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Haiti Earthquake, Current Events, and What's Ahead...


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January 18, 2010
Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. Youíre live. Itís Monday night, January 18th. If you have a question for the show you can send it to
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Bible Codes Do Show "judgment" on Haiti, but Yah's Judgment Is on the Entire World

Iíve been getting a lot of email's this week on the earthquake in Haiti. So I just sat back and waited for the Lord to say something about it. Very quiet. He is not saying anything. Seems like everybody is having a fit over the internet about Pat Robertson declaring the earthquake is judgment on Haiti for their wickedness and sins. As America drowns in theirs, letís point our fingers at everybody elseís. Thatís all I could think of, you know?  So I got into the Bible Codes on Haiti. Of course what I have to say isnít youíd probably expect to hear, but then again Iím preaching to the choir, so half of you are expecting it.

It is judgment, because the Lord allowed it to happen. Judgment does cross the term Haiti. In the fact that if anything does happen, He allows. You know? Like I sent out to my lists this week. Yahís judgment is upon this entire world, and He allows man to fulfill His purposes. Thatís how He operates on Earth. Thatís one of these things that over the yearís people just donít recognize. They donít recognize the Lords workings. They are always simple to point out ďOh itís the government. Itís the secret Navy. It was the black-ops army.Ē He allows man to fulfill His judgments. And thatís how He works.

One of the things that clearly has been overlooked throughout the church age, I call it the dumbage, is how He uses nature itself to punish mankind. It seems like in the early days, our forefathers Ė Abraham, Isaac, JacobÖeverybody always recognized when the Lord was punishing the Earth, because they recognized the signs; droughts, famines and any kind of
natural catastrophe. They knew those were the Lords judgment on the Earth. Now today, oh we blame it on NiŮaís and global warmingís and global freezingís and weather weapons and how He allows man to work, but we never look at anything else as, ďOh thatís the Lords judgment on EarthĒ and give Him that credit. We never give Him that credit. We always just bounce it off to somebody else, something else, somebody else. And thatís why man has such a hard time
recognizing when itís HIS judgment on Earth. If our forefathers were here they would recognize it immediately and say, ďRepent or you are going to continue to have famine. Repent or that drought is going to stay there.Ē And you donít see that nowÖtoday. You donít see pastors telling their congregations to repent so a drought will go away or an earthquake wonít come or whatever. Everybody just talks everything away. Thatís why we have such a godless society. People donít fear God, because they have more fear over man and they think itís the causes of man doing it. You know what? Man would destroy the Earth in a heartbeat if the Lord allowed it. Theyíre a bunch of idiots.

People Don't Realize that It's the Reptilians Who Own and Control Our Government

People donít realize who and what is operating man today. Iíve been screaming for 12 years now about the reptilians who own and control our government. People have laughed. People have refused to have me on their radio stations and interviews to even discuss reptilians, aliens, UFOs, fallen angels. Just flat out refused. Now you see them coming up with
pages of it on their own websites. So now, I donít sound so crazy to these people. And as it gets more and more known simply because we have less and less time. Itís almost a paradox. The more we know, the less time we have to do anything with it. The people that have known; have knowledge, have been shunned for years. Now the wolves who take over and have set themselves up in positions of influence, fame and authority get the attention. So itís kindof ironic.

Our Government Caused Haiti Earthquake while Trying to Open a Dimensional Portal

Iíll just stay busy. Weíve got the Orgone war going on. Itís the most effective thing against them. Weíll just continue with that. Anyway, looking at this Haiti thing. What Iím finding is that as typical, our government is messing with things they shouldnít be. They are trying to open some kind of portal. Thatís what caused the earthquake in Haiti. Some kind of accident. Some kind of turbulence. Some kind of mess they created by trying to open a portal. Theyíre trying to open various portals around the world, because thatís how they access the dimensions. Iíve always said we donít need NASA to go to the Moon, or to Mars or anywhere else. Itís a joke. We donít need these little flight shuttles. Itís all just for comedic consumption for the sheeple to buy into. Because they just travel through portals. They have bases on Mars. Iíve said that for years. America is very popular on Mars. Weíre all over the place on Mars. We donít get there by shuttles. They just go in and out of dimensions with portals. Thatís how they travel; through portals.

It reminds me of Pine Gap in Australia Ė the real space agency. NASA is nothing but a joke and a money soaker and they funnel all their money over to Pine Gap in Australia. That series Stargate or even Montauk in Long Island in New York comes to mind on how they possibly do this so easily. Just going through gates. And of course you know Hollywood. They beef things up so they are entertaining. Youíve got to chew the grass and spit out the hay. Hollywood always has revealed little bits and pieces of the truth mixed in with drama and the entertainment. Just some of those things are coming to mind. So thatís what Iím seeing in regards to Haiti. Just some kind of a foul up they had trying to open up some kind of a portal. The reason it affected Haiti in particular, I donít know. They must have been doing it down there. They were the ones in the
way of the backlash of whatever happened. I donít know. The codes arenít being much forthcoming after that. The Lord not revealing too much other than that to me for right now. Usually after the fact, Iíll start seeing more and more and more about a certain event that He lets me see, but thatís pretty much all He is letting me see right now.

The Vaccination & Chip Implantation Program Is Still Going On

The one thing that is dominant, and even in the Haiti earthquake code is the fact that the whole vaccination program is going on. The whole Orgone war is going on. Shema burning going on. Just the same things that I ended the year seeing in the codes are still very dominant now. This vaccination program isnít going to go away. They are already announcing they wasted billions of dollars in these vaccinations because people wonít get them. So we have done our job of warning people against the dangers of this vaccination andÖhow ever much people want to believe. The real truth is this is a death program. It is their death program on the world led by America. Obama is still very dominant with that. Itís not going away. I donít know if they're going to come up with some new fluís, some new pandemics. Either way, they're going to keep enforcing this chip implantation program of Satanís in whatever way that they come up with. If H1N1 has to go down and they have to begin something else, then theyíll do it. Their biggest underlying thing is to get chip implants in people. And thatís whatís in all these vaccines.

Any kind of a shot you get, especially if itís from the AMA or even now with the American Dental Association. You go in to get any kind of dental work done and youíre going to get a chip implant in your mouth. Interestingly enough, I had even seen at my own dentistís office he had a certificate from some kind of dentistry school/college in Oklahoma that certified him to
implant chips. And he had this certification right on his wall that just about floored me. And the fact that he is a Mason
involved with the Masons in town. Everything is all tied into getting chip implants in people any way they can. RFID is coming up in the codes, as well. Just Satanís biggest program on Earth other than his death program is the chip implants. Yeah, he wants to kill people. And all of these people that have gotten these fluís and vaccines are going to come down with a lot of weird health anomalies and itís going to end up destroying them. Just things to keep your eyes on and keep away from. Youíve hurdled this one and weíre going to have more to jump over as well. So just donít fall for anything that they are throwing out there. Youíre not going to die from a flu, but you will die from the cure. Things to watch out for.

Bible Codes often Show the Term "disloyal" So Stay Focused, Stay Loyal

One of the things that I was seeing in the codes this week. People donít think of it, but often the term disloyalty will come up. What people need to know is we are disloyal to Him when we donít listen to Him. When we donít walk with Him so we can listen to Him. Weíll end up doing things that are contrary to Him. Things He doesnít want us to do. So that makes us disloyal
to Him. So you need to guard that. As a believer in the Most High and for those who love Him and are working on building relationships with Him and staying focused with Him is staying loyal to Him. By staying loyal to Him you are always listening to Him and learning how to recognize when He is urging you to do something and not to do something, so you donít become on the end of the spectrum, disloyal to Him. You donít want to be disloyal. I just wanted to bring that up.

The Bible Codes Confirm Lilith's Existence...She Is Very Real

Another thing that Iíve been seeing in the Bible codes is the fact that Lilith is very real. Iíve talked about Lilith over the years. The Hebrews knew who she was. She was very part of their belief system, their cultures in the past. They all knew who she was. The church today doesnít teach who Lilith was. In fact they teach it was a myth and just fiction. But she is real. She is very real. There is not a whole lot of information on her. Some of the older Jewish books refer to her. The Bible codes confirm her existence in that she is the mother of many of these, what we call aliens in space. Space is her home, her habituation. She fills it with her offspring. So a lot of these, what we term as aliens in fact, there is such a huge mixture of them in space and in different areas of space.

The Greys Are Manufactured Beings and the Reptilians Are Their Controller

We have the giants, the Nephilim, the Annuniki who are human looking. Then you have species like the greys, who are basically just put out like automobiles. They are manufactured. They are created beings. They create these beings like the greys and they chip implant them all. And they're all tied into a hive mind mentality because there is always a reptilian above them, around somewhere that is controlling them.  They donít do anything that this reptilian that speaks directly into their chip implants that eventually ends up controlling everything they do. They donít do anything he doesnít tell them to do. Thatís why so many people who have had run ins with greys will tell you they work in a hive mind mentality; they didnít seem to have any intelligence of their own. Thatís the whole thing with hive mind mentality Ė they are chip implanted and canít
think for themselves. Whoever is their handler is, their controller is, is the one controlling them. In this case itís the reptilians. The lizards are the ones who control these small greys. This being a manufactured race to just do the biddings for the reptilians. They go abduct people. They bring people back. Theyíre like food gatherers.

The Reptilians' "Food-Gathering" Process in Haiti Was Delayed

One of the things that just floored me, and I donít know why it would after all this time. Weíve seen this kindof stuff before especially with Katrina and stuff like that, anytime there is a war and disaster. With this earthquake in Haiti, their cultivator was delayed; the cultivation process in which they go and gather up the dead, because of Shemaís malfunction. Shema by
the way is their capital in the sky. I told you that Satan has a palace there. A literal city. Itís this huge place. Shema. So interesting because that malfunctioned. Itís been on fire since last October. The cultivation process has been delayed in that they can get down to Earth and collect the dead people. Itís veryÖitís just one of those things that just..eecchhÖwhen you see that youíre just like eecchh. Theyíve been feasting on people on the Earth for thousands of years, so why does it surprise any of us. I guess we just want it to go away and not be real. That would be easier to deal with. But it is real. And Iíve been warning you that we are on the food chain for these alien beings.

Lilith Calls Herself the Queen of Heaven, but Eve Will Come to Play the Fake Mother Mary

Interesting with Lilith showing up in the codes, it shows her as showing herself as an angelic being in the altitude, because it is a female that dominates space and its Lilith. She calls herself the queen of heaven, the queen of space. This Lilith. But the one that will come to Earth is Mary is Eve. She is the one who will come to Earth and pose as Mary the mother of Jesus.
The whole Ashtar/Galactic Federation Command thing Ė their whole faÁade is coming as ascended masters. Iíve been warning about Maitreya for years and this Sananda/Jesus coming and this Eve will come with them. This fake Mary playing the role of Mary. They have so many plans.

People Freaking Out When They Google "Jesus" and See Satan in the Results

It reminds me of this email I got this week from somebody freaking out over not knowing what to believe. If you type in I guess ďJesusĒ in Google it comes up as Satan. So I had to laugh. I donít know if I answered it yet. It means the info is getting out there. What people need to realize is itís not the real Son of God. The real Son of Godís Name is Yahushua.  I knew there was going to be no easy way of warning people that Satanís general was named Jesus and he was coming on
Earth to fulfill the role of Jesus to deceive all of the Christians on the Earth. I knew so many people would just get that so messed up and mixed up. And thatís why I started using His real name Yahushua, to signify thatís the real name of the Son of God. This Sananda thatís coming, he goes by the name Jesus. Ask yourself, ďWhy did the KJV translate the Son of Godí
s name as Jesus instead of just leaving it alone as Yahushua?Ē Yahushua isnít very hard to say. If I can say it, anybody can.


Itís not that hard to say! So why didnít they just use His real name instead of putting this translated name in and calling him Jesus? So it freaks people out, because they think that they are talking about the Son of God as Satan. The Son of God is not Satan. They are just talking about names. Itís just a semantics thing here. Just names. Call Him by His real name
Yahushua. Thatís why Iíve been warning for years for people to start calling Him by His real name, so that when this Jesus does arrive there is no confusion. There is no confusion. We know that this Jesus is Satanís general is an ascended master. They call him Jesus. They call him Jesus and Sananda and Emanuel. They give him all these names that the Christian community would identify as the son of God. So just call the Son of God by His real name so there is no
confusion. The real name is Yahushua. Itís not hard to say. Itís like saying Joshua with a Y and adding a U in it. Itís not hard!

If You Want to Know Exactly What Your Calling Is on Earth, Ask the Lord to Reveal It to You

Yeah, people are waking up and freaking out. I hear it all the time.  People wanting to know exactly what their calling is on the Earth in these last days. One of the things I harp on the most is for people to seek Him so they know what their calling is for Him to have them do while they are here in these last days, because there is not much time left. Some of you were never
meant to run for President, get involved in politics, start your own church, start your own radio show, but you have specific things that He wanted you to do, and thatís why He sent you here. Thatís why you were born. To do whatever it was He wanted you to do in your little neck of the woods, in your little area of the world. The only way you are ever going to find out
what that is, is not sending me an email and asking me; it is by asking Him. Asking Him. Going to Him and asking Him to reveal to you what it is you are to do. Just ask Him to reveal it to you. The funny thing is while you ask and ask and ask and stay persistent, He just kindof leads you right into it. [laughs] He just leads you right into it and you donít even realize you are already doing what it is He wanted you to do. Then you wake up and realize, ďOh, this is what He wanted me to do.Ē And you are already in the middle of it. Thatís how He operates. You need to ask Him everyday to just lead you into what it is He wants you to do. And there is what I call the nagging as well. He keeps urging you, nagging you to do something. He nags for a long time, and then He stops. And all of a sudden itís quiet. Youíre just like, ďWhy is it so quiet?Ē Because that nagging
has gone away. Then it will come back. And thatís how you recognize when the Lord is speaking to you, when His Spirit is trying to get your attention because of that nagging. Thatís how I learned to hear His Voice. I would hear it and hear it and hear it and not recognize that it was Him. Then it would stop and it would be too quiet. I would be like, ďwhy is it so quiet!?Ē Then it comes back.ĒOh thatís the Lord.Ē He has various different ways of teaching you of how to hear Him; how to recognize how He works.

Iíve had emails from people talking about how they just knewÖthey had the urge not to get the vaccine. Thatís exactly what the Lord had told me what He was doing with people. That His Spirit was reaching out to them to not get it. So those who have and ignored Him, you are going to pay the consequences for that. Thatís exactly what He told me in how He was working. This one email I got said, ďIím pretty sure it was the Lord, because I felt not to get it. Not to get it.Ē You better believe it was! You better believe it was Him! Thatís exactly how He was telling me that He was reaching out to people. Sometimes we feel like we arenít doing enough. We arenít getting enough flyers out, warning people; weíre not pounding the pavement enoughÖweíre not just doing enough. Thatís why the Lord said itís not up to us. His Spirit is reaching out to
people. We are like the second confirmations for these people. They pick up one of our fliers; theyíre going to think, ďOh, I knew not to get that.Ē You know? Weíre like a confirmation for them. And also to wake up the sleeping and those who just cannot recognize how He works.

Our work will never end, just as His doesnít; until He decides itís time to end it. We just have to stay focused on what it is He wants us to do in these last days.

When the Government Starts Heading to Their Bunkers, Start Heading to Yours

Keeping an eye out on the government going and hiding. These are the two things so far for this year that Iíve been watching out for the most. One of the things I started to rethink was the sixth seal in Revelation chapter 6. It talks about a great Earthquake where Satan is kicked out of heaven with his forces. The stars of heaven fall onto the Earth Ė Revelation 6:13. It also further explains in Revelation 12 the war in heaven and Lucifer being kicked out and all that is kindof symbolic imagery. It also aligns with Revelation 6:13. The stars of heaven fall onto the Earth. Stars often are another term for angels, whether fallen or standing. Stars Ė referring to angels. I see this coming up.

What I see for this year is the continuation of this vaccine program. The reason I keep harping about the various different vaccine programs and their plagues is because we are looking at the arrival of the pale and the black horse. A literal pale horse isnít going to arrive. And a literal black horse is not going to arrive, but the events of what they signify are what we need to watch for. The pale horse signifies death and plagues. The black horse signifies famine. So interesting that famine comes up much more in the media lately on the internet. Iíve been getting a lot of emails about famine and food shortages coming up. Of course, Iíve been warning about those for years. The biggest telltale signs that we are in the days of the tribulation period are these huge famines. And Iíve always warned these things will happen quickly, like boom, boom, boom. Bathtub effect. So we have the plagues. We are in that now. Weíre going to have the famines coming up. Then you are going to see our government (probably all of them around the world) heading into their bunkers.

This Earthquake - especially if you are used to the way Hebrews used terms, whoever translated the KJV about this huge Earthquake, I would question the translation. I know when I work in the Bible codes, if I see the term Earthquake, sometimes it doesnít refer to a literal ground Earthquake. It can be a boom. A big noise. A crashing. Especially with the warnings of
solar flares coming. Iíve been talking about seeing the atmosphere on fire, just burning up and wondering what kind of a bomb that was. Some of you Vets sent me the correct information on what kind of bombs those would be. I have a lot of current and former military Vets listening to the show. I love all my brothers out there. They crack me up. They know how smart I am when it comes to this stuff and help me out. Iím not saying a literal bomb is going to hit; Iím saying I see the atmosphere on fire. Of course that could be and I have often questioned it blowing up because of all the barium in the air from the chemtrails. I see that a lot. I see barium. Also solar flares could also explain this huge crashing, this huge boom and noise and this fire causing all of the government people to head to their bunkers.  Yeah, they know. I donít know how
much notice theyíll have. Thatís why I keep telling the people to watch what they are doing. When they start heading into their bunkers, you better start heading into yours or getting into someplace safe, because there is going to be some huge disruption in our atmosphere. Thatís all I can say. The Lord did warn us that this year was going to be a year of fire. Interesting that He said that and warned us and weíre finding out all this stuff. Putting me in the right path of exactly where
we are heading into for 2010 in prophetic events.

When the Star Breaks, the Palace Will Fall, and Down Will Come Maitreya, Shema, and All...

And we do have an alien invasion coming. We do have an asteroid hitting the sea; this great mountain burning with fire. Iíve warned that I do believe that is Shema. I posted a code on Shema being an asteroid. You can see that at HiddenCodes.com that this asteroid is Shema. Not too long after the asteroid hits, weíre going to have Wormwood hit the Earth. Iíve warned that I believe thatís the one that will hit in October and hit one of the Great Lakes. I think its Lake Michigan that Iíve always thought it would hit.

Interesting that all these things could take place in the beginning of the year, the middle, the end. I donít know when Shema is going to crash to the Earth. We donít have a whole lot of time. The thing is on fire already. Chunks of it have been hitting the Earth for the past two years now. Especially last year once it caught on fire and has been a fiery mess since October. Chunks of it have been falling to the Earth and theyíve been calling it meteors. Their own people are just now catching on to the fact that their huge ďBethlehem starĒ Ė this huge star that was supposed to herald Maitreyaís arrival, the world teacher, that itís on fire. [laughs] Of course they are livid. [laughs] Letís see if they give the Lordís warriors some credit for this. I doubt they do. They always talk everything away. The Lords warriors just have to wait until we hear from Him Himself
someday, ďWell done My good and faithful servant.Ē  You know. Enjoy the laughs for ourselves. It is on fire. It has put a huge dent into this whole New Age alien agenda for the arrival of their Maitreya. Which brings me to the fact about
Share-International.org  If you go to their website; they put up an announcement on their website on January 14th. Just 4 days ago.
Iím going to read what they have to say.

Maitreya steps forward

The way prepared by His Herald the Ďstarí, Maitreya, the World Teacher, has given His first interview on American television. Millions have heard Him speak both on TV and the internet.

His open mission has begun.

He was introduced not as Maitreya, the World Teacher and Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy, but simply as a man, one of us. In this way He ďensures that men follow and support Him for the truth and sanity of His ideas rather than for His statusĒ.

He spoke earnestly of the need for peace, achievable only through the creation of justice and the sharing of the worldís resources.

This is the first of many such interviews which will be given in the USA, Japan, Europe and elsewhere, bringing His message of hope to the world.

-This was stated by Benjamin Creme on January 14th.

Okay, so where is the link to the interview? Who is this man that is supposed to be Maitreya in disguise? Heís not stating who he is. Why is that? Because everybody is waiting for him and everybody knows he is a con? Is that why heís not coming out and saying he is Maitreya. Because he knows he will be laughed off the TV screen. He knows weíve done a lot
of work to expose who he is and inform the world of who and what he is. He is fully aware of that. So why all of these little games now? That he first appeared on American television? When!? Is there an American in America who has seen this interview that Benjamin CrŤme is talking about? If you have, send me an email. Iíve had people sending me emails, ďOkay, who is it?Ē Very interesting. I guess you have to keep your eyes on CNN, because that seems to be the network, the mouthpiece for Maitreya when he arrives. This whole ascended new age scam will be using CNN as their mouthpiece. I just donít know who it is. I donít watch a lot of the networks anyway. Especially not CNN. If somebody else has seen it, send me a link. Maybe we can find something on YouTube about this mystery interview. [laughs]  Thereís an idea; search YouTube,
because he comes as a ďman of peace.Ē So does Obama. Heíll come as ďa man of changeĒ. So does Obama. It certainly canít be talking about Obama as this Maitreya. This world teacher. It canít be him. I know Obama is aligned with him.

Obama is one of them.

America the Great Satan? Yes, Totally Dominated and Run by This Alien Agenda

And what is sickening when you look in the Bible codes at so much of this stuff, is the fact thatÖit reminds me of back in the 70ís when they used to show Iran on television. I was just a small kid then. They would always be holding up these signs ďAmerica the great SatanĒ and all this stuff. I used to think, ďWhat do they know? Why do they do that?!Ē it used to tick me off to see a bunch of Iranians holding up signs declaring that America was the great Satan. Unbeknownst to me, that 35 years later that you would understand that they werenít completely wrong. When you look in the codes, one of the terms used for this whole ascended game theyíre playing; these ascended masters, is bison, which are buffalo. They are America now.

They are our government. They are in our capital. They are running our Congress, our presidency, our bureaucracies, our federal agencies, our police forces. They are running everything, folks. Everything. When you see America, we are synonymous with these buffalo. We are totally being dominated and run by this alien agenda. I warned years ago how America was their stronghold. How America was going to be his home base. Thatís why theyíve gotten so busy back in the 30ís, 40ís and 50ís building all these underground bases and these joint bases and making all these pacts and treaties with these aliens for exchanging technology. Keeping their secrets. They can abduct our people and use them for food and experiments. Our government would get bits of their technology to appease themselves.

Mixture of Military and Real Alien UFOs

The whole thing was a huge game. You canít tell the geniuses that run our government anything. Thatís why they are geniuses and weíre the dumb ones, you know? Satan needed them. He needed them so that he could get his technology here on Earth. So through all the games they played, all the pacts and treaties and all the bases theyíve built, Satan knew that they would have to have their vehicles and their crafts that could operate in this dimension.

Their UFOs donít operate in this dimension. They are dimensional crafts. When they try to come into our dimension they are crashing. They enter into orgoned saturated air and it causes them to crash. They (what we call our Blackops military) needed to be able to duplicate their technology to be able to run in this dimension so that when they come here they have what we term as UFOs and stealth craft that we have in these Blackops projects, building all these new aircrafts like the
Stealth Bombers and the black triangular craft that people always misconstrue as a UFO. These are actual alien craft, built in this dimension so they can operate in this dimension. I donít know how else to say that. They try to mimic. Even Hitler had his Foo Fighters which were mistaken as UFOs but were found out that they were just German craft. They were round and circular and metallic. They looked just like UFOs. The only problem is that they werenít advanced enough to fire weapons. But they could be used for reconnaissance; for spying. Just imagine what we have now since Hitler had UFOs that couldnít fire. You better believe we have them now that can; that can operate in this dimension and wonít be affected by all this Orgone that we have out.

He needed to align with people stupid enough to think that this was going to be their own secret technology they could use on the Russians or the Chinese or whatever. Now all the countries have this stuff! When we have this invasion from space, thatís why itís a mixture. Youíre going to see military craft that can operate in this dimension. Then the regular alien UFO craft that will come into this dimension and just crash. We are going to see a lot of them crash. Thatís why. The ones that are crashing are the real UFO alien type craft. When they switch into this dimension they arenít going to be able to operate here. Thatís why he needed to build up our military and our government so that when he is kicked out of heaven he can operate on our Earth and have his own little toys.

Heís been setting up for his arrival for a long time. And mankind has been his toys to do his bidding and help him get ready for when he does come to Earth. When he does come to Earth, heís not going to be able to leave anymore. So heís going to be confined to our Earth, to our atmosphere. Heís not going to be able to take off to other planets and into space anymore, like he does now. He has planets everywhere. He has palaces everywhere. Saturn is huge. Thereís a temple on Saturn. Temples to Satan everywhere on all the planets. Shema being the capital and the choicest one of all. That one on fire now. So he is getting Earth ready for his arrival. Thatís going to be happening very soon. Like Iíve said we can watch the timing and the events.

Chip (Death) Program Still Dominant Behind the Scenes

Still seeing the vaccine push, the chip program/death program. Cuba, Panama and various countries around the world its being pushed on now. Japan needs to watch it now. Japan and Cuba and Panama and Greece are coming up in the codes. These nations watching out for these death programs being set up by the governments and being fooled into believing that they actually need these vaccines for their people. They donít need them, but Obama and them behind the scenes re still very active in pushing this whole thing. Thatís why I canít shut up about it. Itís still dominant. Itís still going on behind the scenes, even though we hear less and less of it in our own immediate media and the things we see on TV every day on the radio, we hear less and less of it, but itís still very dominant behind the scenes and effecting other countries. So, we are going to have the death program going on still. Then the famine is hitting. People need to be watching for the famines and preparing for this.

Prepare for the Famines - Rely on Canned Things

Preparing for the famines. Go out and get that extra chest freezer and stock it up. Go out and sell the toys that you donít need, to buy the canned goods that wonít get wet if your house gets blown over in a storm or something. Rely on canned things. Things that are survivable. Weíre going to have a lot of disasters coming. Nature itself is correcting itself against all of these weather weapons that have been used. We have no idea exactly how bad theyíve screwed up our atmosphere, but weíre going to feel the effects of it. And the Lord is going to allow it.

America Is Under Judgment, Stay Focused on the Most High God in the Midst of Chaos

America is under judgment. I sent out an article last year that the tare nations are under judgment. Everything is going to be allowed, because we are under judgment to begin with. And He has already warned us that we are under judgment, so you have no reason not to be prepared.

What I encourage you to do though, in the midst of all this chaos, it to develop tunnel vision. Stay focused on the Most High. Just listen to Him. Donít get so caught up in all the chaos and the death and pitying people and things like that. He allows things for His own purposes. America itself is going to be under judgment. Nobody is going to pity us. Nobody is going to pity America when millions of Americans are being chased in the streets by their own government and military. FEMA forces trying to load them up into martial law camps, these FEMA camps. Who is going to pity America? Nobody.

Folks, you need to just stay in Him amongst all the chaos. Just stay in Him. Look to Him. He may lead you out of the cities you are in. Get away from coastlines. We do have Nibiru coming in thatís going to destroy the coastlines. We are going to see more tsunamis. We are going to see more earthquakes.  And amongst it all, I suspect that weíre going to have a very lively hurricane and tornado season. And above that, just everything else we have to watch for. An asteroid coming. The famines. Just keeping your eyes open to the things to come. A heads up.


Iím going to answer a few email's. If you have a question for the show, you can send them to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

Iím going to continue to look at more Haiti codes this week. Like I said, the basis of the whole thing is their screw up on trying to open up some kind of a portal and it backfiring, causing that earthquake in Haiti.

Question from a listener: Are you following the Senate Massachusetts race? And if so, what do you make of it?

Massachusetts is always being run by lizard Kennedy's. Iíve read a few emails here and there about the race, soÖyou know. I really canít comment on it. Itís always been such a heavy liberal state; a heavy democratic state. To think that we actually have two parties is such a faÁade anyway, because itís just owned by the serpent seeds. SoÖI donít really have a
comment on it.

Question from a listener: How did the serpent seed continue after the flood?

Because the Bible says that angels fell before and after the flood. (Genesis 6:4)

Question continues: Also, the Illuminati claim to be from the seed of Cain. How can this be?

Well, they are. Hamís wife carried on the seed. People always refer to Noah and his sons as being righteous. It doesnít mention the wives. Even Hamís son Canaan was cursed because of Hamís sin against Noah. All these questions such as, ďhow can this be?Ē you give them a simple answer and its like, ďOh.Ē People donít think about it. Christians donít think about this stuff. They think all the giants were wiped out at the flood. Really? Well, who were Caleb and Joshua defeating when they left Egypt so that Israel could claim the Promised Land? There were 20 cities of giants. Where did they come from if they were all wiped out after the flood? The Bible says that angels fell before and after the flood. When they fell, they mated with human women, had giants as offspring. There will millions of giants on the Earth. Weíre not talking about nice jolly green giants; weíre talking about 14 Ė 15 foot tall man eaters. When they ran out of animals, they ate man. The king of Og was one of one of the finest examples. His bed was like what?...10 feet long, maybe longer. We do have archeological findings of giants and their bones. Even in America they had excavated many giant bones. All over the world. I donít think there is a continent on this planet that has not excavated giantís bones. They are here. They are coming back. You can
trace the Illuminati back to Cain. His generations were not all wiped out either in the flood.

[coughing] Hereís this choking thing. I find it interesting. Somebody sent me an email that said if you have Masons in your family line there is some kind of curse. I never knew that. Iíve got Masons in the family line. I thought that was very interesting that they have some kind of choking curse they can put on their other family members. Interesting that every time I get on the
air I start coughing and choking. And here itís this curse. I found that interesting.  

Question from a listener: Do you think itís possible that the government was using HAARP technology? (in Haiti)

Probably. They could have been using HAARP. They could have been using that Hadron Collider toy they have in Switzerland.  Whatever they were doing, they were trying to open up a portal and it backfired and we got the earthquake in Haiti. From what I can tell, there was no conspiracy effort to take down Haiti. It was just an accident.

I find it amusing. A couple of weeks agoÖbecause when I get mad I really give it to them, so theyíve been pounding me with ELF through my computer monitor. All the Orgone I had in front of my monitorÖand you know, Iím a slob. Seriously, I am. So they had fallen behind my monitor. I had all these stacks of paper and CDs on my desk here. So none of my Orgone was in front of my monitor and I didnít realize it. And for like two weeks I had been so tired. Every time I got on the computer I just wanted to go and take a nap. Like 5 minutes reading emails and checking up on stuff, and Iím ready for a nap. It was just because of the ELF attacks I was getting through my monitor. I just got in a batch of these Liberty Blasters and I put one in front of my monitor and Iíve been fine now.

Iíve been hearing from other people about how they are just so tired all the time. They are really cranking up the ELF attacks, folks. I encourage you to get Orgone in front of your computer monitors, in front of your TV sets. I put one of these Liberty Blasters. I have those on my website. You can also make your own Orgone. You can see that on the website
OrgoneBlasters.com, to protect yourself against their ELF attacks. Itís interesting that they never give up. They never give

So I got mad about it two weeks ago and didnít know why I was under attack. I asked the Lord whatever they do, to reverse the attacks; so that if they were trying to harm a particular person that it just comes back and hurts them. Interesting. Then this earthquake in Haiti happened and Iím thinking, ďWere they trying to attack somebody else and it just backfired? And the attack was actually coming from Haiti or the Caribbean area to begin with? And thatís why it backfired and hit Haiti?Ē I donít know the answer to that one yet. But theyíre going to find out that a simple prayer can have a lot more effect than their billion dollar technologies. And us warriors, we can have fun all day long with prayers. We can ask for anything under the sun and itís up to the Lord whether He honors it or not. He can always say no, but hey, what happens if He says Yes and He
honors your prayers? Very amusing.

Not a Lot of Info on Haiti Right Now, but a Lot More Disasters Coming

Anyway, I think Iím going to wrap up the show for tonight. I have to sit and go through all this and get it uploaded. Sometimes that can take a while.

So I hope I answered all your questions tonight on Haiti. There is just not a whole lot of info out there right now on it. Just what I said I was able to find.

Just a lot more coming, folks. A lot more disasters coming. And side effects of things that are coming. Like Haiti was a side effect. A lot more types of those things are going to be happening.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.