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Part 2 America "Mystery Babylon the Great"


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February 1, 2010
Transcribed by Liz Patton

And hello everybody. It's Monday night February 1st. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to
sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I don't know how many of those I'll get into tonight. I might just save them all until next week, because I have a lot of information to go through tonight.

Get Off the Comet Bandwagon for Now because the Asteroid Comes First

One of the things that caught my attention is how much distraction is out there right now. Everyone is warning about comets coming...comets coming. I emailed back some replies in email's, “You know, we have an asteroid coming before a comet comes.” So lets get on the asteroid bandwagon here a little bit. Wormwood is a ways down the road. There is so much that
has to happen before Wormwood hits. It's not going to happen next month, even three months from now...five months. Maybe next year. Don't get on the Wormwood bandwagon about comets and Wormwood; there are other things that are going to happen first. I just want to get everybody's focus in alignment.

Obviously the government and NASA wants you to worry about incoming comets, because they're not worried about it. Since when did they ever try and prepare the people for what's really happening?

We definitely have a mountain burning with fire that will hit the Earth before Wormwood does.

Last week on the show, I mentioned possible places this mountain burning with fire, this asteroid could hit, and I mentioned the Atlantic. I think that was two weeks ago. Last week as I was doing the show it dawned on me that it's not going to hit the Atlantic. England, you're fine. New York City I've said is going to be destroyed by fire, not by water. So you are fine...for now.
In fact, New York City, you've got a ways to go. Their destruction – they may have terrorist attacks coming and stuff like that, but the total destruction of the city is a ways down the road itself.

What I want to focus on are the things that are coming up. Why worry about rain water if there is no rain or a flood if there is a trickling rain? I don't know how to put it so you understand. Let just worry about the things that are around the corner. Not to worry, I'm just giving you a heads up. Those who know the Lord shouldn't fear these things. Perfect Love casts out fear. And the Lord and His Apostles warned us thousands of years ago of the things that were coming. It's all there. What I want to do is...what to look for on the horizon here.

First of all, last year when I was talking about the homeless and the housing problems I saw coming. We're basically at the tip of the iceberg there, folks. One of the things that was hitting me the last several days is this year. We know its going to get much worse than what its been. People are waiting for it to get better. I've warned you nothing is going to get better. Everything gets worse gradually. And it gets worse and worse and worse. So don't pay attention to the hype, “Oh the economy is going to bounce back” and you know...It's going to get gradually worse. It may seem like its getting better if you are listening to the media hype, but don't listen to it. Especially this year.

A lot of people are on unemployment. A lot of people won't even be able to pay their house taxes, their land taxes. So not only are people losing their jobs and can't afford the mortgage payments, now you've got taxes piled on top of that. A lot of people aren't going to be able to pay their taxes. We're going to see a lot more empty houses. A lot more. Just another thing that I've seen coming; a lot more homeless in America. Arguably the richest nation in the world and we have all these
homeless here.

This was amusing. I was listening to a little bit of the State of the Union. He was talking about putting money into the infrastructure, building high speed trains. High speed trains so he can get you to the FEMA camps faster! Seriously folks, how does building high speed trains help the manufacturing base in America and the farmers in America? It's just ludicrous. What they will help you do is help you make a paycheck so eventually they can kill you faster. I thought that was amusing, because that's what they would use these high speed trains for. Moving people to these FEMA concentration camps they have already built, set up and ready to go.

Don't buy into the rhetoric. Obama is an orator. People like to listen to him, but he's just full of garbage. Everything he says, the agenda he is working...His main job and what he is going to do and accomplish is, change in the fact that he is going to destroy America. He is going to take a great nation; one that was in debt because of the New World Order and make it worse. Completely destroy it. Complete what Bush started. Grain of salt, folks.

We've got earthquakes coming.

We've got more pestilences and plagues coming. There is a pandemic coming. So we do have more of those things. Do not go and get the vaccines! Do not go and get the shots that they want to fear monger people into, that if you get the vaccine, you won't get the plague that's coming and blah, blah, blah. Just depend on the Lord, folks. Don't go and get these vaccines. The Lord has already said not to. They are filled with chip implants. They just want to chip implant you. That's really the big push on their agenda. How many ways, how many pandemics and pestilences and flu's to get people to go and get the chips. There is nothing in these vaccines that will keep you from getting sick. They're just going to make you sick. The whole agenda is to chip implant the population. That's basically what it is. Just, “How many people can we go to get chip implanted voluntarily?” That's the thing that's coming up; just more of the same hype we had with H1N1.

We've still got famine coming. With the pale horse rider in Revelation chapter 6, it talks about how Hell follows after him. I do believe there is going to be some kind of alien invasion coming up around the corner. I don't know at what lengths they are going to go with this invasion. There are so many different factions of these fallen angels and the groups.  We just call them aliens, but you know they are fallen angels. There are different factions, different groups and different times when different ones are going to come. We're going to see things here on Earth that we have never seen. Maybe in the early days, but certainly not since any of us have been born...and in the last 3,000 or 4,000 years. Yeah, things are going to get very interesting as Satan starts to make his way to Earth to rule this one world government that they've been setting up for him.

Prepare Now - Soon You'll Need a Day's Wages to Buy a Loaf of Bread

I found it interesting that Peter Schiff was talking about the super inflation that's coming. He predicts at the end of this year. We know it's coming when a day's wages will buy a loaf of bread. The Bible forewarns of inflation and famines. Not only food being so expensive you can't afford it, but the scarcity of food. We know famine kills people. The way it kills people is that they are starving to death. There is no food at all. So not only do we have inflation coming that's going to drive all of our prices up, because the dollar has basically crashed already, but the fact that there will be scarcity as well. So we are battling both of those. Start getting your own bread machines, supplies to make bread, food to store, because it's going to start getting very, very expensive. People that have been preparing slowly over the years got a little bit above everybody else, but
there is still time for people to wake up and start preparing for the famines and the inflation that is coming.

Many Things Happening Before the Asteroid Hits

I know I have such cheery news tonight. [laughs] Other than famines and pestilences, and other kinds of small, I say it's literal, alien invasions on Earth, is the asteroid that comes. Just keeping an eye on government leaders and watching for them to all run and hide in their mountain hideouts. That's going to come I believe, after martial law in America. So pretty much the disasters coming in with Planet X – Nibiru coming in and you know the famines, the plagues and then some kind of martial law here in America. The Antichrist war on the saints and those things will take place before an asteroid hits here. There are going to be earthquakes and disasters everywhere.

Let Haiti Take Care of Haiti, Folks. You've Got to Take Care of Your Families

You know...people ask “Where do we donate to Haiti and blah, blah, blah.” You know what? Let Haiti take care of Haiti, folks. You've got to take care of your families. Take care of your families. The Lord's judgment is on that nation. He allowed it to happen. Who are we to say, “Oh, you can't judge that nation. We're going to send our money and help those people!” Do you see how arrogant that is? I just can't see it. I can't see it. So we need to fortify our own country and prevent ourselves from having the same kind of judgment. Get out of sin! You know? Get out of sin! Haiti is just rampant with voodoo and witchcraft's, the same as our country. I'm going to talk about that tonight. If you think judgment was on Haiti, wait 'til you see what the Lord does to America! And nobody helps us; not one person as America is destroyed. Interesting.

Asteroid Not Likely to Hit Atlantic - Europe and New York City Not Affected by It

Backtracking a little bit, and talking about where this asteroid will hit. It won't be the Atlantic, because the mother of Babylon (England) sees its birth AND its death. It can't see its death if they are destroyed. So Europe is not going to be destroyed right away or anytime soon; America will be destroyed first. So where would it hit? I don't know. It could hit the West Coast. The Pacific Ocean. It could hit in the southern hemisphere. The Gulf of Mexico. Central or South America being effected. Or over by Africa. Maybe even Australia being effected. All I can tell you is, it's not going to hit the Atlantic Ocean and if it does its not going to be much of a splash, because neither Europe or New York City are going to be effected by it. It's interesting.

The Garden of Eden and the Gulf of Aden

Anyway, I wanted to reiterate some things about Babylon tonight. We've been talking about Babylon. Last week I gave a bunch of reasons (over 100 prophecies) about last day's Babylon and how if anybody can't see that that's America, your head has got to be buried under the sand, and just cemented under the sand after that. I have that article on any one of my
websites in my articles section –
America is Babylon. You can also read The Destruction of Babylon in One Hour.

What I want to talk about tonight are some of these correlations between ancient Babylon and modern America.  I find it interesting that in Jeremiah 51:44 and Isaiah chapter 14 and Revelation chapter 17, it's an entity. This one world government is an entity. It's a Luciferian religious movement we call the New World Order. It is this entity that arises from last day's Babylon. It uses the military power of Babylon to rule the world. This New World Order faction rises up through America and going to use America's military strength to rule the world. If you see America now and the military going everywhere. They are just going into every country, every continent. The latest thing is going to be Yemen. We are going to have military troops in Yemen For those of you who have no idea where Yemen is, because I didn't either and had to look it

up, it's right on the Gulf of Aden. It's right in Saudi Arabia under Jordan. It's that little strip, opposite Africa on the Gulf of Aden. Interesting.

A lot of people call it Eden. I call it Aden. Depending on if you read some of the earlier Hebrew books that never made it to the KJV. And there are a lot that didn't. That was one of the locations; over there by the Gulf of Aden, between Egypt and Jordan. Over there in one of the books – I don't know if its Jasher or Jubilees or which book
I read it in. This is a book that was referred to in the KJV. The apostles and patriarchs refer to the books of Jasher, Jubilees and the book of Enoch. Obviously these books weren't put in the KJV, but are referred to by our patriarchs. The book of Jubilees is the one that had the strong argument and case that the Garden of Eden is over there by the Gulf of Aden. It was
over in that area. If you read other text, it makes it sound like the Garden of Eden was over in what we know today as southern Iraq, over there by the Tigris and Euphrates River.

Here is another confusing one for you. If you read Enoch, the Garden of Eden hovered above the Earth. It gives new meaning to the word “fallen.” Man fell from grace. A fallen state of man, because literally being kicked out of Eden they were then placed on the Earth. Created and lived on this garden, this planet that hovered above Jerusalem, above the Earth somewhere. When they were kicked out, were placed on the Earth. Very interesting.

Now the New Ager's and everybody is getting hold of this, but saying that mankind was created by the Annunaki and placed on the Earth and blah, blah, blah. We aren't created by the fallen angels. They are created beings themselves. They are angels that were once serving the Lord in Heaven and were kicked out of Heaven. They didn't create mankind, but what they did create was the Neanderthals. I have an article on this In The Beginning, which is also on my articles page. Satan was trying to create mankind. He was trying to create his own human. Notice that the Lord, the Most High will never refer to mankind as humans. I believe that hu has something to do with the sun. The man of sun or whatever. Satan was always known as the sun god Mithra and it correlates with all them. I'm not going into that today. Human is a pagan term, meaning
created by Satan. The Lord never calls man humans. He just doesn't. He always calls them mankind.

They could never create a perfect being with a soul. It was the breath of the Lord that made man become a living soul. That has always been the missing link. These evolutionists are always looking for the missing link between Neanderthals and Cro-Magnums and all these early beasts that were on Earth in relation to what mankind is today, because they weren't created by the same creator. Mankind was created by God, and these Neanderthals were created by Satan in his attempts to create mankind. Now you see why he is so jealous. He's busy trying to create a human and the Lord creates Adam and Eve and sets them in the Garden. See how jealous Satan is? The Lord did create mankind. I don't know why I'm backtracking all the way back into that, but it's interesting the different locations for the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden talks about being the boundaries for four rivers. There are no four rivers anywhere on this Earth that describe...people say over time, or the flood knocked them out and moved them and whatever. But that remains an argument that the Tigris and Euphrates are only two rivers, and there were four rivers that bordered the Garden of Eden. So interesting. I have to go with Enoch on that one. Enoch is my...man. [laughs] He's my patriarch. He's pretty much hit the nail on the head on everything else. And he says that the Garden of Eden hovered above the Earth. Interesting that mankind tries so hard to place it over in Iraq or even speculating that it was over in the Gulf of Aden. Whatever, but it's very interesting, folks.

There's Room for Error with Translations, So Be Mindful of Who's Interpreting Them

Also you have to realize translations over the years changed terms from being translated from the original transcripts and ultimately changing everything from Hebrew to English. Why we have to go through the Greek first and then to English...there is just a lot of room for error when we do that. Why couldn't they go from the Hebrew to English  than from Hebrew to Greek to English. It seems like, just cut out the middleman (the Greek) and just go straight into English, but they never did that. So that leaves room for error in translations. That's the way they spin things. And that's one of the things that I always warned about with Bible Codes or reversed speech or anyone of these things. It's not always the work itself; it's the interpreter. Who is interpreting what they are seeing. Who is doing the interpreting? What is their basis for interpretation.

We know Bible Codes exist. You would have to have your head concreted in sand, mud and everything else. Somebody...something encoded the Bible. There are codes in the Bible. I like how when people say that Satan encoded the Bible. [laughs] They don't believe that God did, so who else is there? So it all comes down to interpretation, folks. Some of these acclaimed Bible decoders are just satanists. How are they going to decode God's Word when they don't even have His Spirit within them. That's why I won't go to their websites or lists or having anything to do with them online. They are a bunch of idiot Satan freaks. They think they can decode God's Word. Very interesting.

In the Book of Jeremiah, the Lord Is Speaking against the Chaldean's of America Today

Anyway, back to what I'm talking about tonight. I find it interesting that in Jeremiah chapter 50 it starts off:

The word that the Lord spoke against Babylon and against the land of the Chaldean's...

The Chaldean's was a Hellenistic designation for a part of Babylon. It's the Greek part. It's appropriate that the first part of the word is Hell. Hellenistic, because it's straight from Hell. A lot of these ancient myths that we have aren't so myth after all. A lot of these stories of these super gods;  Hercules and others with supernatural powers. These are actually true stories. What you're going to get though, is a lot of add libbing Hollywood drama surrounding things. You have to chew the grass and spit out the hay. It's almost like watching a movie today where they give you some info and just Hollywood-ise the rest for drama and entertainment value. That's what a lot of our history has been turned into. People started associating gods with everything. They dramatize it. Again, chew the grass and spit out the hay.

What we have today is this faction the New World Order, rising up out of America to rule the world which is based on Mesopotamian theology. Mesopotamian theology was a collective name given to the Sumerians, the Accadians, the Assyrians and the Babylonians. They are all from the fertile crescent in the Middle East. That land mass between the Tigris and Euphrates River. It was the Chaldean's; those who were engrossed in Greek Mythology.

This was his warning for today. He is warning. He is speaking against the Chaldean's of America today. And who are the Chaldean's of America today? It's this whole New World Order faction. It's the Freemasons and the secret societies that govern our country.  They are steeped in the same kind of ancient Babylonian worship that the early civilization was. They are following after the same gods.

In ancient Babylon the god or goddess being worshiped or who governed an area was symbolized by a sacred animal or an object whose figure appeared upon symbols on boundary stones. Certainly with the New World Order,  it is symbolized by the phoenix bird. It was this New World Order that this entity that the prophets warned about when they warned about a
great nation arising in the last day's to lead the whole world into a global government and a global economy. It's the United States that is going to enforce Revelation chapter 13, where the whole world has to worship the image of the beast, get his mark, his name, his number, his seal in or on their right hand or forehead or they can't participate in the economy. It's the United States that is going to be enforcing all of this, folks. Notice that it's this faction that rises up within the United States. And that is what this New World Order faction is.

Jeremiah warned that this new Babylon – America in the last day's would incorporate many of the aspects of the Babylonian religion. They don't even hide it. We have the statue of Liberty in the harbor in New York City. We have the all seeing eye on our dollar bill. The eye of Horus. And on many of our government buildings and many of our corporate logos you will see the eye. You will see different symbols reflecting the New World Order and their allegiance to this one world government. They would have many treaties with Satan, the occult and witchcraft. In Isaiah 47 it talks about this. And that is one of the reasons
that Yahuah brings His wrath down in America and burns it in one hour. Because of all these treaties they have with the aliens.

We know that since 1933 – 1934, Eisenhower had a meeting with them. Roosevelt met with them back in 1954. They've had these on going treaties with these aliens; exchanging alien technology for human lives. They allow them to abduct our people. They build them these underground bases where technology can be traded. I've talked about this over the years and have articles on it. You can go to
thewatcherfiles.com. That's been the whole basis and since the 1900's after the second world war; all of the treaties they've been making with different alien nations.

What's the Evidence for a Historic ET Presence in Iraq?

I want to talk about an article tonight.
What's the Evidence for a Historic ET Presence in Iraq? There are so many correlations as to why even now they are paying so much attention to Iraq. So I'm just going to go through some general info here.

The strongest available evidence for an historical alien presence in Iraq comes from cuneiform tablets directly recording the beliefs and activities of the ancient Sumerians. Most of these cuneiform tablets relate stories of the Sumerians interacting with their 'gods'.

And we know these gods were nothing but the fallen angels that fell. They were giants. And they had the people refer to them as gods.

Most archaeologists initially accepted that these were merely myths and attached little importance to them other than giving insight into the mytho-religious beliefs of the ancient Sumerians. That viewpoint received a major challenge in 1976 when the Illuminati's self-proscribed Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, published the first of a series of books on his translations of thousands of Sumerian tablets. Rather than treating the stories of the gods as myths that had little
empirical relevance, Sitchin interpreted the tablets as literal descriptions of events as they occurred in the time.

For this he was right on. But the thing is, when you have an Illuminati Satanist like  Zecharia Sitchin doing all the interpreting, you have to chew the grass and spit out the hay, folks. We know that the fallen angels inhabited the Middle East. They were dominant in the Middle East in the early ages. So he speaks a lot of truth, but then throws in a lot of hogwash. So that's why
you have to watch everything that this  Zecharia Sitchin states. It was Arizona Wilder in an interview with David Icke who stated seeing Zecharia Sitchin at these Illuminati party s. You can hunt her up on You Tube. She has You Tube videos. It was his interpretation of the  cuneiform tablets that reveals what the ancient Sumerians were like. Notice that it was from these
fallen angels that these Sumerians had gained all their intelligence; all of their knowledge that they had. This whole area was dominated and inhabited by the Annunaki. The term Annunaki means “those from heaven to earth came.” It should be “those who got kicked out of heaven and came to Earth.” [laughs] They were not only teachers of the Sumerian race, but this is
where they get into the dangerous part where they claim that these Annunaki were the creators of the human race. They were not the creators of the human race. What they did create was the Neanderthals, like I said at the beginning of the show. They were trying to create their own mankind and then after that compete and come up with their own humans. They've never been successful at that, because it was the breath of God, breathed into the nostrils of man and he became a living soul. Satan cannot duplicate that. He can't recreate that. He's not God, he's just Satan. And all his fallen angels are just heavenly rejects; kicked out of heaven for the rebellion against God. Thats where they grossly overestimate and overstate what their role was in creating mankind. You see this more and more out there...big name preachers like Bill Deagle and
others who are falling into this trap hole stating that we were created by the Annunaki. It's simply not true. You would have to totally reject the Bible and the Living God to even go that New Age satanic route.

Interesting that Sitchen was able to go through....You can read this article on my website at thewatcherfiles.com. Just type “sitchen” or “war in Iraq” in the search box, and you'll get this article...to detail just how much involvement the Middle East was in our early days. And there is a star gate there in Arido, Iraq. Its also called Aruku. Thats why America wanted of this part of Iraq, down by Kuwait in the southern part of Iraq, because of this ancient star gate They know that the Annunaki are going to return when Nibiru (that's their flagship, their airplane, their starship, their ride to Earth) comes closer to Earth. It's full of these Annunaki giants.

We also have giants in the Shema star (that's on fire) and going to crash to Earth. Its this asteroid that I've been warning you about. You can look up in the sky and see that thing can't hang much longer. Its on fire. Its been on fire since October of last year. Eventually that is going to fall. You can just watch the skies. When it falls, it's a great mountain burning with fire that the
Bible talks about.

Interesting note: Sitchen ties together that the Annunaki have outposts both on Earth and in space to maintain control of and access to this planet and the people on it. I've talked about the councils. The Ashtar Command is an alien council. There is a Nibiruian Council. There are councils that rule and reign over the Illuminati families on Earth. I believe there are various
councils. I don't think there is just one council with all these different names. I believe there are different councils. They've always  had control of the Earth. And that's how they do it; they have their habitations all over space and under the Earth. Under the Earth they have Rainbow City, Shangri-La, Shambhala. People sing songs about it. They're known as Nazis. They're known as Aryans. Ascended masters. Depending on what part of the world you live in, you call them by a different name, but its all the same beings. Its the giants that live in the center of the Earth. And we have them above the Earth. So very interesting.

Will the Alien Races Who Destroy America Be Coming Out of the North Pole?

When I'm doing research on the northern armies that are going to come upon Earth and Strong's denotes extreme north. outer space north? Or is that North Pole north? What is the reality of all these alien races coming out of the North Pole and descending on Earth; coming down over America. We know that when America is destroyed from the northern army, from the description it fulfills a Russian and China alliance that will destroy America. But here is the wild card; what if it is the alien races coming out of the North Pole? We know it's coming from the north.

Also, the extreme north habitations (Joel chapter 2). I really believe that Joel chapter 2 is an alien invasion that is going to come upon Jerusalem and Israel after America is destroyed.  I believe the Joel 2 invasion is going to hit the land of Israel itself over there in the Middle East.  The Lord knows we have plenty of invasions that are going to come and destroy America. We may not have the Joel 2 invasion, but we have the locust invasion.

We May Not Have the Joel 2 Invasion, but We Have the Locust Invasion

And what I'm seeing in the codes is it seems to be more and more truth coming out. Their biggest thing could be chasing people down to stab them with these needles to get them chip implanted. When the Bible talks about the locusts and the stings in their tails and in descriptive ways to describe those and these locusts are hounding down man and chasing mankind. They can't hurt the ones with the Name of God on their foreheads, which means there are many believers here on Earth when these locusts stand up to do their work. They are anointed and stand up. It just seems more and more odd to me working in the codes that how odd it could be. They torment mankind for five months. People think they're like bees stinging them and hurting them. I think they're chasing them down and hitting them with these chip implants. I've warned how many
times that this chip implant is a space program. It's an alien program. It's a control and destroy mankind program. So it made perfect sense to me that all these aliens that come out of the abyss, further that agenda to chip implant every human on the Earth. They'd have to get pretty close to you to see if the Name of the Lord is written on your forehead. Don't you
think? Some people think these locusts are going to flying around in helicopters (another interpretation from some other people) flying around and they have stings like scorpions in their tails. So how are they going to get face to face with people that the Bible describes if they are just flying around in helicopters or flying around in space? We're talking about some serious one on one contact here, if they are close enough to you to whether they can see the Name of God written in your forehead or not. Don't you think? So that's another thought. That brings things more to light. If they have an agenda far more than just being scary beasts and scaring everybody for five months. They torment mankind. How are they tormenting mankind? They're chasing them down. They're getting in your face! Of course they are so big they probably just pick you up...do a neck grab...grab you by your shoulders, pull you up to look at you to see if you have the Name of God on your forehead, throw you back down and chase the ones who don't and sting them, hurt them, torment them. With what? These needles perhaps or some kind of instrument they have where they can shoot chips into people. I'm just trying to make sense of what I see in the codes, and more and more people are waking up to the fact that this sting in their tails has something to do with this chipping, this vaccination program. Just give you different ways to look at it.

The New World Order Is Waiting for the Return of the Annunaki

The New World Order is waiting for them. The return of the Annunaki; their arrival. Interesting...all tied into Nibiru.

I hear people talk about the 10th planet. That Planet X was the 10th planet. Folks, there were 12 planets. When does the Lord do anything without perfect alignment, perfect geometry, perfect numbers? There were 12 planets at one time and we have 9 now. You do the math. One was destroyed which became our asteroid belt. That was Satan's home seat when he was just known as Lucifer and was the head angel on Earth. His home planet was destroyed when he rebelled against the Lord. So we have Nibiru wandering around...where is the 12th one? Really? No one even talks about that one. Wheres the 12th one? We know one is destroyed. We know one is Nibiru, yet there is another one. I know that the Lord does things in numbers, so it doesn't make sense to me that there would only be 9 planets. Now they say Pluto isn't a planet, so we are
missing three. There's just more objects in space than we know what to do with, folks. So its very interesting; exactly where are they? Anybody with a lick of sense knows how the Lord operates and knows there would be 12 planets. There are 12 planets. 12 constellations. 12 months in our year. He does everything in symmetry with each other. So you know there are 12 planets. I'm not a scientist. I'll throw that out for the scientists to get busy working on. Figure out where we are missing a planet.

We know that Nibiru is coming. Nibiru was a planet in alignment before it was cast out of the solar system. You have to go back to the judgments. When Satan rebelled, this rebellion didn't take place overnight. This rebellion took a while. And the Lord gave him hundreds perhaps thousands of years to repent, which he refused. It didn't happen overnight. Either way, all the planets were judged at that time.  They were judged. You have to go back and read my article
Angels in the Flesh, where I talk about angels being born as mankind. In my second article Angels in the Flesh Part 2, I kind of give you a background of the war that took place when Lucifer was in our solar system. He had his own planet. I don't know what it was called. It wasn't Nibiru; it was the one that was destroyed. I don't know what it was called. He decided he wanted to be God.
The early civilizations at that time were all angelic civilizations that lived in our universe at that time. Picture a time of the sun, moon, stars, 12 planets and then Earth being created. 12 planets. Lucifer reigning over all of them as the Lord's very chief archangel at that time, then Lucifer rebelling and saying, “I want to be like God.”Then demanded that everybody worship him as God. Huge parts of the populations of all the planets at that time would not go along with Lucifer's rebellion, so they left the solar system.  They left because they knew that the Lord's judgment was going to come on it! And it did! It destroyed Earth and put Earth into oblivion. Look at Mars and some of these other planets that were destroyed by hailstones of fire. Destroyed Mars. Jupiter is mostly gas. I don't know what it was at one time. But you've got these other
planets that then became uninhabitable.  

Interesting that all these planets are hollow, so a lot of these fallen angels went into the hollow parts of these planets to escape the Lord's judgment of fire and hailstones on them. Now some of them were judged immediately. It talks in the book of Jude how some are reserved for judgment. Some got away. Like with Satan, the Lord said “I'll judge you later.” Instead of being judged immediately like some were, some were reserved for judgment later. So during that time, Lucifer has had all these thousands of years to get ready for his second rebellion attempt against the Lord, which is now. It's going to happen through the New World Order.

Back to what I was saying; Nibiru was one of these planets that was under Lucifer's control. And when the Lord judged the solar system for the rebellion against him, a lot of these former angels that are part of these angelic civilizations that inhabited these planets, were locked inside this planet and cast out. Thats why it has a different orbital plane than the rest of the planets. It was the Lords judgment on it.

He is allowing them to come back in the last day's for Lucifer's second rebellion attempt. Thats how stupid they are. They never repent. They want to get involved. They want to get their hands dirty and their feet wet and jump right into Lucifer's second rebellion against the Lord.  That's what's going to happen as Nibiru comes closer to the Earth now. He is allowing them to come back and be a part of Lucifer s second rebellion against the Lord. Thats where Nibiru comes from in a nutshell. [laughs] All I can do is summarize things in a nutshell, because I can't get into a lot of details.

So you've got Satan's home planet destroyed and Nibiru coming back with many of the forces he once had for his first rebellion against the Lord. Just gearing up for his second one. Now when Nibiru comes closer to the Earth, it's going to cause a lot of these earthquakes and tsunamis and natural disasters. Our government knows full well  the disaster is going to be caused by the pulling on the Earth as this Nibiru gets closer.

It's These Disasters Alone that Could Cause Martial Law to Be Implemented

It is these disasters alone that could cause America and many other nations to go into martial law. You know that they are just looking for the reason, the impetus to declare marital law against their people and start herding them up and loading them into FEMA camps or whatever camps your country has been building. Part of this New World Order plan (and most of the major countries are) have already been busy building these fenced camps. And they're not concrete buildings. They're not big huge structures, because they are just temporary holding facilities. Something to hold you in a place until they can get you on a train, in a truck, on an airplane and to an extermination facility. This is the holocaust all over again, but in modern day. Just think of the Jewish holocaust, because that's what they are going to do here and in every other country.

You've had time to sit back all these years after the Jewish holocaust when 7 or 14 million or how many were killed, and you wonder why they didn't fight back. “Why didn't they do something?” Remember that folks when our government starts filing up these trains full of people. Are we just going to allow them to herd us to our death? Are we going to allow it to happen? There's going to be a lot of chaos here as people start to fight back. These are the things that are coming folks. This is not if; this is when. They are going to round up American citizens and start hauling them off to these FEMA camps and killing them. And that's around the corner folks.

I'm trying to surmise and what kinds of reasons they may use that would throw America in such chaos that martial law would be declared to which allows them to start this ghastly roundup of citizens. It could be natural disasters caused by Nibiru coming back into our solar system. It could be tsunamis. It could be the famines. The plagues.

Their whole chemtrail project where they were planning on using chemtrails was to be the main instrument to unleash poison on the citizens of this country. With so much hard work being done by the Lord's Orgone Warriors being able to prevent chemtrails to stick in the skies. It'll be interesting to see if they can even use that route. When we close one route down, they
come up with another.

All we can do is do as the Lord leads. You need to get Orgone in your areas. You can go to orgoneblasters.com and learn how to make Orgone. There is 101 different uses. 101 different things we are using it for. It's the weapon of the white horse rider in the last days. The bow without arrows; its a non-conventional weapon.  An unconventional weapon. A bow without
arrows. It's what the Lord has given us. It can prevent chemtrails from sticking in your area. It also keeps demonic and alien beings out of your area. It burns them. They don't like Orgone. It suffocates them. They can't breathe around it. Just so many things that it does.

Anyway, that's just a heads up tonight. I want to continue talking about Babylon and America the next couple of weeks, simply because there is so much to tie in together so people can start to understand why and how and when and all these things coming together. I'm trying to paint a picture for you to see the tie ins. Ancient America, modern America, the things that are coming, the events that are coming. I'm going to wrap up the show here in a minute.

A Recap of Things that Are Coming Up

Just to give you a recap. A heads up for things that are coming up -

We're going to see an increase in homelessness here in America. What we saw last year  and the year before; people losing jobs and losing homes. That was the tip of the iceberg. More tent cities rising up. Especially with tax season. Most people may have been able to pay their mortgage barely over the months, but now with tax season coming up, they're not
going to be able to pay taxes on their homes and will lose their homes. There will foreclosures all over this country. If that isn't bad, there's inflation, the scarcity of food, and on top of that, sicknesses and plagues. These are the things that are coming up. Great earthquakes. And rounding up. They're going to come after the saints. The Antichrist war on the saints is
going to begin. There's going to be a round up in martial law here in America. I would expect that to begin this year. If it doesn't, then we're just in more delays. But this is the time table folks. This is the time table. I'm looking for some kind of literal invasion with the pale horse, because it talks about how Hell and Hades follows after him. And that's next on the horizon! Thats next! I don't know how else to say it. It's next!

So other than just the economy going down and people trying to survive in these last days, these are the things that are coming next.

Anyway, don't get so distracted on Wormwood and all this stuff. That's not coming yet. But we may get hit by space junk as Nibiru brings it in. That goes without saying. As Nibiru gets closer to the Earth, because it's got his forces, the Anunaki giants that are returning to Earth, it's going to cause a lot of destruction on Earth by it's arrival. So I don't know how else to say it.

I'll get more into this next week. That will probably pretty much be my focus for a while until the Lord takes me out of it. There is just so much coming up, folks.

They're getting desperate. They have to make their moves, because the Orgone is saturating the air.

Shema can't hang on much longer and is going to crash. When it crashes and hits the Earth it will cause a lot of destruction. It's not going to be like the Capricorn when they just shot it out of the air so people wouldn't see it. It will be much different when Shema crashes.

Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.