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A Look at Some of Satan's Bible Codes, Super Bowl Symbolisms and other things



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February 8, 2010

And hello everybody. You're live. Its Monday night February 8th.

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There's a lot of different things I want to talk about tonight.

I find it interesting how asleep the church crowd can be. Sometimes you just have to shake your head and move on. This radio show is reaching 162 countries around the world. A lot them I haven't even heard of. I have to look on the map. These islands and little countries and anywhere you wouldn't believe that we have internet access in, they do. These islands I've noticed from the CBS Survivor show. Every time they go to a weird island, I start getting hits from that island. So I do believe there's people on that show to listen to this radio show. Not to mention how many IP addresses from NASA sites, the Air Force, the Navy, military bases around the world, government IP addresses. It's just amazing, it is just truly a global show here, folks.

What I find interesting is that Satan himself listens to this show. I've always said, whenever I start having technical difficulties and problems they do it to annoy, but he himself has to hear what I have to say, because he knows I'm a mouthpiece from the Most High. So as much as he wants to take me off the air, he needs me on the air. I find it very interesting that they find themselves in a no win situation. But eventually things are going to tighten up because we keep revealing and exposing everything about them. And we're always one step ahead of them. That's the one thing that's always ticked him off (and all the forces around him); we've always been one step ahead of him. And that's where the Lord said I would be. One step ahead of him all the time.

Its amazing to see this stuff coming about. I just spent this week looking at Haliel's Bible codes. Haliel is the real name for Lucifer. Satan means adversary. Satan is a title. If you want to get into some good things, you can get more information on their names; Haliel being one of them. Lucius being another. I find it interesting that what's dominant in his codes is the same thing is that I am finding is dominant in most of the codes that are going on. Its not all the little intricate plans of the
New World Order or what are they going to attack next. Or whats their next false flag? Some people get involved in that. We know what the big picture is and sometimes you like to see how its going to coming about. The Bible warns about plagues and famines and earthquakes, so we spend a lot of time, how are the plagues coming about? How are the earthquakes coming about? You get embroiled in the details sometimes just so you can see how things are working behind the scenes that bring about what has already been prophesied.  I find it interesting that the orgone warriors; the remnant, a percentile. A small group of Yah's true warriors on Earth are the ones who are the most agitating and aggravating to them. That's what keeps me going. That's what keeps me going. I don't care how many naysayers there are out there. They put up You Tube videos to discredit and blast me about orgone. And they make fun of it. They never spend two minutes talking to me about it. They never spend one second talking to the Lord about it. They just go on with their “we know” attitude. Its typical churchdom attitudes. Its the kind you develop growing up in the churches.

I grew up in the churches for 30 years until I had enough and started asking the Lord for the truth in all things. When you ask the Lord Himself for the truth in all things, you are going to go on a journey. Its a process that never ends. He is going to start revealing the truth in all thngs to you. And He is going to take you on a journey and a ride that you could have never
imagined. And after the initial shock...I don't know if I'd call it Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, [laughs] the shock of learning so much of what you've learned since you were a child is wrong. And start learning the true things. Whatever He leads you into. So it breaks down all the errors and apostasy's that we grew up with from hearing over and over again in the churches.

The one thing abut the Bible is, you can use the Bible to argue and then anti argue anything you want. People pick scriptures out of the Bible and develop whole theologies around them, ignoring other parts of the scriptures that counteract what they're teaching. That's a problem with a lot of the churches today. They develop theologies without asking the Lord for the truth in all things. They decide with their own wisdom, intelligence and training that they can develop their own ideas and interpretations of what the Bible says. So I find it interesting that so much has developed around apostasy's.

Like I've said before, if you took the apostle Paul out who was a deceiver and a manipulator; the one that the Most High warned about from the tribe of Benjamin. The raving wolf. If you know anything about the tribes of Israel, the tribe of Benjamin was labeled ravening wolves. Very interesting how much apostasy comes out of all of his teachings; away from the Word of God and what He and His 12 apostles taught. There are 12 gates in Heaven and each gate is named after an apostle.

It seems to be the two biggest things the church crowd comes up against me is about orgone and about the apostle Paul, yet they have never done 5 minutes of prayer or research over any one of them.

Interesting that Satan, NASA, the Air Force, military and hundreds of government IP addresses listen this show and to what I have to say, while the church crowd fights and argues against me. That's the way the wind blows folks.

I was looking at some reverse speech this week. I really have an issue with some of that, because I know that there is a lot of reversed speech that gets ignored. Some of it gets detailed. A lot of gets ignored. I don't have time to go into reverse speech. I started to; its just so time consuming. Its just so time consuming. Its like the Bible codes. It takes a lot of time.
When I first got into it, Yahushua said, “How are you going to have the time?” And He was right. He was right.  So it didn't last too long. But I understand how its done because I did it for a while. So interesting that the Indian Prime Minster was over here to offer Obama a nuke; selling him a nuke basically, because he got a lot of cash for it. We've seen false flags come and go all the time. I've been warning about Libya and their attack on Israel, so I wouldn't be surprised  of a false flag nuke from Libya hitting the coastline of Israel. I don't know if they'll claim it was a mistake...a misfire...but they are definitely not out of these end games tactics, I guess you could call them, because I always see Libya coming up in the Bible codes. And we also know with Obama's ties to Kenya and some African nations and the Muslims themselves, that things are going to come up, because Obama is so tied with them. Interesting.

And he is never far from Osama. Osama still comes up in the codes. Its very amusing. Sometimes you just gotta wonder if they are not the same. [laughs] If I didn't know that Obama was a cloned being from this pharaoh in Egypt...he's got so many different things...he's and animal, hes a beast. And a lot of people are pegging him to be the Antichrist.  For right now there
are still things in play. Nothing is set in stone that Obama would take the Antichrist position. Definitely qualified and up for it, but we can't rule out Maitreya yet. If Maitreya shows up, he'll be it. If he doesn't, Obama will step in.

Right now, Obama is just a puppet of this whole alien-new world order agenda that I've been talking about for years. Obama is just a puppet of theirs. The thing with Maitreya is I see a lot death around him. I also see a lot of death around Obama. We're not done with our orgone war against them. If Maitreya dies, he's just another victim of the orgoned air in space. A lot
of his forces have already died. Was it last year that we took down the Capricorn, one of their huge alien star ships? Our NASA termed it as a renegade satellite, whatever they wanted to term it as.  It was the Capricorn ship. We took that down. Since then, they've been falling like flies out of the skies. I've been telling you about that. This whole war isn't over yet. And that's why I can't rule out Maitreya yet or Obama. If we can close out that whole agenda then it would certainly swing to a more human based, if you want to call it that.

If you could see the way it looks. We are going to have a bunch of these ascended master idiots coming from “outer space” claiming to be our creators and gods. That would be Maitreya and Sananda and Eve playing the role of Mary and the queen of heaven, the whole goddess Ishtar crap, and a bunch of their other ascended masters with them. That is the alien-new
world order agenda. Everyone who has been ruling behind these scenes in these councils above Earth, would just come to Earth., this one faction of them, would take over our governments and religions and turn everything into a one world government/one world religion, which is basically what the new world order is doing now, but it would be through these ascended masters claiming they are gods, teachers, messiahs...whatever! They are going to have a bunch of claims.

One I've been warning about for years is this Sananda Esu who goes by the name of Jesus.  And he is the same person, the same being that the churches have up as the picture of Jesus. They need to get him out of the churches. The Lord has always said He is not in these churches. And its because they have pictures of Satan in their churches. This Jesus, this Sananda Esu. Its not the Son of God, folks. That is not the Son of God! If you are a pastor and leading a church, you need to get those pictures of Sananda out of them. That isn't what Jesus looks like. That was a general of Satan's named Sananda, and the churches have his picture up. Its just nasty. Its going to be so deceiving when he comes. Most of Christianity is going to be swayed by him and deceived by him. “Oh, that's Jesus! I've seen his picture in church.” Talk about beating a dead horse. I've been yelling about it for years. And you still walk into churches and see bulletins with his picture on the front. Its just nasty.

Interesting turn of events that I've been seeing. Like I've said, nothing is ever set in stone, because their avenues and routes change. Like I've said, Satan is not depending on any one particular certain route to get here to rule...he's got many. What we try to do is find out what those routes are and keep everybody informed.

I've been warning about this whole vaccination program and this whole chipping thing and screaming to stay away from vaccinations, they have chips in them. I was reading on a website yesterday that “the whole problem is a money one. They're trying to get rid of baby boomers.” And that might be so. They made this whole global depopulation thing a myth and they are claiming they want to get rid of the blacks, Indians and the baby boomers and that's the whole reason for the vaccination programs. Folks, the whole thing is they want to get everyone chip implanted. And number two – they are trying to even up the numbers. Satan's kingdom...right now, I don't know how many forces he has. I know he has in the millions. But we've got 7 billion people on Earth and he might have a billion, but he certainly doesn't have 7. I don't even think he has a billion, but who am I to say. I don't know. They are trying to close up the gap so that when they do, they can control mankind. And they can't do that with the numbers right now, because we out number them. That's the real reason. And they want everybody chip implanted, because in Satan's kingdom they're all chip implanted too! Maitreya, Sananda and these ascended masters – they are all chip implanted! Why? So Satan can control. That's how he controls. People rebel against him, just as people rebel against the Most High God, and he doesn't let it go; he has to have tight control over everybody in his kingdom. And he does that through technology and chip implants. That's why he wants the world chip implanted. So he can control it when they arrive to Earth. That's the whole thing.

I've said that Shema and Maitreya were the ones behind this...and they are. I've warned about how Obama was just taking his marching orders from them. The whole vaccination program was straight from Shema. Shema is the main star ship they have. Share-International talks about this huge star that is going to signal his advent and arrival. It was here last year. Is still here, but its on fire [laughs]. So I don't know how they're going to go around that one.  But either way, that s where it was all coming from – Shema.

I think Maitreya himself would step into the role of pale horse instead of black horse. I always believed the pale horse rider would be this Sananda/Jesus and the black horse rider would be Maitreya. Now its shifting; Maitreya fulfilling the pale horse role. He is the one, and his forces on Shema, I've told you that Satan's palace is on Shema. Its a huge temple. Its a huge city. Its a huge rock in the sky. But now its on fire and its going to crash to Earth. The Bible warns about a mountain burning with fire hitting the Earth. And that's what I keep warning about is coming. This asteroid that they've been keeping an eye on is this Shema. Its Shema! When it crashes to Earth its an asteroid. Its basically this huge rock in the sky and its on fire right now! You can go outside and look at it. It sits about 33 degrees above our horizon, very low to the Earth, and very orange
and yellow. We finally caught that thing on fire last year in October with all the orgone in the air. Its the same thing that its doing to UFOs is the same thing that its doing to ships in the sky's now and their nesting places. That's why when you look up in the sky you see so many yellow and orange ones. They're all on fire and eventually they're going to crash and hit or just disintegrate before they hit the Earth. Very interesting. But that's definitely taking the role of pale horse rider right now.

What I'm seeing is with these four horsemen of the apocalypse, the white, red, pale and black; they usually signify a person, a group or a movement. Each horse signifying a person, a whole group or a movement behind them. Its very interesting because we're right at the pale horse rider. We've been there for a while now, especially with this whole chipping and vaccination program. And the black horse. Notice it says when the pale horse rides, death and Hell follow behind him.
That's what I've been warning about. Its definitely going to be some kind of physical arrival on Earth of this Maitreya and these forces from Shema. They've got to leave Shema. I'm sure that most of them have gone by now.

But next on our horizon, folks.; some kind of an invasion. An intrusion maybe. I don't know if its going to be a full out invasion or not, because they want to come as gods. They want to come as nice guys. They want to play the good alien/bad alien type thing. And of course they don't call themselves aliens, but ascended masters and our creators and blah, blah, blah. What you should know is that the forces on Shema that have either left or are waiting to leave to come here or whatever; these are giants. There are giants on Shema.

The reason I keep pounding this over and over is its next! Its coming! So many people want to get embroiled on whether there will be a war between India and Pakistan, between Libya and Israel and all these warships going to Iran and you know, all those things are going to happen. Its all positioning. Its all strategies. I can't always get caught up in all that stuff. Its fun when there is nothing else to do. Just look at how they are going to move all their pieces on the chess board and how they are going to bring about their agendas. But then you have to step back and look at what is really going on and what the Lord really wants me to talk about.

The pale horse rider is the one thing that has been on my mind and what He has been leading me to over and over again. This intrusion, this invasion is coming even with or without Maitreya. If he makes it or not. I see him alive one minute and dead the next. The same thing with Obama. I see him with death codes the same as Maitreya. So I don't always know what is going to happen until it does or what specific route is going to be taken, but there is no doubt, because its written in the word – Revelation chapter 6, that with the pale horse rider, death and Hell follow after him.

We are going to see a lot of death coming. They are warning about a pandemic. What I think is interesting about a pandemic they fear, isn't the one that we fear. When we hear the pandemic, we think of these false pandemics just trying to get people chip implanted with vaccines like with H1N1. The ones that strike them are the ones caused by orgone here on Earth. Bird Flu. I don't know why people can't figure that out. Bird Flu and the whole SARS thing, it effects aliens. It effects hybrids. Serpent seed nations have had bouts with this. If you are a child of Yah's, never worry about it. So interesting because so much of the orgone is eliminating them. That's their pandemic. How to stay alive and away from orgoned areas. When we hear “pandemic” we think “great, whats the government going to do next?” and its really not the government; they are taking their marching orders from Maitreya. He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. And who have I told you Maitreya is? Maitreya is Cain. Maitreya is Cain! I  don't know if its just Cain himself or a clone of Cain or what he is, because he will tell you himself, the body he has is not his own, obviously because it's very human looking. Its a cloned body. The Bible codes refer to him as Cain.

So that s what is coming over the horizon. It is going to be soon. I remember the visions I've had of full assaults of just hundreds and hundreds of UFO type vehicles in the skies. And not all of them were UFO. A lot them were military.

People get confused. And I've posted Bill Coopers articles on my website. I love Bill Cooper. I think he was a strong warrior and patriot for our country. And of course they killed him. He was himself confused over the whole UFO agenda. He would write one article and state that it was going to be a false flag invasion; that the Navy was preparing this and it was all fake.
Then he would come back later with another article saying he didn't know if it was real or fake.

They (governments) knew the existence of UFOs and aliens are real, so what they did was align a false agenda alongside the real one. The built their own UFOs. They got UFO technology from the aliens. That's what they've been doing in these underground bases all these years. Exchanging technology. So the military has its own UFOs. And they will dress and
disguise themselves as aliens and pull off these fake abductions, so that people can say, “Oh, I saw this uniform and it had a knitted line in it,” which means it was made on a sewing machine. Alongside the real agenda, they built a fake one so that they could try and discredit the real one with the fake one.

Also another thing is that with the UFOs crashing in our atmosphere, when they come out of their dimension and into ours, they are hitting saturated orgoned air and crashing. So if they can't rely on their own vehicles for their invasions and intrusions, they have back up with the military's, because the military has them. So its very mixed. The Bible has warned about the last days leader of Babylon would make a covenant with Hell. Certainly what I think it all is, is all their treaties that they have with these alien races, these fallen angel races in exchange for technology. They have many treaties with them. They are renewing old ones and making new ones and everybody thinks its always stuff in the future. It very well could be, but its also stuff from our present and our past.

I thought the Superbowl was interesting. I sent an email out to my lists about the Superbowl. The half-time show signifying a UFO with The Who as the artist. You are looking at the UFO in the center and thinking Who? Who is playing? Who? It's like, “Who are they? Who are these UFOs? Who are these aliens?” Interesting that the Saints won. Interesting correlation. The two most featured aspects of the Superbowl is the half-time show and then who wins the Superbowl. There is always a lot of symbolism because we are in the land of Chaldean's; the new world order Satan freaks who do everything by number and symbols. The two most dominate things about the Superbowl are the UFO and that the Saints won. The Saints won the Superbowl! [laughs] I was just laughing. Are they admitting that we have won this battle, folks? If you look at the two teams  
playing – the Indianapolis Colts (In Diana) Indiana is one of the biggest worship centers for the goddess Diana, the queen of heaven. So its a major center for all these Chaldean's, these occultists in our country. So basically you have the New Orleans Saints verses the occultists. And the Saints won. The Saints won. Look at the final score. The Saints won by 31. If you switch the numbers back, its 13. 12 apostles and Yahushua. The number 13. So it was interesting. They do everything by numbers. I don't understand all this numerology and symbolism they pull all the time, but I think it was interesting that the occultists lost. They had a score of 17. That could also be attributed to the number 8, which is the number of the age of Aquarius. Remember the Antichrist comes out of the seventh and is the eighth. I don't know the exact wording in Revelation.

Their seventh empire on Earth is the new world order. And the eighth empire being the new world order/alien agenda through this age of Aquarius.  Things I've been warning about for years. And this whole age of Aquarius thing began in September of 2007 or 2008. We are already in the age of Aquarius. This eighth kingdom. All of their delays are just putting them behind the time line of their own schedules. They are ones that keep delaying things. We look for certain things to
happen, and they delay them. They delay them.

The didn't expect to have so much resistance on Earth, and for a long time they didn't until the Lord started standing up His people and giving us ways to fight against this new world order. And we found that with the orgone. So many people blast it, but don't do two minutes of research on it. When I was seeking the Lord on how to tear down the strong holds of the new world order, that's what He lead me to – the orgone. It has 101 uses. If you are getting ELF attacks though your monitor. If you are on the computer and start getting sick or light headed, you get dizzy, chest pains and feel like you are going to have a heart attack, sometimes taste sulfur in your mouth. That's ELF waves coming through your monitor to attack you. If you put the orgone in front of the monitor it stops those attacks. That was the first thing. I was getting so attacked every time I got in front of the monitor. I was praying constantly, “How can I stop these attacks? How can I stop these attacks?” And getting really fed up with all these Satan freaks and seeking Him on how we could destroy these strongholds. That's when I heard about orgone, these cell towers. It wasn't just the cell towers, it was the ELF towers. The mind control towers going up that flash the white lights as opposed to cell phone towers which flash red lights. Radio towers flash red lights, but they also put contraptions on those towers so they can beam their ELF weapons off them. They can target any one person wherever you are in the world, they can target you with their high-tech weapons. So the Lord gave us a way to fight against it. We've been doing it with the orgone. We've wiped them out. We've taken out millions of them with it. It doesn't effect mankind, but it
burns and suffocates aliens.

One of the things that I saw in Satan's code, which I thought was interesting, because I've seen it in a lot of codes, basically, is one of the things that they're mad about the most is the fact that we teach that orgone will protect areas. It will be a form of protection. They don't want us to be protected against them. They use this whole argument with stupid Christians who hear
voices in their head and thinks its the Lord talking to them. They channel to these Christians to harp and yell about orgone in various ways and come against us. They just use them. And they are easy access, because these people don't test spirits. They don't know when its the Most High speaking to them or Satan. So they just attack them all day long to come up against and attack us.  What is interesting is that it will. It keeps them out of your areas. It keeps chemtrails out of your areas. It keeps UFOs, demons, aliens...if you have night terrors, put it in your room. Demons won't enter a room that has orgone in it. So that s what angers them. So they try and get the church crowd to rally up against us. “All we need is the blood of Jesus.”  Well, when you ask the Lord Himself and He tells you to put orgone, don't you think you should listen to Him and ignore the naysayers? That's what angers them. We've caught on and we've learned that it is a form of protection against them. They don't want us to be protected against them. Now sure, you can always call on the Name of Yahushua for protection if you are being confronted or harassed by an alien or demonic being. Of course! But what happens when you are sleeping and being
attacked? Its almost like having a whole defense against them so they can't even attack you to begins with. If you are praying to the Lord when you are under attack, you are already under attack! With the orgone, you can prevent the attacks to begin with. Its like being in an anointed home 24/7 that doesn't wear off. I know and you know when you anoint your homes. You anoint your doors and your windows and you go through and cast out every evil being and anything out of your home, that it eventually it wears off, and you have to redo it over and over again. With the orgone, it doesn't wear off. Its always there. Its always working 24/7. I find it interesting that their whole war is to come up against us, because they want us to stop building protection areas. A protection area is going to be your home, your yard, your city, your town. I know warriors
have been putting orgone all over the place, from one end of this country to the other and protecting their towns and neighborhoods. Interesting that it angers Satan so much.

You always know when you're on the right track, and in Satan's codes his biggest enemy is you! [laughs]  It always makes me laugh. My name crosses his name. He hates me. I'm the biggest adversary to him. You always know you're on the right track then. Even he hates the Lord's prophet, referred to as His mouthpiece. The names He gives me. Granddaughter of
David. Everything in his codes everything I have already stated. So he knows who I am full well.

So interesting that the battles will never end even after until they arrive, because he is beginning his war on the saints. He hates us, particularly the orgone remnant. He will come after that remnant, but the Lord is going to protect that remnant and he will go after the rest of the Bride, which is the church crowd, which will be the ones pretty much thrown into martial law
and FEMA camps. The Lord has already stated that those are the ones He is going to test. He is going to test them, because they call Him with their lips, but they don't know Him. If they knew Him they would call Him by His real name. That's the first sign of what someones relationship with Him is. If you are praying to Him and building a relationship with Him, He is going to reveal what His Name is to you. And you're going to call Him by His real Name because you are in an intimate relationship with Him. You are building a relationship with the Son of God. So you learn things about Him. Its going to be a time of the mature Christians; the ones who have built a relationship with Him, as opposed to the church crowd who claim they know Him, and they don't. Interesting that only a percentile..only a percentile aggravates him. He doesn't care about the
rest. He doesn't care about the rest of the Christians online. They can have all the visions they can handle and he can give them...and he does. Jeremiah talks about it. Jeremiah talks about how they all claim to have visions and words of prophecy. All they do is share demons. They share the same spirits. That's why they're all so much alike. If you go to their message
boards, it so obvious. Somebody has a dream then everybody has it. Somebody has a word of prophecy and then everybody else has the same thing. They're all sharing the same demons.

Transitioning to Question and Answer Part of the Show

I'm going to get info answering questions for the show. If you have a question for the show, you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com.

I know a lot of people are watching and skies and want to know about the UFOs by the sun. I did a couple of radio shows in 2008 about the sun. You can go to the archives or the transcripts and read about it.

In the third dimension, the sun does not burn you. In the fourth dimension we fry when we're in the sun. But in the third dimension it doesn't bother you. Satan and his kingdom operate in the third dimension. The Bible talks about how Satan has access to the throne of God daily. I've told you the throne of God is in the sun. Interesting that NASA is now scrambling and trying to cover up a photos of huge UFO ships coming from the sun.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. How do you know if someone around you has infiltrated your circle of friends and is a snake? If he is, he gets angry when talking about Christly matters then you know it is. How do you act with it? Is it possible to find a win – win situation or at least they let you live a peaceful life?

Snakes aren't going to give you a peaceful life. No! And an ungodly person or even just a snake always have the same traits. Someone can tell me they are Christian until they are blue in the face, but if they have this bully Satan attitude, I don't care what they claim they are. I know what they are. Not one of the Lord's. They are bullies! They are bullies! They demand that you listen and believe everything they say. Like Alex Jones. Perfect bully. Anyone who can't tolerate a different view; like the two year old who has the tantrum. “Listen to me! Listen to me! Do what I say! Do what I say!” Just bullies. Hateful bullies.
Can't stand being around them. So just watch how a person acts. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace and a bully doesn't know love, joy or peace. They are hateful beings and I cant stand being around them. If you let them stay around, you aren't going to have a bit of peace. So just get rid of them.

Question from a listener: I am in the northeastern mountains of West Virginia. We have been hammered by storms like crazy. We just received 36” and are expecting another storm with 10' to 16”.

I am going through the same thing here in Ohio. Where I am, we typically get maybe 5” the whole winter, and this winter alone we just got hammered in one day with about 24” inches of snow. Its what they call Snowmegheddon. And we have another storm coming in tomorrow.

Question continues: Is it HAARP or the orgone cleansing the Earth?

I think its backfiring whatever they are trying to do. I think that the weather system is just correcting itself. You can only manipulate our weather so much before its going to have to correct itself. I know last month when I was seeking the Lord because it was butt cold here and the chill and....That's what He told me; it was the weather correcting itself. Its probably the same thing for now. I haven't asked Him about these last couple of storms, so I don't know. It could be HAARP and it could be just the weather correcting itself. I know they want it cold in space. I don't know how that translates to making it cold in space by putting a deep chill in certain areas of the country. You know what?! We're used to this. Its winter here. It just seems to be a little more harsh than other winters. But we're used to this. If this was happening in June, I would be looking
more at conspiracy theories. [laughs] This is wintertime here. We just get this weather. It corrects itself. That's all I know about it. I'm not a scientist.

I know there are a lot of scientists that have been jumping on the bandwagon movement with orgone, because they see the properties and everything I've been talking about as an energy and they know it works. And they know it does effect the weather. Its not going to cause  a hurricane, but if a hurricane hits an orgoned wall it will change direction. I saw that down in Galveston, Texas. I've seen it in Florida many times. Hurricanes coming towards the coast of Florida, hitting orgoned walled areas and moving directions. I've seen it with tornadoes. So anything with the chill and all this snow and the results and effects is their fight. Its their fight against us. So all this snow is a result of them  massively chilling the atmosphere maybe trying to get the fires out on all the ships up there that are on fire. [laughs] Or maybe keep them hanging a little bit longer,
buying more time...buying more time.

Shema is going to come crashing one of these months and I can't suspect its going to hang on much longer. This huge rock, this city in the sky, this palace, this temple is going to come crashing down. I don't know where. I can tell you its not going to be the Atlantic, but I don't know where else its going to crash. I keep my eye on it in the codes.

Question from a listener: What do you think about Obama thinking that the Indianapolis Colts wold be the winners of the Superbowl?

He's not going to like New Orleans because its the Saints! The Saints won! I have no idea about his predictions. I don't listen too much to him...probably working for the mafia trying to get everybody to bet that Indianapolis would win. Its probably a mafia thing. Like I said, different strategies for the same things. I still find it interesting that it was a UFO for the stage for
the Who, and the Saints winning that battle. Admitting that we are winning the war against their UFOs. I just think its interesting. I think they're admitting that we've won that battle.

Sometimes I'll see in the codes where one of Satan's people will confess that they've been annihilated and lost a lot of forces. I always expect it to be public, like maybe they'll put it in a print publication somewhere or in maybe in a speech even. That would floor us all. But then admitting of all the victories that the orgone warrior have had against them. Maybe that was it. Maybe that was it. Maybe it was the Superbowl. Maybe that was their way of admitting that we're winning battles against them. Interesting.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. Should we put out all the orgone that we make now, or keep them for later?


Question continues: And how many pucks should we have for later? Would 200 or 300 be good?

[laughs] I don't think you can ever have too much for later. Once they're here, people are going to be scrambling, looking for orgone, making orgone, whatever. People are going to be freaking out. So yeah, 200 – 300 would be a great number to have on hand, because people are going to be practically knocking down your doors wanting to get a hold of orgone, especially when there are giants all over the place and they won't go into orgoned areas, so everyone is going to want to
orgone their areas.

The directions are on my website

Question from a listener: Once you have a relationship with Christ is it safe to go back into your infiltrated circle of friends?

Why would you want to?

Question continues: The snake always has an eye on you.

Yeah, he does.

Question continues: What to do with friends? Start a circle of true friends?

You are always going to be targeted because you are one of the Lord's and they know who you are when you are born. I've always said and its coming out now, there was an article online how the government has your baby's DNA. I've always stated that. Those PKU tests that they give your baby before you leave the hospital where they take blood out of the heel of your baby. That's how they get your baby's DNA. By those PKU tests. And notice that its mandatory. It has to be done before they even let you leave the hospital. I've had four kids and they;re not going to let you walk out that door until you've had a PKU so they can get your baby's DNA on file. And you know its for their purposes; to figure out who are of the serpent seed or of the Lord's seed on Earth.

Question from a listener: Did you see the Vizio commercial with the zombie and the UFO shooting lasers and the giant mechanical hand picking up Beyonce?

Yeah, there is a lot of symbolism with that. I haven't seen anybody break that down...kind of waiting for that. Gonna see what kind of interpretations are with the commercials that were out. They are just kind of picking their own. They are picking all these people and things out of cubicles. I don't know what the significance was to that. That is something you would have to
watch 100 times before you'd figure it out. That one website
VigilantCitizen.com will figure it out.  So keep an eye on that website. They go through and just pick  apart music videos that are going on today. They have a bunch of Rihanna's on there and pick them apart and show you all the satanic symbolism with people like Jay Z and Rihanna and all them.

Question from a listener: The only orgone that helps me is the bucket blasters. Its a little heavy to pick up and carry about. How do I make the smaller ones more powerful?

If you want to make the smaller ones really powerful, make sure you use the heavier copper coil in them. Wrap them around a 1 1/2” PVC pipe. Make sure they are wide enough. Make sure the copper is 10 or 12 gauge. The clearer the crystals you use, the more powerful they are going to be. Also by putting a pure copper coin on the top of them, it gives them an extra
power boost of copper. The clarity of the crystals. Use the copper boost. You can also put magnets inside the copper coil with the crystal. That will amplify the power of the crystal inside the muffins. Just a couple of suggestions for those who are making their own orgone at home. When I make it on my website I use 10 or 12 gauge copper wire, so it is very heavy. And
clear crystals. When you are home you can add the extra copper. The Liberty Blasters I sell have a pure copper Liberty coin on the top of them with a picture of a printing press. It adds a lot of power boost to those, because they are pure copper. Its just those three things – the clarity of your crystals and the copper. Make sure you are using at least one-third aluminum
shavings. Don't use man made metals like brass or anything. Stick with aluminum and there is another one that is more expensive than aluminum. My mind goes blank. (titanium: Liz)

I'm going to wrap it up for tonight.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.