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February 15, 2010
Transcribed by Liz Patton


Nibiru is Coming...And So Is The Antichrist

And hello everybody. You're live. It's Monday night with Sherry Shriner. If you have a question for the show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. I'll be getting into those tonight.

It's been quiet. Most people are under snow. I'm experiencing another snow blizzard myself right now in an area that normally gets about 5 inches a year, and got about 5 feet in the last 2 weeks.

I've been trying to figure out what's going on. If this is HAARP, or is this God. Is it the weather correcting itself because of weather weapons. I haven't really figured it out. I really don't have any answers on it yet. But what I find interesting it comes up in the codes snow – chill. So I have to believe this is all part of their plan, because they're burning. The orgone has their skylight on fire, which we know is Shema in the atmosphere. It's burning. It's a problem. It's a permanence. It's not going to go away. These are the kinds of things I'm seeing in the codes. Eventually that thing is going to come falling out of the sky. A “great mountain burning with fire”, depicted right after the sixth seal. Very interesting that eventually that will fall.

But people need to put things in perspective, because that thing isn't going to fall until after martial law in America. I don't know if other countries will experience martial law at the same time as America. I'm sure they will, because the war on the Saints is going to trigger martial law in a lot of countries, because Satan is going to go after the believers in those countries. If you live in China, you already know what I'm talking about. You've been experiencing it for a long time; believers are routinely persecuted and killed in China. Also Israel. Real Torah believing Jews are routinely persecuted by the Talmudic Jews that rule over Israel today. We don't hear about it much from this media, but it happens. Here in America the tightening of our freedoms is hitting everybody, Christians and patriots alike. Just hitting everybody and its going to get much worse.

I did radio shows last year and warned that times were never going to get better. Once they started to get worse and go downhill, they were going to keep getting worse and worse and worse and never go back to the way things were. People used to laugh and scoff. “Oh no we'll bounce bad. Its just a recession. We'll bounce back.” We're not bouncing anywhere; we're further down the New World Order road. Don't expect things to get better. They're not going to get better. All you can do is brace yourselves and prepare. Seek the Lord.

I hear from a lot of people. “There's just no way!” and “I have no money.” It's about you. You start quoting all your problems and its “I, I, I. I can't, I can't!” I can't, for whatever excuse or reason. What does the Lord have to say? You people need to be going to the Lord Himself and say, “How do I prepare? Show me how to prepare. I have no money. I have no job. I know I should have started this years ago.”

And you know, the fact that people have lost their jobs and have lost their money; that's a judgment from Him. All of these things are judgments, but lets put things into perspective. The New World Order has soundly taken over America, because we allowed it to. The preachers have slept in the pulpits. We have wolves in the pulpits and tens of thousands of people flock to their churches every week. People weren't doing with their money what they were supposed to be doing so the Lord took it away. Just various reasons why people are in the predicaments they are in.

The big one that this ministry has suffered the last few years is, the people that were sent here to bless this ministry in the last days went after wolves. They went after wolves. They decided to support other ministries instead. And what are those ministries doing? Nothing. Blowing hot air. Big deal! Churches in America are a dime a dozen. This is the only ministry I have seen anywhere, other than the ones that are feeding the poor and doing the things the Lord is leading them to do, that's standing up and fighting against Satan's kingdom on Earth. We are doing something about it. We are standing up and fighting against Satan's kingdom on Earth and destroying it bit by bit, piece by piece. And there is a testament to it now. Look at how they are chilling the air.

Do you think its funny that Washington DC is 'snowmageddon'? That's because they've been there for a while now. I've told you that there is a council of these what the Bible codes call buffalo; these alien. They actually have their own board in DC. They are in DC. They are running Obama. They are running our Congress. And even Obama himself if burning up because the orgone effects them that way. It burns them. So they need to chill the air to stop the burning. So what are they going to do when its no longer wintertime and they can't chill the air anymore? The Lord's judgment is on them, burning them.

Interesting that I've seen a lot of Nibiru coming up in the Bible codes. May and June are dominant months for Nibiru. I don't know if its this year or next year. I have no year, but I have the months May and June. I don't think they can stall too much longer. This Nibiru (people call it Planet X) is coming in and its going to wreak havoc with our weather. The ancient Sumerians referred to it as the Day of the Lord. Interesting; I started to look at some old codes that I did on Planet X, probably 8 or 9 years ago when I first started learning to use the Bible code program. Some of the codes that I had come up with with Isaiah 14:9 it says:

Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming: it stirreth up the dead for thee, even all the chief ones of the earth; it hath raised up from their thrones all the kings of the nations.

I thought it remarkable that the term Planet X would have the term Hell running in straight beside it in the Bible codes. Isaiah is talking about the entrance of the Antichrist onto the world scene. Will his entrance be marked with Planet X at the same time? It says Hell from beneath is moved for thee to meet thee at thy coming. It almost denotes that it will be here at about the same time that the Antichrist arises on Earth.

We can juggle back and forth who the Antichrist is. We know its the leader of last days Babylon. Who is the real leader of Babylon? When I look in the Bible codes, Maitreya and Obama are synonymous with each other. There are the same. He's a puppet of Maitreya. I'm just waiting to start seeing indwelling terms. I will know that Maitreya has taken over Obama's body. Right now I don't think so; hes just operating as a pawn and a puppet for Maitreya right now. Interesting that the Bible codes always refers to the fake god that's coming as an Arab sheik. And the same term surrounds Obama because he is from Arabia. Hes a Muslim. Sheik is one of the terms that connotates him and also Maitreya. The both of them. Very interesting just keeping our eyes out. Either way, we know that Obama will be the last president we ever have. We don't even have to worry about the stupid 2012 elections. We won't get that far. Its not going to change from Obama. They've got their pawns, their characters for the last days stage in place. Everybody is in place.

Interesting that people just need to be buckling down. Stop donating your money to political parties, its a waste of money. Start preparing for hard times. Food, clothes, things you'll need in the future that you won't be able to get. Get them now.

More terms that I found in this Planet X code. Earth – pole – shake – upturned - Old Testament – Pentateuch - end time. The arrival of this planet will disturb the solar system, causing cataclysmic events and the shaking of the Earth. Possibly a pole shift. Or possibly a huge shaking that is the sixth seal. Other terms, new world order – Babylon (America) mobilization – doorway – opening. Some kind of doorway here, a gateway here in Babylon that they can use. NASA – bewildered – furious - infuriated – cruel – interfere – tyrannous – inhabitant. This planet is carrying the backup armies of the Antichrist, his extra forces. The Bible codes call them Philistines, because they are giants. The New Age wants you to believe that they are peace loving angelic beings who want to help humanity, but they are very cruel. They are tyrants and they are coming to do the work on Earth that the Lord is going to stand them up and appoint them to do. That's when you can read all of the Day of the Lord judgments that happens. And we all know the Day of the Lord is connotated as the last

3 ½ years of the tribulation period. So when you see these Philistines here; these giants, and I've warned about them for years, you'll know you are in the last 3 ½ years of the tribulation period. There is going to be a lot of destruction caused.

One of the things I saw in 2001, was that America would be in martial law because of all the destructions caused by this incoming Planet X. Tsunamis and earthquakes and everything alone that would cause martial law here in America. Of course, they'll use it as an excuse to round up Christians that they have on their target lists and eliminate them. Its very interesting that the destruction and fiasco of this coming planet also begins the full mobilization of the New World Order. Its hand in hand. Its destruction. That's what Satan is all about. Hes always about destruction, suffering and death.

We can watch its arrival in the skies. Its a huge red planet. When you start seeing this planet coming in, you'll know that the Antichrists entrance on the worlds stage is around the corner.

I've always depicted that as this Maitreya that's coming. But I'm also mindful of the fact that he could just indwell Obama's body. So I'm literally just watching to see which one happens. There are different avenues they can take. They don't have anything set in stone and they always have backup plans.

The Bible details horrible judgments coming in famines, earthquakes, plagues, wars, water contamination and much more to follow the years after the arrival of the planet and then the Antichrist. And he'll be hailed as a man of peace, but he will bring nothing but destruction and death.

Look at the correlations with both Maitreya and Obama. Maitreya hails himself as a world teacher and Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, as a man of peace. There are so many correlations between the two; we just have to watch them both. Obama being the puppet, even if hes not the Antichrist himself, but a false prophet. Look at the one who is enforcing world legislation that requires that the world worships this Antichrist as god. A person in that kind of legislative authority would have to be a leader from the most powerful nation in the world. Look who is also sitting as the head of the National Security Council of the UN, which is Obama. Everything is being set up for him to step into that role that the Bible calls the second beast; the false prophet, to turn the whole New World Order into a dictatorial control.

Tonight I want to talk a little bit about the New World Order, because Christians go to sleep when they hear about the New World Order. They think its just a political organization or something about the UN and it will never materialize into anything. They don't realize that this whole thing about the New World Order isn't about politics; its about religion. Its about both. You can't separate the New World Order from politics or religion, because the whole purpose of the New World Order is to bring Lucifer down to Earth and enforce worldwide worship of him as god. Hes Satan's right hand man on Earth, along with the false prophet. And they will implement worldwide worship of Lucifer. The Bible refers to them as beasts, because that's exactly what they are.

Most know Lucifer as one of the last days beasts as the Antichrist. The occultic groups call him the one or the god of light. Some say Lucifer will arrive as himself, masquerading as an angelic being. Others declare he will be a human political religious figure who dies and comes back to life and visibly descends from Earth to Heaven. Satan can indwell the Antichrist and the false prophet, but neither one of them are solely him, because as you can see in the book of Revelation, the Antichrist and false prophet are cast into the lake of fire and Satan is cast into the abyss for 1000 years. They are actually three separate entity beings.

The New World Order that's coming is about dictatorial control and I've warned about how they do that through chip implants. They are trying to establish a fourth Reich here on Earth. We saw the practice run with Hitler and the Third Reich. You haven't seen anything yet with this fourth Reich. Its about one leader rising to take rule and control of all the governments and nations. For what? For worship. Not just to lead a dictatorial world empire, but to be worshiped as God. You cannot separate politics from religion with the New World Order, neither can you understand what is really going on by ignoring the religious aspect.

The Bible is far ahead of any political or economic analyst today. It warned about the last days events and the rise of a one world government. In fact, the political leader is referred to as the false prophet and he makes proclamations that the entire world must implement. Notice I said that its a political leader that is referred to as the false prophet.

In Revelation 13: 14-17 it reads:

And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

The leader of the New World Order will have the legislative authority over the nations to force them to adhere to the rules and laws of this new world order. He will pull his political authority and weight over them and demand legislation be passed that calls for an image, statue or monument of some kind be erected of the resurrected beast. And demand that every person on the planet bow down and worship the image of this beast.

Another act of legislation that will be implemented and enforced worldwide is that every person born will have to get this beast name, number or image in or on their right hand or forehead. Most people believe this will be some kind of implantable chip that they are conditioning the masses with now as they promote the health advantages and consumer aspects of it to gain acceptance and popularity. I've warned about the chip. It is the beast chip. All of the chips are. They're putting them in vaccines. They're putting them in shots. Simple flu shots. He rules by control; he does that through technology, folks. Eventually its going to have to be an initiation into the New World Order where you willingly and voluntarily worship this beast.

What happens to those who refuse? They will be put to death. They will be put to death. Talk about chaos in every country. Can you imagine going into your grocery stores or your restaurants and seeing an idol or image and being forced to bow down and worship that thing? And if you refuse, they will kill you on the spot? I think the Lord will be keeping a lot of people at home. I think the chaos caused by a lot of that, they'll already be able to handle that because they'll already have the camps in operation. This whole implementation of worshiping the beast and getting his name, number or image in or on your right hand or forehead comes after the war on the Saints. The war on the Saints is the next thing on the horizon, because you can see the famines and the plagues that are circulating the globe. Of course the media doesn't harp on a lot of it. The famines that are going on. And whats after that? Its the war on the Saints.

Fortunately that's going to be the one thing that a lot of people will be able to see. There's going to be roundups. They are going to be rounding up people. Obama isn't going to come out and say, “Okay, I hate Christians in America.” Well, he already does [laughs] He won't pray. He wouldn't honor National Day of Prayer. He doesn't want a thing to do with the customs and traditions of this country, because he's not from this country. He's Muslim. He's running the agenda of the beast Maitreya, so he's not going to have a problem secretly enforcing legislation that involves roundups of people who will refuse to go along with this alien agenda, new world order. He'll have them roundup and sent to these FEMA camps and killed. This is the next thing on our horizon. I know we always get to the point where we look beyond it and we look at other events that are coming up. That gives you a picture of what will be going on in the future, what everybody else might be going through on Earth, but certainly in America and every place else; if you are a Bible believing Christian, you are going to be targeted for murder. It's not going to just happen in America. It will probably start here. They have this whole plan and agenda set up for every country around the world.

I find it interesting that everybody seems to be on this 2012 bandwagon. These Mayans who were fallen angel hybrids, and yet everyone examines their prophecies known as the Hopi prophecies as though they were scripture itself. The Mayans were actually a remnant who escaped from Atlantis before it's destruction.

Folks, there is a difference between channeling information and getting it from the Lord Yahuah Himself. He doesn't contradict Himself. The Bible is still relevant today regarding last days prophesies. Nothing has changed. The Bible, most notably the KJV and later versions have been mistranslated. They've had things added and subtracted to and from it. I'll see things in the Bible codes, chapters in the books that aren't even in the books. There are missing chapters. It's been toyed with. But you know what? The message is still the same. The warnings of the last days. The birth, life, death and resurrection of Yahushua, the Son of God. The core message is still the same in the Bible. One of the reasons why the New Age wants to harp about all the contradictions of the Bible is so they can change it to suit their own agendas. No matter how many people want to confuse with doctrines such as the rapture (which is not even a doctrine, but a theory in the churches today) are the lining of events for the events in the last days tribulation period. The fact remains the same over and over; Yahushua is returning to destroy the wicked and evil in the world. He is not coming to help us evolve into a higher vibratory consciousness. Those are lies of this whole New Age agenda, coming to deceive the whole world by their lies. They go by the book of Urantia. That seems to be their major book of deception that they go by. There is no dimensional shift coming, only the birth pains mentioned in Matthew 24. The Earth is in travail and it isn't going to recover into some utopia garden of Eden on Earth for the gullible.

You know you're knee deep in Annunaki and alien cow dung when scripture is distorted and thrown out to ignore the truth of what it says and being used by the New Age agenda who decides what they need and what they can throw out. The Annunaki, another name for the giants that are coming, are the ones preparing the world for their arrival, which they refer to as a new dimension. They consider themselves spiritual beings with evolved souls containing spiritual enlightenment. Its a bunch of alien cow dung, folks. Fallen angel cow dung. They preach the demise of one regime to bring in their own of Christs kingdom on Earth. The Illuminati s hold on the New World Order has to end so that their faction can rise and take over. That's why the Lord years ago had put me over into the alien agenda. I was mostly in the New World Order agenda, and He started showing me the alien New Age part of this agenda. Right now we see a lot of factional fighting. Factional supremacy. The factions fighting it out. The aliens trying to position themselves as being seen as peace loving beings. They want to come and “help and heal the Earth and the people on the Earth” and at the same time they are promoting and planning your demise by putting poisons in vaccinations and demanding that our governments vaccinate the people so all the people on the Earth can become injected with these poisons and chip implants they have in them, so they can kill you. destroy you and make you sick. And at the least, have you controlled because they all have chip implants in them. They all have chip implants in these shots.

The aliens, these ascended masters aren't going to tell you the world is going to be destroyed because of their presence here. The very Earth rebels against their presence. It rebels. The Bible talks about how it moans and travails as in birth. Its rebelling against their presence here. But instead, the fallen angels will blame it on the people of the Earth and those with “negative frequency vibes” such as Christians and those who don't believe and go along with their garbage. They claim that they're coming to help us evolve into another frequency and dimension into an era, which we're in now. The Age of Aquarius. And era of soul development and evolving into higher levels of spiritual consciousness and awareness. Folks, the continuing evolving of the soul is not a doctrine of scripture but one of Christ consciousness and Lucifer's end time game plan to build this fake kingdom on Earth as a mimic of paradise.

There is no difference between the New Age satanism or even in the churches today who teach this kingdom mandate. They are all the same. The Lord doesn't need us on Earth to prepare the Earth and build it into a kingdom mentality before He will arrive. You see this kingdom mandate. Pat Robertson used to be big on it. A lot of these Pentecostals are; where “we have to get ready and prepare the Earth and get rid of the wickedness so that He will arrive.” That's the whole reason He does arrive! He is going to destroy this Earth and remove the wicked off of it. The churches teach there is going to be this huge rapture and all the righteous are going to be removed from the Earth. Do you know what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches that the wicked will be removed from the Earth. Interesting that they ignore the words of Yahushua Himself. The real name of the Son of God is Yahushua. The warnings He gave Himself is that we aren't going anywhere but to judgment, destruction and death as a world here on Earth.

There are two worlds colliding right now. The world we live in and the world the aliens (fallen angels) are trying to bring in for their last days worldwide dictatorial control of the Earth, known as this whole Age of Aquarius hogwash. The whole Age of Aquarius where “we are all evolving” and “moving up into soul develop” and “we're going to have a fifth dimension here and blah, blah blah, a lot of people fall for this . A lot of people actually believe this. Jump to the back to the book and read how it all ends. The whole time that they are here; Maitreya or Obama has taken the role of Antichrist on Earth. The Earth is going to rebel. The people are rebelling. Its a whole time of just chaos, destruction and death for 3 ½ years. Its complete chaos. They aren't going to have a day of peace.

So its funny that they've planned this stuff for thousands of years because they think they can undo the Lord's judgments. They think they can find ways around them. They think if they can build Earth into a fifth dimension that they can escape His judgments and punishments that are coming. Satan knows whats coming to him, but he doesn't believe it. He thinks he can find ways around it. It doesn't matter how many underground bases they build they think they can hide in. The Lord is going to destroy them. It doesn't matter how many caves...how many billions of dollars they pump into hideouts, the Lord is going to destroy them all. They can't hide from the Most High. But you can't tell them that. They are so hell bent on being stubborn and fighting against what is prophesied against them, that you can't tell them anything. And certainly the people that have fallen for their hogwash, who fall into this new age garbage of building a new heaven on Earth. A fifth dimension. These are third dimension beings who think they can come into the fourth dimension and build a fifth dimension.

You know what? They've been here for tens of thousands of years; why haven't they done it if its possible? Because they can't. They can't. All they can do is sell this kind of garbage and lies to the gullible on Earth so people accept them. “Oh, okay we want you to come to Earth.” And we've seen how many groups online are readily accepting of these new age, calling themselves ascended masters and the garbage they preach and teach. They want them to come to Earth. They even call their followers light workers, like they are some kind of angelic beings. Do you see how the whole thing mimics Heaven and the Bible and the Lord? It just mimics, and they mock everything.

The Most High didn't tell us that the Kingdom of God was going to be created by jumping into another dimension. He said that this Earth would be completely destroyed and then He would rebuild it for His reign on Earth. You can read Revelation chapters 19 to 21. And then He would build His kingdom here with us. So we can't do it without Him, folks. It is impossible for mankind to build a utopia here on Earth, when evil still exists. You notice what He does. He removes all the wicked off the Earth, then He builds His kingdom on Earth. Then He builds it. So you have to have a total destruction of the old to bring in the new. There is no way you can take the old and then try to make it new with all the old still here.

That's one thing that the whole NWO-alien agenda recognizes. They plan on killing everyone here that doesn't agree with them. They think that's their way around that. They think that by killing everyone, which they call negative vibrations, people that don't like them, people that know who they are and what they are and aren't going to go along with the program. They think the way around that is to just kill everybody. Cleanse the Earth of everybody and just kill them. So that's their plan. That's their general plan to come and kill and destroy to try and get around the fact that they will never be able to succeed with their plans here on Earth. All they need to do is get their foot on Earth. That's all the need to do. What they want to do is go right into, after the war on the Saints and killing off everybody who doesn't believe and follow their agenda, which they call a time of cleansing; earth purifying itself. Earth doesn't cleanse itself. They are using their own forces to drag people into these camps. They're not just going to walk into them themselves. Its a time of war. Its them against us. Its a time of war. Their war against mankind.

So at the same time the Lord has stood up a little rag tag band of warriors, and we've been implementing our war against them, which is this orgone; depicted as the white horse, the rider has a bow without arrows, signifying a non-conventional weapon. Its a bow, but has no arrows. We're destroying them at the same time. In the background right now, which most people don't see, the war is in high gear, because this orgone is crushing their atmosphere. Their altitude is burning them, so they are chilling the atmosphere so they can find some kind of relief from the burning pain from the saturated air, which is orgone. The Lord Yahushua has cranked that up. He is cranking it up and they are all in a lot of misery and despair right now. I don't know if they can leave once they are on Earth, because we have crushed their altitude. It makes more sense to me that they would just leave. They are harboring right now in Washington DC. They've got their board there. They've got their leaders there. They are traveling through these portals and gateways. It seems to me instead of chilling the air, they would just leave. But I think they are grounded here. The ones that are here are here to stay. And there are more coming.

I find it interesting that there seems to be some kind of a drought in the cosmos where the water is drying up. So the only place that there is going to be water is here on Earth. So they're all going to be coming here, because they have to have water to survive too, folks. They have to have water.

Everything is pointing to the soon massive arrival of what we see in Revelation chapter 12, when Lucifer is kicked out of the heavens by Michael and his archangels and arrives to Earth. Everything culminating with them all being kicked out and arriving to Earth.

Interesting; just keep your eyes on this Nibiru, this planet, because the closer it gets to here, it comes about the same time the Antichrist will arise, which I still believe for now is Maitreya, because the Bible codes doesn't say otherwise. Obama, being his pawn right now. But Obama could easily down the road become indwelt by him.

Maitreya is just a cloned body. The one we're going to see is just a clone. Its just a clone of Cain. The Bible codes call him Cain. A mirror of Cain. So he's just a clone. It's not his body; he could easily indwell another one such as Obama's, I'm keeping my eyes on that. Basically what we could do is just watch what they are doing. Watch what they are doing, because the next thing on the horizon that all of us need to be watching out for is the war on the Saints. The martial law roundups. If you've been listening to this show long enough or anyone else on the internet, there is not a patriot out there that hasn't been warning about FEMA camps, the coming roundups, and martial law. This is on the horizon, folks. This is coming. A good reason to jump start into martial law, being all the weather catastrophes that are going to be a result of this planet Nibiru that is coming in.

Anyway, just a heads up on that. And like I said, the dominant moths for that is May and June. I don't know what year. We may have another year. I highly doubt it. Get ready. You start seeing the roar of the waves. We've already been seeing the shaking of the land, folks. How many earthquakes just in the last three months just in our country alone? Everything indicating that Nibiru is getting much closer to Earth. At the same time we will see the arrival and implementation of this whole alien agenda on Earth. And we'll see Revelation 13 coming about.

Just a heads up for a lot of people to start getting prepared. Get off the fence. Start seeking the Lord. Start building a relationship with Him. And have Him lead and guide you into what to do and where to go. The one thing you need more than anything in these days is to be able to hear Him and how He works. And recognize how He speaks to your spirit. That nudging. That still small voice in your spirit. Ask Him to teach you how to hear and how to recognize when its Him. So many people are channeling these false new age gods. The Most High does not speak to your head, folks! He speaks to your heart and your spirit. So if you hear voices in your head, its not Him. You are just channeling (and I see this so many times) Maitreya or one of Satan's generals – Germaine, Sananda...he's got a whole host of aliens and demons that people are channeling today. Don't listen to them. Learn how to hear the voice of the Lord in your spirit.


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I don't know how much longer the snowstorms are going to be hitting. They are chilling the air for their own purposes, to stay cool. They are in a lot of pain. That's the only thing that I can see in the codes right now in regards to perhaps getting an answer to why 44 out of 48 states are covered in snow right now.

Yeah, we've done our job against them. We've done our job. We've got a few months left.

One of the things that I've found with this whole incoming planet of Nibiru is that its going to be a great unifier among the believers. All of a sudden the sleeping churchdumb crowd is going to realize that the Lord has promised protection for those who are His. And He has also told us what that protection is. But they've ignored it. They've mocked it. They've mocked me. They've mocked the warriors. They've made fun of it. They didn't believe that the Lord would actually have them get up and do something to protect themselves, so they are going to be in a panic. Everybody is going to be wanting this orgone, because it is our protection against these Philistines that are going to be arriving to Earth by the millions. And they are cruel. They are vicious. They are tyrants. And they're going to be eating people and tearing people's limbs off and chasing them! Its going to be a time of sheer terror, panic and chaos. And the one protection you are going to have is, they don't like orgoned areas, because it burns them. They're going to stay out of those areas. This is the protection that we have from the Lord Himself. I can just see it; even if the orgone warriors are here and not removed at that time by the Most High. I see that a lot; that He will remove this faction of the orgone warriors; this 144,000. Because they will returned later. I find it interesting that people are just going to be waiting too long. No one is going to able to fill the demand. No one. Interesting that it will unify the church crowd, but at the same time its just going to be too late for so many of them. And their destruction is going to be allowed, because they refused to listen to the Lord's prophets on Earth. They mock them. They make fun of them. That's the way Israel has always been.

Question from a listener: First I want to say, you do a great show. I have been listening since late last year. I have heard you talk about the Ark of the Covenant, so I got to thinking; do you think Maitreya will try to bring Noah's ark? Not the real one. I know people think its in the mountains of Turkey. What do you think?

No. I don't see any reason why he would need Noah's ark. They will be bringing along a fake Ark of the Covenant that they've built to try and show that he is the messiah, because hes coming with the 'Ark of the Covenant', but its a fake one.

Question from a listener: You mentioned Urantia. Whats up with the book of Urantia?

Its been years since I read parts of this Urantia book. It's just a bunch of garbage. Its their rewriting of scripture to fit their agenda. You don't go very far into the New Age until how Judas was unjustly criticized by the Christians. Judas is their Jesus' best buddy and scribe. Its very funny. You see the church crowd unjustly criticized Judas when he is actually like the right hand man of “the Lord”. Of course, its not our Yahushua, but their Sananda. They just twist scripture. You've already seen Dan Brown's garbage; this whole love affair they put out there between Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Of course its not our Yahushua. They just invent. They take fictional characters and put biblical names on them so they can twist and distort biblical patriarchs and even Yahushua the Son of God. They mock Him. His name isn't Jesus. This Jesus that is coming as Jesus,this Sananda, that's not the real Son of God. They set up these fictional characters to step into patriarchal positions and give them biblical names. Its part of the whole game they play. Urantia is a whole rewriting of history to suit their own agenda and their own lies.

Question from a listener: Hi Sherry. I've been researching the Bible and can't seem to find anything about the 7 year tribulation. I see 3 ½ years, but not 7. Where does that come from?

Daniel talks about 3 ½ years and John talks about 42 months, so the churches always put that together as a 7 year tribulation period. We know the Day of the Lord is 3 ½ years, which is 42 months. I've always questioned the whole 7 year thing myself, but you have certain things that take place for 1260 days and then the Day of the Lord is 1260 days. You can either come up with a 7 year period, or just see the Day of the Lord, which is the 3 ½ years. The 42 months.

Question from a listener: I really like the song you play at the opening of the show about a rag tag band of revolutionaries. What is the actual name of the song, and who is it by?

That is Steve Vaus and it's Renegade. A lot of people have liked that song over the years. It was the first song I ever played back when I started this radio show with Reality Radio Network in 2005. I spent the last 2 – 3 days updating all my archives, transcriptions and everything. It's a lot of work to update all this stuff. You'll notice that in 2006 I wasn't even on the air. I started this show in I think the last week of August or September of 2005 and was on the air for several months. Then the attacks just came. I mean, Satan was furious I was on the air. I ended up being homeless for a while because of all the attacks. I had little support at all from listeners, so couldn't even afford the bills as it was. Eventually came back on the air in 2007.

Folks, I need your donations and support for this radio show. I don't take outside advertisements for my websites. I don't take commercial advertisements for the radio show or my websites. This show reaches 162 countries around the world. Over 3 million visitors to my websites a month. I just need you to step up and support this ministry. I don't hound my listeners every 5 minutes during my show for contributions, donations and money like other radio hosts. I want to spend my time teaching and reach out to people, not hounding them for money the whole time. I don't have a book of the week, and a video of the week. I don't have 18 people working me. I don't have anybody working for me. I've got a scribe that transcribes my radio shows who has stepped up into that calling and position. And some other people who have their own websites up. I don't have employees.

People ask me about my websites; why I don't get a professional web designer. Because it costs money. I don't want to spend money on design, when I could use it to go orgone Satan's kingdom. I'm not fancy. There is nothing fancy about me. And the reason is because I don't take commercial advertisements for my websites. I've had a lot of people and company's over the years want to advertise on my websites that I've turned down. People that want to place commercials during my radio show, I've turned down, because the Lord said to stay away from all that, and so that's what I do. I either keep going or I just fall, but its all going to be at His Hand, and its going to be at the hand of His people. That's the way its been. That's the way it's going to stay. Even if I do have the most amateur websites on the internet, the message gets through. The information gets out there. That's the bottom line. That's all that's important as far as I am concerned.


Anyway, until next week everybody, Yah bless.