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Sherry Talk Radio

January 11, 2010

Transcribed by Liz Patton

Whatís up Ahead? An Asteroid, Comet and ZombiesÖ

Okay this is almost amusing. Welcome to the show everybody. Everything is messed up. Something is happening with all my stuff. So Iíll just start the show and really irritate them.

This is Sherry Talk Radio. If you have questions for the show, you can send them to Tonight is Monday night, January 11, 2010. Sorry about the crazy beginning, but I donít know whatís going on with all this stuff. It seemed to be fine and now itís not. Thatís alright, we can manage without my usual introduction to wake everybody up and let them know Iím coming on the air.

If you have questions, like I said, you can send them to If you had some last week, you can resend them in. Sometimes what happens is after the show Iíll just go through emails, answer the questions that were sent in and send them back to people. So I donít always get to them the next week because Iíve already answered after the show the previous week.

A couple of things I wanted to talk about tonight. I sent out to my lists and posted on my blog at some of the events weíre going to have coming up this year. I talked about it last week. Just some of the stuff the direction of Most High has put me in for this year. A lot more intense. I think last year, as HE said, was just a year of destroying the old ways to bring in the new and basically Satan implementing his kingdom here on Earth. He has all his players in place. The script is going ahead. The characters are in place. Itís almost like reading a play; especially when you get into the Bible Codes and see the same terminology being used. Itís quite amusing. I think this could be a very intense year or what we saw last year; just a bunch of delays. Last year was one huge delay after the next. We could have that again this year, or this year we could just see everything happening at once that should have happened last year and things planned to happen this year. And everything happening at once. So we just need to be ready, because we never know whatís coming and when.

We can know what the Lordís plans are, because they donít change. Satanís plans change because heís in pure derision all the time because of Yahís warriors on Earth battling against him. The one thing we can count on is that the Lordís judgments and His plans are never going to change.

One of the things that rings in my ears is the message that He gave me on January 1st. Of course, we know that the real new year started back like in October, but HE accommodates me because our New Year is January. So we have this thing every year where HE just gives me a message for the year even though itís already a couple of months along at that time. One of the things that keeps ringing is what HE said when He saidÖhow exactly did He word it? Iím trying to think of exactly how He worded it, but that His hand is on their destruction. A lot of people might be thinking, ďWell He is talking about Satanís destruction.Ē  When HE said that His hand is on their destruction, HE was talking about His own people. Those who call Him by His NameÖnot His Real Name. Most of the churchdom crowd calls Him by Jesus, which is not His Real Name. His Real Name is Yahushua. The Fatherís Name is Yahuah. But most of the people that call themselves His and think they are His are going to find themselves being destroyed under His hand of judgment. Their destruction is by His Hand.

His Hand is on their destruction. One of the things that HE brought to my mind the other day going back and looking at all these vaccinations; like willful little sheep, all these believers not waiting to hear His voice and His urgings not to get these vaccines, going ahead full steam, getting in line like the good little sheeple that they are, and getting Satanís beast chip put into them, because his beast chip is in all of these vaccines; these flu shots.

One of the things HE was leading me into was that by deception Satan deceives the world. Satan is going to destroy a lot of people and kill a lot of people, but it is also being used by the Most High in that it certainly weeds out those who can hear Him and those who canít. The Lord said, ďMy people hear My voice. I know them and they know Me.Ē  A lot of us are not hearing an audible voice, but can recognize when He speaks to our hearts, our spirits; when HE is speaking and urging us to do something, when HE is putting the brakes on something. You learn as you grow in your relationship with Him; Recognize His voice and how HE is speaking to you. There are millions that canít and wonít learn. Wonít develop that kind of relationship to develop with Him. He is the Door, knock on Him. Most people think that requires going to church every Sunday (sun-god day) listening to pastors who donít know their feet from their heads. So they never really grow in their relationship with Him. I had to leave the church to learn how to develop a relationship with the Most High. And thatís how He has done with many, many of His people.

Anyway, what I was being led to is the fact that a lot of these people are going to die, but Satan wonít get their souls. He can claim their bodies. He can kill them, but he canít claim their souls. So his targeting of the Bride, the Lordís believers, is definitely on and heís going to kill millions. But he canít get their souls unless they renounce the Most High. He can deceive them. He can sneak poisons in their food. They can eat GMO contaminated products that do some kind of DNA switching and everything else. People are going to die slow torturous deaths. Theyíre going to be in a lot of pain and suffering, but Satan canít claim their souls unless they renounce the Most High.

And face it; a lot of the believers today are just ignorant. They are just stupid. The Lord takes that in to account. HE doesnít put it into words I do. I have my own way of describing things the best I can from the way HE shows me things. I get irritated. I just get aggravated today with churchdom today and sheepdom. You just get so aggravated. Our common enemy is Satan and all they want to do is fight against me all the time. Itís like, get a real fight. Youíre not going to get anywhere with me. Youíre not going to knock me down. Youíre not going to hurt my feelings. Youíre not going to make me stop. Get a real fight, you know? And thatís something that really aggravates the Most High. And thatís something I donít engage in is fighting with the brethren. When the brethren fight amongst themselves nothing gets accomplished. Theyíre not doing anything.

Iím busy accomplishing everything I can for the Lord in these last days. Weíve got our Orgone war going on and we are destroying them with this. This is our assignment. Itís our mission. A lot of people have woken up to that fact. The Lord has led them into this. Weíre working as a team all the way around the world. Iíve never met any of these peopleÖmaybe one or two. We have the Lord as our common denominator. HE can speak to all of us and lead us into this war and what we need to be doing. Weíve just been working as a team; a global team. Yahís warriors tearing down Satanís strongholds.  You know, not everybody has the same calling, but whatever your calling is, thatís what you need to be busy doing. I can guarantee you; the calling is not for you to aggravate me 24/7, blast me all over the internet and everything else. Itís a waste of time and it really angers the Most High. I just leave my enemies in His hands and move onÖkeep going, because time is so short.

This year 2010 could be a yearÖRemember last summer when I warned about July? The last 10 days of July from July 21st through August 1st. Those dates were always coming up for all this stuff and it was the same time our military was acting weird and doing all this strange stuff. Weíre going to have that coming up again this year, because July is dominant again. Those last 10 days in July. And May is always a dominant month. May, June and July always seem to be dominant months for Satanís agenda. So we need to be watching for that.

Also even if we go by a rushed and accelerated time table because things were delayed last year and some things are accelerated this year, we could be looking at an asteroid and comet hitting the Earth within the same year. I did some Bible Codes trying to figure out this asteroid, because the asteroid will hit first. I do believe thatís the one that hits the Atlantic. I donít have a Bible Code saying thatís the one that hits the Atlantic. It could go and hit the great Salt Sea for all I know, but I do believe itís the one that hits the Atlantic for some reason. So usually my some reasons or whatever, end up being right to begin with and so Iím going to go with that; it is the rock from space thatís going to hit the Atlantic.

Face it; our government has been looking for it every year since 2001. Probably earlier than that, but thatís when I caught on to it. Noticing they were always pulling the Navy ships off the coast. They start this every year around May or June. They pull everything off the coastlines in anticipation of something. If you read their own writings, they expect something to hit the Atlantic from space, which is why the Queen bought up all that land in Colorado. She owns the land that the Denver Airport is on, so that if there was some kind of a warning, she and the royals could escape to Colorado, because Europe would certainly be destroyed. It stands to reason that our entire East Coast would be destroyed, and perhaps that is so, but I really donít think itís time for the destruction of New York City yet. Maybe the outer island, Long Island would be a threat to go under. But at the same time, what I am studying in the codes as much, I still see the Japanese being affected. So it could hit the Pacific instead. So here instead of the asteroid hitting the Atlantic Ocean, weíve got it hitting the Pacific Ocean. And if it does, it would certainly take down Japan. The entire island would go under. I see quick death in Japan for some reason. I donít know if itís a plague or they suddenly go under from tsunamis; from the waves from the asteroid hitting the Pacific. Or if itís something else that takes out Japan, I donít know. I warned about Japan years ago. That still stands today. That would also certainly take out a huge chunk of our West Coast if it hit the Pacific. Iím almost inclined to believe it would hit the Pacific, because weíre just not ready for the destruction of New York City. At the same time because New York City is destroyed by fire. Itís not destroyed by water but by fire. Revelation chapter 18.

Another thing, also with Europe, everybody especially the church crowds are always after Prince Charles to be the Antichrist. The Lord has never took me there. The Lord has never had me saying Prince Charles is the Antichrist or Prince Harry or Prince William. Iíve never even been led into that area. Which tends for me to believe itís because theyíre not around. Theyíre not going to be around. So thatís another avenue. We can see what happens. If it hits the Pacific Ocean whatís going to happen. If its hits the Atlantic Ocean you can see whatís going to happen. So weíre not going to know what happens until it actually hits. Interesting. And of course weíre not going to know until it does and by thenÖitís like whatever. And Iím not trying to be right on where it hits. I just want people to be prepared! Iím not here to be right. Iím here to wake up and prepare people for whatís coming. Thatís why I look always look at all the various routes and avenues so that you can be prepared either way. If it hits west. If it hits east.

People ask me what the safest parts of the country are to go to. Iíve said it before. Head to the Ozarks. Ozark Mountains. Highest in this country is the Ozarks. I think itís safer than Colorado. Youíd want to go from central to northwest Ozarks, because if the Missouri river was to expand. And a lot of people think thatís going to happen. A huge earthquake and the Missouri River would expand all the way down into the Gulf of Mexico, so you wouldnít want to be the northeast corner of Arkansas, because the Missouri River runs right by there. You would want to be in central and also the southern border of Missouri, kindof that whole area there between north Arkansas and southern Missouri. That was one of the first trips I ever went on, establishing safe havens for the Lords people in ways I didnít expect. I always assumed I would be establishing literal habitations for them, but what the Lord had me doing was putting our Orgone in various areas throughout that entire area so that the Lords people would be safe there. Itís definitely an orgoned area. There are warriors out there that have been orgoning the area for a while now, so itís someplace you would want to head.

The asteroid hits and then I believe probably in October a comet hitting. I think they're both related in some way.

I know I was going to talk about zombies this week. You know what? The Lord is just not revealing much. [laughs] Iíve been trying to dig and find info. HE knows when Iím doing that. Then HE kindof puts the brakes on and doesnít show me a whole lot. It was coming up before and what He does is Ė HE gives me bits and pieces at a time of anything. HE never just spills the beans on just one thing all at once at anytime. So I get bits and pieces of info here and there and here and there and finally put it all together and thatís what HE is doing with this whole zombie thing. This zombie thing is going to come later. Itís going to come later. Itís not something thatís going to happen next month. We have some time for this whole Ďzombiesí. I know that Hollywood has been trying to condition people for it. What I can findÖthe only thing I can peg on zombiesÖyou knowÖI donít know how they come about. From the vaccines, perhaps? Its people dying and then demonic beings reanimating their bodies and bringing them back to life. So you no longer have the human soul in that body, itís just a demonic being. The way to kill it is to chop off its head. If you shoot it, itís just going to come back to life. You have to cut off its head. The Bible Codes calls them ďrisersĒ because basically what it is is they just rise from the dead. Iím trying to figure out what causes the whole thing to begin with; what causes a person to become a zombie. The closest thing I am getting to the cause is they eat something. Theyíve digested something. Theyíve consumed something. Sometimes youíll see ďbariumĒ which is something in the chemtrails that poisons people and causes them to die. Then these demonic beings reanimate their bodies and bring them back to life. I donít know whatís going on with it. I havenít been able to peg it yet, but I can see it that itís some kind of poison. Some kind of digestion and consumption that causes people to die. They're reanimated by demons. One of the things I can tell you about when this will occur (and this is how far down the road it is) because in the same code as zombies youíll see that the Lords judgment of boils is on people. Boils is one of the first bowl judgments. I believe itís the first one. In Revelation chapter 16 you can read about the bowl judgments from the Lord. These bowl judgments happen after the Antichrist and the False Prophet are on the Earth and theyíre bribing people to join Satanís kingdom on Earth by taking his name, number or symbol in or on their right hand or forehead. Itís these people that do that end up getting these boils all over their bodies. Itís a boils judgment from the Most High. This seems to be in the same timeframe areas as zombies. That one is down the road. Itís not going to be in 2010, but itís a heads up for people. Oh yeah, our years get better [laughs] we have so much more to look forward to year after year.

These are the Lords judgments on people, so if you are one of the Lords, you donít need to fear His judgment on people. You donít have His judgment. You have His mercy, His grace, His salvation, His redemption. We donít need to fear His judgments on mankind. What people need to fear now is their own ignorance. Their own ignorance! Theyíre not listening, and they are going out and getting vaccines and shots and chip implanted. And itís these chips, the beast chips that are in everything, that are going to kill them. And the Lord is going to allow it. His destruction is by His hand. Their destruction is by His hand.  So He is allowing it. He is allowing it, because theyíre not listening. Thatís definitely still coming up.

And at the same time weíve got an asteroid coming. Weíve got Shema on fire. Iíve told you; you can go outside now, look up in the sky and see this yellow-orange star in the sky. Shema is some kind of a planet. Itís Satanís palace in the sky. Iíve told you everything is hollowed out and they live in the insides of all these things. We have starships in our atmosphere that are turning yellow-ish and they crash and fall. Once they turn yellow, theyíre on fire out there in the atmosphere. The Orgone that we make; that I make on my website at emits a specific energy and puts a specific ether energy in the air. Itís this ether energy that is poison to alien and demonic beings. They donít like it. Just as its doing its work now, itís been causing UFOs to crash for 2 Ė 3 years now. Really noticeable in 2009 with all the UFOs crashing and everybody calling them meteors, because they donít know what else to call them and donít want to tell people what they are. Not itís got Shema on fire. Shema caught on fire in October, so this must be a really huge place. If this thing has been burning for three months and the Lord said itís hanging by a thread, because He is allowing it tom but itís still hanging. It must be a really big place to be on fire for this long and still not crash. Now weíve seen bits and pieces of it falling to the earth. I donít doubt for a minute that some of these meteors that have been falling to the Earth are just chunks of Shema falling off of it and itís been of fire since October. Eventually this thing is going to fall. Iíve pegged that in the codes as being the asteroid that falls. 

Shortly after that, I think in October, weíll have a comet fall and hit the Great Lakes. Now why do I think itís the Great Lakes? About 4 or 5 years ago, and this is the only reason. I donít have a thus saith the Lord where this comet is going to hit. I can hit somewhere else. It can hit the in the Mediterranean for all we know. I had a vision about 5 years ago and I saw Chicago going underneath the water. It could have been anything that caused Chicago to go underneath the water. It could have been an earthquake or it could have been tsunamis. All I see is Chicago going under the water and waves coming up over Chicago. Then weíve got this comet and thatís exactly where itís headed. I think itís headed into one of the Great Lakes. I think itís headed into Lake Michigan. And I think itís going to affect Erie. I was about 30 miles off of Lake Erie out in a suburb of Ohio many years ago. I used to sit on my front porch and used to see water just coming towards me. Water. Water. Huge. Must have been a hundred miles high. A hundred feet, a hundred miles. I would just sit on my porch and see this huge wave coming. I no longer live there. I moved way south, away from the water, away from Lake Erie. If a comet hit in Lake Huron or Lake Michigan, it would definitely effect Erie; not only taking out Chicago at that point, but the huge metropolitan areas of Ohio from east to west. Weíre talking Cleveland, Sandusky, Toledo. Within 30 miles from one end of the state to the other, we are talking millions of people, because thatís where the heaviest metropolis areas are. At the northern part of the state and the southern part of the state down by Cincinnati. I donít think they have too much to fear from the Ohio River down there; but in the northern part of the state, if Lake Erie were to come 30 miles inland, just taking out millions of people. that would be a devastating hit.  Definitely be a devastating hit with a comet hitting the Great Lakes.

We are looking at the loss of our East Coast, our West Coast and I told you why I donít think New York is going to be affected by it. So if it does hit the Atlantic, perhaps it would be so far up north that it would just effect the European countries and possibly our state of Maine serving as a buffer so that other areas of our country are protected on the East Coast. Like I said, the Bible talks about New York City being destroyed by fire and not by water. Then in that instance, just hitting on the West Coast instead and taking out California. If you live in California or in one of those coastal states out west, if the Lord is urging you to leave your area, you might want to be listening to Him. Because pretty much this asteroid hitting is probably the next thing on our agenda other than just a continuation of what Obama is doing now in killing everybody, infecting everybody as much as he can with these poisonous vaccinations.

Weíve got the vaccinations. Weíve got plagues coming. I see leprosy coming. A leprosy plague coming. So weíve got plagues coming. Weíve got the pale horse riding. The black horse riding, which is famine. Then everybody is hiding in the rocks and the mountains because they know the asteroid is coming. They arenít going to tell people; especially in America. Most countries have made preparations to protect their people in times of an asteroid or comet hitting the Earth. They have underground shelters and stuff for their citizens to hide in. Not in America. No, no, not in America. In America they take American taxpayers money (billions of it) and the politicians build themselves Disneylandís and hideouts under the Earth and inside hollowed out mountains for themselves and their families. They donít care about the citizens. You know? So theyíre going to run to their hideouts. So thatís one thing to keep an eye out for this entire year; when you see Obama and all of them running to their hideouts.

The problem with technology today is they can all be running off into their hideouts and still make it appear like they are actually working from D.C. They can record speeches. They can record events and just play them on certain dates so that people still think all is well and everything is going on as usual, when theyíre actually hiding. Thatís one thing we all need to keep up on. If you guys hear...and stuff always leaks outÖthis is age of the internet where nothing is kept secret very long. We all need to keep each other informed so that we know when all the kings of the Earth head to their hideouts. Then we know that the asteroid is on its way. The citizens of this country and other countries that will be affected will know to get off the islands, get off the coasts, whatever you have to do. Just trying to protect each other and give each other a heads up, because these are the things that are coming up.

Interesting that one of the most notable things Iíve been seeing in looking at Bible Codes on zombies is the distinction that the Lords people have been arming themselves. They have been arming and protecting themselves. The one thing that weíve been using to arm and protect ourselves against alien, demonic and evil beings is the Orgone. Interesting that even this far into the Tribulation period, itís still being noted that the Lordís people had been prepared. They were prepared. I just find it interesting itís still distinctly noted. I donít think people will realize the apocalyptic significance that Orgone has, especially with all of our detractors and everybody else. This stuff is legendary. This stuff is legendary. Itís going to be interesting. It will be the one thing that protects people, especially because it will protect you against the zombies as well. If the Lord is having us establish protection areas and protection zones, why would we need it unless it was effective? If in your neighborhood and your county or city or whatever, you have it saturated with Orgone, then perhaps thatís what keeps zombies away from you as well. Why would it show up in a zombie code? Why would the distinction that the Lords people are prepared, protected and arming themselves if it wasnít effective against the zombies? At the same time that I gripe that the Lord isnít showing me anything, HE actually really is. HE is actually showing me quite a bit; I just donít realize it a lot of the time. Yeah, weíll get there. Weíll figure all this stuff out. Itís all pieces of a puzzle. The Lord gives us bits of information here and there, here and there, and we just put it all together.

Either way, the Lords warriors need to keep doing what theyíre doing and thatís getting the Orgone out, establishing safe havens. I know if you are in New York City, head north. Head north. I know there are warriors up there and Iíve sent a lot of Orgone north of New York City. Thatís where you would be safe. Maybe Iíll give out detailed names later of cities that you would head to, but I donít want to do that now and sabotage any kind of work thatís being done. We are still in a lot of stages right now of getting things established ourselves.

And weíve got a while before we have to worry about zombies. I think Shema has something to do with the inhabitants of Shema too. Shema crashing and stuff. So weíve got a while. You have time to prepare. Thatís why I even bother to mention it. You have time to prepare. These things are going to happen. These things will happen.  Itís just depends on how much we will witness; how much we will be here for.

Just a heads up. Things arenít getting any better as the years go on. It just goes from one horrid thing to the next. Like I said you donít have to fear any of it, because we donít need to fear the Lords judgments. HE is getting us ready for these things. All these people that are waiting for this huge rapture to come, youíre going to be surprisingly stranded, I guess you could say. Because there is no huge rapture coming to save all the believers from the tribulation period. Your destruction is in His hands. Thatís exactly what HE has said. HE didnít say Iím going to remove My bride and keep them safe. He said their destruction is in His hands. Sounds like a lot of death to me. So people better be prepared one way or the other.

People need to be thinking about mortality anyway. You need to be thinking about mortality. Whatís going to happen to you when you die? Are you going to Heaven? Are you going to go to Hell? People need to be thinking about these kinds of things. We arenít living in a time where your happiness is anyoneís concern. There is not a politician in America that cares about your happiness. We established this country on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; there is not a politician in Washington who cares about either one. In fact all they do is work together to try and destroy and depopulate the world and America. They are all working together. They are all Satanists who have taken over our countries. Our governments. Domesticated lizards. Nothing more than soul-scalped humans. Lizards among us. Reptilians among us, acting and looking like humans. And they take over politicians bodies.

Satan doesnít play fairÖhe doesnít play fair. His people always think he does. His people donít think they have anything to fear. Thatís why there are so many of them. They donít fear Hell, because to them itís nothing to fear. They donít fear Satan. They donít fear Hell. For some reason it seems like all fun and games to them, until he just kills them, takes their soul to Hell and takes over their body and lets one of his other beings take over that personís body. You just shake your head. How can anyone not fear Hell? Thatís one thing the people in the Illuminati say. The handlers and leaders; all these people that do all these rituals, the Bushís, Cheney and Clintons Ė they donít fear Hell. And none of these people in the Illuminati, they donít fear Hell. Thatís why they get away with as much as they get away and do as much as they do. They are going to learn to fear it. They are going to fear the Lords judgment real quick. Until then, they just keep doing what theyíre doing and getting away with what theyíre getting away with. And the Lord allows it to happen. HE judges His people. He tests His people.

People think HE has stopped testing His people? HE has been testing His people since Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. HE hasnít stopped testing His own people since then. Satan is His tool that HE uses to test His people. Itís all about Him and His people. This Earth isnít about Satan and what Satan can do, or what Satan wants to do. Itís about what the Lord allows him to do so that HE can test the people that are here. Where is your true love? Where is your true loyalty? Is it with the Lord or is it with Satan?  If itís not with the Lord, HE doesnít want you. Go to Satan. You have to make a conscious decision to follow the Lord and be one of His. You have to give up Satan. You have to give up sin. Walk away from those kinds of things and seek a relationship with the Lord and be able to walk with Him. Thatís the kind of people that HE wants and HE uses everything else to test you and to see where your heart and your loyalty really lies.

Anyway, Iím going to answer a couple of questions for the show. If you have a question you can send it to Iíll get into these.

[Reading an email] Something about Avatar movie using 3-D glasses. Question: When you watch a 3-D movie you donít blink. Your eyes stay open. He is wondering if this is a way a lizard can plant some kind of mind control.

I doní know. It wouldnít surprise me. I canít tell you if that is their intent or not with 3-D glasses.

Question from a listener: Do the codes reveal whether or not Rahab is related to the Shema star? And are the remains of Rahab our asteroid belt?

Actually there was a planet that was completely destroyed that is our asteroid belt. Itís not Rahab. Rahab made it out, because itís full of those who are reserved for judgment. The asteroid belt itself was Luciferís home planet before the rebellion. It was basically his home planet and the Lord blew it up. There were actually 12 planets at one time. As far as Nibiru being Shema, thatís interesting to me. Wouldnít it be funny if we were staring at it this whole time, itís right there, thereís Shema and Shema is actually Nibiru? I donít know one way or the other right now if it is. The Lord has not hit me over the head and said Thatís Nibiru! It hasnít happened yet. So if it does, Iíll let you know. That came up during the week too. I started thinking that. ďWhat if Shema is Nibiru? What if we have been sitting staring at it the whole time?Ē One of the things as far as Nibiru goes is the fact that if Shema is the asteroid that falls, we still have a comet thatís going to fall. Something is going to fall from Orion, because I often see Orion in the codes and I know the pagans are waiting for the Blue Star to come out of Orion, which is the New Jerusalem. I expect that to crash. There are so many different things. Maybe there is more than one that will fall and hit the Earth. I donít know. A lot of these giants that are coming that I warn about are from Nibiru. So itíll be interesting if that is Shema. I would just fall over in shock. Not surprised, but so stupid that I missed it. I long time ago I had that one. I donít know. I donít know if Shema and Nibiru are one in the same. It will be interesting. Also the comet. The comet is just an abode; a habitation. Theyíre not just ice chunks in the sky like NASA wants you to think. They are actually carriers of one kind or another. They inhabit fallen angels; these alien beings. Theyíre homes. One is going to crash and hit the Earth. Which one is that coming from?

Question: Can walk-ins turn humans to zombies?

A zombie is a reanimated corpse. A walk-in can kill a human, then a human dies and there is no soul in the body, and then a demon takes over that body and reanimates it and brings in back to life; then it becomes a zombie. A zombie has no soul. The human soul is gone. So when you kill a zombie, youíre just killing a dead person. Youíre killing a dead person again, because itís just a demon reanimating that body.

Question: Could Shema be a type of purgatory?

Shema is Satanís palace in the sky is what the Bible Codes refer to it as. Heís got a palace there. A temple there. Tens of thousands, perhaps tens of millions of his forces there. Theyíre going to abandon Shema before it crashes and hits the Earth and they are going to come to Earth.

Comment from a listener: Intro skip but not a big deal.

Yeah, I have no idea whatís going on. I think we can all live without it.

Iím just going to be here for a few more minutes. I try to keep these short so people donít have to sit and listen to such long recordings. It makes it easier on people.

 As far as the immediate future here, we are looking at January and February. The Lord really hasnít told me anything. Itís just been so cold and miserable for most people. What HE has told me, is I am seeing the chilling of the atmosphere. They chill the atmosphere because itís on fire up there. The aerospace is burning up. Theyíre trying to keep Shema from falling, so theyíre trying to put out the fire or alleviate it being on fire by chilling the atmosphere. I guess that helps. I donít know.

We also have our weather system correcting itself from the abuse of weather weapons. Thatís what a lot of this crazy weather is coming from. Nature rebelling against the weather weapons and correcting itself. Weíre going through that at this time right now. For a lot of places too, January is just a cold month. Weíre used to it. We donít like it, but are used to having cold times this time of year. Now Florida being in the 30ísÖ.I was actually laughing about that and somebody told me they donít put furnaces in the homes in southern Florida. I guess they do in the northern parts, but in the southern parts they donít put furnaces in those homes. So that would make more sense to me why people are hitting the shelters in Tampa, Florida because itís 30 degrees because they donít have furnaces. I didnít think of that. Pretty wild; especially if you are from Ohio. I know a lot of people head to Florida in the wintertime. Youíre going towards 30 degree weather and think youíre getting away from the winter and its 30 degrees in Florida. Almost amusing. Like I said, just nature rebelling; correcting itself against the abuse of weather weapons. Also just the over chilling of our atmosphere, because the ether energy in our stratosphere up in the atmosphere is burning and causing a lot of these starships to catch on fire and crash to the Earth. UFOs crash to the Earth. Itís also dimensional energy. Theyíre chilling the atmosphere for those reasons. Weíre looking at two different reasons why the weather is so whacked right now, and that doesnít seem other than that, seem to be changing anytime soon. Just going with the normal winter Ė January and February. Like I said, most of this stuff really seems to be hitting in the spring. If you can get through the tough winter now, you should be stocking up on food and things like that for later.

If youíre on the coastlines seek the Lord. Donít send me emails. Send Him a request. Ask the Lord what you should do. Donít send me an email and tell me you live in Georgia and youíre afraid of getting hit by the east or west coast water. Some people are still wanting to know what they are to do. You have to ask Him to guide your thoughts. Ask Him to guide them so that He can. And make it possible for where you need to be. Ask Him to make it possible to move if you need to move. I just donít want bombarded with emails, because Iím not Him.

Question: Could Wormwood be the Blue Star?

Wormwood is the comet thatís going to hit. The comet is called Wormwood. Thatís the comet that will hit in October, I believe it is. Fitting that when Wormwood hits, a third of the water is contaminated and poisoned. If you took out all the Great Lakes, that would be a huge chunk of water in this world, minus oceans. It hits rivers and lakes. Thatís why I believe its going to hit the Great Lakes. Just my thoughts. I donít have a thus saith the Lord on exactly where this comet is going to hit. Thatís just one place I think it very well could.

Question from a listener: Current movie Surrogates they use a weapon to kill the aliens and vaporize them. I call it Orgone Blasters. Check it out.

I havenít even heard of that one yet Ė Surrogates. Iíll have to check it out. Anything to kill aliens. It vaporizes them. I donít know about Orgone vaporizing them, but I know that Orgone water maybe would. We have this thing where you get a gallon of water and throw some Orgone Blasters in it and let it saturate for a couple of days. Then fill up your water guns with that orgoned water. It would be pretty painful if shot on these alien giants that are coming. It would burn them. It would be like getting hit with holy water, because itís the same ether energy. Definitely a better weapon against the giants and alien beings that are coming than bullets. What do you think youíre going to do with a little .22 against a giant who is 14 feet tall? Itís almost like hitting a gorilla with a little .22 rifle. Some of you think youíre going to be all prepared. Youíre going to be in shock before you can even shoot your gun. I donít put my faith in guns. I put it in the Most High. Iíd rather have a little water gun. Yeah, thatís me. We donít have a replacement; we just have a weapon thatís from the Most High.

Thatís one of the biggest problems with some of these people; they think we are replacing the Lord with Orgone and weíre not. Itís His Orgone. The Bible Codes refer to it as a bow. If you read; the rider of the white horse has a bow with no arrows, which means unconventional weapon. In the Bible Codes, our Orgone is referred to as a bow. Iíve always said, this totally fits the white horse rider. Itís our weapon from the Most High. He has given it to us. Itís unconventional. He has a bow with no arrows, which means unconventional.

Then we have the red horse rider, which is war; bloodshed. The pale horse and the black horse. Plagues and famines and diseases. A certain demonic and alien invasion goes with that, because it says Hell follows after him, and thatís the rider of the pale horse. They are with him.

Weíve got some gruesome things coming up over the horizon. Things that we havenít seen before. And being prepared for it will be half the battle. Being prepared for whatís coming. Everybody needs to prepare how the Lord shows you. Just ask Him to guide your thoughts. Ask Him to guide your thoughts in how to prepare. That way the thoughts that come to your mind, you know are from Him.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.