get by with that type of thing. But they donít follow you in their cars. They can sit there and follow you....I can drive 30 miles away to where the nearest Wal-Mart is or whatever, and they can just watch me on tree cameras or the satellites or whatever. Itís not television. Itís not Hollywood surveillance. They donít have to leave wherever theyíre at just to watch everywhere you go in town.


Christine: You know what I just saw two weeks ago? One of those white utility vans. All white like you see in the videos with the FEMA camps.


Sherry: Most of the people Iíve seen look like bikers; like they rolled out of a Harley bar. Most of them work for the government. Itís scary because these guys are gross looking. Theyíre CIA. Those are the ones that work for the intelligence agencies. This isnít Hollywood. They donít wear suits and ties.


Christine: No they didnít. They had on a black shirt. Thatís all I could see. I looked in. It was next to me and I looked over. I was like, Oh My god; I saw this on You Tube.


Sherry: Iíve seen a Homeland Security van out here every once in a while getting gas. Go through a McDonalds drive thru and get some gas.


Christine: I was trying to think, where are they going or where are they coming from. They had out of state plates from Michigan.


Sherry: I see a lot of Illinois here working on lines; like utility lines.  Stuff like that.


Christine: Oh. Tapping the phone.


Bill: Iíve always thought that too. Iíve gone by these trucks and youíll see them in your neighborhood. Itíll say some generic name on the truck; like South Shore Cable Co. and itís obviously theyíre having access to the infrastructure lines...telephone lines, electric lines and who knows who these people are.  Nobody ever checks them. It just seems like they have their will. It just makes you think they could tap into what it is youíre doing, what you have. Thatís scary.


Sherry: They can. Every house that Iíve lived in; the water lines have been redone.


Bill: Mine too.


Sherry: Thereís been new pipes put in. That reminded me of the T-valve things where they can just specifically target your house with T-valves. Thereís always roadwork done in every house Iíve been in. I get used to it. I donít think anything of it, but other people kindof freak out. ďOh, theyíre spying on me. Theyíre here.Ē They target all of the true threats. The people sitting in the churches today arenít a threat to them. Itís the ones who are outside the box. The ones who are preparing for the things that are coming. They are a threat to them.


Bill: So somebody out there thatís listening may watch a movie like Enemy of the State with Wil Smith, where the politician gets killed and he gets the videotape. How theyíre able to track people. Do you think that technology truly exists? Can the government track down somebody that fast and find out where theyíre at and follow them around?


Sherry: Oh yeah. If I was on the run, the first thing I would do is pitch my cell phone and everything thatís on me thatís electronic. Itís all chip implanted. I like that. I wanted that iron cage that computer was in.


Bill: so youíd want to be Gene Hackman? Right?


Sherry: I just want a cage.


Bill: Exactly. Live somewhere outside the grid.


Jim: Part of Obamaís stimulus is going to the upgrade of broadband services. So do you think that is a way of just connecting information lines to more peopleís homes?


Sherry: No. No. You know what? Thereís this community in Briton that was outraged by the wireless and were trying to ban it from their area. They even noticed with wireless connections, they started getting ELFed. Thatís what I was suffering from for years; being ELFed through my computer monitor. Where they can beam these ELF waves through the computer monitor at you. You feel dizzy. You feel like your drunk. Youíre on drugs. You get dehydrated. You have migraine headaches. You donít know where this is coming from. And here they are targeting you through your computer monitor. Itís all through wi-fi connections. There was this whole community in Europe who wanted to ban the wi-fi. They wanted it out of their area.


Jim: What can we do to have people learn this for themselves? A lot of people....if you tell this to regular people off the streets, theyíre like, ďthe reason why you get dizzy in front of the computer is because you sit in front of it too long.Ē I hear stuff like that all the time.


Sherry: I put Orgone in front of the monitor and it stopped it.


Jim: How do we show people? Is there any type of proof out there?


Sherry: You canít. How can you make people believe in aliens? Most people would have to have one land on their head. They would have to land on their head before they believe they exist. They have to see a UFO themselves, which isnít too hard. Just go outside and stare at a star for a while. Eventually itís going to move. Most of the stars that are 33 degrees above horizon are UFO starships. Theyíre not stars; theyíre starships. And they move around into position. I donít know how many people that Iíve heard from that even lately go outside and look up and stare at the stars for a while and finally seen them move. Realizing they arenít stars. A lot of them are. When you look at the constellations and see how high up those star constellations are, then you know the ones that are a lot lower are just starships, and not real stars. It just takes awareness. Itís looking. Paying attention. Becoming aware. People donít want to hear this stuff.


Christine: Have you ever seen a UFO?


Sherry: I see them all the time. When I was at the campground I crashed one. I had orgoned the place. Huge fireball and crash over our campground. It was all over Ohioís news at the time. It was really funny. And thatís when I first started noticing that they were bringing down the UFOs. I had never even read Wilhelm Reichís stuff where he had said they bring down UFOs. I had never even read his material. I just started witnessing it myself. When I saw it on his page at Wikipedia, I was like, ďWow!Ē


Christine: The aliens...are they friendly? Or are they...


Sherry: No. They play good cop, bad cop scenarios. ďWeíre the good aliens, weíre the bad aliens.Ē


Christine: Just like normal human beings on Earth.


Sherry: Theyíre fallen angels. They were kicked out of Heaven. There are only two types of beings; celestial and terrestrial. If youíre celestial, youíd be in Heaven with the Father. But these are terrestrial beings. Theyíve been kicked out of Heaven. Where theyíve made their homes is under our Earth, in our planets, in our stars. Anything hollow they live in. They travel by UFOs; by these machines. Everyoneís seen them. Different variations and structures of them. There are different factions of them. There are different groups. Theyíre very divided; almost like our own world, where we have different nations and races. Thatís how theyíre divided up.


Jim: Since the government knows these things exist, why do you think theyíre hiding it from us? What would be the reason to hide alien existence from American people?


Sherry: Well the reason they were supposed to hide...they made treaties with them, because the aliens are abducting humans for experiments, breeding and also eating them. The government promised them they would hide their existence; refuse to acknowledge their existence in exchange for technology. So thatís just part of their agreement. They would deny their existence. They work in cahoots with them. I mean, look at all the underground bases they have with them.


Jim: So were they all part of Earth at one point in time. Did they actually live on Earth?


Sherry: Youíre looking at Luciferís rebellion, when he rebelled against the Lord.


Jim: Gotcha.


Sherry: And youíre looking at the Watchers rebellion. All the angels that decided to leave Heaven and come to Earth to procreate with human women. That was a separate rebellion. Even the rebellions after Noah. People say all that was destroyed by the flood. Genesis 6:4 says they fell before the flood and after. Even today, angels can fall. They can leave Heaven.

Once they leave Heaven, they no longer are celestial beings; they become terrestrial. They live in the atmosphere.


Christine: I donít understand why they would want to leave Heaven to come here.


Sherry: I know. I spent my whole life waiting to get there...


Christine: Yeah! Iím not afraid of death. I know a lot of people that say, ďI donít want to die. Iím afraid of death.Ē  Iím not afraid.


Sherry: Iím not afraid to die either. They were tempted. They were here looking at women. They looked nice and the fiasco started. Angels have free will just like we do. The Lord doesnít force anybody to stay with Him, or worship Him, or follow Him. You do so because you love Him and you want to.


Christine: Right. Definitely.


Sherry: So they just left; as crazy as it sounds to us.


Bill: How do your listeners take on to this? What do most of your listeners commenting? What are they saying about this?


Sherry: About what?


Bill: Do they understand the whole point of what the agenda is? Or are they pretty much still searching for answers?


Sherry: My listeners pretty much are so way ahead above most people. Most people once they start listening to my show become a listener over the years... or they leave the show for a while and come back. The way I look at it, youíre going to get the most truth out of my show other than searching around for people that have different agendas. I donít have an agenda. Iím not ratting out the French to make the Italians look good or whatever. Know what I mean? I donít have an agenda on Earth. Iím just here as the Lords mouthpiece to wake up people. I expose everything. And whatever the Lord wants me to say, I say. I think thatís why my listeners are so....theyíre going to more ready for everything that comes because I never stick to one thing. I prepare the routes that they can take. Weíll never know exactly what theyíre going to do until they do it. So I prepare everybody for the different routes that can be taken. So I just go with what the Lord shows me and leads me. This whole thing with the Chinese was just very flooring to me because I know...Iíve always said, ďBanks, bombs, beasts.Ē Now that our banks are faltering, the next thing is going to be bombs and beasts. The beasts are really terrifying. Just the Chinese coming; I think what these Chinese....we donít even know if these are the cloned ones or the real Chinese. Theyíve got the largest cloning facility in the world, outside Beijing. What makes us think that they canít just send their clones over to chase people out of their houses? What happens is the aliens are so coward. They donít want to die. Theyíre afraid to die because they know they go into immediate judgment when they do. They know what awaits them. Theyíre going to bring in these Chinese to make us empty our bullets on them.  


Jim: I did notice during the Olympics, the Chinese seem pretty robotic.


Sherry: You know what? Its like are we dealing with humans or this chip implanted clone things. We donít even know yet.


Bill: Their whole culture is like that. They have no emotion. Itís black and white.


Sherry: A clone doesnít have a soul. When you look in their eyes, thereís nothing home. Theyíre operated by demons and chip implants. So I think its going to be very terrifying in America for people because if theyíre emotionless, think of the terror they can cause and it doesnít bother them.


Bill: Interesting.


Sherry: So all the Patriots and the good people of this country are trying to defend themselves and their families and thatís what the aliens are standing back waiting for. For us to empty our bullets, so we donít have any bullets left. Then theyíll come.


Jim: What would be your final words to people out there in regards to the whole Chinese invasion?


Sherry: Just prepare. I see all the terror thatís coming. People just need to get with the Lord so that they can hear Him. Itís not time to be on the fence or backslidden. Itís time to get with Him so that He can lead and guide His people. He will protect His own. He can make you invisible. He can make them miss you and not see you. Never shortchange what He can do and never discount what He can do. I know we try to think of everything we need to do; we always come up short. I canít do it all. You just throw your hands up in the air and say, ďIíll do what I can, but Iím leaving the rest in the Lords hands.Ē Thatís what people need to do.


Jim: I definitely agree with you on that. Weíre getting pretty close here to the end of our show. One thing I wanted to ask you. As we were taking a look at your site, we noticed that you were on a show called Strange Frequencies. How did that go?


Sherry: It was interesting. I had a really good time. They were nice. Probably a little bit more cynical, but it was a good show. I enjoyed it.


Christine: Did any of them believe in it after you got off talking to them?


Sherry: I donít know. I thought the whole thing was very good. A little bit more cynical. Just like doing the Daniel Ott show. You know how he is.


Christine: Right.


Sherry: He can agree with everything you say, but still play the cynical guy. I love Daniel Ott.


Jim: Heís a great guy. He has a really great show. Excellent.


Sherry: I would do their show again. There are only two people in the world shows I would never do again. Anybody else, I would always go back on their shows.


Christine: Who are those people, if you donít mind?


Sherry: X-Zone radio out of Canada and Jeff Rense.


Christine: Why?


Sherry: Theyíre agenda players. Theyíre pawns. I could go on and on and on, but I wouldnít even waste my time on those shows.


Christine: So you get vibes from people when theyíre no good?


Sherry: Whatís that?


Christine: You get the vibes when you talk to people if theyíre no good?


Sherry: Yeah, well the Jeff Rense show was so rude. He was just so rude. You donít have to agree with everything Iím saying, but at least agree to disagree. Itís just like, I donít agree with everything everybody says. The Strange Frequencies guy said he disagreed with what I said. I said, ďThatís fineĒ. I can agree to disagree. You donít have to be rude and obnoxious just because of what your guest says. Thatís how X-Zone was and thatís how Rense was. So....


Christine: I think everybody should have an open mind and take what people say. Either you agree with it, you learn something from it or you totally disagree.


Sherry: You know whatís even funnier? Years later, now whoís got alien and UFO stuff on his website? Jeff Rense. Years ago when I did his show, his biggest beef against me was the Bible codes, aliens and UFOs. Now look whoís got it on his website.


Jim: Yeah, thatís crazy.


Christine: Well, I guess heís got to go with whatís going on, huh?


Sherry: Yeah, itís like whereís the apologies.


(Everyone laughs)


Christine: Youíll never get one.


Sherry: Iím not so crazy, am I?


Jim: What do you have coming up on Monday?


Sherry: Monday, at this point...I never plan anything, but wait until the Lord reveals it. Probably very heavily warning people about the Chinese again. Because trust me, its coming. As much as He is hitting me with this, we are going to have a problem with the Chinese in America.


Jim: I want to encourage everybody to check out your show. Sherryshriner.com on Monday. You want to tell us the time?


Sherry: They can go to sherrytalkradio.com. Itís at 8 oíclock eastern time.


Jim: Weíll definitely encourage people to check it out. I think the whole thing is interesting. I havenít really heard much about the whole Chinese agenda until you mentioned it, really.


Sherry: You can go to Hal Turner. His blog. Do you know where it is?


Jim: Yeah.


Sherry: He was the one who posted it and I was just floored. I was like; did you listen to my show Monday? Because there days later he posted this thing on China. I was floored. It always helps to have independent confirmation. People that donít know you, that post stuff that confirm what youíre saying. Very wild to see because I can see where itís heading. Itís going to be terrifying for America. 


Jim: Well Sherry, itís always been a pleasure. We really, really do appreciate it and hope to do it again. Any final thoughts for the people?


Sherry: You know what? Just get right with the Lord. Thatís all I can encourage people to do.


Christine: Hallelujah.


Sherry: Itís not time to be on the fence. Itís not time to be backslidden. Itís not time to not like Him. Just get right with Him.


Jim: Thanks again for joining us tonight. You enjoy your night, and thanks again for being on The Extreme Society Show. We hope to be in touch again soon.


Sherry: Okay, thank you for having me on.


Christine: Bye Sherry.


Bill: Bye Sherry.