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February 22, 2010

And hello everybody. Welcome to the show. Youíre with Sherry Shriner. Itís February 22nd. If you have a question for the
show you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iíll be getting into those in a little bit later.

First of all, I want to thank all those who are tithing and contributing to this ministry. I couldnít do it without you guys. I couldnít
cover the expenses. So I thank you for your tithes and contributions to this ministry. Also those who have never contributed
to this ministry; I know I reach out to millions every week, every month. We just need your help. There are so many things we
could do, but our hands are always tied because of lack of funds. And there are things I need, folks.  I need a four wheel
drive so I can even start to take up the cause of missions again. I usually like to do a mission every year and simply canít do
it on my 15 year old car anymore. There are things I need to do, to get, and I need your contributions to do that, so Iím
thanking you ahead for making that possible.

Some of you want to know where your contributions go. Iíll tell you where they go. They go into the backyards, communities,
towns and cities all over this world that we send orgone to. We have warriors out there covering their territories. It goes
towards helping people that canít afford the orgone. And just going on missions the Lord leads us to go on. We are doers.
Weíre not just talkers. In fact sitting here talking week after week is not part of what we are about. We need your
contributions so we can keep targeting areas that the Lord wants us to target and puts on our hearts to do.

I was working in a code todayÖit always comes up percentile. Itís  always a small percentile of the warriors who are actually
doing the things the Lord wants them to do. Especially with the orgone war. We are very, very small rag tag group of
warriors. One thing I love seeing is dependable, reliable, slow but dependable! [laughs] I donít like to see the slow. I wish we
could speed it up, but you can only do as much as our finances permit. But we are getting it done.

One of the things I found that He praised so much and Satan hates so much Ė is the fact that we are refusing their residence
here on Earth. We are fighting back. We are fighting back. We are refusing them residence. And every warrior who is
standing up getting their islands, their countries, their nations, their towns, their cities; you are basically saying to Satan,
ďYou arenít coming here! Youíre not welcome here!Ē Because they donít like orgoned areas.

You can see what itís doing to their UFOs and their starships in the sky. Itís been crashing them for the past three years. I
told you that would start happening. When this stuff starts saturating the atmosphere, it would pull them out of the skies, and
thatís what itís doing. The media of course, ďOh, itís a meteor in Mexico. Itís a meteor in RussiaĒ.[laughs] Of course what
they are getting now is  huge chunks of rock of a starship they use to call Shema. It is on fire. Itís been on fire since October.
Thatís how big this Shema star is.

The New Agerís always talk about it on their googly dunk websites. Talking about this big Bethlehem star that would herald
the arrival of their world teacher. Well, look at it now; itís heralding a ball of flame. Itís on fire. And that was the orgone that
did it. Eventually itís going to completely fall out of the sky. Right now itís falling in chunks out of the sky for the past year
since October. And they just keep on calling them meteors. Before that it was UFOs. They are finding that we are resisting
them. There is a resistance group here on earth. Weíre not just talkers; weíre doers. We need your help with finances to
keep that going. Definitely, because there is such a short time to go.

Obamaís got his plans of a rebirth in this nation. And that just gags me. I know its rhetoric. Anyone who hears about the New
World Order and their agenda and about how the whole Phoenix bird is about rebirth and resurrection. When you see it in
the codes, you just want to gag, because thatís what their plans are.

Their plans; weíve made them jump to plans B and C so many times because weíve taken plan A away from them. Thatís
what we need to be doing. Weíre warriors. We love the Most High. Even if youíre not a warrior and you love the Most High,
are you going to let Satan walk freely on this earth? Doesnít it make you sick? Donít you hate him? Donít you have a
righteous hatred for Satan and his fallen angels and the thought of them coming to Earth?

One of my pet peeves when I hear it is when I hear how people always refer to the aliens as ďintelligent life formsĒ. What is
so intelligent about them? I donít see a thing intelligent about them. Itís their mentality, because to them human are cattle on
Earth. To them weíre their food. They eat humans. Thatís why they canít leave and find a different universe to live in. Do
something else for a change, because they survive off the dust of the earth, which are the humans. And weíre their food. So
thatís exactly how they refer to us as cattle on the earth. And of course theyíre the ďintelligent ones.Ē They were the ones
kicked out of heaven, but they want us to think they are intelligent. It just blows my mind. I could never call them intelligent
beings. To me they are just stupid fodder waiting for the lake of fire. Thatís exactly whatís coming. But until then weíve got
prophetic events that are going to play themselves out on earth. The Most High is going to give Satan 42 months reign on
Earth and heís going to take it. And thereís going to be a lot of death and destruction here.

I keep warning you, nothing is going to get better. Nothing is going to get better. Obama is not going to change any policies
that Bush implemented; heís plastering his own down. They all come from the same vine. Same fruit. Same vine. Itís not
going to change. Nothing is going to change. Weíre not going to go back to the times of the Ď80s and 90s. This is 2010 and
weíre barely surviving. We are in so many delays. 2009 should have been the completely war torn destruction of the United
States and thatís been delayed. We are going to be bombed and at war. People donít see it coming.

One of the things I was thinking about just a few minutes before the show. I really donít know what Iím going to talk about until
I turn the microphone on. I just want the Lord to speak through me and then have me say what He wants me to say, so I donít
really plan anything. One of the things that strikes me the most is the coming persecution of believers, because so many
arenít ready to be persecuted. So many think, and I get this just from the naysayers about orgone. ďOh the Lord doesnít
need that. He wouldnít have us do that!Ē You can hear Satanís hiss in everything they whine about. [laughs] They do the
same thing about persecution. They donít believe they are going to be persecuted. They think the Lord is going to protect
them. If you have faith and trust in the Lord through all these things that are coming. And thatís not what the Lord says at all.
Thatís not what He says. His people have always been persecuted.

Thereís something I wanted to read if I can find it hereÖsomething that He brought to my attention.  Weíre not any better
than the early believers, the early church. They were put under persecution and it wasnít because they werenít truly saved or
didnít love the Lord, they didnít have faith in the Lord. He allows the persecution of His people. He always has. So why the
church age today thinks theyíre going to miss the tribulation persecution because of the raptureÖthere is no rapture. There
is no rapture. There is a huge persecution coming across this land and theyíre not prepared for it because they are listening
to the wolves of their churches who give them feel good theology and have put them to sleep. They want you to think that by
being a Christian you will be healthy and wealthy; just donate to that minister. Itís nothing but lies. And youíve fallen for that
commercial greed because you are greedy; because you donít want to have to face the fact that, ďHey, I might have to go
under persecution.Ē And you know why the Lord allows it? To test your faith. How much are you going to love Him, or will you
still love Him if He allows you to be picked up from your home, your car, picked up from your family, tortured, raped and
abused? Will you still love Him then? The whole thing about persecution is your love for Him.

In Micah chapter 3 verse 2-4 it says:

2 Who hate the good, and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bones; 3 Who also
eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from off them; and they break their bones, and chop them in pieces, as for the
pot, and as flesh within the caldron.  
4 Then shall they cry unto the LORD, but he will not hear them: he will even hide his face
from them at that time, as they have behaved themselves ill in their doings.

And He is talking about what weíve heard is going on in underground bases, where people are abducted and their skin and
their flesh is ripped from their bones and theyíre put in these cauldrons and theyíre boiled, basically. And what does this
say? It says that it happens to the Lordís people. It happens to them. And why does He allow it? Because they behaved
themselves ill in their doings.

Iíve never met a bigger liar or a bigger thief than Christians, because they think that they can just be forgiven of their sins, so
theyíre not conscious of the way they act, especially contractors, business people; they think that theyíll be forgiven so they
donít care how they treat you, especially if they find out youíre another Christians. Interesting that the Lord allows. And this
one of the reasons He allows persecutions, they behave themselves ill in their doings.

Iíve never met a Christian that isnít self righteous. Iíve never met one that doesnít toot their own horn and say ďWeíll Gods
going to protect me. All I have to do is seek HimĒ. Theyíre not seeking Him now! If these people were seeking Him now,
they would be prepared for the things that are coming. At least they would be trying to be. Everybody that has a relationship
is somewhat preparedÖgetting there. Stocking up on food and medicines. Being ready to be locked up in their homes. Or
getting ready for the coming persecutions. Getting out of the cities. Getting away from the coastlines. He has been leading
His people and getting them ready for the times that are coming. And there are millions and millions of these church crowd
Christians that are just sitting around waiting for the rapture, doing nothing, and laughing and mocking people like me. You

The Lord stood me up to be a mouthpiece for Him. A global mouthpiece. And this show is global. And it hasnít been easy.
Sometimes I donít even want to do this radio show. Tonight I was tired. I didnít want to do this show. How many times can I
keep saying the same things Iíve already said? I get tired of reinventing the wheel week after week after week. I have
nothing new to say. But the problem is, some people will listen to this show who havenít heard my radio shows and havenít
heard a lot of the things Iíve been saying. So I have to just  keep going. I have to keep going.

Thatís one of the things Iíll see in the Bible codes Ė the things that Iíve said are recorded. They are either written or theyíre
recorded through my radio archives and they are there for the people to learn from. Sometimes you just donít think you can
do anymore, but you just have to keep on doing more. Thatís the only answer. You have to keep on doing more and more
and more, until we donít have any time left. So thatís why we all need to get busy. Weíre slow. We need to speed it up.
[laughs] Weíre dependable but weíre slow. We need to speed things up.

Maybe weíre supposed to have Shema completely out of the sky right now. I canít control how slow or fast that thing is
burning. I donít even know where itís going to hit when it hits earth, so itís interesting. At one point I can see it as this great
mountain burning with fire as the Lord talks about in Revelation that hits the Earth. Other times I think its all going to bust up
in a million pieces and come as little meteors all over the earthÖjust slowly fall out of the sky. I really donít know what to

I do see Nibiru coming up in the codes quite a bit. That is something on the horizon. Itís already hitting the codes for me to
see. Nibiru is known as the destroyer. As desolation. The ancient Sumerians referred to it as the Day of the Lord. We know
that the Day of the Lord is actually a time period of 42 months. And that is coming up in the codes, which means they are on
their way. I do know that when they come the coastlands of the Earth are going to be destroyed. Theyíll be a lot of
earthquakes and tsunamiís. A lot of cities..alot of coastlines going under the water.  Just general mayhem and destruction
on this whole earth. And thatís around the corner.

Something else Iíve been seeing in the codes that I wanted to bring up. Iíve been talking about Shema and the inhabitants
of Shema (often referred to as bison or buffalo) The same term;  bison and buffalo refer to the same animal. From the New
Agerís you can garner from the garbage that they write, these are actually ascended beings. They call themselves
ascended masters. They are very human-like; they are just very tall. Then you can read from their own writings that channel
through human beings; one of their beings they worship is called Haaton. I have this on my website at NesaraSucks.com.
This Haaton talks about how his normal body is a tall grey alien and the human body. I have the pictures on my website of
this whole Ashtar Command. They manufacture human bodies, so they look human. Iíve talked about this Maitreya coming
and how the codes always refer to him as a mirror of Cain. A clone of Cain. They have these cloned human bodies. I donít
know if all of these buffalo are just tall greys or if they all have these cloned human bodies. The council itself will look human
will wear these cloned human bodies; manipulated and made human bodies. But there is another species.

Iíve often said the codes can be really difficult to interpret because there are all these different animals and terms involved
that you have to interpret and analyze based on what is being said in the code. The term bear has been coming up a lot.
Normally you would look at that and think itís probably talking about Russia; not always. When I was looking at one part of
the code it says bear continent. Iíll assume thatís Russia. Bear Ė Continent. The bear continent is the one behind the chilling
of our atmosphere. Now, itís winter in most of our states right now, but I donít think weíve ever had a winter where 42, 44 out
of 48 states had snow at the same time. Weíve really had a brutal winter. Even where I live; I usually get 5 inches a year,
now Iíve got 15. Itís been one dumping after the next in this whole northeast.

Interesting that Russia is behind that chilling the atmosphere because they are burning. Iíve been talking about that. Theyíre
trying to stop Shema from being on fire. I donít know. Maybe theyíre trying to get the fire out and stop the orgone from
blowing and burning and destroying them. But thatís the whole basis of that.

Another thing is there is a bear race of aliens that are going to arrive either with or shortly after these buffalo from Shema
arrive. Like Iíve said the buffalo are humanoid because they have manipulated bodies, but they are basically tall greys. I doní
t know which ones they are going to come as. Interesting about the bear raceÖI had heard a long time ago that there was a
race of aliens on the Moon that resembled bears. So the closest thing I could come up with was a description of a bear
alien race. I can read this right off types of aliens. I have this on my website at thewatcherfiles.com. I have over 200 alien
races and their descriptions. These are just different factions of fallen angels that live in our aerospace. These bear like
mammaloids are supposedly from Tau Ceti, but Iíve heard that theyíre on our Moon. They are described as huge furry
beings with small furry tails and bear-like bodies covered in brown, black or blond fur. Heads are bear shaped but with a
smaller nuzzle. Teeth resemble those of a galactic human than that of an earth bear. Eyes are set forward, and those like
human are brown, blue or black. Ears at the side of the head resemble earths bears. Highly sentient beings that walk on two
legs, have a higher center of gravity than bears on earth. They have two muscular arms with paw-like hands that contain 5
stubby claw laden fingers. Very muscular legs. Very short feet with 5 stubby toes. Range in height from 9 Ė 12 feet. Special
traits and abilities; known for their abilities to design the most advanced ships and galactic federation ships. Also
considered some of the best pilots and navigators in the galaxy. For a lot of you, this will remind you of I think his name was
Chewie in Star Wars, this have big hairy ape thing that was helping Luke Skywalker. Iíve always said the reveal a lot of
information in their movies.

The Star Wars series; you could go back and watch that a million times. Even Star Trek, because they reveal so much
everyone thought was fiction. You assume all these characters are fiction. They are always giving you a little bit of info.
These types of alien beings really exist.

If you think of it; if you work in an intelligence agency, you are allowed to talk about things, I guess, when you work there, but
you have to do so in a fiction format. So thatís how they do that as well. They will retire from these intelligence agencies and
then write books, movies and stuff like that and reveal information in fiction format. I find it interesting because we have so
much of these movies coming out. Youíve got zombies, youíve got aliens, youíve got earth invasions and they all have a lot
of truth in them. Itís like going through, chewing the grass and spitting out the hay. Unfortunately a lot of times we are spitting
out hay that we should be chewing on. We just assume that something isnít true. When you start researching and you keep
asking the Lord for the truth in all things, He leads you. Itís a journey. Itís a process.

[laughs] Hans Solo was his name. I havenít seen a lot of these movies since I was a kid, but I can remember some of the
basic characters. I missed a lot of those Star Wars shows after the Return of the Jedi and the Empire Strikes Back, I just
kind of lost focus on those. There were a bunch more that followed after that.

Very interesting that Iím seeing bears coming up in the codes a lot. Also the dark side of the Moon that even past
astronauts will reveal there are huge spaceships on the dark side of the Moon. And even in the V series that was shown for
a limited time last fall that is supposed to come out this spring, revealed hundreds of ships in one of the images that they
showed before the show ended. Hundreds of ships behind the Moon on the dark side. So that has to be these bears. I see
the term circus in the codes. This has got to be it.

You know what folks? Itís going to be a zoo! Iíve been talking about it. Itís going to be a zoo! There are more factions of
aliens than we know what to decipher and do with! There are more things in the skies than we can keep up with. Letís see Ė
thereís Shema, the cube, the Blue Star, then there is Nibiru and youíve got Toutatis. There are all these things in the skies;
I canít keep up with them all. We have many different invasions coming. Every time we have an invasion, itís another creepy,
ugly looking alien race. Thatís whatís coming, folks.

And the Nibiruans; I think that that is a race of tall black giants, because I know that the Philistines also inhabit Shema along
with these tall greys. The Bible codes refer to them as Philistines. We know the Philistines as tall giants 9 Ė 12 feet tall. The
same height as the tall greys. I donít even know the height of these ascended masters that are going to be coming. They are
going to be very tall. Weíre not looking at a 5í 2Ē Hebrew that comes claiming he is Jesus. We are going to be looking at a
tall grey alien who has commandeered his own human body form. Heís going to claim he is Jesus and heís like 6í 8Ē [laughs]

Yeah, you could sit and laugh at some of this stuff thatís going to come, but the thing is so many people are going to fall for
it. And the churches are going to be deceived by it. So thatís why I sit here Monday after Monday after Monday trying to
warn you of the things that are coming.

So yeah, weíve got bears coming. Weíve got Philistines. Weíve got the locusts. The Bible describes what they look like.
You can read about it in Revelation chapter 9. You know how easy that one is? A lot of people describe them as helicopters.
[laughs] They are actually just a demonic being. Itís not a helicopter folks. Quit listening to your Jack Van Impe and your Hal
Lindseyís. These sworn Masons, which means they are Satan freaks. These are actually just different races. When you look
on my websites, if you go to thewatcherfiles.com and type in ďalien racesĒ, I have articles on all these different types of alien
races and links to other websites that can give you information on alien races. This is what we are dealing with. Weíve got
the Draconians.

What I thought was interesting was the chameleons, because I see that in the codes all the time. The chameleons are the
shape shifters and they are the ones that are dominant in our government.

Iím going to read the description of a chameleon.

Reptilians genetically bred to enable themselves to appear 'human'. Also less-humanoid appearing Reptiloids who use a
form of technosis, molecular shape-shifting and/or laser holograms to produce an outward "human" appearance. Reports of
these have surface from underground joint-operational facilities near Dulce, New Mexico; Dougway, Utah; Groom Lake,
Nevada; Deep Springs, California; and Fort Lewis, Washington and elsewhere. They are reportedly involved in some type
of infiltration agenda. These 'infiltrators' can appear remarkably human outwardly , however at the same time retaining
reptilian or neo-saurian internal organs. Often described as appearing 'bulge-eyed' (think Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi)
with scaly, hairless skin behind their 'disguise'. One report alleged that the 'Chameleons' may utilize artificial 'lenses' to
conceal "slit-pupiled iris'". Some claim they are genetically bred 'mercenaries' who are part of an advanced guard of a
planned silent invasion-takeover of human society.

And this is what Iíve been warning of for years. This silent invasion had already taken place. That we had shape shifters and
reptilians in our government. Iíve been stating that since day one of thewatcherfiles.com. I put that up in what? 2001? Very
interesting that they are considered an advanced guard to start the silent invasion before all these other aliens come to

We have the Dracoís, which are the leading class of the reptilians. The Draconians. And thatís the dragon race and what
Lucifer is. Dragon. The winged serpents. Also known as the Mothmen. I know you guys have heard of the Mothmen.

Just many, many different factions of these fallen angels over the years that have been divided up into different groups. The
reason that they are so ugly and look like they do; we have the tall greys and the dragon races. They all lost their looks. It
was part of their judgment for rebelling against the Most High and leaving Heaven to come to Earth. They lost their looks.
And what did they do? They can procreate. The churches will tell you that angels canít procreate. Thatís a big lie. There are
a rank of angels that donít procreate, but there are many ranks that can. These angels that fell procreated. Itís been several
thousands of years since the rebellion and fall from heaven, and over that time have had millions of children. Millions!

Just imagine what these children and their children and their children have grown up believing since the time they were
born. They believe the same lies theyíve been told. That most people believe a lot of lies since theyíve been told as a child.
You know? So its very different, the things that theyíll believe in contrast to what we know as truth. And they look at us vise
versa, if that makes any sense. [laughs]

A lot of them, yes they do believe they created mankind simply because their grandparents told them they did. They did not
create mankind in a test tube. That totally denies Yahuahís role on Earth as our Creator. Just totally robs Him of that. And
people like Bill Deagle and others who preach that; itís just a lie straight from Hell. And thatís one of the things thatís been
gaining ground and one of the big new age pushes; that we were created in test tubes by the Reptilians and they are
coming back to earth to see how we are doing. There is a group of them that left earth. If you study this Nibiru, this planet
Rahab, yeah they were locked in that planet and judged and held in judgment up until the last days. Now that itís getting
close to the last days they are being allowed to help Lucifer and take over the earth for his rule here.

But weíve got Reptilians all over our atmosphere, under our earth. They have cities under our earth. They have cities in the
north and the south poles. We have a hollow earth. They have Shasta Mountain in Washington, the mountains in California
and Nevada. Theyíve got hideouts everywhere. They never left. [laughs] Theyíre staying in place until they get their act
together to commence their act on earth, which a lot of it has been delayed because of the Lordís people who are refusing
their arrival here. Fighting against it. So very interesting.


Anyway if you have a question you can send it to sherrytalkradio@yahoo.com. Iím gonna answer some questions here.

Question: First I heard something about Benny Hinn getting a divorce.

Thatís what theyíre printing.

Question continues: also I heard the lizard has a palace in the Bahamaís or one of those islands.

He probably has one on every continent.

Yeah I heard Benny Hinn is getting divorced. It would be interesting to see what the real reason is, if weíll ever know it.

Question from a listener: Not really a question thing, but more of an awareness. The old V series was on the Sci-Fi Channel
last week.

Yeah, theyíve been showing old reruns of it, but I was enjoying the new ones that came out towards the end of last year and
was going to pick up again this year. Very interesting what theyíre trying to reveal. Always look for what they are trying to
reveal, because they confirmed everything Iíve been saying. When I talked about this whole H1N1 vaccine was from Shema,
and then they show warehouses full of it and theyíre claiming some of it was contaminated. Itís all garbage. Thereís a lot of
confirmations Iíve been talking about.

Comment from a listener: This weekend I was watching the movie Signs. The movie depicts aliens coming to Earth,
poisoning them and eating them, but they had one weakness, water. It burned them. This made me really take notice and be
obedient to Yah who has been putting on my spirit to buy super soaker water guns and fill them with orgone saturated water.
His weapons are not worldly. He uses simply things to confound the foolish.

Yeah, He does. People think orgone is a joke, but itís the one thing thatís been destroying Satan for the last several years.
People are going to be counting on their guns and knives which wonít work against these beings, but orgone water will burn
them. You want to make orgone water? Get a bucket full of water, put a couple of orgone pucks in it and just let it sit in there
for a couple of days. Then fill up your water guns with it. Youíve got an automatic weapon against these fourth dimensional
beings. It doesnít matter if they are. If itís a fourth dimensional being, itís going to burn. Orgone destroys them. Itís the one
weapon the Lord has given us. It is His bow without arrows, the rider of the white horse. Unconventional weapon.

Question from a listener: I watched PBS last night about cave diving. On one of the dives they found a dense layer of iron
about 11,000 years ago just before the last climate change. Could this be in reference to Nibiru? What was it about the red
moon sign? Could the bear be Bigfoot?

I donít know about BigfootÖit could be. Thatís what you think of Chewie in Star Wars. [laughs]

Question: I read Camelot Project. It lines up with a lot of info that you are saying. Have you seen this website?

Yeah, Iíve seen all those websites. You gotta wonder why they donít quote  my material. They do everything they can to stay
away from my material. Iíve been talking about this stuff way longer than any of those websites have been up.

Question from a listener: From what Iíve seen, they start at 6í 4Ē and work their way up from there regarding tall aliens. Also
they all resemble each other and canít hold their shape-shifting abilities around Yahís people. They attract bears to them,
keep them as pets and have them on mountains. I think they use some kind of sonic technology to control them.

Thatís interesting. I always heard from other people. I donít get out of my own town very much unless Iím on a mission for the
Most High, traveling across the country or something. But if you are sure you have some soul scalped alien standing behind
you in human form, just start whispering the name Yahuah over and over again. That really aggravates them.

Question from listener: Ron Rummel and Phil Schneider have a lot of info. What do you think of these two?

I know Phil Schneider. Iíve heard of him. Iíve never heard of Ron Rummel. Iíve got Phil Schneiderís stuff on my website
thewatcherfiles.com. He was killed by the government for speaking out. He was an engineer and worked in underground
bases. Started speaking out and the government killed him. Of course they said it was suicide, but what was he, a
paraplegic in a wheel chair.

Somehow tied his hands behind his back and then hung himself from the ceiling, but that was a suicide? Yeah, right.

Question/Comment from a listener: the longest running joke amongst church people especially Masons Ė teach to worry not
until the minute you are about to die and just as the legalist Satanists taught them. Then you repent and call on God for the
forgiveness of your sin. And presto He has to save you. But until then donít worry, do what you want is the whole of the law.

Thatís such a copout, because what happens if you donít have that split second before your spirit passes on to repent of
your sins? I know thatís the mentality Christians have; they can do what they want and the Lord will forgive them.

I get a lot of requests for Bible codes. Folks, it just takes too long to do them for people. Itís not as simple as just putting in
your name and coming up with a code. I have to go through 50,000 words and how they relate to each other in every code.
I just do not have the time to do personal codes for people.

Question from a listener: Shalom, Sherry. I canít seem to get it through so called Christians heads not to call Yahushua
Jesus. If anyone is calling the Messiah Jesus, then they can and will be deceived when this Sananda crap hits the earth.

Yeah, they will be. Thatís the first ones to be deceived because this Sananda thatís coming looks exactly like the portraits
they have in the churches. They think thatís Jesus. Thatís not Him, thatís Sananda.

Question: In the Illuminait, can you tell us who are the seven at the top? They are the wickedest who control the world.

That would be the Ashtar Command. The Ashtar Council.

Question: Who do you think killed Michael Jackson and why? Or is he alive?

Michael Jackson. From what I heard from somebody else who was in the Illuminati, he was starting to remember. And
Michael Jackson has always been used as a programmer for the Illuminati. Thatís why he had his little Disneyland out there
in California and always had the kids around, because he was being used as a programmer. If you know anything about
New World Order mind control programming, they always tie it in to Disney related stuff. Apparently he was starting to
remember even the fact that he had been a programmer for kids. And he refused to even go back toÖwhatís it called?
Whatís his estate called? I canít remember right now. (Neverland Ranch: Liz)  It was repossessed by the bank. There was
nothing in there when he died. He did not die there. He died at a home he was renting in Bel Air. So I donít know if he is
dead, dead gone or just pulling an Elvis where they say he is dead, but is really alive somewhere. Who knows? I really donít

Question: Has Salmon, Idaho been orgoned and the whole area around it?

Iíve never heard of Salmon, Idaho. I get that a lot from people. They send me emails, ďIs anybody in Kansas City orgoning?Ē
Folks, if you live somewhere, you better not be waiting for somebody else to stand up and get that town or area. You better
be getting it yourself. Donít wait for somebody else. First of all I know in Kansas City we had a warrior one or two years ago
that was getting areas there, and I think she moved. You donít know what she got. You donít know if she got enough out
there. Youíre going to have to stand up and do more. Idaho? There was a warrior out there who was doing a lot of work and
I havenít heard from her in years. You know? If the Lord is putting it on your heart and mind to do it, get it covered. Donít wait
on somebody else. They may have done a lot of work, but may need a lot more work done. Or your area may not be
covered at all and the aliens are going to love those places. Theyíre going to love the places that donít have any orgone in
them, because thatís where theyíre going to camp out.

Question from a listener: The iron before the climate change might be a sign of Nibiru coming.

I donít know. It has something to do with the Moon turning the color of blood in the last days, somebody thinks its iron. I donít
really know. The only thing Iím seeing about moons right now is the Shema satellite is a moon, a starship breaking up and
crashing to the earth. And the bears on the Moon. And the bears over on the bear continent using their weather weapons to
send us all into snowmegeddon over here so that the atmosphere for these buffalo, because the heated air caused by the
orgone, the ether energy in the orgone is burning them. I guess they figure they can chill it out of the air and stop the burning
if they chill the air.  I donít think its going to help because how are you handing it in the fourth dimension? Youíre not going to
cause it to snow in the fourth dimension. Maybe theyíre trying to produce snowballs in Hell. Leave it to the Russians to figure
out if it can really be done. Yeah, thatís what weíre facing now folks.

The month of May looks pretty interesting. March looks interesting April looks quiet and May looks interesting again. So it
looks like it jumps months in the codes. All I know and all I see is much of our destruction in that they are suffering right now
because of the orgone. Look for some retaliation in May because of it. [laughs]

They are finally waking up. Well, theyíve known for a while what the orgone has been doing and they just canít get near me.
The Lord has me too protected out here. SoÖpretty amusing.

Iím not going to answer any more questions tonight, folks. Iíll just keep those till next week. I always get questions after I end
the show. Questions will come in that have been circling the world during the show and I finally get them after the show.
Thatís Yahoo for you.

I just wanted to give you a heads up. Things are looking interesting as the Lord reveals more and more of what we are
going to be dealing with, with a lot of these fallen angel factions that are coming to earth. Like Iíve said, there are several
different invasions the Bible talks about. And they are all different types of beings. The Bible codes call it a circus. Thatís
what itís going to be Ė a circus, especially when the veil is lifted, which is going to be very soon because we are crushing it
right now. Weíre going to see these beings in our own dimension. Weíre going to see them exactly as they are. They are
going to be here on Earth with us.

Not a whole lot of time to prepare folks, but you need to get busy.

Until next week everybody, Yah bless.